Black And Wild by DL Brothasinc

I was on my way to the court on the Westside to shoot some hoops one Saturday afternoon. I knew Darnell and K.J., two of my college homeboys, was going to be out there. When I got out of my Honda Accord, the sun had peaked out of the clouds once again and had no mercy on my skin. The heat was almost unbearable. That’s what life is like in the Dirty South. Especially in the dead of summer.

Before I even got on the court behind the Valley Apartments, I was already wiping my forehead with my wifebeater. Felt like my new Nike Shox TL’s wanted to stick to the pavement. Once I hit the court, seemed like the hype was building up and a serious match was brewing. I could see K.J. getting his stretch on while Darnell and some light brother in an Iverson jersey, sporting some nice braids, were working on their A game for practice.

“What’s up, nikka” Darnell exclaimed while approaching me with his irresistible salesman smile. The brother could sell almost anything. Working for one of the best car dealerships in town, the boy could probably sale a Pinto and have you believing it was on the cover of Low Rider.

“You know yo’ ass is late. We thought you wasn’t going to show.”“Man, I told you I was on the way.”

“Shit. That was almost 20 minutes ago. It don’t take that long to get from Eastpoint to here. I honestly believe you just scared to get yo’ ass whoop.” I liked a challenge and I was up for it. “Nigga, bring it on!”

We decided to pair up and play 3-on-3. Darnell felt like playing against me since I made that funny remark about his girlfriend earlier. That was cool. Darnell, Wes, and ‘T’ decided to go against me, K.J. and the light boi. I honestly wanted to cuss Darnell out for putting this wanna-be white boy on our team. I knew he intentionally wanted that since he wanted to make me look like a bitch on the court. Like a hour later, in the seriously humid, 90 degree heat, T. gave in on the court and was complaining of a sharp pain in his wrist when he went up for a dunk. He really didn’t pay it no attention. He still was in ok condition. Darnell and his crew ended up winning one game – but it was my court moves, K.J’s quick fakes, and the yellow boi’s jump shot that won us two matches. The afternoon wasn’t get any cooler, so we decided to call it quits.

While drinking down some bottle water, K.J. ran up from behind me and began to laugh out, “Damn, we beat their ass. Now Darnell won’t have shit to say come Monday. We got the bragging rights now”.

“Hell yeah. I told you we was going to come back.” I replied, still trying to catch any form of oxygen in the hot heat.Darnell came up with his “gallon” of Gatorade, talking some shit.

“Yo man, you know you won only ‘cause T’s wrist was sprained.”

“Naw, it ain’t even like that. I knew you was going to say sumthin’ so lowdown as that. Those last two games were fair. And the better team won.”

“You lucky this time, kid.” Darnell said, “But I still got nothing but love for you man.” “It’s kool. Just a game.” The competition was over and we decided to call it a day.

While walking off the court, I had to ask my homeboy, Darnell, about the urban “Jason Kidd”. “Yo, who’s that cutie over there? The one you paired me up with.”

Darnell began to giggle over my question. “Oh, that’s Jermall. Sorry I didn’t introduce you to him, yo.”

Darnell knew I got down – the brother was so real while growing up that I felt keeping a secret from him about me would be a sin. And though Darnell has a young three-year old daughter and a girlfriend now, I knew he got down too. I almost had to hurt Darnell when he began to flirt with brothers I was feeling because it was very clear that he would have the advantage of getting them in his bed over me. Remember, Darnell is a salesman.

“That one of your boy toys? ‘Cause I don’t like leftovers!” I said jokingly.

“Naw nikka. You know I’m not into yellow boys. Not like you. Plus, the kid is my new neighbor.”

“For real?”

“Yeah, he moved into Stonehill a week ago and we kind of kicked it off real well. A real cool guy. Graduated from Morehouse and working on getting his Masters in Business Administration.”

“Damn, brother educated too. I heard that. Any drama surrounding him that you know of?” My “curiosity light bulb” went off in my head and immediately began to flair up great interest about my teammate.

“Well, not that I know of. I already told you before that we all have issues.

But I think he’s pretty legit.”

“But you know what, I’m ‘bout to crash back over to my place and light me up one. You down for that?”

“Yeah, that’s cool. I was going to hit home first to get all clean up.”

“Naw nikka, come on over to my crib. You can do that shit at my place. Plus, I got a plan for you and homeboy.”

I paused and allowed Darnell’s request to marinate in my head for a minute. Strangely, I was up for a second challenge.

What was so weird about the young Blatino was on the court, he barely said a word to me personally. He was quite approachable and friendly during the game – but afterwards, he was to himself. He was quite reserved. I began to attach the “shy” trait to his strange demeanor. It was quite obvious that he either was interested in me and didn’t want to let me know or he was very shy. I was hoping it was a little of both.

I got over to Stonehill Apartments where my boy, Darnell, lived. I still had no clue on what he was plotting for Jermall and I, but I hope it wasn’t something that was far-out. For some reason, I had high hopes and remained optimistic about what was to come. I remained calm and stepped up to Darnell’s door, knocked on his door, and waited patiently for him to answer.

“Yo whazzaap!” Darnell answered the door like he was the reject co-star of the Budweiser commercial.

“Sup fool. What chu’ up to nikka” I said as I entered D’s domain. The place was looking quite exquisite and contemporary. Only problem: it wasn’t really Darnell’s style.

“Ok man…what’s up with the place?” I said.

“What you mean Anthony. You don’t like it?”

“I like it. I just know you didn’t do this. Your girl did this, I’m sure.”

“Hey hey hey! I can’t help it she got style. But I will say this man, she did the decorating but I paid for it. Bottom line.” Darnell stated as he headed for the fridge in the kitchen.

“I feel ya on that man.” I replied.

I sat down on his new sofa and began looking at a motionless television. I couldn’t help but think of what homeboy had plotted for me. I didn’t even have the nerve to turn his TV on. Excitement mixed with a taste of fear began to bubble in my gut.

“So you like Jermall?”

“Yeah, I think he’s hella cute. I still don’t understand why you don’t like light nikkas?”

“Just not my taste. Plus they can be conceited as hell. But that’s beside the point. I got a girl now and I’m trying to settle down for a minute.” Darnell began to laugh over his own statement.

“A minute? You mean for a second!” I replied.

“Well you know how that goes. You want a Bud Light?”

I agreed as he handed me a bottle of his stash and a Black and Mild. Darnell continued to talk about my interest in Jermall while I was getting my buzz and the hot mix from the alcohol and the killer “black”. Just talking about the nigga was causing my dick to rise in my pants.

“So what you like about the kid.”

“He can’t be too much a kid. He graduated from college, remember?”

“Yeah, but he’s younger than you.” Darnell said while walking back towards the kitchen.

“That’s true. But I mean he’s mad sexy as hell. All I wanna know man is do he get down.” Darnell smiled while handling me another bottle from his fridge.

Minutes later, my buzz began to take over. Horny, hot, drunk and high. I could feel all those adjectives taking over my body. The moment was just right and it was just what I needed after a serious sweat on the court. All of a sudden, while relaxing and after closing my eyes, I look up and notice something different. There he was. Jermall is standing in front of me. Shirt off, wearing red shorts with Timbs on. There he was, hair braided in a nice style and his yellow boyish charm giving him total radiance on his face. I couldn’t believe my eyes.

“Yo, what’s up Darnell. How he get in here?”

And then, Jermall spoke. “I was in the backroom the whole time and I heard every word you said.” The young papi began to smile, revealing the bounty of his sweet red lips. Darnell then turned in my direction, pointing his finger.

“Gotcha nikka. REVENGE IS SO SWEET!”

“Oh damn, you wrong nikka. That’s so wrong.” I said as I looked at Darnell shamefully.

I couldn’t believe Darnell would be that foolish to let a game of basketball get the best of him like this. But I laughed it off. I kind of liked the fact that his revenge was more of an embrace. He knew I really liked this dude. For a good second, I began to gaze at Jermall with great guilt. I eyed him down and savored the moment. Jermall then speaks and ends the moment of silence by inviting me over to his place so that we can get “acquainted”. I gave my boi, Darnell, a witty smirk as I agreed to this dime. As I walked out of my boy’s crib, still feeling slightly intoxicated mixed with a tingle buzz from the Black and Mild I finished, I walked down the stairs with Jermall to his crib. He opened the door and led me into a dark living room. As I entered his apartment, Darnell pulled down his shorts; revealing his toned thighs, beautiful skin and gorgeous 9-inch dick. The brother was hard already! And he surely proved that light niggas aren’t only equipped in the back. As he stripped his shorts to his Timbs, he then nailed me into a corner and began to lick under my neck. That is when I grabbed his neck with both of my arms and whispered, “Are you sure you want to do this? Aren’t we going too fast with this shit?”

“Nigga, I want you…and I want you now”, the pretty boy responded.

While grabbing his neck, I lightly kissed his lips and began to engage my tongue into his mouth. I began to taste his smoldering fresh breath. The intensity of him flicking my nipples with his fingers caused me to breath extensively while locking down on his lips. Then I could hear soft, smooth moans flooding out of his mouth as I began to jerk his papi dick. Shockingly, I felt a hand began to push my hand off his dick. The brother was captivated by how my hands were beginning to make love to his dick. He tried to resist. Finally, I responded with desperation by pushing Jermall forward to his living room’s love seat. He fell back and I could only see nothing but his right leg dangling over the left arm of his chair. I then rushed over him and began to lick down his chest.

“Nigga, why you resisting?” I asked passionately.

“Damn, this shit is feeling too good. That’s why!”

“Well you started it, now be man enough to finish it.” I replied with lust lingering in my speech. While hovering over his youthful GQ physique, I began to massage Jermall down with my lips. The lather from my lips began to soak down his hard, round perky nipples. Suddenly, I felt Jermall’s hand wrap around my back and began to explore my ass. That’s when I began to thrust my dick against his – causing both of our shit to pulsate vibrantly.

The soft touches of Jermall’s hands on my ass then began to grow with intense vigor. His moans grew larger and his fourplay almost became threatening. Wording “Fuck me, nigga” and “Um, shit, make love to me boi” literally perked up my hard on. I then rose up from above Jermall’s slumped body in the chair and began to stroke my dick in a massaging manner; making Jermall hunger for my dick. “You want this, nigga?” I asked.

“Hell yeah. Gimme that dick.”

His response moved me towards my jean’s pocket as I pulled out a luscious strawberry flavored Lifestyles condom. While placing my glove on, I saw a seductive smile grow across Jermall’s face.

“Oh, so you brought surprises and shit.” Jermall spoke with light humor.

“Yeah nigga. I only pull out the special stuff for those special occasions.”

“Hmm, never tried a flavored condom on a dick” he softly mentioned.

As I looked at him and was preparing to insert my prized possession (8 inch, thick) into his anxious bootyhole, Jermall leaps off the seat and begins to moisten my dick in his mouth. Taking it deep down his throat. I could feel my dick going to the back of his throat and Jermall’s lips tightening up on my head as he pulled out. His sucking vibrations, going forward and back in his mouth with me thrusting forward like I was penetrating pussy, caused me to throw my head back with mad passion. Feeling Jermall’s fingers picking on my left nipple, while continuing to rotate his head frantically while juicing down my dick, spruced up the mood entirely. The sex was on.

I then lift homeboy up on his feet and whisper unto him to bend over on his love seat.

“Yes baby” he replied.

As he bent over, he began to lather his ass with body lotion and exposing his man-hole by spreading his cheeks wide. His booty was drop-dead gorgeous and was perfect for a bottom. He continued to spread his ass cheeks as he looked from behind with lustful expressions brewing on his face. I then moved in for the kill and slowly slipped my dick into his ignition; sending him into overdrive. He moaned with no pain in sight. Like a pro at work!

“Fuck me baby. Fuck this ass nikka.”

I began to push my hard eight inches of flesh deeper into his ass and pulling out – and watching my dick disappearing and reappearing from my exotic inserts. This turned Jermall on totally. And the sensations of my dick touching his good spot and rubbing against his sensitive walls created reflexes of sweaty, nasty sex. I then wrap my arm around Jermall’s stomach and abs and begin to grind him out. With the motion, Jermall joins in and pushes his ass back with every thrust forward. The tempo was perfect. And it grew faster and faster. Slaps of my balls against his ass grew louder and louder. And wild grunts from homeboy rocked the room. “DAMN, NIKKA. FUCK ME OUT, BOI.”

I responded to Jermall’s nasty comments. Hell yeah, I called him a bitch…and he enjoyed it. He lead me on – and would not accept any slow fuck. This red boi began to work my dick like nothing I’ve ever experienced. His muscles squeezed tighter on my thick dick with every push I gave him; proving that he was in control. I increased the momentum due to the fact that I liked the challenge. The challenge in knowing that Jermall wanted to get the advantage.

“Take this bitch!”

I lifted my right leg over the chair; revealing my muscle prowess. The position was sheer doggie-style; as I pushed homeboy’s back down in the chair. Moans of satisfaction echoed in the air as I continued to slide my shit into his ass. With every thrust, his ass was losing his tightness so I grab homeboy’s cheeks and squeezed them together to prolong the sensations. I drilled his ass and Jermall grunts for air with every push.

I immediately pulled my dick out of his beautiful bubble ass and ripped my glove off my dick – cum drips all over the place. All over the carpet and chair. As I slowly adjusted with every heartbeat from my soaking climax, Jermall turns his masculine form around and begins to jack off his dick. Moaning and licking his lips as he attempts to get his nutt. I move towards his direction and began to lean over his body and kiss him on the neck and lips…whispering smooth words into his mind…and then he grunts and yells aloud. “Urrrrgghhhh….I’m cumin nikkka!” A huge load, jumping to 4 feet over his chest and over the love seat, blows from his yellow dick. “Oh damn, boi. That was some good shit.” Jermall answered while trying to get his breath. “Yeah, freaky and wild.” I walked across the room and reached for my jeans. “Yo, I gotta clean up. You know I ain’t washed up since we played ball earlier.” “Man, it’s cool. Go on and use the bathroom. It’s all yours.” “Word” It’s ten o’ clock. P.M. After a quick clean in Jermall’s shower and wishing him a good night, I began to speed off to my crib on the other side of town. The bed was seriously calling me. I really had a long day and all of it was taking its tool on my stamina. While cruising up the ramp on the Interstate, while cranking 50 Cent in my CD player, I hear my cell phone ringing. Who the hell could this be? I didn’t recognize the number. I answered. “Hey, I enjoyed tonight. Do you wanna hook up tomorrow?” Goodness, it’s Jermall. Sadly, I was turned off big time. “How you get my number, kid?” “Well, let’s just say I got it from a friend.” “Man, I’m sorry to say this. But you really turned me off. I never gave you my number and I told you not to push a nigga on. I don’t have sex on a first date with people I’m interested in. All I have to say is, man, you are not my type. Sorry.” “What…what did I do…” I close the lid on my phone and continued to head towards my crib. It’s very sad that you cannot win for losing. Especially with me.


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