Letter To Eugene by Golden Sphinx

Dear Eugene,

I know you don't remember me, but we met a long time ago. When we attended U of S. I now live Mobile, AL, which is many many miles from that old university.   I just so happened to stumble across an old yearbook while I was doing some packing. Regretfully, I have not forgotten about you. I saw your picture and it was like looking at you for the first time. There you was in that old picture looking as handsome and fine as ever.  

Of course, you were with some girl the last time I saw you. Actually, you was always with some girl or another, so I didn't let you know how much I thought about you. You were always out of my reach it seemed.  

Don't get me wrong, I had a boyfriend back then. His name was Chris, but over the years, the passion cooled and we lost touch. I haven't seen him in a long time, but I assume he is doing fine. That was his main hobby -- making sure he was always taken care of.  

After all, he was your best friend. If only you knew of all the time he and I had sex on your bed and how freaky he truly was.  

I recall following you up the stairs once. I was on my way up to see him. You went through the stairwell door before me so I had no choice but to watch that wonderful ass of yours as we both ascended up that dimly lit shaft.  

The sight was something to behold. You wore a pair of jeans that to put simply, was MORE then revealing. I was going to speak to you then, which was the first time I ever saw you without some hoochie mamma with her arm around you, but how could I speak to you while I was on my way to see Chris, who was suppose to have met me in the lobby that day, but for some reason didn't.  

I admit that when I made love to him that afternoon, all I could think about was YOU and that godly rear of yours. I guess in my mind, it wasn't him who was slamming into me at all, but you.  

Pounding into me like there was no tomorrow. That was the first time with him that I had such an orgasm that made him blush.  

Actually, Chris never let me forget it and I never had the heart to tell him that it wasn't him I was thinking of. I wondered what it would have like if it had been you Eugene?   I have learned so many things since then and I wish that I could have done them alllllll to you.  

Every time after that day, when I made love to Chris, I was thinking of you. Love?  Wait, here was no love.  Only sex.  WILD, HOT, PASSIONATE Sex but no love.  We both knew that and it didn't matter that neither one of us cared much for the other except when we were along and naked.  

Your photo in the yearbook brings back all of those memories -- of he and I fucking in the room you and he shared, plus, there was the short moments in the showers, in the study rooms, where we were nearly caught more then once.  

Were you always such a playboy? Were you as good in bed as you looked? I wonder if I should tell you then how I felt about you. There was so much that i didn't know back then, that i do know now. So many things that I didn't do then that I do now.  

like tossing salad. WOW, If only I had known about that when I was with Chris. He would have NEVER gone off to graduate school.  

Let me tell you about the last dream I had of you, which was a month before I left UoS. I was alone in my room. I picked up the phone to call one of my friends, but someone knocked on the door. I hung up the phone and strolled to the door. The knock grew louder. I asked who it was, but there was only a soft whisper.  

I opened the door just a little and it was YOU! Standing there wearing a pair of nylon mesh shorts over spandex tights that had bought for you in another dream. You was smiling. The little gap between your teeth so attractive and even more seductive.  

I opened the door wider and you slipped in. I locked it and checked my watch. "My roommate won't be back till tonight," I said. You said something, but I couldn't understand it.    

(The tenses change in this part on purpose) Part 2  

I sit on my bed with my legs hanging over the side. I pull you up to me and greet you with a good hearty passionate kiss that lasts for what seems like an hour. Our tongues dancing like Bacchanals during their organismic movements for their deity Bacchus.  

Your chest against mine. Your hardening sex against my own. I pull up your mesh tank top that shows off your muscles and wonderful abs. We part lips long enough for me to slide the shirt over your head and toss it somewhere on the floor.   Finally, I kiss your chin and its ever so cute dimple. Kissing and licking my way down your neck. Your pecan brown skin, warm and inviting. I leave several marks of passion as a trail to find my way back. I reach your chest, where I stop at your nipples. I pinch one and seize the other in my mouth.  

You siggggghhhh as sexual electrilicty surges thought your godly form.  

You hunch your hidden tool against me. It wants in me. It wants to claim its place inside.  

So, I lick faster and then nibble on your nipples then switch to the other one, leaving the previous one wet and still tingling. Your strong arms envelope me as I suck, and lick and nibble.  

You mooooannnn and sigh louder. Making me respond faster. I move down following your trail of tiny hairs on your stomach to where they disappear into your shorts. I jerk them down to reveal the spandex and the print of your mansized wand of pleasure. I pull them down too and toss them both somewhere out of sight.  

I resume following the trail of hair to your pubic hair. I bury my nose in its curly blackness. I inhale your manly seductive scent. I reach the base of your awaiting organ. It stands out, free of all confinements. Its is a lovely piece. Long and dipping its excitement. I want to take it into my mouth and swallow it whole, but i don't. I put my finger underneath it and point it upward.  

I find your twin hairy balls and I run my tongue around their wrinkled flesh. Then, I open my mouth wide enough to receive one and i suck on it. Not to hard, but well enough for you to express your approval. I go back and forth between the two. Keeping them both wet with my own juices and loving every second of it.  

I stop. Stand. You look to me wondering what I will do next. I lift your arms and rest them on your head, exposing your underarms.  

There is a trick learned from a very sensitive guy named Wilbur. I move closer and outstretch my tongue. You smile, not believing that i am about to do.  

My tongue makes contact with your hairy armpit and you flinch, but I continue. You grasp your hard long rod that wants so very much to explore my inner regions. Its head displays its anxiousness and your gently move your hand back and forth over your throbbing pole.  

You can feel the pressure building up to the point of climax as you work that tool and I lick that tender spot that never knew could feel so good. He wants free.  

He wants to release its stored life giving juices. He wants to thrust deeply inside me.  

You sigh louder, You pull me closer and squeeze me against yours hot body with one arm while the other still probes your penis.  

I lick faster and your moans speed up as well.  

You mumble words unknown to me. You lick, and kiss and bite my neck. just as you are about to explode -- I stop. I take my place over your weapon and slow your eruption. I can't have you relieving yourself so soon. I still have so much to show you. I take your mind off the nut about to shoot. Making you laugh. When the urge subsides, I push you forward and position you on the desk behind us.  

"Oh, now you gonna suck this dick, huh?" you ask.  

I respond by shaking my head no and adding, "Not yet baby."  

I lift your legs, you give me a 'what the hell are you doing' look. I smile and kiss your knee. I place you in the position that I have been in so many times before.   I push your legs all the way up to your chin -- into the 'I am gonna fuck you position', but that is not the case.  

I kiss the area between your enormous balls and anus. It is verrrryyy sensitive there and you can't help but feel a little strange being in that position.  

"What the hell are you --," but you cannot finish before you realize exactly what I am going to do.    

Part 3  

I run my tongue around that tight hole then I ram my tongue into it. It is warm and doesn't taste at all like you would think.  

I probe its depths as you resume your working that big long staff.  

I tongue fuck you.  

Sliding my tongue in and out and I have you pre-cumming again in no time.  

Soon you are moaning louder then ever. I replace my tongue with my finger. You start to protest, but I find your prostate gland. It is the size of a quarter and has the properties of a woman's clit. Once stimulated, it can arouse a man to orgasm without ever touching the penis.  

I jiggy it until you are shivering. You cum once, but I continue and within three minutes, you cum again. Ten minutes later and two fingers deep -- you cum a third time.  Proving that the prostate is a very pleasureable gland.  

Sweat coats you. The overhead light makes you sparkle. As if you are some ancient deity and me, your worshiper.  

I finally seize your dick and while I continue with your prostate I suck the head and rub your dick. Literally, jacking you off as I suck. I bring you to two more climaxes with ease. As you near a sixth, i stop.  

"Now its your turn to do the work," I say.  

I pull you up. The layers of cum cling to you like glue; slowly sliding down as you follow me over to the bed. You walk a little bow legged, but the experience causes you more pleasure then you are willing to admit.  

I lie down and you lift my legs. You aim your still hard organ hits the appropriate spot and you enter me. You position the big head at the entrance of my ass. It begs to have you inside.  

You insert a little at a time. Slowly allowing it to stretch and mode itself around your invading weapon. When your pubic hair meets my flesh you pause.  

We lock eyes on each other. With you deep inside me, I smile and you start thrusting. Slowly at first, then gradually building up speed. Soon, you are going full force. A new coat of sweat covers us both as you ram into me. My moans drives you faster.  

Faster. Faster. Harder. Harder  

You bite my nipples as you slam into me. the bed starts to sway. It adds to the majesty of the moment. Your beautiful body drives me to levels of ecstasy as I have done to you.  

You reach two more climaxes, I can even feel the sperm as it is ejected from your dick.  

Finally, as you reach a ninth orgasm, I near my fifth. It is the same as when I massaged your prostate, and as you hover above me, I feel the after effects of dozens of eruptions  

You collapse down on me. my legs now down and both of us motionless. Out bodies embracing. We fall asleep, both worn out from the forces raging inside our bodies.  

Well, can you blame me for wishful thinking? I hope you like the little fantasy. Till we met again.



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