Janitor"s Delight by Nathan Harvey

It was a hot day as I stood in line at the "Mail Box Etc" with my package.  I was waiting to get my box wrapped, posted and shipped back for my refund.  I'd ordered a Davie Lord dildo and they sent me a replica of a piece of meat that looked like it had been cast from a rogue elephant.  It was the biggest black dong I'd ever seen.  It was just too much to expect to take.  I sure would like to see anyone hung with that kind of meat, let alone be screwed by it.  I was the last customer in the door before the six o'clock closing and just before the janitor flipped the lock.  Standing in line, I just stood prancing and trying not to remember how much beer I'd drunk and how bad I needed to take a leak.  I thought I would blow a gut, so in desperation I set my package down and slipped into the back room to use their private washroom.

 I finally found it way back in the warehouse behind some boxes and next to a little army cot.  The wash room was small, but clean, so I just stood there unzipped my jeans letting them drop around my ankles, and drained my bladder.  Then suddenly everything went black.  In a panic I pissed all over my leg trying to make out what the hell was going on.  Finally, I was finished and shaking my dick off I zipped up my piss soaked jeans and groped for the door.  Stumbling to the front of the store in the dark, I was shocked to see the only one left in the store was this black man sweeping up.  When I started to say something the only thing he could mutter was "Where the fuck did you come from".  I stammered that I had been taking a leak and all the lights went out.  Then as he looked me over he said I pissed more down my leg than in the toilet.

Everyone had left the building and he had locked up and set the security alarm saying he would not be able to open the door until midnight when he called the Alarm company for permission to take out the trash.  He chuckled saying it was their way of making sure no one passed any merchandise out the door after closing.  Pointing to a seat just inside of the back room, he offered me coffee telling me to pull off my pants and let them dry while he finished sweeping the office.  Coming around the counter, and raising his eyes to the heavens laughing, he asks if all white boys wore their jeans without underwear.  He had opened my package saying he wanted to find out whom it belonged to.  He asks if that was the thing that I was mailing.  Blushing and sitting there with a hard on, I said yes that was my package, and yes I usually wore skivvies, but tonight I was going cruising and wanted to look hot.

As he got closer to me he began moving his hand slowly to his crotch and  casually unzipping his pants letting them slip to his knees.  He began then to flaunt his huge uncut cock.  It seemed to be getting bigger by the second and smiling and stroking his meat gently, saying I should try the real thing, it tasted a hell of a lot better than some dumb plastic cock.  I couldn't believe my eyes, he could've been the model for that enormous black plastic cock he was holding.  It looked like I'd gotten my wish to see someone hung with that kind of meat, now I had my chance to service that cock it. Hot and horny just looking at that beautiful wand of his I dropped to my knees wanting his meat between my lips.

Pushing pushed my face away he said he wanted ass.  Indicating with a not of his head that he wanted me in back I grabbed my pants and hurried bare ass following him in to the back room.  We walked almost to the back of the building and around from the washroom I'd used was an old army cot.  Pushing me to my knees he positioned my chest on the cot with my ass cheeks primed for his assault.   Muttering white ass was the sweetest kind, and kicking off his pants, he was ready to fuck.  Taking a glob of KY in his hands and thrusting it into my waiting hole then on his pole he said he had the ass he'd been dreaming about all day.  Pausing just a moment to position his giant cocks head, he began slowly to enter my ass inch by inch.  When he had the head of his cock implanted, he gave one great lunge, pushing that giant monument deep up in my ass.  Screaming out in pain he ignoring my pleas to go-slow.

I thought I would split as his tool just kept sinking into me deeper and deeper.  It felt that if his meat were any longer I would gag on it.  As my ass began to expand to accept his giant size he began to pull it out.  Feeling him begin to withdraw I pleaded for more cock.  Grunting he began pumping my ass then with wild excitement saying he had the ass of the century.  He juts kept  thrusting and  pushing and twisting and I knew I'd never been fucked so completely before.  Begging him for all of that giant rod up my ass now he kept ramming it into me until I felt those big hairy balls of his slapping my ass.   Pausing only a second to spill his load in me, slowly he began to fuck me again.   I wanted that black rocket to ream me forever, and I was filled with his pleasure as he came again.  Withdrawing that tool of delight he said I was  some of the best white ass he had ever had.

Then, telling me to stand up and strip every thing off, he was going to fuck my ass until I had to go at midnight.  As we both stood there stripping and  I got even hotter looking at that black muscular body of his.  He was covered with that course kinky hair on his chest and tight curly hair surrounding that monstrous piece of meat.  Then motioning me to lay down, I wrapped my hands around the cot as he mounted me and began to fuck me.  As the weight of his body pressed me into the mattress I could feel that coarse hair moving across my skin making me shiver in delight.  He was like an army of black men pillaging me.  Time and again he would cum, then resting that great piece of meat implanted in me for a short time he would rally and begin again.  All I could do was whisper thank you each time he ravaged me until finally we ran out of time.

I still wanted more of that chocolate candy and quickly dressing and dropping to my knees began kissing his cock and slowly sucking and lapping on his sweet tool I had him moaning for more.  Sucking his balls and shaft the I began to kiss the head then putting my mouth around his shaft and as I drew up his foreskin with my tongue.  Then lapping at his cock's head I began sucking the soft shaft into my mouth.  I could feel his cock starting to swell and I began to suck him deep down in my throat until I had consumed him right up to the base of his fuzzy balls.  His balls began to twitch and I felt his rod priming and seconds later I struggled to swallow  that wonderful cum.  I almost cried then not wanting that night to come to an end.

I pledged to service him any time he or his friends wanted me.  Scrawling my name and address on a card, I begged him to call me if he or his friends wanted my ass.  Leaving and stepping out into the now dim moonlight, the world looked wonderful.  Everywhere I looked was the wonderful world of black men with secret delights hanging between their legs waiting to be milked. Walking back to my car with a very gingerly smile on my face I kept reliving in my mind that wonderful night.  I'd finally learned the difference between men and boys and as I left with my monster black dildo I knew I would use it and perhaps order an even  bigger one.  For five hours I had been screwed by a real man, now I would never settle for less. I just hoped he would call me soon.



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