Caelan’s Conquering Cock by Will

I was super young when my dad died and I have almost no memory of him. But my dad’s best friend, Caelan, used to stop by and check in on mom and me when I was a kid. And I really developed a super close relationship with Caelan. He made my childhood as happy and as special it could be for a fatherless kid. I think mom kinda liked him too, but she had always remained faithful to dad all these years.

Then for a while Caelan left us too. Four years ago when I was 14 years old he went off to California to get some big-time job with some big shot contractors. It was kinda quiet out here on our small farm here in these back woods of Georgia without him being around.

But when he got settled out there, he would send mom and me letters and pictures every now of then; pictures of him with his big shot friends. But there was one picture that I kept for myself. He was standing there, smiling out at me with that big lopsided smile of his, not wearing any shirt. I could see that tall, muscular tanned body of his pretty dang clear. When he was here, I never saw Caelan naked. But I would try very hard to imagine what was hidden beneath his khaki pants or faded blue jeans. I really loved that picture, with his broad shoulders, his solid chest, and bulging biceps.

Despite how weird it made me feel, I really loved his muscular beauty. I now wanted to hug him. Wanted to hug him real tight; the way I did when I was a kid. But now I wanted to feel him in a different way. I didn’t understand the feelings but they made me feel mighty dang good. I often found myself needing to stroke my stiff cock several times whenever I looked at his picture.

Of course, mom and me sent Caelan letters and pictures too, letting him know all about the goings-on here at the farm, and all the dumbass gossip in that backwater town nearby. But I was kinda super embarrassed about my pictures, 'cause even though I had just turned eighteen, I still sort of looked like a tall, cocky fifteen-year-old. But mom keeps telling me that I’m gonna be a late-bloomer, whatever that means.

Then one Saturday morning, my mom woke me up and told me that Caelan was visiting over in Madison for the weekend, and he wanted to know if I wanted to come hang out with him for a few hours at the motel. Wow. I got super excited. My heart started beating super fast and I got kinda dizzy. I quickly dressed in my new blue jeans, my new sneakers and a red tank top. I was over the moon, man. I was going to see Caelan with my own two eyes again, instead of looking at him in a picture. I kissed mom, jumped on my bike and peddled the ten miles to Madison.

It was a warm day and Caelan answered the door in a pair of tight white boxers. We hugged and I inhaled his manly sweat. Standing there in front of me, in the flesh, he looked a heck lot better than in all my horny dreams of him or in his pictures.

We talked for a long while about everything, and I was really loving it. But, in spite of that big job title he has, he’s really a construction worker, and works mostly outside -- which pretty much keeps his body in tip-top condition.

Caelan is a man of few words, but a real man. He asked me about mom, my friends, school and everything. And I told him everything he wanted to hear. being so excited to see him again.

“Hey, can you stay the weekend, Matt?” he asked.

Of course, I eagerly agreed, and he reached out and rubbed the top of my head and said, “Hey, I love ya, man!”

Wow, at that moment, I thought I was the most important person in the world. I hadn’t been that happy in long, long time.

He told me to call my mom to let her know; then said if I needed any thing like clothes or toiletries, he’d buy them for me. Then he ordered a pizza and we ate it outside on the patio of his motel bungalow.

Afterwards, I cleaned up the mess we made while Caelan took a shower. I was super happy. As he showered I fantasized about what his cock looked like. But lucky me, after his shower he walked in the sitting room stark naked and my eager and curious eyes followed him everywhere. I could see his nice big cock and balls, and his hard tight ass. He didn’t seem to think he needed to cover himself up in front of me. He just walked around toweling himself off as he got a cold beer for both of us from the fridge. My mom had never allowed me to drink alcohol, since it was the devil’s brew and all. But he just handed it to me, just like that. And I took it. Damn, I felt very manly and studly sitting there with him on the couch, drinking beer and watching some stupid TV program. My eyes made quick sly glances at his cock at every chance possible and I was continuously inhaling his strong manly musk. I ain’t exactly sure how old Caelan is, but I think its something like forty or forty-one. But he sure as hell looks a lot younger. But whatever his age is, he sure is a super handsome man. And I bet if he put his mind to it, he could be just as big a movie star as the best of ‘em.

Later that evening he had to run across town to visit his boss for an hour, so I got ready to be alone. There were some DVDs and I decided to watch one of them to kill the hour. When I slipped one in, I was like totally amazed at what I saw on the screen. Inside the box of “Platoon II” was hidden a Gay pornographic video.

Wow, my eyes had never seen such a thing. And even though I had some of those same thoughts and feelings toward Caelan, for the first time, I was seeing them acted-out right there in front of me on the screen. With my strict, Christian upbringing I never knew there were gay movies with people that looked so normal. Damn, my prick had never been this hard before. Instantly, there it was, straining and jerking around in my pants. Without even realizing what I was doing, I was stripping off my clothes. Sitting there in my white boxers, I watched the video. The movie was called “Cossack Love” and it was about muscular high-school jock teenagers being sucked and fucked by their PE teacher and coach. I got so dizzy and my body felt like it was on fire as I twisted and squirmed there on the couch. Soon U kinda panicked when I saw my cock leaking sticky juice. I went crazy as I pulled off my boxers and slowly began to tug at my aching erect cock.

All at once, a sudden flash came over me -- I realized I wasn’t alone anymore. I didn’t have any idea how long Caelan had been watching me, but he shocked the hell out of me when I heard his soft voice say, “Boy, who gave you permission? That stuff is not meant for you!”

I was shocked and embarrassed to be caught naked and playing with myself like this. But Caelan didn’t look angry…his voice just sounded annoyed.

“We’ve got to have a serious talk, Mister Matt.”, he said, looking at me with a sly grin on his face. Standing there on the far side of the room, Caelan pulled off his shirt. Slowly he took off his jeans and white boxers. And before my surprised eyes, I saw a huge erect cock bigger and thicker than I imagined a man’s cock could ever get. It was stiff and mammoth and slapped up against his muscular belly as though it had a life of its own. Wow! And oh, the scent! The powerful sex scent that sprang from the thick bush of pubic hair was making me lightheaded -- everything was getting dreamlike.

“I don’t know how well you know your body, Matt….” Caelan started to say, “…but always remember this -- your cock is the best toy a boy or man can ever have. And I’m going to show you how to use it, son.”

He walked slowly over to me. My best friend and daddy-figure stood there in front of me manly and powerful, his big hands on his narrow hips. Wow, what a great moment, almost like one of those scenes you see in the movies when the whole truth is about to be shown to the hero of the story. My mouth went completely dry when Caelan began to stroke my naked body. His strong hands guided me to stretch out on my back on the couch. And in a flash, there he was, on top of me, roughly grabbing me in a tight manly hug and kissing me hard on the mouth – his tongue strongly finding its way into my throat. I never kissed anyone like this before. My whole body was singing inside.

Caelan began touching me everywhere he knew that would make me feel good. Moans began to come from deep down inside him. He kissed and licked my small, sensitive nipples as he spread my legs and went between them.

We were both feeling each other’s heat and sweat and turned-on by the odor of us together. His big stiff black cock glided between my legs in between my sweaty asscheeks and he slowly began fuck me between my cheeks. His moaning and groaning got louder as he asked me, “Many boys and men, just like you, want to get a big, hard cock inside them, did you know that? I don’t think you’re ready yet; but, sometime soon, you’ll be begging me to do it to you, too!”

Caelan’s whispered words seemed to burn my ears with his full, moist lips resting there on them. Then, easing up, he took my legs in his strong hands and lifted then up, putting my bent knees beside my ears. I felt like some kind of a contortionist in a circus lying there like that. But at the same time, it felt so super good. There I lay, under his strong hot muscular body, totally exposed to him, and I couldn’t have been happier.

Damn, you’ve got an awesome ass, Matt”. said Caelan as he pressed his big cock against my wide open and exposed ass cheeks. Slowly he rubbed the big, shiny head of his cock against the lips of my tight bunghole, and I super loved every second of it. I wanted him to enter me. My own cock was rock hard and was jerking and straining against my belly.

Suddenly my body began to tremble and I started to moan. I was going into some kind of crazy, ecstatic trance. It was awesome! I held on tightly to Caelan’s hard warm body as my trembling cock exploded super gobs of cum all over his belly and chest. My uncontrollable moaning and shooting seemed to go on forever. I couldn’t stop screaming, humping and shooting my sperm. It was super amazing! I’d never felt like that before in my life. I’d had nocturnal ejaculations quite a few times before; but I’d never been awake for them. I just saw the mess I had to clean up in the morning

Finally, when I collapsed there on the couch, I really was kind of embarrassed. But Caelan’s only reaction was a great big smiling “so what?”. Then in an instant, his face twisted into a frown and he started to squirm and moan and before I knew it he was coating my sweaty ass-crack with an explosion of his thick, manly cum.

Panting hard, he finally collapsed on top of my frame. Really exhausted, he lay there on top of me for a moment and the weight of his warm powerful body turned me on again. My still dripping cock was rock hard again as Caelan eased up off me and allowed my feet to ease back down on the couch. He then eased himself up off me and lightly sat on my chest. He played with my nipples as he placed his softening cock against my eager lips. The strong manly aroma of his warm, fresh cum hit my nose. Caelan looked me deep in the eyes, saying “That’s my sperm, babe. You’d better lick your man Caelan’s cock clean before it drips all over your beautiful face”

Caelan stroked the fat head of his big cock between my lips. My face was pressed deep in his thick, hairy pubic bush and his muscular ass rubbed against my smooth teenage belly. I happily did as I was asked. Taking his cock head between my open lips, I began sucking my first cock.

Caelan’s fresh cum was still on my tongue and I enjoyed the bittersweet taste of his big beautiful cock. Man, this was like heaven on earth. I was high. I didn’t I could be so happy actually doing this kind with a man. This wasn’t the kind of thing I learned in Bible class in the Boy Scouts. I couldn’t believe how turned on I was by his sweaty, funky, muscular body. As I was gluttonously enjoying his tasty throbbing cock deep in my mouth, once again, I lost control. I shot another heavy load of cum without even touching myself. My cum must have splattered up against Caelan’s back and across his ass cheeks. Stroking the top of my head, he said, Dang, Matt, you’re amazing; fuckin’ amazing! Give me your loads, man! I really like that! Keep emptying those teenage balls for me! Make me happy, son! Make me happy!”

Whew. I was really spent and really kinda shocked. I was only used to having wet dreams. Mom and the pastor at church had been telling me since I was 12, that jerking off was a sin, and that it caused of blindness. Lot of kids at school said it was all a bunch of crap. But as long as I stayed in mom’s house I had to abide by her rules. And I always tried not to touch myself; even when I was thinking about Caelan. But now…jeez…these were all those great feelings I’d been missing. And wow, I was done,

Caelan stood and playfully slapped my naked butt, saying, “Matt, you’re great! You really are. Go take a shower and get refreshed.”

I took a shower while Caelan sat on the couch looking at my trim body. He didn’t want me to close the bathroom door. I soaped up my body and sort of did a great big show of washing my cock; just as Caelan had asked.

When I was toweling down after the shower, he sat there on the couch smiling at my growing cock. Already, I was dying for him to touch me again. But he acted as if nothing special had just happened between us. He smoked another cigarette, got another beer, and began watching some stupid TV program. Then, after taking a shower himself, he told me to take the bed, saying: “Sweet dreams, Matt”, and he lay down on the couch.

I wasn’t able to sleep. Lots of sweet horny dreams kept popping up in my head, and my cock was so unbelievably hard and it hurt like hell. After some time of tossing and turning in bed, in the smoky darkness of the room, I heard Caelan ask, “Can’t you sleep, son?” His voice sounded so deep, masculine and sexy, I felt my cock twitch and throb like mad and I almost shot my load again.

“N-No, Caelan…I can’t sleep”, I almost whispered back to him.

Caelan stood up from the couch. And I saw his big semi-hard cock again when he lit a cigarette; standing there so strong and so naked.

“Well, come on over here and see what you can do with this big fuckin’ cock of mine”, he said, arching his back and stretching his arms in the air, “I can't sleep with an aching boner like this. Come on, take a closer look at it, okay?” he said, moving across the room towards me, “Don’t you wanna help me git this big angry dick back down so’s I can relax and get to sleep?”

“Oh, yeah, Caelan, sure.” I heard myself saying, “I’ll do anything for you”.

I was shaking there on the bed as his big cock came up in front of my face. Wow, there it was again, right there in front of my eager lips. On one of those videos I had seen one of those gay porn stars giving a policeman a real good cock-sucking, and I wanted to make Caelan feel just as good as that guy.

My mouth attacked that stiff, straining erection with the slobbering hunger of a 6-foot Texan for a 10-ounce steak, and imitated each and every one of the moves made by the porn actor in the video. I opened my mouth wide and licked Caelan’s fat, perfect knob. And to my delight, it immediately stretched out to its full, ramrod length; which meant I was doing it right. When I began licking, sucking and drinking his pre-cum, Caelan suddenly pulled his cock away from my mouth. He just stood there, his legs firm and powerful. I looked up, admiring his chest and furry legs, his perfect cock. More pre-cum oozed out of his throbbing head. It hung there in string, about to slowly drip to the floor. I wanted it. I needed it. And with permission I leaned forward and caught it as it fell. I caught my prize. I took in his fluids with my tongue, happily tasting my great Caelan again.

“You love my cock juices, don’t you, my baby boy, Matt? Well, you are very lucky, ‘cause there’s plenty more”, said Caelan, as more juicy droplets emerged from his big beefy cock’s love-eye.

“I was watching you earlier today -- your eager pleading eyes when you were sucking my cock”, said Caelan, stroking the side of my face with his large right hand, “Would you let me fuck your face? You got me so horny”

I blushed as I nodded my head, ‘yes’. Caelan dumped his cigarette in the ashtray and rapidly climbed on the bed. He shoved me on my back and kneeled on top of me. His muscular thighs were positioned on each side of my upper torso, his raging cock in my face. I loved the feeling that Caelan wanted me in this way, that my mouth and throat were going to a female pussy for him.

Easing a pillow beneath my head, Caelan shoved his erect cock between my full, wet lips and into my wide open mouth. Eagerly I took the smoldering head of that burning meat between my hungry lips. Slowly, he began to push his body back and forth as his throbbing, sticky knob rubbed against my ecstatic tongue. I tasted the exciting, bittersweet aroma of his semen in my mouth again. Me and Caelan were really, I mean, really sex-crazed. He was like a man totally possessed as he squirmed his big, sweaty muscular body there on top of me, as he loudly grunted and groaned. He soon began rub and grab my chest -- then, was intimately touching me as he lustily squeezed and pinched my nipples, making them hard from the intense pleasure/pain of it.

As I greedily licked and sucked and swallowed Caelan’s cock, his movements soon got more and more rapid and his breathing much heavier. He began grunting like an animal and roughly took my head in his hands and forced his cock deep inside my accepting mouth. He held it in there tightly for several seconds -- then began to arch his back and groan as he slowly eased his big cock out of my mouth.

“Ah, my beautiful, faithful Matt..” he groaned, “you make me so horny and so hard. You’ve always made me so horny and hard. And I’ve had to wait all these years before I could do anything about it! I got to come all over your face, man. I’ve got to! Come on, get ready to receive my load!”

“Oh yeah, I want that!” I gushed. And with the batting of my eyelids, Caelan instantly sprayed my radiant face with his orgasm. Right there before my wide eyes, Caelan’s eruption of huge gobs and drops of his warm cum hit my nose, cheeks, lips, chin, neck and nipples. I really wasn’t prepared to take such a flooding of spooge as he continued to shoot all over my 18-year-old body. I was finally and happily covered with his warm load everywhere, even in my hair.

Caelan slid down from my chest and his hot ass was now resting against my boner. As it jerked against that hot manly ass, it was begging Caelan to let me come. My juice-filled balls were boiling over for him. I groaned real loud when he pressed his ass down real hard on my boner and began to grind his inferno of an ass on me. Caelan just sat there, licking his lips and smearing his come all over my chest and face with one of his strong hands. Then opening my mouth with the fingers of the other hand, he began feeding me his manly come like a baby. There I was horny as an alley cat, covered with his cum and sweat….eating his load! Dreams do come true.

I was going nuts there as my raging boner was pressed down by Caelan’s big, hot manly ass cheeks. I could feel the moist hairy sphincter expanding and contracting like mad against of my aching boner. My body began shaking and trembling like I was having some kind of a convulsions or something. That’s what kind lustful sexual control Caelan seemed to have over my body.

He soon scooted down and made loud slurping noises as he sucked his own cum out my belly button. I loved it loved it! I soon came up to meet Caelan’s cum covered lips. He shoved me back down on my back; quickly scooted back up and shoved his cock deep into my throat again. Within five minutes her was filling me up once more.

When I’d finally drained every last drop of cum of his magnificent cock, it began to go soft.

Easing his cock out of my mouth again, he scooted down between my legs and paid much needed attention to my cock. Ah, at last, he sucked my stiff boner into his mouth. I loudly cried out from the shock of it. It was like no other sensation I’d experienced. I was AWESOME. The lust and enjoyment of it grabbed me and tossed me into a realm called rapture. I felt my eyes roll up in my head when I felt his hot, wet, tantalizing tongue on my sensitive cock head. I could feel my balls twitching and boiling. But way too soon, an uncontrollable scream came ripping up out me before I knew what was happening and heard myself cry out like a wounded pig. Soon I was grunting and groaning, punching and hitting Caelan as I wildly shot my load way up inside him. It seemed like I struggled there for long time, thrashing my skinny brown body up against his big black muscular body, as I delivered what seemed like a gallon of teenage semen into Caelan’s warm, wet, gobbling throat.

Afterward, he held my semi erect penis in his mouth for a while, as he constricted his throat muscles, milking my dick. His strong muscular hands were squeezing and massaging me everywhere as his tongue licked and sucked me everywhere. As I slowly recovered from my first blowjob I eased up and buried my face into his massive chest. Caelan caressed and fondled my trim, naked body, giving special attention to my swollen, hard nipples. He kissed me on the top of my head, and said, “I hope you’re not upset by all this, Matt. But, if there’s mutual love trust and respect, sex between an older guy and a teenage guy is a good and natural thing. And believe, me babe, we’ve just started.”

Caelan kissed me and we lay down in the bed next to each. We lay there entwine together for a long time, just being silent and loving. We were both happy and secure. ‘I love you, Caelan’ I thought to myself.

After a while, Caelan kissed me hard on the mouth and got up and went over and sat on the couch. He put in a video; and after he lit a cigarette, he started watching the movie. I fell off to sleep.

Several hours later, I woke up and looked over at him. He was sitting there with a beer. The clock said 4:23AM. When he noticed me watching him, he asked, “What’s the matte, son? You ought to be asleep. You’re a growing boy”

“Yeah, I know…but I can’t sleep. Can I talk to you, Caelan?”

“Sure!” he said, patting his large left hand on a seat of sofa for me to come sit next to him. After I had flopped down on the seat next to him and looked into his hot, handsome, manly face for several seconds, I just blurted it out, “I want to live with you!”

Caelan reached up and smoothed my head. “Hummm…” he said, “….it would be fun having you around; but what about your mother?”
“Oh, she’ll understand”, I said, as my eager hand found its way down to his big throbbing cock.

Caelan allowed my searching and wandering fingers to feel up and down his powerful chest. “Oh, damn, baby, you’re ready to go again, ain’t you?” he groaned. With his eyes closing, and his body shifting up against the back of the couch, “Go ahead, baby,” he mewed, “…eat Caelan’s cock. My balls are all full of manly cum again. Look down there. Can’t you see my big conquering cock leaking streams of its pre-cum for Matty’s sweet mouth.”


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