Double Disciplined

It had been over two months since I told Derrick our fuck sessions had come to an end. I had become worried that my conservative family and friends would discover that I had been sexually submitting myself to a black man. I tried but could not stop thinking about Derrick working me over with his hot black dick and gave in to my animal desires. When I called to hook up again, he did not sound surprised but said he had something special in store for my return, which probably meant my hot white ass was going to get it good. I rang the bell to his place and to my surprise a cute 20-something blond guy opened the door. "Hi I'm Kyle. They're expecting you." Kyle's trim athletic body was clad only in a tight jock strap, and when he turned around i saw that his round ass cheeks glowed red from a very recent discipline session.

We entered the living room and Derrick was naked and hard in all his glory on one chair, and a very well built black guy on another. Derrick smirked his greeting, "Jonn, my friend Barry was just in the middle of training his badly behaved boy, right Kyle?" "Yes Sir!" said the blond boy obediently. "Assume the position boy!" commanded Barry in a no-nonsense tone. Kyle got down on his knees, ass thrust in the air awaiting further punishment. Barry swung his hand down again and again on Kyle's exposed ass, further reddening the white boy's cheeks. A torrent of about twenty loud spanks fell on Kyle's tortured ass, who took his ass-beating with muffled sobs, fighting back the tears, but at the same time his meaty white dick was tenting out his jock. "Are you going to disobey my word boy?" "No Sir!" responded the blond boy.

"Jonn, you said a while ago you couldn't play with your Black Daddy any more, didn't you?" Derrick questioned, turning the attention towards me. "Uh, yes Sir. But I was wrong Sir, which is why I am here.

I am sorry Sir..." "Strip out of your clothes now, boy!" Derrick had never done this to me in front of others and I was a bit hesitant. "Now boy!" I obeyed and shed all of my clothes exposing myself to these two strangers. "I want you to assume the same position as Kyle did when he got his ass beating!" "Yes Sir!" I quivered in anticipation of my punishment. I braced myself as Derrick snapped a thin leather belt in his hands. Whack! Whack! The belt swished down again and again on my defenseless ass cheeks as I moaned in pain. Derrick loved to tear up my white ass and get it all glowing hot and red before fucking me. "Oh yeah, that boy's got a nice ass!

We're gonna have some hot white boy pussy tonight!"

Barry remarked as Kyle's head bobbed up and down in service to his black master. Precum was leaking from my dick as I braced myself for what came next: Derrick's ten inch fat cock thrust up my tortured ass. He shoved it up all at once and started driving my hot white ass every which way, stretching my tortured hole as I winced from pleasure and pain. Barry approached and fed me every inch of his black meat while Derrick plowed me. That night Kyle and I took those massive black dicks in every conceivable position. I was made to eat out both of my masters' asses as they pumped a squealing Kyle. We both eagerly took a few loads of hot jism down our throats while our tormentors prevented us from touching our own leaking cocks. The hottest moment i think was when Kyle and I were getting fucked at the same time and locked mouths as our white asses were getting banged without mercy. Finally after Derrick and Barry got off several times, we white boys were permitted to jack each other off. Kyle and I deep-kissed and after a few strokes we each shot a copious hot load all over each other's faces. This fuck session was definitely worth the two months's wait.


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