Young Black Ass by Will

My first encounter with Eric happened one day while working on my boat in the driveway. I was under the steering column adjusting cables when I heard an unfamiliar voice say “What ya doin’?” Looking up I saw Eric Wilson’s radiant face peering over the hull. With a friendly “Hello” and a small request to come aboard, he joined me in the boat. That was the moment when I experienced my loins commencing to stir with lust for this 18-year old Black boy. He wore only a tank top and very loose-fitting cargo shorts that seemed to have slipped down another inch when he climbed onto my boat. He wore no underwear beneath the shorts and some of his moist, thick pubic hair seemed to cruelly beckon my attention.

I’d never taken any real notice of Eric Wilson before; at least not in that way. He and his father moved into the neighborhood about a month ago. I’d seen that shock of curly black hair appearing here and there with the other kids of the neighborhood. About a week ago I’d seen him loitering in front of the Seven-Eleven with my 16-year-old stepson and his friends. He’s an extremely attractive kid. But he always appeared to be a rather arrogant, disdainful teenager, so I’d never given him a second thought.

So, quickly averting my attention from his hypnotic spell, I went back to work on the steering column, asking him how did he like my boat. We went on to exchange several sentences of polite conversation until I’d finally finished my chore at hand. Offering him a bottle of pop, we sat there in the boat drinking cold pop as Eric bombarded me with hundreds of questions about fishing. When I mentioned that I’d be taking the boat up to my cabin on the lake at Huxley this weekend, I saw a rush of mixed emotions cross his face.

I was deeply struck by the sudden vulnerability of the young man; I found it impossible to ignore the pain that dwelt behind his eyes. Nor could I deny the burgeoning lustful desires mercilessly clutching at both mind and my cock. Those desires had been long ignored; long denied. I was experiencing a lightheaded exhilaration, a true joie d’ vivre not enjoyed since youth. It seemed for the past twenty years, I hadn’t really felt enthused or really disappointed about anything. Life just….was! I married Helen when I was twenty-five, and took on the responsibility of her 16-month-old son and have raised him as my own. My life has been pretty much nothing more than a traverse on a treadmill; a robotic excursion - doing everything the Rule Book says and keeping personal feelings out of it.

Now, here’s this pagan young man who seems to be cruelly awakening a dead part of me.

Swiftly I tore my mind from the earlier image of seeing and smelling his lush pubic bush and arm pits. Yep, these desires were both exciting and fearful.

But, taking a chance, I offered Eric the opportunity to come up to the lake with me, if his father approved. In nothing less than a split second, his face lit up, and that bright personality I’d briefly seen earlier, quickly returned. But oh soon, his face turned sullen again. He solemnly asked me why I had to ask his father. Loudly he remarked that he was 18 years old, and he could do whatever he wanted. Still, I found it kind of hard to believe that he was 18 years old. The trim, muscular body with that lustrous skin and almost cherubic face looked more like sixteen, if that.

Anyway, that Friday morning, Eric was at my house bright and early – way before the seven-thirty departure time. Backpack in hand, and his mind and heart filled with the excitement of that of a small child on Christmas morning.

He wore a slightly oversized white t-shirt that came down to hips. Beneath that were the tan cargo shorts; and on his feet were tattered sneakers. He looked more like an exuberant 15-year-old than that of a young man old enough for a branch of the Armed Services to send to war.

I told him my wife was going out of town until Monday, so he and I would be at the cabin for three nights, instead of two; and that if he was going to need extra underwear, he’d better run back home and get them now. He sort of gave me a devilish look, then said, “Awh, shit man, I don’t ever wear any underwear!” For whatever reason, I felt my heart skipping beats when I heard that. I felt dizzy and flushed…and at that moment I really had no idea of what was going on. Life seemed surreal, disjointed, but it all felt so damn good.

In no time at all, we were on the road, boat in tow, toward the lake. And within an hour and ten minutes we arrived at the cabin. In no time at all, we’d carried all the fishing tackle and food into the cabin.

The cabin’s layout consisted of a small kitchen, bathroom, a double wide bed, and an old couch with end tables at each end.

It wasn’t a super big place, but it certainly was large enough for Eric not to be continually sliding up against me or bumping into me. Every time I’d turn around, there he was, brushing up against me, or trying to playfully wrestle with me. At first I thought he was just a clumsy oaf. Then, like that ton of bricks, BAM, it hit me, and realized what he was doing. Well, at least, what I thought he was doing.

But, I also had to confront my own thinly disguised intent of getting the guy up here. It was to merely do a bit of innocent bonding, grab a few furtive glimpses of him naked, and to catch a batch of fish in the process. But my hunch was that he wanted some kind of sexual intimacy. So, again, taking a chance, I reached out and wrapped my arms around him. His trim 5 foot 8 inch frame, eagerly met my muscular 5 foot 11 inch body. And, placing his head on my chest, he soberly thanked me for bringing him up to the lake with me. Hugging him tightly for a few seconds, I told him it was my pleasure, and then stood back from him. That bit of physical contact seemed to calm him down; seemed to level him out somewhat.

He seemed to become more quiescently aware of his surroundings, and his questions became less manic. I soon noticed how his eyes began to shift to the bed and then to the couch. Jumping in, I said, “Don’t worry, I’ll take the couch. You can have the bed”.

What came next really stunned me. I don’t know why it should have, but it did.

“Why can't we both share the bed?” asked Eric.

Words swiftly froze in my brain. Everything was happening too fast. My cock sprang into full, aching erection. My head was swimming in a Disneyland world of bright swirling lights and exploding gushes of faerie dust. My brain stumbled and struggled to sift and siphon through the actual meanings of his seeming blunt, non-agenda intentions. There was absolutely nothing about the lad that hinted even in the slightest degree that he was gay. So he couldn’t be coming on to me, could he? Was he afraid of sleeping alone in a strange place? Or maybe he just needed/wanted a close intimacy with an adult male role model that he’d obviously been denied with his father.

Well, whatever the hell it was. I sure wasn’t about to turn him down the heady invitation.

After spending most of the day, and well into dusk, fishing, we returned to the cabin hungry, sweaty and smelling of fish. As I began preparing supper, I suggested that he shower before we ate. Without haste he grabbed a change of clothes and darted off for the bathroom. Standing there listening to the splashing of water in the shower, I couldn’t hold back an overpowering urge to sneak an innocent peak. Making my way over to the bathroom, I slowly cracked the door and caught my first glimpse of Eric naked. Even though he was behind the slightly smoky glass of the shower door, I could still make out his slender nude figure as I stood there enjoying the view of stellar youth personified.

Still completely uncertain about Eric’s curious behavior towards me, I decided to test him again. He’d been completely won-over by the exciting out-on-the-lake fishing adventure throughout the entire day. He carefully listened to and followed my every instruction to the minutest detail, with an alertness of a focused student. I was beginning to feel that he too had brought something of real value into my life. But I still felt a need to test him about his sexual curiosity; the kind of curiosity that most young man his age have about the exploration of all things sexual.

Before returning to the kitchen, I went to the closet and removed three magazines I had hidden there. Two were old Playboy magazines. But the third one was a Twink magazine that contained graphic pictures and stories of naked teenage males. These young men posed in different seductive positions, as well as performing sex acts with each other and also with mature adults. I placed the magazines in plain view on the coffee table in front of the couch. I would wait and see which way the pendulum, instinctually, swung.

When he finally came out of the bathroom he wore only his pajama bottoms. This was my first glimpse of his bare golden-brown skin from the waist up. His chest had adequate muscle development; his stomach was firm and flat and resplendent with the classic teenage six-pack. I tried very hard not to look at his amazingly lustrous naked skin tone throughout the entire time we ate dinner. It was almost painfully difficult not to drown my eyes in that sweet enticing ocean of radiant physical majesty. But for whatever reason, my often unconscious piercing stares didn’t appear to bother him in the least. Every time he caught me gawking at him, he’d just give me this cute little boyish smile.

After dinner we shared the task of cleaning up the mess; then retired to the couch to reminisce the day’s adventure. As we sat and talked, I caught Eric’s eyes occasionally send furtive glances at the magazines on the coffee table.

“You like girly magazines?”

“Uh-huh” he replied with a shy grin that caused his cheeks to flush.

Daring to courageously place my arm around him so that my head rested on his bare shoulder, I picked up the magazines and handed them to him. Slowly he started thumbing thru the pages of the Playboy magazines. I kept a vigilant eye out for any rise under the thin fabric of his pajamas. There was only a slight bit of penis arousal as he thumbed his way towards the last few pages. Just as he reached the last page of the 2nd Playboy magazine, I reached over and pulled the Twink magazine out of his hand and laid it face down on the table,

“You might not want to look at this one!” I told him as I leaned back, pretending it wasn’t any big deal.

“What is it!” he asked

“It’s just a magazine of teenage boys doing all sorts of nasty things!”

“Can I see it?”

“Well, I guess, if you like….but….it is kinda graphic!”

“I don’t care!’ he said, wasting no time in snatching it off the table.

I sat there with Eric leaning against my chest as he turned the magazine over and got his first glimpse of what I was talking about. On the cover of the magazine was a color picture of a trim 18-year-old male sitting naked on a bed, with his trim legs spread wide. Covering the guy’s crotch was a huge black dot that concealed what the magazine inside would gladly reveal. After studying the cover for a moment, he slowly turned the page.

I carefully watched each facial expression as he studied each picture on each page. The first couple of pages were of naked twinks poised in different titillating poses as they fondled themselves. The next few pages were a combination of guys, one about eighteen and the other slightly older performing fellatio on each other. The next page Eric viewed was high-lighted in brilliant red letters that read “Sweet Teenage Virgin”. Below the title stood a handsome blonde teenager with a trim physique. Kneeling before the 18-year-old teen was a much older guy who had just pulled down the teenager’s pants to expose his young, flaccid cock. On the adjacent page was a full colored picture of the naked teen sprawled across a bed with the man leaning over, kissing the pink head of his now erect cock. The next two pages revealed the man orally copulating the young guy, with great emphasis drawn the kid’s facial expressions. The last picture on the page showed the teenager’s cock completely embedded within the man’s mouth and throat, as he laid there with his young eyes tightly closed, his mouth gaped wide in orgiastic glee.

As we both studied the picture, I diverted my attention away from the magazine and was well-pleased with what I saw. There below the thin fabric of his pajamas was the twitching, bulging, throbbing outline of his hard, robust cock. Balancing my attention between the magazine page and the hard, spasming erection within Eric’s pajamas, I urged him on to turn the page.

As he stared at the next group of pictures, I felt Eric’s hot body gently shift closer to mine, as though he we perplexed by what he was seeing. Each picture on these two pages showed the same teenager laying face down across the bed in different stages of being deflowered and sodomized by the man’s engorged cock. I sat there motionless not wanting to distract Eric’s concentration as he sat there with his eyes wide and transfixed on the pictures with his slack-jawed mouth hanging open in disbelief.

“Do you like the magazine?” I asked, piercing the deafening silence that filled the cabin.

Too embarrassed to reply, he just softly nodded his head as he turned the page. The next half of the magazine seemed to absorb Eric’s interest even more. When he finally came to the last page, he closed the magazine and lay it down on the coffee table.

There was an eerie moment of silence as he gazed at the magazine laying there on the table. Then slowly, ever so slowly, he turned that beautiful face towards me and smiled.

“Man, that’s a weird book” was all he said as he sprang from the couch and headed directly for the bathroom. It was then that I got a good view of his firm little ass that his pajamas stretched across like a thin extra layer of skin.

While sounds of Erick relieving himself filled the silence of the cabin, I pulled back the blankets and prepared the bed for what I was hoping would be a night of pure pleasure with my horny young guest.

Although Eric was still very talkative once we were in bed together, he never once mentioned the magazines, or their contents. But I could detect an unusual nervousness in his tone of voice and body language, and was slightly perplexed by it. His fidgety behavior could only have been brought on by one of two things. Either he was somewhat frightened I might try to do something to him like the older guy in the magazine was doing to the kid. Or he was anxiously hoping that I would do something, but was too shy to let his own desires be known. Either way, something had to be done to break the ice; but it had to be done in a very subtle way.

I lay there in the dimly lit room contemplating what to do to break the frigid silence. Finally, when the lust in my groin overcame my sense of reason, I rolled onto my side toward Eric and gently laid my hand on his thigh.

“Eric, there is something I need to tell you, but I’m not quite sure if I should.”

“What?” he asked as he turned his head toward me and gave me his sheepish, innocent little boy grin.

“I….I…., like you, you know that, right?”

“Uh-huh!” he replied as his little grin grew into a wide smile.

“What I’m trying to say, is….uh…..more than just being a friend, ya know?”

“I think so”

“I……….I guess what I’m really wanting to say, is that…………..I want this weekend to be something special for the both of us, and I’m hoping that’s what you’re wanting too. Do you understand?”

“Uh-huh” “There are so many things I want to show ya”, I said, as I took a hazardous risk of slowly sliding my hand up his thigh to his crotch.

There was a moment of dead silence as our eyes locked and the tension of the unknown seemed to swell up and loom large in us both. Then those eyes of his, that are the tantalizing hue of cornflowers, sparkled bright again. That wide sheepish grin revealed his perfectly even white teeth as he replied, “Oh, I Know what you want, Mr. Keiffers. I’ve known it the whole time”. He swiftly reached down and took hold of my huge, calloused hand and lifted it from his thigh.

Fear fiercely gripped me at that moment. I was positive I’d made a horrible mistake by misreading Eric’s odd, but innocent, behaviors. But when he removed my hand, it wasn’t away from his crotch, but he vigorously placed it directly on his erect prick that happily twitched inside the thin fabric of his pajamas.

The feel of that hot flesh caused my entire body to literally tremble, as I heard a loud, rapturous gasp escape my own throat. Instantly his young cock grew fuller and harder to its firm seven-inch potency. It joyously jerked, twitched and pulsed in my greedy exploring hand.

Having finally crossed that wide and lengthy bridge of uncertainty, I leaned over and asked him if he would remove his pajama bottoms. Without haste, his nimble thumbs slid under the elastic waistband and in a flash they came down, revealing the peaches and cream body that was denied any contact with the sun. As the pajamas slid off, my eyes hungrily spied the voluptuous crown of the cock and then the thick shaft revealed itself, nestled between those lush, white, teenage thighs. Pulling the pajamas over his knees, on down to his ankles, he then promptly kicked them to the floor.

Folding my fingers around his warm robust cock, I caressed and massaged it with loving care. This inspired the appearance of a seductive little grin across his face as he looked demurely into my eyes. God, he was beautiful! There was no doubt now that he was willing to learn all the unknown pleasures that an older man was capable of giving his young and willing body. Laying my head on his chest I started to gently kiss on it. Slowly making my way down to his flat warm belly, on to the sweet stiff piece of meat that I held so lovingly in my hand. It leaped and strained as my lips touched it and enveloped the fleshy knob. I released my grip and slowly slid my wet lips down that warm rigid throbbing shaft. The intoxicating taste of his youthfulness was ambrosial as it slid back and forth across my salivating tongue. From the spongy tip to the firm base of his moderately hairy pubs, my tongue moved both leisurely and hungrily in a constant tempo. My efforts were soon rewarded by faint moans of newly conceived joy as Eric’s body grew rigid from the burning turbulence of immense pleasure that now inflamed his young loins. In an uncontrollable jerk, Eric’s body arched as he began trembling slightly. Knowing that the moment of bliss was at hand for my young virgin, I quickened my fellatio pace and was soon rewarded by the euphonic sounds of pleasurable grunts and moans and then a bountiful avalanche of his thick youthful nectar filled my mouth with amazing force.

When he finally ceased releasing his copious load into my mouth, it seemed all his liveliness and giddiness had dissipated. He simply lay there where he had collapsed after his last violent thrust up into my throat. Reserved in emotion, he lay in silence, his eyes transfixed on the ceiling as his bare chest raised and lowered. As my young paramour lay there in his trance-like state, I eased off my underwear and gently rolled him on to his side. Facing him away from me, I snuggled his warm, satiny body up against mine.

After vanquishing that first bond of intimate contact, I was reluctant to press further with an exploration of the small firm cheeks of his ass that lay nestled firmly against my aroused groin. Instead, I figured it best that I take my own pleasure between the velvety folds of his inner thighs. With a keen awareness to Eric’s inviting reaction, I slowly slid my engorged organ down the moist crevice of his cheeks and penetrated the small gap just beneath them. Thus, the tender skin between his inner thighs snugly enveloped the shaft of my rigid cock in its hot, tight embrace.

When I’d begun taking my pleasure between the warm, tight, satiny comfort of his thighs, Eric seemed to grow desolate. The distant look in his eyes and the blank expression that clouded his face had me imagining that I’d exceeded the boundary of his willingness. Concerned, I leaned over and whispered if he was alright. Craning his head back towards me, he said nothing, but gave me that cute, little, devilish grin of his. Feeling more at ease, I continued, and within minutes I had flooded Eric’s balls and the sheet beneath with the copious juices of my manhood.

Laying there with my manly instrument still nestled between his legs; I cuddled Eric in my arms and calmly allowed the cool, calm summer night air flowing through the window to seductively embrace us in its tranquility.

When I awoke the next morning, the cool damp air chilled my skin from the absence of the warm young body that I had embraced throughout the night. Eric was up early, sitting at the table preparing his fishing gear for the day's adventure on the lake.

The whole day on the lake passed without the slightest mention of the lascivious act we’d shared the night before. But, once back at the cabin, as night began to cloak the evening in its soothing shadowy grip, Eric’s fueled curiosities and heated desires re-surfaced again, tenfold.

Just like the night before, I took my shower first. And as I had made my way to the bathroom, I’d stopped at the doorway and watched as Eric, stretched out across the bed, had began thumbing his way once through the Twink magazine.

As I was finishing my shower, I heard the bathroom door squeak open. Slowly the glass shower-door slid back and in stepped Eric, naked as the proverbial jaybird and was robustly aroused. In the well-lit bathroom, I was finally able to see and rejoice in the alluring sexual charm of his incredibly comely slender physique. Without saying a word, I soaped up my washcloth and began to scrub and massage him from head to toe; saving the most interesting parts for last.

It was then, when we stood there face-to-face and I’d begun washing his formidable fat cock, Eric finally touched me for the first time. Taking me by complete surprise, he wrapped his soapy hands around me and hugged me tightly. Then, rather cautiously, he began stroking the entire length of my raging hardon. The entirety of his young body trembled brightly with renewed delight. It seemed something dark and shadowy had fallen way from him and he’d begun to glow with a newfound joy.

“What’s it like?” he asked, as his eager exploring hands began massaging my balls.

“What’s what like?”

“Getting fucked.”

Not only did his question stun me, but so did the word. Even though his behaviors were occasionally blunt and aggressive, I’d never heard one swear word shoot out of his mouth during the entire time I’d known him.

“Well…'s…its kind of hard to describe, Eric. At first it can be rather uncomfortable. But after a while your sphincter relaxes and there can be a great deal of enjoyment. And not only that, it’s a gift of great pleasure to the one you let do it.”

After a moment or two of silence, he said, “After a while it can feel real good, huh?”

“Oh, yeah……very much so, once you start doing it….Why?” I asked

His didn’t answer me, only shrugged his shoulders. But a reply wasn’t necessary. His inquisitiveness about anal copulation assured me that the Twink magazine had kindled his curiosity; and knew that with a little anal stimulation, his tight little virgin rosebud would be mine for the taking.

Ever so gently, my well soaped forefinger began to massage Eric’s velvety sphincter.

Embarrassed by his own inquisitiveness, Eric shyly laid his head against my wet hairy chest and continued stroking my cock. Feeling no need to push the issue further, I let it rest. I chose to simply enjoy the comforting intimacy we were sharing.

Unfortunately, I had to interrupt that majestic moment when I felt Eric’s knees weaken and start to buckle from the immense sexual pressure my exploring hand was stirring in his young loins.

Finishing our shower, I suggested a nice soothing oil massage. Giving me a blushing frolicsome sneer, Eric agreed, and raced me to the bed.

“Which side first? Front or back?” I asked, approaching the bed with a bottle of Baby Oil in hand.

Of course there was no doubt as to which side the horny teen would choose. He lay there on his back, his long legs spread wide, with that gorgeous cock leaping and jumping valiantly in the air, begging for my attention. Unconsciously, he had enticed me to crawl between those legs as I stood there at the foot of the bed.

I stood there for a moment admiring his naked beauty and his perfect, seven-inch penis. It was so nice and round and fat, with that phenomenal flared head; its countenance was mesmeric. His long, lithe, slightly-muscular, well-proportioned body, centered by such a formidable phallus, made him almost too beautiful to behold. Suddenly I found myself dropping the bottle of oil. I seemed to float thru the air as I crawled between those legs and lay there, inhaling, kissing, licking and simply worshipping his young manhood. I lingered for a while on that knobby flared head. I slid my lips around it, softly sucking on it. Then inch by inch, my lips traveled down the entire length of the shaft, until my nose was buried in that lush bush of honey-hued pubes. He welcomed this gesture with guttural sounds of appreciation, slowly arching his body up from the bed to greet my wet, worshipping mouth. In slow shallow movements, I bobbed my head, cradling the underside of his sensitive cock on my tongue, as the fleshy, flared head of the knob titillated the back of my mouth and larynx.

When his thrusting humps up into my mouth grow too frenetic, I slowed my suction just a bit. I didn’t want to finish celebrating his phallus just yet. But that did not slow him down one bit. Apparently he was already on an inalterable course to an explosion.

As he wildly humped and pumped into my mouth, he brought up his knees to each side of my head and pressed them against my ears. He began reciting some sort of gibberish poem or limerick. Soon his hands came down and commenced to pull at and wildly tussle my hair. Eric Wilson was in a blissful state of ecstasy; perhaps for the first time. At one point it seemed he as trying to force the entirety of his young fevered body up inside my mouth. Then began the loud moanings that he wanted to give it to me!…that he wanted to give it to me real bad! I figured I’d tortured him long enough by methodically preventing him from climaxing. The boiling pleasures within his young loins had obviously swelled almost beyond their zenith. Now, with elongated strokes, I increased my tempo which instantly caused his body to grow rigid as the peak of orgasm neared. The primal shouts and groans came from somewhere deep within him. He began to laugh. Then it sounded as though he were crying. But, then came that soul-stirring sound that I’d caused him to make last night during orgasm. He released it. It was followed by an ululation of load pleasurable moans. He quivered in one violent spasm as his urethra throbbed and pumped out thick hot blasts of creamy teenage nectar across my jubilant tongue, teeth and tonsils.

Still trembling as his tightened balls released their crème-n-honey-like deliveries into my welcoming mouth, Eric shoved my head free of his sensitive cock and rolled away, turning onto his side. With a gentle nudge to the small of his back, he fell over onto his belly.

With haste, I stretched wide and lay there between his legs, letting the sweet, robust smell of his young lusty skin fill my senses. Gently, I kissed the two smooth golden brown orbs of his small, tight dimpled ass. Taking hold of the firm, smooth mounds of flesh, I parted them and gazed at the treasure they concealed. There before me, surrounded by very little hair, laid the sweetest little cherry blossom I’d ever seen.

Though Eric was 18, the cute little ringlet of his anus looked as small as a dime. And it puckered so succinctly taut that only the faintest hint of a hole was visible. Kneading those tender folds of flesh with my fingers, my needy, salivating tongue moved in to explore that crevice between them, floating down and gently across the tiny pink blossom that lay deep within. With the gentle little jabs with the tip of my tongue, Eric began to squirm and moan as I contentedly dined on the delicious blossom of his virginity.

“Oh God, don’t stop! Please…no!” he almost tearfully whimpered several minutes later when I raised my face up from between those hot and tasty cheeks.

With Eric’s asshole now moist, wet and relaxed from my savage sucking and probing, I quickly oiled up my own engorged instrument of lust with the baby oil. The few other times when I’d deflowered an anal-virgin straight guy, I did it from behind, so I could watch my cock slowly submerge between the ass cheeks of their tight bottoms. But with Eric, I wanted him from the front so I could look into his eyes as I popped his cherry while sinking my cock deep inside the velvety, fiery cavity of his virginal tunnel.

Rolling Eric over onto his back, his face was clouded with a mixed expression of thrilled anticipation and fear. Raising his legs and placing them on my shoulders, I held my body up with my left arm as my right hand guided my cock his saliva-drenched anus.

Lovingly, I pushed the hair from his forehead, looked deeply into his beautiful eyes, and gently pushed into him! As the head of my cock pressed firmly against his tight anus, Eric’s eyes stretched to the size of saucers. As I pressed again, Eric instinctively jerked away when my forceful efforts failed to penetrate his taut orifice. Knowing the only way I’d be able to penetrate his tightly clenched sphincter was with one brutally forceful lunge. So I slid my arms under his upper body, holding him firmly by the shoulders so he couldn’t move, and gave my hips a hard, forceful shove downwards.

When I felt the hot moistness of his blossom about to expand, Eric’s mouth dropped open as a gush of air filled his lungs. When his sphincter muscle weakened and finally gave way, his tiny anus stretched open and swallowed in the head of my cock. GOT DAMN! That ecstatic invasion caused Eric to expel the ballad of virginity-lost in the loud cries that echoed piercingly throughout the cabin.

From past experiences I’d learned not to linger too long before venturing forward to find that magic spot within that brings all anal virgins immense pleasure. I found that magic spot when my cock’s insertion had traveled three more inches into that scalding cauldron of liquid fire. I felt Eric’s tight anus fiercely constrict around my intruding member, assuring me I had found it.

Progressing no further for the moment, I gently massaged that magic spot with my rhapsodic penis until Eric’s grunts of discomfort turned to faint, gratifying moans of heightened pleasure; and his cock returned to its long, fat, rigid power.

“This is what its like”. I quietly whispered in his ear as I slowly slid the remaining length of my cock inside the sweet depths of his virginal passage.

With his head lying beside mine, I could hear Eric’s every grunt and moan while his body jerked beneath me, and the sound of our slapping skin resounded throughout the cabin. For a very long intensely pleasurable time it seemed that I sailed blissfully upon an exhilarating ocean of unimaginable satisfaction.

And when my own pleasures were about to erupt, Eric reached out, grabbed my arms and lifted himself up off the bed to meet my pounding thrust. His eyes rolling up into his head, he released a high pitched utterance. Soon his hard, pounding cock twitched wildly and sprayed us both with continuous onslaughts of his abundant seed. We were in the line of fire of his very virile cock for many long, delicious seconds.

As Eric trembled in orgasmic convulsion, his tight little anus was also contracting in pulsating spasms, milking the hot cum from my balls as it splattered and poured into the sweet depths of his hot velvet passage.

Finally, with our pleasures spent, we lay cuddled in each other arms while I suckled his tender ear lobes and neck. Eventually, total exhaustion overcame us both, and I remember slowly dosing off with Eric lying across my chest. With his small, firm ass cupped in my large fisherman’s hands, the tranquil songs of chirping crickets serenaded me off to sleep.

That weekend at the cabin was my first and last intimate coitus with Eric. The next morning he acted as though he were still the same innocent, all-male, devil-may-care, anal-virgin, and still completely untouched and uneducated in the world of homosexual pleasures. Since then, although I can tell he wishes to keep the loss of his virginity a secret, there is always that special twinkle in his eyes that speaks eloquently of a pleasure unknown, found.


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