Coming Out by Nathan Harvey

Pushing past the weeds and he the for sale sign I was off down the path down to my little hideaway. I had cleared a lot of the brush last year so I could get my bicycle into the little clearing.   I'd discovered this beach last year and I was glad the path was still passable this year. Stashing my bike I spread my blanked in what was left of the old gazebo and  I was all set for the day. I had my lunch, my drink and I was alone with my fantasies.  The first thing I liked to do was take a swim because I loved the way the water felt on my naked body.  I was glad no one ever came to this section of the lake because it was my own private place. The Water was warmer than usual and using my binoculars I could watch across to the public beach area were people already beginning to arrive. I liked to check out the guys and there equipment.  I knew I would had to be careful that no one saw me over here of I would be in serious trouble for trespassing on private property. Keeping low and crawling into the water I had to walk through the muck and weeds before I was in water deep enough to swim.  The water was cold and after a few laps up and down the shore line I started crawling out of the water.

I was getting out of the water and when I looked up I was startled to see a figure standing there watching me. At first I thought I was busted by the owner of the property.  With the sun at his back all I could see was that he was big. When he moved forward I recognized him then as Cisco that Latino kid from my school. The rumor was that this guy was trouble but when I asked why no one would tell me. He was a senior and an assistant in my gym class to earn extra credits.   I'd been watching him in my Phys. Ed. Class all year when he showered and dressed and he really he had one hot body.  From the first day I got a look at his huge cock I'd begun fantasying about him.  For most of that year and almost every night I would lay in bed remembering that sausage cock of his.  Cisco had this wild exotic look about him and he had to have the biggest cock in school.  Now here he was leaning  back against one of the pillars watching me.  Laughing and telling me he'd seen me sneaking in here when he was driving over to the public beach.  As he was talking he began undoing his shirt then pulling it off.  His hands then moved to his jeans and unbuttoning  them he let those slide down his legs.  All I could do was stare at that huge hard cock  as he kicked his jeans away

Telling me he'd been watching me ogling him naked in the gym all year and now he was going to give me my own private show.  As he began stroking his cock and asked if this was what I wanted to see.  Stammering I said I wasn't Gay and he just laughed saying I was a fruit but I just didn't have enough sense to know it.  Realizing now there was no way I could lie to him because my cock was showing him how excited really was. Telling me not to be shy that he would teach me all there was to know about making love to a man. Moving in a slow sensuous way he told me to come feel his body and see how strong he was and how nice his skin felt.  Coming out of the water he kept moving closer to me always talking in those low sweet tones.  Then telling me he was all mine just for the taking if I really wanted him.  Standing there he was so damn beautiful with the sunlight streaming over his naked bronze body that I had to touch him and to feel that beautiful body of his.

As my hands moved across his chest he guided my head to one of his nipples telling me to suck on his tits for a while and get used to making love to a real man. Sucking and licking at one tit and then the other I was so hot now I was having a hard time breathing. He knew he know I would do anything he wanted and he began slowly pushing me down telling me to lick his chest and stomach. Licking and sucking his stomach I had finally worked my way down to where I was kneeling in front of him.  He then began playing his cock over my lips telling me to taste his cock.  Slowly parting my lips and letting him push his cock into my mouth he began telling me to relax and take it all like a good boy.  Then his hands began playing with my hair saying he liked pretty golden haired boys.  With each stroke of his cock in my mouth he began pushing himself further into me saying I was going to like sucking cock.  Realizing then  what I was doing I pushed him away.  Standing up but not wanting it to stop he led  me to my blanket telling me not to be afraid, everyone has sex now.

Reaching over and fumbling in his back pack he brought out a small bottle with some clear fluid in it telling me he had some Rope and it would make my first time easier.  Asking then if  I had some coke or something and when I pulled one out of my knapsack he told me that would be just great. Pouring some of the liquid into my coke and handing it to me told me it would just relax me,  that all the guys used it on there girlfriends. At his urging I began drinking the coke and he told me to drink it all. When I told him it tasted salty he just laughed saying it was just working on me.  The more of it  I drank the more relaxed I  began getting.  Soon all I wanted to do way lay down.  Rolling over on my back then telling me I was going to suck him off again. By now I was so relaxed I just nodded saying that was fine with me.

Standing over me he kneeled then with his legs on either side of my face.  Raising up and leaning over my face he began working his cock into my mouth.  All I could see was that beautiful body and face of his as his cock slipped into my mouth again and again. In this soft low  voice he said,.  "You like this don't you Michael", as he pumped his cock into me. I couldn't believe this was happening to me and I was afraid I would wake up and he would be gone.  For what seemed like the longest time I kept taking his cock deeper and deeper into my throat until he began shooting his load filling my throat with his cum and forcing me to swallow it to breath.  Pulling off of me then he told me it was time for me to get fucked.  I just lay there letting him do anything he wanted to me. As he pulled up my legs he began greasing me up with something he called KY saying he ready to fuck me.

This all seemed so far away and natural and he was so gentle and loving with me.  Lifting my legs I could feel him working his cock into my ass and he was telling me he knew I would be a cherry.  Then as he began to fuck me I was in this sexual haze and it all seemed a dream.  Bending me over then and shoving his cock in me as deep as he could and began shooting cum up my ass. When he pulled out of me he  asked if I was coming here tomorrow and when I said yes he ask if I wanted him to come back again. Smiling and saying he was wonderful I would be here tomorrow for him.  I was so sleepy then as he began dressing I lay there and soon I was sound asleep. When I woke  I had  no idea how long I'd lay there naked on the blanket but it was almost sundown.  Scrambling for my clothes I felt so foolish going to sleep like that.  I hadn't even eaten my lunch.

Still I remembered my fantasy about Cisco screwing me as I peddled home.     It had been such a vivid dream, I could almost still taste the cum in my mouth. I began remembering bits and pieces, first of Cisco giving me something to drink and how I had sucked him off then. The more I though about it I realize that was no dream.  He had found my spot and he was there and I had sucked his cock. Then after giving me something in my coke he had fucked the shit out of me.  No wonder my ass felt so sore. Then I remembered him asking me if I wanted him to come back.  I began to remember it all now, my sucking him off and him screwing me. Now I was wide awake and hotter than hell realizing I'd sucked off that Latino and how he had banged my ass.  Instead of being mad or hurt I wanted him to do it again so badly it was like my body was controlling my mind now.

I lay there in bed for hours beating off and imagine him fucking me as I rammed my fingers up my ass until finally I was so tired I fell asleep.  When I woke and dressed quickly to go down to have breakfast with my parents before the went to work.  When dad asked what I was going to do today I looked down saying I wasn't sure but I might go to the lake.  As soon as they were out the door I fixed a lunch for two and was on my bike peddling like a madman for the lake.  Working my way to my spot I stripped and went in for my morning swim. Even in the cold water I was hard as a rock wondering when Cisco would come to me like my prince charming and fuck me.  Laying sunning myself it was noon and I'd decided he wasn't coming. I was almost ready to give him up when I heard someone coming through the brush. The first thing I saw was that black curly hair of his. Grinning he told me he knew I  would be here waiting for him.

By the time he reached me he was half naked. Helping him pull down his jeans and undoing his shoes he stood there his legs apart working his cock saying, you remember it all and you want me to fuck you again, don't you baby?" Then Cisco told me I needed some more Rope telling me it would make it easer for me. I would do anything for him if he would just fuck me.  Fumbling in the lunch I'd bought I handed him up a coke.  He began pouring some of the stuff into it. Looking at me he said just a little today just to relax me. Handing the coke back to me he began working his cock.. I had dreamed of this all night and as I slipped down on his cock I savored his earthy taste. As he had done yesterday holding my head he began pumping and grinding and soon I was taking all of him down to his root.

He then buried my face in his crotch hair and I could smell the strong odor of his body and it only inflamed me more. As I sucked him he laughed saying, "you really want it bad don't you Michael, You promise to be my bitch now and service me anytime I want you"? All I knew was I wanted him to fuck me again.  I had read about guys that "Came Out" and I was sure out of the closet all the way now.  By now I was feeling no pain and as he said it was time to fuck me.  This time I knew the drill and I sat there watching as he worked the KY into his cock then taking a glob of it reached down telling me to spread my legs.  As his fingers pushed the greasy stuff up my ass he began fucking and stretching me with his fingers.  Fucking and stretching me then he pulled my legs up saying I was ready and fuck me he did. I that day I took his cock from every position possible and some I didn't even believe. We did it dog style, Missionary style and of course my favorite position when he held my legs up and driving his cock into my ass.

We now met every day and as the days passed I found out what it was like to be a bitch for a hot Latino stud.  He now demanded I come here  everyday so he could fuck me.  It wasn't long before  I could take his cock down to his nuts now with out any problem.  When he fucked me I didn't even need KY.  Cisco had become a drug to me now everyday I would hurry to our spot and wait for him.  His cock was something I didn't want to live without. It was on a Friday morning that I awoke and I could hear the rain and I was sick, I had wanted to go to the lake for sex with Cisco.  Now I knew it was out of the question and reluctantly I told Dad I would clean out the garage since it was raining.  Patting me on the head as he left for work I sat there for a little longer and then got up and trudged out to the garage.  I had worked like a slave trying not to think of Cisco.  I was finishing the last of the garage  when I heard this car in the drive.  Looking out I could see Cisco's  old  LeBaren.

My heart leaped when I saw him. He was wearing this black shirt open to the waist and a pair of skintight jeans showing his huge cock.  As he moved toward me his hand seemed almost to caress his crotch and calling out asked if I wanted to go for a ride.  Telling him I was all sweaty I would need to clean up he laughed saying  I could clean up at his place.  Pulling the garage door down I ran to get into his car. No sooner then I slid into the seat he was backing out of the driveway saying he had to see me again.  Reaching over he pulled my hand over to his crotch saying, See what you do to me you beautiful Gringo butch, I want to fuck your ass again".  Driving out on the highway we moved to the Latin section of town.  Cisco then  pulled into the driveway of this small dirty little house.  Pushing his door open he told me  we would have all the privacy we wanted here, no one was home.  I felt like I was in some kind of wild fantasy with this beautiful guy and he had even brought me home with him.

Leading me into the room what he said was his room and locking the door he started switching on all the lights saying he wanted to see his beautiful gringo naked when he made love to him.  Before I could move he was stripped naked standing their waiting to fuck me.   Looking at that hard beautiful body he began stroking his cock saying, "Come show Cisco how much you want him Michael." Thinking he wanted to kiss me I stripped and rushing forward to hug him he pushed down to my knees.  Looking up at him he began working his cock into my mouth  telling he had to get it off quick.  Suddenly the taste of his precum was all I was thinking about and I began to blow him. My cock ached as I clung to his ass and began working him down my throat.

Muttering, "Yes Baby go Baby," I began taking all of him deep into my throat.  Suddenly he was pushing a small bottle under my nose telling me to breath deeply  and as my head began to swim my body craved his cock.  My throat seemed to grow wider and now his cock was sliding all the way into me real easy.  Shoving the bottle under my nose again he then began hammering his cock into my mouth as his balls began slapping my chin. He was now like some wild animal and then he began grinding his hips forcing my mouth to work him.  He would then almost withdraw his cock for a few seconds saying he wanted this to last, and then back plunge deep into me.  The wilder he got the more I wanted him and I wanted this to go on forever. Finally he couldn't  hold off any longer and pushing deep into my throat he began shooting his load.  Greedily I took every drop of his cum.  Pulling me up then and leading me over to the bed he told me it was time to fuck.

Fumbling in his little bag he began greasing himself up.  Then reaching over shoved a glob of KY into my ass.  I knew the drill now and as he lifted my legs I waited for that first moment of pain and then the pleasure of his cock. I was surprised that there was so little pain but now so much pleasure as he sank slowing into my body. Now pushing me over almost double and sliding his cock deep into my ass and looking into my face he said, "your really want it don't you baby?"  Then he began taking long slow strokes making my whole body come alive and he pumped my ass until he had me begging for more. Before that day was over there wasn't a part of his body I hadn't licked sucked or been fucked by. It was when I was begging for more he said he was going to give me a real thrill.

Pushing me back and spreading my legs I could feel his fingers begin working into my cum slick ass.  First he worked two fingers and then three and suddenly in a blinding flash of pain he had his fist up my ass.  Slowly he began to fuck me with his hand.  Soon it was the most wonderful thing I'd ever felt and I was begging again for more.  Snickering he said I was really one hot bitch gringo bitch. Finally I was exhausted and could take no more. Cisco said then we had to leave before his brothers came home.  Leading me into the shower we began to wash each other and as soon has his hands touched me he had me bending over laying into me again saying I had an unbelievable ass. He was silent on the drive back and when we pulled into the driveway and began fumbling with his pants telling me to give him something for the road.

I couldn't believe he wanted me to suck him off in my own driveway but just looking at that big beautiful cock I lost all reason.  Bending down then I took his cock into my mouth.  I didn't care where we were once I tasted his cock and I kept working him until I was taking his load.  As I licked my lips clean  he scooted down zipping up telling me I was a real good gringo bitch. Getting out then I watched as that little car of his backed down the drive and I realized not matter how much I loved him to him I was just his bitch. The only time he and I were together was when he wanted me for sex. I didn't know what I was going to do when he went away to school.  I had to have his cock now.  I was desperate for him.  All that night I kept having these pains in my ass but I could remember his fist in me and it was worth it. Finally I managed to sleep.

Saturday turned out to be rainy and I knew I wouldn't be able to go to our spot. Sitting and eating breakfast I wondered how I was going to make it through the weekend with out Cisco screwing me. After breakfast the phone rang. When I answered it was Cisco and he asked if I could come stay with him for the weekend.  I was thrilled, a whole weekend with my lover.  Telling my parents I was going to spend the weekend with one of my friends they seemed fine with that.  Hurrying to pack a few things in my duffel I was waiting when he picked me up.  As soon as I was in the car he reached over pulling my face into his lap telling me to eat him. Cisco was hotter that a pistol  and he wasn't about to waste his bullets.  I was still sucking him as he pulled into his driveway.  We ran to the house and were soaked by the time we got to the porch.

Once inside I was surprised to see his dad and brothers sitting around in the living room. Standing there starring at Cisco he gave me that evil little smile of his telling them this was his gringo bitch.  As he said that he undid his jeans letting them fall.  Standing there in front of them with his cock hard and seeping he ordered me to eat his cock.  When I just stood there he began slapping my face and then pushing me down to my knees rammed his cock into my mouth.  As soon as I tasted his precum I forgot about the others and began sucking for all I was worth.  I had to have that cock, I had to have his cum.  He had no sooner gotten off when he told me to strip.  Standing there in front of all of them I stripped.  In seconds they were all naked pushing me to my hands and knees.

One of the brothers then  began fucking my mouth and the dad began working my ass.  It was the most wonderful sensation I could have ever imagined it could be.  As those cock began working my body all I could think of was fucking and sucking.  It was hours later that they finished with me. As I lay there on the floor exhausted Cisco told me he wanted to show them how well I could take his fist up my ass.  Rolling over on my back and spreading my legs I welcomed his hand into my body.  It was when he was  fucking me with his fist that he said he was sure going to miss this when he went to school.  That was when I realized he was saying good by. All that weekend I tried not to think of being without him and the fucking by his brothers and father did help to keep me from thinking of anything but sex.

Monday morning I had to face up to the fact I was losing my beautiful Latino lover. For the next several weeks I was depressed as all hell.  I needed a cock.  It was when I was back in school that I realized I probably never see Cisco again. That part of my life was over.  Still and all I had to go on. I tried to bury myself in school work and it seemed to work for a while.  I had found a store where I could buy a big dildo and I was fucking myself now every night.  I had long accepted I was gay.   It was in gym class in the shower room it all became clear to me there was a banquet of cock, a meat market to pick and choose from and all I had to do was have the guts to go for it.

It was in the showers when Barry and some of the guys started horsing around groping each other when one of them goosed me.  Joining in the groping session it had started getting really raunchy and Barry started getting one damn big hard-on.  Grabbed his meat and shoving it at me he yelled,       "eat me baby"  It was like when I was with Cisco all over again and automatically without thinking dropping to my knees in front to obey my lover I took his cock into my mouth.   Realizing then where I was and what t I had done I knew it was to late to stop now.  I was out of the closet in a big way. The kid was stunned at my actions and just stood there and to get him going I began taking his cock down to his nuts.  The shower room went dead silent and suddenly there was a circle of hard cocks waiting watching me sucking Barry off and wafting to be next. for me. As I finished each of them they would leave to dress. No one laughed or made fun of me because I knew they all wanted me to suck their cocks again.  They boys weren't about to tell anyone about me and spoil a good thing.  Still and all it didn't take long before the word was out and the boys that had dressed were stripping and coming back into the shower.

I was just finishing up the last of my guys when I saw the coach standing there watching me.  Shaking his head he told me he would see me after class today.  Dressing I could see it all over school, Michael is a fagot and Michael sucks cocks.  Surprisingly all the guys were friendly now and no one said a word about my sucking them off.  It was in study hall that several of the jocks came over to me telling me they wanted serviced alter school.  By the time the day was over I had become very popular with the guys.  Now everyone wanted me to be there friend.  I was so close to having it all and I knew it would all be over when Coach Willis finished with me. I dreaded that trip to his office and entering the gym I saw him sitting in his office at his desk.  Knocking at the door he looked up telling me to come in and to take a seat.  Leaving he moved out into the gym locking the main doors.  Then coming back into the office he asked me to tell him how all this had happened.  Bowing my head in shame for the first time I began the story of how I had sex with Cisco and had become addicted to sex. I'd just finished telling him about the gangbang at Cisco's house when I looked up into his beaming black face.  Now standing there naked he was working the biggest  cock I'd ever seen.

Moving  toward me he told me he wanted to be my friend and with that  he rammed his cock into my mouth.  When he kept sliding into me I opened my throat letting it all slide down. All I could hear were the groans and sighs of a man well on his way to getting off.  He came faster than I would have imagined and as he withdrew he asked if I took it up the ass as good as I sucked.  Standing and dropping my jeans and pulling my jockeys down I leaned over the desk telling him to find out for himself.   Moving behind me I heard him spitting and then he began his entry. He was something else again as he pounded my ass.  His cock made Cisco's feel like a little boy.  It was after he had pumped himself dry and was zipping up he told me  he wanted to see a lot more of me.  I was out of the closet and into the big gay world in a big way now.  This was going to be a great senior year in school, and just wait until collage.  I had arrived and I had Cisco to thank for it.  I guess I will always love him for that.



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