WE HAVE A LOADED DORM - We have all you need to spend your vacation, Xbox 360, PS4 HDTVs, Computers and much more! Plus the is fully stocked with food weekly.

SHOWS - You must do three solo jack shows weekly and three group sex shows.

CAMERAS - Here at the Chicago Dorm there are cams in the dorm rooms so the members can watch you from every angle to catch all the action. So please don't be shy and you must wear nothing more than underwear while inside the dorm during the evening times.

PAYMENT - You will be paid for staying at the Cocodorm during as long as your shows are completed as indicated. Plus you also get cash tips from the members for doing all your shows and shoots. Your travel days do not count toward paid days unless you do your daily solo show on those days.

TIPS - Members watching you may ask that you perform additional shows of which they will electronically tip you. Unlike other sites, you keep 100% of all your tips.

MISC - More details will be emailed to you when we hire you! We usually have at least three models up to four models in the dorm at one time. You are required to bring your STD and HIV results before you arrive at the dorm and they must be within 7-10 days of your arrival or we will test you when you arrive. All models in the Cocodorm are HOT, we will not bring any ugly ass boys to the dorm. Members choose the boys they want to see come to the dorm, your application will be voted on by our members.


*Models must be at LEAST 18 years of age and have a valid government ID. (Please note, all the clubs in Chicago are 21 years of age and older for entry)
*Models must have at least one quality; tight body, sexy face or big dick. All races are welcome to apply.
*Models must be attractive and appealing to our members. In other words, if you have no problem getting number at the clubs, then you qualify.
*Models must be Gay or Bisexual, Straight guys can apply but must fuck and suck dick.
* Models should have some education. You should AT LEAST have a high school diploma or GED.
* Models should not be camera shy

When submitting your application, you give us the right to use your info and photos on the site for the determination of your acceptance. More details will be emailed to you when we hire you!


Then complete this application to be considered.

What would you like to be called as a Model?

We will never call without emailing you first and obtaining permission & we're discreet when we call.

Must be 18 years of age or older .

In inches

In Feet and Inches

In pounds

Please be honest.

Not required

Be as descriptive as possible. What are you care er goals? What do you like to do sexually? Have you applied to model with other sites? Don't leave anything out! Sell us on why you deserve to be a Model!

Max file size 25 MB

You must upload a copy of your state issued ID showing your date of birth.

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