Yard Boy by Nathan Harvey

The drive back from Indianapolis was a long boring trip and I was getting weary from the monotony of the road.  I enjoyed these business trips a lot more in the past when I could check the roadside rest stops for a quick head job. Since Indiana had closed all their roadside johns there was little reason to cruse its rest stops anymore.  Even now just thinking about a good blowjob was making me horny as hell.  Massaging my nuts gave me a little relief but I just had to get my nuts off.  At the crest of the hill I began reducing speed to check out an interesting looking abandoned rest stop. Pulling into the parking lot I could see the only other vehicle there was a dump truck parked at the far end.  There was little activity in the park, just a big black maintenance man clearing trash.  Parking in front of the shack and locking my car I began stretching my legs to get a little circulation going. Lumbering around the remains of the outhouse I decided to go in to check out the inside.  The structure was in shambles but you could still see that it had been a two-holed shithouse.  Now there were barely four partial walls and just a suggestion of a roof of left on the structure.

The building was something like a stage setting or a moving picture prop.  Dropping my jeans I managed to sit on the remaining piece of the shelf to take a shit.  I began thinking of all the good times I'd had at roadside stops like this one in my teenage years.  What a shame that was all gone now--the young gays don't know what there missing today.  These outhouses were like drive-in meat markets in there day but of course that was before Aids.   Finishing my business I fished around in my pocket for some Kleenex to wipe my ass.  Thinking of all that cock  I'd had in a place like this made me horny and hard.  I delighted in fondling my meat and watching it spring into action.  It never failed me, I was always ready to pop when I got the chance.  As I stroked my meat I remembered all the good times I'd in these rest stops.  Some nights there was a waiting line of horny men waiting to be serviced.   Close to climax now and crouching into a hunched position I began shooting my load in the air and on the floor.  It felt extravagant just getting off-Chuckling I though I could still shoot a damn good load.

Suddenly hearing a sound behind me.  Turning quickly I spotted someone peering in watching my brief sexual moment.  Straightening up fumbling and pulling my cock into place I tried to look normal.  Then I heard this soft laughter and a second later this handsome black face appeared in the doorway.  In a low slow voice he whispered, "Shit man I was just looking for a little relief too.  Can you help me white boy?  My balls are about ready to blow from all that bouncing around in my truck".  Standing there with his coveralls unzipped I could see all that black kinky hair running of his running the length of the zipper.  It was obvious he had nothing on underneath those coveralls.  Then taking a step forward and shrugging his shoulders, he let his coveralls drop and slide down to his heavy work boots exposing a godlike body.  Those slim hips of his were graced by an enormous cock springing from huge hairy balls.  Again with a louder voice he said he needed to be serviced.  I lost it, my heart leaped and my eyes smarted as my gaze traveled down that fur-covered chest following that trail of kinky hair leading to his enormous cock.  Mesmerized by his cocks huge head glistening with pre cum as he stroked his cock with that massive Black Hand I wanted that meat.

Without a second thought letting my jeans drop and sinking to my knees in submission I was eager to service that ebony tool.  Advancing swiftly he shoveled that enormous drooling cockshead into my hungry mouth.  Grabbing his firm asscheeks I thrilled at the touch of his fur-covered loins and pulled him forward rammed his tool down my throat as far as I could take it.  My passion was heightened as my nostrils were filled with the earthy scent of this man.  Struggling and swallowing, I choked down that enormous rod until finally my face nestled in his coarse pelt of pubic hair.   In seconds I was rewarded with a giant load of cum  pouring down my throat. With his cum still leaking from my lips and his cock still hard he began to facefuck me.  Now reaching down and grabbing my head he would withdraw then plunge deep his cock deep into my throat until we almost became one.  This time now it was with slow deliberate movements as his organ pulsed and reached to the very debts of my throat.  Then I could feel his balls stiffened and he again began filling me with his warm, sweet nectar.  Swallowing I continued to suck until I had the last of his cum and his tool began to soften.

Smiling down at me he slowly withdrew his cock from my mouth and helped me to my feet.  Pulling a pack of smokes from his pocket he lit two and offered me one.  He leaned back against the wall we puffed on the smokes and relaxed.  He stood there naked and beautiful, his coveralls at rest around his ankles.  As I watched  his cock beginning to stiffen again and he was primed for action. This man was a sex machine and I wanted to be his service man. As I began to kneel he grasped my shoulders and began lifting and turning me until his cock was probing my ass.  Softly he said he wanted something different this time--he wanted my ass.  Spitting now on his cockshead and wetting it he slowly he began invading my ass.  Crying out  that he was too big my hot desire for his cock overcame my caution and I surrendered to his desires.  Then he shoved an open bottle of poppers under my nose telling me that it would help me relax me and let him in.  Breathing deeply and becoming dizzy desire inflamed my mind.  Suddenly my ass seemed to grow hot and hungry for his cock.  I wanted it all and when I started pushing back on his organ he began thrusting forward. All I wanted now was my ass to consume his cock.  Pain and pleasure were ripping through my body as he kept inching deeper into my body.

 I was obsessed with lust now and wanted him to fill my ass with everything he had.  Begging for more cock and crying out in pain and pleasure he again pushed the poppers under my nose. Now my ass began accommodating his giant joystick. He kept moving forward pushing me into the wall.  Then  straightening his body his cock plunged deep up my ass lifting my feet.  I was hanging off the floor suspended on his meat like some rag on a clothing hook.  Placing his huge his hands on my hips then he began slowly jacking himself off with my ass.  Dangling on his tool I was forced to lean forward to steady myself against the fire stops of the shed as he worked my body.  He kept thrusting me on that rocket and sliding me up and down his shaft. I hung there becoming an extension of his body my every movement completely under his control.  After a long and delicious reaming with one grand thrust he implanted his entire organ deep into my hungry ass unloading his passions in violent spurts.  Gasping as he came I wanted him to stay in me forever.   I had never been fucked so completely and felt that I would never again be so fulfilled.

 Lifting me down from his hanger I turned and covered him with kisses again dropping to my knees to surrender to his manhood.   Laughing he said, "Glad you like my cock Kevin you've got a great ass and I'll screw you any time you want it, I always wanted to get into your pants." I froze, shocked, this black Adonis knew me.  Turning and looking into his face, I began to remember that we had known each other long ago.  He was that young stud of a boy that did my parent's yard.  I was just a small boy but I remember how he looked when he peeled off his shirt and cut our yard, his young firm body would be shiny with perspiration and I would have giving anything to see him naked.   I would lie in bed at night pretending he was with me naked and I was his slave and he would rape me.  I fantasized about him for years long after he had stop doing our yard.  Man had he changed a lot!  He was now a strapping brute, hairy and divine.  His body was covered with course, wire like, black, curly hair and he was REALLY hung.  His clean, full features, that wonderful fur covered body made me want to worship him.  I could fall in love with him anytime.  Then my Adonis knelt and pulling me close to him engulfed my rod in his moist mouth.  As he pumped my tool I could run my hands over that classic head and face of his and across his massive fur covered shoulders and back.  Then in wild passionate strokes I drove my meat deep into his mouth and felt my passions drain from my body and then I went limp.  He held my cock in his mouth sucking me dry and then standing put his mouth on mine for a passionate kiss.  We could taste our body fluids mixing with our saliva and I felt complete.

 Slowly dressing we went out for another smoke not wanting that magic moment to be over. It was getting dark and now it was hard to make out his face or that wonderful body.  Exchanging phone numbers, we were surprised we lived in the same town.  We promised to call and faithfully promised to meet again and we both drove off in separate directions.  As I pulled from the lot I felt it was a shame but in a few days my wonderful afternoon of passion would be nothing but a hot memory-- roadside affairs never go anywhere.  All the way home I could feel my ass yearning for my chocolate soldier.  It would be hard to forget that sensational cock reaming me, perhaps this time it would be more than a hot memory.  I had never been so possessed in my life. It was a long slow drive back as I relived that wonderful memory.

I lay in bed reminiscing about my wonderful black Adonis that I had surrendered my body to at that Indiana rest stop.   I'd never given myself so completely to anyone and now this black man filled my thoughts constantly. We had exchanged phone numbers when we'd found we lived in the same town.  We had promised to call and faithfully promised to meet again and we both drove off in separate directions.  Then it happened, early Tuesday morning my bear man called-he wanted me to come to visit Saturday, telling me he wanted me again.  He had something special planned for me. I ask if there was anything I should bring.  Laughing in that low husky voice he said I was equipped with everything he wanted.  Before I could move from the phone it rang again and my bear man told me to count on spending the weekend.  I was now in heaven.

Unsure of his neighborhood and uncomfortable with that part of town, I managed to arrive just after two O'clock.  His apartment was located over an old used furniture store and had its own parking spot.  Climbing the back stairs I looked for a bell, finding none I knocked.  The door opened a crack and then swung wide, smiling my black Adonis welcomed me in.  I was eager to see him again and thrilled he was dressed for pleasure.  He had on a leather biker hat that covered his black curly hair, leather straps accentuated by silver rings that emphasized his thick hairy chest and a leather strap leading down to a large cockring around his erect proud meat.  He told me that he had bought his outfit especially for me, then grabbing my hand he said he had selected some leather especially for.  Slowly stripping me naked and leading me to the bathroom he gave me a jar of cream telling me to lather my body with it and rinse off in the shower to prepare my body for my leather.  The cream felt refreshing and tingling, and further enhanced the anticipation of having his body.  Then slipping under the water I began to rinse.   I was shocked when my body hair began to slip away.  Drying off I stood looking in the bathroom mirror speechless as my white, naked, hairless body looked back at me.  Getting over the initial shock I admired my smooth chest, my long slim arms and legs--even my seven-inch cock looked longer without my body hair.  My black Adonis was making me his very own.

Seeing our reflections together in the mirror I realize we belonged together.  He was strong black and manly, covered with coarse kinky hair, and me, tall, slim, blond and now nude of all body hair.   I hugged him I could feel all his that wonderful fur against my naked body. My Bear man then led me away to try on my new leather.  First he buckled a wide collar with D rings around my neck, then he slipped on cuffs on my wrists and ankles.  I was intrigued when he connected my cuff together with chains and laughing he said that it was time white people wore chains.  Then kneeling down he attach one more ornament--a leather band around my balls with a heavy weight swinging from three silver chains.  It smarted and pulled but I said nothing. I knelt to service him, but holding me off, he said he needed to prepare himself for me.   With a quick motion he scooped up a jelly like substance and began to apply it to his mammoth tool.  Laughing he said he would now taste like a cherry.  Taking my head in his hands he began to instruct me on how to take his cock.  He wanted me to take it deep into my throat and hold it, to accept his total length in one thrust.

Placing his tool on my lips he began pulling me onto his cock and as his shaft sank deeper into my mouth my throat began to tighten.  He paused, then began to push his greased rod further down my throat until I could no longer breath.    I began to struggle, getting light headed from the loss of air and I was forced to expand my throat like I had never done before.  He then trust his tool even deeper and I could feel his whole organ slip down into my throat--then he began to grind and pump his meat.  Now I was experiencing his soul, his very essence-while I was slurping and sucking for all my worth he began to fuck my face with wild passion.  When he climaxed he stayed positioned deep in my throat and in a few seconds released a stream of piss.  Swallowing hard, I could feel the warm liquid flow into my stomach and now I was confirming my position as his slave.  With renewed vigor he began again to fuck my mouth in great thrusts, stroking deep, pulling his cock almost out of my mouth and then plunging deep until his balls were slapping my chin.   He told me that was the way a real man wanted to be sucked and I was to remember this.  I sucked and he fucked for the better part of the day.  I would never get enough of that magic wand.  I wanted to be his sex slave.

After a long wonderful afternoon of sex with my bear man we went into the living room.  I complained about the weigh of my ball harness but he told me I would become use to it.  He said it was designed to keep me in my place-than he added even more weight to my balls forcing me to kneel. When I was on my knees he rearranged my chains, putting my hands behind my back and chaining them to my ankles.   I began having second thoughts about how this game was going--I wanted to leave.  Laughing he said that he had invited five of his friends over for cards and I was there as the surprise entertainment.  Then he left the room to change.  I ask him to let me change but he said I was dressed the way he wanted me to be for the evening.  Returning from the bedroom he mixed a drink for me, and holding it to my lips told me to drink it all.  When I refused he slapped me telling me I would have a lot more fun tonight if I drank it.  I obeyed and drank it and he filled the glass with that strange tasting mixture several more times.  As I finished the last glass he told me from now on I was to address him as Master.  By now I had no will to argue--I realize there was more in that glass than just liqueur. My head started swimming, and there was a burning in my stomach.  I was getting horny and my cock swelled with throbbing passion I craved sex. I wanted to suck, fuck, any thing.  Whatever was in that drink made me feel that I would never get enough sex.

There was a knocking on the door and when my Master opened it five of his buddies trouped in the room for their game. They were surprised to find a hot white naked man chained and kneeling on the floor.  As they gathered around to stare and snicker, one of them prodded my cock and another goosed my ass and laughed.  I was so excited I began to cum right on the floor.  Master slapped me and told me to clean up my cum and obeying I licked the floor clean.  Master told them that tonight after poker we had our own sex slave to service us he told them I could make there balls leap with my wild mouth, and ass-"I can testify to that because I auditioned him all afternoon."  They all had a good laugh at that but still were not sure it was a good idea. He then told them this was going to be his answer to safe sex.  They would have there own private sex slave to service just them. The room was strangely quiet as they started their game.  The drinking and smoking began to loosen up.  They were beginning to like the idea of a white boy sex slave. They were now laughing and pointing at me, asking what they should do with their little white queer.  The boys began to decide who would get sucked first when suddenly Whitie, a big hairy beast, jumped up hot and horny and said he was going first.

Whitie stripped and advanced toward me.  He was one of those big Neanderthal men with fur-covered arms and a mass of chest hair that flowed down to a hard, primed, bouncing cock.  Seizing his meat he rammed his huge cock into my mouth.  He was going to fuck any white bastard he could get his cock into, and with giant thrusts he repeatedly rammed his cock deeper making a path for his tool.  He began to pump like he was planning on driving his sperm to the very bottom of my body.  He fucked like a man possessed finally sinking deep into me and shooting his load.  By now the mixture I'd drunk had driven me wild.   I was crazy for sex of any kind, the wilder the better.  Whities cock lay implanted deep in my throat and I could feel it begin to stiffen again so I slowly began to suck it like my Master had taught me.  His firm swollen cock was like a sugar lollypop to be tasted and enjoyed.  I licked his cockshead and began to suck his tool deep into my throat--this time I sucked him like he were the only cock in the world. When he shot his load this time he cried out saying he had never come like that before, not even in his wife and jumping up he wanted to fuck me next.  The game was suddenly over, the boys had been watching Whitie perform and they were getting hotter than hell.  Now the boys wanted to get there nuts off, and throwing their cloths off they were all naked and ready to party.

Whitey wanted to be the first fuck so my Master suggested they positioned me on the table so the boys could get sucked and fuck me at the same time.  Unfastening my chains they draped me over a table dangling my cock and balls over the edge.  As I was repositioned the boys began to snicker as they watched my balls sway with the weights, I felt nothing but lust and desire.  All I could think of now was sex.  When my arms and legs were again chained to the table they announced the gangbang was on.  I had been positioned to suck and be fucked at the same time so Whitey and his brother each took their positions. You could tell they were brothers by a strong family resemblance in their bodies and the way they were hung.  Steve was younger and slimmer with a fine covering of peach fuzz covering his hard young body--he would look like Whitey in a few years.  Whities giant cock penetrated my ass and as I opened my mouth in pain it was instantly filled with Steve's cock. Tonight he held that enormous weapon and planted it deep into my throat--then winking at his brother they started to pump and grind in unison.  The gangbang had started and it was fuck time.

When the brothers had exhausted themselves fucking Bruce stepped up for his turn.  Bruce was a dream, completely naked very tall, slim, and had a long slender tool that seemed to go on forever.  Sliding his cock between my lips he began to face fuck me going deeper with each thrust until his cock began to feel like part of my body-- Pumping in long slow strokes he delayed his climax to prolong his excitement.  Finally plunging his cock into the very depths of my throat he let out a passionate series of animated grunts and screams and shot his load hot and deep.  The boys all laughed and cheered.  He had put on a great show.  Richard was the next to bat.  Now Richard was the surprise of the group.  First he was white and they'd nicknamed him big dick.  As he approached it was apparent why he got that name.  He had a tough look about him and lots of blond hair scattered over his hard firm body.  Taking his enormous cock in hand he placed it between my lips and proceeded to advance until I had ingested his whole tool right down to his balls.  I had reached the point now that I had no trouble accommodating his enormous tool.  In delight he began to fuck my face and grabbing my ears he began to plunge his shaft deep forcing the air from me and creating a suction that pulled his meat to the very debts of my body.  With a final thrust he buried his balls in my face and released his passions deep inside me.  He was really a MAN!

The last of the boys to step up for service was Harry.  He was the most adorable of them all.  Nude he looked like a little teddy bear.  He was covered with soft brown hair and a sweet plump cock.  As he pushed his tool in my mouth I was able to massage it all over with my tongue--delighted he became so excited he came several times.  I sucked his little cock deep into my mouth and gave him a throat massage. The boys delighted in watching the show as well as getting off-each one of them trying to out perform the other.  I had cocks up my ass, and down my throat until I no longer had any sense of how many times I had been screwed--I was just afraid they would stop.  Finally it was over and I lay spent and sore in a dreamlike state.  The gangbang had lasted all night.  The boys were dressing and getting ready to leave.  They were thanking my master and saying they would be back next Saturday for another Gangbang.

I awoke Sunday morning in the arms of my Master.  I was still in my leather.  My master must have lifted me into bed with him; as I turned I felt his soft, firm, furry body next to my naked skin.  It excited me and I held him tight, I had found my fantasy.

Now every Saturday I would arrive to service my master and when it was time for the gangbang I would assume my position to service his guests.  As the evening progressed my boys were getting if off, a loud pounding at the door startled us.  My Master jumped up explaining he had ordered pizza for the treat tonight.  Opening the door a little he acknowledged the deliveryman and reached to accept the order.  He told the man to wait outside as he was naked and he would need to go get his money.  Leaving the door it began to swing open and this young man stood looking in at a naked orgy of men fucking this white man chained to a bench.  Stammering and blushing he asked if he could watch.   By now the party was in full swing and every one was in a good mood so they invited the Delivery Boy in and offered him a beer and a piece of pizza.  The boys boasted that they had there own sex slave to fuck and Saturday night was gangbang night--than noticing he was getting a big hard-on they offered him a fuck.  With no hesitation he stripped exposing a very young tender body of an adolescent still in the growing state.  The one organ, his cock had reached its full maturity.  He mounted me in a flash fumbling only a second with his cock before pushing his well-developed muscle deep into my ass.  The boys were all laughing as they all watched the young buck pumped and humped and get his load off.  This was probably the first time the boy had ever fucked a mans ass and he seem to enjoy it.   The young man wanted to get sucked and with out a pause he came around and began to face fuck me shooting another load.  Dressing to leave the boy offered to pay for the pizza, his treat he said-than he volunteered to deliver any time for free if he could get more ass.

Tonight turned out to be a special night because later in the evening Master brought out a special set of tit rings for me.  They were to symbolize his ownership of his sex slave.  Whitey did the honors of piercing and installing my rings and then the boys applauded.  Kneeling I kissed my Masters feet and thanked him, surrendering my body to him.  My only desires now were to gratifying his needs and to obey him.



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