Male Treats by R.W.

James stood under the forceful stream of the shower, enjoying the warm water washing over his skin.  He had an especially hard workout that afternoon, and he wanted to be the first one to get cleaned up.  He closed his eyes tightly and let the water splash over his silky, black, curly hair.  He felt slightly turned on sexually as the water continued in a steady stream down the crevice of his muscularly developed back to the tighter crevice of his firm, shapely ass.  He loved to stay in the shower for many minutes, allowing the tiny jets of water to work like miniature massaging fingertips over his coffee colored, smooth skin.

He thought he heard the shower curtains move across its metal bar, and realized he was about to be intruded upon by someone outside the private world of his shower stall.

The intrusion came in the form of large, strong hands embracing him from behind.  The fingers of the hands began gently caressing the nipples of his deep chest.  The fingers were teasing, taunting him in well-practiced fashion.  He tried to ignore the urgency of the fingers as they began to pinch his nipples harder and harder, causing tiny electric shocks to run through his body, from his heart to the pit of his stomach, and ultimately to his groin.  The hands reluctantly moved away from his nipples and ran slowly down the sides of his body, massaging his muscles in a circular motion, culminating at his slender waist.  There, the power of the hands became evident as they pulled him backwards so that his firm, round ass felt the pressure of its master.

James put the soap back on the tiled shelf, and slid his hands behind him to grasp the powerful shaft of his lover.  David's dick pressed tightly against him as he continued to caress him in the shower.  As they stood in a classical lover's embrace, their contrast was startling.  Young, black, beautiful and male, their bodies resembled precious elements of nature.  David's smooth, chocolate brown skin and thick, coarse hair complimented his lover's lighter skin tones and silkier hand strands. David's soft, thick lips and flaring nostrils were as handsomely proportioned on his large, high cheekboned face, as James' thinner lips and narrow nose were on his round face.  Both possessed bright, beautiful eyes and straight white teeth.  Like contemporary gods, they were tall, beautifully muscled and extremely athletic.

The two men had been together since their college days.  They were roommates during their junior and senior years at the same state university, and had discovered, through innocent grappling, their preference for members of their own sex.  

James was lying across his bed that afternoon trying to study for a physical anatomy exam. Since the dorm rooms were not equipped with air conditioning, it was customary for practically all the residents to strip down to the barest necessities during study hours.  James had earlier discarded his gym shorts and was clad in bright, red bikini briefs that contrasted sharply with his mellow, light complexion.

Throwing the textbook down in frustration, he looked over to where David was sitting at his desk.  He watched with keen interest the rippling effect of David's smooth, dark brown back as he copied notes from the margins of a pre-law text.  He became fascinated with a bead of perspiration which started at the neck of his roommate and trickled in an almost perfect valley to the top of standard jockey briefs and disappeared in the crevice of his round, muscular ass.  He felt a little stir of excitement as he allowed himself to study David's perfect body, and he felt the need to make physical contact.

At the time, James did not connect any sexual desire to wanting to touch his roommate.  It was purely clinical.  His love of medicine gave him a natural appreciation for the human body, which was why he himself set aside several hours a week from his busy schedule to swim and work out in the university's pool and exercise facilities.

Without giving any thought to logic or reason, James rolled off his small bed and went to where David was sitting.  He stood very close to him, feeling the warmth of his skin.  David was so engrossed in his work he became aware of James' presence an instant too late.  Before he knew what hit him, James grabbed him from behind, lifting him out of his chair and onto the floor.  David immediately responded by struggling to get out of the arm hold.

"Come on, man.  I don't have time for a wrestling match now.  I've got pages of text to go over."

"So, who's stopping you, man?"  James tightened his hold on David with one arm around his neck and the other around his firm stomach.  "Just get loose, and I'll leave you alone."

"So, you want to play, hu?  You know I can whip your ass.  I've penned you enough times in the past."  David struggled to free himself by rolling over lengthwise, causing him to be pressed face down on the thick, scatter rug, which separated the two beds.

The move caused James to lay directly on top of David, and the pressure he had to apply to keep him from escaping created great friction between his dick and David's ass.  Without realizing it, James felt the beginnings of a hard on.  The shock of what was happening prevented him from movement.  He didn't want to partly because of the pleasure it was causing.  And, instead of jumping to his feet and retreating to his bed or the bathroom, he stayed on top of David, wondering what was going through his roommate's mind.

David stopped moving.  He became aware of James' hard dick pressing tightly through the thin material of underwear, and became suddenly turned on.  He and his roommate had wrestled plenty of times, but nothing like this had ever happened.  He didn't think of James or any guy that way. Hell, he had only gotten this way when he slow danced with a girl.  Now, lying there, in his dorm room, he was getting as hard as his roommate.  And then he did something he couldn't explain to James until much later.  He reached his hand to where James' dick was pressing against his ass, and felt it through the thin bikini material.  

"Hey, what are you trying to do, James, fuck me in the ass?"  His voice was mixed with mirth and excitement, which he hoped sounded flip. "Oh, man.  I don't know what happened.  I'm sorry.  I just got hard, that's all."  James couldn't move.  He lay there, letting his roommate feel the length of his dick, secretly enjoying the forbidden sensations and wondering how to react. "Well, are you going to lay on top of me all night or what?"  David continued to run his fingers over James' dick, making it grow harder. "Roll over, and let's see what you've got."

James carefully slid off David, coming to a sitting position on the floor.  David turned around and James could see through his straining briefs that he too had an erection.  He signed in relief.

"Well, look at you.  Does this mean we're a couple of fags or what?"

David's eyes riveted to James' crouch.  Without a word, he reached into James' shorts, and pulled out his dick.  "Wow!  I did that to you. I'm impressed."  He touched the large shaft of flesh with both hands, examining the bulbous head with fascination.  "It's even lighter than the rest of you, if that's possible."

James couldn't express his shock in words.  Here he was, in the confines of his dorm room being handled by his roommate of two years.  They had hardly seen one another naked except for occasional glimpses stolen in discreet glances as they both hurried to dress for their morning classes.

"David, I don't think we should be doing this.  It doesn't seem right."

"Hey, man.  You started this, not me.  I was over there trying to study when you attacked me."

"Don't say that.  You know I only wanted to mess around.  I mean, wrestle the way we always do.  I didn't expect anything like this would happen.  Did you?"

"No!  Look, don't worry about it.  Here, if it'll make you feel any better--" David released James' dick and jumped to his feet.  In an instant he pulled down his jockey shorts and stepped out, displaying a massive hard on, complete with a drop of clear liquid seeping from the eye of the dark head.  "Well, go on, touch it.  I've molested you enough.  You do your bit of medical exploring on me."  David fell across his bed, landing on his back.  He spread his legs open wide, revealing large balls.  In this position, his dick rose to a point above his navel and lay flat against his hard stomach.

"Well, I don't know.  How far should we take this?  Aren't you afraid we'll get caught or something." "Don't worry about it.  Our door is locked.  And what we do in here is nobody's business.  Besides, I've heard that a lot of guys mess around with each other.  I just never thought we'd ever want to do anything like this, did you?"

"Well, no.  I mean, I don't care if you don't.  I am curious."

"Well, to tell you the truth, I've never done anything but beat my meat.  How about you?"

"What?  Oh, you mean jerk off.  Well, shit.  I guess everybody does that.  But, no.  I've never been with a girl before." Well, how about a guy?  Have you ever done it with a guy before?" "No, what do you think I am, a fag or something?  I've never done it with anyone before.  Have you?"

"No.  A guy on my football team back in high school tried to get me to do something with him, but I didn't.  He told me that I didn't have to do it to him.  He just wanted to do it to me."

"What did he want to do?  Stick it in you?"

"No, he just wanted to suck it, that's all."

"How come you said no?"

"Well, I didn't like the way he looked.  He was sort of rough looking.  I could never do it with anybody who looked gangster-like.  You know what I mean." "Yeah, I know." "Well, come over here.  Do you want to inspect me, or not?" "Ok.  Don't rush me.  I'm new to this." James leaned over David and ran his fingers along the length of his dick.  "How does that feel?" "Hold it, for Christ's sake.  If you're going to explore me, take hold of it like you take hold of your own dick.  It won't break." "Will you shut up.  This is hard enough without you acting like a fool."  James held David's dick with both hands and began to pump it rapidly.  He squeezed the shaft and ran his fingers over the fat mushroom head, causing more of the clear liquid to appear and coat the entire head. David started moving his ass, grounding it into the bed and making loud moaning sounds.

"David, how about me?  I'm giving you all the attention.  I'm hard too."

"Alright, get up here with me.  We can do each other at the same time."  James climbed onto the little bed and positioned himself so that David could reach his dick.  But, instead of touching him with just his hands, David began to lick James' dick with his tongue.

"What are you doing that for?  I thought we were just going to jerk each other off with our hands, not with our mouths." "Look, you do what you want with me, but I heard that this is what a lot of the girls do when they don't want to have regular sex.  If they can do it, why can't a guy?  You don't have to do it to me.  Can I do it to you?"

"Well, yeah.  If you really ant to." David continued to lick James' dick with his tongue.  He licked the underside and ran his mouth down the entire length of cock meat.  James was beside himself with desire.  He couldn't believe his roommate's boldness. After a while he wanted to do more than just stroke David's dick.  His partner had given him the courage to explore further.  He managed to use his tongue in the same fashion....

"Wow, aren't we getting creative!  Hey, that feels great.  But, look out, boy, I'm going to really rock your balls.  Before James knew what hit him, David opened his mouth and took James' dick inside.  It felt incredible.  James thought he would explode.  He couldn't believe anything could feel so good.  All the jerking off in the world couldn't equal what David was doing to him with his mouth.  He enjoyed the feelings as long as he could then had to reciprocate.  He grabbed David's chocolate brown dick with both hands and held it to his mouth.  He worked the saliva in his mouth, and opened wide to receive David's throbbing dick.  Although it gagged him at first, he relaxed his throat muscles and soon began to duplicate what David was doing to him.

David and James were locked in the lover's embrace, satisfying themselves orally for several minutes before the final throes of ecstasy erupted.  As they both approached orgasm, their bodies began to gyrate, twist and turn, seeking to satisfy each other before the inevitable end came crashing down upon them.  Their bodies beautifully glistened with sweat and their mouths refused to cease the caressing and tonguing of each other.  Even when they knew through the muffled sounds they made that they were on the brink of orgasm, they continued to hold each other in their mouths.  And, when they both came simultaneously, they strained to hold on to each others' dicks despite the onrush of cum that seemed to squirt out in great masses into their mouths.

Spent and exhausted, they lay in each other's arms, realizing that this was just the beginning of their unique relationship.  Roommates became first lovers and began a partnership that would become permanent.  

Actually, their preference had never gone beyond themselves. Neither had experienced sexual encounters prior to meeting one another in college.  And, in the six years since graduation, they remained faithful to one another.

David worked as a lawyer and James was completing his surgical residency.  They were considered by their contemporaries to be great catches for any woman.  However, it soon became evident to their peers that they had no intentions of ever marrying.

"I beat you to the shower again, lover."  James squeezed David's dick, causing it to become harder and more urgent. "Don't talk.  If you keep doing what you're doing, I'm going to bend you over the toilet and shove this thing in you till you scream." David licked his middle finger and slid it between James' tight, round ass. He massaged his ass hole to relax the muscles a bit, and then gently slipped his finger in as far as it would go.

James took a deep breath and let out with a moan.  "Oh, baby.  You are driving me up this shower wall.  Hold still, I want to get to you while the water is still warm."  He moved forward, causing the finger to slip out, and turned toward David who looked wet and wonderful as the water began splashing in his face and down the front of his broad chest.  James grabbed David by his thick hair and pulled his face to him.  He pressed his mouth against David's soft lips, and with his tongue, he forced his lover's mouth open to receive a long, deep kiss.  Their tongues played together for a while.  Lips tried to devour lips; tongues tried to suck each other's sweet saliva juices.  James pulled back, smelling his lover's sweet breath. "You turkey!  You drank the last of the cherry wine, didn't you?"

David laughed deeply and reached down and spanked him smartly on his ass.  "Shut up and keep doing what you're doing!"  James grunted and dropped to his knees.  He pressed his face into his lover's tight, hard stomach, trying to make a smacking sound.  He tried to use his tongue to lick out the hollow of his navel, but the large, bulbous head of David's dick kept jumping in the way.  It seemed to have a mind of its own.  James was forced to pay more attention to it.  With all the teasing, a clear lacquer of pre cum had formed in the penis eye; a rich, thick layer that seeped down the enormous length of cock meat.  James loved his lover's dick as much as David loved his.  They spent hours in foreplay, sometimes licking and sucking each other to orgasm.

David grabbed James by his silky locks and pulled roughly.  "You causing an ache in my balls, boy.  Get to Mr. Big Head or I'll beat you with it."

"Shut up, Hershey Bar.  This is my candy tonight, and I'm going to lick it right."  James knew that this kind of talk got David really excited.  The reference to his color always excited him.  They enjoyed being at opposite ends of the spectrum.  They easily teased one another without fear of insults.  He was "coffee cream" to David, and David was his Hershey Bar.  The love talk and sex games were very special to them.

"Are you ready to come yet, lover?  Are you at the brink of desire? I'm going to suck you so hard, you'll come like chocolate syrup.  Sweet, sweet chocolate in my mouth.  Yum, yum."  James took David's balls in his mouth and rolled them with his tongue.  He reached up to his fine chest and grabbed each nipple that had hardened into tight little raisins.  He rolled the raisins gently and then squeezed them repeatedly.  Each time he squeezed, he could feel David's dick grow stiffer.  It now reached past his navel and was aching for relief.  In a slow, steady stream, he dragged his tongue up the long shaft of David's dick, ending at the tip.  Opening his mouth as wide as he could, he came down slowly on the mushroom head, and with a hot and liquid mouth, began to suck his lover's dick with the special motion he learned years ago.

David's body became as rigid as a board.  He was so pent-up with desire after the long teasing, he thought he would explode.  James had taken him through so many sensations; he couldn't sort them all out.  He reached down and gently stroked the hair, the face, and the ears of his lover man.  Watching James take his dick in his mouth always excited David. He wanted to feel the many sensations he was presently feeling, but also wanted to compliment his lover by sucking his dick, too.  For now, however, he allowed James to play the active role while he enjoyed.

David took long, easy strokes up and down the shaft of James' cock. He nursed it at the tip, then took it deep in his throat.  He worked his lips around the shaft in a massaging manner and ended at the tip with a licking to the underside.  Within minutes, he could feel the beginnings of his lover's orgasm.  He reached between his own muscular thighs and began to jerk off, stroking his long, thick dick very rapidly to bring himself on the crest with his lover.  David began to pant heavily.  He was a noisy lover, and made a series of grunts that excited James so much he had to control himself.  David began to rub James' face, to stroke his hair harder; to grind his hips deeper.  He groaned loudly.

"Oh, my God.  Give me my cream, coffee.  Take my love, baby.  Suck it hard, honey.  There, right there!  That's it!  You got it!  YOU GOT IT!...

After several minutes, James pulled David to his feet and pressed his mouth against David's lips, feeling his warm, sweet breath.

"Let's get in the bed.  I want to try something I read about in a novel."  David followed,anxious to explore another level of their shared lust.  

"Oh, my God.  Give me cream, coffee.  Take my love, baby.  Suck it hard, honey. . There, right there! That's it.  You got it.  You got it."

James sometimes began laughing at the crazy things David said as he approached orgasm.  With his mouth full of his lover's meat, he tried to keep from laughing.  James sucked David's dick until the last drop of cum spilled from his huge dick.  He liked to hold the love sauce in his mouth and let it linger for a while.  However, he did not like swallowing it.  He did once, and the after taste stayed with him for hours. David pulled him to his feet and kissed him deeply.  He liked the taste of his own cum as well as his lover's.  He did not mind swallowing it.

"Did you cum, too?  I mean, at the same time as I did?"  David always asked that of James.  It seemed important to him that they achieve the same satisfaction for their lovemaking.

"Yes, I did.  It was great for me, too.  You know that.  It always is."  David fell to his knees and licked the remaining cum off James' dick. He turned him around and spread his cheeks apart to reveal his puckered ass hole.  With his tongue, he licked the pulpy flesh with eager strokes, making James feel the beginning of renewed desire.  David buried his face in his lover's ass and licked and sucked his ass hole until James began to scream inside.  It was the most sensitive and erotic part of his body, and David knew it.  He had no control over his emotions when David placed all his attentions there.  He was like a slave.  In minutes, James was fully erect and so was David.

David turned off the shower and led his lover out of the bathroom and into the bedroom.  He gently shoved James, who fell face down across the king-size bed.  He stood over him, marveling at the beauty of his muscular body.  The round, bubble butt poked up in total submission. He reached over to the nightstand for a tube of lubricant, and placed some on his middle finger.  He reached between James' cheeks and applied the solution.  His finger probed deep, massaging and making the entrance ready.  He applied some lubricant to his large dick, stroking it to a stiff and powerful erection.  James was ready and anxious to receive his lover.

David pressed the head of his dick against the tight entrance to James' ass.  He could feel his lover's ass yielding to the pressure, and within seconds, aided by the slickness of the lubricant, David's dick slowly entered the tight, warm secret crevice of his mate.  James began to move his ass in a circular motion, which allowed David to slide deeper into him until his huge balls rested softly on James' ass.

David knew just how to stroke inside James to reach that special spot, and when he began his stroking inside the depths of his lover's ass, the moans began.  James felt totally possessed, and he was beside himself with ecstasy and love for his man.  David began to fuck him, slowly at first and then with more speed, more intensity.

After a minute, he slowed his stroking and pulled out, slowly and gently as James writhed and moaned.  As his dick was just at the entrance to James' tight ass, David shoved it back in, up to his balls and held him there, grinding his hips in a rhythm.  He reached between James' legs and grabbed his dick, which had begun to soften.  As soon as David began stroking the large, thick shaft of meat, it began to harden, rising to a point almost beyond his reach.  He gently pulled it down and began pumping it as he fucked the beautiful ass.

"Let me lie on my back, baby!  Let me turn over.  I want to see your face."

David slowly dragged his huge dick out of his lover while releasing his dick.  He lay on top of him for a moment, then turned him over onto his back.  They looked one another in the eyes and suddenly began kissing, trying to devour the other in deep, wet kisses.  They drank each other's saliva, sucking tongues, clicking teeth, licking the insides of their mouths until they could hardly breath.

"Put it back in, David.  Please.  I'm so hot; I'm burning up.  Stick it in now, and hard."  James raised his legs high in the air, letting them rest on David's shoulders.  David grabbed his dick and directed it to James' asshole and was amazed at how hungrily the greedy ass sucked in his wet, throbbing dick.  In this position, James' dick rose stiffly towards his chest where it began to bounce and wave around as if it had a mind of its own.

When David pushed into James' ass as far as he could, he managed to reach down and take the tip of James' dick in his mouth.  As he fucked his lover, he ran his tongue over the large, bulbous head. They had managed to achieve this coupling only a few times, and as before, James was fortunate to be on the receiving end as he experienced the double sensation of being fucked in the ass and being sucked simultaneously.  The sensations were so intense; he had to fight off his rapidly approaching orgasm.

"Oh, my God, David.  Do you know what you're doing to me?  Fuck me, baby.  Move it around.  Don't stop.  Please, don't stop."

David knew he had his lover just where he wanted him; totally at his mercy.  He felt in total control and he loved the feeling.  Out of bed, they were equal in everything.  Living and loving together, going about their professional and domestic lives.  But in bed, David knew he was the innovator, the one who determined the direction of their sex life.  James felt comfortable with all that was done.  The few times when he did take the initiative, and mounted David, thrusting his thick dick into that beautiful black ass, the thrill wasn't the same.  He preferred to play the bottom.

They had worked it out years ago.  Although David usually played the top, entering James' fine ass and fucking him until he screamed in delight, he sometimes insisted that they take turns.  He also wanted to feel that special intimacy of being entered by his lover.

David felt the beginnings of orgasm and his body tightened.  James began to twist his hips harder, almost causing his dick to slip out of David's mouth.  David held on.  He was determined to release his load in James' ass, and take his lover's cum in his mouth at the same time.  The sweat began pouring off both men as they held on, trying to hold back the oncoming crash that would temporarily destroy them.  James began to shout out unintelligibly as the flood of cum left his body and entered his lover's mouth.  As he thrashed his arms helplessly, David released his load.  Pressing tightly against his lover's ass, he coated the insides of his lover's body with powerful squirts of his ample supply of cum.

David swallowed the thick, slick substance and continued to nurse the large, smooth dick head until it began to slacken and soften.  He stayed inside James for several minutes after cumming, gently massaging his chest, kissing his nipples while James ran his fingers through his hair and along the sides of his perfect face.

After what seemed like an eternity, they lay face to face, cradling each other under the covers of the king size bed without speaking.  Words could not express such moments.  They seemed to communicate telepathically after lovemaking.  It was a time when they knew they would be faithful to one another, because no one came before and there was no need for anyone to come after.

They managed to pull themselves out of bed and headed for the bathroom.  Ignoring the huge, tiled shower stall, David filled the massive roman tub with hot water and bath oil.  They got into opposite ends of the tub and sat facing one another.  David played with James' dick with his feet while James closed his eyes and relaxed in the wonderful water.



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