Boy by Nathan Harvey

Sammy had worked at Dads station for as long as I could remember and he was the first Black man I ever knew. He as always there when I wanted to talk to him about things I couldn't talk to my father about.  Sammy had always been there for me and I thought of him as family. It was when I was nineteen and had started working at the station I realize what I felt for Sammy was more than just friendship. I longed to just hug him again and feel his strong body pressing next to mine like when I was a little boy. All I knew was I loved him.  It wasn't until years later that I finally realized when I'd been out that I began putting things together.  I suppose they was I found out I was gay was like most kids find out. It was after school one day when Butch Warren the big tough at school said he had something he wanted to show me and did he ever!  We went to his house and he took me up to his bedroom.  That was when he pulled his hard cock out and told me to suck him off or he'd beat the shit out of me.

Butch kept telling me how hot he was and how much I was going to like sucking him off saying he'd been watching looking at his cock in gym class and  he knew I wanted him.  Then telling me it would be our secret I finally got down on my knees putting his cock into my mouth.  He said he knew I was going to like sucking his dick and really it wasn't bad at all.  In fact I liked way he tasted and as I began sucking on his cock I could taste his cum seeping out.  Now that he had me on my knees blowing him he got real  excited and putting his hands on my head and really began pumping it to me.  I'd beat off enough to know that he was getting ready to cum but I kept sucking.  I had eaten my cum often enough and now I wanted to taste his.

Bending his knees he began warning me he was going to cum and when I hung on to him sucking like mad when he began to shoot he was shocked at my swallowing everything he was shooting into me.  Then smiling he called me a real boss cock sucker. Grinning as he pulled his cock out of my mouth he told me we were going to become real good buddies.  As he had promised   he began coming after me three sometimes four times a week.  It was about a month later he and a couple of his friends met me out side of school and I knew right away he had told them I sucked his cock.  Still and all I was really kind of glad it all was out in the open and went along with him to his house knowing what I was going to do.  When we were all in his room and I was sucking them off  the door flew open and his father was standing there.

The first words out of his fathers mouth were, "What the hell are you kids up to?."  And then when he saw me on my knees with a cock in my mouth he knew damn well what was gong on, I was blowing them all. Grunting and saying he was surprised but if they were going to have sex with a fagot do it right. Pushing in he told them to strip.  He stood there watching as they began to strip.  Coming over to me he then stood and began to strip saying he could use a little sex.  Looking down at me he said first thing I was going to learn was how to take it up the ass.  Trying to get away he held me down and telling his son to get the Vaseline  he began greasing himself up.  As they ass stood around and watched he shoved his fingers up my ass.

 Chuckling he announced to the boys he was going to get my cherry.  Then putting his cock to my ass he gave a push.  When started screaming he told one of the boys to shove a cock into my mouth. No sooner had they gagged me with a cock then he rammed himself into my ass. At his instruction they both began pumping their cocks into me.  The more I fought him the harder he fucked me until finally I just kneeled there taking his cock up my ass.
The more he fucked me the looser I began getting and finally it began feeling better.   When he shot his load up my ass he told the boys he had greased the skids and it was time they learned how to break in a fagot right.  On by one they took there turns screwing me until finally I was pushing back and squeezing their dicks with my ass trying to give them a good fuck. They all knew after that day I was there's to fuck whenever they wanted me.

Best of all I started going to Butches house for all nighters with his father. The boys were good but his father was great. He was the one that taught me  everything I knew and even once he took me to his poker night to do his buddies. It was when I'd started working at the station and Sammy was teaching me how to weld. I was standing there holding the torch and he came up in back of me putting his arms around me and reached around to steady my hands on the piece. When I felt his strong body against mine I damn near dropped the torch when I felt his arms around me.  Pushing back just a little I could feel that huge cock of his pressing into my ass.  Somehow I managed to finish the weld and cut the torch off.  Sammy quickly pulled away but I he'd felt his hard cock of his pressing against my ass. I knew then he felt like I did.  Turning quickly and giving him a big kiss on the lips I told him I loved him

Pushing me away he called me a foolish white boy. I didn't know why he was afraid of me, I loved him but after that he seemed cold to me.  It wasn't long after that one afternoon when I came in he was gone. When I ask Dad he said that Sammy had decided it was time to move on and he left without a forwarding address. I was hurt because I now realized how much I loved that black man.  I wanted him to make love to me.  Sammy had been with dad for years and he always said he was one of the best workers dad had ever had.  That was when I told dad that I was the reason that Sammy had quit.  When he began to ask why I told him how I felt about Sammy, of how I had felt when he put his arms around me and how he had responded.  Stammering I looked down and telling him I was gay.  Dad then asked if I knew that Sammy was a homosexual. He was afraid of getting involved with his bosses white son.

Smiling Dad told me as for knowing I was gay, he'd know that for years but was waiting for me to tell him. Well now that it was all out in the open I felt this great sense of freedom.  Dad then told me if I wanted to find Sammy and bring him back here he wanted him back. He would even make him a partner because when he left a lot of there business left.  They had lost a lot of their Black customers and all of the Gay ones. His coming back was just good business.  Hearing that I really began asking around to see if I could find out where he was working.  I knew this one black gay stud that always came in to our station for gas and I thought he would be a good place to start to find out where Sammy was working now. This guy always came in around closing and I wasn't surprised  that Wednesday night as I was shutting down the station that he pulled in. Jamul ask if it was two late to get a fill up.

Shaking my head it was never two late for him I began  unlocked the pump and filling his tank.  As I pumped his gas I told him I needed a favor from him.  Crawling out of his Van he came back asking what the little princess wanted from him.  I asked if he could check around and find out where Sammy was working.  Grinning at me and moving his hand to his crotch he said only if it was worth his time. Looking at him I knew what he wanted.  Every gay man in town knew he was one a hot black stud since he'd fucked most of them.  He had approached me many times in the bar trying to pick me up but I just wasn't into dark meat then.  About that time the pump stopped and pulling the nozzle out and racking it I had time to consider his proposition.  Moving close to Jamul and reaching over and feeling him up I told him I would do anything if he would help me to get Sammy's address.

In a playful mood he said if I would party with him and his buddy if he would  get Sammy's address for me. Reaching over to me and unzipping my coveralls and reaching in groping me he asked if we had a deal. As his hands played with my cock I moved closer to him  promising him anything he wanted if he would get Sammy address for me.  Chuckling he said I must really have the hots for the guy. Jamul told me to finish locking up and come with him.  Then as an afterthought he told me to plan on staying the night.  Closing up the station he had the van door open telling me to get in. Crawling into the van his buddy told me to strip that he wanted to see what he was fucking tonight.  Looking at that black stud I knew it this was going to be one wild night.  As I started stripping I heard Jamul call back telling them he was going to be the first to fuck me tonight. That was when Jeremy asked if they could at least get a blowjob. Jamul began laughing saying to go ahead and get his nuts off as long as he stayed out of my ass.

Dropping to my knees when I heard him I took his cock into my mouth. I always knew black buys were big but he was wonderful.  Working more and more of him into my throat he let out a cry saying they had one hot mama here. He was big but he was good, now I knew why all the guys at the bar had tricked out with him.  He had a cock that just wouldn't quit and I wasn't about to either.  I kept working him until I managed to get him all down my throat and then began giving him that throat action my boys always loved. I had him now spread-eagle on the floor of the van begging for more.  If there was one thing I learned from Butch and his father it was how to pleasure a man.  Reaching around and shoving my fingers up his ass and working his prostrate with one hand I began massaging his nuts with the other as I sucked his cock deep into my throat.  He was so hot now that when his nuts exploded into me he was crying in ecstasy. Pulling out of his ass then and sitting up he lay there two limp to move.

If I do say so myself I gave the black bastard a run for his money and he was mine now.  About then we pulled up to this rundown house in jig town and Jamul said we were home.  Reaching for my clothes he said he would pull into the garage and we could o into the house from there.   Jeremy crawled up telling Jamul he wanted to fuck me bad that if my ass was anything like my mouth he would pay me.  Jamul just laughed telling us to follow him. He didn't bother to turn on any lights until we got to the bedroom,  then all he did was light a couple of candles. Moving directly to the bed I lay there as he undressed.  He kept staring at me saying I was one bitchen good looking white boy.  Grinning at him I reminded him he was getting my ass in return for Sammy. Crawling into bed as Jamul watched he lay on top of me asking me if I kissed 'Niggers.'  Pulling him closer to my lips I said I kiss beautiful black men. When our lips touched his tongue sank into my mouth and opening wide sucked his tongue deep into my throat.

It was electric between us and I could feel that giant black cock of his  pressing into my stomach.  Spreading my legs as his tongue worked my mouth I reached down guiding his cock into my ass. As he began drawing me up shoving his cock into me I relaxed feeling him stretching my ass wide open.  He was one damn grand stud and I wanted all of him. When he was seated he moaned a little and rearing up began pumping like a bitch in heat.  About then Jeremy came around to my head and straddling my face began to slip his cock into my mouth.  Looking up all I could see were those black bodies humping and pumping me. It was sure obvious these boys  didn't like to be hurried when they were fucking a white boy. When they did get if off all they did was to change places and being all over again. It was dawn before they finally crawled off of me.

True to his work Jamul gave me the address where Sammy was working.
 I knew the station and it was in one rough neighborhood. It was that next week I told dad I was going to bring Sammy back and he just laughed saying he would be glad to have him back and for me to do whatever I had to do to convince him to come back. Smiling I asked, "Anything" and he just nodded yes and looked down two ashamed to admit he'd let a black man fuck his son just to get him to work for him. I decided to drive over to the station to beg Sammy to come back.  All I can say was when I did confront him he made it clear he wanted nothing to do with me. Leaving to the laughter and jeers of the other employees I began to plan on how to get him to come back to the station, or at least to me.

Going back to the station I did all those things that I had to do.  First it was the books, and then I had some tune-ups on some ladies car.  Between that and pumping gas at the full service pump I was bushed when the day was over.  Stopping home to take a quick shower and grab a bite I knew I had to get over to Jamul's house before he went cruising.  Pulling into his driveway the garage door was open and I could see his van.  Good, at least he was home and slipping into the garage I lowered the door and began stripping.  Then knocking on the kitchen door by the time he opened the door I was ready for him standing there naked.  Standing there my head bowed I told him I needed another favor. Stepping out he asked how bad I needed this favor. Slipping to my knees I told him I would do anything if he would help me.

Pulling me up to my felt then he said tonight I was going to work my ass off.  Pushing me through the door I was now standing there naked in front of this table full of black men playing cards.  Jamul introduced me as his white whore and told them I was going to entertain them tonight. Pushing me under the table I saw them all stand pushing there pants to there ankles.  I knew the drill and crawling between the first ones legs I began blowing him. As soon as I got him off I moved to the next one.  By the time I worked my way around to Jamul he was more than ready for me. I was surprised when after blowing all of them the party began breaking up. Then as they stood they began stripping saying they wanted my ass. Jamul led me into the bedroom and as I sprawled out on the bed I took them one at a time until they all had their piece of ass.

When the last of them left Jamul asked what I needed.  That was when I told him I'd driven over to where Sammy was working and he wouldn't even see me.  He sat there a minuet and then picking up the phone called Sammy. After a little laughing and whispering he told me to go out and get into the van.  Standing and zipping up he told me to stay naked that he had just sold my ass to my buddy.  Sammy thought he was paying for a white boy whore to fuck tonight. We were going over to the station and he would be there waiting for me.  I didn't know what to expect but crouching down in the front seat I watched as we wheeled through town.  Puling into the station he beeped the horn and the big service door went up. It was hard to see because all the lights were out.  Then slowly as my eyes became accustomed to the darkness I saw this black man standing there. I could see it was Sammy, dressed only in that stupid cap and completely naked.  He was hard and he was big ready to fuck that white whore Jamul had promised him.

Jamul was first out of the van and coming around opened my door telling me to follow him.  All Sammy could see was Jamul and this white naked kid following behind him.  He was telling him that he was going to like this Bitch because he was hot for black cock.  As we got closer then I stepped around in front of Jamul slipping to my knees I surrendered myself to Sammy. I knew I had him now, he was two hot not to fuck me.  Still on my knees and moving into his crotch I took that wonderful tool into my mouth.  I was going to make him want me. He moaned he left because he though I was two good for him and now I was nothing but a whore.  I took just a few seconds until I had him pumping me like a wild man. He had no sooner shot his wad than he was pushing me to my knees to fuck me.  As I welcomed him into my body Jamul came around and shoved his cock into my mouth. Suddenly with a growl Sammy called me a bitch and began slamming his cock into me as hard as he could saying you wanna be my boy fagot then take my cock you bastard?

Then Sammy looked up telling Jamul to get his nuts off if he wanted to fuck his new boy. When it was all over Sammy told me to get into his car, that he was taking me home now.  It was then I asked him if he was coming back to work for my Dad.  Grinning he said he supposed he would half to keep an eye on me.  When we arrived at Sammy' house he led me in telling me this was my new home now. That night I learned what it meant to belong to a black man I learned how to serve my master. I learned that I would be wearing his collar now as long as I served him.  Sitting next to him dressed in a pair of his old coveralls we stopped by to get my car and change into my clothes.  As I pulled on my skivvies he pulled them off of me saying all I needed was my jeans and shirt.  Then taking his knife he began ripping and tearing my jeans.  Throwing them at me he said his boy had to show the world what he had.

It was when we pulled into Dads station that he broke out into this smile when he saw Sammy pulling in behind me.  Running out he gave him a big hung saying he was so glad to see him.  Than looking at me I nodded saying I was Sammy boy now.  Then what Dad did next surprised both of us,  leaning over and giving Sammy a kiss he welcome him to the family. Dad more than understood what I was and why Sammy was back.  From the first customer that pulled in and saw Sammy things began changing for us.  Business was never better, now we were getting the black trade as well as the gay trade.  Sammy and I had even become an accepted sight at the gay bar.  Everyone knew now that I was his boy and not to fool with me.  I had found the love of my life and he knew I was his.



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