Ebony And Ivory

It was a warm summer night and I had just about given up on studying. I had been down at the river tubing for most of the day (summer school frolics) and could not get the images of semi-nude college kids running around. My girlfriend had gone home for a week to attend her sisters wedding and I had gotten stuck at school during exams. Something really kept gnawing at me. I went to the river that day with a friend of mine Ron. Ron is black, kind of average height, very smooth feminine physique, and a 12" long , very thick cock. I had only recently started having some bi experiences with some of the local teens, and I loved big tits and pussy. But I couldn't get the image of his huge cock out of my mind. I knew it was big because we've taken showers at the local community center. One of his girlfriends was also bragging to my girlfriend about his huge donkey dick that she couldn't take all the way up her pussy. So much for studying, I had a huge hardon thinking about all of this. Ron and I were going to go to the river tomorrow and see if we could score some pussy. I figured I needed some sleep so I pulled my pud out jerked it all over the floor and went to sleep.

Early next morning Ron stopped by to pick me up. The doorbell to the apt rang about 7am, I stumbled to the door half asleep wearing only my bikini underwear with a semi-boner on. "Time to rise and shine", says Ron, "I see you are starting to rise a little bit". Fuck you, I said and flopped down on the couch. I noticed he had the tightest pair of cutoffs I had ever seen. His huge horse cock bulging out. Im always so fuckin horny in the morning, and staring out his big bulge caused my dick to harden up. My bikini underwear didn't do too much to conceal my 8" man meat. I noticed Ron staring at my swollen crotch. "OK you shit, I've got to take a shower, do you think you can entertain yourself ?", Ron was fumbling through my videotapes, "yes, hurry the fuck up..." I stood up with my bikinis tent-poled up in the air, and made sure he got a good look. Ron had found some of the porn tapes, and popped one in. I went back to the bedroom, and stepped out my panties still hard as a rock thinking about his huge cock. I walked into the bathroom and took a piss. As I turned the shower on, I peeked out the door and saw Ron rubbing his bulging crotch while watching a porn flick. It had really grown. I was really getting hot now. I wondered if he would let me suck and fuck him, or think I was a gay pervert. I got into the shower and began massaging my hard dick. A few minutes later, I heard a knock. "I need to take a piss", Ron complained. Since we only had one bathroom in the apt, I said fine. He came in, unzipped his pants and hauled out his swollen donkey dick which was still kind of rubbery and soft and started pissing like a fire hydrant. Im looking out the curtain and seeing the whole show while he's chatting away about the movie or something. I couldn't help but comment on how large his cock was and asked if he ever measured it. He finished taking a piss and turned to me with his monster and said 12 or 13 inches depending how horny I get. "You know, I forgot to take a shower this morning mind if I join you?". I didn't know what to say, my dick pooped straight up in the air. I stood there in the shower and watched him slowly undress, first his shirt, he had very large nipples that were getting erect. His cock seemed to be swelling up more and more. "Do you like what you see" he asked. "Look at this" pointing to my throbbing cock. "I guess you do", he said. He stepped into the shower with me, with his huge member swollen to all its 12" glory. I reached down and grabbed his naked ass and started rubbing our dicks together. His balls were the size of oranges, and his dick hung down to his knees with a huge swollen cockhead. I knelt down in front of his monster and began to caress it with both hands, running my fingers up and down its full length. I held his shaft with one hand and started to squeeze his huge balls as he groaned with delight. I held it up in front my mouth and opened his big hole up and started to lick his precum off. His cockhead was so big I didn't think I could get it in my mouth. I opened up wide, and slid his bulbous head in between my pouted lips. "hmmmm", I heard him moan. I slid it further and further until I had at least 8" down my throat. We took turns sucking, kissing, and fingering each others ass holes for an hour while the shower rained down on us. I decided I had to have his black snake up my tight bubble butt ass. "Ron, I need you to fuck me up the ass with that huge cock", Are you sure it will fit, he asked. Lets get into bed and try. We went into the bedroom, and I got on all fours spreading my ass as much as possible. He began lubing his ramrod up with Vaseline. I finger my ass to get it wet. He started to mount me, first his big cockhead, then inch by inch, that black horse cock entered my ass until I had all 12" in. Both he and I couldn't believe it. He fucked and fucked and fucked. When he was ready to cum, I pulled him out, spun around, and crammed all 12" in my mouth. He shot the biggest load of hot sperm I've ever swallowed. From then on, Ron and I did all kinds of things together for the rest of the summer.



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