If Only For One Night by John W. Jones

One night, Sean waited for Carlos to come by, they were going out for dinner to celebrate the one year anniversary of the night they met.  Sean made reservations for 8:00 pm, Sean wanted to take his new Navigator but Carlos insisted, "You make the reservations, I'll supply the ride."

"You don't know which restaurant we're going to."

"That's ok, I got it covered." So Sean agreed and made the reservations.  Sean was dressed in black cords with a print shirt that he made.  He had on a gold herringbone necklace and gold watch. He was wearing Nighflight cologne. He didn't know what time Carlos would be by, but Carlos knew reservations were at 8:00.   Sean waited inside his home until he heard a horn outside, when he went outside, he couldn't believe his eyes, Carlos rented a limousine for the night, not just any limo, but a customized Navigator limousine..

"Oh shit, oh shit...No you didn't, Nigga you crazy, you crazy... You the craziest nigga I know!!!" Sean screamed.  Carlos got out of the limo dressed in brown slacks with a brown dress shirt that Sean bought him.  Carlos was wearing the expensive watch that Sean bought him. "You know that watch you wearing ain't cheap, brotha" "I know, I can tell cheap jewelry from GOOD jewelry", Carlos teased. "Nigga, I don't buy cheap, you know that." Sean said. "I know, that's one reason I love you; you have expensive taste, especially in men, cause brotha, I AM ONE EXPENSIVELY PHOIIINNNE NIGGA, you hear me?" Carlos boasted..

"Come off yourself, hmm you smell nice, Sean complimented. In addition to the watch, Carlos was wearing the gold rope necklace and yellow topaz earring Sean bought him. He was also wearing Cool Water cologne..

To see these two brothas was a contrast, Sean stood 5' 11", weighing 233 lbs, light skinned, almost a light caramel colored, or as Carlos would say "cocoa butter brown", he was 31 about to turn 32. Carlos was a darker caramel almost cocoa colored, 6' 3", 290 lbs; claimed he gained the weight from all the good cooking Sean did. When they first met, he weighed 275..

"Yeah right, you're just a greedy pig.""

"Number one, I have to be, the way you cook, I don't turn down free food, ya know""

"And??  "

"Number two, I'm your greedy pig, and you love me anyway, oink, oink.""

"You need to quit," Sean quipped..

"Nigga, get in the ride so we can go""

Sean started to get in and then remembered, "Oh shit, I almost forgot!!" He ran back into the house and picked up something very important. "I almost forgot this" he thought as he left the house again.
He made sure to hide it so Carlos wouldn't see it..

"What is taking your black ass so long??" Carlos demanded, "Let's go"  "I'm coming", Sean replied.

"You will be", Carlos suggestively implied.  "Bad boy" Sean mumbled, "I'm your bad boy" Carlos retorted and with that playfully slapped Sean on the ass.

They both got in the back of the Navigator and the first thing Sean noticed was a bottle of Champaign chilling in a bucket of ice on the floor.  "Oh my God!!", Sean started to say, but Carlos gave him a kiss, "this here", pointing to the bottle is just an appetizer for the evening.  Carlos instructed the driver to go,

"Where to sir?""

Sean told him the name and location of the restaurant, a fine Italian eatery. Not too fancy, not a gourmet one, but a nice family style restaurant..

"I wonder if this place has cookies for dessert?", Carlos asked..

"I don't think this place serves cookies, why?", Sean inquired..

"You know I like cookies, especially YOUR cookies." Carlos said.  Sean smiled and answered, "You can have those cookies later".

"Why wait?", asked Carlos,

"Cause, we on our way to dinner"

"And you said that to say?"

"We don't want to mess up our clothes do we?""

"They're permanent press, they won't wrinkle.""

"You hate quickies""

"You're right, I like it slow and easy. I can wait.""

"Good, cause like the saying goes, all good things..""

"CUM to those who wait", Carlos finished, emphasizing the first word..

"You're too much!!"

"I know, at least you can handle me, and you love me." Sean rolled his eyes at that comment. "I told you about rolling your eyes, like that, haven't I" Carlos quipped. "Do something about it!!" Sean challenged..
"I'll take care of that later", Carlos replied..

They embraced and sipped some champagne as the limo made it's way to the restaurant.

"Remember the night we met?" Carlos asked..

"Yeah, your ass was sweating up a storm." Sean remarked..

"I was uncomfortable in that coffeehouse, I'm not good at blind dates and I didn't know what to expect, plus there was another brotha in there scoping the place out.""

"Let me remind you that you knew what I looked like, I had no idea what you looked like. You had an advantage over me. You could have walked out of that place and I wouldn't have known.""

"True, but I didn't""

"Why not?""

"Cause I liked what I saw that night", Carlos said with an sly grin..

"N-knee-way, I asked you where you'd be more comfortable and you didn't waste any time saying my place, I had to ask you twice, because I didn't believe my ears.""

"And I was very comfortable at your place.""

"In more ways than one""

"I don't hear you complaining.""

"Who said I was?""


"We're here, sirs", the driver responded. They arrived at the restaurant and needless to say, heads turned.  Not many people come to this restaurant in a limo, but this was a special occasion for these two.

The two got out of the limo and went inside. "Reservations for Johnson, please". They were led to a table, in a rather secluded part of the restaurant. "Nice place", Carlos responded, "I've been here before, love the food" Sean mentioned.  "We'll see", Carlos quipped..

They ordered their meals, Carlos had baked ziti, topped with meat sauce and parmesan with salad on the side; Sean had beef raviolis with meat sauce and parmesan and a side salad also.  They both had garlic bread with mozzarella cheese. For drinks, since they had some champagne in the limo, Carlos had lemonade and Sean had a Coke..

"Damn, this is good!", "Told you.", "Yeah whatever"

They small talked through the evening, reminiscing about their intimate times, when after they finished and continued talking, Sean took out the small package he took out of the house before they left..

"What's that?""

"This is something I want to give you""

"Sean, you've given me more than enough. I really appreciate all that you have done for me.  Nobody has ever done for me all the things you do, not even my first lover did some of the things you've done for me.  You spoil me enough. You know my situation...""

"And I'm not done spoiling you, so shut up.", Sean stopped him before he finished. "Carlos, this is from my heart to you, please accept this as a token of my undying love for you."

"Sean, I..",

"I'm not finished, yet""

Sean gave the small box to Carlos, he opened it and couldn't believe his eyes. Inside was a gold diamond ring. "For you my sweet chocolate prince"

"Thank you, Sean. Thank you very much" he stuttered, Carlos was truly flabbergasted..

"Try it on", with that Carlos put the ring on and it fit perfectly.  "I got to show you something else" "Now what?" Sean pulled out a second box and opened it; it contained another ring just like the first. "This one's mine" . Sean put his ring on and compared the two, they had identical matching rings. "This is a symbol of our undying devotion, friendship and love for each other."  A tear started to roll down Carlos' cheek, he was that touched..

"Sean, I don't know what to say""

"You don't need to say anything, this along with everything I've done, I've done from the deepest crevice of my heart.  I don't ask for anything in return.  The Lord said to give and give until it hurts, and ask for nothing, and that's what I do. I never ask for anything in return from you."

"Well you should""

"That's not me, you know that.""

"That's why I love you.""

After they left the restaurant, they returned home via the limo. They cuddled and held each other and kissed passionately. Upon their return to Sean's place, Sean thought this was a nice evening, even though it would come to an end. You see there was one problem with this perfect picture. Carlos had a lover.  You see Carlos met Sean when Carlos answered Sean's internet ad.  Carlos was being facetious when he answered but Sean was dead serious.  Carlos wasn't getting any attention at home from his lover, who happened to be a busy cardiologist. Carlton E. Warner, Carlos' lover, barely had time for Carlos and he was feeling neglected, so he went looking for a friend to hang and talk with but found more than he bargained for.  Oh yes, Sean W. Johnson was a whole lot more then Carlos B. Davidson had bargained for. Carlos and Sean became intimate the first night, and have been nearly inseparable since.  Sean fell in love with Carlos and Carlos fell madly in love with Sean, though he tried to fight his feelings because he knew it was wrong, since he had someone at home; but Carlos couldn't deny his feelings for Sean, though at times he wouldn't admit it. Sean knew the truth from the way Carlos acted around him. Carlos always said "I care about you, Sean; I have feelings for you", it was like pulling teeth getting him to actually admit he loved Sean, he just couldn't bring himself to say it, until Sean finally managed to drag it out of him..

Carlos, of course had to be careful, lest he get caught, if not by his lover, then by his lover's nosy-ass friends; and they can and will talk and get into ones business if you don't watch it.  They'll put your business in the streets..

Upon their arrival at Sean's place, Sean said, "I guess this means good night, huh" anticipating that Carlos had to get back home.  "Not tonight my friend, Carlton's out of town for vacation and won't be back until next week. So tonight I'm yours, tonight you get your wish. Tonight this will be your night." Sean couldn't believe his ears. For one night, Carlos and Sean would be as one without having to worry about Carlos getting up and leave after they make love.  Tonight they would be as lovers, and tonight they would thoroughly and completely enjoy each others company and each others bodies, both passionately, physically and spiritually. Tonight they would be as one..

They went inside the house and slowly undressed each other. Sean kissed Carlos passionately as they exchanged tongues. Sean hungrily and lustfully sucked on Carlos' champagne flavored tongue.  Their hands explored each others bodies and removed every inch of each others clothes until they both stood in the living room naked.  Their bodies were entwined as they groped, both showing massive hardons full of excitement.  Sean licked Carlos' nipples one at a time, first the left then the right. As he sucked on one nipple, he gently squeezed the other.  He ran his tongue up and down Carlos' torso from his neck, his nipples, his chest to his stomach. Carlos was in total ecstasy, for he knew that Sean knew how to turn him on.  As Sean worked his tongue up and down Carlos, he worked his hands up and down him as well.  He managed to work his hand to Carlos' mouth and Carlos proceeded to suck on Sean fingers. Carlos sucked on Sean's finger hungrily and with a serious passion. While he did that, Sean fingered Carlos' goatee and mustache, getting him, Carlos, more turned on and making him suck harder, especially when Sean bit down on Carlos' left nipple and squeeze his right nipple, hard..

Sean removed his finger from Carlos' mouth and worked his tongue down Carlos' front to the Carlos's crotch. Here, kneeling, Sean inhaled the aroma of Carlos' manliness, savoring its smell.  Though clean, it was the smell of a man. Starting at the base, Sean licked the entire 9" rock hard chocolate shaft of Carlos, he licked up one side and down the other, lapping his tongue over the head, that was oozing precum. Carlos shuddered when Sean licked the head. Then Sean opened his mouth and proceeded to suck Carlos' dick, first  slowly, like a lollypop, enjoying the taste, the sensation, the moment. He glanced up at Carlos who stood over him and saw that Carlos' eyes were closed as Carlos was concentrating on the feelings and sensations that he was enjoying. Feelings that only Sean can give Carlos, because not even Carlton gives Carlos head like this.  Especially when Sean unexpected deep throated Carlos; Carlos froze when Sean went all the way down his shaft, Carlos inhaled and stood like a statue as Sean worked Carlos dick down his throat and milking it with the back of his tongue.  When Sean would come up, this signaled Carlos to slowing pump his dick in & out of Sean's mouth. As Sean was sucking, Carlos was face fucking him, whenever Sean would go all the way down to Carlos' base, Carlos would freeze so as not to jam his dick down Sean's throat..

Carlos then stood Sean up and again they locked lips and exchanged tongues, Carlos could taste a little of his own precum in Sean's mouth. As they passionately kissed, Carlos stroked and milked Sean's glistening hardon, rubbing Sean's own precum over his dick. Slicking it up and sending shivers through Sean's body.  Carlos bent down and kissed Sean on the neck lapping his tongue. Sean whispered ecstatically, "Let's go upstairs"  Carlos nodded and together, the two forbidden, secret lovers went upstairs to continue their night of passion.

When they got to the bedroom, Carlos sat down on the bed and Sean resumed his deep throating, taking the full length of Carlos' dick without pausing or hesitating.  As Sean sucked, Carlos managed to work his fingers into Sean's ass. Sean wiggled his ass as Carlos played and fingered his ass, sliding one then two fingers in and out of Sean's ass. This made Sean suck harder than before.  They both made their way onto the bed and Carlos laid back as Sean continued to work him over with great passion.  "Wait" Carlos whispered, "What's wrong?" Sean asked, almost breathlessly, "Nothing, I want to change positions".  Carlos then went on all fours and Sean knew what to do, starting at Carlos' back, he worked his mouth and tongue down Carlos' back to his ass. Licking and kissing his left cheek, then the right one, Sean worked his tongue in Carlos' ass crack, licking it up and down. At Carlos' asshole, Sean stuck his tongue in as far as he could, working it around and wiggling it. Carlos was bucking his hips to and fro from the feeling. To increase the feeling Sean reached under and jacked Carlos off while eating his ass out. Carlos was in heaven, especially the tickling feeling he gets from Sean's mustache and goatee rubbing against his ass as he eats.

They change positions again and this time Carlos sat on Sean's face as Sean was doing some serious ass eating. Carlos was jacking himself and Sean off while Sean was dining.  "I'm going to cum" Carlos moaned. This encouraged Sean more as he hungrily and greedily ate more of Carlos asshole. "AHHHHHHH!!" Carlos growled as he shot  a massive load over Sean's stomach, Sean continued to eat Carlos' ass as Carlos jacked him off.  "Hmm, Hmm, Hmm" was all Sean could say as he shot his load while Carlos was jacking him off with his face and tongue still up Carlos' ass..

They rested and wiped each other off, and resumed their passionate night. This time, Carlos sucked Sean off while Sean fingered Carlos' ass. Sean maneuvered himself so that they were sixty-nining, with Carlos on top. This gave each access to the others asshole, with either a finger or a tongue.  They continued for a bit and Carlos reached for Sean's bag that he keeps on his nightstand. He reached in a grabbed a condom and put it on Sean, "I want to sit on your dick and ride you" Carlos said. While he put the condom on Sean; Sean put some lube up Carlos ass, fingering it sensually. Carlos then eased himself on Sean's rock hard 6 1/2" dick. "Easy", Carlos said. "Oh! Ah! Ooh!" Carlos continued as he eased down.  Sean rose up gently to meet Carlos as Carlos relaxed and worked himself up and down Sean's dick. Carlos started quickening his pace and Sean followed suit. They fucked madly, as Carlos slid down, Sean thrusted upward reaching as far in Carlos as he could. They continued like this for a good while as Carlos was jacking himself off fervently. The sweat was pouring off both their bodies as they wildly and passionately bucked.  " You're going to make me cum doing that" Sean gasped, "Slow down" " Cum on I want you to cum", Carlos moaned. Carlos then pulled himself off Sean and stood up and leaned over the desk. Sean followed and slid his still hard dick into Carlos' ass and proceeded to ride him.  Carlos was jacking himself off at the same time. "Ooh, I'm cumming!!" Carlos moaned and shot his load across the desk as Sean pounded into him, feeling Carlos' asshole tighten around his dick as he came, made Sean pumped more and soon he was close, "OOH, SHIT!" Sean growled as he came inside Carlos.  He slowly pulled out and removed and discarded the condom and they both rested and cleaned each other before continuing..

Back on the bed, Sean proceeded to suck Carlos off to get him back hard, Carlos was so horny, it didn't take much prodding to get him back rock solid hard.  Carlos applied some lubricant to his fingers and proceeded to finger Sean's ass as Sean reached for a condom.  Sean put the condom on Carlos and sucked him some more for good measure.  Sean then laid on his stomach and spread his legs, Carlos eased his solid, thick 9" inside Sean. "Whoa" Sean grimaced, " remember we haven't done this for a while. Easy".  Carlos slowly pushed inside Sean;Sean adjusted himself to accommodate Carlos.  First, Carlos started slowly easing himself in and out, then Sean arched his butt and this made Carlos go deeper, Carlos loves it when Sean arches his ass while they make love, it rubs across the top of his dick and gives him an even greater feeling and makes him go deeper. "Ooh baby, I love this tight ass" Carlos moaned  as he rode Sean.  Carlos bent down, stuck his tongue out and Sean sucked on it as Carlos increased his pace. Carlos kissed Sean's back, playfully and loving biting at Sean's back while he pounded into Sean's tight ass.  "Ooh, baby, yeah that feels good" Sean moaned as Carlos lovingly abused his ass, more sweat was pouring out of Carlos' head as he concentrated all energy on Sean.  "Let me change positions" Sean said and turned over on his back as Carlos reentered him, Sean wrapped his legs around Carlos as Carlos resumed pounding.  Sean reached up and pulled Carlos to him and they passionately kissed and embraced while they ground together as one.  After a bit, Carlos readjusted Sean and put Sean's legs over his shoulder's as he continued riding, Carlos could go a bit deeper at this angle, but the angle that really got Carlos off was when Sean was on all fours at the edge of the bed with Carlos standing over him, sometimes with one leg propped on the bed pounding it into him. The site of looking down and seeing his large, greasy dark brown rock hard sliding in and out of Sean's tight, lightskinned ass as it pulled his puckering hole and asscheeks in and out rocked Carlos' world and drove him over the edge.  "Ooh baby, do it, ride it. You like that ass don't you?" Sean breathlessly said.  "Yeah baby, I love this ass, this nice tight, juicy ass. Oh man, what a tight ass, I can't get enough of this ass. " "Would you consider not having sex with me", "No, I can't stop having sex with you, I love you too much." Amazing that each was able to communicate considering how out of breath both were from the fire, heat and passion of their lovemaking.  Sean gave out and collapsed with Carlos right on top and continued riding for all he could get. Carlos was determined to get every piece of Sean's ass, which is interesting considering Carlos was the ONLY man to take Sean's cherry. Carlos is the only man Sean's allowed to top him, Carlos was the chosen one, and to this day, Carlos still sometimes wonder, "Why me?"

"OOH SHIT!! AAAAAHHH!!!" Carlos yelled as he shot for a third time; this time inside Sean. This time his orgasm seemed stronger than the first, Carlos was that horny, Carlos stayed inside Sean and kept riding. "Didn't you just cum again?" asked Sean breathlessly "Yeah Baby, but I got to let it ride" Carlos replied. "Damn, I love this ass, I'm so fucking hot and turned on"  Carlos continued to ride and Sean had to readjust to accommodate him and make himself comfortable.  After a bit he arched his ass and Carlos went deeper, at that point, Carlos shot his load one final time inside Sean, and nearly passed out on top of Sean. "Oh baby, Sean, baby, I love you, I love this ass" "Four times?" Sean inquired. "You had me so fucking hot, I couldn't help myself" Carlos said. "Was I that good?" "Yes, baby you were; now let me help you"  Carlos eased his still hard, sloppy, greasy organ out of Sean and removed and discarded the over bloated and well used condom.  He then gently turned Sean over and lied next to him.  He jacked Sean off, while he licked and sucked on Sean's nipples. Carlos was determined to get Sean off like he got off. "Ooh, Carlos, I'm cumming!" Sean said as he shot over Carlos' hand as he was jacking him off.  When he subsided they both had to catch their breaths as they passionately kissed to end the session..

After they went into the shower and washed each other off, sometimes playfully implying another round. Sean would drop the soap and as he bent over to pick it up, Carlos would playfully hump Sean. "Ohh, more booty"  "Don't start something, or we'll go at it again."  After they finished showering, this was when Carlos had to leave. Usually he would say "I hate to do this but I have to go", knowing he was leaving Sean feeling like a used and discarded cheap ho. Carlos didn't like doing that, but he had no choice and Sean understood, even though he himself didn't like it..

But tonight, it would be different, for Carlos wasn't going to leave Sean this night, Tonight Carlos would spend the entire night with Sean. They would sleep in the same bed tonight. When Sean wakes up tomorrow, he won't see an empty space next to him; he'll see Carlos laying next to him, the man that he fell in love with.  The beautiful chocolate 6' 3" figurine that enchanted him would be lying next to him.  "What are you thinking?" Carlos asked inquisitively??



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