Have Cock, Will Come by Will

At fifteen years of age I was transported one thousand miles out west to live with my dad in Arizona. My mother, who had divorced my dad ten years earlier, had just remarried, and my new step-dad didn’t want to deal with having some cocky, smart-ass teenager around. I'd seriously wanted to live with my dad since I was five years old, when they divorced. So I thought the new change was going to be great. Well, I guess everybody can fill in their own scenarios about the “high expectations” of adolescence, but here’s my one-day-in-the-life of a teenager when I was eighteen years old.

“Come on, Aaron, let’s go! Let’s go! I’m outta here in thirty minutes!” bellowed the words of my dad’s deep masculine voice through my bedroom door one morning in May. My dad was 40 years old at the time, and owner of the MavenBridge Construction Company. He was a stern, unemotional man who had little, if any, tolerance for the weakness of others.

I gave a start when his commanding voice pierced my door and penetrated my warm and cozy unconsciousness. I groaned and tightly clutched my pillow. Squinting at the clock on my nightstand, the time read 7:05am.

“Yeah! Yeah, Dad! I’m up!!” I growled.

Arching my back, I stretched my body high on the bed. Immediately, my hands traveled down to my stiff, throbbing cock. It quivered frantically in the opening of my blue and white polka-dot boxer shorts. Slapping the rock-hard dick back and forth several times with my right hand, I released a heavy sigh and groaned. Flattening my body back down on the bed, I slid my boxers down over my feet. My hands eagerly gripped my damp, early-morning, cum-filled cock.

I was wildly pulling and massaging my sweaty balls, when I heard a truck door slam downstairs in the driveway. I felt my sleep-filled eyes widen with anticipation. My stiff cock trembled with a surge of anticipation too. The fat, six-inch pecker began to leap and gyrate even more furiously. I was on a definite high as I lumbered over to the bedroom window. Carefully sliding back the curtains, I peered down into the yard.

The flower-scented mid-Spring breeze teased and caressed my bare, hairless chest in its passing. My little brown nipples hardened when I gazed down to see my dad’s foreman, Buck Ghiles, getting out of his pick-up truck. My whole frickin’ body shuttered as I savagely gripped my raging cock.

Stroking it harder, I stared down into the yard at the Black warrior with the full leonine mane of bushy black hair with a slight hint of gray here and there. Buck’s broad shoulders were proud and arrogant; his masculine gait was aggressive; almost military in intent. I watched as the material of his denim pants smoothed, stretched and creased with each long stride of steps. I began to imagine the intoxicating male-scent that dwelt just inside those trousers. I thought, damn, what I wouldn’t give to have those muscular thighs tightly locked around my head with Buck’s big, hard, hairy cock savagely exploring my throat, tongue and tonsils.

Buck at that time was forty-one years old. He was once a petty thief and a wannabe thug that my dad had rescued from jail-time, and a future life of crime, by paying some huge sum of money to some very powerful business associates. My dad then went about creating a job and training opportunities for him with his lucrative construction business. My Dad and Buck were rough-and-tumble high school buddies. But about ten years earlier when some local lowlifes were framing Buck for a major theft at a department store, that was when my Dad had come to his high school buddy’s rescue. And up to that point, other than being a total womanizer and getting pregnant just about every woman he fucked, Buck’s life now seemed to be in control.

Anyway, while I was whacking my prick like some crazed mutha fucka, my hungry eyes devoured the tall lusty Black man as he stopped to light a cigarette. After taking a deep, gratifying inhale, he strode on like a panther on the prowl across the yard toward the back of the house. He kept glancing about him. It seemed he sensed that someone was watching him. And just as he was about to turn the corner of the house, his head spun around and looked directly up at my window. I jolted back to one side, out of view, before I was seen. Closing my eyes, I shuddered and released several gasps for breath, grunted loudly, then copiously splattered the bottom of my bed with my spooge. For almost a whole minute, my cock wildly quivered and released abundant squirts of spunk all over the place. I groaned, moaned and writhed there against the wall of my bedroom – triumphantly elated. My mind was once again, ecstatically consumed with lustful, nut-tightening fantasies of my dad’s best friend.

Then, through my post-ejaculatory haze, I suddenly heard dad’s heavy-booted steps in the hall moving toward my door.

“Come on, ya lazy ass! Let’s go! Unless you want to walk to school!” he loudly chortled through the door.

I stood there leaning stiffly up against the wall, clutching and toying with my cum-soaked cock and balls. I sensed an impish grin playing about my lips as I made ready to respond to my impatient pappa.

“Yeah, Dad! I’m coming! I’m REALLY coming!”, I shouted, trying not to laugh.

When I finally ambled down to the kitchen, twenty minutes later, Buck chimed in with his usual teasing, “Hey, there, Turd Head!, what Mack Truck hit you in the face last night?”

“Yeah, yeah, so funny I forgot to laugh!” I grumbled back at him with a half-hearted smile. Slumping down at the kitchen table with him and dad, I began chowing on the cereal and juice my dad had prepared. I was always kinda self-conscious around Buck, because I didn’t want the handsome, full-hearted man to know I had some really perverted thoughts about him. And he was always talking and bragging about the great piece of ass he had the night before! The great piece of ass he had the night before that! And the great piece of ass he was going to have tomorrow night! All that talk always got me all sticky and horny. But it wasn’t all the talk about those girls with the great tits or great pussies! Nope, it was all those mental pictures I had in my head of Buck’s naked, sweaty body and his rock-hard cock, is what got my young juices a-boilin’. And then I’d usually end up feeling embarrassed about my roaring hard-on. And not only that, Buck was constantly kidding me about something – about my big feet – my shyness with girls - my poetry writing - and my thick curly hair (he would sometimes call me “girly curly”). Still, I weathered it all with as aplomb because I’d gladly endure almost anything that the perfect Afrikan American god wanted to put me through. In a way, I felt that I was somewhat of a masochist. But isn’t that love? Isn’t love, pain? My dad often hurts me by his seeming indifference. Buck hurts me from his sometimes cruel, intrusive attention.

There at the table I suddenly brought into focus Buck waving his hands in front of me, saying, “Hey! Hey! Are you in there, bubble-head?”

“What? Oh! oh!” I heard myself responding as I brought my mind back to the present. Saying, “I must have been daydreaming!” I ducked his flying hands, slid up off the chair and walked over to the sink and deposited my juice glass and cereal bowl.

“Yeah! He’s always daydreaming about something, lately!” I heard my dad snidely remark, as he got up and placed his cup in the sink beside me. He shot a disapproving glance at me.

“What time you gotta be over in Yorktown, Dave?” quickly interrupted Buck, unfastening his belt and beginning to shove his loose shirt tightly down inside his trousers

Instantly my dad began his cautioning lecture about me not having any of those freaky friends of mine loitering around the house during his two-day absence in Yorktown on business. He reminded me of the list of phone numbers of places where he could be reached should any kind of a problem surfaced. He then went on to say that maybe Buck could drop in on me to make sure I was behaving.

“Oh, yeah, Buck Ghiles, the babysitter, huh?! Now there’s and image”, laughed the Black foreman, as he re-fastened his belt. “I don’t think so! And besides, who’d want to baby-sit for a big punk-ass lardhead like this curly-haired dolt!”

I don’t know why, but I felt myself flinch with that remark.

Realizing that I was annoyed by his remark, Buck laughed all the louder and harder at me. “Awh, look, Little Aar-ron’s getting pissed! His face is getting all flushed! Hey, Little Aar-ron! Little Aar-ron! Did I say something wrong, girly-curly!”

“Fuck you!” I retorted, heading for the kitchen door. I wondered why Buck was being unusually cruel. But, whatever the reason, at that very moment, I decided to just shut down all my feelings for him.

“That’s enough of that language, mister” interrupted dad, “…and stop teasing him Buck! You know how sensitive he gets!”

“Awh, the little fart can't take a joke! He’s so sens-sa-tive! Oh, get in the truck before I kick your ass, boy!’, laughed Buck. Turning to my father, he asked “How old is the little brat anyway, Dave?”

“He turned eighteen back in February, Buck, you know that!”, replied my dad.

“I guess I just keep forgetting. He looks so much younger!” replied Buck. Then he called out to me: “Yo, birdbrain, I guess we’re gotta have to beef you up, huh? huh? huh?”

‘Whatever’, I thought, as all three of us wandered out onto the walkway toward the front of the house. I led the group, rapidly moving toward Buck’s truck. My dad and Buck talked business animatedly and then exchanged parting remarks. When I reached the truck, I jumped up inside.

Ah, the arousing aroma of Buck’s scent immediately filled my nostrils. My balls instantly tightened and my cock lengthened. For a several seconds, images filled my mind of seeing Buck from my bedroom window at this exact point, earlier; and of what had happened to my bedspread a few seconds later. My entire body shuddered from head to toe with the memory. .

Those arousing mental pictures quickly dissipated when I heard my dad’s voice shouting good-bye to me. I waved. Then watched as he jumped into the steel grey BMW and sped down the driveway.

With my eyes closed, I listened to the sound of Buck’s large boots crunching loudly on the gravel as they traveled across the driveway toward me. My heart beat like that of a frightened, newly caged beast. Then, as if like magic, there was the square-jawed, wide-eyed, patrician-nosed Negro, with the perfect teeth and even more perfect smile, beaming at me through the driver’s window.

“Howdy, there, partner, can I drop you somewhere!?” he said, smiling as he eased up into the cab of the truck.

Perhaps yesterday and the day before yesterday, I would have laughed openly and heartily at that remark. Actually, I still thought it was funny. But I still, too clearly, remembered him referring to me as a punk-ass teenager in need of a babysitter. Asshole! And was even more hurt that he imagined checking-in on me to be something worthy of ridicule and contempt. Fucking Asshole!

“Yeah, you could try the front door at the Andersonville High School, Mr. Ghiles! And the sooner the better!” I said, as politely as I could manage.

“MR. GHILES?!” humorously chortled Buck, starting the vehicle, “… Mr. Ghiles, is it? Wow!.. somebody really is pissed off!” he continued, gunning the pedal and speeding out of the driveway.

Minutes later found us riding along in silence in the early-morning commuter madness of Route 73. I stole a glance over at the profile of the tense-jawed, 41-year old satyr. His large hands gripped the steering wheel, his intent hazel eyes focused carefully on the oncoming traffic. His magnificent head topped a well-proportioned six-foot frame. The 40 inch chest, the trim 33 inch waist, the long muscular legs, big feet and large hands were all of the masculine magical stuff that had allegedly made hundreds of woman scream with unbridled lust for most of his sex-drenched life!

The thought of Buck in the heat of sex caused me to suddenly sweat. My penis grew even harder and began to spasm beneath my Structure jeans. I began to experience a subtle nervousness. Then came the sudden panic that I had never been alone with Buck before. My dad had always been with me whenever the sexy foreman had been at the wheel. Swiftly removing my stealthy glance from the handsome driver, I stiffly focused straight ahead at the passing traffic. I rather unconsciously shifted on my seat because my balls and asshole had become an itching bonfire.

I soon felt Buck’s glance on me. Deftly I placed my hands over my lap, because my rigid penis was dancing around in my pants, occasionally stressing the cloth.

I sensed it before it happened. But with an ease of movement, Buck reached over and placed his large hand on my burning neck. I literally shuddered from the touch.

“What’s the matter, sport, got ants in your pants?” he asked, a giant Cheshire cat smile playing about his magnificent lips. His even white teeth seemed to blind me with their brightness. And his eyes now had a glow I had never seen before.

Quickly gathering my wits, I shook my shoulders, trying to flip the man’s hand off.

“Knock it off, Buck! Stop fooling around!” I chortled

He tightened his grip on my neck and pulled me closer. With his eyes fixed firmly on the traffic, in almost a whisper, he said:

“Don’t you want to fool around, Little Aaron?”

After gently smoothing the spot he had just roughly gripped on my neck, he released his hand and placed it back on the steering wheel.

My heart thundered. I could see the percussion through my shirt. I was ecstatic; I was euphoric; I was scared. The strong natural scent of Buck was now heightened by his powerful pungent sexual odor of arousal. I thought his natural body aroma was intoxicating, but now, this….Wow! The smell was like an enthralling scent of everything good, happy and natural in the world; sort of a magical musk. Every nerve in my body vibrantly tingled with a new life. I was sure I was fifty feet taller than everyone else on the planet. And momentarily, I had convinced myself that only me and Buck existed in the whole wide world. Was this what they called serendipity, the phenomenon of dreams coming true? I was positive that it was.

Buck swerving the truck and loudly pounding on the horn brought my attention back to reality.

“Did you see that son-of-a-bitch? Fucking psycho!” shouted the man, his eyes burning with anger, a huge vein protruding in his neck. Apparently someone had cut him off, and he was experiencing road rage.

I was even more turned on by his Black Warrior’s aggression. The look, sound and smell of him was fiercely advancing my aching trembling boner towards an explosive orgasm. I squirmed on my seat, I stretched my legs, I wildly tugged at my jeans; my breathing was thick and laboured. I couldn’t go to school like this. I was putting out enough testosteronic pheromone heat to send every last one of my female schoolmates into a state of advanced horniness.

I thought about telling Buck that I didn’t want to go to school. But then quickly thought, ‘what if he’s just teasing me?’. Teasing me just like he always does. Yeah, maybe he was just playing with my head.. Shit! Shit! Shit! Shit! That’s what he’s been doing. He knows I want to make out him and he’s making fun of me. Asshole!

That realization was like some great cosmic bucket of ice water being thrown on me. All of a sudden my horny little bubble was burst all to hell. Once again, I shut all my emotions down and slumped in my seat.

Intuitively Buck Ghiles came out of his self-obsessed rage at the driver he was hot in pursuit of, and looked in my direction.

“What happened, sport?” he asked, reaching over and roughing my hair, “Am I driving too fast?”

“STOP IT! GET OFF ME!” I shouted, shaking his hand from head!

“What the fuck’s the matter with you? If I’m driving too fast, just tell me! Stop with the fucking attitude!” said Buck, grabbing me roughly by the neck.

The intense electricity immediately scattered throughout my body again. All those hot and crazy feelings were back. My body was alive and hungering again. But was Buck just having a good time with me, or did he genuinely mean what he was doing?

His hand gently combed through my hair. Then that hand began to travel down inside the neck of my shirt. While doing this he turned off the freeway onto a road that led to his mountain cabin.

A few minutes later we traveled into his driveway. He put the truck in park and turned in his seat to face me.

“Okay, lover boy, since we’re playing hooky, what do you want to do” he asked, reaching over and smoothing his large hand on my cheek. His eyes burned deeply into my love-hungered psyche. The touch, the look and the scent of him totally mesmerized me beyond all feelings I’d known up to that point.. Words wouldn’t come. He moved closer, “Come on, Little Aaron, you have to tell me what you want. I can’t assume. What do you want to do? If you can't say it….show me”.

Buck’s breathing was thick and deep. I could feel the immense heat from his huge Black cock that beckoned me from beneath his pants. He had turned on the seat with his back now leaning against the door, and his right foot was up on the seat. Every ounce of his gorgeous masculine being was inviting me to explore that torrid, manly, sweaty territory just inside his carpenter’s pants.

Nervously, I just sat there waiting for Buck to make the first move.

“Come one girly-curly, don’t you want to make some of those fantasies you’ve got about me become a reality?” he asked, in a low, quiet, sex-drenched voice. Gently, he stared at me with half-closed, sex-drenched eyes.

“Wha…er ah…what fantasies?”, I asked, stammering in surprise of his remark.

“Oh, come on, turd head, you wouldn’t be able to feel this strongly about me, if I wasn’t sending the same exact vibrations right back at you!”, he confessed.

I felt my eyes widened with disbelief and joy.

“You mean, that…….?”, I excitedly began.

“Yeah, me, me, me..!” Buck teased, “…NOW… what the fuck you gonna do about it, BOY!!!

Emboldened by his attitude and resigned postured, my hands swiftly flew to the crotch of those trousers. I couldn’t wait to smell and taste the ambrosia which awaited within that denim paradise. He leaned forward and pulled my sweatshirt up over my head. Then, taking my hands in his, placed them back on the front of his trousers.

I trembled and heard myself loudly moan when I felt the huge rigid woody just beneath the cloth. In no time at all, I had Buck’s big, hairy, steel-hard, ten inch manmeat in my grateful, exploring hands. It generously oozed copious amounts of delicious pre-come, which I greedily slurped and sucked up with gusto. I was insane with feverish teenage lust.

In that parked pickup truck, I spent the next three hours doing everything to Buck Ghiles’ body that I had ever imagined…and much, much more.


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