Take My Cherry, Mutha-fucka! by Will

A few minutes ago, I opened my eyes and looked around an unfamiliar, brightly-colored room with the prominent wood beam ceiling. The scent of saw dust, fejules and garlic filled the air. I heard a rustling in the next room and started to get up. But I wasn’t able to sit up because I was tied down with thick ropes to the bed. I heard myself screaming “What the fuck is this?”

Then, through a clearing thick fog, it all slowly came back to me. My best friend Erick and I, and our girlfriends were on Spring break and we had driven down to Mexico to cop some primo blend. I then recalled mouthing off at a bunch of drugs dealers about ripping us off, threatening to call El Policia. Then I remembered Erick wheelin’ his dad’s BMW through those back streets like a NASCAR pro and before we knew it, we were cut off by about five black sedans. Out jumped 15 to 20 Mexican gangstas and they surrounded our vehicle. They screamed at us in Spanish while they were ripping open our car doors. Even though we were drunk as skunks, Erick and I began swinging heavy at the Mexican mutha-fuckas. I guess sometime during that rumble, I musta gotten knocked cold.

But where the hell are Erick, Lisa and Karen? Were they out there in the other room? “What the hell’s going on?” I bellowed out. The unusual panic I heard in my voice scared the hell outta me. I didn’t know I was able to get that scared; but man I was. This was not part of anything normal for my life. I peered at the door, waiting, waiting, waiting.

Instead of my friends sticking their head through the beaded curtain that separated the room, saying. “Ha! Ha! We got ya!”….in walked some cool-eyed, bronze-skinned, 30-something Mexican dude. He was about five foot ten with a body like one of those fucking Mayan gods ya read about in mythology books. Straight-up posture; shining black, shoulder-length hair, and it seemed his body had glow a about it. I’m for real. It really looked like he was glowing. It actually blew my mind. I lay there somewhat startled, breathing-in all that raw animal masculinity -- especially since the only thing all that animal masculinity was wearing was a pair of loose-fitting white briefs.

Straight out, I asked him where the hell my friends were. Then I began threatening him with the fact that we were all wealthy, 19-year-old American citizens – and that if any harm came to us, it was gonna come at a big, heapin’ cost to him.

As he crossed the room towards me, his cruel handsome face peered down at me as if I weren’t even there. When he reached the bed, he sat down in a comfy chair a foot or so away. And I gotta tell ya, even though he looked as mean as old Satan himself, I was getting horny as mutha fucka. His sweaty musky aroma burned my eyes as it drifted up, and tantalized, my nostrils. I got super light-headed.

He just sat there in the chair -- his hairy, muscular legs positioned wide apart – as he carefully checked me out. Without a word, his eyes rolled all over me as if I were some kind of a human Guinea pig for some dumbass experiment. During that silent ordeal, my eyes, for whatever reason traveled down to his crotch. And there I peeped two of the biggest, hairiest balls I’d ever seen, hanging out of those loose-fitting briefs, resting there on the chair cushion.

Damn! That sight caused an even greater itching and burning in my own balls. My morning wood got even more painful from eyeing this Mexican thug’s fearsome gonads. My eyes were literally hypnotized by the sight. I tried, but I just couldn’t look away.

Hey, I ain’t gonna lie; I get bi-curious from time to time. But, dudes my age really don’t turn me on enough to want to go thru all the dumbass jive of trying to git busy with one of ‘em. But this was totally different. Here I am, an adolescent alpha male, who was being dominated by an adult alpha male. Smokin’! And I’m the kinda dude who doesn’t strangle up his mind with any of those dumbass rules for correct behavior…so! Maybe this dude was gonna kill me, who knows. But I have never been this high and turned-on without the help of drugs or alcohol before in my life. I was feeling totally stoked. Sexually stoked. And I was ready for anything.

His huge right hand went up and rubbed down the side of his square face. His smoky black eyes sent me a sparkle of cruel amusement. Standing up, he took a step to the bed. It was then I saw that he had a roarin’ hard on. It stretched out about 8 or 9 inches in front of his loose-fitting white briefs.

He just stood there over me, staring down – with that sly, sparkling smirk that was dancing across his strong, masculine face. Whew. I was startin’ to twitch and squirm with some real burning anticipation. The whole scenario had all the over-the-top thrills that a thrill-seeking crazy like me really craves. Muah!

With a quick gesture, he swiftly reached his hand into a drawer of the nightstand beside the bed and pulled out a huge hunting knife. Looking me squarely in the eye, he raised it high in the air. And as his arm shot into the air, it looked like his rock-hard boner stretched another inch or two as it jerked and twitched around inside those loose white briefs.

By now, the manly, overpowering musk of him had completely anesthetized me against any possible pain that he or the knife might bring. Neither death nor sex had happened yet, but, man, I was in a craziest state of mind-blowing arousal, ever.

Then, from deep inside him came this loud thundering laughter; it seemed to shake and tremble the whole room. His eyes wildly sparkled with some kind of weird, crazed, seductive, jungle-lust look. My entire being seemed to melt. His even, white teeth seemed to glisten as he savagely sliced through my binding ropes; sometimes slashing the blanket. He then stood back from the bed when he’d finished, as if to show he wouldn’t stop me from leaving.

But I just lay there. A huge part of me really did feel that I should go find out what had happened to my friends – but I could not move. I didn’t want to move. Some great new, exciting mind-explosion was happening inside me – and I wanted to see where it would take me. Nope. I couldn’t and wouldn’t move.

The Mexican thug knew he had won. He knew he had reduced me; me, Kenneth Masterson -- The Boy Most Likely of Class 2011 -- into a piece of malleable Anglo clay by his masterful Mexican hands, eyes and presence.

“You can go, chico” he growled in a low arrogant, thick-accented voice that almost made my heart and balls explode with an emotional excitement that I didn’t even know I had in me. For some dumbass reason, I felt tears welling in my eyes. I began to experience some almost unbearable itching in my balls, and some tormenting titillation all along that line that connects the balls to the anus.

‘Damn! Hell-to-the-No, I don’t wanna go, you lousy mutha fucka, I don’t wanna go!’ I screamed loudly deep inside my head.

With that wry grin of his getting a little wider all the times, showing off those two dazzling rows of perfect teeth, he suddenly began to impatiently take off my clothes. First off was my tee-shirt. Then my baggy jeans were roughly tugged down my trim, muscular legs, over my sneakers.

I lay there kinda shaking from feelings of both fear and sexual exhilaration. My 19-year-old cock was stretching and straining wildly inside my baggy boxers. Never before in my whole life had I been sexually dominated by anyone. And there I was, in the middle of the most slammin’, real-life, video game I’d ever played. During the few times I’d had sex with females, I’ve always been the aggressor. Now it appeared I was the conquest – I was the conquered object of lust by this fierce Mayan warrior who was oldest enough to be my father.

His fiery eyes burned into mine. The hot, hypnotizing touch and the powerful scent of him were the only things that were real in my mind. Nothing else was happening anywhere in the world. I felt a wetness happening in my arm pits and a little river of sweat beginning to trickle down my sides. What the hell was that? I’m a Masterson, and we Mastersons don’t sweat under pressure. But then I guess most Mastersons don’t get all hot and bothered over some south-of-the-border thugmasta either, huh?

But I didn’t know what he expected of me – I didn’t know what I was supposed to do. But, man, I’ll tell ya, I was super hot and ready to do it….whatever the hell it was. Just bring it, mutha-fucka!

One of those big Mexican fists pulled at and ripped my underwear from my 5-foot, 9-inch, college-freshman champion wrestler’s body -- then violently pulled off my sneakers and socks. That hungry fire in his eyes burned even brighter as he eye-balled my peaches and cream nakedness. I swear to god, he began to slobber with uncontrolled lust. He was hot! I’d never felt this alive before in my life. I’m used to being drooled over by females, but to have this awesome-looking, masculine dude doing it, man, it’s a real ball-pleaser. At that moment I felt like I could conquer the world. It was a totally primo feeling

Ripping off his white briefs, he threw his hard, sweaty, scorching-hot body down on top of mine. Diaam! When I felt that warm, bronze, velvet flesh mashed hotly against mine I actually heard my voice scream out like some lame, dizzy-ass bitch. WOW! Nothing … Nothing, in my whole fucking life has ever felt that damn good. My cock all throbbing and twitching against his imploring, masterful body -- and his cock all beating against my hungry and yielding body -- was making us both grunt and groan like two sex-crazed, wild animals savagely mating in the jungles of the Mato Grosso. Diaam, he smelled good. The healthy aroma of his breath had me wanting him to kiss me. Dig it….I actually wanted a man to kiss me! This savage Mexican brute! But, man, I was ready, willing, and so fucking able to do anything this sex-crazed mutha-fucka wanted me to do. …and then some!

Breathing heavily through tensed lips, and staring at me with those sex-glazed eyes, he began to purr and growl affectionately at me in thick, almost unintelligible English.

His huge, rough, hot hands ravenously explored and examined my faintly-haired body. Fiercely he rubbed and massaged my pecs and then painfully tweaked my tender pink nipples. Then out came that thick wet tongue of his and he began hungrily licking all over my chest. Greedily he sucked at my hard, sensitive nipples. At first it hurt like hell. It was like he hadn’t had sex in years, and he wanted to make up for all that lost time, with me. But, for sure, all too soon, all that hurt turned into pure pleasurable heaven. Smokin’!

His growling moans and animal groans started to slur into whimpers as his intensity grew. And before I knew it, he had straddled my chest and his fat, hooded, Mexican pinga, and those huge hairy balls, were pressed squarely against my nose, lips and chin. Throbbing and throbbing and throbbing

“Cumm-on! Cumm-on!” he growled, easing his ass back on my chest, and pulling the head of his leaky cock down to my lips. “Keez it! Keez it!” he arrogantly commanded.

Hey, without even a moment’s hesitation, the tantalizing scent of his thick, sweaty bush had me going crazy reaching for that big-ass cock with both hands. Some hardwired instincts inside had me kissing and gobbling on the tip of that sticky cockhead like a kid on the top of a strawberry cone. Before I know what the hell I was doing, I had started trying to stick the tip of my tongue down inside the piss-slit of that purplish cockhead that was flooding with an ocean of pre-cum. Damn that tasted good! And before I knew it, I was shoving the whole damn thing deep inside my slobbering mouth. Uuummmmm. I swear, I had never tasted anything that damn good in my whole fuckin’ life. Tangy, smoky, bittersweet; a humungous slice of heavenly meat and all those other dumbass definitions that folks use when singing the praises of cock worshipping. Now, for the first time, I was having a first hand experience of what the hell they were talking about. And I’ll tell ya, there ain’t enough words in the world to describe this awesome pleasure.

His audile sounds were low and quiet at first, then, he began to loudly growl and grumble. His body movements were jerky and uncontrollable. He began to babble wildly and loudly in Spanish. He rubbed and pulled at his erect nipples. Then his hands went to his hair; pulling at it crazily, while frantically gyrating his buttocks on my chest. And if it was possible, that intoxicating, unbelievably appetizing sex-scent of him grew even more inebriating. I couldn’t help myself from reaching around to rub and massage his hard, hairy muscular ass. And when I reached around there, I realized how close my stiff, twitching dick was to his hairy, sweat-soaked man-pussy. Diaam, bitch!

When he too realized this, it must have intensified his fire. His grunting and growling got even louder. Aggressively, he reached down, grabbed my head with both those huge hands. Holding it there in place on the pillow, he shoved his mammoth cock down my throat and exploded inside my mouth and throat a gallon of Mexican spooge. For a second or two a gag-reflex lingered. But I instantly vetoed it and happily lost myself in the exhilarating sex-drenched moment.

And the totally slammin’ sensation of his fat cock throbbing and exploding in my mouth and throat -- and the feel and smell of his thick, damp bush of pubic hair pressed against my lips and nose, preventing me from breathing easily – I too splattered his ass and lower back with my white boy sperm. We both wildly writhed and thrashed there on that bed - both of us rapturously enjoying the rich, ecstatic fullness of each other’s masculinity.

It seemed like his exploding cock was never gonna stop jerking in my throat, shooting off yet another juicy gift of himself. And when he reached his huge calloused hand back to grab my pulsing pistol, I also kept on delivering white juicy gifts onto his hand and his ass.

Finally, with both our hearts beating like the thunder of a hundred Brazilian conga drums, he rolled off me, and lay there beside me. I actually shook all over when I shyly looked at that oddly handsome sweaty face. There was only a slight bit of emotion present on his face. But there was no way for me to mistake how well damn satisfied he was feeling at the moment. Sliding one of those huge muscular arms beneath my neck, he coiled up next to me and kissed a small trace of his sperm on my lips. Then collapsing back down on the bed, he growled, “Go! Go to bathroom! And come back, pronto!”

Off I ran to the bathroom. I pissed, shit, and showered. And then like some co-dependant 6-year-old, I was heading back toward my Mexican thug-papi in ten minutes.

He laying there spread eagle on the bed with his eyes closed. But, by the way, his still-stiff prick was fiercely throbbing and jerking all around like a piece of spastic, early-morning wood there on his hard, flat stomach. I knew that sleep wasn’t on this horny mutha-fucka’s agenda.

I eased on the bed beside him. Man, the phenomenal sex-scent of his body once again inspired in me to feel as high and as giddy as my first trip to Disneyland. My head-heart had seduced me into feeling that I was all safe and secure in a fantasyland full of magical dreams -- and like a 21st century Peter Pan I was hoping like a mutha fuckin’ that I didn’t ever wake up.

I’ll tell ya, I really wanted to cuddle up beside him; up beside that hard muscular man who had just surrendered his manly juices to me. I don’t know why, but for some reason that had made me feel so damn special. But I didn’t want to cross any dangerous lines or boundaries with him. So I lay there flat on my back, staring up at the ceiling, inhaling his manly aroma, and contentedly feeling the presence of his powerfully awesome sexual energy.

“You tell me last night that you will keek my ass!” he suddenly growled out.

The sound of his deep baritone voice echoed thickly in the room. Then with his voice turning playful, he said, “You wanna keek my ass, now, chico?!”

Instantly, my heart leaped and raced with adolescent trepidation. I didn’t recall saying that to him. I really didn’t. I soon heard my very dry mouth stuttering with an “ah..ah..ah..!”

Reaching over and grabbing me by my hair, he pulled me to him. His face was fierce. Fiercely handsome. Stern, and without emotion…but remarkably handsome.

After staring me down for several seconds, he finally blurted out: “Drunk….pretty blonde Americano boy, who talk so big! Ha!” His breath smelled so good, his hair, his armpits, his body, smelled do damn good! I began to tremble….tremble with the anticipation of something totally unbelievably about to happen me.

“You steel want to keek my ass, white boy? Bello, blanco boy?” he asked, his stern features softening as his full sensual lips cautiously came down to my forehead, my nose, and then my mouth. Despite my first feelings of repulsion, I quickly melted, and allowed his tongue to rape my teeth, tonsils and tongue. His huge calloused hands began grab and paw my body with hot, animal intent. I immediately began to match his passion with timid, lustful gyrations up against his heated frame. His huge arms came tightly around me as he moved on top me, savagely devouring my mouth with hungry guttural grunts. Swiftly, his right hand moved down and placed my left hand on right ass cheek. I thought I was gonna drop dead from Over-Dosing on hornyness. Seriously. I mean NOTHING ever before had ever felt that good damn. The awesome, mind-blowing taboo of it all had me shaking and quaking with boiling adolescent heat. I actually dared to permit my own horny hand to travel down that damp hot hairy path to his burning asshole. Oh, Fuck, man! I never knew life could feel this damn exhilarating.

Before I had the chance to finger the inferno of that sizzling Mexican sphincter, he lifted me up and I felt the tip of that steel-hard cock of his begin massaging my asshole. He began lewdly mashing his fat sticky cockhead on my clenching, virginal sphincter.

“Oh, no, no, no, man! Not that!...Please! No! No!” I heard myself screaming, trying to disentangle myself from his viselike grip on me.

Easing up off me, he laughed out loud, saying, “No! No? What you mean, NO, stupido gringo? Well, I say YES!?

He laid back down and pulled me on top of him. “Stupido cucaracha!” he began, “Last night you want to keek my ass. Well, today I will fuck your ass!”

As I lay there atop him, his big hands started moving quickly down to my tight, little bubble butt. He began squeezing, massaging and pinching it hard. At the same time his big leaky Mexican cock is beating furiously against my stomach. I tried to avoid his attempt to kiss me again. But that was futile. Those intense dark Latin eyes began to sparkle. And those full lusty lips stretched wide with a toothy, blinding smile, making me a witless victim to his mesmeric, animalistic presence.

Without realizing what I was doing, my trembling hands came up to touch his magic face. They smoothed all along that godlike image as I smothered his forehead, nose, cheeks, and lips with a whole fucking avalanche of hot hungry kisses. I was drawn, and responding to, something deep inside myself that far beyond my petty ego; and it felt good

For a while, as I kissed him, his hands would gently travel from cheeks and up the length of my back, then back down to my asscheeks again, sensuously squeezing and caressing them. But all the more hungry my kisses became, all the more aggressive his explorations on my back became.

And before I know, one fat digit on his right hand had begun to massage my rosebud of an anus. Round and round, gently and gently, his finger circumnavigated my virginal opening. Very gradually, I started pushing my butt back against his exploring his finger. The huge throbbing Mexican cock beating furiously against my stomach was growing even more agitated and demanding. It was as if that stiff, urgent Mexican pinga hadn’t just emptied its balls a mere twenty minutes ago.

Grabbing me tightly around my waist he tossed me over on my back. He face was glistening with a light covering of perspiration. Scooting down on my body, he began a slow, long trail of hot wet kisses down to my stiff twitching cock. He began gently kissing my quaking pecker. Diaam, man, I was losing my fuckin mind. He then reached behind my knees, and bending my legs, he pressed them to my chest. Wow! Oh Wow! Oh Wow! It was done so fast that it felt like my entire body had been opened wide for him. I felt unbelievably vulnerable to him. For the first time in my life, I was letting a man see the most intimate part of my body. And, man, I felt totally stoked by doing it; because I was positive that this was the right person for me to be doing it with. And in spite of my first instinct to protest anal penetration, what he was now doing to me seemed like the most natural thing in the world for us both to be doing.

“Oh, Gawd, YEAH!” I heard myself scream as his stiff, wet, rolled tongue began to titillate the sensitive area around my sphincter. He licked, he nuzzled, he sucked, and he kissed that space between my balls and my hole. He was doing it with such savage intent that I was sure I going cum right away. All I could do was keep taking-in great gasps of air as I was ecstatically celebrating the hot, worshipping action being done to my dirty asshole. Every inch of my body was struggling to shove my ass further up into the hot, slobbering mouth of my south of the border bandito. Because he was, and I was glad as hell he was, stealing my anal virginity.

Then came that fiery, mind-blowing second, when, after several hot, wet, sloppy minutes of tantalizing my anal area, he violently shoved his stiff rolled tongue deep down inside my clenched poop-chute. I screamed like a virginal Victorian wife. Diaam! Oh, Diaam! Oh Diaam! Like crazy I reached down and grabbed him by his thick, black hair, and wildly pressed his head tightly between my asscheeks, gyrating my body like crazy on his deep, stabbing, incredibly stimulating tongue. Uuh Uuh Uuh Uuh, I grunted as I squirmed my ass hard on that intruding tongue. I wanted more, more, more..much more than his tongue deep inside there. It felt mutha fuckin' good, but there was so much more room in there that needed to be itched and scratched too. I heard myself almost tearfully begging, “More, papi, more…please! Please! Por favor, senor”

I was frantically grabbing and pulling at his hair as I squirmed and shoved my ass into his face. I soon found myself gripping onto to his sweaty muscular arms, trying to pull him into me…all the way into me I wanted him…I needed him…deep inside of me so badly that I was almost in tears. This new hunger had me as crazy as Wile E. Coyote cartoon.

“Aye, mi bello Americano chico wants mi grande pinga, huh?” he growled as he eased his saliva-soaked face up from yearning gaping asshole. I wanted him to slam his lips and tongue right back down on burning hole because I was already missing the fulfilling feeling of having my hole hotly plugged. Yet I instinctively knew that something even more gratifying was soon to take his tongue’s place.

Getting up on his knees, he gripped his big cock in his left hand. It strained and stretched under his touch. He began rubbing his leaky cockhead against my twitching sphincter. As he did that, I felt a literal flood of pre-cum begin to copiously spread across my expanding and contracting anal aperture. He shot a glance down at me that was filled with unbelievable animal charisma. He seemed to glow brighter than the light of the mid-morning sunlight. If I live to be a thousand years old, I’ll never forget the beautiful sight of this ruggedly handsome Mexican fucker-master. He’s almost frightening in his almost incredulous earthy beauty.

With my legs still pressed to my chest, he began to slowly sink his uncut down cock into me. It hurt like hell. But I was so damn mesmerized by the sight and scent of him, that the seemingly unendurable pain soon morphed into incredible pleasure. In a matter of seconds, he had it all the way up in me. Though my eyes were clouded with tears of pleasure/ pain, I wanted to shout out “Touchdown!”

He soon began making circular movements with his cock deep inside me. I groaned and moaned with unimaginable sexual gratification. I felt full. I felt loved. I felt powerful…… and I wasn’t beating the shit out anybody, either. Since I was thirteen, physical domination was the only way I ever felt in control; felt satisfied. Beating the shit out of some unsuspecting asshole was the only way I felt vindicated. Felt in control. Felt manly. Now for the first time, I’m being dominated, yet I somehow knew for damn sure that I was the one in control.

My elated mind soared to all kinds of rapturous places as I completely lost myself in the intense fucking rhythm of his lovingly savage sexual strokes. It hurt so damn good. My hands reached down to pull and clutch at his sweaty, slamming ass. He trembled from my contact. It was if he’d just been struck by lightening as he released a loud, bestial growl. His eyes rolled up into his head as he began to take-in deep inhales of breath.

“Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah!” he uttered as he seemed to be shoving his whole powerful body up inside me. He screamed out wildly. It was something in Spanish that I didn’t understand – and then began filling my body with an endless onslaught of thick, Mexican spooge. Grunting and humping, grunting and humping, until he had completely emptied his fat balls and collapsed on top of me.

His face was buried in the pillow beside my head there on the bed. His heart thundered against my chest; his body was soaked with a river of earthy sex-sweat.

“Caramba, Papito, caramba!’ he finally moaned, turning his gaze into mine. His handsome face was glowing. He kissed my check as his right hand made its way down to my hard twitching cock. He massaged my balls for a few seconds, and then, tightly gripping my cock, he slid his hand up and down its length. Before I had the chance to completely get into it, I was crazily humping my body against the tension of his huge hand, as I abundantly exploded my juice all over it.

He was kissing my face and stroked my hair like crazy with his left hand while I spazed and jerking in the heat of a really powerful orgasm. Damn! If there’s such a thing as bliss, then that must have been it. I was really experiencing some radical emotions that were way beyond anything I ever felt on coke, Ecstasy or any other street drug. We both seemed to be floating, drifting and soaring in some fanciful, mystical, otherworldly existence as his hard, sweaty Mexican body pressed wetly against mine -- as his full Latino lips gently kissed my face -- as his huge left hand stroked my hair – and as his huge right hand had me hosing and splattering more jism than I’d ever released before in my whole fucking, adolescent life.

But as we lay there in a heap, it wasn’t long before thoughts of Erick, Lisa and Karen crossed my mind. Where the hell were they? And where the hell was I? And what the hell had I just done?


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