Black Navy Sailor

I was working as a medic on the male surgical ward. Back in those days the corpsmen performed the surgical preps... lucky me. One day I was ordered to prep a guy for an appendectomy. I was happy to do that little task, as this prep involved shaving the guy from his belly button down to mid thigh, including his cock and balls. Then I was told that I had to show 3 students how to prep. Well, there went the privacy.

I got my students and took them into the ward to show them how to prep. I almost swooned when I saw the patient. He was about 20, well built, and black. I had prepped a lot of white guys, but this would be my first black man. I had heard that black men were really hung, and I wished I could be alone with him. Usually when I prepped a guy, I so thoroughly lathered him up that he couldn't help but get hard. With students along, I knew that I had to be quick and professional. I pulled the curtain around the patient, and explained that I would need to expose his "private" area and shave him from belly button to mid thigh. I explained that being hairless down there would feel strange, but that the hair would eventually grow back. With shaking hands I pulled the sheet down to his feet. His hospital gown was covering him, and I took hold of the bottom hem, slowly pulling the gown up to expose the biggest cock I had ever seen. It was black, like licorice, soft, and resting on top of his left thigh. I almost passed out right there.

It was difficult to keep the shakiness out of my voice as I explained the procedure to my students. I lathered up a wash cloth and rubbed it over his manhood. I immediately felt his cock twitch, and saw it begin to fill with blood. It took less than 10 seconds before his 11 inch cock stood hard and pointing straight up. I continued to lather and shave, gently lifting each ball, pulling the skin tight, and running the razor just right so as not to nick his skin. I fondled each huge nut as I lathered, shaved, and rinsed. Then I hadto make sure there was no hair on his cock. I took it in my hand and, getting my face real close, examined every detail of it. Occasionally while doing a prep, the man gets so excited that he cums. I explained this to my students, telling them that if this happens, to just place your hand over the head of his cock, to prevent the cum from flying, and wait until he is finished. I looked from my students up to my patient's face and saw the biggest smile.

Unfortunately, the students were along so I quickly finished the prep and sent this black adonis to surgery. Two days later I was assigned to work the 11 pm to 7 am shift. Usually the patients are asleep by the time the shift starts, so you don't see them unless they ring the nurse call bell. At about 3 am the call light went off and I went to the patient's bed to see what I he needed. As I got to this patients bed I recognized him as the black seaman who had his appendix removed. I quietly asked what he needed, "I need to piss" he said. I asked if he wanted me to help him into the latrine, or if he needed a urinal. "Urinal" he said. I picked up the urinal from his stand, and, being a good nurse, pulled down the sheet for him. I held the urinal out to him, but he didn't take it. At first I just stood there. I looked up to his face, and there was that beautiful smile again. "I need some help with it." he said. Again, being the dutiful nurse, I pulled up his gown, placed the urinal between his legs, and gently picked up his soft cock and placed it into the urinal. I naturally held this big black cock so that it wouldn't fall out while hepissed. I could feel the piss running thru the piss tube of his big soft cock, and hear it flowing into the urinal. When he had finished, I shook the last remaining drops of piss off his tool. As I was doing this, I felt his cock begin to harden. I shook it a little more, and then milked it a little.

Again, in less than 10 seconds I had an 11 inch long, 3 inch around black cock in my hand. Ileaned up to his ear and quietly asked, "do you want a blow job?" "Yes", he answered. Just to make sure I hadn't just heard what I wanted to hear, I askedhim again. "Yes," he answered again. I placed the urine-filled container on thestand, bent my head down to his crotch, and without a moments hesitation, sucked that big beautiful black cock into my mouth. It felt different that any other cock I have had between my lips. The skin felt more, oh, I don't know, more velvety. Being such a large cock, I could only get my mouth about half way down before I felt his cock-head pressing against the back of my throat. I don't think my black man minded, though, as I heard him let out a deep moan. I slowly moved my mouth up and down, rubbing my hot lips hard against this giant black cock. Slowly I moved up and down, each time I heard him let out a moan. It wasn't long before his breathing speeded up and I felt his cock-head grow larger in my mouth. I didn't care how big it got. Even if it got so big I choked to death, what a way to die. I didn't have long before I felt the first hot spurt of cum hit the back of my throat. He shot so hard I had to pull my head back a little and aim his cock more toward the back of my throat so that his hot cum could just shoot right into my stomach. I counted each load as it shot out of his cock into me, 5-6-7. Then I felt his cock begin to soften.

I sucked until I had the last drop of this black stud's cum. As his cock softened, I was able to take his entire manhood into my mouth until my nose pressed into his shaved balls. About two hours later, I went back and sucked him off again. Not as big a load, but just as nice. ?


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