Thuggin It by J.A. Blake

Ever since I decided that I would commit myself to this "alternative lifestyle" three years ago, it was always a must to get down with the most thugged out brotha that I could find.  I had met some cool peeps in my day, but there was always that fantasy of having what I knew damn well I could never have.  I wanted a nigga that fit my impression of what a thug-nigga should be:  a dark, chocolate brotha that melted in my mouth, not in my hands, with a lean and cut physique: a washboard stomach, arms big as trees, an ass firm and muscular, hands that were rough and sensual, tattoos galore, and a rod that was big enough to electrify the insides of my body; if he was a smoker and/or a drinker, it was cool with me, but he had to possess at least half of these qualities.  All I wanted was a roughneck who wore baggy clothes and Timbs to hide what I really wanted.

That thugged-out rough neck was Deandre.

I was never the "fem" type, but more of a reserved and attractive 25 year old business-type man looking for someone just as attractive as I was, but not as stuffy and proper.  I always met the wrong people, with a couple of exceptions, but for the most part, I could never meet Mr. Right.  Sure, he was out there, but it was just a matter of finding him.  And if I could get my hands on him, I mean, even to create him myself, that was my idea.

I was head of sales and finances for a computer company in New York City, and right in front of our building, this group of guys always hung out.  They fit the stereotype that I so desperately seeked, but it was highly unlikely that they strolled my way, or were at least curious for that matter.  And nothing in my demeanor gave off the vibe that I was gay, since I was sort of on the down low with mine anyway, and whenever I hooked up with someone, the first thing I almost always heard was, "I can't believe you're gay...I would've never guessed it," so there was no way of ever knowing.  I always watched them from my window at work, especially on my lunch break, and thought to myself about how nice it would be to have one of them come try me out.  Just so how pressed I was, I would frequently walk by them purposely on the days they hung out, just to get a closer look.  The one with the cornrolls and the Nautica jacket with the matching wheat colored Timbs always caught my eye.  He was a god, and he got a rise outta me every time I thought of something nasty happening between us.  There was this one dream about us getting it on in my office, me just sucking the hell out of what I imagined his dark dick to look like inside my mouth, or the one with us in my kitchen, and him eating the hell outta my asshole just the way I liked it.  But they were only dreams...

One night that I had to stay late 'til almost twelve, on my way home, he approached me as soon as I stepped out of the front door.

"Hey yo!" he called from across the way, and I was shocked that he even said anything to me.  He was about my age, maybe a year or two younger.

"Yeah?" I asked and made my way to him.  I looked in his eyes and became turned on.  They were dark and mysterious as the street light shone on us.  I wasn't even going to let the many people who walked back and forth between us ruin the moment.

"You work for that computer company, right?" he asked in his deep voice.  I told him yes and asked why he wanted to know.  "It's nice to see our people getting ahead in the business world."

"Thanks," I told him, "but you know, you can too."

"Naw, that shit ain't for me," he told me.  "I'm not into that corporate bullshit, and besides, it's not like they would give me a job anyway..,"

I thought for a moment.  "Well, I am looking for interns, and we pay good money.  If you're interested..."

"You fuckin' with me, right?" he asked with a cute grin on his face, and I shook my head no.  "For real?  Hell yeah I want in son!"

I smiled.  "Well, I could interview now, at my place.  I mean, I know it's late and all, but--"

"I got somewhere to be.  How 'bout tomorrow?"

"Fine," I said and whipped out my card.  "Just give me a call whenever."

"A'ight yo, thanks," he said.  "My name's Deandre by the way."  I stood there for a second after he ran off, in complete disbelief that I got so close to him.  I was nervous all over, and thought of what could happen if he came over my house.  Damn, I thought.

My cell phone rang as I walked up Broadway, and I answered it.  It was my friend Chauncy, who wanted to drag me to this club with him.  I was never in the club scene, so I told him no, but he convinced me, saying I owed him a favor after he hooked me up with this freaky nigga back last month.  I told him fine.  Since he was up the way, and I left an outfit there from the time I stayed over, I told him to give me about fifteen minutes and I'd be there.  I hung up the phone and wondered what the hell I was getting myself into.

We got to the club around a quarter to one, and I was lookin' hot in my slacks and ribbed shirt that screamed for more space to accommodate my massive biceps.  I wore a seashell choker to accentuate my wardrobe and I was getting stares.  A couple of people asked me to dance, but I chilled at the bar while Chauncy got down with some queen.  I sighed as I took a sip of the shot of rum.  The music was slammin', I couldn't lie, but I just wasn't in the dancing mood.  But when Jennifer Lopez's "Waiting For Tonight" came on, I knew I had to jam.

I walked over to the dance floor and slowly became one with the maniacs jamming.  I was by myself, enjoying the music under the strobe light, when I was approached from behind.  Someone was on my ass, slowly working it.

I didn't stop twisting and shaking as I felt his hands center around my waist and his body attempt to become one with mine.  He grabbed tightly and started to grind what I had to admit was the  thickest piece of meat I ever came across between the imprint my cheeks left in my slacks.  I was turned on for real.

We were the same height just about, six feet, and I was definitely feeling his whole vibe.  He moved his hands up and down my waist, and got into my shirt at one point, just feeling all over my stomach.  I leaned my head back and felt his lips press softly against my neck as Jennifer's song disappeared and another fast song began.  I moaned, 'cause he was hittin' my spot, and I felt his ass to show my approval.  I peeked to see what the brother looked like out of curiosity.  I could barely see his face, but I saw his Timbs first, and then the baggy jeans, and thought, "Hell yeah!"  Just to know that made me want him even more, and I allowed him to move his hands down to my crouch, where he slipped his hand slowly inside my pants and then through my underwear, massaging my dick.  I became hard instantly, and tried my best to maintain composure.  He was fondling me as if he never felt one before, and I was afraid that, if we were naked, he would be ball-deep inside of me 'cause he was dry humping my ass like it was the end of the world!  I had to slow things down and find out who this brother was and what he was all about.  I had no intentions of picking anyone up and taking them home with me, but if it was right, then...

I whispered (loudly though over the rockin' music): "Let's go get some air outside for a sec," and he was like, "A'ight."

He took my hand and pulled me off the floor and near the bar.  I still couldn't see his face, but he had a baseball cap on turned backwards, and a loose sweater.  "This is it!" I told myself.  "This is what you always wanted!"

When we got to the side and he turned to me where the lights were, I thought that I would just die.  It was Deandre, the dude that I always fantasized about from the street.  The one I talked to about an hour ago before coming to the club.  He was shocked too, but smiled later to give me the, "It's a'ight" signal.

"Yo kid," he began, "I ain't know you come up in here."

"I don't," I told him, "but I never thought that I would see you, of all people, here.  So you're--"

"On the DL," he cut me off.  "None of my folks really know what I be up to after we leave each other..."

Thank you Lord! I told myself.  Thank you!

"You got some moves on the dance floor," I told him.  "Are you that good in the bedroom?"

He laughed.  "You tryin' to find out son?" he asked me, and I had to shake my head yes.  He came closer to me and shoved his hands down my pants, grabbing my dick with all his might.  I cringed, but he let up.  "Tonight, you gonna be my hoe!"

"Well let's go do this," I told him, and he leant further up on me to kiss my neck, then my ear, and finally my lips.

"Let's," he replied, and we walked out.  I would just have to explain to Chauncy later.

Tonight, I was gonna get me some!

"So where are we going?" I asked Deandre as he threw on his Nautica jacket slowly and I followed him out, trying my damnedest not to stare at his phat ass.

"I live uptown," he told me, and I shook my head no.  We were out on the street now.  "What yo?"

"That's to far," I told him, "and I can't wait much longer.  I'm about ten minutes away..."

We kept walking, a little tension building up inside of both of us, but I knew it would be all god in the end when we released it all.

"Hey," he beagn, "your office is up there.  Why don't we go there?"

I couldn't believe what he was saying.  It was the perfect scenario for the fantasy I had always imagined time and time before.  Though it were in the day, while everyone was there, something a little risky, being alone with Deandre in the middle of the night wasn't an opportunity I could pass.

"You be thinkin' like shit!" I told him and he smiled.

We arrived at my building in less than half the time I expected to arrive at my place, and after signing in with the guard at the front desk, giving him my excuse about having to finish one last thing I forgot at the office, we were on our way.

We took the elevator all the way to the 15th floor, where my department was, and all I could do was stare at Deandre, who stood near the control panel calmly.  He was looking so damn good that I couldn't contain myself much longer.  The ride up was slow as shit too, but I kept myself calm somehow.

He turned to me and said, "I know you lookin' at me yo, so why don't you just come over here next me?"

I did so without much hesitation, and I felt his arms clasp between my waist and my hands were magnetically drawn to his back; he lunged his tongue deep inside my mouth and I sucked the shit out of it while returning the favor.  Deandre made his way down to my ass and started to massage and squeeze it hard, but I didn't mind.  Between kisses he would whisper, "Yo, you got a phat ass son, and I can't wait to get all up in that shit!"

I moaned as he trailed his juicy lips down to my neck and commenced to sucking it tenderly.  He took little nibbles and I cringed with pleasure, one of his hands holding onto my ass and the other one undoing my leather belt buckle so he could get inside my pants.  I massaged his back in a circular motion and took off his jacket as we continued to kiss each other.  It fell to the floor and he was already in my pants, making me harder than I already was.  I was so aroused that I was already starting to precum, and he did the most freakiest thing on the sly, like I didn't notice.  Before the elevator stopped, and I had started getting into his pants, Deandre took the hand out of my pants that was all up on my dick, put the other one in that was grabbing my ass, and licked his sticky fingers like a lollipop!

"Ummmmm," he cooed, and I kissed him one last time before saying, "This is our stop."

He picked up his jacket from off the floor and unzipped his pants to reveal his thick dick bulging from his decorated boxers.  I pulled him into the darkened floor of my department, except for the security lights that were dimly lit.  I was trying to walk straight as I held his large and rough hands gently.

"Where's your office?" he asked me, and I pointed straight ahead casually.

"Let me go turn off the alarm before we go, okay?" I said and he nodded, then slapped my ass before I walked away between the maze of cubicles to the far wall.  "Don't go no where, stay right there," I called from afar.

After coming back, the alarm system turned off, Deandre's ass was gone!  I looked around and called his name but there was no answer.  I couldn't believe it!  He played me, I thought, my back turned, making me vulnerable to any attack.

And then it happened.

Out of the dark, Deandre came charging forward from behind me and knocked me down to the floor, his arms wrapped around me tightly.  When we fell, I was stunned, but he was sucking my ear and kissing my neck wildly, and pulling my pants down in the process.  I kicked off my shoes through it all, and felt his bare dick against my ass, hard as hell.  I moaned as he removed my pants and underwear fully and started to stimulate my asshole with his bare dick.  He opened my cheeks and laid himself in between, but wasn't going in for the kill just yet.  I moaned just like he did as he felt pleasure from just humping my ass.

He turned me over and laid on top of me, humping my stomach and fighting my dick with his as they continued to rub up against each other roughly.  We kissed passionately than before and I felt his precum slowly ooze onto my waist and on the sides of my dick.

"Uhhhhh," I moaned as he started to kiss my neck again and move down to my nipples.  He circled around the left on with his lips and played with the right with his free hand.  The other was slowly jerking me off, and I just had to hold his dick, jerking it frantically.  It felt so good, a quality that I had to appreciate.  His head had the perfect distorted mushroom-like shape, and his stem was so thick and the veins were pulsating so much.  I had to have him in my mouth, without a doubt.

Before I could take it there, he was kissing my stomach, and then he beat me to the task I so desperately wanted to do, 'cause he had his lips wrapped around my 9-inch rod and was sucking it fiercely.  His lips felt so good that I could've just came right there on the spot, but my mind was so confused that I couldn't even think about cumming right then and there.  He played with my balls and sucked them periodically, and fingered my asshole with his wet finger, going deeper inside me until I gave in and said, "Fuck me Deandre...Fuck the shit outta me!"

I heard him chuckle and I ran my fingers through the cornrolls in his hair as he ignored my request to dwell a little longer down below.  He continued to finger me and advanced to two fingers, and then three at one point.  I moaned in pleasure until I felt him stop, and he spread my legs apart.

I jerked myself off as he went away for the moment, to his clothes I guess, and returned seconds later with his dick wrapped in a rubber.  He kneeled down and kissed my lips again before fingering me one last time.  By then, since I took all three of his thick-ass fingers in my ass, taking his thick-ass dick wouldn't be a problem.  I lifted my legs in the air and felt his dick at the tip of my hole, slowly sliding in.  I groaned as he laid on top of me and went deeper inside until he calmed me with his kisses.  He must've been at least over ten inches, 'cause the brotha was packing like shit, and I thought my asshole was going to explode!

When he got all the way inside, that's when he started to work my ass like shit.

"Aw yeah yo," he said as he started to hump back and forth slowly at first, but then faster.  "I want all that ass son!"

All I could do was moan and groan intensely, and at one point, I couldn't control myself and just had to get a little louder, not so much screaming, and not so much yelling.  "Deandre!" I cried as he got as deep as he could.  I grabbed onto his ass and squeezed with all my might.  "Fuck my ass baby!"

He was like the Energizer bunny.  He just kept going and going, and I lost track of time completely.  It felt so good that i didn't even care what the time was.  He turned me over on my stomach and I got on my knees so he could fuck me some more.  He smacked my ass a couple of times, which heightened the sensation, and jerked my dick off continuously.  I was out of reality, 'cause I couldn't believe what was happening.  It was too good to be true.  I pumped my ass back so many times, 'cause I wanted him as far inside of me as he could get.  I put my ass up in the air and leaned on the floor so he could get a better feel of my ass.

After a while he turned me over on my back again and got really hyper.  I could tell blast off was on the way shortly, from his part.  I jerked my dick off quickly, his fucking me really heightening my pleasure.

    "Uhhhhhhh!  Shit!" I cried as the cum came oozing out of my dick like just like off of that movie, "The Blob."  He kept fucking me as I continued to drain my dick of the ecstasy he blew out of me, and I felt him slide out of me about a minute or so later.  He peeled the condom off his dick like a banana, threw it to the side, and hovered over my flat stomach.

"Fuck!" he cried as he jerked his dick and the cum came shootin' all over my stomach like a orgasmic thunderstorm.  My stomach was flooded, as I watched his cum mixed with mine, float over and in between the ripples of muscle on my stomach.  "Aw yeah yo!"

I sighed as he finished getting the last out of him, and he put his dick on my stomach and played in the streams of cum running all over my stomach.  He leaned over to kiss me, and it felt just as good as the first time, so good!

"Damn yo," he said as he continued to play in the mess we made on my stomach.  He stopped and laid his head on my chest; I stroked his hair and casually fondled his limp dick, phat-ass balls, and cut body.  "It's like that?  We gotta do this more often."

"Maybe this is only the beginning," I told him.  "You are going to work for me, aren't you?  'Cause as far as I'm concerned you got the job if you want it..."

"Yeah yo," he said and kissed me for a longer time.  "I want it, and I want you."

Seeing Deandre in a suit was just as sexy as seeing him in his thugged out gear, which I preferred more.  When we worked side by side, all I could think about was that night we spent together.  I was odd the way we went on as if nothing had ever happened.  There were so many times when I wanted to say something that first week, but I couldn't bring myself to it and neither could he.  When we saw each other in the street, after work, it was like "Hi" and "Bye." which bothered me, but I knew I had to respect my thug's space if I wanted to keep him.

One day, after my lunch break, Deandre came to me, lookin' fine as ever, I think it was about two weeks into his internship, with some papers that had to be looked over.  I was on my way out, but he stopped me, and closed the door, then locked it.  I wasn't curious, just turned on like shit.  He grabbed the remote on my desk that controlled the blinds and closed them all, from the ones of the window to those that allowed my staff to see inside my office.

I rose from my seat and smiled.  "What's up Deandre?" I asked as he came towards me and looked me in the eyes face to face.  "You know what's up yo," he told me and pulled my hands to his crouch so I could feel his bulging dick.  I became a bit nervous.

"Deandre," I began as he started to kiss on me and unbutton my shirt, "everyone is outside."

"So?"  he said in between his arousing kisses.  "Isn't this like the fantasy you always wanted?"

I couldn't lie.  It was what I always wanted.  I was confused since we hadn't really talked since our first encounter a couple of days back.

"Yeah, but--"

"I can't stop thinkin' about you yo," he confessed and massaged my stomach.  "I be seeing you, and I'm like, I gotta have that right there."

I slowly gave in, loosening up and allowing him to get what he wanted.  He was working his way to all my hot spots, and I heard him unbuckling his pants.

"Oh really?" I asked, knowing that those were my similar thoughts.

"I'm off now," he told me, "and I want to get off, with yo' ass son."

He started to lick my neck, and then he pulled my shirt off so he could start sucking on my nipples, which were nice and hard from the cool air in my office.

"Well, my lunch break is over now--"

"But you the muthafuckin' boss, kid, so loosen up, a'ight?"

"A'ight," I told him, "but not for long, 'cause I got a meeting to be to in a like twenty minutes."

"Cool," he said.  He let his pants fall to the floor and I was shocked to see that the brotha wasn't wearing any boxers or nothing.  Deandre was one freaky ass nigga!  I grabbed his dick and started jerkin' it as he unbuckled my belt and unzipped my pants, continuing to kiss my nipples.  "That's all the time I need yo.  We can finish up at my place tonight..."

I was loving every bit of it, and I didn't care anymore.

I slipped my pants off and hopped onto my desk, because this quickie was about to be good!

My pants fell all the way down to the floor and I quivered as Deandre's lips circled my erect nipples like a marathon runner.  I held his head in my both of my hands and ran my fingers through the cornrolls in his hair like a race car on a track.  Since my pants were down, my dick was hard as rock and bouncing on Deandre's blazer back and forth.  He continued to suck as he took his blazer off and threw it on my marble desk.  I reached to unbutton his pants and I jerked him off 'til he was hard before playing with his balls.  Those big grapefruits just had my mouth watering for a taste as he sucked my nipples.  I felt him jerk me off with all his might while he continued to concentrate on sucking both of my nipples simultaneously.  I leaned my head back and rested on my elbows with my legs hanging over the desk.  Deandre slowly trailed his tongue down to my stomach and licked my navel, then he took his wet journey through my hairy forest and licked my dick all the way up before taking my head and the rest of it whole in his mouth.

I forgot I was in the office for a minute as I made a somewhat loud moaning noise.  I caught myself as he slowly went up, and slowly came down for minutes at a time.  I fucked him in his mouth and relaxed as he took my dick in his mouth like it was his ass that I so desperately wanted to fuck the shit out of.  His hands caressed my balls forever, yanking and twisting, squeezing and pleasing even at one point.  At that point, I was lying on my desk, having pushed all the papers and stuff down from the top and onto the floor.  There was a knock on the door, but I didn't answer it, I just let my thug nigga continue to satisfy me like I knew he would.

I didn't know where he was going to take this, but I had like only ten more minutes before I had to go to my meeting, so , I didn't want to rush him, but I did want to enjoy myself too.

I thought I would cum on the spot as Deandre continued to feast on only the head of my dick.  I couldn't take it anymore.  I couldn't repress my desire to give him the feedback he needed to know that I was enjoying the head he was giving me.  I started to moan and groan softly, then it got a little louder.  I wondered if someone would say something, but I didn't care anymore as my nigga pleased the fuck out of me.

Deandre lifted up from my dick after about fifteen minutes total.  I looked at the clock on the wall and knew that I had to end our precious interlude.

"Deandre," I began quietly as he came up to my neck and then kissed me.  "I got to go..."

He sucked on my lips and pushed his tongue inside of my mouth; I sucked it greedily.  "No," he told me in that deep, sexy ass voice of his.  "Turn over on your stomach, so I can eat your ass out..."

I froze as I felt his hands already squeezing on my ass and spreading my cheeks so he could start to probe my tight asshole.  I moaned and closed my eyes as he continued to go deeper and deeper inside of me.  I kicked my pants from around my ankles so I could lay on the desk and spread my legs to receive his tongue and lips hungrily.  He went deeper down below my dick and started to replace his fingers with his mouth.

I sighed in complete bliss as I felt his mouth clamp onto my asshole and his tongue emerge into the depths of my asshole.  It felt so good that I thought I would just die.  Time was getting close, but I let myself go and stayed caught up in the moment.  Deandre continued to lick the insides of my ass, and he started jerking my dick with one of his free hands and then his own with the other.  This nigga definitely knew how to please a nigga, and he was so fucking talented when it came to that.  I wiggled my ass and spread my cheeks as wide as I could without actually considering ripping them apart.  He was loving that shit, and I was loving everything about what he was doing to satisfy me.

He turned me over and I was on my desk, on my knees, and he was standing now, slurping away at my asshole as I jerked my dick off and he played with my balls like a little kid.

"Uhhhhhh," I groaned and continued to beat my dick frantically.  I could feel myself about to cum, but I wanted him to get in as deep as he could, hittin' that spot, before I came.  I wanted the hottest orgasm to get me going before I went on with the rest of my work day.

I heard him grunt as he continued to eat me out.  I knew he was jerking himself off, and when he got up later, I could see the backside of his hand glistening with that ivory cum all over.  I don't think I cared that it could've gotten on the rug of my office.  I didn't seem to care when he got so far inside of me that I could no longer contain myself, so I let out a full load on my marble desktop as he continued to lick the insides of me.

"Yeah!" I whispered as he slowed down a bit, bringing our interlude to an end.  He licked me up from the crack of my ass, up my back and around my stomach as I twisted around so that I faced him.  We kissed for a few minutes passionately before parting our lips.  He had his gloved cum hands all over my body and i didn't even seem to mind.  He kissed me again and said, "Yo, you gonna be my shorty, a'ight yo?"

I guess that meant that he wanted me to be his man, which I didn't mind in the least bit.  Hell yeah I would be his "shorty."

"Yeah," I said and hopped off the desk to pull up my pants and fix myself up so I'd look decent for the meeting.  He was doing the same, and we were finished at the same time.  I grabbed a piece of tissue from my desk drawer so I could wipe the cum off the desk and I gave him some to wipe his hands and the spots on the floor up.

"So what time you comin' home?" he asked me.  I told him I got off at eight.  "Well, you coming over still, right?"

"A'ight," I told him.  "I'll call you so you can give me directions.  "Won't your roommate be there?"

"Probably," he said, "but it's alright.  We'll be in my room.  I just wanna chill tonight with you.  You can spend the night..."

"Why don't you come over to my place and spend the night?" I told him.  "How does that sound?"

"Cool," Deandre said.  "Call me later, or page me one, giving me directions."

He gave me one last kiss and slapped me on my ass before exiting my office.  He was all ever wanted, and he was all mine!

I felt good about myself as I came into the meeting, not even caring about coming in fifteen minutes late.  I took a seat next to Chauncy, who worked at another department of the company, and he looked at me as the presenter continued to talk.  I looked at him and smiled back.

"What?" he asked.

"What are you so happy about?" he whispered, studying my face.

"Nothing," I lied.  He kept staring at my face.  "What?!"

"Did you wash your face this morning, 'cause you have a few dry spots on your cheeks and around your mouth..."

I felt so embarrassed, 'cause I knew the cum from Deandre must've dried on my face.  I chuckled and asked him to point it out so I could wipe it off with the old spit-shine technique mothers always do.

"Thanks," I told him with a wide grin on my face.

All I could think about was Deandre, and how that nigga had me definitely a-dick-ted.

I couldn't wait for the night ahead of me.  Me and Deandre, together, alone in my house.

Just the thought of what lied ahead made me hard!

As soon as I go off of work I went straight home to clean up before Deandre was to come over.  My apartment wasn't that messy, but there were just a few things that I had to straighten up before he set foot into my home.  I was going to fix him dinner, but he said he wasn't so hungry, so i just whipped up a little something for myself and waited patiently for his arrival.

I ate the dish I prepared quietly and listened to some Dru Hill on my stereo system when there was a knock on the door a little after 10 o'clock that night.  It had to be him, and I ran to the door and peeped into the peephole, but there was no one.  Out of curiosity I opened the door and stepped outside.  Out of no where he appeared with a black skull cap on, one of those black Bear Eddie Bauer coats, and some dark blue denim jeans with his wheat Timbs.

"What's up son?" he greeted with a smile and he walked in.  I noticed he brought his "bootie bag" with him too, and it was rather thick.  I wondered what was inside.  He must've planned on spending the night from what I deduced, like I would be bothered.  He dropped his back on my couch as I shut the door and I watched him like a hawk.  He slowly unbutttoned his coat and took it off to reveal a sexy ribbed black longsleeve shirt that clung to his body like wallpaper.  When he turned to me I saw the way the shirt just hugged his chest and accentuated his hard nipples.  I was aroused.  "You got a nice play yo."

"Thanks," I told him and started back to the table to finish eating.  He called my name and I turned around.  "Huh?"

"I mean shit yo," he began, "can I get a hug or something?"

"Sorry," I said walking towards him.  "I was just so stressed with getting everything together and perfect for you..."

He opened up his arms and I came into them before wrapping mine around his beautiful black body.  He squeezed me tightly and immediately went for my butt, grabbing it tightly before spanking it.  "Damn I missed this kid," he told me and stared into my eyes so that he could prepare to kiss me.  His lips felt so good everywhere on my body: my lips, neck, nipples, stomach, dick, balls, and ass.

We let up on each other for a minute.  "I was wondering if you'd even show up," I told him and went back to the table.  He sat beside me and watched me continue to eat.

"You know I couldn't do that to you," he told me and put his hand on my leg, rubbing it gently.  He squeezed it for a second or so.  "That's not me."

"I'm glad," I told him and pushed the plate away from me.  "I'm full."

I was about to get up to put it in the kitchen, but he stopped me.  "I got ya yo, just chill," he told me and picked up the plate to take it to the kitchen.  I couldn't believe it.  Deandre was a freak, and a gentleman.

And a thug, too.

As he cleaned the plate off in the kitchen I went to put his coat into the closet.  He came back as I closed the door and snuck up behind me, hugging me.  He kissed my neck hungrily and said, "I love this song yo," as 'So Special' began and he rocked my waist from side to side.  "Come dance with me."

"Alright," I told him and we walked hand in hand near the stereo system to dance slowly, which was so unlike the bumping and grinding we did the first time we met.  He grinded against me slowly and seductively as Sisqo tore his verse up like shit.  I became involved as well and we were one on the floor, which I loved so much.  He was such a good dancer and very charming and sweet, I had to admit.  I never expected any of this out of him at all.  His dick was getting hard, and I felt it on my thigh as he went down and came back up on me.  I was turned on, and I had to kiss him, so I did, and he put all his tongue into it like he always did.  I let up for a second.  "I like you alot Deandre."

He put his middle and index fingers against my mouth to hush me as the break in the song continued.  "So do I son," he confessed, his cologne wrapping all around me so sweetly.

He kissed me and I took every bit of it.  "You wanna watch a movie?" I offered him, and shook his head yes.  "Alright then."

I grabbed the remote and turned the stereo off, then went into the living room to turn the television on.  Deandre sat on the couch, slumped back casually as I searched for a movie to watch in my collection.  I felt his eyes on my ass checkin' me out and I knew that he was turned on as I bent over.

"What we gonna watch?" he asked, and I showed him the movie.  "A'ight, that's cool.  I love action movies yo!"

I popped the movie in and pressed play, then cut off the light s and joined him on the couch.  He pulled me closer to him and put his arm around me, kissing me on his cheek with his thick, juicy lips.  I snuggled in closer to him and watched the movie.  As it went on, I ended up laying my head on his lap and my feet spread out on the couch.  He kicked his Timbs off and eased a little deeper into the couch as the movie continued.  He put his arm on me and rubbed my back and head as the movie played.

I think I fell asleep half-way through the movie, and I don't know if he was still awake, but when I awoke, there was nothing but the snow screen on.  I adjusted my head deeper into his crouch and felt his hardness.  Was he asleep? I thought to myself as I looked up to see his eyes closed apparently.  I wanted to surprise him, make him feel good without expectation, so I first cut the television off.

I put the remote back on the table and slowly unzipped his pants.  I exposed his semi-hard dick, letting it poke through the hole of his boxers, and stroked it gently.  I looked up into his eyes and saw that he wsa moving, but I didn't know if he was doing that because it was feeeling good.  I just had to suck his dick off one good time, 'cause I hadn't just yet.  It was so big, and I would have to deep throat his ass like a motherfucker, or at least try to.

I lifted up and opened my mouth, then I slowly lowered it onto his pulsating head.  I licked the head playfully as his dick began to become fully erect now, and I just began to suck the head alone.  I felt him twitching, and then his hands massaging my back.

"Uhhhhhhh," Deandre moaned as I continued.  He pushed my head down and I went further down, trying my best not to gag, 'cause he was so huge!  I felt his head on the back of my throat and he started to fuck the shit out of my mouth.  I began to switch up my pace, sucking and slurping fast and slow.  Deandre continued to fuck me in my mouth as I added to the sensation with my mouth.  His hands moved down my back and through my underwear, down to my ass, where I felt his dry fingers so desperately trying to get inside of my asshole.  He licked his other finger nice and good and switched them, going deep inside of my hole.  I had to moan at the intensity of the situation.  I jiggled his balls in my hand and started to lick the outside of his dick, all over the dark long shaft.  I focused my attention on his balls for a while so I could suck them like the sweet round fruits they were.  He continued to moan and so did I as he got deeper into the flesh of my asshole.  He started to wiggle his finger inside of my hole wildly, and I moved my ass around to make it feel better as I became so hard.

I pulled my pants down further and allowed him to have more room, since he loved the hell outta my ass.  He started to spank it roughly like I learned to like it so hard like that.  I let up off his dick for a moment, the salty taste of his precum on my tongue, and softly cooed because it felt so good.  He started jerking his dick and making all sorts of incoherent noises.  I went down on him further, taking it all, and his breathing became heavier as I sucked forcefully this time around.

"Shit man!" he said as he continued to jerk his dick while it was inside of my mouth.  "I'ma 'bout to nut yo..."

He tried to pull my mouth away from his dick, but I refused to as I sucked away on it.  The slurping became louder, and his jerking became too much for my mouth to handle.

"Awwwwwwwwwww!" he yelled as I felt the rush off cum enter my mouth like a flood.  I continued to suck until he couldn't get anymore out of his dick.  He began to shake like he was having convulsions.  No, I din't swallow as he continued to finger me, now as if he couldn't anymore, but it stayed in my mouth as I continued to suck up and down, using the cum as a lubricant, I released it back onto the shaft of his fading hard dick.  When he finally became soft again minutes later, I removed my mouth and took the bottom of my shirt to wipe my mouth off.

Deandre cocked his head back and sighed in relief.  I pulled up my pants and he stopped me.  More surprises.

"What?" I asked him.

"Why you puttin' ya pants on yo?" he asked me.

"Well, you came and all," I began casually, "so I thought that was it.  You know how most men are."

"I ain't most men," he began with a smile on his face.  He grabbed my dick and started to jerk it playfully.

"What you mean?" I asked him.

He leant over and kissed my lips, despite the remnants of what was still left or was left.  Damn, I thought to myself.  He let up.

"We're just getting started," he told me and helped me up, his pants hanging below his knees.  He kicked them off and took off his socks, something I loved that he did 'cause I always thought it to be so trifling for niggas fucking with socks on, then lead me to the back.

"Do you even know where you going in my house?" I asked him as we passed the bedroom.  "My room is that way."

"Who said anything about going to the bedroom?" he asked me and I became nervous, yet sexy, all over.

What in the hell did he have planned for us now?

Deandre stopped and kissed me on the cheek.  "Just fuckin' wit' ya Boo," he said and led me to my bedroom.  He walked behind me with his arms around my waist, pecking at my neck with his juicy lips like a bird, but I loved it.  I felt his dick return to its usual hardness, poking me in my ass as he attempted to take my pants off again that I threw on when we were on our way for our walk around my house.  Near the foot of the bed, I turned to him and kissed him softly as he weaved his long and sexy dark fingers in between mine and grabbed my hands tightly. He lifted one of our joint creations up in the air and kissed the back of my hand sensually before slowly licking it like a puppy.  We stood there with nothing but our shirts on in the darkness of my room slowly swimming towards a night of passion that I counted on being like no other we experienced together.

I cocked my head back as he released one of his hands from mine so he could caress my neck and pull my shirt off.  I did like wise until we both stood naked in front of each other with hard dicks touching each others' heads.  Deandre continued to touch the smooth skin on my neck and down the side of my body like he had never had contact with flesh before in his life.  His hands traveled down the side of my body and tried to smoothen the ripples of abs on my stomach without much success; he massaged my dick with a rhythm that was not as rough as usual, which caused me to relax deeply.  I sighed as he continued to run those rough and masculine hands all over my body.  He felt my hands molding his firm ass like a potter and I could hear him grunt every now and then between the kisses that he started to plant all over the top half of my body.  Of course, in the end, I hoped that they would grow into a plush-filled orgasm all over our sexy bodies.

I made love to each of his fingers as I kissed and sucked on them as if they were his dick; I fucked his hand as he cradled my dick in it, rotating my balls with his free fingers.  I made a path of caressing movements all over his back and rested my hands on his shoulders as he felt me all over.  Deandre lied me on the bed gently as he continued to kiss my body all over its Northern hemisphere, and he fondled below my waist with a new found passion, where before he would be dying to have a taste of two.  The way his lips made contact with my nipples made me shiver with a thrill of ecstasy.  I swore that he could do that all night long and I would cum right there on the spot for real.  His hands grabbed my waist tightly and ran down my thick thighs, squeezing the hell out of them, before running back and forth on my legs.

He moved forward up on me and guided me to turn over, and it was there that I felt his lips tackle my shoulder blades with such precision that I was in a complete state of relaxation.  His dick rested on the cheeks of my ass as he continued to kiss all over my back.  I briefly grabbed his back and commenced to massaging it in such an awkward, yet comforting position.  He scaled my back some more, his dick sliding away from its chill spot on my ass, and his tongue started to lap the exterior of my ass.  It was so wet and good...just as good as when he went inside of me for a taste.  I squirmed and moved as he held me in place, and grinded my ass deeper into his mouth so his tongue could get deeper inside of me.  I arched my back and started to jerk myself off slowly.  His tongue was loving the inside of my ass, and he sucked it to perfection.

"Uhhhhhhh," I sighed and wiggled my ass like a pig in a barnyard.  all I could hear was the slurping sound of his mouth clamped to my ass.  after about twenty minutes of this, I was ready for him to get inside of me, but I just had to have a piece of his fine ass before that happened.  "Deandre, stop," I said and popped my ass back in so that it was out of his mouth.  I turned around to see him lickin' his lips.

"What's wrong son?" he asked me as I pulled him closer to me and said, "Now it's your turn."

He smiled seductively and allowed me to make an entrance to his bubble-butt.  Deandre was not relaxed at all, so I had to convince him to loosen up a bit, and jerked his dick and played with his nipples as an incentive.  The pleasure was too overwhelming for him as he tried to hold his sounds of arousal inside before letting out cries of helpless mercy.  I was a very oral person and eatin' ass was something that I could do very well!  I was further inside of him then he could ever fathom getting inside of me, and it felt so good to have that power.  I mean, he came to me saying that I was going to be his hoe, but look who was taking my tongue like a little bitch now!

And I sure as hell was not about to stop right then.

I continued to stimulate Deandre simultaneously a multitude of times, and he continued to go crazy.  I mean, he was squirming and fighting me off, but I refused to release him of the pleasure that I could give him.  He must've thought that he was the only one capable of making others scream.

Well I was going to make this thug-nigga scream.

Reeeeaaaaalllll loud.

I reached over to the dresser and pulled the drawer open without lookin' as I continued to eat him out, searchin' for a condom.  I found one and held onto it tightly like it was my life line as I continued to please him.  Unwrapping it at the same time, I rolled it gently over my bulging dick until it was all the way down.

"Yo," he began in between his heavy breathing while I continued to fuck him in his ass with my tongue.  He must've watched my sly behavior.  "If you gonna fuck me, which I don't mind kid, you gotta do it right, aiight?  I don't get fucked like this."

"Then how do you?" I asked underneath his ass, playing with his balls and sucking his butt cheeks now.  "Show me."

He got up and I followed him with my hardening protected dick into my living room, where he sat on the couch and drew his Timbs near his sexy feet.  I watched Deandre put them on and start to lace them up.  What the fuck? I asked myself in amazement as he swiftly tied them up.  this nigga wanted me to fuck him with his boots on!  He was too much for me!

I came closer to him and sat beside him on the couch, kissing and caressing him gently like he needed to be.  Deandre was slowly coming around to be hypnotized by my seduction, and when he was finished, he gave his all to me.  He reached into his bottie bag near where his pants were and pulled out a bottle of lubricant to hand to me.  Deandre got on all fours on the couch and allowed me the pleasure of getting him ready for my monster dick to destroy his inner hidden city.  I fingered him deeply and he grunted, but took it with ease.  I slipped two fingers inside and began to go in and out of him for a while because he was definitely on the tight end.  I wiggled my fingers inside of him as he jerked his dick off to numb the pain.  then, I slowly made my entrance.

Deandre asked me to go slow with him, and I followed his every command as I took my time to enter the depths of his fine ass.  I pumped his ass slowly, looking at his Timbs briefly to heighten my objectives, because he was definitely turning me on with them on.

"Oh yeah son!" he cried as I upped the ante and allowed my pace to increase.  I got faster and faster as his his moans became louder and louder.  I was wearin' that nigga out!  "Get in my ass yo!"

I always expected a nigga of his kind to just be all for being a top and taking nothing else, 'cause I thought for sure that he would cuss the hell outta me when I couldn't hold back the urge to fuck him.  But he was ready and willing, and that was the point that I realized Deandre would be a keeper.

"I want to ride you yo," he told me as I fucked him and I left his ass briefly and moved to the single chair beside the couch.  My dick was shooting up to the sky as it gave him the motivation he needed to follow.  I sighed and grabbed his waist so that he could slowly move down onto it.  As he went down, his back turned towards me, I pushed up easily to give him more leverage.  Once I was in all the way, he pushed me back down to the chair since he was seated completely on my dick.  Deandre started to rotate his ass on my dick and I pumped it like a finger ringing a doorbell.  Damn, I never knew fucking Deandre would be that good!  He held his head back as I continued to fuck him, and I sucked on his neck like a vampire, with one of my fingers playing with his nipples as he jerked his dick off.

"Shit Deandre!" I said as he worked the hell out of my dick.  I started feeling on his fat ass and smacking it.  He was moaning and crying out loud.  "Damn boy!"

He got off my dick and turned to face me, his legs basically wrapped around my waist now.  I had to move forward, sitting basically on the edge of the chair, for this type of position to work.  We started kissing as I continued to fuck him, my hands massaging his back and his all over mine.  I was all over his mouth and neck like a warrior, and he was loving every minute of what I was giving up to him.  Now he was screaming, which I wanted!

As I continued to kiss him all over the parts of his body that I could, Deandre steadily jerked his dick like a maniac.  My fucking him and his jerking off was definitely getting to him.

"I'm about to nut yo!" he warned me.

"Do it boy!" I told him as I continued to fuck his brains out.  "Do that shit D."

"Uhhhhhhhh!" Deandre cried as I saw the cum shoot out of his dick.  I felt it all over my stomach and looked to see it coming continuously from his dick and dripping from his head.  He continued to jerk it as I still fucked the rest of it outta him.  He fell over on me, sighing and breathing hard as I still fucked him in his ass.  I was going to get my nut on too!

"Oh yeah!" I said as I pumped him in his ass a little harder and felt the cum begin to surface from my the depths of my dick.  "Shitttttt!"

I just wanted to stay in Deandre's ass forever.  I pulled out and ringed my dick out before removing the full condom from it.  I sat it on the coffee table after carefully wrapping it up in a couple of tissues on the table.  Deandre still laid on me like a little kid and I held him in my arms, rubbing his back.

We went to sleep naked in my bed after it was all over, and I slept under him peacefully while his hand lay lazily on top of the side of my body.

When I woke up the next morning, I was in my bed by myself.  I couldn't believe that he would just leave me like that.  I was pissed off like shit, but when I turned beside me there was a suede rectangular box lying inbetween the sheets with a bow on it.  I opened it and smiled at the shimmering platinum necklace inside with the words, "Deandre's Nigga For Life," inscribed.  It was gorgeous.  I guess I couldn't be that mad at him for leaving me.

I threw on the lounge pants that I had on the before our excursion that night, and walked into the living room with the necklace in my hands.  I jumped when I saw Deandre in the kitchen with some sweats on and a T-shirt fixing breakfast.  I felt ashamed as he motioned me to come inside for ever doubting his integrity.  He put the pan down and gave me a big hug, then kissed me hungrily.  "What's up?" he greeted and continued to cook.  "You like the gift yo?"

I nodded and came behind him to hug him.  He chuckled.  "Deandre you are something else," I told him and released him.  I put it on and asked, "What you fixin'?"

"Eggs, bacon, grits, pancakes, sausages, and biscuits," he told me.  "It'll be ready in about ten minutes son, so have a seat and let me do all the work..."

The phone rang and I kissed him on his neck before running for the phone.  I answered it in the living room.  It was Chauncy.

"What's up?" I asked him and he hit me with some bad news.  The company was cutting back on employees, and any paid interns that weren't with us for at least a year would have to be laid off.

That meant Deandre.

I hung up the phone in disgust as he came into the room.  "What's wrong yo?" he asked me.

How was I going to tell him that I would have to fire him so soon?

I told Deandre what Chauncy informed me, and he was pissed off like shit.  He told me since he took the job, he had stopped slangin' and that he was finally making something out of himself.  I felt so bad, and I told him that I would see what I could do.  I tried to put my arms around him to comfort him and kiss him gently, but he pushed me away angrily, and he was so frustrated.  He left the kitchen and quickly threw on his clothes, then he left, only telling me, "I'm out yo!"

I tried to follow him, but it was no use, and I was stuck there with all that good food he fixed.  I was so upset that I couldn't even eat.

I called Deandre so many times, but I got no answer.  I didn't know if he was screening his calls or what, but when his roommate went to pick up the phone and I inquired about his whereabouts, he said he didn't know what was up with him, but he would relay the message.  I mean, almost a week passed and I still never heard from him.  I still had major love for Deandre, but I just didn't know what to think about him at that point.

In the middle of the night I awoke with a major hard-on after this dream I had about the two of us.  The sheets were cool as they hit my ebony skin and I was feeling very freaky.  I slowly reached into my pants and pulled down the cotton boxers I wore to expose my rock-hard dick.  I reached over to the dresser drawer and pulled out a bottle of lube, putting it on the tip of my dick and starting to massage it onto the head.

I took the power of my right hand and wrapped it around tightly into a fist and started to jerk my dick back and forth, thinking of Deandre near me having his way with me.  Like the dream, I imagined that he was kissing my body and making love to my chest with his lips.  I started to play with one of my nipples as the sensation of my pleasure heightened immensely.  I began to work around my balls like a champ, and wiggle my ass in between the sheets.  It felt so good as I thought of Deandre wrapping his lips around my huge balls as I jerked my dick up and down.  For the first time, I believed he was there and it just wasn't my imagination.

"Deandre," I moaned out loud and closed my eyes as I felt the pleasure I/Deandre exerted all over my body.  Damn it felt so good, and it would be bliss if he were there with me.

I ran my free hand all over my body as if he would, and rested in between my thighs.  I thought of Deandre telling me to turn over and throw my ass in the air, and that I did.

I lay on my stomach and spread my cheeks open with my free hand while the other one searched for my lube to fill my hand.  I rubbed my wet hand on my ass and slowly launched it into my asshole to loosen myself up.  Once one finger was in, I had to put another one inside to make it as close to Deandre's thick dick as possible.  "Oh yeah baby," I said out loud as I slowly worked my asshole out in a sensual groove.  "Take that shit Deandre!"

I/Deandre took all of my ass as the long object slithered in and out of my burning asshole like a fire was about to start.  I was working the hell out of my fingers/Deandre's dick like I would never experience pleasure again.

My other hand jerked my wet dick fiercely as I could no longer decipher the lube from the precum.  That shit felt so good, and I began to make several arousing noises in between the solo session.  I pumped my ass back so I/Deandre could get deeper inside of me and my spot was touched: I could feel the cum about to ooze out of my dick in an instant!

"Turn over," I thought Deandre would tell me and I did so, lying on my back once more, my fingers/Deandre's dick still deep inside of me.  I was beginning to lose control as I/Deandre pleasured myself like only I/he could.

"Oh shit!" I emitted.  "I'm about to cum!"

I pushed as deep as I could inside of my asshole until I could feel the muscles inside of me contract wildly as I felt the cum drip from my exploding dick.  I continued to jerk and finger-fuck myself until my dick was completely drained.  My fingers slipped out of my ass and I smothered the sticky cum all over my stomach in the heat of passion.  I sat up in the bed, satisfied, yet confused.  I held his chain in my hands and felt all over it.

"Deandre," I said to myself, "where are you?"

"Talked to Deandre lately?" Chauncy asked as we walked down the street the day after my masturbation session late at night.  We were on our way to the same club that I saw Deandre at.  I wondered if he would probably be there, but that was something I couldn't hope for.  I had to move forward, but I would try one last time to get in touch with him, and if that didn't work, then I would be like fuck it.  It would be nice to have a real relationship with a thug like Deandre, but it would probably be a sex thing.  Someone like him I could tell was all about the game.  I mean, I wouldn't have been surprised if he had some other niggas, but he was telling me that I was his nigga...for life as the chain said (and I wore it that night too).  As the thoughts ran through my mind, I completely forgot about Chauncy's question.  "Did you hear me?"

"Yeah," I said reluctantly.  "No, I ain't talked to him since I told him about how we had to let him go."

Chauncy started to laugh.  I asked him what was so funny and he said, "Nothing."

"No really," I asked.

"Y'all use to be fucking and shit at work, weren't y'all?" he asked me, and I turned to him offensively.  How in the hell was he going to ask me a question like that? I thought to myself.  I ignored him.  "Fine then, don't answer me then."

"I won't," I told him.

"But the tape speaks for itself..."

My features froze and my heart beat fastly.  "The tape?! What are you talking about?"

"The security tape," he began, smiling devilishly, and I felt like the biggest asshole in the world.  How could I have been so stupid not make sure our rendezvous that first night was free of prying eyes?  "It makes for a great porn, I must admit, 'cause I was turned on, Joe was blown like shit..."

"Joe!!!" I exclaimed.  He was the guard that worked surveillance at our job.  I felt so embarrassed, since no one knew about what I did or Chauncy, and Joe was as straight as they came.  "Oh my God Chauncy!"

"Calm down," he told me.  He explained that you could hardly see our faces, only our bodies the way we were fucking up a storm.  Chauncy of course played the pseudo-homo role since you could tell that it was two niggas gettin' their fuck on, and he didn't want to blow his cover just as much as I.  "Joe was shocked as shit man, but we laughed because y'all were some fucking bitches man!  He was tearin' your shit up!"

Chauncy started laughing, and I told him to shut the fuck up.  "I gotta get that tape Chauncy, whether you could tell it was us or not.  They keep the tapes on record for a month before recording over them right?"

He nodded.  "You could go there now if you want to, I mean, Joe'll be there 'til like six in the morning."

"Later," I told him, "I just want to get to the club and have a drink or two, and maybe I'll dance a little--"

"And see Deandre there too, huh?" Chauncy cut me off.

"I ain't thinkin' 'bout that nigga," I lied as we neared the door and waited briefly to get inside.  "Tonight is going to be all about me."

We went inside and Chauncy left me as usual to make his rounds around the club to fellowship like he was at church or something.  I went over to the bar and got a beer, watching everyone on the dance floor getting their groove on.  I thought how nice it would be for Deandre and me to tear the club that night like we did the first time we met there.

I really missed him.

Instead of sulking, I took a sip as this attractive brown-skinned dude strolled up next to me wearing a Coolgi sweater, dark blue jeans, and wheat Timbs.  He had a short hair cut and was laced in the tightest ice I had ever seen.  I'm talking about diamond rings and bracelet, earrings, and necklaces.  I was becoming weak, I must admit, and briefly pushed Deandre out of my mind when he said, "What's up son?" before ordering the same thing I had.

I returned the greeting and took another sip.  While he waited for his drink, he scoped me out.  I was looking okay in my unbuttoned stretch button-front shirt and slacks, Deandre's chain accentuating my outfit, but he was looking at me like he wanted me badly.  I laughed as he drink came up and he asked me, "What's so funny yo?"

I turned to him, his hazel eyes bringing more of his sexiness to the table.  "It's just that you're peeping me out like shit and I wish you would say something instead of staring me down," I confessed politely.  He chuckled.  "What's so funny to you?"

"My bad yo," he told me, "but I was just peepin' out ya chain."

"Oh," I said solemnly and took another drink.  "This nigga I fuck wit', I guess 'cause I don't know where he been lately, gave it to me."

He took a drink.  "My nigga got me one just like it, but when we got into a fight, I told him to keep that shit 'cause I didn't want it."

"It looks too good to just give up," I told him.

"Yeah," he said.  "He had something put on it, talking about how I was his nigga for life, and was like go 'head with that bullshit yo!"

I froze like shit.  Just a coincidence, I told myself.  It couldn't be him, but I had to fish for more clues just in case.  Deandre wasn't that foul.  Or was he?

"What's his name?" I asked.  "Maybe I know him."

"Dee," he told me, and I felt relieved, "but his real name is Deandre."

I don't know what went through my mind at that point, but I was so upset.  How was he going to give me something that he gave someone else?  And this fight they had?  Were they together during that point, because if so, "Dee" was fucking me while he was fucking someone else, and that wasn't cool at all.

"Oh," I said.  "Did y'all ever make up?"

"Oh yeah," he told me.  "About two weeks ago.  He's a playa for real, but we agreed after hooking back up that things would be just about us and no one else..."

Why couldn't Deandre be like that? I asked myself with anger.  That meant that, since they got together two weeks ago, he was with him and fucking me at the same time!  "Is he here, 'cause I'd love to meet him."

"Yeah, hold on a minute," he told me and disappeared into the crowd.  He returned a minute later with Deandre, who wore a black muscle shirt and black jeans with those unlaced wheat Timbs that I fucked him in that night.  His face lit up when he saw me, because I knew he was shocked as hell, and his boyfriend said, "Dee, this is um, what's your name kid?"

I told him as if Deandre didn't already know, and I gave him some pound with the confidence because I knew I wasn't wrong.  "What's up Dee?" I asked smiling and I could tell how nervous he was becoming because the situation was awkward.

"Nothing yo," he said to me.

"He has a chain on like the one you gave me," his boyfriend said.  "I just wanted to show you."

"That's cool," Deandre said to me, then to his boyfriend, "Matt and them is lookin' for you over by the pool tables."

"Aiight then yo," he said and they kissed before he left.  I knew that was a diversion, and I couldn't wait to let Deandre have it once he was out of sight.  He sat next to me and I took a long sip from the bottle to the head.

"Look," he began, but I threw up my hand to stop him.

"Deandre, you got me fucked me up, 'cause I don't get down like this," I told him, taking the chain off and throwing it on the bar.  "How you gonna play me like that?  I thought you were for real, but you ain't shit!  And then you just gonna disappear and never return my calls.  Is that how you were gonna get rid of me?"

"I'm sorry," he said and picked up the chain, "but I didn't know what to do.  Both of y'all are tight, but we got back together and I didn't know what to do."

"Obviously you did, 'cause all you wanted to do was fuck," I told him standing.  He gave me the chain back, and don't know why I even accepted it.  "Fuck you for real!"

"Look yo!" he said and stood with his hands on my shoulders.  I pushed them off and threw the chain back at him.

"I'm about to do one of your numbers," I told him.  "I'm out yo," I told him like he told me last week and pushed my way through the people who watched the spectacle.  One of them was his boyfriend that I failed to notice.  I turned my back after my exit to see them arguing, and then his boyfriend punched him and they started to wreck in the club.  I turned back to the exit and focused on something else: going to get that tape so I could burn it.

Me and Deandre were over, and that was it.  My thug reality was becoming nothing but a mere fantasy again.  I felt so stupid, actually falling for his bullshit.  And to think that I actually thought about a future with us, but I was mistaken completely.  The game just never changed.

It never changed.

I arrived at my job shortly after my soap opera encounter and told the guard at the front desk that I would be gone in a second after going to see Joe in the surveillance room.

At least I wouldn't have to deal with seeing Deandre again at work.

I walked to the locked door and knocked on it several times before Joe came to unlock it with his wife beater on, unzipped baggy jeans and unbuttoned belt, and some black Timbs on.  I wondered what he was doing, and it seemed that he was trying to present himself as good as possible so it wouldn't look like he wasn't engaging in some sexual activity.  I told him that I was looking for a tape, and he let me in.

I couldn't help but become attracted to the way Joe looked.  He looked so sexy at that moment, and he was turning me on.  His muscles were nice and firm, his stomach flat, his ass juicy, and his face was so beautiful.  He was a roughneck and straight as shit, so there was no need for me to pursue my thoughts.  Joe closed the door and asked, "What are you lookin' for?"

I turned to him standing at the door with his hands behind his back on the door knob.

"This tape from about two weeks ago," I told him.  "It was sorta X-rated, and I wanted to get rid of it before it caused some major damage to the company."

"Oh," he said and I heard the door lock.  "I don't know what you're talking about, but if I find anything, I'll let you know..."

I turned to the monitor where the VCR was and asked, "What's in there?  Maybe it's on that tape--"

"No!" Joe yelled as I walked over and pressed the play button.  He made a regretful noise as I looked in awe to see the tape that Chauncy was throwing up in my face constantly earlier that night.  I turned to him and thought to myself.  Well I'll be gotdamned! I told myself.  Joe, Mr. Strictly Clitly, who preferred innies to outties, who was so hard and rough and tough, was obviously getting off to me and Deandre's escapade!

"This is what I was looking for," I told him as it played.  "You weren't watching this, were you?"

He was quiet.  "Look," he began nervously, coming near me.  "I was just watching, that's all!"

I shook my head no.  "I'm sorry, but no straight man watches two dudes fucking unless he's into that type shit," I told him.

Joe sighed, embarrassed.  "Well, no 'supposedly straight' man be letting a nigga bang the shit outta him like you let that dude do to you," he said and my face got tight.  He pulled my card, and I became red.

"Let's just forget this," I said and stopped the tape so I could eject it and leave.  When I was finished, he stopped me.  "Get out of my way!"

He had a smirk on his face.  "I want you to turn me out like you did dude on the tape," he said and licked his lips.  He snatched the tape from me and threw it into the door; it busted open.

I was confused and shaking as I watched him home in on my neck and start to suck it.  I couldn't resist as I started rubbing his back and lifting up his shirt while he slipped off my unbuttoned shirt and unbuttoned my slacks.  I was becoming hard as shit, and I felt his hardness burst through the opening of his jeans.  Joe was packing a phat ass dick, and I had squeeze it along with his ass.  He pulled his pants down and I felt all of his nakedness below his waist, and he felt mine once my pants were off.  These rough niggas that were hiding their desires to be with other dudes was fucking my mind up, just like the ones who really got down like that.  Was this a new underworld forming?

I didn't give a fuck honestly about it anymore, 'cause I was getting mine for real.  I went down on Joe and he moaned wildly.  From here on out, it was all good.

And I would be thuggin' it for the rest of my life...



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