Junk Yard Bitch by Nathan Harvey

When we lived in the projects Tyson, and his brother Emmanuel and I had been playmates.  It was always touch and go with us because the only reason we played together was there was there was no one else our age in the building.   Some days we would play and some days like best buddies and other days they would treat me like a stranger.  One of the things I loved to do was to go down to the river.  The three of us would then go skinny dipping.  We would lay on the river bank to dry off and we would talk about how different our bodies were. They were the first black boys I'd ever seen.   One thing always led to another and we would be wrestling and playing grab ass. When it got to cold for us to swim we started playing at their apartment.  When their parents would go to work we would play like we were gladiators and wrestle.  I usually lost and had to play their slave for the rest of the day.  They were always coming up with new thing for us to do.   That special thing we had all started to come to an end when we started going to high school. For a while I still hung with them but our friendship became strained.

The school was big and mixed.  None of the white kids wanted a to hand with a white boy who hung around with the blacks.  It was the same with the Blacks none of them wanted a white boy in there crowd.  It was just easier to hang with my own crowd.  By our senior year we were barely speaking to each other.  That all that changed one afternoon at the youth center.   A group of us whites had been playing basketball and was just finishing up.  I wanted to play more and when Tyson and Emmanuel came in I ask them to play with me.  The guys I was with showered and left and we were the only ones left in the gym.  We were really going at it one on one and all over the court.  They were great players.  It was almost like the old times again.  When we hung it up for the afternoon the three of us started to the showers. I told them I missed hanging with them. We were all ready to go into the showers when we were stopped by this Judd guy that ran the place.

He gave us hell for being there so late.  Then looking at us standing there naked told us to go shower and he would lock up.  When we were finished  would let us out.   Tyson said for me to go ahead he had something he wanted to talk to his brother about.  I was all lathered up and rinsing when Tyson and Emmanuel came into the shower. Looking at them they had really changed.  They sure weren't kids anymore.  Tyson was built like a brick shithouse with his powerful ebony black body covered with all wiry black kinky hair. As my eyes traveled down that massive hairy chest down that hair trail to his cock I gasped.  He was hung like an animal with his giant cock and big plump balls pushing his cock out in an inviting way.

Looking over at Emmanuel was  kind of slim and smooth and his skin was lighter, a beautiful color of light chocolate.  He was tall for just being nineteen.  His cock slim delicate cock seemed  to go on forever hanging half way down his legs.  Seeing them side by side it was hard to believe they were Twins.  As the stepped under the water their body began to shine.   I was staring at them when Tyson began to work his cock.  I was spellbound I wanted to touch those huge cocks of theirs. Chuckling as he watched me staring he ask if I wanted to touch it and to play with it.  Looking at him I knelt down and as my hands reached for it.  As I took his cock in my hands  he cooed softy,  "taste it white boy, and try some of your daddy's chocolate milk".   His big hands were so gentle as they rubbed my hair then my neck and.  As  Emmanuel moved against my back his cock pressing into me as Tyson began moving closer putting his cocks-head on my lips.  It seemed so simple to just open my mouth and let him slide his cock into me.  He was so gently as he moved forward working his cock into me.  I could feel Emmanuel massaging my back with his cock and pushing me toward his brother.

Wanting to touch his strong hard body my hands began moving up his body.  The more I felt him, the more I tasted him, and the more I wanted more him.   He started moving those hips of his working more of his cock deeper into my throat with every gentle thrust of his hips.  His huge cock seemed to create this suction in my body and it was  pulling his cock into me until finally the only thing that stopped his cock from going down my throat further was his ball.  He had worked that whole damn cock down my throat.  Gagging a  little I was unwilling to stop as he fucked my face.   He was all excited now pumping like crazy  when I felt that hot sensation as he began to shoot his load into me.  Sucking and swallowing I manage to take it all.  When he pulled out of my mouth he said I was a great suck.

I was still on my knees when Emmanuel came around to my face with his long hard cock in his hands.   Without even asking me I was down on his meat and sucking.  This time I was the one that was pumping him for his cum.  I was hot and I wanted everything I could milk out of him.  Laughing Tyson said I was developing a real taste for chocolate milk. I was so hot now I had to have all of the cock.  I was holding his ass tight with my face buried n his pubic hairs and he began to unload.  As the cum shot down my throat  I sucked down every drop.  I had just finished doing  Emmanuel's cock when we heard this guy coming into the dressing room.  He asked what the hell were doing taking so long.  I whirled around saying nothing special.  Standing there naked with cum dripping out of my mouth he began laughing saying he just bet I wasn't doing anything.  Giggling and rubbing his crotch he told us to dress and get the fuck out of there that he wanted to get home.  As we left I asked Tyson if we could be friends again.  Without skipping a beat he told me if I wanted to be there bitch fine, there slave even better, but friends no.  Nodding I said I would be there bitch then.  From that day on  we  started going to the gym making sure we were always the last to leave.  Judd the maintenance man had finally caught me blowing Tyson in the shower room and now he let us stay as long as we wanted as long as he could watch.  This was the only time I could ever get with Tyson and Emmanuel to service them.

I knew they were using me but I just couldn't give those cocks of theirs up.   I was there just before closing one Friday night and the gym was deserted.  After sitting there for a while I went into the dressing rooms and began stripping.  I was hoping they would still come.  Suddenly I was startled by Judd standing there in the shower's naked.   His pudgy white body still showed traces that at one time he'd been an athlete   Moving closer to me he said if you can take those black boys cock then come over here you white fagot then you're gonna take a real white stud now.   I was scared when I looked at that cock of his.  He was hung like a horse.  Moving to he pushed me on my knees shoving that enormous cock into me.  Tyson and been gentle and worked me gently until I managed to learn to take him.  Judd was like a sex crazed animal. With a lunge he backed me into the shower wall and still driving rammed that cock of his all the way into me.  Grabbing my ears then he began pumping that ramrod of a cock into me like an animal.  After what seemed to go on forever he shot his load.  Pulling out of my mouth he said, "not bad but with practice your going to get better."

Then still hard he began again.  This bastard was a beast.  After that time I just surrendered and let him have his way. When he was finally satisfied I dressed and calling him a beast ran crying from the gym.  About a block away I was still shivering from the excitement of it and turning went back to him. Judd was still there and looking up he broke out into a big smile.  All he said was, "my pretty bitch wants more of my cock doesn't he?" Nodding and slowly taking my clothes off again he led me naked into the weight rooms.  I watched as he dipped his hand into some jelly and telling me to lay on the bench he said he was going to fuck my ass.  Protesting saying didn't want to be fucked he just pushed me down and crawled on top of me.  Growling, "Hold still bitch" he put his cock to my ass.  It hurt like as he worked his cocks-head into me and when he felt he was inside he jammed himself up my ass.  Pain shot through my body and I let out a scream and fainted.

When I finally came around I could feel him fucking the shit out of me.  Some of the pain was still there but I had this hot exciting feeling running through my body.  As I began pushing back I knew he was all inside me and it felt wonderful.  Giggling I begged him to fuck me harder.  Judd was no lover, his body slammed into mine and he drove that cock of his in as deep as he could say I was a real hot cherry ass.  When he'd finally finished with my body he pulled out of me and hauling me around rammed it down my throat telling me to clean it up.  As he worked himself into me he told me I was to come to him every night after school.  Then as an after thought he said I could keep my black boys and he would watch me service them.  That kinda turned him on. I hurt like hell as I walked home but I was happy.  Judd really knew how to fuck a guy.  After that I was a regular at the gym.  When Tyson and Emmanuel came I would blow them as Judd watched and after they'd gone he would take me.  By now at the age of nineteen I was a full fledged whore.

By our senior year of school Tyson and Emmanuel's father passed away.  It was almost the following  week that they dropped out of school and moved out of the project.  I didn't really miss them all that much now because now I had Judd as my lover.  I heard that they had taken over the business and was living there now above the office.   Instead of calling it a Junk Yard, Tyson began to organize the yard into categories and remained the business  The Builders Salvage Yard.  I heard about the brothers and that there business was flourishing .  I would drop in on them every so often to see them because I loved those cocks of theirs.  Now that I was finally out of school and Judd make it possible to earn a little spending money.  The guys down at the gym  seemed to like my looks and they sure liked the way I sucked them off. Each cock I did was worth twenty five bucks.

It was going pretty good and I was making a lot of bucks.  When I was down town in the loop looking for a job I thought I would give the Grant Park washrooms a try.  That was when I got  picked up for hustling. The cops had just come charging into that rest room trying to catch of action going on.  I was lucky I'd just done the 'John' but I was standing there with the money in my hand.  They knew damn well what I'd been doing hadn't caught me in the act they couldn't book me. When they ask where I lived and I said the projects they decided to make sure I learned my lesson.  They brought me home with the flashing light making sure my dad knew what I'd been doing.  As soon as the door closed and they left all hell broke loose.  Dad was livid and told me to get out.  I was  desperate to get out of there now and have some kind of life.  I'd  ever since I had sucked Tyson and his brother off that I was gay. Well at least now I was really out now of the closet.  I had been looking for a job all day so I could move out of the apartment.

The last thing I wanted was another confrontation with my father.   I was on the way home late and  I decided to take a short cut behind one of the abandoned projects buildings.  About halfway down the ally I could hear footsteps and whispering behind me.  I was scared because in the last couple of years the projects had change so much.  White guys had been coming down beating the shit out of any black kids they could find.  It wasn't safe for anyone either  black or white to walk around after dark anymore.  I was afraid but I knew it would be foolish to try to out run them.  Seconds later I was surrounded by this group of black thugs.  Looking around I was relieved to recognize Tyson and Emmanuel.  I was sure they wouldn't let anything happen to me.  I was wrong.  They forced me into one of the deserted building telling me they were going to beat the shit out of me.

They said some white racist bastard  was beating up their brothers and they would get even by beating me up.   Telling them I grew up in the project and I belonged here they started asking  what proof did I have.  No one that lived down here ever wore suits and ties and they sure were smart enough not to cut through alleys.  Then they ask for my project ID card.   Fumbling I told them I'd left it at home and they called me a  piss poor liar. Arguing amongst themselves they decided to strip me for my money and any  weapons I was carrying.   I knew if I resisted they were just looking for an excuse to beat the shit out of me or worse.   Then I told them I surrendered to them and would do any thing they wanted me to.   I began to strip for them giving them my wallet, my coat and pants and even my shirt.  Looking at me they said for the pretty boy to go all the way.  They wanted to see what kind of  cock the pretty blond fairy boy had.  Peeling my skivvies  I stood there naked and standing there like that I started getting excited and getting one hell of a hard on.

The big one that was giving me all the orders reached down  yanking my balls.   No sooner had  he grabbed me another one pushed his fingers up my ass. The gang was getting mean now. That's when I started begging Tyson let me prove I didn't hate black men. I was terrified and I knew had to prove I wasn't a damn racists or they would cut my balls off.   Tyson came forward then and  with a great flourish unzipped his jeans letting them drop.  Grabbing his cock he whipped it to its full glory.   Then he told me to prove to them how much I  liked black boys.  Without missing a beat dropping to my knees I went down on him.  Tyson told them this was his bitch and he loves to suck black cock and if they wanted he would do them all.   Hooting and hollering the gang was now all for that.  As they watched me there naked an on my knees working Tyson's cock they all wanted a blowjob then.  About then Tyson began shooting his rocks off filling my mouth with his cum. I was so hot with all those studs watching me I was eager to do them all.

They watched as Tyson finished unloading in me.  Withdrawing his cock then  I licked and sucked the shaft to clean off the cum.   Then I was surrounded by all those beautiful black cocks of all sizes and shapes.  One of them said, " since the bitch loves sucking off black men lets give all the cock he wants".  As my mouth went down on my next cock and my hands moved to caress and fondle his body I was thrilled at this new hot stash of hot cocks.  They kept me there on my knees working them and I knew I blowing them again and again.  They just kept shoving their cocks into my mouth and getting their rocks off.   I worked hungrily on them not caring how many times I serviced each one of them.   For once I was getting all the cock I wanted.  Kneeling there covered with there cum they finally finished with me. Laughing as they left said they would see me again real soon.    I was still on my knees when Emmanuel came back.    Looking at Tyson he said I'd really become lower than a junk yard bitch.

Just then we saw the flashing lights of the night patrol.  Muttering I'd already be caught once for cruising if they caught me a second time I would get sent up for Hustling and this time they would make it stick,  I had already been warned.   Grabbing for my clothes I looked for somewhere I could hide.  Standing there pulling on my arm he motioned for me to come with him.  Bending to pick up my clothes he told me just to bring them with me.  Leading me to what looked like a bordered up door he showed me how it had been fixed to open.  Leading me down some stairs then we followed through an old tunnel.  As we went deeper into the tunnel he told me this was once a coal delivery system for the old factory that had once stood here.  When we came to the end of the tunnel he led me into a dark room he said was the old coal bin.   It was a brick vaulted chamber that was black as the coal it once held.

Closing the door he lit some candles.  Looking around it was obvious someone was a meeting room or a club house.  Then I saw Tyson sitting in the corner and he was naked.  Moving toward me he said and his brother had always wanted to fuck me but we really never got that far training you to service us.   Now he said they were going to find out what it was like to fuck a white boy. Standing he began to strip.  Emmanuelle piped up saying he wanted sloppy seconds and began stripping.  As Tyson's big coarse hands moved down my body I could feel my cock swelling in excitement.   Seeing my hard-on he giggled saying I was going to make them a real good bitch.  I was still excited from sucking all those cocks upstairs.   I wanted to feel what it was like to be fucked by a black man. The words were no sooner out of my mouth than they were both at me rubbing and pawing at me.  I was getting real excited.  I could feel hands on my cock and fingers probing my ass.  Pulling me over to an old mattress we all lay down together. Peeling back Emmanuelles foreskin and taking it in my mouth he began feeding the whole shaft down my throat.   My heart was racing as I rolled over and kneeling between his legs began sucking his cock.  Between slurps and gulps I told him I loved serving them.

It was only an instant later when I felt this enormous cock pushing into my ass.  Screaming out in pain I heard him  telling his brother that I was no damn cherry ass.  All my ass needed was a little stretching out to take a real man.
Then continuing to work his  cock into me and stretching  my ass even wider with each thrust.  Even though I kept begging him to stop he kept pumping until  I though he was going to split my body apart.  When he'd managed to jam that tool of his all the way in me to his balls he lay there for the longest time letting my body accept his cock.   Finally when the burning subsided and my body seemed to expand around his cock I felt this wild burning lust flow through by body.  Feeling me relax he reached around with this small vile telling me to inhale. My head was spinning and my heart began to race.   It began to feel so wonderful as the shivers ran through my body that I  began  begging him for more and then he really began fucking the shit out of me.

The both worked me all night and I just kept begging for more.  Giggling Emmanuelle said I had one damn hot ass.  Rolling me over on my back and lifting my legs he began again to drive that huge cock of his into me but this time with little resistance  from my body.  I knew then my ass now belonged to them.  As he pushed his cock deep I begged him for all of it. Giving me an evil smile he asked I was ready to service all his brothers now.  Looking up at him I just nodded anything he wanted.  Tyson then went over to the door and opening it let the rest of the gang in.   Giggling Tyson said I told you boys I could get a boy for their party boy.  A half a dozen  of them trooped in carrying all kinds of booze and food.  Emmanuelle bent down giving me a kiss saying  Welcome to the Black Knights home turf.  Sitting up and pulling playfully on his cock I said," you set me up you son-of-a-bitch."

Nodding he said he promised to get the guys a white boy to fuck for there party night and he knew he could get you to do it.  Then looking at me he said his brother was going to keep me.  Digging through a bag and pulling out a collar he fasting it around my neck proclaiming now he had his very own sex slave.  Then saying as my master my first command was to make his brothers happy.  Looking up at the circle of naked black studs I nodded saying I was ready.  I was now really in my fantasy chocolate factory now I would have all the chocolate milk I could pump tonight.  As he pushed the bottle of poppers into my hand I inhaled deeply and then my whole weekend became one big blur as we ate drank and they fucked.  By Monday it was all I could do to stand let along talk.  Tyson helped me dress and clean up a bit as I told him I had to find a place to live.  Grabbing my nuts and giving me a squeeze he told me he would help me move my things to there place.   It was a simple matter to pack the few things I had and load them into Tyson's truck.  I had told my dad I had a place to go now.  I was going to live with Tyson and Emmanuelle.  Looking at them he said you mean you're there white fairy boy now?  "Well, no matter" he said "just get your ass out of my house."

Loading my bags into the truck Tyson started Giggling saying I didn't need all those clothes I wouldn't be wearing much around the office, only my collar.  Asking him what he meant he said slaves usually go naked to serve their masters.  Nodding I said I had a lot to learn.  As we drove home I understood now that they had decided a long time ago I belonged to them. It had all started when they brought me out of the closet and taught me to be their cocksucker that day in the gym.   As the weeks passed I learned how to please them in every way. As a special treat when one of the customers wanted something special they would call me over to service him.  My real special nights were  when they would take me to the club to entertain the Black Knights.



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