Black Masseur

My first time getting fucked happened when I was 19.  I am 5'11", blond, blue eyes, 170 lbs., bubble butt, and a thick 9-inch cock.  It was my 1st year at college and I was on the tennis team. We had to play against each other for our upcoming positions, 3 out of 5 sets, and one match each day. One day I played five sets, really tough, and after I finished that my back and thighs started to cramp.  My coach made an appointment for me to see a sports masseur. Coach wrote out his address, it was near the campus, and I set off for the masseur. I walked up a few steps of a Victorian styled house and rang the bell. A muscular black guy with a great smile welcomed me inside.  He looked about 30.  He was wearing a tight white tank top, and orange nylon running shorts. The shape of his chest was visible through his shirt, and he had a heavy looking bulge hanging off to one side of his shorts. He asked me to follow him to the back of the house, to a nice, white small room with, in the center, a massage table loaded with towels.

His name was Tony and would I take off my clothes and lie on the table face down.  I was wearing my tennis clothes and I felt a little bit uncomfortable, I didn't expect to strip and he was waiting for me. Anyway, I took off my shoes and socks, pulled off my shirt, and dropped my shorts.  I was standing there in a jock ready to get on the table and he asked me to peel the jock strap off.  I immediately started breathing hard, probably got red in the face, and took down my jock strap while facing him. From being tightly confined my shriveled penis began to swell with the touch of naked air, like those dried sponges when tossed into water.  I quickly got on the table but I noticed that he stared at my cock.

Lying face down, my head turned towards I him told him about my cramping muscles.  I had a close up view of his shorts, and I could make out the ridge of the head of his obviously thick dick.  And I could tell he wasn't wearing a jock or briefs.  He moved out of view and began massaging my leg with warm oil.  I closed my eyes and simply felt his large hands circling the back of my thigh.  He was slowly oscillating the movement of his hands from the outside of my thigh to the inner part.  I knew my dick was down between my legs, and I felt embarrassed because I started getting hard. The tips of his fingers were so close to touching it!  He stopped massaging my leg, I felt slightly let down, and he moved up and started on my back.  My head was still turned sideways and I opened my eyes, I saw the space of the room and the vertical mass of his stomach and his shorts.  His penis had swelled; it was a curving horizontal mass stretching the nylon fabric.  My cock got hard and I brought my legs together so he wouldn't see it.  Tony moved down to the end of the table and slowly took my feet and placed them on opposite sides of the table, spreading out my legs.  In a shaking voice he asked me if everything was O.K., and was I enjoying the massage?  I moaned, "Yeah". He got more oil, spread on it the length of my leg and slid his hands firmly from my heel, passed the inner knee, to the line of my butt. He repeated that many times, increasing the pressure and moving more on to my inner thigh.  Twice his fingers brushed the side of my cock.  He stopped and asked me if it was O.K. to take off his shirt, he was getting hot.  I turned to look at him while he was pulling his shirt over his head, he had big pecs and a solid stomach dotted with tight black hairs.  He was 2-3 feet away from me, and the entire half of his shorts was filled with a thick diagonal sausage.  He went back to massaging the back of my thigh, pressing harder as he neared my butt, again and faster, repeating and firmer.  I started moaning and pressing back against his hand.  He moved near my shoulders and he whispered in a very deep voice, "I have something special for you." I opened my eyes, he took the band of his shorts with his thump and pulled them down and out sprung a very black and fat dick just inches from my eyes. I wanted it.  I opened my mouth and moved my head to taste it. The head filled my mouth, wow; I was swimming in lust.  He was now caressing my butt, his hand, my body were rolling, pushing, entering.  He gently pulled his cock away from my mouth, went behind me, mounted the table, placed his huge hard on against my rectum, and pressed with insistent prodding. My hole began to spread, and a sudden shot of pain smashed my consciousness.  He held me locked; one of his hands on my neck the other on my hip.  I was gulping and swallowing air and I held on to the pain not to scream.  Movement, I could feel the movement, pushing to get inside me, and a wet tongue in my ear. Tony lifted me onto my knees and he reached around my hip and pulled on my swollen cock, rolled my balls.  Sweat and oil, his big hand massaging my rod and his huge poll ramming my butt and I began to open -- to come -- all the way inside I felt his dick throbbing cum.

He stayed in my ass as his hands caressed and milked the last drops of cum from my dick.  After many minutes he moved out of me, had me lie down, disappeared and came back with a warm wet towel. He laid the towel over my stomach and crotch, swirled it around my flesh and it soaked up the sweat, the grease, cum and the last of reservations.



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