The Protector by Nathan Harvey

It was late when my bus finally pulled into South Bend.  Then bus had developed engine trouble and we’d been delayed for hours somewhere around the outskirts of Tennessee until they brought a different bus to transfer us to.  Now we were pulling into South Bend hours late.  I had all the stuff I owned stuffed in one ratty little suitcase that I’d gotten from Good Will.  I knew I had to find a place to stay for the night but it was just two late to find anything and I hated to pay full price for a room and only use it a couple of hours.  I was almost broke.  The money for my tickets and food had taken almost everything I’d  saved.  I felt all dirty and sweaty and wanted to clean myself up a bit and try to decide what I was going to do.  Checking my bag into one of the twenty-four hour pay lockers I went into the washroom.  There were a lot of passengers debarking from another buses and crowding into the washroom.  Knowing they would piss and leave I slipped into one of the stalls to wait for them to clear out so I could wash up with a little privacy.  Dropping my jeans and sitting on the crapper I began playing with myself. I hadn’t had sex for a whole week and I really needed a cock.

Glancing over and seeing this giant glory hole I was thinking whoever carved that one was really good.  These booths were made out of metal and he even had the edges all smoothed off.  This must be a good spot to pick up guys. If they let a glory hole like this stay here.  Bending down to see who was sitting next to me I got a really good look at the guy in the next stall.  My cock sprang to attention when I saw this beautiful black cock at full glory.  This stud was slowly stroking himself  to the point he had that little bead of precum starting to ooze from his cock.  My mouth was watering just looking at him.  Bending down even closet trying to get a better look I heard his soft whisper, “White boy, you wanna get your thrill tonight swinging on my cock?”   I thought what a break, this guy was my  chance to get a place to stay tonight.  Putting my mouth to the Glory hole and whispering back I told him I would love to suck him off and take him up my ass if he wanted to fuck me.  Pushing his finger through the hole I began sucking on it.  Pulling back then he whispered for me to meet him outside by the main door of the terminal.

Pulling up my jeans and tucking my cock down my pant leg I came out of the booth.  Looking around the washroom it was almost empty except for one white guy standing pissing at the urinal. Hurrying out into the waiting room the only  people I saw there were a couple whites sitting on benches waiting for there buses and the little old guy at the ticked counter.  I knew my black stud had to be around so I hurried out front. Not seeing anyone around the door  I thought, ‘so much for a free place to stay tonight’.  The only other guys  in front were these two big blacks studs talking.  Turning to go back into the station this husky voice called out to me, “change your mind Whitey?  I thought you were hot for a cock tonight.”  Looking me up and down and rubbing his crotch he made sure I could see the outline of his cock running down his leg. Recognizing his voice then and walking over to them I told him I was more than ready to take anything he or his buddy had to give me.     Pulling his friend forward so I could see him he said, “if one black cock turns you one think of what two black cocks can do for you”.  We can plug both your holes at once and really give you a thrill.  Nodding to his friend I came right out and asked  him if I suck him off and let him  fuck my ass could I stay with him all night, that I was broke and needed a place to stay.

Looking at each other and laughing  he answered, “Sure dude, we’ll keep you as our little pet bitch boy as long as you want to stay with us as long as we can fuck your ass”.  After a little silence he told me his name was Delmar but I could just call him Del.  Turning and pointing to his buddy telling me to just call him J.C.  Then saying we could walk to his place from here so let’s go home and party.  As we left the bus station  we must have made a strange looking sight.  People we passed were giving us the once over and shaking there heads in disbelief.  Looking at the reflections in the windows as we  passed the darkened store windows we made a strange looking group.  Me, I was a tall thin blond white guy walking  between these two hunky black studs like we were brothers.  Taking my arm then we began walking south to his place.  The further we got from the bus station the nastier the neighborhood  was getting.  Now a lot of the buildings were boarder up and there was trash everywhere.   Passing a gang of blacks standing on the corner one of them called out to Del.

The tone of his voice told us it was more of a summons than a greeting.  Turning to us Del told us to wait for him and trotted over to talk to them.  A few seconds later they were laughing as he pointed over to me.  Turning then he walked back to us. Chucking Del told J.C. they wanted to know what we were doing with a white ass kid.  He said he told them the truth,, that we were taking the bitch home to fuck and if we liked his ass we were going to keep him as our pet. When we walked away from them they began hooting and hollering until we were out of sight.  Turning down an ally about halfway down the block he stopped at a  rickety stairway.  Telling me he had a couple of rooms up there and to be careful that the top step was missing.  Pausing on the top flight and unlocking the door he pushed it open telling me to go in.  Walking into this darkened room he moved passed me switching on a single bulb hanging from the center of the room. I could see this just a place they used to sleep.  No attempt had ever been made to make it a home.

Looking around that barren space all the furniture he had in the room was a couple of old army cots against one wall and  an old dinette table and chairs.  There was an old Fridge and little gas stove shoved in a little nook that could laughingly be called a kitchenette.  My inspection was interrupted when Dell told me to get naked that he was hot and wanted to get it off.  He and J.C. sat on one of the cots watching me strip. Nodding with their approval as I dropped my shirt and began taking my jeans off Del muttered that I had a great looking ass.  With that said he began to strip.  When he was naked and standing in front of me, his legs apart and his huge black cock swaying and bouncing he told me to come and get it like a good bitch. He began stroking his cock telling me he had all the cock I would ever want.  Wanting him desperately now and dropping to my knees I attacked his cock with my mouth. I was so hungry for him I startled him for a moment but when I began sucking he relaxed.  Then he began working his cock down my throat in passion and I was in ecstasy.  I could never get enough black meat.

My love of black cock had first begun when I serviced a couple of the black jocks on the football team.  Then over our spring break the boys had invited me to come over to a stag party they were having  for one of their buddies.  They said there was going to be a lot of black meat there if I was interested.  Willard the guy’s who’s house the party was at told me to plan on staying for the weekend. When I told him  I didn’t have a way over he told me he would drive by and pick me up.  Right on time he came by my house.   It was a short ride to his place and when we got to his house it was really  jumping.  He must have must have invited every black kid in town over.  When we came in I could see just about forty guys horsing around drinking beer.  When they saw me the whole room grew silent. Willard then led me to the center of the room and began striping me.  In a loud husky voice he announced to all of his buddies I was the cocksucker that he’d told them about. They all stood around watching me strip

When I was completely naked with all those black bucks staring at me Willard pushed me down to my knees telling announcing I was ready to service them. There was almost a damn stampede to get over to me and get their cocks into my mouth.  That was the weekend I really developed a taste for black meat. The more I sucked the more they drank and the wilder the part got.  Every little bit some one would shove a bottle of whisky in my hands and I would take a good belt. Finally I was on my hands and knees with one of the bucks fucking my ass and another shoving his cock down my throat.  Somewhere I had stopped thinking and become a sex machine.  It now had become a game to see how many times each one of them  could fuck.  It kept up like that until dawn and the party began breaking up. I lay there on the floor exhausted when they all left.   Willard pulled me to my feet and  led me to bed then.  We both drifted off to sleep.  It was almost noon when we were woken by Willard’s father.  Staring down at us he asked what the fuck had been going on.  Willard just gave a laugh and told him about the party.

Pulling the sheets back and looking me over he began to strip saying he could sure use a good fuck.  Crawling into bed with me he spent most of the rest of the weekend screwing my ass off.  He was no teen kid, this man was all man and had a cock that made me feel like he had taken possession of my body.  From blowing him to taking him up my ass he was everything I could ever want in a man.  From that weekend on I knew I would never be satisfied with any less of a man.  After that party I was now busy almost every night servicing some black guy or other. About once a month  I would get a call from Willard’s father telling me he had a few friends he wanted to service. He was the one that taught me how to make money selling my ass.   The gossip of my love of black cock spread through town like wildfire.  It was now common knowledge  that I was the cocksucker that would suck any black boy that wanted me for a price.   It was after graduation I knew I had to get out of town if I wanted to find a job. At first I had applied for office jobs, then after a while I would have taken anything.   No one said anything whenever I filled out job applications but one way or another I got the message.  No business wanted to hire a guy with a reputation as cocksucker that loved black boys.

Now that I was here in Chicago I was doing what I loved to do best, servicing men.    Laying next to this handsome stud I began working my finger up his ass I began working  Dell for all I was worth.  I’d taken big cocks before but never anything as large as his and I was determined to take all of it before I was finished with him.  As that wonderful randy taste of his cock filled my mouth I really began working him with my fingers in heated passion.  I had him so hot he was holding my head pushing his cock deep into me I hard fast strokes.  With each thrust he sank furthered into my throat until I felt like I’d become part of him.  The more he pumped the looser my throat got and the further down his meat sank into my throat.  Final he’d managed to ram his cock all the into me down to his balls.  Holding me tight to his crotch he began pumping me full of cum.  Calling out to J.C. he told him he was really turned on with his little white bitch that I really knew my business.  Then telling me if my ass was a good as my mouth I was a keeper.  As I sucked and licked him he pulled that shaft out of me and stepped aside for me to service J.C.   I’d though Del was big but J.C. was something else again, I was glad at least Del had loosened me opened first.  As that horse cock of his filled my mouth my lips were being stretched to the point they hurt.

My hands went around his cock and I tried to hold him back but he just  kept pushing making me take even more of him. As he got hotter he began that staccato pumping into my throat and I could hardly believe it when he’d worked that horse cock of his down my throat. He’d kept grinding away pushing me to the wall ramming himself in my throat again and again.   I was so hot now I was shooting my nuts off. Tonight I knew I was going to get more than my quota of cock.  The boys had just started with me and it looked like I was in for an all night fuck.  Laying me down Del spread my legs and began greasing my ass up.  It was his surprise when he slid in without any problem-whistling saying someone was sure fucking the hell out of my ass.  He was heaven as he began that slow easy rhythm  I began wiggling my ass trying to get even more of him inside me.  Pulling my legs over the edge of the bed so I was kneeling with my chest on the bed he now could drive that weapon into me right up to his balls.  Now he was fucking me like a bull in heat and soon I felt that wonderful explosion of hot cum inside me.  Pulling out he told me to stay down as J.C. prepared to mount me.  When J.C. forced that   enormous tool deep up my ass  I felt like a virgin again and I wanted him bad..

When he began riding my ass I knew then what it was to want a man to be your master. He had the kind of cock that made me surrender my very will to him.   My boys kept at me most of the night until I had ceased to think and opened my mouth and my ass to their every pleasure.  I had surrendering my body completely to their every desire.  It was dawn when we finally fell into an exhausted sleep.  As the light began to seep in around the shades I woke up slowly.  I hurt everywhere and my throat felt like it was numb.  Crawling out of that cot Del told me he had coffee for me and to take a shower before breakfast that I smelled like some damn toilet.      I just stood there in the steaming water letting it flow around me feeling wonderful.  Del was waiting for me when I stepped out of the shower and throwing me a towel told me breakfast was ready.  My first reaction was to reach for my clothes but they were gone.  Telling me to just relax for a while he liked to see his little bitch naked.  Sitting there at the table with him I hungrily ate everything he’d fixed.

Looking up then and seeing the time I remembered  my suitcase and telling him I had to go get my things before my time was up at the locker.  Putting his arms around my shoulders he told me not to worry he wanted me to stay here with him for a while and he would be my Protector.   He went on to say that J.C. was going to pick up my things before he went to work. What the hell, I was free, white, and over twenty-one so I decided to let him take care of me for a week. That was when I got my first surprise.  He told me I’d worn him out last night and we should get a little sleep.  Walking over and pulling the drapes the room was in blackness.  Leading me over to cot as we lay here he held me in his arms and we fell into a deep warm sleep.  Just before I drifted off I though how good it felt to have his strong arms around me.  When we woke I was hot for him and sliding down his hard firm body I began licking and sucking at his cock  After last night I could manage him real well.  I felt that tool of his fill me as I worked all of him down my throat sliding down to the root of his cock.

I was in  ecstasy with that cock of his and I made love to him all that afternoon. Grinning and telling me I was a hot white bitch he told me he was going to give me a rare treat.  With that he lifted his legs over my shoulders telling me to service my master.  As I sank into that hot black hole my arms went around him and I began to ride him like a bandit telling him I loved him.  My week flew by and we’d developed a special little routine now.  He would go off to work and I would stay around the apartment cleaning doing his laundry and fixing him his meals when he got home. He had insisted I stay naked when I was at home and after a week I just loved being naked all the time. Most of the time J.C. would drop by and after I’d done up the dishes we would go to my cot and I would give myself to them.  Sometimes Del would just watch as JC reamed me yelling for J.C. to really give it to me like some kind of sport show.

After J.C. would leave I knew I was going to spend the night satisfying Del.  He was always hotter than hell when he watched me getting fucked.  I knew then that I would have my chance with his ass again, he was now even blowing me.  It was hard to believe how fast the weeks went by.  One Friday we dressed and he took me out to dinner.  Sitting with him in this all black restaurant and I felt like every eye in the place was watching us.  Del told me to ignore them and eat.  When it was time to pay the check I stood there next to him almost afraid.  As we left I told him that big table of those six big blacks that had stopped him on the street that one night were getting up and following us.  Turning he told me not to bother he knew who they were. As we moved further down the street the crossed over to the other side keeping up with us.

We were almost to the ally when they crossed over.  Now I was sure I was going to have the hell beat out of me.  Surrounding us they began asking what Del was doing hanging around with a white kid.  Smiling and trying to laugh it off he said it was like I told you guys last week, I’m his Protector now, in other words he belongs to me.  Come up stairs with me and I will prove it to you he’s my bitch.  He made the steps two at a time and I trailed up after him.  We had no sooner made it into the room he told me to strip.  The made a circle around me as I stripped.  Del was now naked and as he stood there his cock hard and beginning to glisten with that glint of pearl cum on its tip.  Dropping to my knees and taking him in one swoop right down to his balls I felt the thrill of feeling his cock deep in my throat.    Looking around at the boys he asked now how is that for a service job?  As soon as I’d tasted his full rich gamy cock the only thing I was interested in then was servicing that cock.   Somewhere in the back of my mind I heard the whistles and catcalls but I had what I wanted right there right now.  Pulling him deep into me I felt him tense and as he shot his load I took all of him.  He was ringing wet with perspiration from the sex and  began licking his body desperate to please him.  Then one of them asked what it would take to get a blowjob like that one.  Del piped up saying a ten spot from each of them would get my service all night.  Suddenly I was surrounded by a forest of black meat all hard and waiting to be serviced.  Chuckling Del told me to get busy and entertain his customers.

Working around the circle of black cocks I was almost finished blowing them I heard JC’s voice, you gonna fuck him to aren’t you that comes with the deal for what you paid for him.   I got on all fours kneeling like a dog letting them ravage my body.   I knew then that Del had made my decision for me.  In accepting him as my master I now wanted him to make all my decisions for me now.  Was I content to stay here and dedicate my life to Del and let him keep me and use me.  Without really saying it he’d become my master and I his slave.   It was my wildest fantasies come true.  Finally the night was over and we lay there together.  Kissing me he rolled over saying he was rewarding new pet.  Moving up on him and taking his legs over my shoulders I sank my cock into his hot black body closing my eyes willing to do my masters bidding.  After getting my nuts off I began sucking and cleaning is ass out with my lounge. That night I lay in my masters arms completely happy. That morning I was up early to fix my masters breakfast.  He was pleased with me and telling me to be a good pet he told me if I behaved he would have a present for me when he returned from work.

That night when my man  returned I was naked and on my knees waiting at the door for him like an obedient slave.  As he came in he was followed by one of the guys I had serviced the night before.  He had brought over a couple of his buddies. As they entered Del’s told them what he was charging for me and they all grinned and began stripping. Looking up at Del collecting the money I knew he was pleased with me and would keep me.  I’d found a home at last.



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