Inebriated Infatuation by Rap Bandit

Dimly lit lights, incense and some low volume jazz music create thee perfect ambiance.  I start caressing then massaging your shoulder blades as I sit at the edge of your black leather sofa.  You sit on the floor in front of me.  While my hands make good use of this heavenly moment in time, you lean your head back, then side to side with appreciation as I slowly move my hands up the back of your neck still caressing and massaging.  Now I start back down the center of your back, going from the center and gently working my way to the outside one hands length at a time. I work from the backbone slowly to the edge and partially around you body until I get to your chest..

Then I go back to the backbone and start again only just lower than the last pass.  When I get to the small of your back, I use the Chinese massager that my bother bought back form China.  You start to moan "that fells so good" in a low kind of whispering voice.  Then I reach around and undo the button on the front of your jeans and unzip the zipper an inch.  Then I slowly bring my hands around your body on both sides and loosen your jeans from your body.  Now I continue to massage your lower back provocatively, rubbing my fingers down below the waist line and back around your body to the front, and then up to your naval.  As I play with your naval with my right index finger you lean your head back into my hunched forward body.  Your head is to the right of mine, as our faces rub together, we start caressing them against each other.  Then I nibble at your ear, and kiss behind your ear and down your neck, all the while still using my hands to massage your lower body.  Now I move my hands around your body and embrace you from behind and squeeze and claw at your chest. My mouth has now found its way around to the front of your face, you turn your head into mine.  So I can kiss your nose and eye brows then kiss your temple and get to your ear.  I plunge my tongue in your ear and your whole body surges.  Your back arches, your hands immediately raise from your sides where they were gently gliding up and down my hairy legs.  Now your arms reach up and over your head and start to wrap around my head, pulling my head closer to yours.  When my tongue makes a second lunge into your ear.  You give that satisfying moan once again as your hands grope down the back of my neck and start fondling my ears and massaging my close cut head.  Now I know you are ready to move to the next level.  I scoot off of the couch and am now on the floor behind you, we continue groping, kissing and panting while I tighten my legs around your body from behind, letting you know that you are mine.  You lurch backwards in syncronisity with my leg crunches on your body.  Gently you turn your head toward me enough so our lips can meet.  We kiss that suffocating kind of kiss where you don't breathe for about 15 seconds while our tongues probe each others mouths; then tease each other momentarily before our lips part and we come up for air.  While I get my breath back, I am still groping all around your body and kissing your face and head all over.  When our lips meet for the second time you slowly lean over on your side.  While continuously kissing me and groping my body you extend your legs and pull me down on top of you.  Now we are both laying stretched out on your living room floor.  As I face down at you my hips begin to grind slowly in a clockwise motion.  Around and around I gyrate then I pump forward cramming our groins together.  This continues for another minute or so while we keep kissing each other all over.  You reach around my waist and slide your hands up my back under my shirt and putt it up to my arms.  I stop just long enough to sit up aa

"this is a true story when I used to have time for sex and writing""

Peace.....Rap Bandit



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