Beastly Balls by Will Johnson

Bubba Thompson spotted the good-looking teenager at the corner of Grover and Khrenster. It was mid-afternoon. The sun vainly struggled in its attempts to penetrate the slate grey layer of fog overshadowing the city. The tall, burnt-out brownstones loomed like mastodon skeletons along the street. This was not a prestigious part of New York City. A scattering of bums littered the garbage-strewn sidewalks like sacks of dirty old laundry. Junkies and crack-heads amble and stumble by like aimless empty tumbleweeds. A bunch of riotous Puerto Rican transvestites screamed shrilly at the other.

Bubba Thompson leaned against up the wall of the old Westermeyer Building, long-ago deserted. A blanket of shadows carefully masked him from view. But he is a huge man….Intense, strong and fearsome looking.

Six-foot-three and two-hundred-and-forty-pounds of raw, brutal muscle. His flesh is the beautiful hue of polished mahogany. His crude, lusty, Afrikan features seem to be only half human. His eyes are like blazing coals. They were the eyes of a beast - of a predator. Flickering glints of iridescent light sparkle in them when they turned their hungered gaze on Joel Cervezi coming down the street. The teenager appeared to be somewhere between 18 to 19 years of age.

Thirty-four year old Bubba wore a white tank top. It exposed his broad, black shoulders and thick, bull-like neck, and his long, powerful arms. His biceps were twin cantaloupe-like slopes, bulging magnificently. Flaring lats framed the hard slabs of his pecs, tapering dramatically to a rippling six-pack stomach, and an almost hipless waist. He wore a pair of form-fitting Levi & Strauss jeans which adhered attractively to his lower body. They temptingly accent the impressive bulge at the crotch, and seductively draped the firm black cheeks of his ass.

He has the tense, hungry look of a wild animal. A slow, self-satisfying grin danced across his dark features as he watched the comely Latino teenager approach. Flexing his muscles, Bubba’s nostrils flared like that of a bull preparing to charge.

Joel Cervezi is lost in delightful thoughts. His gym coach, Stan Woods, had told him that afternoon that he felt that Joel had what it took to train for the Olympics, and had offered to personally coach him on a regular basis. Joel was more than a little exhilarated by that thought. The idea of being at the Olympics was incredibly exciting for him. And in a disturbing way, the idea of being around Coach Woods was even more exciting to him. Coach Stanford “Buck” Woods was big and muscular and handsome – and Joel’s heart fluttered each time he thought of that masculine, 30-something, married man.

Joel Cervezi ordinarily walked home by skirting way around the Grover - Khrenster ghetto and traveled through the more decent Anderson Street neighborhood. It was safer. But today he was late, and being so lost in daydreaming about his invincibility, he took the shortcut.

Joel looked really hot! He is eighteen years old and an incredibly handsome teenager with mixed White and Latino parentage. He is not only breathtakingly good-looking but is also blessed with a perfectly proportioned jock’s body. He is five-nine and weighs in at one-hundred-twenty-nine-pounds.

His hair was a halo of lustrous, blue-black curls, cropped reasonably short to best display his perfectly shaped head. He has penetrating hazel-green eyes, shaded by long thick lashes; and his cute, little, slightly upturned nose, is a heartbreaker. His mouth is a soft pink with a sulky lower lip; and has a perfectly squared jaw-line.

He wore a tattered white tee shirt, and the dusty breeze whipped it around the sensually rippling contours of his “V” shaped upper body. A pair of well-worn, form-fitting dungarees displayed his sexy slender-hipped lower body to its fullest extent. On his feet he wore a scruffy pair of Nike’s.

A knapsack filled with his books and his gym clothes was slung over one shoulder; his free hand was shoved in his pocket as he happily strolled along. He almost walked past Bubba Thompson without noticing the hulking Black guy in the shadows. But almost as by magic, Bubba deftly stepped out in front of him, looming up like some black spectre. Joel nearly collided into him - jumping back, he looked up with alarm at the guy.

Bubba Thompson stared down at him with those burning brown eyes, saying in a gravelly voice”:
“You wanna make an easy twenty-five bucks, boy?”

Joel gulped and said quickly, “Uh. No thanks, man, I gotta run!!”

He tried to step around Bubba. The big black guy grabbed his arm. He had strong calloused fingers. They felt like hands of steel digging into the young flesh of Joel’s forearm.

“You come with me, boy, and you gonna be O.K.!” Bubba hissed.

He jerked Joel’s arm up behind his back and brutally shoved the handsome jock forward towards the Westermeyer Building.

“H...HEY. LEGGO OF ME, MAN!! WH…WHAT ARE YOU…..!?” Joel protested loudly, struggling to tear away from the immense black man who was treating him so brutally. Joel frantically stared around him, desperately in search of someone to help. But there was nobody in the vicinity, except for a couple of bums, who snored blissfully in drunken stupor. He heard a metallic clicking sound and felt something cold and sharp jab up against his neck.

“This here knife’s real sharp, baby!” Bubba fiercely hissed into the boy’s ear, “..and if you keep up this fuss, I gonna stick it real deep in that pretty throat of yours! Now MOVE!!”

Cold fear clutched at Joel Cervezi’s heart. He stumbled forward, his knees feeling wobbly, too terrified to utter a sound. Bubba pushed him up to the boarded door of the building. Kicking at it, the door swung open with a rusty moan. Bubba hurled Joel toward the back maw of the building, as the teenager stumbled with a cry over broken boards and fell face down on the dusty floor. Bubba stepped inside, pushing the door shut behind him, he shoved a huge metal file cabinet in front of it as a barricade.

Dim, yellowish light trickled in through the slats in the door and the boarded windows. The room had the eerie, shadowy look of the set of a horror flic. Joel eased up on his knees, his heart pounding, his hazel eyes enormous with fear as he stared up at the towering black dude. He had never been this horrified in his entire life….

“H—Hey, man, I don’t have much money. Just take it and let me go, man!” croaked Joel weakly.

Bubba gave a low, gravelly laugh. He snarled thickly. “Hell, man, I don’t want your money….!”

He bent low; keeping the blade pointed at Joel, and picked up something with his free hand. He moved up to where the Latino boy crouched and bent down behind him. Grabbing Joel’s arms, he roughly pulled them behind his back. Before Joel could realize what he was doing, Bubba had swiftly bound his wrists together with a length of hemp rope.

“Jeez, man, w-w-what’re you doin’'?” Joel whimpered hoarsely.

Bubba strode around in front of him; reaching down he grabbed a hank of Joel’s hair, jerking his head viciously. He drew back his hand and slapped the boy hard back and forth across his face. Pain stung through Joel’s rosy cheeks and they burned, as tears instantly sprang to his young eyes. The whole room appeared to whirl around him.

“You just shut the fuck up, boy!’ Bubba snarled thickly. “You make a sound when I don’t ask you to, and you gonna get cut real bad! Is that clear?! Answer me, PUNK!!”

“Y-Y-Yeah….” Joel croaked hoarsely

Bubba slapped him again, hard. The black sadist snarled, “When you address me, boy, you will say ‘Yes, sir!’ Is that clear, asshole!?”

“Y-Yes, sir.” Joel gasped, repressing a sob.

He felt terrified, humiliated, totally helpless. And yet a strange excitement was beginning to pulse through his young veins. Bubba crouched down in front of him. He grabbed the kid’s tee shirt in his fingers, tugging it away from Joel’s body. Bringing the switchblade down, he stabbed it through the cloth, tearing upward. Joel shuddered as the sound of rending cloth echoed through the cavernous interior of the burnt-out brownstone. Goose bumps broke out on Joel’s sleek, tan, young flesh, as he felt the black sadist cut his shirt away from his body.

Bubba then put the knife down and tore the remnants of the shirt from Joel’s chest.

His lascivious, burning black eyes raked over the humpy young gymnast’s naked chest. He admired the sleek contours of the kid’s tautly developed streamlined body, with an animalistic growl. Reaching out, Bubba rubbed his strong, dirty, calloused hands up and down on the front of Joel’s spectacular young body, squeezing and caressing it. Snapping his forefingers and thumbs around the puckered golden raisin-like buds of Joel’s nipples, he squeezed them hard, digging his nails into the rivets of flesh.

Joel grimaced and moaned as pinpricks of agonizing pain shot through his paps. He was dizzy and shocked. The brawny black man’s big, rough hands gliding over his young sleek body were sending uncontrollable waves of excitement throughout his entire being. His teenage cock and balls tingled wildly with excitement as never before.

“Yeah, punk, hurts don’t it? You gonna be my punk boy. You gonna be my hot sissy boy for the next couple hours!” Bubba rasped hoarsely.

He chucked his hand under Joel’s chin, tilting the dazed kid’s face upward, with a bestial growl. Bubba bent down and crushed his bid, thick, wet, sensuous lips to Joel’s rosebud mouth, kissing him hard, holding his head in a vise-like grip. Joel gave a muffled cry of dismay as he was forced to kiss the hulking, slobbering Negro stud. He felt Bubba’s thick, satiny tongue push between his lips and slide into his mouth, flailing around, dueling with his own tongue, lapping up his sweet saliva.

Joel Cervezi was dazed, disgusted, horrified. Oh, God, the guy was gonna rape him! He was getting kissed on the mouth by a black man!!! Everything he had been taught about morality and sexual decency was being flung right out the window. He felt himself swiftly plummeting down into a dark, primeval pit of erotic chaos. It was as though he were being savagely buffeted about in some unimaginably wild, primordial erotic nightmare….

And…….without question……Joel Cervezi was getting turned on! At first the gorge had risen in his throat when Bubba’s hot spit trickled into his mouth – but now, the black stud’s strong, sucking lips and swarming tongue sent a delicious warmth throughout his inviting mouth. He liked the feeling of the stud’s calloused fingers roughly gripping around his neck.

Bubba broke the kiss, a bridge of saliva uniting their lower lips. He grinned wolfishly into the Joel’s flushed, handsome face, scraping his thumb over his punk’s lower lip.

“Yeah, you got a soft mouth, boy. Nice and soft, like a girl’s. You’re a pussy boy, ain’t ya, punk? A cock-sucker!”

Joel gave a feeble moan, shaking his head, gasping, “N-No, man, I – I don’t’ go that route…!”

Bubba guffawed, rubbed his thumb between Joel’s full, pliant, pink lips and on into the succulent interior of his sweet young mouth. The calloused digit tasted gritty and as Bubba pushed it lewdly back and forth between his lips, Joel unconsciously began sucking on it.

“Yeah, you got that suckin’ instinct, boy. That’s what that hot little mouth of yours is for! Yeah! Yeah! You gonna suck this neegah’s big fat funky cock!”

Bubba Thompson ran his hands down Joel’s trembling body and grabbed the boy’s belt; unbuckling it. Joel moaned as he felt his zipper being tugged down. Bubba pushed the teenager over onto his back on the dusty floor and grabbed the pant legs, tugging them down his legs and off.

Underneath, Joel was clad only in a pair of white cotton jockey briefs. They sloped over his nice set of genitals and hugged the firm rounded cheeks of his fine young ass.

Bubba grunted in satisfaction, getting to his feet and staring down at Joel. The big black man said huskily, “Don’t you move, boy! Hear me?! You try anything funny, you gonna get hurt bad! Understand!?”

“Y – Yes, sir” Joel stammered weakly. He wasn’t about to try anything “funny”. His hands were secured behind his back. He was nearly naked. The doorway was blocked by a huge metal file cabinet. And this big mean black guy had a desperate savage look in his eyes. He was the kind of guy you’d do anything to keep from making mad.

Bubba strode to a corner of the room where there was a large cardboard box. He pulled it open and rummaged inside. He pulled out a very expensive looking camera set up. Swiftly set it up, he trained the lens on the startled, trussed up Latino boy. When it was finally arranged to his satisfaction, Bubba stood up and pulled off his tank top. Joel’s startled hazel eyes drank in the sight of the massive, muscular black dude’s brawny chest. It was certainly impressive. And in spite of himself, Joel experienced an overwhelming wave of searing, lustful excitement coursing mercilessly throughout his lower body.

Great slab-like pecs bulged on Bubba’s upper body, covered with a kinky matting of dark hairs. His belly was also lightly dusted by kinky hairs, swarming down to his belt-line. He kicked off his shoes and unzipped his pants, hauling them off swiftly. When he straightened up, Joel gasped loudly in shock and disturbed interest.

Bubba was hung like a horse. He was wearing a soiled jockstrap which bulged around the heavy spheres of his testicles. His rock-hard eleven and a half inch pecker lifted the elastic of his jock and thrust up against the plane of his washboard belly, throbbing wildly with bestial lust.

It was hugely thick with a fat, puce-colored, fist-sized knob, shaped like a mushroom. A sparkling driblet of pre-come oozed from the puckered piss slit. The thick purplish sides of the slab of manhood were corrugated with lust-bloated veins.

Bubba grinned diabolically at the eighteen year old Latino kid, pulling his jock down and letting his hefty baseball-sized nuts spill free. Then snapping the jockstrap up beneath his scrotum and lifting his sex tools high. His big black dick thrust out obscenely in the air, pulsating virally. His huge balls were chocolate-colored and hairy, like small coconuts. They seemingly dangled halfway to his knees. His legs were thickly muscled and long. His ass was firm and small and hard. He was a magnificent specimen of Negroid manhood.

He bent down and rummaged in that box again, pulling out a black wool ski mask, with slits for the eyes, nose and mouth. He pulled it on over his head. Yellow yarn traced the perimeter of the slits, giving his appearance an even more diabolical look.

The huge, hung black dude strode over to the camera and bent down, adjusting something. He set the camera on automatic so that it would take pictures at thirty second intervals. Then he strode back to where Joel knelt on his knees in the dust of the floor. The kid watched him with fearful, hazel-green eyes. His young face was flushed, his lower lip, trembling.

“Lick my feet, boy” Bubba rasped in a cruel demanding voice.

Joel ogled him blankly. Bubba bent down, twisting his fingers savagely through Joel’s silken hair, slamming his head down towards the floor.

“I said LICK MY FEET!!” Bubba roared

Joel whimpered, his head reeling, pain shooting through his scalp, fear clutching at his heart. He pressed his parted coral lips against the hulking masked man’s big right foot. He kissed it. He thrust out his tongue and lapped at it tentatively. It tasted gritty, bittersweet. He felt humiliated, passive, slavish. And yet these feelings were beginning to excite and arouse the young Latino gymnast.

“Lick my foot all over, punk, or I’m gonna whup you good!’ Bubba growled.

Joel lapped at the foot, drooling on it, moaning softly in humiliation. He sluiced his puckered pink lips over each toe and worked it around in his mouth. He was getting into it. His mouth copiously salivated. He moved on to the other foot and orally serviced it. Then, he looked up at Bubba with beseeching eyes.

Reaching down, Bubba gripped him by the hair again and roughly pulled the boy’s head between his legs. Joel gave a strangled gasp as the black dude’s heavy testicles slapped up against his flushed face. The overpowering aroma of hot, unwashed Negroid masculinity seared through his young nostrils, making his head spin. It shot through his body like an Egyptian aphrodisiac. His youthful balls tingled wildly. In spite of himself, the Latino High School jock was getting a hard-on. It rose slowly, stretching the front of his cotton jockey briefs, throbbing with adolescent ardor.

“Lick this neggah’s huge balls, pussy boy!” Bubba grunted thickly, digging both his hands into the back of Joel’s head, pushing forward with his hips. His wrinkly, sweaty nuts mashed up against Joel’s chin. The Latino teenager gurgled in mingled protest and pleasure as the wiry hairs sprouting sparsely on the testicles tickled his nose and tender cheeks. He crushed his raspberry hued lips against the heavy musky scumbag, feeling the shape of the sperm-thickened nuts. He thrust out his virgin tongue and laved it slowly up and down on the ball sac. The pungent flavor filled his mouth like smoke. Joel Cervezi liked it. Good God, he really liked it! He felt his last shreds of decency slowly slip away. He contentedly plummeted into whorish slavery; blissfully he succumbed to the massive black man’s ferocious will.

He began to tongue the heavy nuts hungrily, rolling his wet licker up and down and all around the fat nut sac. He sucked at it, his hungry lips tugging at each huge nut, attempting to draw them into his hot wet mouth. They were too big so he satisfied himself by sucking them and licking at them from the outside. His eagerly swirling tongue lashed up and down the scented sweaty insides of Bubba’s muscled, hairy thighs, lashing through the hairy, tangled pubes. He scooted down, tilting his head back, letting the huge balls rest on his face while he sucked and licked at the pungent underside of Bubba’s scrotum.

“Yeah! Yeah, pussy boy, suck them neegah balls good! Uh-huh, you like them big musky nuts, don’t ya?? Suck ‘em, bitch boy, SUCK ‘EM!”

Bubba held the back of Joel’s neck with one hand, scooping up his big juicy nuts in the other, rubbing them lewdly all over the flushed Latino athlete’s face, smearing it with spit and sweat. He pushed his fingers into Joel’s slobbering, sucking mouth. He liked the satiny tug of Joel’s hot young lips and his wriggling tongue. Pure lust commandingly blazed in Bubba’s scorching Afrikan loins like a cauldron of white hot coals. He held a small brown vial in his right hand. And as Joel continued to orally worship his testicles, the big black buck unscrewed the top of the vial and lifted it to his nose, sniffing at the poppers through the ski mask. A red hot rush of amyl nitrate scorched through the man’s senses, ripping right down to his loins, making his already mammoth cock jump and thicken even more, with primitive lust.

He reached down and jerked Joel’s head back with one hand, sticking the poppers beneath his nose with the other.

“Inhale, punk! Sniff this stuff!’ he ordered hoarsely

Joel moaned, breathing in. The strange smelling chemical scorched up through his nasal passages and down through his lungs. He felt an incredible heat fan out through his nerve endings, searing behind his brain. His taut tummy tightened, his young balls quivered, his aching boner quaked and quivered even more. He felt a wild, trippy blast of desire tear throughout his entire body.

Bubba pushed his big, hard horse-cock down, rubbing the greasy knob all over Joel’s gasping face, smearing his cheeks and lips with pre-come. He pushed the greasy cock-knob between Joel’s lips. Then, gripping the teenager by the hair, he harshly commanded, “Suck! Suck dick, pussy boy! Suck thick black dick, ya punk!”

Joel gurgled as he felt his parting lips stretch around the blunt, pulpy knob of Bubba’s gigantic cock. His head reeled. His jaws ached as they stretched to the snapping point. The huge pulpy dick-head popped into his mouth, scraping against its roof, flattening his velvety tongue.

Bubba groaned thickly, clamping his hands around the back of Joel’s head and slamming him down on his upright sex tool. Joel’s eyes bulged and filled with tears. He gave a strangled groan of protest as the thick slab manmeat stroked into his moist mouth and punched against his tonsils, lodging in the opening to his throat, cutting off his oxygen supply.

“Swallow, punk!...Swallow or choke!”, Bubba snarled, pushing relentlessly on the back of Joel’s head and thrusting forward with his hips.

Joel shuddered, his throat muscles slowly relaxing. Panic and excitement whirled like a cyclone through his brain as the over-sized truncheon forced its way down into his gullet; constricting it barbarically. All eleven and a half inches of the gargantuan bull-dick squelched down his throat until his circled lips were plunged wetly into the pungent, wiry mass of pubes at the base of the black dude’s horse-dick. He could feel the entire length of the ramrod pulsing in between his lips and down his dick-stuffed throat. His mind was whirling. Little white dots were dancing before his tear-dazzled eyes. He was sure he was losing consciousness.

Bubba eased back, drawing most of his beefy member out of the tight wet boy mouth, allowing his trussed up Latino captive to inhale some oxygen through his flaring nostrils. Then with a savage grunt, Bubba slammed Joel’s face down on his upright donkey dong once more, shoving the entire length of the cock up to the balls in his throat. “Yeah, deep-throat that mother, pussy boy! Uh-huh, suck on it! Feels real good, punk! I like you suckin’ my black horse meat! MMMMMM, that’s good, boy, real fuckin’ good!”, Bubba panted hoarsely, beginning to undulate his hips and feverishly stroke his heavy ramrod in and out of Joel’s gurgling mouth.

Joel was beginning to really enjoy the strange intense sensation of having a huge black cock stroking in and out of his mouth and throat. His wet silken tongue circled around the underside of the dick shaft, forming a velvety trough over which it rhythmically rode. His “O” shaped pink lips swarmed and tugged around the stiff stem. His cheeks hollowed as he created a vacuum in his mouth, sucking greedily on the prick, saliva frothing at the corners of his lips. He was making muffled humming and groaning noises as he sucked black cock, going completely wild with slavish, whorish, excitement -- happily allowing Bubba to forcefully slam his young sweet face up and down on the rigid, upright dick.

Bubba felt the twitching lust tingling and burning in his big swinging balls as they collided moistly against Joel’s chin, again and again and again. His thick calloused fingers tightened around the back of the boy’s head. Gritting his teeth, Bubba’s dark eyes sparkled savagely through the yellow-outlined slits in the black ski mask. The tendons in his neck were bulging, and the muscles rippled in his big sweaty body.

“Suck it….SUCK IT!!! YEEEEEAAAAAAAHHHH!!” Bubba roared hoarsely, pumping back and forth in a frenzy of excitement.

The flash on the camera cast a brilliant glow over the steamy black body and the eager, sweaty Latino slave crouched in front of it every thirty seconds. Loud, moist sucking sounds were coming from between Bubba’s legs as he fed Joel his heavy nigga meat.

Joel’s throat ached from the savage battering it was being subjected to, but a delicious primordial warmth was stealing throughout his trembling jock’s body. He sucked at the cock with blind, passive need. He could feel the stroking, piston-like slab of black manmeat stiffening and thickening even more between his sucking pink lips. He felt Bubba’s fingers digging frantically into the back of his head.

“You gonna taste my sperm now, boy! Yeah!! You gonna make me fuckin’ come!!,” Bubba rasped hoarsely. “I’M GONNA SHOOT, BOY!.... I’M GONNA FUCKIN’ SHOOT!! AAAAARRRRGGGGHH!!”

Bubba pulled his huge, spasming prick out of Joel’s mouth with a moist popping sound at the very last minute. His fingers were clutched around a thick hank of the boy’s Latino hair, dragging his head back. Pushing his big, slimy, black dick down, he pumped it with his fist as all the semen in his bloated black balls boiled violently over.

White hot explosions of sheer, savage ecstasy ricocheted through the brawny Negro’s loins as he ejaculated. Thick creamy gobs of man-juice fountained up his fuck tubes and sprayed with hose-like intensity from his puckered piss slit.

The hot scum sprayed into Joel’s flushed, startled face, squirting across his cheeks, in his eyes, his hair, running down his chin. Much of it spurted right into his opened, gasping mouth, and he gurgled in sluttish pleasure as the musky, heated semen rolled in thick, pungent streams down his gulping throat.

“Y-Yeaaah….. Oh,….yeeaaaaah…!” Bubba shuddered hoarsely, working his meat in his sweaty calloused fist, milking it of every drop of his potent neegah come, squirting it all over his Latino slave’s handsome, humiliated face.

When he finished coming, Bubba pushed his big greasy dick forward, rubbing it all over Joel’s face, smearing the come on the Latino boy’s flushed flesh. Staring down at Joel, he released a sinister grin of savage triumph, as a bestial surge of power asserted itself deep within the black muscleman’s belly.

“Now, boy, you’re a real pussy slave!” Bubba grumbled But if Joel Cervezi thought his ordeal was over at that moment, he was wrong. Bubba Thompson was just getting warmed up.


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