The Call

I got the call he couldn't pay me again. I was blunt and accepted he would pay me later and hung up.He called back a little later and asked what I was doing after work. Nothing i said he then asked if i wanted to come by.  Yeah was my response, i knew what he was doing he was trying to smooth things over by giving me what he knew i wanted. Him or rather his manhood. I guess it was true because I arrived for a great sex session.  He  stripped to a big black tee shirt and laid on his back on his king sized bed legs apart.  I went down on him after stripping to my under vest.  I deep throated him over and over again as he inhaled his poppers.  He then turned off all the lights it was pitch black as i lowered my ass onto his waiting hard on.  We fucked like that for awhile I could feel his dick slide in inch by inch.  I had to take a piss when i got back the light was back on he was on his knees and motioned  for me to lay on my stomach he then mounted me from behind. I guided his wood up my ass. He then stopped and with his dick still buried up my ass he reached for his poppers and inhaled deeply.  He then handed them to me and i inhaled  deeply.  Then he slam fucked me showing no mercy as he thrust where I didn't think you could.  I yelled into the pillow that my face was buried in.  The fucking just got harder and deeper i tried to relax completely allowing him to fuck and thrust with out hesitation.  I don't know when he came but he did.  He laid on top of me for a minute or two after he came.  I made him thrust into me a few more times before he slipped out of me.  When i left he was in the shower I didn't say a word as i quickly dressed and slipped quietly out the door.



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