My Arabian Stud by Will

On my 18th birthday, as part of my education, my parents allowed me to fly to Saudi Arabia to spend some time with a family friend in Ad-Dammam. Captain Steven Baxter was an ex-army pilot and he and my dad had done a tour in the Gulf War together. He now lived in Ad-Dammam and was involved in some multi-billion dollar US-sanctioned engineering project. Anyway, all my life, I’d had a weird crush on Captain Steve. He always seemed to make me feel super special by the way he looked at me and treated me. And now that he had asked my parents to allow me to spend a summer with him in some exotic Arabian metropolis seemed too good to be true. Ad-Dammam is the largest oasis in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and is steeped in Ancient Arabian history and folklore.

From the moment of my arrival, Captain Steve was devoted to me, going out of his way to make me feel comfortable and at home. His tall, handsome blonde looks still made me dizzy in the head, weak in the knees, and tight in the crotch. His fit, muscular physique didn’t look to be the 43 years that it was. His appearance, charm and magnetism made such celebrities as George Clooney and Brad Pitt look dull and flat by comparison.

I couldn’t remember ever being this happy. And even though in casual conversation, Capt. Steve confessed to being against the gay lifestyle, I still always seemed to get this vibe from him. Maybe it was just my imagination. I didn’t consider myself ‘gay’ per se, even though I’ve had a few covert reach-arounds with a school pal once or twice. But my secret sex-fantasy ever since I was 12-years-old has been about making-out with a rugged, older, super-manly guy; a rebel of a guy who could completely dominate me and my wiseass, smart-Alex personality. So I was super enjoying being alone and up-close with Capt Steve, who could be a real taskmaster of a ball-buster from time to time.

The house was awesome, and on some occasions, he was completely uninhibited about walking throughout the house naked around me. I’d get totally embarrassed because I’d get instant wood, and didn’t want him to send me packing back home before my summer even got started. But at every opportunity, you can bet your sweet ass I was spying on him; even caught him whacking off at one point. Damn that was hot!

Before I had arrived, Capt. Steve had begun building an extension over his huge garage. But there had been a few petty thefts in the neighborhood, and he had decided to hire a night watchman for the premises until the construction was completed. The corporation with which he worked had recommended a healthy, trustworthy Arab from a good family who lived in a neighboring province. And one afternoon about a week after my arrival, the doorbell rang, and Capt Steve asked me to get it. I opened the door…and ‘Hot Damn’ it was love at first sight.

The huge, swarthy, dark-skinned man with a thick accent stammered that he was Saaldar, and would like to speak to the man of the house. I could not help but to ogle the huge handsome Arab standing there in front of me. Starting at the smooth shaved head, the rough, weather-beaten features, the bull neck that ran into his huge muscular shoulders, on down to his big muscular arms and slight paunch of a stomach. He wore a loose-fitting cotton shirt and loose-fitting cotton trousers.

Coming to my senses, I was finally able to utter that Captain Baxter was in the study, and proceeded to lead the way, turning to make sure he was following. And as I turned back, I suddenly noticed the massive cock of the Arab swinging against his pant leg. Without realizing it, I stopped dead in my tracks and gaped openly. I was completely mesmerized by the sight. I felt lightheaded; light-hearted; euphoric. Saaldar stopped as a puzzled expression slowly crossed his features – which instantly expanded into an expansive toothy smile of recognition. He slowly reached down and cupped his huge bulge, and drawing the fabric high, he outlined his huge cock and balls.

“You make sure Saaldar get new job, and Saaldar let you have these new toys.” whispered the dark, seductive Arab as he fondled himself.

Hypnotically, I felt my head nodding ‘yes’ vigorously as I turned and led him on toward the study. I introduced him and then quickly began sowing the seeds, commenting that his height, build and looks alone would scare off the most fiercest of thieves in their right mind. And as I rambled on with my salesman spiel I simultaneously struggled desperately to conceal the raging boner in my pants. Which, I might add, Saaldar noticed and wickedly winked at me several times when Captain Steve wasn’t looking in his direction.

Eventually, Capt Steve decided Saaldar was the man for the job, and was to start work that evening. YES!, I thought.

As I walked the big, six-foot, plus Arab back out through the house, I suddenly felt his huge, burning hand on my shoulder -- and when we reached the hallway, he stopped me. Taking my hand into his giant sized hand, he placed it on the huge bulge between his legs.

“Feel. They are yours now; you like?” he stammered quietly.

I groped the huge, semi-erect cock and balls and my hand rejoiced in the phenomenal girth of them. Suddenly a door slammed, and Saaldar leapt back nervously. Smiling, he glanced around.

“We play tonight, my little wicked one.” whispered the giant Arabian as he left through the kitchen side door.

I spun around and charged like crazy up the stairs to my room. Yanking off my pants I began to wildly wank myself off -- hard and fast. And all too soon I was tense and trembling as explosive rockets of my jizz went flying through the air all over the room. I had never felt this randy before. DAMN! And as I collapsed exhausted there on my bed, I began to conjure up all kinds of naked images of that giant Arab and his mammoth cock. He was 38-years-old and a widower with three children. The rest of it flew over my head as he answered Captain Steve’s inquiries. I had been too busy studying him from his sexy shaved head, on down to his very huge feet.

Captain Steve and I watched at Five o’clock sharp, as Saaldar strode up the driveway. We walked out to greet him and showed him over to where he would be taking watch. Capt. Steve inquired as to whether he had eaten. When Saaldar produced his lunchbox, Steve offered him the use of the already completed kitchenette in the spacious garage to warm his food and to make himself some tea or coffee. Saaldar generously thanked him and explained that he’d been a watchman for many years and not to worry; that everything and everyone was going to be safe. After we’d done some basic orientation, Capt Steve headed back over into the house. I told him I was going to hang around for a few minutes.

When he was out of sight, Saaldar motioned for me to follow him as he pretended to be inspecting the upper level of the building layout. As he climbed the stairs, I followed until we were in the half-constructed part of the building. The walls were up, but no windows. Saaldar turned. Facing me, he dropped his pants and lifted his tunic, exposing his manly dark-skinned torso to me. The sight was so awesome that I began taking in quick inhales of breaths, as if I were about to faint. My entire body seemed to be quaking. Stretched wide, my baby blue eyes hungrily drank in that lustrous dark skin and copiously-haired body. I stared at his huge pecs and those fat, hard, hairy nipples. My eyes then wandered to his slight, very muscular paunch which had thick hairy swirls covering it; and then on down to his very thick public bush [wow] which perfectly crowned his huge, semi-flaccid cock. And even in its somewhat flaccid state it was still close to 8 inches long and at least 5 inches around. Beneath the huge cock nestled a healthy pair of balls the size of lemons. Dizzily I stared at the massive array of flesh and hair, as my pupils took excited note of the heavy foreskin that capped the massive cock-head.

“You like your new toys?’ asked the sleepy-eyed dark man as he lewdly thrust his family jewels out towards me.

I nodded my head like a kid in a candy store as I stepped towards him. My heart thundering loudly in my ears, I eagerly reached for the huge cock. It was so thick, so hot and satiny, as my hands gratefully encircled it. I was as happy as a damn pig in shit as I greedily clutched the full fleshy shaft; the veins running down the length of it were almost pencil thick. I grasped it, gently, slowly drawing the thick foreskin backwards, exposing a huge purple cock-head. Aaaaah, that intoxicating manly eye-watering aroma. That enveloping scent made me as giddy as a third-grader. It was if I’d just inhaled amyl nitrate. It was the most truly mind-expanding aroma I’d ever experienced in all my eighteen years. The purple head was the size of a plum and the slit was cavernous. I pushed the foreskin further backwards completely exposing the bulbous head, as I felt the shaft pulse and begin to swiftly thicken. I began to wank it slowly as the giant Arab groaned quietly, “I know you like me today as soon as I see your eyes today. Your eyes tell me all. You make me feel love”

The huge stiff meat between my fingers leapt and jerked wildly, and began to fiercely throb as my exploring hands lovingly fondled it; as they lustfully worshipped it. The huge Arabian hose lengthened and swelled until I was trembling at the sight, feel, and scent of it. My own cock was so incredibly hard that it pained with unimaginable pleasure. When his penis had grown to its full length and girth it was as thick as a beer can and a least a full 13 inches. I noticed that the monstrous cock had a slight curve as I slid my trembling hands up and down its length; the curve gave it more character.

As I wanked his meat, the huge Arab reached down and hefted his massive scrotum in his left hand. He massaged and squeezed those huge, hairy, sweaty, lemon-sized balls. He squirmed and moaned at the touch of my hands on his stiff pole, as well as the touch of his huge hand squeezing and titillating his own scumbag.

A tantalizing flow of pre-cum began to gush from the love-eye of that bulbous cock-head. Soon my steady wanking began to produce a nice steady slick sound that was caused by the friction of the thick foreskin that covered, and then uncovered, the fat, dark purple head. Damn that was hot!

Saaldar’s moaning in Arabic grew louder and louder until he suddenly grasped me by the back of the head, crushing my face and lips firmly against his royal Arabian penis. He began to crazily smear that river of precum all over my lips, nose, forehead and cheeks. Without hesitation I began furiously licking that monstrous head, totally relishing every tasty gulp. He gruffly commanded me to bite along the thick ridge of his cockhead and to drill my tongue down into the half-inch piss slit.

His thick hairy legs began to tremble as his heated moans and groans grew more audible. I gently patted him on his thighs and cautioned him that Capt Steve might overhear if he got too loud. Acknowledging me, his left hand reached for one of his big brown nipples and began roughly squeezing and pulling on it. He grimaced as he grinded his teeth and his eyes rolled up into his head, while at the same time, his already monstrously erect cock seemed to stretch yet another inch.

I was vigorously wanking that awesome cock with both hands now while I greedily licked and kissed and nibbled at it. It had to be a good rock-hard 14 inches by now. I swear! His huge muscular thighs bulged with building tension. The musky masculine odor of Saaldar was like something I’d never enjoyed before. His damp sweaty pubs smelled like some heady exotic incense; it made me dizzy with insane need and want for this man. I wanted to own him; wanted to devour every inch of his majestic body.

I removed one hand from his huge twitching cock, and eased it around to a round, firm, hairy butt-cheek. He released his tensed asscheek muscles and I slowly traveled my hand amid the thick bush of soaking-wet anal hair until I found his sacred Muslim man-pussy. Quickly he moved his legs astride so my inquisitive fingers could explore his wet, scalding butt-hole. Gently I probed around the wrinkly rosette until my finger slowly penetrated the slick, burning tunnel.

He bellowed loudly, shoving his hole down against my intruding finger for a second or two. Then he reached back and extracted my finger from within his steamy hole and placed it between his full thick lips. He ravenously sucked and licked it until half my hand was eventually up inside his mouth. After sucking and juicing my hand with his saliva, he then guided it back to his butt-hole and inserted my finger again. Then with his instructions, I inserted two fingers and so on, until four fingers and half my hand was firmly embedded. Breathing like a sex-crazed beast, Saaldar grabbed his huge meat and began wanking it with me, as he simultaneously reached behind and pushed and shoved on my arm until my whole hand had entered his sphincter – as it tightly closed around my wrist. He cried out in an animalistic utterance that rang of unimaginable sexual satisfaction. I quickly shushed him, but it was too late. We both shook with surprise when we heard Captain Steve’s deep voice shouting:


We both froze. It seemed Capt Steve had materialized like magic out of nowhere. As we both slowly turned our heads in the direction of the voice, there stood Captain Steve with his track pants down and his big 9-inch prick standing up proudly to attention and dripping with precum. Seemingly, before I could bat an eyelash, Capt Steve was standing there in front of Saaldar with his hands wrapped tightly around that monstrous cock.

“Damn! That’s some monster of a cock you got there, mister Saaldar!” whistled Captain Steve.

Saaldar stood there in a limbo between utter confusion and complete arousal. He chose to follow the path of arousal. Almost instantly his lust was rekindled and he began to shove his thick hairy cock in the direction of his new boss. The ex-army pilot dropped to his knees, and leaning forward, began kissing, licking and attempting to suck that monstrous cock-head. With my hand still locked in place by Saaldar’s sphincter, he now returned to slowly forcing my whole arm up inside his searing, furnace-like butt-hole.

With Capt Steve’s fat, hard 9-incher now leaping and slicing the air, he stood up and moved around in back of Saaldar. He carefully extracted my arm, and swiftly inserted his rigid, needy prick. He savagely thrust his boner up to the hilt, and then began wildly grinding. The big Arab man growled out in beastly satisfaction at the savage attack on his sensitive prostate. Then gradually he returned to hushed moaning and groaning in animalistic gratification as Capt Steve ravenously fucked him up his hot, begging Muslim fuck-chute. All the harder the ex-army pilot banged him, all the more louder the ecstatic Arab man cried out in primitive rapture.

I moved back to Saaldar’s huge cock and wanked him as hard and as fast as I could, to keep up the same rhythm that Capt Steve was feeding him from behind. Saaldar frantically squeezed at his balls and mercilessly pulled at his big, hard nipples while he screamed out lusty phrases in Arabic while simultaneously thrusting his hips forward into my hand and backward into Capt Steve’s pile-driving cock. Rivers of sweat flooded down the landscape of his attractive, rough-featured face; his thick lips were drawn back, bearing his perfect white teeth.

Capt. Steve was also drenched in a layer of perspiration as he uninhibitedly thrust his rigid cock in and out, fiercely pounding the Arab’s Allah-blessed butt-hole.

“I CUM! I CUM!” cried out the Saudi Arabian satyr as I felt his humongous cock thicken even more and his huge balls pull up and tightened under that huge shaft. The huge veins bulged incredibly along that coffee-colored truncheon, as he loudly growled in his native tongue. Phenomenal globs of sperm erupted from that monster of a cock-head. The love-eye seemed to stretch wide to make way for a constant spewing fountain of Arabian sperm. My hair, my right ear, my forehead, my nose were the first to be lambasted, but soon the ejaculation was guided directly toward my hungering and salivating mouth. BAM! The taste of it made my whole body quiver and quake with a sensation never before known. The feel, the sounds, the aroma, and the taste of this man almost had me fainting dead away; it just seemed too much for my 18-year-old brain to handle. But as soon as I began swallowing the ambrosia love-juice he was supplying, I was swiftly shuttled back to full consciousness. My mouth overflowed with his seed as I began rubbing and massaging his damp, muscular, hairy legs. Cum was running down my chin and soaking my body, even though strong blasts of cum still flew from his monstrous cock. In loud throaty blurts he bellowed out his pleasure as his huge, sweat-soaked body jerked and spasmed. Soon Capt Steve joined him in his vocal excitement.

“Oh Yeah! Gaddmit, Yeah! Oh Jesus, Sweet Jesus, I’m cumming! I’m fucking coming! Yeah! Yeah! YEAH! Fuck! Fuck! UGGH! UUGGH! Agggggghhhhhhhhhh!” screamed Capt Steve while thrusting his hips up against Saaldar’s hot, sweaty, hairy ass; his body jerking spasmodically, as he filled the Arab night watchman full of his Teutonic love juice.

“Damn,” I heard myself shouting, “You guys sure can holla up a storm, can’t ya?”

I then watched as Capt Steve extracted his stiff rod from Saaldar’s butt-hole and stagger to catch his balance. That big 9-incher that I’d had all those fantasies about was right there in full view for my lustful inspection. It was throbbing like hell. Without thinking I reached out and touched it, then wrapped my fingers around it – then began slowly wanking it.

“Easy, son; just give me a minute to catch my breath here.” said Capt Steve as he eased my hand off his sensitive, well-spent cock.

I was disappointed, but I had at least, at long last, gotten the chance to touch Capt Steve’s cock. And my own cock was still throbbing big-time. Seeming to sense my need, Saaldar grabbed my jeans, yanking them down. he reached for my rigid six-inch cock. He began wanking me with his giant right hand. I reached out and grabbed his still rock-hard member and we began wanking each other in unison. Soon Saaldar lifted me and placed me onto a huge overturned cardboard box. Pulling off my tee-shirt he began sucking my small pink nipples. Wow! This never happened before. Never thought I’d ever have a big, virile, rough-and-tumble man making love to me. I almost shot my load right at that moment. His thick wet sensuous lips wet traveled from one nipple to the other; licking smooching, and sucking. Then that hot, salivating tongue began a hungry journey down my boyish, faintly-haired physique towards my twitching cock. Oh, man, he’s gonna blow me! Soon those thick brown lips had wetly found their stiff and erect prize. The sensation was awesome. I began whimpering and simpering like a deliriously happy schoolboy. I had come to Ad-Dammam with a hope that Capt Steve would want to make out with me. And here I was being made love to by the most awesome Arab in the whole fuckin’ Middle East. I felt the fiery heat from those thick hot lips as they closed around my waiting cock and balls. I shuddered and swiftly thrust my body up into that fiery orifice. My hands went to that shiny shaved head, frantically moving them all over that smooth sweaty surface.

Suddenly, I felt Capt Steve kissing along my back and down on my naked butt. Placing me on my side, as Saaldar continued to suck me, he began gently chewing on my peach-fuzz ass cheeks, soon finding my tight virginal anus. First he sucked hungrily on my hole, and then began trying to force his rolled tongue up inside. It was then I was so glad I’d wacked off this afternoon, cause I would have blown my wad by now, and this great fantasy would be all over. And I wanted to ride this out to the very last second.

I finally relaxed enough for Capt Steve to completely penetrate my tiny sphincter. I gave out with a small pleasurable yelp. The wet, eager tongue went lustfully in and out of my tiny hole with such talented determination. What a feeling. Yeah, Capt! Do it to me! I’m all yours, big daddy!

As he tongue-fucked me, he reached over and began to wank off Saaldar. This fired up the Arab even more, which only served to fire me up even more, if that was possible. I felt myself on the verge of a very explosive orgasm. But I was trying very hard not to; I didn’t want to come. When I come, I always want to fall asleep. And I didn’t want to fall asleep now. This was too great; I wanted it to go on all night. But Capt Steve’s skillfully tantalizing tongue ravishing my very sensitive virginal boy hole – and Saaldar’s full sensual lips with his wet, scalding tongue soon had me writhing and screaming in rapturous ejaculation of my teenage spooge. And as I slammed up into Saaldar’s hot sucking mouth, Capt Steve’s stiff foraging tongue dove up deeper inside me, making my orgasm better than I’d ever had in my life. I pressed Saaldar’s shiny head with my hands as I frantically held his hot, devouring mouth to my crotch, trying to shove my entire body inside him if I could. It seemed I was there forever kicking and humping and squirming while a 38-year-old Arab was sucking me dry, and a 43-year-old German American was eating out my ass as if it were a serving of chateaubriand with Bearnaise sauce. My body convulsed as my orgasm continued. Soon Capt Steve carefully withdrew his hungry tongue, and Saaldar gently laid me back on the cardboard box as my breathing raced.

In my warm-fuzzy state of post-orgasmic bliss, instead of falling asleep, I slowly floated back to reality when I heard Capt Steve loudly slurping on Saaldar’s monstrous cock; wanking it and salaciously licking the huge dark purple cock-head. My brain snapped back to total alertness and I quickly approached the two. Kneeling, I grasped Capt Steve’s huge stiff boner and guided it between my already salivating lips. My mouth engulfed the fat, pre-cum soaked cock-head and sucked voraciously. Damn, how long have I wanted to taste this, smell this, and feel this?! Hmmmmmmm, wishes do come true.

I began working on that prince of a cock like a hungry kid on a Quarter- Pounder and Fries. I hadn’t been down there for more than minute when Capt Steve eases up from Saaldar’s raging boner and says, “One minute son, there’s something I want you to do while you’re down there.” And out of nowhere, he produced a tube of KY lubricant. I watched in awe as he lubricated his butt-hole, and then turned to Saaldar’s monstrous cock and liberally lubricated it. Then he handed the KY tube to Saaldar, who squeezed a generous amount into his hands and rubbed them together. Saaldar then slowly inserted one finger up Capt Steve’s tight butt-hole. The thick masculine finger entered without much resistance. Soon Saaldar had three thick fingers up in there stretching and seriously working the ex-army pilot’s clutching anus. Next he inserted a fourth finger and half his giant hand up inside that anal furnace. I watched Capt Steve’s face contort and grimace for a short while – then he began to slowly wiggle and push his ass backwards against the titillating intrusion.

Saaldar folded his thumb inwards and slowly stretched the butt-hole further as his giant hand entered up inside the handsome Aryan’s physique. Capt Steve groaned and moaned as Saaldar’s hand and wrist moved up inside him, inch by inch by inch. I was astonished when the Arab stopped suddenly and slowly extracted the hand from the butt hole. And then carefully posturing himself, he replaced the hand with his stiff, monstrous, 14-inch Muslim cock. When the cock had entered about four inches, Saaldar stopped and Capt Steve wiped a river of sweat from his face that flooded his brow and eyes.

Saaldar then proceeded with the cautious penetration until eight inches of his monstrous cock was deeply embedded inside the ex-Army pilot’s ass.

My mind was blown at the sight of Capt. Steve there on his hands and knees before me, about to be fucked. And yet, simultaneously, I was very, very turned on, as Saaldar began to slowly rock back and forth on Capt. Steve’s full, sweaty, enticing ass-cheeks. Looking in my direction the captain motioned me in his direction. Eagerly I crawled over to him, and quickly reached beneath him and grasped his semi-erect cock, and began to greedily suck. Soon it was pole-hard again, as he and Saaldar once again became very vocal. I sucked vigorously and inched my hand around to explore his over-stuffed butt-hole as Saaldar’s monstrous cock plowed in and out, ravaging it to no end.

Once again, Saaldar began bellowing out in Arabic and I knew he was ready to splatter another one of those awesome loads. I got all itchy and tingly inside at the thought if it. I sucked all the harder on Capt Steve’s cock as I wildly massaged and pulled at his balls. I worked them mercilessly until my mouth was finally flooded with Capt Steve’s tangy sperm. I worked and sucked voraciously as jet after jet blew into my mouth and down my throat.

I continued to lick and suck on his cock even after he had spent, until he gently pushed me off his hypersensitive cock. I got to my feet to view Saaldar crouched over Capt Steve’s back, his attractive face completely contorted in ecstasy as he filled the inviting blond ass full of his rich Arabian spooge.

When his breathing finally regulated, he slowly extracted his cock that had been embedded at least eleven inches up inside the Capt. The monstrous cock withdrew with cum, lubrication, juices and smears. I couldn’t believe that my father’s best friend and war-buddy had just been fucked by the biggest cock I had ever seen in my life – and had enjoyed it.

Well, needless to say that Saaldar became a relevant part of our lives for the remainder of my stay in Ad-Dammam. I once tried to take his gargantuan cock up my ass, but the pain was totally incredible and I couldn’t handle it; and quickly turned down all future attempts. But he did fuck me between the thighs many, many times, rubbing that monster across my very sensitive and very grateful sphincter…and I’ve drank galleons of his rich Arab cum. I’ve also fucked both Saaldar and Capt Steve many, many, many very happy, happy times. And believe me, now back home here in Plano, Texas, I’m hard pressed to find an adequate lover to match that of good O’ Capt Steve and his hunk of a night watchman, Saaldar.


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