Trainer by Nathan Harvey

My life had been changed forever when I was hauled down to the office my old Mrs. Wilson for being a disruptive influence.  She just stormed passed the secretary dragging me by the hand like a little kid into Mr. Pointers office..  She was livid and demanded I be expelled. Old Mr. Pointer tried to calm her down and heard her story and finally got her to leave.  Telling me  I might as well spend the rest of this period in his office and let her calm down.  Glomming onto the one comfortable looking chair I made myself comfortable waiting  to see what he was going to do with me.  He and I had become almost friends because I had been in his office so often.  Going around his desk to his chair he just stared at me with out really seeing he as he began talking to himself. He kept saying I was such a beautiful young man to be wasting my self this way.  He just kept saying out loud what he was going to do with me.  Then getting a smile on his face and picking up the phone he began punching numbers.

Shortly he was talking to someone saying he had a little problem on his hands and would appreciate a little help quelling one of his students excessive misdirected conduct.  Nodding and tapping his finger all he kept saying was yes, good, great.  Then placing the phone in its cradle he began printing an address on a card. Taking on a fatherly tone he began telling me I was finishing up my Senior year and at the rate I was going I was destined to repeat it again. He was recommending I begin attending this youth center for the rest of my school year to work off some of my excessive energy.  When I began to baulk at what he was saying  he said again,  "if I wanted to finish your Senior year I am recommending you get to these extra curricular activities".  Nodding told him I got his message. Setting there he began lecturing me telling me it was high time I grew up and began accepting responsibility.

Looking at the clock on the wall and shoving the address over to me he told me to get over to the Center sports Center.  Pulling myself out of the chair he told me he would check to see if I'd been there or if I had goofed off. Holding my hand up I told him "scouts honor I would do my best for god and man".  Calling me a smart ass he told me to get my ass out of there and get to the Center. It wasn't a long walk over to the center but it was through a rough black neighborhood.  It didn't bother me none because I could well take care of myself.  I could damn well beat the shit out of any of those prissy assed black studs. Looking up at the old dirty building I wondered what fuckoff bought this warehouse and donated it to the city.  Probably some big shot wanting a tax write off. Pulling open the rusted steel doors I came into a big dirty white warehouse interior.  It at least had an oak floor that made a decent basketball surface.  Walking across basket ball court I saw this big handsome black guy sitting at and old metal desk. Walking over to him he looked up asking if I was the kid from Central High School.

Standing and extending a big hand he told me I could call him Mr. Delmar.  Turning he told me to follow him.  As we walked toward the back of the center we began passing passed a lot of weight lifting equipment.  He began telling me he was going to set me up with a weight program three days a week and maybe the exercise would help to force me to accept myself for what I was.  Looking up at him I wondered what he meant by that crack.  All I knew was I just never ever fit in with any of those snobs at school  Opening the door to a dingy little dressing room that reeked of mildew and smell of dampness from countless showers he told me to strip and he would get be something to workout in. Standing and stripping I was wondering if that fucker just wanted to see a perfect  white cock. I was more than willing to show my body off to anyone that wanted to look at it.  I'd put two much work in exercise to not be proud of it.  As for my cock I was really proud of that.

Leaning back stroking meat in defiance of him when he returned he took one look at me and  threw a jock in my face telling me to stow my personality. Big smart ass I though and pulling on the jock I watched him as he struggled into his jockstrap.   I'd always thought I  had a big cock but he was hung like a damn animal.  Then he pulled on a pair of real thin silky shorts and a T-Shirt he stood telling me it was time for my workout.  Taking me out into the weight room he started me out in simple warm up exercises. The first thing was a jog on the treadmill.  He took treadmill next to me and jogged right along with me.   Once we got into it  I really began to enjoy it.  I was surprised when the room began to empty and finally we were the only ones left in the Center.  He had me doing pushups as he went to lock up the building saying he wanted to work with me a little longer.  Then giving me a hand up he led me to the bench press saying I would do a few reps with the weights and he'd spot me.  Laying down on the bench and looking up as I reached for the bar I could see right up his shorts and that big cock of his bulging out of his supporter.

All I could think of was he was one beautiful man. Then grasping the bar and lifting the weight I began to wonder what the hell was the matter with me.  I though I'd buried  all those feelings of desires for men years ago.  Here I was again beginning to think like some damn fagot.  When we where finally finished with the ten reps Mr. Delmar told  me to go take a shower. Getting up I realized I was not hurting in every muscle.  As I walked to the dressing room I could see we were the only one in the Center now.   Stripping I was thinking a shower was going to feel real good on my aching body.  Rubbing the calves of legs I started to go into the shower.  Mr. Delmar had been watching me and called out to me telling me to come back and stretch out on the massage bench.  He said he would work out some of the knots in my muscles.

Limping over to the table and climbing on the table I let out a yelp saying I was getting a charley horse now in my leg.  Throwing a towel over my butt he began kneading my legs. This Black bastard was one strong son of a bitch but it felt so damn good I just lay there and let him work my body. As me moved up my body with those magic hands massaging my butt, then my back and shoulders I was almost purring from delight. Telling me to roll over I told him that was all the massage I needed.  I didn't want him to see my boner and how excited I'd become from the touch of his hands.  Never-the-less he pulled me around to where I was laying on my back.  When my towel slipped to the floor he simply reached down and picking it up covered me.  I was livid with my cock making a tent out of the towel but he didn't even seem to notice anything. As he began to work my shoulder muscles I could look up into his handsome face as he worked he didn't even express a single emotion.

As he worked down my body he told me not to be embarrassed  about my erection, a lot of men got them when they got a massage.  As he moved down to my legs again  and worked up to my groin I was getting so hot I was afraid I was going to cum. Pulling the towel off of me and tossing it into my arms he told me to hit the showers then.  Moving into the shower room as I was beginning to get wetted down and soaping up Mr. Delmar joined me.  Trying to make small talk to keep from staring at his body I began asking him all kinds of questions like was he married, did he live alone and any thing that would pop into my mind.  It was all I could do to get showered and get out of there with out getting my nuts off.  I as almost dressed when he came out of the shower. He ask me how I liked weights and looking up I said I felt just wonderful and when should I come back again.  His answer was quick saying we would take it real slow so every two days would be fine for lifting.  Standing there toweling off, his  cock dancing and swinging, I turned to go before I got another hard-on. One thing I knew was after all those years of pretending I was like all the guys I  still wanted to have sex with this man. He was really turning me on.

All that night I had trouble sleeping, I kept seeing that beautiful body of his in my mind.  I hadn't had thoughts like this for years when a bunch of us fooled around and sucked each other off in a stupid dare. The minute I saw that beautiful black man I knew I was in some kind of trouble. I was still sore in school that next day and I was more then happy just to sit quietly in my seat. Mrs. Wilson called on me several times and seemed to be really pleased when I could answer her questions without any smart remarks.  Somehow now that I knew what I wanted the fight seemed to just go out of me.   I could hardly wait until my next training session. That night in the shower I was so hot and hard I ended up beating off.  Still with that I would wake in a cold sweat dreaming of Mr. Delmar. I knew I was going to be in trouble when we were together again. Somehow I had decided I was going to take Mr. Pointers advice,  I was going to be a man, and I was going to tell Mr. Delmar I wanted to have sex with him.

I almost ran to the Center the night of my session and hurrying in I was disappointed not to see Mr. Delmar sitting at his desk. Walking back into the dressing room he was standing there with my jock and shorts.  Smiling up at me he said he was wondering if I was going to come back.  Blushing as I looked at him I blurted out I wanted another massage tonight.  As he led me out to the weights he started me on the treadmill again  telling me to do a quick mile. He moved me from machine to machine until I was exhausted. It was the same as before, as he put me through my paces the Center cleared out.  Watching him walk to the door and lock up he came back and said we would do the presses and call it a night.  Eagerly laying down and looking up into his crotch he seemed to be watching me watching him.  He kept me doing reps until my arms were going to fall off.  I began begging him to stop. Racking the weights then Mr. Delmar told me he would give me another massage.  It went almost the same as last time.

Crawling up on the table he began working my body with those magic hands.  The minute he touched my body I was hot for him.  As his hands moved over me I began to shiver with new awakening passion.  I wanted this mans cock  so bad it was driving me crazy.  Turning me over he said nothing as he looked at my hard-on but this time he didn't cover me up.  As he leaned over me kneading my muscles I began to breathe like a bitch in heat.  He had to know he was exciting the hell out of me.  As he moved to my legs his had hung over my cock and for a minute I though he was going to take my cock into his mouth and go down on me.  Then I thought what the shit was I thinking.  This hunk was all man and it was me that wanted to service him.  If anyone was a fairy here it was me and it felt good to at last admit it even it was just to myself.

Finishing quickly then he told me to go shower.  Blushing in shame as I crawled off that table with my cock hard and bobbing like hell I made my way to the shower room.  As the water splashed over me I was almost crying in frustration.   Finally I had admitted to myself after all these years that I wanted to make love to a man.   I knew I was admitting to this black man that I was gay.  If he ever  told anyone I would be disgraced.  Still standing under the water trying to get my lust under control I could see him step into the shower out of the corner of my eye.  Trying not to look at him he came over and took the shower head next to me.  Looking over at him discreetly he had his back to me.  As the water splashed over that magnificent black body of his I was even harder and hotter than before. I had to know, I had to try to tell him how I felt about him.  It was then when I reached out  and touched his shoulder and he turned then facing me.

Looking up at that beautiful face my eyes then traveled down to those beautiful nipple picking out of that hairy chest on down that curly hair trail to his magnificent cock.  I could see that hard cock of his almost reaching out to me. In a horse voice all I could manage was, "I want you, I need you".  Looking into his face and seeing that knowing look I slipped to my knees taking his cock into my mouth.  I was doing it badly but he was so gentle and sweet he made me feel like was doing wonderful.  When I felt him stiffen I closed my eyes hungrily sucking down everything he began shooting into my mouth.  Pulling me up then and kissing me I clung to him eager to please him in anyway.  As he forced his tongue into my mouth I could taste his very essence.  Slowly as he turned me I felt his  fingers beginning to probe my ass.  As his body touched mine he asked me if I was sure this was what I wanted.  Almost in a whisper I begged him to take me. His answer was to pull me closer to him and he began fucking my ass with his fingers.

Continuing to move  me into the water letting it flow gently between us he began slowly pushing his cock into my ass and surprisingly my body began accepting him.   Bending then and spreading my legs I surrendered my body to him.  Even though I was limp and relaxed from the training I was not ready for a cock that size.  His cock was enormous and as he worked the head into my ass I almost fainted.  Cooing softly saying the first time was always the hardest he kept pushing. Once he'd gained complete entry he lifted me from the floor and began jacking himself off with my body. Shivering in delight as he reamed me I begged him for more.  After he filled me again and again with his hot cum he lowered my feet to the floor.  Then pushing me to my hand and knees began banging me like a bitch saying I was a choice white virgin.

He kept making love to me and I was beginning to think I would never get enough of him.  I was limp when we finished and showering and dressing I kissed him telling him now I knew who I was and what I was.  For the first time in my life I felt at piece with myself.  I knew I owned it to this beautiful man.  Even after graduation I continued to come to Mr. Delmar. He was so gently with me and began to teach me how to deal with my new found sexuality.



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