Two Cocks, Four Balls by Will

It was mid summer that year when I’d turned twenty-one and had my first long-awaited fuck-fest with the twins boys next door. They had finally turned eighteen that year, and I had been lusting for those two gorgeous, high-energy Blatino boys since they were sixteen. Kylos and Keynan DeMuro slowly blossomed into the kind of sexy young adults that look like everybody’s wet-dream, both male and female. Years ago, they used to live next door to me and my family. But when their father got a more prestigious job and they ‘moved-up’, so to speak, and I hadn’t seen them in about a year and a half.

But as luck would have it, that year their parents were going on a second honeymoon one weekend, and even though the boys were now eighteen, their mother wanted me, an old man of twenty-one, to look in on them, from time to time, to make sure they didn’t go overboard with some of their constant mischief.

And as luck would have it, both boys had immediately thought it would be a better idea if I could sleep over. I could bring along my sleeping bag and crash on the living room floor; just like back in the old days when we lived next door to each other. Hey, I was totally stoked by the idea. But, of course, I was sure that neither boy even remotely imagined that their childhood buddy, now a linebacker on the college football team, had a rip roaring sex-crush on both of them. And I was equally as sure that neither boy was even remotely aware that I knew that they both occasionally enjoyed sexual mischief with each other. And, by Jove, here I was about to find out if they wanted to share any of that sexual mischief with me.

It had been two years since I’d seen them going “at it” in the garage one spring afternoon. And the memory of that intoxicating sight had haunted me the three years I’ve been away at college. So when their mother phoned that afternoon asking if I would consider playing role-model/babysitter, I almost did cartwheels and silently screamed “Thank you, God!” I instantly phoned my girlfriend to tell her that some very demanding business had surfaced and I’d see her Monday afternoon.

It was close to 6 PM when I got to the DeMuro house on Friday. The moment I walked in the door, Kylos saw me and came barreling down the hallway and pounced on me - playfully punching me and damned near leaped into my arms as he offered me huge bear-hug as if I were his long lost prodigal brother. I had grown into a six-foot, two-inch, 200-pound college jock, since he’d last seen me, and obviously he was pleased by what he saw. Kylos was now a trim, solidly-built, five-foot, nine-inch, 130 pound high school senior Soccer Jock. And even though he was now three years older he hadn’t changed that much, just a little taller and bit more muscular; but still as cute and desirable as ever with those sparkling gray-green eyes and radiantly disarming smile.

As we walked down the hallway into the living room to greet to his mother, his twin brother Keynan sat engrossed in a video game on his laptop. When he heard his mother greet me, he turned and looked in my direction. He offered up a wide, albeit, slightly cautious, smile. He was literally a carbon copy of Kylos, although a bit less outgoing, if memory serves. For a brief moment, my mind drifted off into a fantasy as I undressed that perfect body, picturing him lying on the floor, naked with my lips tightly around his rigid cock, sucking it to a violently gratifying orgasm.

Kylos’ mother’s voice jolted my mind back from that mental rape as she began babbling on and on about herself, about her boys, and about her romantic weekend with her husband. As her shrill words babbled in one ear and out the other, my mind was absorbed in thoughts of what sort of ploys I had to skillfully manufacture to effectively get the brother’s naked and rapturously have my way with each of them.

I was sure I’d have no problem with Kylos. Kylos was more open and playful; more curious. But Keynan seemed to be a different story all together. He was somewhat more reserved than Kylos, almost calculating, actually. Getting him out of his clothes might be the hardest task of the evening, if not, the whole weekend.

Then, like sweet music to my ears, Mrs. DeMuro resolved that dilemma for me.

“Would you please make sure these two guys take a bath before going to bed? Do whatever you have to do. But I really don’t want to come home to dirt-caked sheets Sunday evening”. She continued this announcement against loud protestations from the two teenagers. “Also..”, she continued, “… Mrs. Wyman will be coming by Sunday morning to make sure they get to church by 10:00, and I don’t want them embarrassing me by smelling like two un-washed heathens!”

Bingo, I thought, as Mr. and Mrs. DeMuro departed on their weekend anniversary trip.

For the following three hours we sat around playing video games, talking about our younger days over on Grant Street, and swilling down all kinds of junk food. Several times I put out subtle feelers, and Kylos instantly picked up on them. His beautiful eyes would flicker playfully with curiosity and lust. Keynan either didn’t get it, or he feigned ignorance.

Suddenly, around midnight, Kylos said he was off to take his shower, and would be back down. The very wily Keynan and I entertained ourselves as we murdered each other in the Dungeons and Dragons video game. The game was really kinda boring as hell, but by Jove, you do what you gotta, to get what you wanna get….if you know what I mean?

Looking at my watch, I noticed 35 minutes had passed and Kylos hadn’t returned downstairs from his shower. I questioned Keynan about it.

“Awh, Kylos probably went into his room and crashed. And I think that’s what I’m gonna do. Take my stupid bath, and then travel off to slumberland” responded Keynan, rising from the couch. “You can either roll out your sleeping bag down here in the den, or you can sleep up in my parent’s room -- if you don’t tell them”

“Sounds like a plan to me”. I replied, gathering my backpack and sleeping bag and following him up the steps. At the top of the stairs, Keynan pointed out that his room was to the right, at the far end of the hall. Next to that there was the huge bathroom, his parents’ bedroom in the middle, and Kylos’s room at the far end, on the left.

“In there..”, said Keynan, pointing to his parent’s bedroom, as he continued on down the hall towards his bedroom. I entered his parent's impressive bedroom. When I heard him leave his room, enter the bathroom and turn on the water, I slipped out of his parent’s bedroom and headed for Kylos’ room.

Kylos’ room was semi-dark with only a faint night-lite casting illumination here and there. Kylos feigned sleep, but I knew he wasn’t. Not only could I feel his powerful sexual presence, I smelled the same delicious, overpowering scent of boyish arousal that he had profusely emitted earlier downstairs. He was hotly hungering to be seduced.

“Hey, ya dolt…You didn’t say good night to me? What’s up with that?” I asked, moving over to the bed and sitting on the edge. He squirmed and stretched as though he were just waking up. Reaching over to the night stand, I turned on the lamp.

The impish grin that shaped his handsome face, and the radiant wickedness that danced in his eyes assured me that he had gotten my messages earlier; that he had sensed what I was planning and he was eagerly looking forward to it. And gauging from the intensity of the impishness playing lustfully about his lips -- and the devilishness that glimmered in his intent, sleepy eyes -- Kylos was excitedly anticipating some mighty powerful sex with someone besides his brother.

As he rolled over onto his back, his erect dick tented the sheet that covered him. I felt my eyes almost rocket out of their sockets as I unconsciously grunted with animal craving. With that, he quickly tossed the sheet from his body. He quickly rolled over on his stomach, instantly concealing that gorgeous cock from my devouring sight. But my vision was immediately filled with two of the most succulent ass cheeks I’d ever seen. I felt an instant rush of saliva flooding my hungering mouth. Without any thought, I felt myself being guided in on that sweet bum, as I suddenly found my nose and flicking tongue invading the warm, soft crevice of those two golden, velvety mounds.

My hands swiftly moved up to knead and massage that meaty treasure as my nose frantically inhaled and my wet and probing licker tried to invade the winking starfish. Probing, licking, sucking and nibbling I worked at the hole until I was sure it was adequately relaxed. Then, in an instant, I was on my feet, tearing off my clothes. Completely naked, I lay down atop him, my rigid cock strained and throbbed between his hot, moist, spit-soaked ass cheeks. By Jove, that felt so damn good. I began to whisper loving and lustful things into his ear, telling him how beautiful he was, how great he felt, and how long I’d wanted to do this. He groaned in acknowledgement, smiling luxuriantly as he shoved his sweet, hot bum back against my rigid, ready-for-action prick.

Easing up on my knees, I pointed the fleshy knob of my cockhead at his wet, steamy hole. I jabbed and poked against his tight, unyielding hole. It was obvious that Kylos wasn’t “the catcher” of the two boys and was still a virgin. The thought of this drove me to even greater heights of lust. I was going to bust his cherry! I was going to fuckin’ bust Kylos DeMuro’s cherry! With that exhilarating thought ramrodding my brain, I felt my fleshy cockhead deeply penetrate his moist, fiery furnace. I grunted rapturously as he uttered a muffled scream into his pillow, while he, simultaneously, slammed his tight, burning ass back onto my slick, intruding truncheon. I felt every sweetly aching inch of my eight inches slide deeply into that tight, enveloping liquid-fire. By Jove, that felt so fuckin’ good. Motionlessly, I held my dick tightly inside that searing ecstasy for a while, as Kylos squirmed, writhed and rotated on the pleasure of my flaming, steel-hard, college Linebacker’s dick. He was some kind of hot number. His whole body seemed united in pleasuring my happy dick.

Already, I was on the verge of an explosive orgasm. No…..It was too soon! I wanted to enjoy this for at least twenty minutes. I had never encountered such a sex-thirsty, natural-male before. Every sound, every movement, every scent, every touch of his body generated an electrifying sexual blast within me. Even though I was on top, it seemed he was the one who was doing the fucking. He was the one who was totally in control.

Then as his large fists wildly clutched the pillows and he was frantically grinding his ass on my dick, he thickly groaned. “I’m gonna cum..! I’m gonna cum..! I’m cumming! I’m cummmmm!” I swiftly placed my hand over his mouth as his voice grew louder. But as he started splattering his seed all over his sheets, the spasming of his sphincter muscles lustily gripped and sucked at my burning shaft, resulting in me jettisoning a gallon of cum deep inside his sweet cauldron of an ass.

Kylos continued to pleasurably agitate my prick with his tight, fiery anus as I lay there atop him, thoroughly enthralled by the feel, scent and sound of Kylos deMuro. Then, out of the clear blue, my mind wandered off to Keynan. I was exhilarated that my-man Kylos had only been the appetizer for the evening. Slowly, I eased my semi-erect prick up out of Kylos’s hot, velvety hole. I bent down to kiss him on the ear, whispering that I’d better get to bed. Drowsy from the sexual activity, Kylos quickly pulled off the top sheet soaked with his cum and threw it on the floor. Helping him pull up the light blanket from the foot of the bed, I tucked him. “See ya in the morning”, he yawned, rolling over onto to his stomach.

Okay, now that Kylos was all tucked safely in bed, I could now turn my attention to the inscrutable Keynan. I just knew that Mr. Keynan DeMuro was guaranteed to be a total encounter. Closing Kylos’s door, I stepped into my jeans and swiftly made my way down the hallway toward the bathroom. As I approached, I heard the splashing of water. The thought of Keynan’s naked body instantly brought my semi-erect cock into full, rock-hard rigidity. Stepping into the steamy bathroom, my eyes instantly locked lasciviously on a spelling-binding apparition. Keynan lay belly down in the tub as he created a boxing match between two 12-inch tall action figures. The sweet, fleshy treasure at which I stared was the two satiny globes of splendid Keynan DeMuro ass that were perfectly offset by his very alluring slender physique.

Stepping out of my Jeans and removing my gold chain and watch, I asked, “Is there room in there for me?” Keynan turned his head in my direction, smiled, rolled over and sat up. “Sure”, he replied, tossing his action dolls to the side. It seemed as though he had anticipated this, had wanted it, had known all the time. I was “supposed” to be enticed by the sight of him splashing about in the tub with two combat action dudes. His bright, innocent gray-green eyes stared in awe at my massive college jock’s body and my hard, agitated shaft that boned straight up in the air from between my thick, hairy, linebacker’s legs.

Once in the tub, Keynan was completely fascinated by my thick bush of hair that abundantly circumferenced my cock. He boyishly compared it to the slight teenage growth of hair that he had, and was incredibly turned on by the difference. He felt the need to rub his penis against mine. At first we turned on our sides in the fairly large tub to achieve this. Then in a flurry of action, he pushed me down in the tub and crawled atop me, stabbing his rock hard prick into my soaked hirsute pubs.

Quickly reaching behind him, I got me two mighty handfuls of smooth, hairless 18-year-old Blatino male ass. Slowly, ever so slowly, my fingers inched in the direction of that velvety young hole.

Keynan was beginning to grunt and groan as he shoved and ground his stiff pecker hotly into my hairy crotch. In his delirium he buzzed my face with a few kisses a couple of times. But when my fingers finally found contact with this hot, silky butt hole, he flipped. All of sudden the ardor was gone. For some reason, his butthole was not part of the deal.

“What ya doing?", he asked, halting his passion.

“Trying to make you feel good”, I replied

“That’s off limits to you”, he answered looking me squarely in the eye.

“What?....are you a virgin?”

“I didn’t say that. I said “it” was off limits…for you”, he shot back

“Really…?”, I teased, “Well, just what do I have to do to make it ‘on limits’ for me”

“You’ve got to give me a present”, he chortled

“Such as, may I ask?”

“Your Rolodex watch!” he replied ‘You little whore’ is the thought that rapidly crowded my mind. But then thinking about it for a second, I figured that I’d agree with his condition…. and then, by Jove, con him out of it later.

“Sure!...You got it”, I nonchalantly replied.

“Do you swear?”, he asked.

“I swear” I answered, while crossing my eyes and my fingers.

His big, bright eyes widened like saucers. Elatedly, he threw his trim, muscled arms around my neck and squeezed. In that embrace, I reached down and slipped the fat head of my erect prick between his soapy little butt cheeks, nudging it firmly against his burning little anus. He released a loud groan of thirsty want; his entire body shuddered. Leaping up off me, he swiftly crawled out of the tub and made a bee-line for my Rolex watch that rested on the edge of the sink. Not bothering to dry himself off, he turned, gave me a wide, impish little grin, and then darted out the bathroom door.

“Alright. So that’s the way you want it, huh, bitch”, I thought, as I crawled from the tub. After grabbing a small jar of Vaseline from the medicine cabinet, I followed the trail of water drops to his bedroom. What I saw when I walked in the door was a chicken-connoiseur’s dream come true.

In the warm, soothing glow of the night-light that lit-up the room with a soft orange illumination, I saw Keynan lying on his back across the bed. With his knees raised and his slender, muscular legs spread wide, I could see the wet crevice of those golden, velvety butt cheeks and his taut ball sac from which his six or seven inch prick pulsated wildly with life. Just below that was his glistening, slightly-hairy honey-pot. It was waiting – yawning -- and winking at me from across the room. It was begging me to take it and own its virginal countenance.

There was no need for words now because we both knew what was about to transpire. Quickly slipping the jar of Vaseline between the box spring and mattress, I crawled onto the bed. Snatching the pillow from under his head, I placed it under the small of his back so that his cute bottom was elevated off the mattress.

“Oooohhhh!” he softly moaned when my hot, hungry, exploring lips moistly folded around and firmly caressed the brown, silky, sensitive head of his dick. I slowly and methodically sank my lips, mouth and tongue down the entire length of the tasty, throbbing shaft. With his sweet cock now enshrouded and being suckled in the hot worshipping sanctuary of my watering mouth, Keynan draped those long, perfect legs up over my shoulders. As that scrumptious, rigid morsel of his slid and slipped back and forth between my lips, mouth and tongue, it wasn’t long before the signs of his approaching orgasm became evident. Holding him firmly by the hips I quickened my pace, sucking on his now trembling, agitated prick with intense vigor.

“A…aa…aaa…aahh…aaah…aaahhh…” he began grunting as his legs and thighs began squeezing my head in a vise-like grip. The moment that his large nuts splattered their orgasmic liquid-treasure into my mouth, his entire body began quivering and trembling as his hands came up and began to yank and pull at my hair. Crazily, he pushed and slammed his hot, sweaty body up into my face while simultaneously pulling and pressing my face into his crotch by the wild, frantic yanks on my hair. He was insane with unbridled lust.

Ravenously, I sucked the life out of his abundantly yielding cock, as he slammed and forced his constantly erupting meat deeply into my throat. Finally, several minutes later, his cock began to soften a bit, and I let it slip from my mouth, all wet and slobbery. As he lay there exhausted and short of breath, I eased those gorgeous legs up over his head until his sweet bottom was bared to my face, revealing the little, pink ringlet of his virginity. With gentle jabs and feather-like touches, the tip of my tongue wedged its way just barely inside the tight orifice, getting it all wet and relaxed. He moaned, groaned, shivered and shook in Dionysian anticipation.

After I had finished dining on his tasty anal dessert I crawled up and positioned my raging prick on his cheeks while canvassing between the edge of the bed for the small jar of Vaseline. Once I’d found it, I started blissfully smearing the cool jell over the shaft of my prick, preparing it for its journey into virgin territory.

As Keynan lay there with his arms folded behind his head, I leaned down and slid the head of my cock up against his hot wet anus. I thought he’d probably cry out the moment I penetrated him, popping his cherry, so I leaned down and covered his mouth with mine, and pushed my happy cock into the blazing liquid fire of Keynan DeMuro’s ass. My mouth filled with his muffled cries as the fleshy head of my prick began stretching his tight anus open wide and I slowly began to slip inside him.

With one more slow push, the beefy head of my cock commenced stretching open the hot, moist wall of his virgin passage. Again my mouth was filled with the muffled cries from Keynan DeMuro as the huge shaft of my cock sank deeply inside him.

Beyond ecstatic, I lay there perfectly still with my throbbing cock buried deep inside his burning exotic bottom until I felt the death-like grip his sphincter muscle held on my shaft begin to ease and his muffled cries ceased. Slowly, ever so slowly, all of his pain deliciously segued into flaming, intoxicating pleasure.

“UH!...uh!.....uh!......uh!....uh!...” he began softly grunting with each penetrating thrust of my hips. My head lay next to his there on the bed listening to the sweet song of lost virginity that he was singing in my ear. By popping a nut earlier in his brother’s steamy hole, I would be able to give Keynan’s virgin bottom a good long screwing.

Wanting to share the pleasures of my orgasm with Keynan, I took his hand and placed it on his cock, encouraging him to masturbate. As I furiously slammed into that virginal cavity, I watched him blissfully fist his dick, which only encouraged me to slam all the harder. It wasn’t long before Keynan’s body began to tense up.

When his balls exploded in orgasm sending his body into trembling spasms again, I could feel the searing, moist walls of his anus practically milking the cum right out of my balls as it contracted tightly and repetitively around the shaft of my prick.

“Awwweeeeee” Keynan cried out as I collapsed atop him and rammed my rigid prick as deep and as hard as I could inside him with several thrusts, flooding his virginal bottom with a gusher of a college linebacker’s hot cum.

Before the sun would rise the next morning Keynan would be flooded twice more with my hot college-stud cum, and his prick would be sucked to orgasm several more times as well.

That morning as I lay there on my side with Keynan’s bare bottom snuggled up against my groin, I was awakened to the melodious sound of Kylos’s flirtatious giggling as he stood at the foot of the bed staring at me and his twin brother lying there naked. Not wanting to waken Keynan I softly crawled from the bed and picked Kylos up into my arms and carried his sweet naked body down to the living room. Laying him down on the couch, I turned on the T.V. Kylos wanted it again; wanted it badly. His ass itched and burned with the memory of the night before. Taking advantage of the short time we’d have before Keynan woke up, I quickly ravaged his roaring cock with my hot mouth, giving him an almost instant orgasm. Then lifting his legs I torturously tongued his asshole. By this time, I was up again, and carefully aiming my rigid pecker, I promptly dove deeply into his young, hot, welcoming hole. Again the thrill of the scenario, and the immense beauty of my partner, had me exploding into his moist slippery honey-pot in no time at all.

When Keynan finally crawled out of bed, the first thing I noticed was the strange way he was walking. There was no doubt he was a little bit sore getting his virgin bottom screwed three times in one night. As he playfully flaunted his naked physique down the hallway he gave me a devilish grin just as he disappeared into the bathroom.

Curious about his coquetish behavior I followed him to the bathroom to see what all this mischievousness was about. As I glanced into the room I saw Keynan standing there looking me dead in the eye, as he held my 1000 dollar Rolodex over his slightly erect cock, mouthing the words “Thank you”

Nonetheless, by Jove, that weekend was a dream come true. The reality of it superceded all my fanciful expectations. And if it cost me 1000 dollars, so be it. As we all know, nothing is really free. And that myth about identical twins being totally identical, is just that….a myth. Because even though Kylos and Keynan DeMuro were physically identical…….. spiritually and morally, they were at opposite poles.


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