Sissy Boy by Nathan Harvey

It was a bummer sitting in Spanish Class looking at Miss Silvers droning on in that dull hypnotic voice, “ Me Casa Es Su Casa.” I was trying do finish a drawing when I looked up and she was standing there watching me.  In a shrill voice she warned me I was going to fail her Spanish class if I didn't shape up real fast.  Damn I though, I needed at least one year of a  language to get into that fancy college my folks insisted I go to.  Most of the kids Id talked to told me Spanish was the easiest language to learn.  Now the term was half over I  knew I was never going to get this damn stuff.  Looking around the class I though I must one of the dumbest kids in Spanish class.   The rest of the kids all talked like Jose’ that big Latino stud and no matter how hard I tried I sounded like a retard. I was relieved when the bell finally rang and I knew I could escape Miss Silvers wrath.  I was just about out the door when her voice rang out,  “Get Back here Jason Willard, I’m not finished with you yet!”  Coming back and standing in front of her desk she motioned Jose’ to come up and join us.  Then she said told me she was assigning Jose’ to me as my tutor.

Miss Silvers then told me she’d spoken to my parents and at her recommendation they were hiring Jose’ to tutor me in Spanish.  She went on to say that was the only way she could figure to get me up to speed in my studies so I could graduate. I simply needed more help than she could give me.  She had decided Jose’ should start tutoring me that afternoon and he had agreed.  She went on to tell me he could teach me how to speak their language more fluently and get a feel of how their people lived. Shit I though, Now I was going to haft to run around with this fucken Latino jerk.   Jose’ extended his hand like a true diplomat but I could see the look in his eyes that he was mocking me. I was damn if I was going to shake that fucker’s hand.  He was getting paid to teach me, I didn’t want to be friendly to him, and shit I didn’t even like him.  Pulling his hand back when he saw I wasn’t about to shake it he gave me the once over saying he was ready to start today.

In a smug voice he told me to meet him me in the parking lot and we could take his car and begin our first lesson.  Standing there with that superior expression on his face at that minute I hated his guts. I was glad to get away from both of them and get to my next class.  I wondered if Jose’ was first or second generation.  He sure could speak good English.  When I went out to the lot to meet him after class he was leaning against his rusted out little white car looking like some fucken Spick Hood.  As I got closer to him he began telling me to get he that he’d decided to drive around town and start building up my vocabulary by teaching me the names of common everyday things. He said from now on all we would speak only in Spanish.

Jose’ told me that after I’d learned more words my dialog would improve greatly.  Shrugging my shoulders I told him that sounded like it might be fun but I  wasn’t paying for any of his damn gas to drive us around.  Getting into the car no sooner had my door closed he started right off in his Spanish  asking me questions.  Stumbling trying to answer him in by bad Spanish he just sat there laughing at me. He was such a damn smart ass.  Then he began pointing out various things giving me the Spanish words and I would repeat them. He did the same words over and over and I kept repeating them.  I had to admit it was rather interesting and it was an easy way to learn Spanish.  Then in Spanish he asked me if I wanted to try eating a real Mexican meal.  Thinking he was going to drive out the University Park Mall to that new Hacienda restaurant I told him I would spring for the meal.  Nodding, he said I was going to get a taste of real authentic Latino food.

As we drove along he was telling me he’d found this little restaurant on the highway called Hombres. I was having a hell of a time trying to understand his Spanish but I realized for damn sure we weren’t going to the Hacienda.  He was talking so damn fast he made me feel like an idiot trying to understand his Spanish.  As he went on he told me  a lot of the migrants and green carders ate there and it was real good.  He went saying they had a real good Mexican cook there and it was really great food. Turning to him I said again I had money and I would pay for our suppers.  Looking over at me he didn’t say a thing as we cruised down the highway.  About two more miles of silence he began slowing and pulling into the parking lot of this dirty little shack he said this was the place.  Looking at the dirty outside and the windows covered with gaudy paintings of Aztec gods I asked if we were really going to eat in this dump I sure wasn’t going to pay for his food if this was the place he wanted to eat at.  Turning to me and in English he said I had a lot to learn about Latinos.

As we walked into the restaurant  I was trying not to look as revolted as I felt.  Sitting at a little table by the painted window he ordered for us.  When our food arrived he pointed to each dish telling me in Spanish what it was called and what was in it.  I kept picking at it as he gobbled it down saying it was real authentic. When he’d finished with his he began working on what I hadn’t finished eating saying it was a shame to waste good food. I should really develop a taste for Latino cooking. Someday I might visit South America. I knew he wasn’t happy with the way I was acting, but shit, he would get his money for tutoring me so what was the big deal. Looking up from his food with a scowl he told me he wasn’t some crop-picking wetback out for a free meal, he was trying to give me a feel for the language. With a smug grin on his face he told me someday he would be able to buy and sell me.  As we paid our checks and left I told him the only good thing about this place is it was cheap.   Just ignoring me he went on to say there was a lake not two far from here and we could play around in the water and get to know one another and maybe we could get along.

Nodding I though what the shit, we might as well do that as anything.  It was a Friday night and I told him I was free all weekend. Asking me what that meant I told him  my parents were gone and I was free all weekend and could do as I pleased. I was surprised when he pulled off the road and drove down this little gravel path.  Slowing he then crept down this bumpy little path that that I couldn’t even called a road.  Pulling his car to the side of the path and parking he told me this was his favorite spot.  It reminded him of his home when he was a little boy.   Looking around I saw bits and pieces building materials and rubbers and a lot of trash.  It did have a small bubbling spring and that was all I could say about it.  Watching him as he  pull off his T-shirt I said I  though it was kind of  trashy around here and I really didn’t like it here. I wasn’t surprised when he turned to glare at me asking if I was calling him trashy.

Laughing a little I said that it was just his people just weren’t the same as white people. Muttering something in Spanish I didn’t understand but from his tone I sure knew I wasn’t making any points with him today.  Then realizing how much I’d offended him I told him didn’t mean anything about his people but they really were different from us. They were all right when they kept their place.  Saying nothing but glaring back at me he began pulling off his T-shirt.  As the crisp white cotton slid up over his body I had to gasp at what a damn good looking set of pecks he had.  Bending and shucking off his shoes and socks and letting his jeans he kicked free of them.  God I though this Spick didn’t even wear underwear. When he turned I really got a good look at that horse cock of his and he was really a damn hot looking stud.  Looking up from that horse cock of his to that massive chest and arms I marveled at how hard, smooth almost hairless he was.  He was really a beautiful guy.

Without a word he was off in a flash diving into the spring.  Coming up breaking the water with a big splash he stood there with his arms crossed looking over to me calling out something in Spanish. Not understanding him  I guessed he was telling me to join him. Stripping I waded into the freezing spring water. When I started making faces saying I was freezing my balls off he began laughing calling me a Sissy-Boy.  This time I did understand his Spanish and I didn’t appreciate being called Sissy-Boy by the likes of him.  Getting close to him I lunged grabbing him around his neck struggling to duck him for being such a smart ass.  I was going to show him what I thought of greasy spicks I should have known it wasn’t a very bright thing to do.  Jose’ was bigger and stronger than I was he had me underwater in seconds.  Struggling to get air I was beginning to panic that I was going to drown.  Flailing my arms finally in panic I began groping for his nuts and finding them began pulling  and twisting them.  Suddenly releasing me I stood coughing and sputtering and moved away from him.  Glaring at me and calling me a Sissy-Boy fagot he said if  I wanted cock so damn bad all I had to do was ask for it.

This time when he called me a little Sissy-Boy he wasn’t laughing and he wasn’t kidding.   Pulling himself up out of the water on the grassy bank he was furious.  I was still  Mad as hell at him for calling me a cocksucker.  Calling him a dumb spick again I said if I did suck cock I would never suck off a dumb spick.  No sooner had the words left my mouth I knew I’d gone two far.  He was a hell of a lot bigger than I was and he was built like a bull and he was mad as hell.  Not wanting to back off to a dumb spick and admit I was afraid of him I just kept calling him a dumb spick over and over again.  I could see he was furious and grabbing me forced me to the ground.  Pinning me he said no Sissy-Boy was going to make fun of him and that he was just going to half to teach me a lesson. As he scooted up on my chest glaring at me and pinning my arms with his knees glaring at me saying, “all you Gringos were all alike, nothing but a bunch of dumb cocksuckers”.  His face now had this hard cruel look and those black eyes of his were blazing in anger.

Struggling to get up we really began wrestling in earnest.  Almost getting free of him I kept calling him a greasy spick.  With a hard lunge he had me pinned me in seconds.  As I was trying to throw him off again I told him he and his people should go back to where they belonged.  In a rage he told me  what most of us white mother fuckers needed was to get a real taste of a Latino cock to show us who were the men in this country.  Shoving his cock in my face and pushing it along my lips he began rubbing the oozing precum on me telling me it was time the Gringo boy learned how to service a real Latino cock. Struggling and turning my head I told him if I ever sucked a cock it would never be some dumb spick’s cock.  Leaning back and making his hand into a fist he began slamming into my nuts over and over saying I was going to give him head tonight if he had to tear my balls off. Then pushing his  hard shaft of his into my mouth he told me to eat him like a good little Sissy-Boy

Shaking my head refusing to suck his cock he leaned back and with his fist began pummeling my nuts until I was begging for mercy.  Finally in desperation I promising him I would do anything he wanted. He just kept up  his assault saying I knew what he wanted.  Finally I promised to suck his cock. Once I promised to blow him he leaned forward waving his fist in my face warning me I’d better do a good job or he would beat my nuts to a bag of  pulp.  This time now when his cock pushed against my lips I opened my mouth letting him feed his cock into me.  He’d won and now that he was victorious forcing me to take his cock he rose up his knees and he began working his cock deeper into my throat.  With each stroke his cock pushed deeper until I would began gagging.  Pulling back just a little telling me to just relax that I would enjoy sucking cocks more.   Jose’ just kept at me and l finally he’d begun working himself even deeper into my throat. Muttering in broken English and Spanish  I wasn’t bad for a Gringo cocksucker, but before he was finished with me tonight I was going to be able to take all of his cock down to his balls.

Looking up at that massive cock of his I thought there was no way in hell I would ever take all of that cock.  Somehow with the weight of his body on me forcing me to lay there sucking his cock I felt this strange kind of thrill of being dominated by him.  As his cock kept oozing cum into my mouth I’d even began to like the taste of his cock.  Looking up at his beautiful body of his as he moved and flexed working me I began relaxing thinking this cocksucking wasn’t really all that bad. As I sucked on him I could feel my own cock getting harder that hell.   He could feel me beginning to surrender to his demands and worse yet he could feel my hard cock pressing into his back.  Smiling down at me he said, “you like cock don’t you Sissy-Boy?”  Pulling my hands free from him then I realized I really did like it but I was damn if I wanted him to know it.  I tried to beat him off and to stop my attack rising up on his knees he jammed his cock deep into my throat cutting off my air. Unable to breath I was forced to surrender to him now completely. Laying there now with out a struggle I knew I was going to do anything he wanted me to.

Jose’ was really excited with his victory over me now.  He felt my hard cock and he knew he was turning me on.  He then began pummeling my mouth with his cock and with thrust after thrust he continued to push ever deeper into my throat.  Soon his cock was into me to the point his balls were slapping my face and suddenly his body stiffened and he began shooting his load. Swearing in English and Spanish and pushing his cock deep into me he unloading his balls.  Now I was being forced to swallow his cum.  Feeling his victory over me he just kept ramming his cock down my throat saying I was now his cocksucker.  Finally when he did left me up.  Scrambling to my feet I told him I would never be his cocksucker.   Reaching over and putting his hands on my shoulders pulling me close as if to kiss me he brought his knee up between my legs giving my nuts a swift blow.  Crying out in pain and disbelief at how cruel he was he told me he’d decided I was his Sissy-Boy now.   Falling to my knees in intense pain in front of him he lifted my head pushing his cock into my mouth  telling me to blow him.  Not responding quickly enough for him he kicked me in my nuts again.

Then taking my head  in his hands and holding me steady and with an oath of Spanish he shoved his cock down my throat until my face was buried in pubic hair.  Now in pain  his cock deep in my throat he began sliding in and out of my mouth and deep shiver began running through my body.  My lips seemed to be on fire and my mouth was alive with his cock moving in me. Finally in completed surrender now reaching up taking his buns with my hands with each thrust of his I pulled my face onto his cock right down to his balls.    Jose’ was like an animal satisfying an ancient sexual ritual. He seemed never to get satisfied and when he would shoot his nuts off he just seemed to stay hard and began fucking my face all over again. Soon my mouth just hung slack as he used me as his personal whore. When Jose’ finally released me I slumped to the ground beaten and demoralized .  I’d now accepted the fact that I was his Sissy-Boy.

Standing over me looking down he just kept working that hard cock of his with his hand telling me he was my Master now and I was his slave.  Over and over he made me beg him for his cock and call him master.  He was training me like I was some dog.  Every time I would beg him for his cock he would then rape my face and each time I realized I was enjoying it more.  It was when I  began licking and sucking his nuts and crotch Jose’ knew I now wanted to suck him off.   Finally satisfied he had control of me pulling me around told me it was time to feel a hot Latino cock up my ass. Now not even trying to get away from him and not wanting to I stayed down on my hands and knees waiting for him to do what he wanted to me.  Jose’ then pounced then like a dog on a bitch driving his cock into my ass. Screaming out from the pain as he worked that huge cock deep up my ass he said all I needed was a little stretching.  He just kept shoving until he’d worked himself all the way into me.   Muttering, “now baby learn to beg your master in Spanish when you want his cock.”

It hurt like hell at first but as he fucked me and began seeping cum it began to bet better.  Soon he was sliding in my ass telling me I made a real hot bitch.  When he got his nuts off he rolled me over and spreading my legs and putting my ankles over his shoulders told me that tonight he was going to make me a real mans whore. Spreading my legs until I though I was going to tear me in half I could then feel begin to shove his fingers up my ass.  Slowly working two of them into me he began to stretch my ass hole. Then he managed three and finally after stretching more he began working his fist up my ass. Screaming that he was tearing me apart I begged him to stop but he kept right on saying I was going to make a great whore.  After a while my body as well as my mind simply surrendered and accept him.  Now the more he worked my ass the more my body seemed to want him.  Lust was now running through my body and my mind thought only of sex and I kept wanting more.  It was as if he’d awakened something wonderful in me and I would never get enough of him.  When he did pull his fist out of my ass I could hear this loud popping sound and I felt like I had a gaping hole and needed his cock to feel complete.  Then ramming his cock into my open hole he told me I was a really a good fuck now, all slick, hot and juicy.  Looking up as at that beautiful masculine body of his and feeling his cock driving into my body I begged him to keep fucking me. I was now like some bitch in heat desperate for a man.

It was nearly midnight when he’d finished with me. Standing over me then with a sneer on his face he asked if I was going to tell ever one that I was a Latino’s  whore now. Laying there and looking up at him I felt like a beaten animal waiting for his masters commands.  Jose’ knew he’d broken me and now I was his to do with as he wanted. Moving close to me pushing his crotch into my face he demanded, “Take it again baby show me you want me”.  Looking up at him and reaching up and taking his soft cock into my mouth willingly now as soon as I had him in my mouth he began pissing into me.  Startled I began pulling away bit at first but he held me telling me to swallow it all.  In completed surrender kneeling there I willingly let him use me as his toilet.  Pushing me away then all he said was, “ Learn my language baby and beg your master for his cock.”  Still not finished with me he pushed me down on my back  and squatting over me demanding I fuck his ass with my tongue.

Desperate now for more of him  I obediently began licking and fucking his ass with my tongue.  Moaning in pleasure he started grinding his ass into my face telling me never to forget he owned me now.  I was his Sissy-Boy and never to forget I belonged to him.  Over and over he kept me sucking licking and blowing him and when he tired of that he would ram his fist up my ass as I surrendered my body to him.  It was dawn and I was exhausted and numb but still he had me at his feet calling him master making me swear I loved him. Finally then he seemed satisfied and telling me to dress said  it was now time for us to be going home.  On the drive back to town he kept me laying on the seat with his cock in my mouth. As I sucked on his meat he patted my head calling me his good little Sissy-Boy. Parking in our drive he let me finish him off and the letting me out with the hot taste of his cum still in my mouth  I watched him drive away.  All that day I lay in bed crying and thinking of what I’d become last night.  I was a now a flaming fagot, or that the Latinos called a Sissy-Boy. By Sunday when my parents had come home I’d managed to get myself all together and I had accepted I was gay, that I wanted to suck his cock and to be fucked by him.  I wanted to belong to Jose’ and be his slave.

Finally I had accepted the new direction in my life Monday at school went fairly well until Spanish class.  Passing Miss Silvers desk  on the way to my seat she asked how the lessons were coming along. Bowing my head I told her  I’d learned more than I had ever expected to.  Quickly looking at Jose’ then to see his reaction he just smiled and nodded his head in approval.  When class was over Jose’ grabbed my hand telling me I had another lesson tonight after school.  Almost running from the room I knew he would be waiting for me on the steps after school. What could I say to anyone, how could I say I was gay and that I let a spick shove his cock down my throat, that I let him fuck me with his fist. Worse yet tell anyone that I’d sucked his asshole and fucked him with my tongue.    Bowing my head to avoid looking anyone in the eye I shoved my stuff into my locker and went to meet my Master.  Jose’ was right when he’d told me I belonged to him.  He was now all I could think about.

Jose’ was standing leaning against the railing as I came out of the main door and all I could think of when I looked at him was his wonderful cock.  AS I walked over to him he looked up and with a smile ask if I was ready to do my duty.  Looking him in the eye then lowering my head I said.  “Yes Master I’m ready” and got into the car.  Flashing a smug victorious smile at me headed out through the south end of town.  As he rubbed his growing  basket he told me his parents were going to be gone until late tonight and he was taking me home with him.  Looking over at me with an evil smile he said we could call it studying how the Latinos  lived at home.  Parking in a commercial restaurant parking lot he said his folks had an apartment above the restaurant and they let him park in the lot.  I was surprise that his family  lived above a restaurant but I was afraid to say anything to make him mad. Leading me up the back  stairs he just pushed open the door saying his parents never locked the doors.  As we passed through the rooms to the back of the apartment I could smell the cooking odors seeping in from the downstairs. Laughingly he said they must be having beef on the special tonight. Then rubbing his crotch he told me he had a special tortilla for me.

Following him to this tiny room in the back of the apartment he turned ordering me to strip.  Shedding my clothes when he’d gotten naked I knew the drill.  Dropping to my knees to take him he broke out into a big smile saying I was a natural and had been so easy to train.  With that same hot passion of yesterday he pumped that piece of meat into me until  he’d jammed it all down my throat.   I’d been thinking about my sucking him off all night and today I even craved his cock.  As Jose’ worked me he told me I was getting real good at sucking cock.  Seconds later I was eagerly swallowing his cum.  I knew a blowjob was just the starter for Jose ’ and how hotter than hell he grabbed  me by my hair pulling me over to his bed.  Pushing me down on my knees with my chest on the bed he said it was time to fuck his Sissy-Boys ass.  My ass was so sore and swollen from his fisting when he entered me this time he said I felt like a virgin again.  He kept at me screwing me and making me suck him until at last I was blindly doing anything he wanted without question.

Patting me on the head he said I was learning to be a real good Latino whore.   He just kept at my body until finally he said we had to go because his parents were due home anytime.  As we walked to the front of the apartment  I shamefully told him that I was home alone all week if he wanted to come stay with me. Grabbing my ass and squeezing it he said tomorrow then at my house.  Then as an after though he told me he said he would stay with me all week.  Feeling a hot rush of excitement as we made our way down the stairs he told me he would drive me home.  I had to wonder if it was because he felt he had to or he wanted to see where I lived. That next day I was excited all day, I had now accepted my roll as his Boy.  When I entered my Spanish class I held my head high and in Spanish I told Miss silvers that I was glad to be in class today.  Breaking out into a smile she told me my Spanish was improving greatly.  Then looking up she said Jose’ was teaching me a lot.

Passing Miss Silvers desk I though to myself if she only knew just what he’d been teaching me.  Glancing over to Jose’ he just sat there with a big smile and slipping his hand to his crotch he winked at me.   Nodding in recognition and acceptance I knew what he wanted and I was eager to give it to him.  It seemed like forever until I finally met him on the steps and we walked to his car.  As I opened the door to slip in I could see his duffle bag with his clothes.  Now I was really excited.  It was a short ride to my house and I had him park in the garage. Carrying his bag to my room he followed behind and as soon as I set it down he told me to get naked. Eager now to serve him I was naked in seconds and on my knees.  With that big beautiful smile he moved quickly to shovel his cock into my mouth saying I had developed a real taste for Latinos now. Looking up at him to answer him I took him down to his balls.  He worked me for a couple hours screwing my face and ass until pulling out of me said he was starving telling me to go fix him something to eat. I stayed naked and  hurried down the stairs eager to please him.

Jose’ was getting a charge our of his gringo boy waiting on him.  Leaning back in his chair watching me cleanup the kitchen he sat there stroking his cock. Watching him  I began getting hot for him and begged him to take me upstairs that I needed his cock. Following him up to my room he was on me in seconds.  Kneeling before him and looking up at his strong almost cinnamon colored body and that beautiful long hard cock of his I began begging him to rape his Sissy-Boy.  I  needed his hard strong body crushing me and pummeling me with that wonderful cock.  Sensing my needs standing their spread eagle and  holding his hard cock to tantalize me he told me to beg for it. I had no shame now and groveling before him on the floor and kissing his feet I pleaded with him to let me have his cock.  Then licking and sucking my way up his legs he finally relented and let me take his cock into my eager mouth.

I knew that was his turn on and getting him off  I sucked his hot cum down.  Once I got him off he was he was filled with lust and throwing me down on bedroom  floor he rapped me just as I’d hoped he would.  With each wild thrust of his cock I began humping my ass forcing him to drive himself even further into me. I now craved his cock like a drug and all that night he gave me what I needed.  Now there was no part of his body that I hadn’t sucked licked or had shoved up my ass.  It was Wednesday on our way to school he told me it was time for me to prove myself to him.  Not knowing what he meant I asked.  Then he told me he told me he’d invited his brothers over for a little piece of his Pussy-Boys ass tonight.  Struggling with the idea of my being screwed by his brothers I told him I wasn’t a whore.  Putting his arms around me and giving me a hug he said not only was I his whore that I would let anyone he wanted fuck me. As we got out of the car and walked into school I told him I would do anything he told me to.  All that day I had a hard-on just thinking about him and his brothers.  After class I almost ran to the parking lot to meet him.  He was standing waiting for me.

When we got home I saw this old rusted out LaBaron setting in our driveway.  As we got out of Jose’s car I could see four big dark Mexicans getting out.   Feeling a thrill running through my body I whispered to Jose’, “are all those guys your brothers.?”  Waving to them he told them we would go to the big bedroom for our party.  As they came up the walk they were a chattering in Spanish.  Surprisingly I was beginning to understand them. Jose’ had always given me all my commands in Spanish and it was amazing how much and how fast I was learning abut Spanish as well as how to please a Spanish man. As they trooped in Jose’ told me to go upstairs and give myself a good enema and prepare for a good time. As I was turning down my parents bed I could hear them washing up in the bathroom.  From the looks of those studs they must just have come from work.  Judging from their size and shape they had to be in some kind of construction work.  They were sure built like gorillas and from there crotches they were hung like them.

I was now naked laying in the big bed waiting for them as they filed into the bedroom.  They were all naked with there huge hard cocks wagging and bouncing.  Then they started arguing who was going to be the first to fuck Jose’s  little whore.  Coming in Jose’ settle it for them by lining them up. Jose’ said Garcia was the oldest and should go first.  Then after he got his nuts off and I was blowing him then Manuel would be next. Then he said we could follow up with Chico and Cisco.  Without any  hesitation Garcia,  the biggest one of them, crawled up on the bed.  Looking up at him I felt a thrill, he was so big and hunky and looking down that hairy body of his to that enormous uncut cock I could hardly wait to feel him inside me.  Spreading my legs he lifted them over his shoulders.  In Spanish I begged him to fuck me and grinning with that fire in his eyes he was in my ass in one swift lunge shaking the shit out of me as his cock pounded my ass. He was hot and wanted it real bad.

Then looking up and holding his cock deep inside of me then he yelled to Jose’ I was one great whore. With that said he began again pounding my ass off.  Pulling me tight onto his cock he unloaded his balls then.   I was so hot when he began shooting I shot my load off all over his big hairy chest.  He rested for just a second then leaning forward shoved his cock in my face telling me to clean him off.  Starting with his cock I lay there then licking and sucking my cum from his cock and that hard beautiful body of his.  When I’d cleaned him up  I was more than ready for another brother.  When his brothers pleaded for him to give them their turns.  Grinning he winked saying he was going to make another a baby.  I was glad he wanted me again because he was all man.  Manuel, was another matter.  When Garcia crawled off of me swinging me around on the bed sidewise he began working his cock into my mouth. Manuel was happy with sharing me with his brother and attacked my ass with a vicious lunge.  Once his cock was up my ass he reached up and began twisting and pulling on my nipples calling me a hot bitch.

My boys were now working my whole body and I began to shiver with excitement knowing I could service so many hunks at once.  Manuel began laughing saying I was really into fucking.  Running my hands all over his body as he pounded  my ass he was so different from his brothers.  As he screwed me he began gyrating his hips and sending all kinds of wild sensations through my body.  When he had slid off of me after he’d  gratified himself he took over the head position and began sliding his cock down my throat telling me  he wanted to give me something special.  As Chico sank his cock into my ass I felt Manuel’s gift  flooding into my mouth.  Struggling to swallow his piss as I was humping my ass for Chico the brothers seemed to be working on me as a team now.  The more excited they got they began pulling and pushing and forcing themselves even deeper into my ass and down my throat.

Chico was a lot like his brother Garcia.  He wasn’t about to stop at the first fuck and he just kept pumping until he got it off again.  Again I was shooting my load and as I lay there he rubbed my cum into my chest telling me I was one hot bitch.   Coming to the bed Cisco, the smallest of the brothers told the others he to do something different, he wanted to fist me.  Now knowing what he was talking about I was all ready for him.  The brothers pulled me to the edge of the bed and one of them held my shoulders while another one pulled my legs apart spreading me like a chicken ready to be stuffed.  Cisco then got down on his knees telling his brothers I was so slicked up with cum fisting me was  going to be a snap. When I felt Cisco’s fingers in my ass I began to moan telling me he felt great.  Then as he worked more of his hand into me I got the shivers again as he began stroking my prostrate I was begging for more.  I’d had so many cocks shoved up my ass tonight it felt so wonderful to have his big warm arm working its way into my body. When he was he began slowly fucking me with his hand and wrist. This time I knew what to expect and I begged for more and he kept working until he had most of his arm up my ass.

It was midnight when the brothers said they had to leave and get home to their wives.  As I watched each of them dress each of them took there wallets out and paid Jose’ for using me telling him he had a gold mine here. When I asked him about the money he told me he was earning money for college.  Since I was his whore he was going to rent me out to some of the boys to make a little money, after all that’s what men did with there Sissy-Boy. When we were alone he led me to the bed saying it was time to make him happy now.  By Friday I had completely surrendered to his every want and need.  We rarely spoke in school but when I met him on the steps after school I understood that I belonged to him now.  We now just spoke Spanish, and he said I was beginning to sound like a native Mexican.  We stopped for burger and fries on the way home so we would have more time together. I was almost tearful when I said this was going to be our last night together.  Then reaching over and begging him to fuck me. He asked if I wanted to go out to our little pond.  Excited I told him anywhere he wanted to go was fine as long as he fucked me.  Smiling that dirty little smile of his he said we would spend our last night at my house then. We were no sooner inside then we were naked and I was on my knees servicing him hoping he would become that wild man again. Hugging him and licking his balls like he liked he said he though I was now ready for a little fun now.

Leading me upstairs Jose’ told me to get dressed  that we were going out for some real nightlife.  I began pulling on some skivvies when Jose’ swatted my ass telling me to  lose the underwear. Taking my jeans from the bed he began ripping out the crotch and seat out of them.  Then with a quick rip to the knees of the jeans he said they were just right for me now.  Slipping the jeans on I had a hard time to keep my cock from handing out.  As for my ass I just let it stick out. Complaining I looked like a whore, Jose just smiled  saying I was a whore now and it was time to start acting like one.  He knew a place where I was going to be one damn popular Gringo Sissy-Boy. Getting into his car we backed out of the garage.  We seemed to drive forever until he told me the bar we were going to was  just a mile or so up the road. Shortly I saw what looked like a converted gas station.   Pulling into a crowded parking lot the bar was just a reconverted gas station garage.  The windows had been decorated with bright Christmas lights and it had the sound of loud Mexican music coming out of the building.

Jose’ parked  telling me to come in with him.  As soon as he was in the door everyone seemed to know who he was.  Then looking at me they gave me the once over.  Jose’ pulled me in front of him telling everyone I was his new Gringo whore and available to fuck at a reasonable price.  Bowing my head in embarrassment I just stood there.  They began kidding him in Spanish calling him a loco and me his Sissy-.  In a quiet voice he told them he would prove it to them how good I really was. With a quick flick of his wrist he’d unzipped his jeans letting them drop and told me to service him.
Looking at Jose’ I knew I had no choice but to obey him.  Sinking to my knees and taking his cock into my mouth I began working him. The men in the bar all started hoping and hollering then  Jose’ pulled out of me and began shooting all over the floor.  Then he looking at me ordered me to clean it up. Without a work getting my hands and knees I began licking his cum off the floor.  Then looking around proudly he announced his whore would take any cock in the place for forty bucks and to make it a bargain he would blow them as a bonus. Suddenly there was a rush toward me and Jose’ stepped in front of me Jose’ saying they could pay first and fuck me later. Turning to the barman he promised him a cut if he we could use the cot in the back room.

 Waving us back to a little storeroom he said it was all ours for the night.  Jose’ led me to the back telling me I was going to love being his whore.  He would see that I got all that good Mexican cock I wanted. Striping me naked as the men watched he told me to lay down then.  Obeying him excitedly I waited for my first customer.  When this big dark greasy spick came in I could see that hard cock pressing against his leg and I looked up smiling at him saying hello in Spanish. Looking at me he began drooling saying he was going to fuck the shit out of me. As he stripped I watached excitedly and began spreading my legs inviting him into my body. It didn’t matter anymore what a man looked like or smelled like all I cared about was the cock between his legs. Man after man came to me and fucked me until my whole body and mind was consumed with lust.  As the evening grew late Jose’ was even charging some men to just stand and watch the gringo whore get screwed.  Finally at closing as a favor to the bartender Jose’ let the bartender screw me..

As I struggled into my clothes I didn’t even bother tucking or trying to hide my cock,  I just let it hang out. We had made it almost home when we saw the flashing light.  Pulling over we waited in the car and rolling down the window Jose’ ask what the problem was.  This big thug of an officer said one of the tail lights was out.  Then flashing the light around the car and finally in my lap he just stared at my limp cock laying there.  All the officer said was, “What the shit”, Looking up at him Jose’ just winked saying we were going home for a good time. The officer told Jose’ to kill the lights he came around to the passenger side and with the almost silent recognizable sound of a zipper he leaned over the car shoving his cock into my face saying to show him a good time. Scooting around and taking his cock into my mouth I began sucking for all I was worth.  He was slow in coming and working his balls with my hands I managed to really get him to shoot his rocks off.  Straightening up and zipping up he leaned in telling Jose’ to get the light fixed. As the officer walked back to his car Jose’ switched on the lights and we drove home. It was late but not so late that I didn’t get to service Jose’.

By morning I was wide awake an almost delirious with happiness. Rolling over on Jose’ I took his cock into my mouth and began playing with it with my tongue. Jose’ seemed to sense me even without waking up and murmuring quietly all he said was take me baby.  I felt the stream of warm salty piss start I began sucking down every drop.  After I’d sucked him dry I began to get my reward.  As I felt his cock swell and slip down my throat I began to milk him. When he unloaded he pulled out of me eager to count his money from my evenings work.  All he said was, Damn you a great whore.”  Folding the money he began to dress.  Telling me to hurry and get around or we would be late for school.  It was a breeze that day and everything seemed to be going right. As for Spanish Miss Silvers told me I was sounded like a native now.  Smiling and thinking of all the cock I’d had the night before  I told her I felt like I had a lot of Spanish in me now.

The rest of our week went just like the first day.  We would go home eat, fuck and then after a nap Jose’ would drive me to the bar and I would spend the evening servicing my Mexican studs.  I was glad that Jose’ had started letting the men in the bar watch because it made me even hotter.  As usual  my last customer was the bartender. Then Jose would drive home and I would give myself to him.  When the week was over I begged him to let me keep it up.  I didn’t want to see my part-time job come to an end.  Soon graduation day was upon us and we were caught up with the graduation hubbub.  It was the night of the prom that Jose’ suggested we spend the night down at the bar instead of going to the prom.  I was so desperate for cock by then I agreed immediately.  We still dressed up in our tuxes like we were going to the dance but we made a B-line to the bar.  The minute we entered I had a crowd around me and Jose’ was taking there money.  There was now always a large crowd of horny men waiting for me.

Hurrying back to the back room I was almost naked by the time I made it to the little cot. The line of studs almost wrapped around the bar as I took them two at a time.  Jose’ had started having me suck and get fucked at the same time and I loved it.  The way I looked at it was it was twice the fun. Jose’ seemed to be spending a lot of time talking to this guy in the front of the bar.  Nodding he came back telling me he would be back to get me but he had  something to do.  Nodding I was unable to talk with the cock in my mouth. Closing my eyes I was in heaven.  I was getting everything I could ever want just as Jose’ had promised me.  It came as a shock when I was pulled out of the bed by this crowd of police officers. Oh Christ I though, I’m busted.  Leading me out to the patty wagon with just a towel around me they told me I was being booked for male prostitution. Jose’ was no where in sight and I was relieved he’d gotten away.

In those next two days my life was a living nightmare.  A picture of me  half-naked was in every paper in town.  My parents were livid and didn’t even want to be in the same room with me.  After the trial I was dismisses for god only knows what reason.  When I came home I found my things in boxes on the front porch.  I was lost, not knowing what to do or where to turn.  Then I saw Jose’s little  white car coming down the street.  Getting out and coming up to the porch he said he would take care of his little whore. I just sat there  on the steps crying saying I was thrown out I had no where to go.  Reaching over in a soothing voice he said he told me he had my life all planned out for me that he would take care of everything.  He would make sure I would be OK.  Picking up boxes he began loading my stuff into his car.  Crawling into the front seat I felt better because Jose’ had promised he was going to take care of me.

I was a little shaken up when we pulled into the bar were I had been arrested. I could see the large closed sign a crossed the front door.  Puling to the back of the bar and  telling me to leave my luggage in the car telling me to come in with him. Knocking on the back door we went in when someone opened it from the inside.  When my lights became accustom to the dim lights I heard Jose’ telling me to strip.  Obeying him with out question I heard his voice ask if I was clean. Jose’ said I was as pure as the driven snow.  Then someone pulled me around and began inspecting me like some animal.  Jose’ then said he needed a little more money for me.  As they dickered back and forth I began to realize Jose’ was selling me to this guy.  The offers and demands sounded like they were selling some car or something talking about how old I was and how much mileage I had on me. Finally I heard the sum of ten thousand dollars mentioned and Jose’ saying sold.  Then he asked if I had any clothes Jose’ he told him he’d bought me as is. Looking at Jose’ he just shrugged his shoulders saying I would be happy where I was going.

Leading me to my back room he had me strip and taking his clothes off he began fucking me.  Then when the other man came in I though was getting another cock.  When he reached toward me I felt a quick prick and that was the last thing I remembered until I woke up in a sitting position in some kind of box. Leaning back I could feel rough lumber against my naked skin.  Trying to move I could feel I was bound and seemed I was tied into the box to keep me from shifting.  My mouth was moist but I knew I had a gag in it.  When I felt myself urinating I could taste my urine pumping into my mouth.  I was recycling my own water.  As I knelt there I knew I was cold and all I could hear was the drone of air passing by and the sound of a dull roar. I guessed I must be in the cargo hold of some type of aircraft.  Sitting and shivering I had a lot of time to think about what had happened to me in those last few months.

I realized now that Jose’ had been behind it all.  He had made me his whore and then trained me to service men.  He had made sure I spoke Spanish like a native and then was somehow disgraced and disowned he had come for me.  When I had nowhere to go or know one to turn to he was there. I did remember In my trial someone had asked where Jose’ was and several witnesses testified that he was attending his prom.  I was the one that was disgraced and disowned with nowhere to go.  The last thing I remember was when he was selling me like a piece of property.  My ears began to pop I knew we were landing somewhere.  Sitting now trying to hear anything that would give me a clue to where I was. I could feel the plane touching down and shortly I could feel the pull of the breaks as we stopped.  It was hours later that I could feel the box being moved and I cold hear the sound of Spanish being spoken.  My crate seemed to be loaded on some kind of vehicle and then we were moving again. We must have driven for hours and it was damn hot in that box.  I was sweating like a stuck pig and the box was beginning to smell like an outhouse. Where ever I was I hoped whoever had bought me I hoped would at least let me shower.  Somehow I was beginning to enjoy this whole business.  Since I could no longer live at home it was kind of romantic being bought by someone to be a sex slave just like in the olden days. It was like Jose’s said, I was a damn good whore and he would make sure I got all the Latino cock I wanted.  I knew I was going to make Jose’ very proud of me.



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