Fucked By Big Black Dude by Rino

Boy do I love big dicks. Of course, nowadays, getting fucked by a raw dick is a thing to avoid. But some years ago, before AIDS became a real mess, I used to head for the baths every weekend and search for the biggest dick I could find to fuck me.

I remember one night at Mac's, in Silverlake, this big black dude caught my attention. This guy was big all over! He looked like a giant bodybuilder, his dark skin glistened and his muscles rippled. He had a thick, long, black cock that hung low and slapped against his legs. I followed him around for a while and when he headed into the back area, where bare mattresses were on the floor, I moved ahead of him and laid naked, face down on one of the mattresses.

He came over to me, placed his firm hands on my ass and began to kneel into position to fuck me. He slapped some lube on his cock and played with his dick until it was rock hard. Then he leaned forward and began working it into my ass. He pushed it way in, I thought all the way, but then after pausing for a moment, he shoved harder and it went way deeper inside me. He hit bottom in my ass and I was sure it was the biggest dick I had ever been fucked with. But then he even pushed harder and his big dick moved deeper inside me kneading my ass deep inside as he penetrated bend after bend inside my butt.

I squealed with surprise at how deep into me his cock had gone. He stopped for a moment and roughly asked me "You want me to fuck you don't you?" I said yes but asked him to pause for a moment to let my ass relax around his huge dick. He waited for a minute or two. Then began to thrust his dick in and out of my hole. It felt like my whole butt was getting reamed and I didn't think I could take it very long.

He reached his hand around to my face and pushed a bottle of poppers into my nose. I took a deep whiff as he continued to pump my asshole. Now I was getting into this scene. A second before I thought I couldn't take anymore but now I wanted his dick to punch my ass as hard as he could make it. He began to fuck me faster, his hands wrapped around my stomach, pulling my butt on and off his dick as he thrust into me. He had been on his knees behind the mattress but now he leaned over and forced his body against mine, driving his dick its full length inside me and I felt his giant balls squeezing into my ass crack as his shaft completely crammed its way into my butt.

He started to groan and other people came closer to watch his body pump the giant rod into my hole. The guys watching were jacking off as the witnessed me getting fucked, the big dick withdrawing and then driving like a piston it full length back into my hole. He was fucking me fast now, and perched above me supported by his arms straight out and on his toes. He fucked harder and yelled "Ahhhhhh!" as his cum shot inside me. It felt like I was getting a hot, sticky enema and I knew he shot a large load of cum deep inside me. Gradually he slowed, withdrew his cock with minuscule movements, and sat back on his knees as he had started. I caught my breath, turned over, and looked at the huge dong that had just fucked me so hard.

As I laid on my back I started jacking off, looking at the big dick on this black dude, remembering the feeling of it deep inside me. He watched me yank on my dick and pushed the poppers again in my face. I took a deep sniff and was close to cumming. Just before I shot my load he leaned over me, pushing his now limp dick into my mouth like a big salami. I sucked the remaining cum that dripped from the giant mushroom head as my own load shot up against his body.

I was exhausted. He moved back, getting to his feet. Then he walked away without a word. The group of people who had been watching us began to dissipate. I laid on my back, out of breath, my ass pounding with sensation from the deep fucking I had just received.



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