The Hike by Nathan Harvey

It was great to finally be one of the seniors. All through school the lower grades I'd looked up to those studs and admired how they ruled the halls of Jefferson High. You might even say I even worshiped those beautiful hunks. Here at Jefferson High there was no problem between the blacks and whites it was all about who was in.  There were just two kinds of studs there at Jefferson the Jocks and the Brains. Anyone else just fell between the cracks.  In my dreams I'd always wanted to be a Jock, but at least I made it into the Brain category. I wasn't any 98 pound weakling but I sure wasn't any hunk. Grudgingly the only work they ever used to describe me was pretty. Damn how I hated to be called that. Some of the jocks even whispered I was so pretty I had to be a fagot. Well at least I though that was better than being called a nerd. When I got home one day and  the neighborhood was all a buzz straining to get a look to see who was moving into the old Blare house. Sitting on the porch like all the rest of the neighbors were doing I saw this black man standing on the porch and he seemed to do doing all the directing of the moving and placing of everything.

Our eyes met and waving he called over telling me his name was Willard Jason. Then he asked if I went to Jefferson High School. When I nodded yes he waved for me to come over. I nodded and trotted over trying to look real grown up. Extending my hand to him I told him my name was Timmy Allen  my mother and I lived next door to them. And I boasted I was eighteen almost nineteen. Going on I told him I was a senior at Jefferson. Now that I was close to him I could see he was built like a black Adonis. For a man of his age he was gorgeous. I was thinking maybe he would might be interested in going out with my mother on a date. From the size of the basket he was showing I now she would love getting fucked that that guy.  Hell she was putting out to anyone in pants.  I would love to have a guy like him for a stepfather. He stood there sizing me up and finally said I was a very pretty looking, almost two pretty to be a man. Standing there embarrassed as hell with him calling me pretty he laughed at my blushing.

Asking me to forgive him when he saw me blushing he said it was that he always admired pretty white boys. He changed the subject then asking me if I wanted a coke. When I declined he asked if I would do him a big favor. He wanted me to tell his son about all the things that were going on at Jefferson High School. Mr. Jason said he'd hated that they had to move with this being his sons senior year. He had been doing so well in his classes and in sports. Willard was despondent over the move because he had to leave his special buddy behind. I was wondering who this Willard geek was when this tall handsome jock came through the door of the house. Mr. Jason called him over introducing him as his son Willard. My knees got weak looking at this gorgeous boy. It was easy to see he was the kind of stud that every girl and half of the guys in school would be after. Judging from the basket he was showing he was something else again, not only was he built like a bull he must be hung like one.

His father went on to tell me that Willard had been the star athletic at Central High, his old school. He'd lettered in every sport they had. Blushing Willard said he wasn't all that good, he was just lucky in sports. He only wished he was that good at cracking the books. He asked me then if we could we could walk together to school. He was such a hunk I felt proud just to have him ask me to walk with him. When we got to Jefferson I led him through the halls as everyone gave him the once over. Then I showed him the office where he had to register for his classes. I never thought anymore would come of it. Willard was such a great looking jock I was sure he would want to be with his own kind. I'd probably never see him again unless he was in some of my classes.

I thought of our ever becoming friends was just wishful thinking on my part because very few jocks were in any of the classes I was enrolled in. It seems mathematics, science and language just wasn't their speed. That next day in my fourth hour gym class I saw him. Willard was standing in the showers and I could see he was hung as well as gorgeous. He was so damn good looking he made my blood run hot. Turning he saw me as I stepped into the gyms big communal shower. Breaking into a dazzling smile he reached out handing me a bar of soap and asked me if I would soap his back for him. Lathering up my hands good and soaping his back I gave him a kind of a mini back massage. As my hands and fingers worked his back he began purring like a cat saying I was hired to be his back scrubber. We both laughed then. After that we started talking together and he always waited for me to go into the showers with him so I could scrub and massage his back and I was more than willing.  I just loved feeling that body of his.

He and I started hanging around together after school after that. We found we both like to go hiking. One of my special spots was in the hills that overlooked the city. I told him I would take him there someday. I always like to go there when I had something special to celebrate. After a few weeks we were well on the way of becoming best of friends. I couldn't believe he wanted to pal around with me. One night walking home from school told me he would like it if I would become his 'special buddy'. I ask him what he meant by 'special buddy' but he told me I would understand when the time came. Several weeks later he asked me if I would tutor with his school work. He told me he didn't want it getting around school that he was a dummy and needed help keeping his grades up to stay eligible to play sports.

We decided then that it would be better for me to do his tutoring on Saturday morning. I told him to be sure to bring his books on the subjects he wanted me to start helping him with on Friday. We decided we would study at his house when his father was at work. I told him then I would be over to his house at nine Saturday morning and we could start working together. I was on his porch at nine sharp just as Mr. Jason, was just leaving for work. Willard was standing there in the hall in just his skivvies saying goodbye to his father. Looking at Willard standing there with his beautiful body barely covered and with  that luscious full basket he made my heart flutter. When I looked up at his strong beautiful face he was a sight to behold. His coarse jet black kinky hair seemed to soften his strong features.  I had the greatest urge to want to touch his hair to see how it felt.

I knew he had to be the best looking boy I'd ever seen, black or white. I had started getting this hot flushed feeling when ever I was around him and just touching his body was starting to give me a hard- on. I had never felt like this about another boy. Turning he told me to come with him he had to dress. Swallowing hard I followed him up to his room to wait for him to dress. Sitting down on his rumpled bed I watched him shimmy out of his skivvies and that heavy cock of his began waggling from side to side I couldn't take my eyes off of it. Kicking the skivvies away with that naked grace of his he sauntered into the bathroom to shower. Reaching down and picking up his skivvies I put them to my nose and breathed in the sent of that gorgeous hunk. Then realizing what I was doing I threw them back down. I had to be losing it. I'd never done anything like that before. One thing for sure was Willard knew he was gorgeous and loved to flaunt it.

I could hear him splashing around in the shower and then it was silent. The next thing was he was calling out to me asking me to come in and scrub his back for him. Walking into the bathroom I saw Willard had pulled the curtain back and standing there naked waiting for me. Looking at him glistening with the water running down his chest and off of that enormous cock of his he was the most magnificent thing I'd ever seen. Smiling devilishly telling me to strip he wanted me to get in with him and scrub his back just like I did in school. Without even thinking I hurriedly kicked off my shoes and shucked my jeans and T and climbed into the shower with him.  The stall was so small when I reached down to get the soap his cock was brushing my face. Giggling he said while I was down there he could sure use a good blowjob. Straightening up I pretending not to have heard him and began lathering up my hands. Telling him to turn around then I would start on his back and give him a real grand scrubbing and massage. Moving my hands across his strong shoulders and around his neck I worked him with my fingers until he began purring like a contented cat. Raising his arms I began to lather under his arms and down his sides and finally around to his chest.

It was somehow so satisfying massaging his body and as my fingers found his nipples I began working them between my finger tips and I could feel them perking up and growing hard. He began begging me to do his whole body then. He just kept moaning as I let my hands work down his hips and around to his crotch. I just had to feel that cock and those balls of his. When I began then washing his cock I felt him starting to get aroused. Frightened I pulled my hands away from him butt he kept saying how wonderful it felt and begged me to keep working his cock for him. Ignoring his pleading I moved to his buns and then down his legs. As my hands ran over his bun's I kept having this hot feeling in my groin. I really loved doing this to him and I know he loved me touching him. Rinsing off then we got out of the shower dried each other off and dressed. Somehow I knew I was falling in love with him. It was all I could do to keep him from seeing my hard-on.  If he did see it all he said was I given a great massage.

Dressing and going down to the kitchen then he made us some coffee and we got down to school work at the kitchen table. It was hard but I managed to put it all out of my mind. My tutoring with him went real well. Willard was really a very smart and all he needed was a little more explanation than the text books gave him to understand the material. Around noon I packed up and went home for lunch saying we were done for the day. I tried to put Willard out of my mind all the rest of that day but I kept remembering how wonderful his body felt in my hands. I kept getting more excited the more I thought about him asking me to suck him off. I knew it wasn't right and I didn't think I could never do anything like that. They more I thought about it I began to realize I really wanted to suck on that big black cock of his. I knew then I was in love with him and I wanted to have sex with him. If that meant I was gay and I was one of those fagots the kids always talked about and making fun of at school I didn't care. I loved Willard.
All that night I tossed and turned and this time when I thought about his body and how he began to get excited when my hands played with his cock and balls. Remembering how it felt in my hands my cock got harder than a rock. The only way I could get any sleep that night was to beat off. I kept seeing myself on my knees sucking Willard off and surrendering to that image I finally managed to get to sleep. When the sum coming woke me I knew Mother had let me sleep. I was just setting up in bed deciding what to do with my Sunday when Willard came in. Smiling. he told me my mother said for him to come up. Pulling me out of bed he told me he wanted to go hiking today and would I like to go with him? Standing there in front of him naked blushing as he looked at me my cock began getting hard. Turning and trying to hide my boner I told him I would be out in a second that I was going to take a quick shower. Willard hadn't missed a thing neither my blushing nor my hard on. He knew damn well how he was affecting me and he was teasing me. Willard began stripping saying was going to shower with me and this time he would massage my back. Protesting, I was afraid to be naked with him now because I was hot for him. I knew if he ask me to suck him off again I would.

Flipping the shower on and stepping into it I tried to get away from him but by then he was naked and right behind me. As he pushed into the shower it was so tight in the shower with the two of us he was almost hugging me. Feeling his strong muscular hands beginning to work my back I was getting even hotter for him and I could feel my cock swelling into a first class hard-on. I was terrified he knew how I felt about him. I knew I was reacting like some queer over his naked body but he excited the hell out of me. As his hands moved over my body he began working his hand over to my nipples. Then beginning to pinch and work them between his fingers I started moaning with pleasure and then as he pinched and twisted them even when he hurt me I loved it. He knew he was getting me worked and he began moving his hands down my body. As his hands began their trip down o my chest, rubbing tickling and pinching there way down my stomach and finally to my now hard cock.

Bowing my head in shame as his hands reached my hard cock he now knew how excited I was about him. Saying nothing he began to massage my cock saying I had a beautiful piece of meat. As he worked me I could feel his cock rising between my legs. The water just kept flowing over us rinsing us and he bent close and whispered softly into my ear saying, "You are a special kind of guy and someday very soon I'm going to fuck that ass of yours." Before I could say anything he turned facing me and this beautiful hunk of boy pushed me down his hard body. When I was on my knees facing that hard cock of his reaching down he put it on my lips whispering let me became part of you. Gently he began to slide his cock into my mouth. I'd lost all will to resist him because I wanted him so desperately. Holding on to his buns I felt him working his cock deeper into me and down my throat and in my excitement I kept swallowing letting his cock work it way into me. It felt so natural like I belonged there on my knees sucking his cock. Pleased that I took all of him he began sliding his cock in and out of my mouth.

Taking that meat into my mouth I began to tremble in ecstasy. Looking down and winking at me he reached out grabbing my ears and began pumping his body forcing his cock into my mouth at an even faster pace. Then he whispered , " I'm going to cum lover as he sank his cock into me down to his nuts. Holding me tight he began shooting his cum down my throat. My head was spinning and my balls were ready to explode because it had felt so wonderful. Willard then reached down slipping his hands under my arms and pulling me up to my feet. His mouth found mine and forcing his tongue into my mouth our juices mingled. When we separated he told me he loved me that now I belonged to him. I was in ecstasy as he held me and slowing turning me around I could feel his fingers moving to my ass. Murmuring he loved me over and over he bent me over and began pushing a finger into my ass and wiggling it around. It felt so good but when he did it with another and still a third if it felt wonderful to have his fingers pulling and stretching my ass.
I could only imagine what his cock would feel like but I knew I wanted him to fuck me. Then blushing he pulled away saying we better go on our hike before we get caught. We dressed in silence. I was two embarrassed to say anything but just had this stupid smile on my face. We threw a few sandwiches and cokes into his rucksacks and we were off. We cycled out to the edge of town to the place they called Mustone hills after some Indian whore named Princess Mustone. Picking our ways through the brush and trees we climbed the hill where we could stand in this little clearing and look out over the city. As we stood there in the sunlight he turned to me and began unbuttoning my shirt. Then dropping it to the ground he began unfastening the buttons on my jeans. Letting them slide down to my ankles he told me to get all naked he was going to go all the way with me. Pulling off his T off up and slipping out of it he unzipped his jeans letting them slide down to his ankles and kicked free of them. Taking his cock in his hands he began stroking it saying it was time for me to suck him off again. Without any hesitation I dropped to my knees. Looking up I told him I would do any thing he wanted me to do.

Moving close to me and putting his cock on my lips I leaned forward and as my lips slipped around his cock my mouth seemed to be alive. Hot sensations began running through my whole body and sucking his cock was the most important thing in the world to me. As I sucked on his cock my hands began to roam over his hard smooth body and I began getting even hotter. I'd never dreamed sex with another man could be so wonderful I knew it had to be right. Then I felt him tense and I knew he was ready to cum. When he started shooting his load I choked at first. Then as I swallowed more cum I realized how much I loved the sensation of his cock in my mouth. I wanted to just keep sucking him forever I just loved the way he felt in my mouth. Murmuring it felt so good he wanted me to keep doing it. I gladly kept sucking on him but this time my mouth was all slick from his cum and his cock really moved in and out of my mouth like a piston pumping into a cylinder. It was even more wonderful and as I worked his cock he kept rubbing my shoulders like I was his new pet.

Then gently he told me he was going to fuck me to make my body really belong to him. Nodding yes I just kept pumping on his cock eager for him to cum again and when he did I savored it all. This time I licked and sucked on his balls eager to please him. I was really getting off on this sex thing with a man and it was the most wonderful feelings I'd ever had. He moved back and kicking off his sneakers and jeans sat down naked in the grass. He was so beautiful, his brown body laying there all charged up and ready for me. Reaching up and pulling me down into the grass beside him he slipped his hand into his rucksack. Rummaging around for a second he pulled out a towel and some stuff he called KY. I told him I was scared of being fucked but as his finger worked that KY stuff up into my ass it began to feel wonderful. Then when he shoved his second finger in it was even better and then the third finger began working my ass  I new I wanted his cock inside my body. Before I knew what was happening he had my legs over his shoulders and was pushing his cock into my ass. I kept trying to tell him his cock was two big for me but all he did was grin telling me it always hurt to loose your cherry. Pushing a small bottle under my nose he told me to breath deep a couple of times.
My head whirled and spun suddenly I was so hot for him to fuck me I cried out begging him to fuck me I had to have his cock inside me. Suddenly pulling down hard on me I felt this white hot pain in my ass. Before I could even move his cock was all the way in me and grinning he said baby your ass is mine now. Holding the little bottle under my nose and again telling me to breathe that it would make everything feel better for me. He wanted me to just to lay still and let his cock work its magic on my body. As he'd promised in a few minutes I began to get this warm glow deep inside me. When I told him how wonderful he felt inside me he said I was a born to be fuck and pushing my legs higher and began pumping my ass. As he fucked me I kept begging for more Laughing then he said if I wanted more cock he would get his father to fuck me. Giggling I told him he was the only cock I wanted. As he pumped my ass he said his father loved to fuck white boys and he would love fucking my ass before long. Suddenly pulling me tight o him I felt his hot cum pumping into me. Bending me over like a pretzel he told me he was never going to get enough my ass. Then telling me now that he had my cherry we were going to have lots of great times together. From now on I was now his private piece of ass.

Giving me a big wet kiss he warned me if he ever caught me with anyone else he would beat the shit out of me because I was his property now. Then I could feel him getting hot and hard deep up my ass and he began to fuck me again. As he drove his cock into me I made fun of him saying, " Iss yours maaster Iss  your property now bossman, Iss belonged to you." We both laughed then at the joke but getting serious he told me he really meant it, I was his property and I'd better never forget it. Willard was my lover all of our senior year and I became his bitch in every sense of the word. He expected me to come to him everyday now to let him fuck me. Only when he was traveling with the team for out of state games I couldn't be with him to service him. Those nights when I was away from him I lay in bed crying because I craved his cock so badly. Most of that winter we managed to get together almost every afternoon after school at his house. I'd now become a slave to his cock.  His cock was like a drug that I couldn't live without. Sometimes when we were short of time he would only screw me once and then I would blow him.

He'd become most affectionate with me calling me his 'special buddy.' When I ask if I could screw him he said he wasn't that kind of boy. Then taking my hand he taught me to beat off and catch my cum in my hand and lick it into my mouth to relieve myself. He seemed to love watching me do myself like that. I began to do this a lot now when I was alone without him. With spring coming the school was looking forward to the spring break. That was when Willard asked me if I wanted to go with him and his father up the cottage to open it up for the season. Hugging him I told him I would go anywhere to be with him. That next night Willard's father came over to talk to my mother about taking me with them to his cottage. Mr. Jason was explaining to her we would be staying at the cottage for about two weeks. She loved the idea and it was all settled then. Mother told me I could go with them saying it would be a great experience for me. After they left Mom gave me that lecture telling me to do everything to make myself useful. To learn how to be a real man from that nice Mr. Jason.  I thought if she only knew. When the time came for us to leave Mother was on the porch as I loaded my stuff into Mr. Jason's RV. I was seated between the two of them. Leaning across Mr. Jason I waved goodbye to mother I could feel him kissing the back of my head ever so softly. As Mr. Jason pulled away Willard's hand moved toward my cock.

Trying to push Willard's hand away I whispered his father would see us. All he said was his father didn't mind if we played around in the car. With that Willard took my hand and pulling it over to his crotch and began to rub his hard cock with it. Giggling he told me I hadn't sucked him off since last night and it was time to do him. I didn't know what to do with him talking like that in front of his father. Hearing us talking that's when Mr. Jason suggested I just slip of my shorts and T shirt and get naked. Then I could slide down on the floor between Willard's legs and suck him off. Then looking over to me he reached for my cock giving it a squeeze telling me Willard had told him all about what a good bitch I was. He was looking forward to finding out for himself and after I sucked Willard's cock off I could do his. He knew the three of us were going to have a lot of fun together these next two weeks.

Somehow instead of being hurt or embarrassed I got more excited about my sucking Willard off with his father watching us. Now naked I slid down on the floor and turning began to unzip Willard's jeans pulling them down. As I went down on him I could hear his father telling Willard I was a splendid cocksucker, just like he'd said I was. Looking up and blushing like a kid caught stealing cookies I told them I would do anything they wanted. He began moving the seat back and fumbling with his zipper he said it was time to do him now. Moving over between his legs I went down on that enormous black cock of his and sucked him for all I was worth. He was even better than Willard and when he shot his load it was almost like lunch. As we drove I stayed naked kneeling between them the rest of the morning sliding back and forth sucking them off. It was around noon when we pulled into a little hamburger house and Will ran in and pick us up some carry out and we had our lunch in the car.

Ever since I'd become Willard's bitch I had lay awake many nights wondering how it would feel to make love to two men.  Now I was finding out and I liked it, it was wonderful. When we pulled back onto the highway Willard told me we were about two miles from their cottage. Looking down at the gas gage he told his father he'd better stop at Bobby's place and get some gas before we got to the cottage. Looking at me Mr. Jason asked if I would be willing to suck off other men if he asked me to. Looking up into his handsome face I told him I would do anything Willard told me to.   I belonged to him now.  Nodding his head in agreement Mr. Jason said it was good that we all understand one another. Pulling into this dingy little independent station he parked by the full service pump. When I saw the man coming toward us I tried to reach for my clothes to cover myself. Mr. Jason told me to relax that Bobby was one of the boys. This big black stud leaned in asking Mr. Jason what he needed today. Then seeing me kneeling there naked he chuckled saying it looked like he had everything he needed.

Mr. Jason then told Bobby to fill the tank and cleaned our windows.  Finishing up with a big smile told us to have a good week. Then as an after thought he looked down at me and asked if wanted to suck that guy off. When I said I would love another cock to suck he pulled a U turn in the station driveway and pulled back to the pumps. Bobby came back asking if we'd forgotten something. Mr. Jason giggled saying his little naked friend wanted his black cock up his ass asking if he have the time to service him? I was mortified. Grinning Bobby opened the passenger door and reaching in pulled me out. We made a strange looking procession as we went into the stationhouse. A black man and boy dressed in shorts, a black man in coveralls and a naked white boy all trooping into the stationhouse. As soon as we were inside Bobby shed his coveralls. Coming to me and pushing me down on my knees he put his cock to my lips muttering eat me white boy. As his cock slid into my mouth I began getting hotter than hell. Chuckling Mr. Jason told Willard that there little protégée liked getting a lot of cock. As they stood watching they told me to give Bobby a real treat. As that big black cock slid into me and he began pumping and holding my head  drove his cock into me right up to his nuts. I would have never believed I could have taken a cock that big. That's when Willard spoke up saying I was getting to be a better cocksucker everyday.

 My hands seemed to go automatically to his ass and help him shove his cock down my throat. When I felt him tense I knew he was ready to shoot. Pulling him deep into me he filled me with his cum.  Then milking his cock for the last few drops of cum Willard applauded my performance. I was pleased he was proud of me. As he held my head keeping me down on his cock Bobby asked Mr. Jason if he wanted to fuck my ass. Mr. J. nodded telling him to do anything he felt like doing. Lifting me up and laying me on my back on the desk he held my legs up he began his entry into my ass. He was big but he was  wonderful. I could see in the reflection of the windows that black stud pumping my ass as my two lovers stood smiling and watching. When he'd satisfied his lust he withdrew and coming around pushed his cock into my mouth telling me to clean him up. As I was licking and sucking at that huge black cock a white guy who'd just pulled up and came looking for an attendant.  He was standing at the door watching all that was going on. All he said was how much does the kid charge for a piece of ass and handing a twenty to Mr. Jason he unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock. Rolling me over on my stomach he stepped between my legs and proceeded to fuck the shit out of me. Moaning he told me there was nothing he loved more than sloppy seconds. He was really a wild buck and when he had finished with I really knew I'd been fucked.

When he was finished I in a dazed as they led me back to the RV. As we pulled out of the station I could see Bobby standing naked in the doorway waving. Willard told me to stay on the floor naked that we would be to the cabin soon and passed those little stores and there was no need for me to dress. Sitting there I could still taste that black boys cock in my mouth. I began to remember how wonderful it was when I was sucking him off. Mr. Jason slowed the RV and turning off of the road pulled up to a cluster of small cottages in the woods. They were set off just a few yards from the highway. We all got out and walked toward the small little building. Once inside I could see all there was in the room was a big round bed, an open bathroom with an old style a toilet and a sink. Standing next to the toilet was an old kitchen stove. Chuckling Willard said this was where they came for their parties and it was furnished just for screwing. Taking my hand and leading me to the big round bed Mr. Jason said he'd been lusting after my ass ever since he'd seen me last summer. Now it was time for him to get his fuck now. Beginning to strip saying we would have our party before the boys saw our lights and started stopping by. I was excited as I looked at his huge cock and that hard ebony body of his. He was even bigger than Willard was but he wasn't as big as that black guy at the filling station had been.

Looking at those two beautiful black bodies I had everything I could ask for. Willard moved forward and crawling up on my chest he began feeding me his cock. As my mouth worked on his cock I could feel his fathers fingers working something cold and slick up my ass. Then I felt his cock pushing into me. I thought I would faint from the excitement and pleasure of all of but they kept me propped up working my body with their cocks. All that afternoon they worked me over with their hard cocks and the more they fucked me the better it felt. I had Mr. Jason's cock working my ass and Willard's cock pumping my throat with his cock until all I could do was lay there begging them for more. Then he squatted over my face as spreading his cheeks told me to fuck him with my tongue. Hungrily I lashed out working his ass and when he moved away I begged for Willard's ass to suck.  He moved over me and began by letting me lick and suck his balls then  finally moving and spreading his cheeks I consumed his ass. Finally spent we all lay there to rest for a few minutes. We all drifted off to asleep exhausted from our lovemaking. It must have been hours later when I woke and felt them both laying naked on either side of me asleep.

Closing my eyes again as I drifted off to sleep I'd accepted the simple fact that my body belonged to them now. When I awoke Mr. Jason was standing grinning down at me.  We then all put on shorts and popped into the car to pick up some breakfast. Mr. Mason laughed on the way down to the Burger Barn saying he was a lover not a cook. Then reaching over and groping me and chuckling said I was really there little whore now. Willis ran in and picked up our orders and we were off back to the cottage. We stopped once for him to chat with a couple of guys he knew that were walking by the side of the road. As they leaned down and looked in Mr. Jason pointed over to me saying he and his boy were breaking me in as their new whore. If they or any of their buddies wanted a little white ass they could stop by the cottage anytime in the next two weeks. Looking at those two with their big grins I was excited at the thought of getting back to the cottage and getting more cock. Wolfing down our food I was naked and on the bed waiting for them when we heard them knocking at the door. As Mr. Jason brought them over to me he was telling Willard he'd made a damn good choice of picking out a whore to service them. Spreading my legs I welcomed the big one called Jack into my ass. As he worked his way into me and started pumping my ass the other man one they called Frank moved up to my face and began to stuff his cock into my mouth.

As I serviced them all I could think of was they all were mine. It went like that for the following two weeks. My days and nights were as one, I never dressed now, and I stayed in bed most of the time letting all my men fuck me. I had long ago lost count of how many cocks I'd taken into my body. Sometimes when Mr. Jason would take the car to get supplies he would bring someone back with him. Then it was party time all over again. My biggest surprise was when Willard brought back Bobby that black station attendant saying he'd forgotten his money and Bobby had settled for a tank of gas if I would let him screw Timmy again. Mr. Jason and Will got real excited as they watched him work me over again. As he was leaving he asked if he could bring a few of his buddies over for a fuck. Mr. Jason said it was a done deal if he could video tape them screwing me. Taking only a second to think about it he said sure if he could get a copy of the tape. That next night I worked for gasoline. I am proud to say I was worth twelve tanks of gas. It was over all to soon and we were on the drive back to town. I was almost disappointed when it was time to leave. I'd really loved it all.

It seemed like a long drive back to the city. My only consolation was kneeling on the floor blowing my studs until we got to close to the city limits and I had to stop and get dressed. When they let me out at my house as I was getting my bags out Mr. J said he expected me at his house every night after school to service them. If I was a good boy then he would ask my mother if I could spend the summer with them at the cottage. Blushing in anticipation I said I would do anything to be with them. Somehow now school seemed so different, the world seemed different and I knew I was different. We finally graduated and it was all the celebrations and partying graduations were supposed to be. Mr. Jason had taken my mother and it almost looked like a family. I was even more surprised when he took her to dinner later. Will and I went back to his house and made love and talked about spending our summer at the cottage.
Willard began talking about his going to college. He'd decided that he was going to stay in town and go to the extenuation to work for his degree. That way he would be able to stay and live at home with me and his father instead of going away to school.  He'd decided I could tutor him with his homework as well as service him. I went home late that night and was surprised to find mother sitting up waiting for me. Smiling she ask if Willard and I had a good time. When I said we both really enjoyed ourselves but I was really glad to be finished with school. She began telling me Mr. Jason had asked her if I could spend the summer with them at their cottage until I'd made up my mind about if I was going to collage or finding a job. She thought that was a splendid idea. He had even suggested I might live with them and attend the same school Willis was planning on going to. Going on she said  she'd been offered a transfer to California with her boss.  I had to giggly thinking her putting out sure paid off.  She went on to say Mr. Jason had offered to let me stay with them when she sold the house and moved. She said it was time now that I was fully grown for her to begin her new life.

She said she had had offered to pay him for my room and board Mr. Jason said I almost earned my own way just in my companionship and tutoring his son.  I had to think that she wasn't the only one that could get a head letting someone fuck them.  It was decided the between us then that you would go live with him and I could put the house up for sale. I was amazed at how fast things moved after that.  I sat there on the porch watching them carry out all the things I was familiar with it seemed like I was loosing my past. Soon it was time to say goodbye to my mother. She had decided to drive our Buick out to California herself. It seemed strange as I watched her pulling away. I carried my luggage over to Willard house. Mr. Jason met me at the door and told me to put my stuff in the basement that I wouldn't be needing my clothes for a long time. He had something new for me to wear. Then saying my new duties would be sleeping with them and servicing them and their friends like I had done at the cottage.

Smiling that wonderful smile of his all he said was "Timmy Allen you belong to us now and you will learn to serve us and our friends and we will give your body to whoever we tell you to". Then he ordered me to strip. When I was naked he handed me a leather collar telling me that was what all  slaves wore.  I knew I belong to him and Willard but I didn't expect this. I also knew I never wanted to leave them.  If this was what I needed to do then I would stay naked and wear his collar. Getting on my knees all I could say was yes. Lifting my head he smiled saying from now on you address me as master or sir. We drove up to the cottage that next week and I was wearing my new uniform, a pair of leather shorts, leather sandals and my collar.

When we stopped for gas my black stud was there again. Looking in at me sitting there in shorts and collar he smiled asking Mr. Jason if I was going to be available for fucking this summer and if he wanted to pay for the gas with cash or his boy. When he nodded yes to take it out in trade I slid out of the car and followed Bobby into the office. Slipping out of my shorts and leaning over the desk and spreading my legs I eagerly waited for him to fuck me. Willard appeared as Bobby was ready to screw me and said his dad wanted to know if we could get some new tires for the car.  Smiling Bobby told Willard to drive it into one of the stalls and tell the boys to put four of there best Michelin tires on it then come into the office for a gang bang. Then looking up he said I assume you wanted to pay with his ass?
While they worked on the car I spent my afternoon spread eagle on the desk while the boys took turns with me. We heard the buzzer and when another man stopped for gas. Seeing no one around he came into the station. Standing there watching as the five blacks took turns fucking me he asked how much I was charging. Then laying a fifty dollar bill on the counter he began unzipping his pants and mounted me as soon as one of the blacks pulled out of my ass. We kept getting drive-ins and when it was all over I'd made my master about a thousand dollars. When Bobby and his boys had finished with me I crawled off the desk. Willard, his dad and I headed for the RV. to go to the cottage. As I got in I handed Mr. Jason the all the money and he smiled saying, "Timmy your going to be a damn valuable piece of property for us". As we pulled away he told me I would be very happy serving them. They would see to it I got all the cock I needed to keep me happy. Bowing my head I said "Thank you master."  I knew my duties and I knew my place now.



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