Ultimate Jail's Bait by DLNKA75


I have gotten myself deep over my head. I knew better, but I did it anyway.

I’d compromised my principles and my client’s parole status. If any of this gets out, we’re both screwed. I’ll probably catch a charge of my own for this. Improper conduct with an inmate, I’m sure there’s a law against it on the books somewhere. I just don’t know what I should do now; it’s gone too far…

It all started when, after my divorce, my law firm felt it was time to strengthen ties to the penal system by granting several lawyers the double duty of Parole Officer, those of which would report directly to the state pen. Needing the distraction, I went through the WA State Police Academy, got my badge and joined up with the Parole Officer’s board, where I was assigned my first parolee- young Malik Warrington, incarcerated at Washington State Penitentiary for a minor robbery charge, sentence: 1 year, up for parole in another month (FYI: I’m 6’4, 190 lbs, light brown eyes, with a salt-n-pepper goatee and mustache, although my skin is baby-soft clear, like it was in my teens; if I colored my hair I’d look like I’m still in high school, it’s the good DNA).

I went to the prison that morning to finalize Malik’s parole hearing, and decided to make the most of the time permitted. There was a private room down from the Warden’s office that was used for conjugal visits. The warden was an old friend of mine from my lawyer days, so I requested the space; I wished to talk to the young inmate alone, to get a sense of who he is, whom I was fighting for. The Warden granted my request- I was sent to the secluded room to wait while the guard went to get Malik from his scheduled time in the prison weight section.

Some time passed, then the door opened- the guard outside held it open for Malik to enter and greet me. When he came fully into the room, I took a slight double-take. Malik was the phynest lil youngin I’d ever seen in all my 42 years. He was pretty-boy faced with a very sexy Caesar haircut, over 6 ft tall and slim, he had been obviously working out from the impressive definition of his upper arms and from what I could see of his chest through the zippered down jumpsuit. There was also an obvious lump running down the side of his trouser leg, almost to his lower thigh. I pretended not to notice as my dick rose to an obvious strain in my own pants leg. He looked familiar to me, also. I wasn’t sure where I had seen him before… After talking to him I learned that he grew up not too far from where I lived with my son, Lamar. Maybe he’d even gone to the same schools with him, they were both 19… but I wasn’t here to talk about my personal life. I kept telling myself over and over, ‘he’s just a kid, he’s only your client, he’s just a kid…’

And he was speaking to me. That low, masculine voice throbbed with sensuality in every pore, making my libido rise against my will…

“…and I’ve been real good in here,” he was saying, trying to convince me that he’d be an excellent parolee if I would just give him a chance. “I ain’t do shyt- I mean, I haven’t caused trouble or nuthin- anything,” he corrected himself, impressing me with the lengths he would go to reassure me, even using proper grammar.

“It sounds good, Malik,” I told him, putting one hand on his chiseled leg, which the long-looking bulge rested near. Perhaps I gave it too long a lingering look, because he suddenly shifted his leg and my hand accidentally fell right on top of the bulge. I caressed it quickly as I moved my hand away, looking embarrassed. “Sorry,” I mumbled as I lay my hands back on the table.

“It’s no prob, Officer Dan,” he murmured, sliding his hand onto the bulge and caressing it. “It kind of felt good to feel another hand there, it’s been so long since anyone else touched it.”

“I can understand,” I said, wishing for all the world that I had another chance to feel his leg up.

He stroked the bulge until it began to rise tent-like from underneath the trousers. “I would do anything to get out of here, Officer Dan… anything.” And he reached inside his trousers and began pulling on his dick with real attention. He didn’t have on any underwear, either, from what I could see, with his chiseled chest, six-pack abs and rock hard pecs. I sighed against my will, my hand going to my own pants and gripping on my dick, my tongue hanging against my lower lip.

Looking at the door he said, “We have like another 15 mintues.” He stood up and came over to my chair, pulling the zipper all they way down and reaching into his pants, pulling out this monstrous, 10. 5 inch dick, thick, veiny and muscular, with a large flared head which made me lose my senses and groan as I leaned forward and took it between my lips. I knew this was crazy, right outside the door was a guard which would come in and catch us if we went past our private time, but I didn’t care at that moment. All I wanted was right here, this enormous length of young prison dick sliding past my teeth and tongue, striking the back of my throat as he grabbed the back of my head.

“Yeah, yeah,” he muttered, “suck dat dick… mmmm.”

I had to slow down, I was beginning to suck so hungry like that I was making slurping noises, which the guard would hear. I paced myself and in between deep lip strokes I whispered, “shhhh.”

He got real quiet and ground his waist into my face, his dick filling up the airways and causing me to get dizzy as I pulled on his dick with my tongue. His hairy nut sack, free of the trousers, swung against my stubbled chin and settled there, large golf-sized balls swelling. I could smell the sweat from the workout and the mix of raw dick funk and prison cloth smell invaded my nostrils and caused me to unzip my pants, reaching in to free my dripping dick from my boxers.

“Naw,” he said, reaching down to take my hands away from my pants, my dick still trapped inside the shorts, the stain getting larger and wetter. Still throating his dick, I tried again to free my straining little man from its confines.

“What I say?” he growled, takin his dick from my mouth and standing away, keeping me just far enough away from him dick all slick with my spit, looking so stiff and juicy that I would do anything he said just to get that dick back in my mouth. “Don't do that,” he grunted.

He pushed his dick back into my mouth as I zipped back up, the tension in my body reaching the breaking point. I settled back on his dick, swallowing him deep, back and forth, feeling his thrusts as his dickhead rubbed in and out of my lips, and it suddenly swelled to a larger and thicker length.

He grunted silently as large splashes of sweet-tasting nutt hit the back of my throat. It was so thick it felt like someone poured hot lotion in my mouth- lotion that tasted like musk and sweet mixed together. I gulped it down as much as I could, taking care not to spill a drop on his gray jumper. I got it all down and then relaxed my vice grip on his dick, letting it slide out of my mouth where it fell half limp against his trouser leg, still sexy at half-mast.

He shook it off and stuffed it back inside the trousers, zipping up and relaxing once more into the seat he was placed into originally, cheat heaving, eyes closed.

I regained my composure and sat up straight, re-shuffling my papers and handing him a pen. “Sign these,” I said with a deep breath, his dick scent strong in my mouth.

Malik leaned over and, taking the pen, suddenly kissed me, his tongue tracing mine, tasting his own scent. “I didn’t want you to buss off and we couldn’t clean you up proper after,” he explained. “My badd- I mean, I’m sorry about that, but we can't leave any evidence around. I don’t want to get you in no trouble.”

Just then the doors opened the guard stuck his head in, indicating that it was time for Malik to return to his cell. “I’ll file these and get the ball rolling, Malik,” I said to him encouragingly as he rose and crossed to the door, the outline of his ass cheeks visible through the jumper cloth, making my dick rise again.

“See you soon, Officer,” he smiled roguishly, nodding his head in goodbye.

As he left the room he turned around again. He looked at me with those serious dark eyes and that’s when it happened- I caught feelings for Malik. I didn’t want to see him return to that dark cell. My stomach lurched as I realized that he stopped me from jerking off because he wanted to protect me, even in the middle of what we were doing… my thoughts swam around in confusion. I didn’t know if youngin Malik was running the best game I ever saw played on a dude, or if in this youngin, I had finally met the person I’d been searching for, for so long.

:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: Sittin in my room I stared at the picture frame on my nightstand, the picture of me and my nigga Joop outside of Club 112 in da ATL, dressed in Roca-wear sweatsuits, mine cream and his red, swingin bottles of Belvedere and bluntts while smiling for the camera. Joop ain't his first name, he was kicknamed for his thing about always wearin that cologne, which now was my favorite as well, havin smelled it so long. We were wearin Joop that nite when we took the pic (I’m 5 ft eleven, Joop is like 6’2; I’m slim cut and redbone complected wit a short fro and go-tee which make my hazel eyes stand out).

That whole weekend away was unforgettable; it was the 4th of July in my 18th year, the first time either one of us were old enuff to travel by ourselves, un-chaperoned. Joop was my boy from back in the day, we went to the same grade schools after my dad got divorced and got custody of me, moving us to Seattle. I was the new kid, the lost puppy, but Joop came out of nowhere and started hangin out wit me, getting me intro’d to the whole school, and pretty soon we were inseparable. We played ball together, we both lost our virginity at the same time (we did that whole bet thing b4 American Pie; they bit off our story, grrrr), we’ve done just about everything two niggaz could do- up to that weekend, that is. I didn’t realize then that having so much freedom would lead to that night being a night of many other firsts for us- I remember it like it was yesterday…

It was reggae night, and a holiday performance of Elephant Man and Sean Paul hyped up the crowd in a mass of gyratin, crunked up horny mofos. The mix of reggae/calypso/hip-hop music drew the animal out of most of the crowd.

I was dancing reggae style up on this bangin ass chick, her breasts were crunched up against my chest, one of her legs were wrapped around my thigh, and my aching bulge rested perfectly between her dress slit, and I felt that she had no panties on because my dick rested right smack up against her phat, sweaty pussy. It felt wet and inviting, and as we swayed with the crowd, too fucked up to care, I unbuckled my pants and slid em down slightly past my ass cheeks. My growing 9 inch dick sprung free from its confines and found a home, sliding back and forth between her pussy lips, the wet from her area making my dick slick and swelling it to full length and thickness. We bent slightly and she responded by shifting, allowing my dickhead to pop inside her warmth. That sent a rush thru me and, pulling her close, began to stroke to the motion of the music, tryin to get more of my dick up in her.

I was so crunk’d that I didn’t notice that there were more than one pair of hands on my waist, and I felt a tongue nibble on my ear as something hard, warm and real thick pressed up against my ass and slide in the open space between my thighs. That feeling sent another jolt thru me and, sighing, I leaned back and felt a chest press up against me, and what felt like a dick sliding back and forth to the tune of the music against my ass, the way I was dance-fucking ol girl. She, her head on my other shoulder, was so caught up in how I was making her feel that she didn’t notice the additional presence on us in the middle of this crowd.

I wasn’t no homo, but at this moment I was so far gone that it felt good, and I backed up on him, grindin on his dick, making me dizzy. I inhaled his fragrance, and it made my dick jump with the wild mix of musk and berries… His scent smelled like …my favorite cologne.

That’s what brought me back to my senses.

I looked behind me. The nigga who was smellin so sexy, nibbling on my ear, pushin his dick between my thighs…


And sho-nuf, it WAS my boy, rite behind me, HIS dick (!) between my thighs, squeezin…

I pulled away from both Joop and the chick, who was really enjoyin my dick tease in her pussy to the point that she looked stunted that I pulled away from her.

Joop looked stunned as well, as if he just realized what was happenin too. I pushed my way thru the crowd, my high fucked up, fumbling with my pants to zip them closed as I fought my way to the exit. Outside I caught one of the cabs that were waiting around for a fare, and as the car pulled away from the curb, thru the haze of me telling the driver which hotel to go to, I thought I heard my name being called.

I sat back against the seat, my thoughts spinning about in confusion. Joop (JOOP!) was freekin off on me in the club..? He had his dick between my thighs..! A part of me forced itself to admit that in the moment, yeah it felt good, but that was before I knew it was my NIGGA that was doin the grindin…

We reached the hotel. Jumpin out of the cab I ran up the stairs and went to our room and, shuttin the door behind me, sat down in a chair and put my face in my hands, the memory of Joop freekin on me goin thru my head.

Not five minutes later the door flew open and Joop came in, swaying slightly from being crunk. “Yo why you ran off like that?” he asked me.

“Nigga, you had yo dick on my ass, grindin me on the dance floor and you askin me why I ran off?”

He looked stricken, kneelin down in front of my chair and lookin at me. “I was dancin behind you and I was watchin you on that hoe, and you pulled yo pants down an shyt, and yo juicy lookin ass just peeked up at me… yo my dick jumped at that yo, and I was so crunkd up I aint think about what I was doin… you felt so good to me nigga, I saw yo ear and I hadda taste-”

“I know what you did,” I interrupted him. “Just …don't say it iight?” I sighed. “Yo, its all good, Joop.”

Hope spring to his face. “You forgive me?”

“Yeah nigga, forget it,” I said, givin him a pound.

He laffed, relieved, and hugged me. Smellin his cologne scent reminded me of how his dick felt between my thighs in the club, and my dick got hard again, stiffer than ever.

I realized then that neither one of us had let go of huggin.

We had settled into each other, just enjoyin the feelin. I tried to pull back but then when I caught sight of his serious dark eyes, sumthin clicked in me, and I reached over to him, touching his sexy ass moustached lips to mine. Joop responded with sliding his tongue in my mouth, and we smashed our tongues together in drunken heat. He pulled back and looked at me. “Yo, you started it that time,” he accused.

“Its cool,” I breathed, “just shut up nigga.” Then I got up, pullin him after me, went to my bed and sat down on it wit him. “Yo Joop, what you wanna do..? No body gotta know…”

He looked at me and smiled this half grin, then reached around and grabbed me, pulling me to him close. “You an me, dats wassup my nigga,” he whispered as we kissed again.

Somehow we got naked while kissin and we slid under the covers, still dizzy from the Belvedere and bein so fukkin horny for each other an shyt. Joop got on top of me, grindin his 10.5 inch thick ass dick once more between my legs, and I needed all of a sudden for him to pull my legs up and…

“Yo nigga, do the got-damn thang yo,” I moaned, spreadin my legs and waitin for him.

He slipped between my hairy thighs and licked that space underneath my balls, makin me buck wild. Spit dripped down to my asshole and made it wet. He reached over to the nightstand and got the Vaseline jar, slid sum on my hole, and straddled me. He looked into my eyes witout a word as he lowered himself into dat ass. I was so hott for him and still half high that he slid in me witout not much pain, but it turned into dat shyt feelin madd good as hell when he bent down to me and laid his head on my shoulder, in between my spread legs, fukkin me deep. The stroke of his dick in and out of my ass made me shiver and I pulled him so that our chests were squashed together, stuck wit sweat. The feelin of this drove me crazy and I was surprised it didn’t hurt, him fukkin me like we been doin it always.

“Fuck dat shyt like its pussy nigga,” I growled, breathless.

Joop went faster, bangin the headboard against da back wall as he ground into my ass like he was starvin. My dick strained from wantin to nutt off, I felt the nature rise. I felt Joop’s dick actually swell up an stretch my asshole wide as he cried out, “My nigga, my nigga…”

He stiffened and nutt flew out of his dick and started to wet up my guts, I could FEEL dat wet hot inside me…

I lost control and spitt off, my nutt hittin out chests and sealin em together as I cried out “Got-damn Joop, Joop, you an me nigga, you an me,” I gasped, my nutt hittin us both again an again.

After we stopped nuttin off, we stayed in that position for a minnit, his dick naturally slidin out of my ass wit a plop as he calmed down. We settled into the bed, side by side, Joop’s head restin on my shoulder.

He raised his head. “You iight, nigga,” he asked seriously, lookin at me wit those dark eyes. “I aint wanna hurt you, I was scurred I was gonna tear sum yo.”

“Naw nigga, I'm iight, crazy tho, I never even had no dick in me before,” I laffed. “I should be tore or sum.”

“Don’t never say that yo,” he said with gentle passion. “I will never hurt you nigga, you an me iz the got-damn thang now yo.” He looked at me with those serious dark eyes…

…And that’s when it happened- I caught feelings for Joop, past our connect as boyz. “I know dat, nigga,” I said, layin down next to him and goin to sleep wit us naked in each other’s arms...

It’s been that way between us ever since, at least it was before he got sent upstate for that robbery charge. It’s been like almost a year now since I seen him on a regular basis, I wondered if he looked different. I’d been starin at this pic of us, knowin that I fucked up by getting feelings all tangled up for this nigga. But a nigga like Joop is the truth, can't front…

The phone rang and I answered it. “Yo, sup?”

“Collect call from WA State Penitentiary, do you accept-”

“Yeah yeah, I accept.”

“…Yo nigga whaddup?”

My heart leapt. “Whaddup yo, whats good?”

“You nigga, dats wassup… I’m bout to get out in another couple weeks yo, its official.”

“WERD?!?!? I’m callin up our niggaz, you know you havin the phat-ass welcome home party when you get here- but I thought you said you wasn’t sure about parole…”

“I wasn’t, til I met my new parole officer… he’s real cool and we … get along good. He signed papers to accept my case and I signed sum shyt too, so he gonna start doin werk. In a few dayz, you an me iz gonna be the got-damn thang once again, my nigga.”

I smiled, madd excited. “I can't wait, yo. You gotta wrap it up, you don’t have but five minnits on dat prison phone nigga, you know dat.”

“I know, just hadda holla at u yo- one more thing.”


“I love you, Lamar. Wit all my heart.”

“I love you too, Malik.”

He hung up the phone as the warning message came on to let us know our time was almost up. I placed the receiver back on the hook and went back to staring at mine’s and Malik/Joop’s picture on the nightstand dresser. I knew he had the gift of gab, but the way Joop be phrasing his words… sumtimes I didn’t know if he was running the best game I ever saw played on a dude, or not. What was fa-sho, when he came back home we would make it official, meanin he’d be by the house a whole lot. I tried to place in my head when or if he and my dad ever spoke.

What would Dad say, I wondered, if he knew dat in Joop I had found the love of my life…?

With all his double shifts at the precient as police lawyer, I wondered if they’d ever actually met. That’s gonna be sum shyt when I have to finally make the intro’s….

:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: I lay on my bunk in my home away from home, thinking about the way thangs been going down since I been lockd up. Missin Lamar was the worst part of it, he ain’t only my best friend since grade school an shyt, but he proved himself as the nigga I wanna do the long haul wit. Ever since that nite in ATL when we chilled in bed for the first time, we been stuck together like glue. He just up and snatchd my heart an shyt, I couldn’t even fuck no hoes for a minnit after we got together. Mar just fulfilled eery nigga’s fantasy an shyt.

We iz the truth together, a nigga like me know that shyt.

He even stuck by me since I been up norf, keepin my commissary filled, visitin when he could an shyt, sendin me clothes... When I get outta here I'm gonna lace my nigga wit everything I could think of, he got me for life. I been here for almost a year, and I'm almost finished wit this stint.

It’s been two weeks since I met my lawyer, who’s also my new Parole Officer… he’s a newbie to that whole parole thing, he kinda mo like a police lawyer tryin sumthin new wit me an shyt. I was a lil nervous bout that at first but so far he’s been fightin like da got-damn devil an shyt to get me outta here when my parole date cums up. We had a couple meetins since that first time when he gave me dat brain in the conjugal room, but he never brought it up after, what we did. I think he mighta been shook, not only cause he never got his nutt wit me that day, but because he was tryin to keep it jus binness between me an him, not us freekin off in the prison an shyt. I aint posed to be doin dat shyt anyway wit no one else but my nigga, but I figured if lawyer-guy wanna help a nigga out, the least I could do is give him sum he want from me an shyt. I saw how he went all ga-gaa when I first came inta da room… shyt, he wasn’t even tryin to hide starin at my dick an shyt. Truff iz, it was sum bout him that made me feel like fukkin wit him… I felt like… close to him an shyt, go figure. I mean for an older kat dude was real phyne, sexy ass face, always trimmed up rite, smellin all good, all masculine an shyt; it made me horny for him.

I know I seen him before, he does live in my hood- that’s probably it. Sum ol nigga I prob was checkin out while he passed the ball court or sumthin way back. All I know is that he suck dick like he born to do that shyt. When I get back to the block tho I know we can't do nuthin cause ill be back wit my shortie an shyt, but maybe one day I’ll check him out at his crib. I never asked him nuthin about his life outside of my charges, but I know he prob got a wife an kids at home an shyt, which is so much the better; that way he wont want no ties to me or nuthin. I shouldn’t be thinkin like this but whenever Officer Dan and me are in a session, goin over my case, I see da lips on dat nigga, and my nature rises… an I wonder what dat tite lookin ass got goin on an shyt. I know I gotta thank da nigga proper an shyt, which mean I'm gonna be bussin that old dude ass wyde open. I started gettin horny just thinkin about it, and I reached into my jumpsuit and began to stroke my thick, long ass dick that gotz da complimentz from madd ghetto hoes in my day. 10.5 inches fo real (Keyisha measured it), beercan thik- like 5.5 inchs around da base (Monifa meaaured it DAT way), with a flared up mushroom head dat sit wide on da tip of my dick, hairy nutz dat hang low cause they bigger then golf ballz, thik ass veins runnin all over my shyt makin it look like it could lift up a truck on its own… yeah my dick seen a lotta warm tunnelz, but nuttin like da darknezz dat my nicca Mar got for me…

Thinking about Lamar and what he and I are gonna do when I get outta here made my dick rise to full strength and I started to pull it out of my zipper, but stopped. Doin sum like that in the middle of the afternoon on the cellblock is almost like inviting rape niggas to try you, especially if you have sum kinda looks about you. I decided to wait til later on tonight, there was this one kat that showers the same time I do and we kinda jerk our dicks off together if no one else is in there… it keeps the trash talkin down if no one know that you get down wit shyt up in here…

That moment one of the desk guards came to my cell. “Warrington, you got a visitor- your lawyer.”

“Iight,” I said, gettin out of the bunk and following the guard. I thought we wuz headed for the holdin room but we turned down the hall to the conjugal room like befo. My dick jumped in my pants. The last time we had a meetin in dere I bust off in Officer Dan’s mouth. I wondered if sum else was gonna happen.

I went in an saw Officer Dan sitting there in a nice gray business suit and dark tie, smilin at me. “Come in, Malik,” he said, pullin out a chair. I came over and sat down, seein dat da guard was still in da room.

“I’ll call you when we’re through,” Officer Dan said to the guard, who left the room and closed the door an lockd it behind him. I frowned. Wha he do DAT for?

Officer Dan held up a hand. “It’s ok,” he said wit a wink. “He was told to go back to his station instead of waiting for us this time, we might be here a while.”

“I see,” I said, leanin in to look at the papers, but I got da surprise by meeting up wit his lips pressin against mine. I’d never kissd no other dude befo cept my nigga- but it felt good. He grabbed the back of my head and his tongue slid into my mouth, caressin mine. He was eatin a peppermint, I tasted it on his tongue.

He backd up an looked at me. “How’ve you been?” he asked, and that’s when I saw it, in his eyes… he liked me- I mean like the way dem hoes be likin me after I smashed em…

Awww shit, I thought- this might be trouble… “I’m iight- all right, sir,” I corrected myself (I tried my best to speak proper wit him, I felt like I should).

He stood up and looked at me. “Malik, I have good news. I’ve gotten your parole hearing pushed up to tomorrow,” he said with a big smile.

This totally blew me away, a great big smile breakin out on my own face. “Yo that’s great,” I said as I jumped up and threw my arms around Officer Dan. He hugged me back, makin my dick hard…. and all of a sudden it didn’t matter if I knew that he had feelings for me an shyt. I leaned in and kissed him wit all I had; he got me outta jail, for chrissakes.

He responded by kissin me back and whisperin, “shhh…” I pressed my hard on against him, feelin his hard on respond as we swirled our tongues in each other’s mouths.

“How much time we got,” I asked in between our mouths.

“We were guaranteed as long as we needed,” Officer Dan responded, “they know we need to plan for tomorrow. We could have a hour and they won’t disturb us, I’m to call the guard from the desk to come back and get us out.”

He started nibbling on my neck, and I closed my eyes and moaned as he slowly zipped down my jumpsuit, helping me step out of it. At the same time he got outta his suit and pushed it out da way. Seein him in his boxers and smellin his cologne made my hard dick jump. He had a tite ass body for a older dude, I could tell he worked out. Hard ass pecs, a gym-defined stomach, and a nice size dick, almost da same like Mar’s. I started tastin his hard nipples, he stiffened and I knew his ass wanted to cry out.

‘He better hold in dem cries til later’, I thought wit a grin.

I laid him on the table and lifted his legs, going for that ass wit my tongue. His dick stood straight up in the air, leakin from his horny-ness, dat pretty pink asshole winked out at me from between his chisled legs, and it was rounded wit salt-n-pepper hair an shyt. It looked madd tight, but my tongue was gonna invade that shyt.

He sighed as I leaned in, kneeling, and tasted his back door, fightin thru the hairy cover wit my tongue. He sighed louder and grabbed his legs, holdin em back from my face so I could go deep.

I ran my tongue on his hole, lubin it up well as he thrashed on the table, tryin hard not to moan. I chewed on dat ass for like ten minnits, all the time stroking my throbbin 10.5 inch to get it ready for what I was gonna do… he threw his head back and closed his eyes as I slobbed his hole down til it shone like a phat hairy pussy, then before he could look up I quickly stood up and shoved my hott phat dick in that slick hole.

He yelped- and I cried “shhhh” as he winced from me pushin my dick up in his asshole.

He was like, “no, Malik, I don’t want to,” even while he was holdin his legs back wider… and I was like “Nigga you want this shyt, I'm givin you this phat thugg big black dick- so shut up.”

Me sayin that made his lil man rise harder than ever. I knew then he liked getting the ruff-ryder shyt, so I just grabbed his waist and pulled him to me, getting my dick up in him wit a POP. He opened his eyes wide, but instead of pain they wuz filled wit lust an shyt.

I went to town on his ass, grabbed his legs, pulled em wide like he did yoga an shyt, and thrust my dick deep into his wet hairy hole, and it all of a sudden grabbed up my dick and swallowed it like it had a mouth of its own, hand to god..!!

I knew it was on then.

His ass was grabbin at all my big ass dick, it felt like a hand was squeezin on me an shyt. I started fukkin dat nigga like he was the prize ho at a strip show. He was moanin low, but real deep and it brought out the hood nigga in me and I grunted as I rammed my dick deep- over and over all da way into his guts, while whatever muscles he was usin was trappin my phat dick up in there like it wasn’t gonna let it go.

Fine by me.

I ground deeper into his ass, my dick harder than it had ever been, this ass was so good. He was like, “we have to stop soon,” and I said “shut up nigga, take this prison dick like the bitch you are, gimme dat pussy...” He moaned at my words and grabbed his dick, pullin on it like he was possessed.

“Nigga don’t spill dat nutt on da floor or nuthin,” I grumbled as I fucked his phat ass/man-pussy. It gave off loud squish noises as I stuck deep, my heavy ass balls smackin hard on da low part of his thighs, SMACK! SMACK! Lookin at him I realized that he reminded me a lil of my nigga Lamar in da face… all of a sudden I wasn’t fukkin this nigga no more, I was fukkin MY nigga, and the thought of Lamar wit his legs spread like a fuck buffet made me lose control.

“Ahhh, yeah my nigga- take dat nutt sunn, grrrrrrr…..” I murmured as my dick erupted in his ass, fillin his guts wit my seed. My legs trembled as I splashd off over and over, and I got dizzy from tryin to stay quiet as I let loose in his ass wit all I had backed up. I thought I was gonna nutt a quart of seed up in this nigga, wave after wave just passed thru me.

When he saw me jerkin wit no control and felt that nutt spit off in him, he opened his mouth in a soundless cry and bust off himself, shootin madd squirts all over my chest and neck. My dick suddenly got sore and his ass closed up on me real quick, so it was a hard time getting my dick outta him, it was up in there so far I ain’t wanna hurt him. I pulld an pulld an pulld, it felt like I had got my shyt up by his lungs or sum, it jus kept pullin out.

When my dick finally plopped all da way out he sat up and licked the sweat and ass juice off of it, savorin the taste. He looked at me and he said, “Sorry about that.”

“No sweat,” I told him, rubbing the nutt into my skin like lotion. “We don’t got no choice, rite? I'm gonna go shower anyway,” I laffed. After he and I got dressed and cleaned up as best we could, he lit a cigarette. “I ain’t know you smoked,” I said.

“I usually don’t. We can't let the guard come in and smell anything else but this, however,” he replied mildly.

“You think of eerything,” I said. We huggd. My jumpsuit felt damp, but the price we paid fo damp clothes was worth it. “Maybe we could chill after I get out of here,” I said.

“Sounds good to me,” he smiled back, kissin my neck again. “We’ll see.”

He called the guard for my transport back to my cell and as we waited, he looked at me. “We might have sumthin to talk about when you get out of here. I know I’ll be seeing you for a while as your parole officer, but I think that other conversation will have to wait until we’re done wit the business end of this relationship.”


See I knew I shouldn’t have fuckkd wit dude, got-damn it was good but it was just a nutt… relationship? I wasn’t thinkin like that- it was time that I’d better tell him wassup.

“Well, you see, Officer Dan, it’s like dis…”

Just then the conjugal door opened up and the guard motioned for me to follow.

Officer Dan smiled. “Whatever it was, you can tell me tomorrow after the hearing, okay?”

I hesitated, den nodded quietly. He watched me leave da room, den called after me, “You should try to get in touch with anyone you would want to know about your early release, Malik..!”

At dat I remembered that I hadda let Lamar know bout t’morrow…! Without once thinkin about what I wanted to say to Officer Dan, my thoughts headed towards getting to a phone, not now but RITE now..! The guard took off towards my cellblock, and I, happier den I had been in almost a year, ran after him.


I drove straight home from the state pen, thoughts of Malik running through my mind. I couldn’t understand what was happening to me. This kid was over half my age, my son Lamar’s age, actually… and I was letting him put his 19 year old thugg dick into my ass- raw, of all things- and pounding it like it was his woman’s pussy or something, right inside the prison, feet away from Warden Hill’s office…!

I had to get home and shower, his dick scent was all over me, in my moustache, on my breath… I knew I smelled like raw ass and over-sprayed cologne. I figured the guard had to know something was up; he couldn’t have been duped with that last-minute cigarette smoke- the conjugal room smelled like it was really just used for a conjugal visit- or maybe it was my imagination. I knew that I had to get to the house and wash the evidence off, or they could trace it back to me… I mentally shook myself out of it as I realized my overly analytical lawyer’s mind was kicking into overdrive. I knew that once I removed all traces of Malik’s scent on me then I would be safe, again. I had to do some deep cleaning, as well- I had allowed Malik to unload large amounts of cum inside of my asshole. It felt uncomfortably moist in the seat of my pants, for some of the large amount of his sperm, pushed so far into my ass, had begun to lazily drip out as I was driving home… which also meant a trip to the cleaners to get out the stains of these pants. I had to bear down hard to keep the rest from running free- not that I could clamp down too much, Malik’s large, ruthless dick stretched open my ass so wide, it would be a while before the hole closed back to its proper dimensions.

Pulling into my driveway, I went inside the back stairway and ran through the kitchen and upstairs, down the hall to the bathroom, hoping against hope that my son would not catch me-

“Oh, hi, Lamar,” I sighed as he appeared in the doorway, dressed in his basketball clothes and basketball in hand.

“Sup, Dad,” he said, giving me a pound. “I’m gonna go hoop at the park wit my boyz- you need sum from the store or sum?”

“Naw,” I replied, “I just need to get a shower,” I murmured, wishing he wouldn’t stare too tough at why I was walking so funny.

“Iight, Dad,” he said, giving me a …strange look. “You almost look like you’ve been out slayin’ the honeys… lemme smell you,” he leered, moving closer.

“That’s enough,” I backed away, holding up one hand. “You might smell the vomit- I tossed my lunch at something I saw at the jail.” I had to think of something quick to say to cover my reactions.

“You were up at the pen?” he asked. Did you get a chance to see-”

“-Your friend, Joop?” I finished for him. Lamar nodded hopefully. “No, I’m afraid I didn’t get a chance to see him. Did you ever write down all the information I’ve been asking you for about his case- his full name and everything?”

Lamar gave me the same look he always had when he realized he’d forgotten to do as I’ve asked. “Uhhh, I’ll do that now before I leave for the park, iight?” he said quickly, heading downstairs for the study.

Shaking my head, I headed for the bathroom and closed the door, removing my clothes and relieving myself on the toilet. As I sat there I sighed. Lamar, my only son, was never really focused on much of anything, which is why I always had to ask two and three times for him to finish what he started, if nothing else, at least follow through. I finished, flushed and stepped into the shower, the hot water flushing the rest of my prison protégé’s scent away.

I touched my hand to my ass which had been brutally, wonderfully handled by Malik earlier, and memories made my dick rise to its full 9 inch length. Standing under the rushing water, slowly I pushed one finger into my hairy, sucking ass, tweaking my nipples which stood like twin bullets ringed about by salt-n-pepper bushes of hair. It was still extremely sore from Malik’s large, 10.5 inch phat dick pushing around inside and deep, yet it throbbed in excitement as I slid my finger up farther, thinking of the way he threw me on the table and mounted me, getting madd thugg prison dick into me.

“Ahhh,” I groaned as I began to stroke my wet, stiff dick up and down, sliding my finger in and out, remembering… he was on top of me, grunting and stroking in and out, back and forth, back and forth… “Yeah Malik, fuck that hole,” I moaned. “Fuck that shyt, that pussy, oh yeah, nigga,” I growled, my dick stiffening. I remembered him lifting my legs up and telling me that I had to take his dick like his bitch. “Yeah, I'm your bitch, Malik,” I moaned, stroking longer, faster and faster, running my closed hand over my throbbing 9 inch thick dick, slipping my fist over and over the flared mushroom head, causing shivers to run thru me.

I slipped two fingers into my aching hole, which swallowed them up like Malik’s strong phat dick got swallowed after he had got my legs up, grinding deep between my legs, balls slapping my thighs in a steady hard rhythm... that was the last straw.

“MALIK, MALIK, OHHHHHH BBAAAABBBYYYY FUCCCKKK MEEE,” I yelled, gasping as I erupted, spitting my seed all over the shower tiles. I couldn’t stop moaning loudly, “Malik, Malik, fuck my pussy, yeah nicca,” as I shot off again and again. The wall was wet white with my jism, and my knees bucked as my orgasm shot thru my stomach. A wave of dizzy washed over me then, and I had to sit down in the tub, the water falling down all around me, my asshole aching like he just pulled all that dick out of me.

Just then the phone rang, and continued to ring nonstop.

Obviously Lamar had already gone out, and I was so spent then that couldn’t move. I hoped whoever it was would leave a message, because there I was sitting on the shower floor under the water, not moving, thinking of how a pretty brown dick invaded me and made me lose control over my emotions and feelings. I was falling for this kid in a major way, and I had to make it stop or I would become his plaything and, what’s worse, I wouldn’t be able to stop myself, nor would I want to. The phone continued to ring endlessly.

Standing, I rinsed off, got out of the shower and went into my bedroom, a towel swathed around my waist. There were two lines in the house, one for me, one for my son… I realized that it wasn’t my phone ringing off the hook like that. I was waiting for the answering machine to click over- sure Lamar would pick up the message when he came home. I dressed in a robe and slippers and left the bathroom. Passing by my son’s bedroom I paused.

Opening the door to Lamar’s room, I saw the wreck that my 19-yr old lived in: Cases and CD’s everywhere, boxes of Tims stacked almost up to the ceiling, bed rumpled, and every gamer’s paradise in systems and discs.

I entered and began to pick up some of the mess. I set one of the piles of game cases on the nightstand, and that’s when I saw it- the picture of my son when he went to Atlanta when he turned 18, the trip he took with Joop, his best…friend.

I did a double-take and stared at the picture, my mouth dropping open in shock. There, in the picture, hand on my son’s shoulder and smiling, was-

“Hey, Dad, whatchu doin in here,” Lamar spoke behind my back.

I jumped, startled. “I was, I mean, the phone rang,” I stammered.

My son went over to the nightstand and picked up the phone, dialing into the voicemail. He listened for a second, stiffened, and suddenly slammed down the phone, letting out a whoop and, turning to me, smiled widely. “Dad! Guess what? That was Joop who had called, he was telling me before about this new lawyer he got, and check it- the lawyer did his thing! Joop’s getting his parole hearing tomorrow!!! Ain’t that great? My boy’s gettin’ outta jail tomorrow!!!” And he clapped me on the back as he sprinted out of the room, calling out behind him, “I gotta tell our niggas, they still on the court, we gotta get the party together!”

And he bounded down the stairs and slammed out of the door.

“Yeah, great,” I whispered after him, staring once again at the picture on the nightstand in horror.

:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: I checked and double checked my list… stripper, check… rum cake (with frosting), check… Belvedere, check… DJ, check… Case of Coronas, Case of Mad Dog 20/20, check… melon balls soaked in Everclear, check… nachos and dip, check… Spoonie’s getting a couple bags, with a case of Vanilla Dutches, Joop’s favorite…

It was all set. Yesterday I had run all da way back to the court to let all Joop’s and my niggas know that he was gettin out today, and that got the ball rollin. Er’yone from our way ran off to get things together. The DJ that did the last Hoop Dreams tournament downtown was a cousin to my boy Rah-rah, so he assured that he could get him to do my party for free, long as he got a hookup wit a couple hoes an shyt. I could get him wit my ol hoe, Iesha, I figgred. So far, so good. Iesha and her ho friends were makin a banner off a computer that said WELCOME HOME JOOP. I put the list down and ran down to the car, headed out to pick the phattest coming home jumpsuit for my nicca. I got to the closest mall and went to the best ghetto clothes shop inside.

As I picked out a cream and gold Vokal jumpsuit, headband and matchin cream and wheat Timbs (size 12), my heart was beatin so fast, I almost couldn’t breathe. It was almost a year since Joop and I had touched each other an shyt.

I grabbed the clothes and the accessories, my thoughts on Joop, and how he made me feel when he touched me, how he would bend me over and slip his thick dick into me, digging away, gruntin wit me when we would nutt, holdin me afterwards, lovvin me forever... Thinkin bout him made my dick stiff, to where I hadda put my hands down my draws to adjust it away from the front of my sweats.

“You lookin like you need sum help wit that.”

I jumped. The pretty-ass sales girl stood behind me, smiling. “Uhh, sorry,” I mumbled, my head spinning.

“No prob,” she replied with a leer.

I hurriedly changed the subject. “I'm gettin this stuff rite hurr,” I tol her, handing the suit and headband. “I’ll need a size 12 in those Timbs,” I indicated towards the ones I’d already picked out on the display wall.

“Right away,” she smiled again cheerfully, walking back to the counter, her ass jiggling tightly underneath her skirt. I was feelin her sexy way, her light skinned glow, the cinnamon hair, the smell of her- I could easily fuck her doowwwwn.

But not tonight. Tonite was bout me and the love of my life- but she might like to have sum fun. I waited for her to disappear into the back and return to the counter with the size 12’s, and I handed her my card. “Yo what you doin later on, shawty?” I asked her, a half-smile on my face.

“Hopin to chill with you,” she replied.

“Werd?” I smiled widely. “My boy’s out on parole today, da party is tonite. You wanna come? I got a DJ, and I’m soakin melon balls in Everclear,” I hinted.

She smiled back. “You on that Everclear shyt huh? You know that’s like 150 proof,” she laughed, handing me back the card and my purchases.

“No doubt, so I’ll save you sum, thugg’s honor,” I made a mock promise, makin her laff again. Then I gave her the address and time, and left the store. If I played my cards just rite, I thought, the DJ just got his pu-nani for 2nite.

Laffin about the fuck hook-up I just made that this bitch aint even know she got yet, I left the mall and drove home, hell bent on getting everything together before Joop showed up. I wondered how everything was goin wit him; he should be in the hearin even at this moment.

That made me wonder about my Dad, he was goin up to the prison again today, so I thought- maybe he might give Joop a ride back here for me…

Aww, damn, I remembered that I ran out so fast yesterday and was so into gettin 2nite’s shyt together that I aint see Dad after I got the voicemail, and that was yesterday. He still might not know what Joop’s name really is, I left the info on his desk but I aint make sure he saw it before he went to court this morning… he still might not know nuthin about my nigga…

:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: Standin wit the parole board as they went single file out of the room, I had to fight to keep myself still- I was free!!! Officer Dan looked out for a nigga and got me released, just like he said. I felt so much gratitude for him that I aint know what to do. I wanted to talk to him after the release but there were cops and shyt all around, so I couldn’t say what I really wanted to say to him- that he aint know that I had a nigga, that I aint wanna be wit no one on no lext level but my nigga Lamar, that I felt sum for him but it was like gratitude and respect, and yea even though the sex was good, an yeah his ass felt like sweet pussy on my dick (got-dam), an diggin him out was fa-sho addictin an shyt, but that’s all it could ever be…

I wanted to say all that but I couldn’t get wit him alone, it almost seemed like he was avoidin me or sum. I saw him talkin to the warden about sum and saw his face, he aint look like he won a case today… but I aint have no time to talk to him or nuthin afterwards. Rite after my release papers were signed and my shyt returned to me, I looked for Officer Dan to ask bout my first meetin wit him on da outside, and he was poof! gone just like dat…

I carried my shyt into the change room and, while changing into my street clothes, I wondered if the old man was madd wit me or sum. Well, I figgred I’ll hear from him soon enuff- but now, I got a homecoming party to get to, if I knew my nigga Lamar… he’ll have thought of everything for my homecummin, even down to extra hoes in case I might have a taste for pussy later on. I’ll get around to that, fa sho-

-But not tonight. Tonight I’m gonna be wit da got-damn love of my life.

I’m gonna get Lamar alone, rip his sweatsuit off, bend dat nigga over, slide my achin lonely ass dick into his empty and waitin hole, and break his got-damn back in lettin him know how much I miss dat ass, holdin him close to me, my shawty, my nigga, my fukkin heart… my dick grew to its full strength and, still undressed, I reached down to adjust it away from the front of my boxers…

“You look like you need sum help with that,” a voice spoke behind me.

I jumped. There in the open door, stood the release guard, smiling liscentiously, giving me the once-over.

“Thanks but no thanks yo, I’m almost finished,” I said.

No prob, he said, lookin once again at me half-dressed, den he closd the door behind him once more, still smilin.

“Fukkin homo,” I shook my head as I continued to get dressed. He was cute enuff, shorter than me and muscular, with a pretty ass mouth- I could see him in my mind’s eye, slurpin on my shyt. I’d make dat nicca gagg til he passed out on my phat dick. But he aint hold a candle to Lamar, never could.

I finished dressing and, following the guard, went down to the commissary to get my left over doe, for carfare to get back down to the hood. Walkin down the hallway I went past the conjugal room and thought once again bout Officer Dan. ‘Where he run to so quick, and why he aint speak to me?’ I wondered out loud to myself.

“What was dat?” the horny homo guard turned, lust all over his face.

“Nuthin,” I muttered, shakin my head again.

:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: I stood along with Malik as the board filed out, some of them giving me the thumbs-up, others sending me dubious looks. To prolong the moment when I would have to confront my client and tell him that he’s been fucking his best friend’s father, I turned instead to Warden Hill, who silently stood in the corner to one side, a literal spectator in these precedings. I’d always thought that for an older guy, Warden Joe Hill was attractive, looking younger these days with that color rinse he used to keep his full head of hair and full mustache black, and his smooth face making him appear ten years younger than his age of 48. He was tall, about 6’1 and lean, and that was saying something; I knew his portly wife loved to crank out amazing meals from her kitchen.

Approaching him, I held out my hand. “Well, Joe,” I said with a smile, “you’ve lost another one to the outside world.”

“I wouldn’t be too sure about that,” Joe said; “If you would just come this way,” he indicated to me.

Perplexed, I followed him out of the parole room, past the groups of board members that had just given Malik the ticket to freedom, down the halls towards Hill’s office, which sat on the other side of the hallway from the conjugal room.

Of course this brought back memories of my times with Malik in there, times that had to come to an end.

I knew it was too good to be true, of all the youngings I could have fallen for and fucked with, that it was my SON’s best friend..! I kicked myself mentally, realizing that I should have known who he was all along, as much time as he spent in my own house growing up. Yet I never paid too much attention to any of my son’s friends… STUPID, STUPID, STUPID… I berated myself. At least I know that unless Malik was into true confessions, that no one would ever find out about-

“Please, come inside,” Hill indicated to the door he held open for me. I went in and he closed the door behind me, locking it.

Frowning as to why he would do THAT, Hill spoke. “Sit down at the table, Dan.” I sat at the small round table in the immaculate office, on which was placed a television set and a VCR. The remote lay next to the chair I’d selected.

“What’s this all about, Joe?” I asked, idly fingering the remote. “Malik has met the conditions of the parole, he’s free. Why do you say that might not be the case? Do you know something about Malik’s parole that I don’t?”

“Not about the parole,” Joe replied with a certain tone. “About MALIK.”

“What about him?” I asked.

“Play the tape and find out for yourself,” came the response.

I picked up the remote and pressed play. Immediately flashing onscreen, timed and dated, was the conjugal room from a high vantage point, the camera obviously focused on the table on which lay two grinding bodies- Malik, with his jumpsuit down around his ankles, back muscles rippling and undulating, furiously grinding into… into (!) a very naked me, with my legs up and stretched wide like a two dollar hoe in a fuck video. I swallowed against the panic, shame, and waves of horror which rose from me in shuddering gasps.

Joe smiled as he came over to the table behind me, leaning over to look at the scene along with me, for my eyes would not turn away. “I sometimes videotape the conjugal room when its being used, you never know when a wife might try to slip contraband to her husband while in the act, as it were.”

“This- this is illegal!!!” I stammered.

“Yes, I believe it is,” Hill grinned. “That’s why its so much more effective as blackmail.” He clicked his tongue. “Tsk, tsk, tsk… What would the parole board say- or even the Bar Association?” he quipped into my ear. It was then that I realized how uncomfortably close he was to me.

“What- what do you want..?” I whispered.

“Ive always thought you had a good looking ass,” Hill replied, licking my ear as I pulled away. He grabbed the back of my neck. “Why don’t you show me how good that ass is you threw at your client- up close?” He spun my swivel chair around, and I gasped again.

Joe was completely naked, a length of gray hair running in a straight line up from his pubic hair to his chest. He was well kept up for a man in my age bracket, and his nipples poked out admiringly. He was slowly stroking a thick, 11 inch, veiny and throbbing dick in my face, mushroom head flared, his golf-ball sized nutts swinging from his sac as free as you please. It was the biggest, thickest dick I’d ever seen.

“Here’s how it’s going to work,” he smiled again, taking the remote from me and shutting off the TV. “You take this dick anyway I want to give it to you like that bitch I know you can be- remember, I’ve seen you,” he reminded me; “or, this tape will wind up in the hands of the proper authorities, and not only will lover-boy wind up finishing out his sentence, but he’ll have a few extra months tacked on for lewd conduct in the prison, abuse of lawyer/client privilege, sodomy, oh- the list goes on. Oh, yeah, and you get to share a cell with him, I’m sure you broke plenty of laws and codes you lawyers live by, didn’t you?” he added, leaning over and shoving his massive dick head into my mouth, causing me to choke.

I attempted to push him away and his response was: “Push me away, bitch- and you get it worse. I’ll call in my boys to hold you down.”

That shut me up and made me ready to cooperate. I tried like hell to get into sucking this monster dick, but I kept getting chocked on the head. He grabbed the back of my throat and pushed down. The thick black phat ass dick pushed its way down my throat, and I nearly passed out, I had no breath left to spare. I decided that the only way to get through all this was to take the bull by the horns, or the balls, so to speak. I began to swallow and relax my gag muscles, suddenly slurping on this big dick like a pro.

He halted, amazed that I was in control. “Yeah nigga,” he growled, leaning back on the table so I could run my lips down his dick shaft while pinching his nipples. “Suck that dick, fuckkin bitch,” he moaned. It tasted like cherries. I wondered what he put on his dick to taste so good as I bobbed up and down, swallowing the length of his dick and making him fuck my mouth. He grabbed my throat and stuck his dick all the way down, hurting my voicebox. I didn’t care though. My son’s friendship notwithstanding, I had to protect Malik as much as I could, meaning I would do anything to keep him safe- anything.

Just then Hill grabbed me and pulled me up to stand. “Take off yo clothes, BITCH.”

I removed my suit and placed the items on the table. He pushed everything to the floor and grabbed my waist, bending me over. I felt a warm, moist touch and realized that he was tonguing my hairy asshole, making it pucker and wink without control. It made shivers run through me as he prepped my ass for assault. Running his tongue up one side of my hole to the other made my dick jump and my toes curl. His tongue was so wicked that I moaned aloud in spite of myself, and involuntarily spread my legs a little more. He suddenly drilled that tongue into my ass like it was a piledriver, causing the shakes and shivers. In the middle of him rimming me he suddenly stood up and rammed his 11 inch monster into my ass, causing me to yelp in fright.

“SHUT THE FUCK UP BEFORE I SMACK THE SHYT OUTTA YOU, BITCH.” he commanded, pushing his dick even deeper into my asshole, stretching it into lengths I couldn’t believe. He grunted and held me steady until he felt my asshole open and with a pop! he slid in all the way to the hilt, his balls slapping my ass as he positioned himself. Without waiting to see if I was all right he began to ruthlessly fuck the hell out of my ass, yelling, “YEAH BITCH TAKE MY MUTHA FUKKIN DICK.” He filled my asshole until it screamed for mercy, I was so turned on by Joe fucking me like I was the inmate that I filled with lust and bucked back on his dick, making him grind even harder.


He slow-stroked my asshole as his big, deep ass dick flared into and out of my ass. He pulled all the way out and I heard a suction as his dickhead plopped out of my ass. He shoved it back in, and the brief moment of desire on my face was replaced with more pain.

“OWWWNICCA” I said, “FU-FU-FUUUCK ME BBBAAAAABBBYYY,” as he pounded my asshole again and again, my head hitting the table repeatedly. Each bang, however, made the strength rise in my dick, and it grew to its full 9 inch length, and steadied, swaying against the relentless grind of Hill’s big juicy dick in my ass.

Hill leaned into it, his dick thrusts into me more violent. “SHUT THE FUCK UP AND TAKE THE DICK BITCH,” he growled, grabbing my waist and almost ripping a new hole into my ass. His violent fucking turned me so on that I got wild. I thrust back on his hungry, growing dick. He ground deeper into my stretched asshole, feeling the wet warmth of it grab up his tool like a too-tight glove with butter inside. We pulled and pushed at each other to where we fell off the table and rolled underneath it. I tried to crawl away but he pulled me back and we wrestled, he got on top and grabbed my legs, I tried to scream for help but I was too turned on by him to want any rescuing. He pulled my legs wide open and slammed his big black dick back into my asshole, making me toss my head back and forth side to side, and I yelped, crying out, “YEAH NIGGA BANG MY ASSSSSS OUT BABYYYYY…”

Hill started up a rhythm, his balls banging over and over against my sweaty wet ass/pussyhole, that loud squishing sound filled the room along with scented ass smell combined with dick scent, our chests heaved with sweat, bodies frenzied and heavy with raw passion. I bucked and thrashed about, the desk clanged hard on the floor as we banged into it, my legs stretched wide, Joe fucking me into hell and back. After what seemed like the roughest and sweetest fuck I’d ever had, Joe pulled his dick in and out of my ass, plopping it back and forth as it swelled to a great length, then he began to shake.

“I’M GONNA NUTT OFF IN YOU, BITCH. TAKE MY NUTT. TAKE MY GOOOOOTTT DDDAAAMMMMNNN NUUUTTTTT AAAAWWWW SSSSHHHHYYYYTTT,” he cried loudly as wave after wave of his nutt juice splashed in my ass walls, I felt the moisture in my hot fucked ass get wetter and wetter, nutt dripped out onto the floor as Hill couldn’t stop cumming.

Feeling his nutt fill me up pushed me to the limit. I cried out as my dick, untouched by me or Joe, started shooting everywhere, coating me, the underside of the table, and Joe’s torso and face.

I jerked and twitched, my reason had fled. “AWWW NIGGGA, YEAH FUCK ME YO, FUCK ME BABBBYYY AWWWW GGGAAAAWWWDDDD,” I shouted as nutt flew in seizures of pleasure from my still hyped dick. I shuddered as I came down from the high. All that dick he had came flopping out of my sore ass, spent. Nutt from Joe dribbled like a pool out of my drenched hole, and we lay there in each other’s arms, trying to catch our breaths.

He pushed away from me and got up. “Get dressed, Dan,” he said, business-like. I quietly got my clothes and started to clean up. “No, put them on as you are, you don’t get to clean yourself,” he amended. “I didn’t say you could wipe my nutt off of you, BITCH.”

I looked at him, a retort at my lips, but dimly realized that he held all the cards. He had me DEAD to rights. If I didn’t do exactly as he said, it would cost me, my son AND my son’s best friend, a boy I had fallen for myself. If only I could tell Malik what I was going through for him, tell him how I really felt. I knew that I couldn’t trump Joe’s triumph by telling him that the whole time he was fucking me, I was imagining him as Malik, and it was like we were together once again, the way I wished it could be forever, but not now…

I morbidly dressed, feeling that sticky-ness in my clothes once more and smelling like dick and red hot ass. I headed for the door, and put a hand on the knob when Hill spoke.

“You be here tomorrow night after your rounds at court. I’ll be waiting for you. If you play your cards right, I’ll keep this between us, and you wont have to service any of my guards.”

I felt the weight of this all settling on my shoulders as I opened the door and left the room, closing the door behind me, the sounds of his laughter filling the hallway.


The party was jumpin. The beats by my boy Rah-Rah’s cuzzin DJ Slyyce (dis phyne ass butter-pecan-Rican lookin nicca), flew as smooth as I’d hoped. Everyone was havin the whylin time. Wherever I looked niggaz were grindin up on bitches, bluntts were swirling thru the air, drinks were bein spilled (or tossed) on hoes, it was the best party I’d ever been to, and it was at my house..!

Dad, bein an officer of the court an all, really couldnt be here and tol me that he’d check into a telly after just dropping in for a minnit to say sup to Joop… I couldn’t believe my nigga got out early, thanks to his lawyer..! I reminded myself to ask my Dad if he knew this kat, maybe a fellow law partna of his or sum. But not rite now tho…

I was so caught up in dance wit that chick from the mall, one hand on her jigglin azz, da other holdin my glass of Belvedere, vanilla bluntt stuck between my teeth. DJ Slyyce put on Sean Paul, a real familiar joint. Then when this hoe raised her leg and wrapped it around mine, we were on each other so it reminded me of my ATL trip wit Joop.

I raised my eyes to look around. Joop, lookin beyond phyne in dat jumpsuit I got him, was grinding on his own fly ass hoe, swayin to ‘Like Glue’ bein spun on dem ones and twos. He looked up at me, and nodded, eyes sparked red from the Hypnotik he was guzzling down.

Dis hoe from da store, Markette, was lookin up at me and she had dat ‘I wanna have yo baby’ look, so it was time that I pushed her off to Slyyce. I steered her over to da table, knowin dat once she got da intro to the DJ her pussy would wet up, cause he was a hott ass lookin nicca himself. I made da intros and excused myself, an when I lookd back, of course, she was grindin up on DJ Slyyce, he had one hand on her ass and one on the spin tables…

I shook my head, glad I made a luv connect- as payment for the phat azz beats. Pushin my way thru da crowd I signaled over to Joop, who nodded and began to follow me upstairs. I reached my bedroom and closed the door, switching off the light, grateful for a minnit of dark quiet. Downstairs the music drummed so loud the floors and walls vibrated. I had just gotten to my bed and sat on it when a blast of noise announced that Joop had entered the room. He closed the door behind him and came over to me, sittin down.

We sat there fo like a minnit, sayin nuthin. “So…” he mumbled, lookin at the floor.

“Sooo… what?” I asked, lookin over to Joop.

He looked at me, that half-smile on his face that made my dick hard. I couldn’t stop smiling either, I was so hyped dat Joop was free. “You did da time wit me,” he started.

I made to say sum but he stopped me. “Lemme get this out,” he said. “You stuck by me, kept my commissary laced, sent me gear, kept me current wit musik an shyt, and came to visit me. I just got one thing to say ta you, Mar…” and he grabbed me and pushed me down on the bed, pushin his tongue in my mouf. His scent, musk and the cologne Joop, rushed into my nose, drivin me crazy.

GOT-DAMN I HAD MY NICCA BACK…. All the shyt I was holdin back came rushin out, and we melded into sum hot mesh of tongues and lips, huggin each other tyte, rollin around on da bed. I think my eyez even got teary an shyt.

He broke away an jumped up, goin to the door and lockin it, dat phat thugg dick makin a tent in his sweatpants.

“Yo not now sunn, I don’t wanna be rushin an shyt, we gotta get back to YO party nicca,” I reminded him, even as my hands betrayed my words, an zipped down my sweat hoodie, tossin it to the floor, revealin my naked chest.

He nodded wit approval at my arms, chest and six-pack. “You kept it up,” he said as he came back to the bed, his hoodie landin on top of mine.

“No doubt, I knew yo azz would be in the workout room on da daily an shyt,” I smiled back as we got undressd; “I hadda keep up.”

“I can't even tell you how you got me 4 lyfe my nicca,” he said, muscles flexxin, chest and pecs shinin wit sweat. We were butt azz then, both our dicks sprung str8 like stone. He leaned over me again, kissin my neck, down to my chest, tongue flickin my nipplez.

Dat shyt made me jump. I moaned as he went down my hard ass stomach, lickin down past my belly button to my pubic hair an shyt, feelin dat trail his tongue made all da way down there turn cold, makin me shiver. I was madd surprised when Joop licked around da base of my 9 inch an suddenly swallowd it down. A wave of lust ran thru me, makin me dizzy, damn nicca had skillz givin me brain…

“Hol up nicca, who you fukked wit in jail,” I asked between deep breaths of pleasure. “You aint never suck me befo nicca…” I grabbed his head and pushed it all da way down on the thick stem, but he aint even choke on it. “What up nicca, you deep throatin now?”

He raised up off my dick and looked at me. “I aint never suck no dick befo nicca, you know dat.”

“How you doin dat shyt so good then nicca?” I asked him.

He looked me in my face, a tear in his eye. “Dat’s love, nicca,” he said simply. “I wanna make you feel as good as you made me feel while I was locked down.”

Dat, of course, shut me da FUK up. I laid back again, Joop’s mouf once more runnin up an down on my dick, shootin sparks thru my body. My head jerkkd from side to side as he increased his tongue-lash, runnin lips up and down on da head, his spit coatin my joint like a glove. Squishy-sukkin sounds filled da room, I was damn glad dat DJ Slyyce was burnin da joint down too loud in da livin room downstairs. “Joop, my nicca, my nicca,” I moaned.

He stopped, then said, throat filled wit lust, “keep yo eyes closed… don’t move.”

He moved to the dresser an got sum, I hurd dat. I felt him climb up on da bed and then this warmth and incredible titeness on da head of my dick. I opend my eyes and saw Joop squattin over me, sexy body and 10.5 inch dick stickin str8 up, tryin to lower himself on my dick, his ass givin way to me inchin up inside of him. I saw the pain on his face as he concentrated.

“Yo we don’t gotta do dis now yo,” I said, “I don’t wanna hurt you Joop, we never did it this way befo.”

“Nicca jus shut da fuk up and lemme show you how much I'm feelin for yo azz, you deserve dis yo, I need to show you…” and just then his azz opened up like whoa an my dick slid like a pole deep in him. He settled on my chest, his dick still brikkd, and began to slow gryynd my dick, his eyes deep in mine, drivin me crazy wit each stroke of his thighs on my joint.

He rode me like dat for a madd while, raisin up just enuff, comin all da way back down, starin at me, moanin softly as he squeezd his thighs together over and over, my dick feelin like it was caught in a vice grip. I ran my hands on his chest, sqeezin da nipplez da way he was grippin my dick, he got a phat routine goin on, I lost track a time an shyt while he ground into my dick wit da flyest, best ass I ever was in. He just kep starin at me an shyt, his lips lookin so sexy- he bent down an kissd me, brushin his lips aginst mine, twistin his ass muscles to stoke my dick in wayz I never knew could happen, got damn… I couldn’t hole it back no mo… “Joop, Joop,” I breathed as the wave hit me and I spit harder than I ever spitt off in my LIFE… all up in his sucking, tite deep azz. He tensed and jerked, causin my dick to be gripped even mo stronger, the nutt getting mo intense, then I lost control.

“JOOP!!! JOOP!!!” I yelled louder, thrashin on da bed as my guts emptied into his, again and again as I blew large wads of nutt into his azz. His big, thick azz dick just shot off, shotts of his seed flying eerywhere, on my face, my chest, on Joop, it got real sticky in the air as his dick kept shootin.

“YEAH MY NICCA YEAH,” Joop hollard out, his body thrashin about.

Just then the door flew open, loud musik blastin into our quiet moment. I got shook, I thought da got-damn door was LOCKED… Jerkin our heads as one towards the door we saw- my Dad’s startled face.

We jumped, startled ourselves as the shadow of my pops fell across our naked, nutt-drippin bodies, Joop still sittin on my dick which was still leakin in his ass. Wetness on my nutts made me dimly realize dat I spitt off so much seed dat it was drippin down out his asshole. But that wasn’t even the worst thing goin on in my head rite now. I was stunned speechless, too scurred to move, my Dad was- so quiet.

Dad jus stood there, door wide open, mouth set in a grim line. “Get dressed… MY ROOM, FIVE MINUTES, NOW,” he said shortly, leavin the room and closin the door behind him- so hard a crack split open above the doorframe, leavin us in dark silence again.

We stared at the door and then slowly looked at each other. I aint never seen Dad so madd. “Oh SHYT,” we both said, eyes wide wit fear.


Joop an me got dressd as fast as we could, fumblin wit our sweat zippers, nervous az all hell. We got to my father’s door an stopped there, too shook to go inside. The beatz from downstairs ran like shivers thru us both.

Joop had this real scurred look on his face, I know it mus be dat, cause I know he aint wanna go back to jail, and my pops is a lawyer an shyt. I aint feel no better myself tho, my stomach felt like I was gonna toss up errythang I ate for the past two dayz an shyt. If I had this reaction I KNEW Joop was goin thru it rite now. We aint never let no one know how we got down on our lonely an shyt befo, our year long secret was destroyed. I knew dat I gotta do sum bout dat, take responsibility for shyt, tell Dad dat Joop was crunkd up an I took advantage…

“Yo it’s my Dad, my problem, you go downstairs an lemme handle it,” I tol Joop.

He looked at me wit a real strange look. “Naw Mar, lemme talk to him yo,” Joop said; “alone.”

“What for,” I asked.

“I’m sayin, I’ll tell him it aint yo fault,” I added, tryin to reassure my boy above the loudness of da crowd downstairs. It sounded like they were bein amped up for mo beatz, it was mos def cause of dem Everclear melon ballz. At least none of em know whats goin on, they too caught up in da party, I was thinkin.

Joop looked at me, fear all over his face like I used ta see sumtimes back in lockup when I used to go check him on visitin days. He took a deep breath. “Yo, Mar, there’s sum I gotta scoop you on yo-”

My pop’s door flew open. “Get in here, BOTH OF YOU,” he said, mean-muggin us.

I aint get a chance to find out what Joop hadda tell me, he got all quiet then, lookin down to the floor. I was feelin him on dat, I mean I aint wanna look Dad in da eye either rite then, I’m sayin it aint erryday you walk in on yo only son in da middle of him fukkin anotha nigga, even if it wuz yo son’s BEST friend an shyt. We went inside my Dad’s bedroom where we found two chairs had been set up for us, side by side. We sat down, quiet like death.

My Dad looked at me, then Joop, wit this real deep look on his face. I ain't know what he was bout to say. I aint wanna hear dat he thought we was faggots tho, I think if he said dat shyt it would break my heart, like he would make me think dat he aint do a good job of raisin me as a man an shyt. Just thinkin of dat made tears spring to my eyes an shyt- which would be even worse, cause if he saw dat shyt then he would think I really WAS a faggot ass nigga, cryin like a bitch. I tried like hell to blink da tears back, then he spoke.

“What the fuck is going on with you two..?” he said, givin us the darkest look I ever seen.

I swallowed an spoke up. “Yo Dad, it aint Joop’s fault, it’s mine.”

Joop yelled out, “Naw I aint lettin you take da fall for this yo, it’s all my fault.” He looked at my pops. “Officer Dan, I know the terms of my parole, I’m not supposed to get in any trouble,” he began. “I looked for you after the hearing but you disappeared.”

My Dad’s face clouded over, relaxed from the anger. “I had to meet with the warden, a few closing details on your case,” he sighed.

“Wait a minnit,” I said, “what were you doin talkin bout his case witout his lawyer?”

“That’s what I been tryin to say,” Joop interrupted me.

Pops continued, “Malik is my new client, Lamar; I’m his lawyer, and his Parole Officer as well.”

I was stunned. “How come you aint know who I was talkin bout then whenever I mentioned Joop to you- waitaminnit,” I hit myself in the head. “I’m da dumb-ass, I aint tell you dat ‘Malik’ was Joop’s real name.”

“Remember you were supposed to tell me all about Joop, his prison info,” Dad reminded me. “You finally wrote it all down, but I never got a chance to see what you wrote. I saw the picture in your room and put it together, but I haven’t had a chance to see you since then to tell you that I was …handling Joop.”

Joop looked up at my Dad wit a fear in his eyes. I assumed it was cause he thought his bail was gonna be revoked or sumthin.

“Dad,” I pleaded, “listen to me. I know you aint understandin why what happened wit me an Joop just happened, but I might as well tell you all of it. We been chillin like this since our trip to ATL; Joop is my boy, my best friend, we grew up together, and way more than that. I can count on him, we spend madd time together, and except you, no one in my life ever proved themself like Joop did for me. We got crunkd up dat nite and it just happened, but since then I felt like it was rite between me an Joop to chill like this.

“He a dude, I know dat, but I love Malik, Dad, and I know he love me. You can't cum between that, nobody can… so if you got an issue wit it, if you want me outta yo life, then… then I’ll go,” I said, that tear I tried to push back breakin forth and spillin on my face, “but you aint fail wit me Dad, you raised me to be a man, and I AM a man, I’ll handle myself like that always. But Joop is my world,” and I put my arm on Joop’s shoulder.

Joop smiled at me. “You my whole world too,” he said. He looked at Dad. “Mar been there wit me thru my whole time in jail, you know dat. Thick an thin, we was always tite from when we was kids. You an me never saw much of each other, so dats why I ain't recognize you rite off, an vice versa, I guess. I should asked you yo last name, at least dat would made me think about it… but Officer Dan,” he said, tears of his own shinin in his eye, “I swear dat I feel fo Mar da same way he feel. I’d die for him, I’d kill for him-”

“Hold that last thought, Malik,” Dad said. “As a father I realize you feel strongly for my son, but as an officer of the court I can't listen to you declare that you’re willing to break the law to prove it… but that’s neither here nor there. I opened the door to my son’s bedroom and saw him naked, in your arms. As shocked as I was, I admit that I saw something else there, something that I don’t think you realize… the way you two were holding each other, I knew that you weren’t just fucking. You were making love. I understand how that can feel.”

Dad turned to me then. “Another man notwithstanding, if ‘Joop’ here is who you choose as the ONE, and if he chooses you as such, then I wont complain… And I don’t think you’re not a man, Lamar, so stop looking at me like you failed me, because you didn’t. You grew up to be an outstanding young man, and I am proud to call you my son.”

Relief ran through me, and I jumped up and threw myself at Dad, hugging him the way I used to when I was little.

He held me close, and I heard the tears in his voice as he crushed me to him. “You’re my son, Lamar, I would NEVER turn my back on you.”

Just then there came a knock on the door. I pulled away from Dad and opened it; Rah-Rah was standin there. “Yo scuse, but you runnnin outta dem melon balls,” he yelled over the roar of the crowd downstairs. “You got more?”

“Yeah, yeah, I’m comin,” I said. Rah-rah bounded back down to the party. Followin him out da door, I turned back to look at my Dad and the love of my life. “Yo I know yall gotta do sum talkin alone so I’ll take my time gettin dem melon balls…”

“Yeah, son,” Dad answerd, lookin at Malik, “we have some stuff to clear up, between us.”

Joop swallowed, then looked at me. “It’s iight yo,” he reassured me. “I gotta handle this part alone.”

I nodded and then left, closing da door behind me. I went down the stairs, wonderin just what was goin on in there between em, now dat I’m not in da room. I just hoped dat my pops wouldn’t cum down on Joop too hard…


The door closed shut behind my nicca and suddenly there was this real deep quiet. No one said nuthin. Then Officer Dan looked over at me. “Malik,” he started tryin to say.

“Wait up,” I said, “I gotta explain whassup wit me an Mar…”

“It looked pretty obvious what was going on,” he said. “I already knew you were the ‘Joop’ that Lamar kept asking me to go see upstate, his best friend… I found a picture of you and him from that Atlanta trip.”

“Why aint you said nuthin to me at the hearin then, that you knew who I was an shyt?” I asked, shocked.

“I really didn’t want to focus on that,” he said. “My job was to get you through that hearing and get you out of jail, and it suddenly became for me more than the reasons I originally thought. Back when I only knew you and Lamar to be best friends, it became about me wanting to make my son happy as well as honoring my job commitment to you. There was something else for me, however…”

“Officer Dan, I was going to tell you how I was into someone else outside of jail, but we aint get a chance to really talk before the hearing. I would have said sumthin after but you up an disappeared.”

“I went to meet the warden,” Officer Dan said, takin a deep breath. “I should tell you that I had to keep him satisfied about your early parole. He wasn’t going to let you go, but he had no grounds to keep you. I …persuaded him to let the hearing’s decision stand.”

I frowned. “What did you say to him?”

Officer Dan looked at me for a sec befo he spoke. “Well, he sort of wanted more than talking from me…” and then he told me about the whole scene in the warden’s chambers.

I was buggin. “How he gonna do that?”

“He has a tape, a videotape of us in the conjugal room. I think he’s going to hold on to that until he’s through getting what he …wants from me,” my parole officer sighed.

I sat up in da chair, ready to run. “Got-damn!!!” My mouf dropped open, and I got shook. Scurrd thoughts ran thru my head… I'm fucked- yo Lamar can't know bout that shyt wit me an his pops, not ever- “Please, Officer Dan, I’ll do anything, don’t tell Mar, you can't…” and I put my head down in my hands. “Mar can't leave me cause of dis shyt, he jus can't…” and I felt arms around me, and Officer Dan’s lips on my forehead.

“Malik, I promise you I wont tell him, I can't let you get hurt…” I knew what he was about to say, and I lifted my head to tell him not to say it, but when I did my lips were met up wit his, and he was tryin to kiss me.

I was so fucked up at dat moment then, that at first I just let his tongue slip into my mouf, and we slurped on each other doowwnn, his arms went around my shoulders and his lips felt so warm, he was swallowin my tongue, crushin my lips wit his. He moaned as he gripped me tighter, and I pulled him close to me, enjoyin the feelin of this sexy older kat gettin off on me. I grabbed da back of his head and moaned too, but then I regained my head when I felt my dick rise up.

I pushed back, “Naw naw naw yo, hol up, naw… we can't do this no mo,” I shook my head. “You iz my nicca pops, we did sum shyt when I was locked down and I was feelin it an all, but you know now dat I'm feelin yo son on sum ‘me-an-him’ shyt.” He backed up, kneeling in front of me, hands in his lap, his dick obviously pushin hard at his pants, causin a wet spot at the spot his dickhead pushed on.

“I feel so much for you,” Officer Dan said, “I caught feelings for you when we were together at the prison those times.” He smiled then, real sad-like an shyt. “I know that’s a stupid thing to do, but it’s true… how can I not understand why my son loves you; when I can see for myself why.” His eyes had madd tears in em, and I swallowed, reachin up to wipe em off his face.

“I promise you, hand to god- I ain't gonna hurt Mar, Officer Dan,” I said softly. “I can't, I love dat nicca to death.” Officer Dan nodded at me. “I know you do, Malik, it’s just that-”

The door opened then and Mar came in, stopping short.

I jumped back, realizing that was a fukked up move, movin back so quick made me look guilty. I looked up at Mar, he just stared at me for a sec, then came to himself. “Whassup in here?” he asked. “Why you on da floor Dad?”

“I was talking,” Officer Dan said, getting up and turnd his back on us going to the dresser, tryin not to draw attention to his hard-on an shyt. “Look, just so you two will know, I have no problem with you two loving each other if that’s… what you want,” he added behind his back, lookin for sumthin thru his papers on his dresser. He picked up a list outta da pile and turned around and I saw he had calmed down sum. He handed that sheet of paper to me. “Don’t lose it, this is your list of the times you have to meet up with me for the first month, Malik; after that, we’ll play it by ear. Just make sure you can pass the piss test when you show up. I’m letting a week pass by in order for you to get yourself ‘together’... make that two weeks,” he added, lookin at me an Mar. He went over to the door and held it open for us to get outta his room.

“Dad-” Mar started to say.

Officer Dan stopped him, “Look, go on back to your party, I’ll just pack an overnight bag and get myself to a hotel.” We stared at him as he ushered us out, closing the door behind him, then we stared at each other.

“Dat shyt was real,” I said, stuffin da list in my pocket. “You wanna go back down?”

Mar looked at the stairs and said, “Yeah- we better, we been gone long enuff.”

He gave me this …look befo goin back down da stairs, an for no reason at all it gave me da fukkin shakes. He was real quiet since he came back up to his pop’s bedroom… what da fuck do he think he walked in on..? I wondered as I followed after him.


The next mornin I woke up under da covers wit the craaazy hangover an shyt, I knew I was awake cause of da light in the window, makin this pain behind my forehead dat wouldn’t go away. I tried to move an felt a leg across my stomach. Dats when I smelled a familiar cologne on a body layin next ta me, wrapped up in bedsheets an snorin.

Joop, I smiled, stretchin and feelin him move closer to me in his sleep. I remembered after da party was over we came upstairs and collapsed in da bed, butt ass, but we wuz too fukkd up to do any mo shyt tho. We was just layin wit each other, dicks all pressd together while we fell asleep an shyt, and dat was good enuff for then. it hit me an shyt all over again when I woke up- my nicca was free from jail and my POPS of all niccas was da one dat got him out..!

But there was sumthin that was naggin at me, dat I aint pay no attention to til I opened Dad’s door last nite an saw my pops kneelin in front of Joop, and from da way he was crouchin I could see (yechh) my pops wit a hard dick an a wet spot on his pants an shyt. He got up real quick when I came in da room and Joop backed up fast, like they was doin sum…

I remembered sumthin else- when Dad had got back home from the prison day befo yesterday. I remembered meetin him in da hallway and thinkin dat he was smellin like he had just got thru fukkin an shyt- I had laffd at him but I knew he aint get no pussy cause he aint really smell like he had got sum. But then me an Joop be fukkin an we smell an shyt, but not like pussy cause neither one of us got one…

A madd suspiscion ran thru me. Dad ain't seem too shook dat I was fukkin wit a nicca… and why not? I knew sum hadda have happened between em up at da prison, they was too guilty and jumpy last nite. I hadda be sure… but how to do it?

Joop woke up then, reachin over an pullin me over to him. I smelled his stale liquor and Joop cologne scent and it drove me crazy, I knew I loved this nicca wit all my heart, even if he… I ain't wanna think what I was thinkin as I put my head next to his on da pillow and we pulled up da coverz over us. I opend one eye an squinted at Joop, his eyes were closed and he lookd like he was real happy an shyt even in his sleep. His mouth looked so sexy rite then I had to kiss em. I leaned over an touched his lips wit my own.

He backd away. “Mmmhph, naw I got bad breaf,” he muttered.

“Nicca I got bad breaf too an a headache an shyt, fuck yo bad breaf,” I whispered back real low as I kissd him. He slippd his tongue in my mouf an caressed mine, it was like da best nectar an shyt. We wrapped our arms an shyt over each other and got up close, dicks stirrin an startin to grind.

The blood rushed so fast outta my head I got dizzy. “Yo duke, I need da hangover shyt,” I groaned, pullin away and holdin my head.

He leaned over, dis madd nervous look on his face. “Yo baby u iight..?”

He knew I hated him callin me dat ‘baby’ shyt, I aint no bitch- but rite then I aint curr dat he made me feel like he was takin curr of me an shyt. “Yo run down an get da tobasco an rum shyt,” I said.

He up an dashed out da room madd quick, butt ass. I hoped dat Dad aint get home yet to run into Joop all naked an shyt, but in another way I did, just to see what my pops would do wit da situation. I aint got no women intuition or nuthin, but I'm thinkin dat there was SUM dat happened between my nicca and my father….


Downstairs I was makin me an Mar’s homemade hangover remedy, a rum shot, tobascco sauce, a piece of lime an a raw egg. I put it in da blendr an turnd it on, mixin it to a slush. Da noise from da blendr was so loud dat I aint hear anyone cum into da kitchen. I felt a hand reach around and grab onto my dick.

“Thought yo ass was sick,” I smiled, not turnin around as da hand strokd my shyt til it was stiff like whoa, and my 10.5 inch was askin for sum attention an shyt. I turnd around to give my dik to my nicca Mar- and stopped in shock.

Officer Dan was kneelin in front of me, kneelin on da floor, his thick ass 9 inch dick out an drippin.

“Whoa,” I said, bakin away wit my hand on my dick, “yo Officer Dan, naw we can't be like dis no mo,” I said. “You gotta let it go yo, I tol you-” but then movin faster than I thought he could, he bent over an got his mouf on my dick, swallowin it down.

The hot feelin made my knees buckle an I got dizzy, it felt so fukkin good. I tried to back away an he grabbd my waist an held me there, downin dat dick like he was drownin.

I couldn’t stop myself an I grabbd his face an pumped my dick down his throat as the blender buzzd on. I was gonna break dis nicca’s throat out as hard as I was fukkin his face. Large gobs a spit flew outta his mouf an he gagged and sounded like he was throwin up, but he held on wit a vice grip. Fine by me. I rammd my thick hott juicy ass dick down Officer Dan’s throat, makin his dick jump an twitch. I felt dat churn in my guts, I knew I was bout to blow off. He ran his tongue down under my dickhead and swallowed da leakin juice outta my dick, swallowin into dat hot throat again and again, my ballz smackin his face, drivin him fukkin crazy.

He ground his throat against my dick, his jaws sqeezin my shyt, drivin me to pop. He strokd his dick real fast an then he got stiff an he shot off, his nutt flyin over my legs an da kitchen floor, while he was shakin and stammerin wit my dick still deep in this throat. I felt da nature rise an I couldn’t hol it back.

It hit me hard makin me dizzy like whoa, I moaned low an shyt, grabbin his head as my nutt rushed outta my dick an wet up his throat, over an over, my kneez got light an shyt as I splashd in his mouf, dat feelin of him drinkin my nutt down, tonguin my nutt into his stomach, made me crazy in da nutt, grabbin his neck and tryin to break it again an shyt til da nutt was over an I slid my dick out his mouf. His face was all red an shyt, he was breathin real hard and spit and nutt was all over his face. He looked up at me an grinnd.

“Yo Officer Dan, dis wasn’t cool yo,” I said, mad now da nutt was over. “Yo I can't do this shyt wit you yo, you gotta get another nicca or sum yo. I'm taken an shyt. I ain't tryin to play wit u or nuthin but truff be tol what we did was nuthin but a nutt to me yo, I aint feelin nuthin mo dan dat, you ain't Mar…”

Officer Dan looked sad but nodded. “I just had to get one for the road,” he said when he got to his feet an went to the stairs. “I was just saying goodbye; I won’t go after you again,” he added before he went on up. “I’ll see you as a client Tuesday after next, right?” and he was gone up da stairs after sayin dat.

I turnd back to da blendr and turnd it off, I poured da mixture into a glass and got a straw. Goin back up the stairs I thought about what I just did. I can't let dat shyt happen no more, I promisd myself. Now I'm cheatin on Mar an shyt wit his own pops. I ain't gonna do dat to my nicca. At least he wont know bout dis kitchen shyt, not ever. ..


Joop came back in da room and I saw what lookd like nutt shots all over his legs. I lookd at him. “Yo what you was doin downstairs..?” I asked.

He said, “uhh gettin yo juice yo, I mixd it up an got it just like you like, wit da shot of lime.”

“It got messy huh?” I askd.

“Naw, it was all in da blendr,” Joop said, frownin from da question.

Just then I heard my pop’s shower go off. “Dad’s back?” I frowned.

“Yeah, he came in- not to da kitchen tho, so he ain't see nuthin,” Joop said, nervously. He handed me da glass an I sippd from da straw quietly, thinkin bout da fact dat Joop aint never let no one see him sweat befo.

I just caught Joop in a lie.

I handed back da glass witout a werd an lay back down, waitin for my hangover to go away. When dat happend I knew that then I could set a trap, dat trap fo my nicca an my Dad to fall into- if they was guilty of sumthin, of course.


I finished drying off in my bedroom, thinking about what I just did in the kitchen with my son’s boyfriend. As freaky as ever, I came more than I ever did with Malik this last time, which I knew was going to be the last time for us. I just had to be with him one more time, to feel that soreness in my throat where he rammed his dick against that same spot over and over; I know I’m going to be a little hoarse for a while.

I would have tried to get some of that 10.5 inch, thick ass dick up my ass again, but not after last night- I was too sore for that at the moment. I remembered the events that followed when I got back to my hotel room after leaving my son’s party…

I lay back on my bed, pulling my legs up to my chest, my dick stirring to life once more as I traced a finger against my hairy, sore yet happy asshole. It was still swollen and tender from what had happened earlier and still very sore, yet it puckered against my finger and sucked it into its dark and warm depths. I moaned softly, my six-pack abs tensed, my salt-n-pepper haired nipples jutted up, and I began to slide my finger back and forth, my warm, filling balls resting against the hand between my legs. My dick grew to its full 9 inch thick length, my legs jerked involuntarily and I closed my eyes, giving into the sensations as I began to reminisce…

I was still reeling from the knowledge that Lamar and Malik were lovers when I got back to my hotel. I didn’t notice much of anything when I got in my elevator with two others and went up to my room, with all of my thoughts spinning in confusion. The young man that had captured my feelings had already wrapped his feelings, lock stock and barrel, into my own son. I wanted a real stiff drink. I got to my floor, everyone left the elevator, and I went back to my room, lost in thought, swiping the card key.

Instantly I was pushed into the room and I fell to the floor, too stunned to make a sound. I looked up and saw to my surprise, Warden Joe Hill and two of his roughest prison guards behind me, Officers Warren and Potters, whom had pushed me inside. Warren was 6’4, a thick musc build, looked like in his middle 30’s and wore a thick moustache on his attractive face. Potters was 5’10, slim with a basketball player build, had a scar along the left cheek which enhanced the mean visage. Both were wearing their black prison uniforms, hulking above me, menacing.

Hill had nothing on.

I stared at the naked, perfectly shaped sexy ass form laying across my bed, 11 inch thick cut dark dick standing straight up, smiling with a dark smile. Suddenly I knew what was going on, what would be happening. How stupid I was for not paying attention to who was riding upstairs with me, they must have been laying in wait for me all along.

I looked at Hill. “So I’m the party favor, huh?” I asked ruefully, yet to myself I thought, this is JUST what the doctor ordered. If anything would make me get over Malik-

“Get over here and start putting your lips on this dick,” Hill growled, grasping his massive pole and shaking it in my face. All of a sudden it didn’t matter that I was going to be the object of another prison rape scene- I wanted this.

I crawled to the bed and leaned over, taking his dick into my mouth and slurping on it like a starving man. “DAMN NIGGA,” Warden Hill breathed, “suck my dick bitch… ahhhhh,” he moaned as I ran my mouth up and down on his big dick, which swelled larger in between my lips, his dick taste driving me crazy. I felt my clothes being taken off roughly and yanked around. Then while I was concentrating so much on this slab of warden dick in my mouth, I felt a rough wetness on my hairy asshole, and I knew that Warren had buried his moustached face between my thighs, nibbling and knawing at my lower cheeks. The sensations ran through my legs as he bit and pinched my ass, I couldn’t take the intenseness. My throat opened wider and I deep throated all that warden-type dick. He grabbed my head and pushed down, making me gagg.

“Hmmmmhmm”, moaned Warren as he munched his teeth and tongue all over my ass. Then I felt the warmest wet on my dick, because Potters had slid underneath me and swallowed all 9 inches of it in one gulp. Sucking on a big black dick while getting my ass eaten out and my own dick sucked was causing that nature to build in my nuttsack, and I was close.

Just then I felt cold air on my ass, Warren had stopped guzzling at it, and then with a sharp pain he had shoved what felt like a warm thick salami into my asshole.

He leaned over as I whimpered from his sliding into me. “12 inches and beer can thick, bitch,” he growled into my ear, “and you’re gonna take all of it.” He rammed the rest of it into me then, his thick ball filled hairy ass nutts slapping against the back of my thighs as I let go with a howl of pain.

“Shhhh!!!” Warden Hill shouted as he rammed his thick black ass dick back in my mouth, cutting off my air. I gulped and choked, but he pushed even farther. My dick started to strain against the renewed pleasure as Potters throat slid up and down, again and again, tight and deep like a teenage pussy.

Soon the pain of Warren fucking me turned to feeling REAL good, and Hill moaned, “Warren, punish that ass my nigga, there’s a bonus for you if you stretch his pussy like a BITCH and bust it open…”

Joe Hill talking to me like that made me fall over the edge. The boiling point churned in my balls and shot forth with a wave all through me, making my body buck back and forth, losing control. Feeling my dick shoot my nutt down Potters’ tight, wet throat kept the intense up and I jerked even harder.

“No, don’t cum yet, stop!!” yelled Hill, but I was too far gone, and I emptied my dick into that hot intense mouth, which moaned through muffled shouts, swallowing my nutt. Bucking back and forth caused Warren, steadily pounding my guts out, to lose control.

With a roar he shot off, “yeah take dis shyt, yeah nigga, dats whut da fuk I'm talkin bout, grrrrrr,” he shouted as he spurted again and again, his thick footlong dick finding places in my ass to wet up with nutt I didn’t know I had. He pulled out of my ass, it kept pulling and pulling out, with a pop, and all his nutt rushed out of my wide open, winking hairy ass and plopped to the floor, some falling on Potters’ chest since he was beneath us. I was tired but happy, and I made to get up when I was thrown back to the floor, and Warden Hill stood over me, dick still bricked up, unsatisfied, with that dark smile again. “My turn, bitch.”

I looked up at Warden Hill. “Joe,” I began, but he motioned to Warren and Potters, who came over to me and pulled me up to a kneeling position, each naked guard grabbing an arm. Up this close I could smell the remnant sex on their heavy swinging dicks, Warren’s especially still wet from being up in my asshole. That raw ass scent on his thick, hanging 12 inch dick mixed with his nuttjuice made me dizzy all over again, my sore dick stirring once more. I didn’t know how much more I was going to be able to take.

Hill spoke. “I want to watch you suck Potters’ dick while Warren fingers that pretty pussy of yours, to keep it open for me.” I realized then that Joe Hill might have thought he was blackmailing me into doing this, but I was using HIM, this was the best way for me to get over my fledgling feelings for Malik, by getting them fucked out of me… I smiled inwardly as I acted the docile prison victim, opening my mouth to let Potters slip his 9.5 inches past my lips, his dickhead sticky with pre-cum. It tasted like pure nutt and I moaned with lust as I engulfed him down to the stem, eyes closed, my hairy, full balls churning.

He grabbed the back of my head with a low growl. “GotDAYUM,” he whispered as I attacked his dick with renewed strength. Potters began to fuck my face hard, my throat pushed to the breaking point once more, his nutts banging on my chin as large waves of spit began to drip from my stretched lips, rolling down my cheeks and falling to the floor. A loud squishing sucking sound filled the room.

“That’s it, bitch,” Hill said with approval in his voice. “That’s what I want to hear. Warren- get behind him,” he commanded.

I felt the large guard resume his place behind me, between my legs. a small pain entered my already sore ass as Warren jabbed his finger up my colon, and it ran through me. I slurped on Potters’ dick like I had two hours left to live, and I wanted to go out with a dick in my mouth. His nutt scent began to fill my nostrils and I fed on it, gagging as I pushed his dick deeper in my mouth. I reached around his ass cheeks and grabbed them both in my hands as I gulped down his dick.

Potters straddled my face and pulled me closer, and I felt rather than saw Warren begin licking Potters’ nipples while sliding his finger in my ass. Fingering me like that felt raw and good, and the three of us leaned in on each other, enjoying the black man connection we had then, just us men exploring, enjoying, fucking. A rush filled me, Warren straddling my back, Potters smashing my face, Hill laying on the bed watching, stroking his massive dick... I didn’t want this to end, not ever. It was all putting my feelings for Malik into perspective, really… not that I was able to think about that just now with a thick dick invading my mouth. It tensed up and swelled larger, I knew he was close.

Warren diddled with my asshole faster and faster, I tensed up myself as large splashes of nutt hit my back, Warren busting his 12 inch python size dick off again with a low moan. My wandering fingers found Potters’ tightly closed asshole, and while my mouth was implaed on his slippery dick I took my index finger and without mercy pushed it into his asshole’s warm, vice grip depths.

That did it. Potters grabbed my neck and yelled out, “AHHH PAPI, YEEEEAAHHH NICCA SSSUUUUUCCCK DAAAT MMMMM AAAHHHHHH SHSHHHYYTT,” as large wet gobs of nutt hit the back of my throat. My dick shot off then, which amazed me because I hadn’t touched it, but that familiar wave of orgasm hit home and I gagged on that spurting dick, gulping down more and more nutt, my own shots hitting Potters’ legs and feet, making the bed covers damp. I didn’t think I had any liquid left in my body after that. I slumped to the floor, smelling of dick, ass and nutt of three different men, and loving every minute.

The guards began to dress wordlessly and within five minutes they had left the room, closing the door behind them before I could even catch my breath. Obviously this was pre-arranged with their boss, to give a good show and then exit, stage left posthaste. I looked up at Hill who was regarding me silently, my chest still heaving as my strength returned, knowing that he was saving his nutt for my ass, that I would have to get fucked one more time tonight, possibly more brutal than so far.

He looked at me and said, “I want you to come up here and lay down next to me; we can let that pretty pussy recharge, I need it at full strength before I push dick up in there.”

I rolled onto the bed and lay next to him. He definitely had a very sexy face and body, like an older version of a Greek God… he stretched out by my side, propped up beside me tracing his hand on my heaving chest. “See how much I can give you a good time?” he asked, smiling.

I looked at him and grimaced. “Oh, yeah, blackmail- definitely the choice of champions,” I quipped.

“Well, how else would I get you to give me a chance?” he frowned.

“Come on, Joe- you never even asked if I might WANT to get down like that, did you?” I said, turning my head away. “Look, I know that I can't compete with a 19 year old little punk nigga like your Malik,” he sneered. “So I figured that getting something on you gave me the advantage over your ‘jones for the young ones…”

I looked at Hill, into his eyes, and realized that he wasn’t joking. “Nigga, you are more than a match for any of those little niggas in your prison,” I said in a reassuring tone, raising up on one elbow to look him eye to eye. “You are sexy, strong, you are a FREAK, you have a big dick AND you know how to use it. What don’t you think you have over a youngin?”

“Are you telling me that you would have fucked with me if I had asked you without the blackmail- choosing me over Malik?” he said in a small voice.

“You’ll never know, will you,” I responded with a cutting edge to my voice.

He gave me a look- what I saw in his eyes was the SAME look I had in my eyes… whenever I looked at Malik. I saw it then- Joe Hill, my longtime associate, some-time friend and now sexual blackmailer, was catching FEELINGS for me… I reached over to hug him, and he snuggled his sexy, hard, hairy body against mine, trembling… and that’s when I realized that for myself, I had caught some feelings for him, too. At this thought my dick stiffened, but for a new purpose, not just for another nutt.

I lay back on the bed, my 9 inch rising, and I said, “Are you ready to show me how much more I could have with you..?” He grinned and slid his body on top of mine.

“Anytime, baby,” he murmured, leaning over to kiss my neck as he got in between my raised legs, missionary style. I wanted him to take me like this, as if he was my lover and not my blackmailing fuck-master. His tall frame nestled against mine as if they belonged joined together like hits, and his dick snaked its way between my thighs, still moist from Warren’s spit and dripping nutt, and slid into me, filling my guts up and making me gasp once more with passion.

Grabbing both my legs so that he had hold of my ankles, Joe began to slow grind deep into my asshole, the muscles in my colon grabbing up his dick, pulling it deep into me. The look on his face was incredible. “Oh, goddamn it,” he moaned as he slid back and forth in my ass, what are you doin to me, me said, looking deep in my eyes. I began to move back and forth on the bed, raising my legs higher, letting him have deeper access to my guts as he began to stroke faster. He stroked my lips with his tongue as he ground faster and faster in me, his 11 inch thick ass dick banging spots that I hadn’t felt touched yet from this position.

“Baby, oh baby,” he murmured, stretching my legs wide, his balls bouncing harder and harder against my thighs, which were wet and began to drip from the grinding fuck.

“Ahhhh, ohhhh shyyyt,” I moaned, thrusting my legs up more, bucking to meet his thrusting dick which invaded my guts like he owned the place. “FUCK ME NICCA,” I growled, going wild on that dick, but I knew it was more about the fact that it was Joe fucking me, which made me rise up so forceful. I was really sharing with Joe on a level I didn’t get to reach with Malik. He got wilder, his dick slamming into me, my body shaking from his grunts.

“WHOS PUSSY IS THIS????” he grunted, banging that dick in me faster and harder.

“OHHH BABBABABYYY, YOURS, YOURS,” I breathed, twisting up and down on his assault on my asshole.

“YOU WANT THAT PUCK ASS NIGGA MALIK OVER ME?!?!?” he yelled out, his thick ass dick striking in and out of my stretched ass lips over and over, my body shuddering.

“OHH, AWWWW NO, NO BABY,” I yelled back… “ITS YOURS, YOURS JOE, FUCK ME JOE, AWWWW GOTDAMNNNNNN, SHYYYYTT,” I yelled, Joe grinding his dick back and forth in me causing me to buck back and forth as I lost control and spit off once more, the orgasm like a ocean wave in my body, my dick shooting and hitting Joe in the face.

“YOU MY BABY NOW, DAN- YOU MY BABY NOWWWWW AWWWW GOOODDDDAAMMMNNN DANNNNNN THIS MY SHYT, MY SHYYYYYTTT,” he cried as his dick swelled and hit my ass with a fresh wave of juice. My asshole, bucking from my own nutt off, clenched on his phat dick, physically milking out his nutt over and again, as he cried out and buried his face in my shoulder, biting my neck as ass his fluids passed out of him and into my hungry, sucking asshole. I swear my ass lips smacked with pleasure as more nutt filled its waiting mouth.

We were both tensed up for a minute as our combined orgasms relaxed away, and Joe looked up at me then, tears in his eyes. “Please don’t go back to him,” he pleaded, a tear slowly trickling down his cheek, his hands gently stroking my face. “I wasn’t really going to lock him back up, I just like you so much… give me a chance, Dan…”

‘….Give me a chance, Dan,’ I remembered him saying last, before we fell asleep. Just then I realized that my fist was cold and sticky… I had reminisced my way into cumming AGAIN…

Amazing, I thought. After all that spitting off so much in the past 12 hours, and then one more time with Malik downstairs just a little while ago, I marveled once more that I still had fluids left. I cleaned up my mess and lay back down on the bed, just to get a quick nap before dinner with the boys… As I was falling asleep the last person on my mind wasn’t who it had been for the past couple of weeks… Malik had been replaced by Joe Hill in my thoughts… “..How remarkable,” I murmured as I drifted off.


I waited until Mar was sleepin from da headache pills, then I crept outta da bed an left da room. Mar lookd so innocent an shyt sleepin there, I smiled. I loved dat nicca so much, which was why I felt guilty as hell dat I was still messin wit his pops. That was gonna end- an now.

I closed da do real quiet an then went down the hall to Officer Dan’s room. I hadda make sure that Pa dukes knew we couldn’t get down no mo, dat how we chilld downstairs was over an dune wit. I crept along the hallway and reached his room, and knokkd.

It opend up an he stood there, dark blue bathrobe and slippers, givin me a look dat made me think he knew I was gonna show up sooner or later.

“Come in,” he said.

I went past him into da room and he shut da do behind us. For a minnit I got nervous cause I ain't know if he wanted to do sumthin or not, an for a sec I aint know if I aint wanna do sum my dayum self. My nutts stirrd but I got a hold of it. “Mar took sumthin for a headache an he sleepin,” I said as I sat down on da bed. “We gotta talk.”

“I was thinking that myself,” Officer Dan said. He sat down next to me on da bed. My dick fought to get up but I wasn’t lettin myself get horny and shyt no mo for him.

I took a deep breaf. “Yo Officer Dan, we can't do what happened downstairs no mo. I’m really feelin how it is wit you an shyt, but the same thing dat got me goin bout you is the same reason why yo son got my heart. I think it gotta be a father-son thang,” I laffd nervous like.

He nodded an I went on. “I’m gonna always respect u an shyt, an never forget that good thang we had, but u just my parole officer now, an my nicca’s pops. Nuthin mo, iight..?” I held out my hand to him, hopin he’d just shake it an let it be dat.

He hesitated, then he took my hand. “I knew you had real feelings for my son,” he said, still holdin on. “I just didn’t understand how deep they were until just now… he’s incredibly special to have that kind of love in his life; and I’m very glad that you were the one who got his heart, and he was the one to get yours, if not me…” and he had tears in his eyes.

I swallowed, not wantin him to get all mushy an shyt. “I’ll respect you and him from now on,” he said. “At least, I think there’s someone else trying to get me to think less about you anyway…”

“What you mean?” I askd. My mouf droppd open when he tol me bout him an Warden Hill. “Awww dayum,” I said, jumpin up, “aint this da same nicca who tried ta blackmail u bout me? Yo, on da real I got connects still up dere, lemme make a call an I would have da whole prison tryin to mope dat nicca out…”

“No, Malik, it’s okay,” he said, tryin to calm me down, pullin me back to sittin on da bed. “He and I worked it out, see he didn’t want to blackmail me, he thought it was his only way to get my attention away from you.”

I let dat news sink in a minnit, an I stoppd seein red. “So… you feelin him like dat now?” I askd, unclenchin my fists, calmin down.

“I… think I am,” Officer Dan said, smiling at me. “He went through a lot of trouble, clearly, and the sex is …excellent.”

“Well, just don’t be lettin dat nicca fuk you all da time an shyt, u get sum of dat ass too, make dat nicca hurt so you know he aint punkin u out, cause if he do he gotta answer ta me an shyt,” I warned him.

“Umm, thanks for the advice,” he laffd at me.

“I’m sayin, you my nicca pops an my …friend too,” I said. “I ain't lettin none of my boys get punkd out.”

Officer Dan smiled wide. “You have the most incredible heart, and I’ll say it again, my son is so lucky to have you.”

I shook my head. “I’m da lucky one,” I said.

My parole officer lookd at me then. “By the way, since you and Lamar are more or less together, and I am already in sort of a mentor-type role in your life right now anyway, you could …call me ‘Dad’ too… if you want.”

I was floord by him sayin dat. A lump rose in my throat. “Yo, u was already kinda startin to feel like my Dad,” I said. “You know I aint got one werf mentionin.”

“Well you do now,” he said, smilin at me, this time da tear in his eye spillin out. He reached over an huggd me tite, makin tears of my own show up. It didn’t feel like it did befo when I touchd him an shyt, it was …different. I aint have no sex feelins for him as we sat there huggin each other, it was like he was holdin me as a Dad… It felt good to hold him like I had always wanted to hug a father…

…and dat’s when the door bust open an we jumpd.

Mar was standin there in only his boxers, this look of cold death on his face. “What da fuk is up in hurr,” he askd, his voice was low an quiet, an he had one hand behind his back, like he was holdin sumthin…


“Lamar, what are you doing-” Officer Dan wuz sayin, but Mar stoppd him in da middle.

“-Yo I been havin’ a vibe about BOTH of yall since yesterday, an now I find u both half naked half on a bed an all huggd up on each other an shyt..?” He looked at me, I could see dat he was getting real heated by da second… “Yeah nicca, I wasn’t sleep, I faked dat shyt to see whut u wuz gonna do, an jus like a NIGGA steppin in SHIT, you trackd it back home…” Mar started to shake. “Fess up, Joop- what wuz u doin wit my fukkin FATHER?!?!?” He pulld his hand from behind him, pointin my own .38 at me, cocked back. I had left it wit him when I got sent up, I aint get a chance to get it back from him yet. I started ta shake too then, I wuz da one who taught him how ta shoot…

“LAMAR!!!” Officer Dan said, gettin to his feet. “When did you get a gun??”

“It’s Joop’s gun, Dad,” he said, still lookin at me, the barrel fixed on my face. “Well Joop, ANSWER ME NICCA- what da FUCK iz you doin wit my got-damn father????”

I could see hurt an anger all over his face an shyt. I was too stunnd to answer him. I knew one wrong word from me, an he wuz pullin dat trigger, I seen dat look on many a nicca face out in da street.

“LAMAR!!!” Officer Dan roard at his son. “Will you put the damn gun down and talk to us, we’ll answer your questions…”

“Dad, SHUT DA FUCK UP!!!” Mar screamd out, the gun swingin down. “You been fukkin wit my nicca- I bet yall was doin sum when you was goin to see him lockd down rite…? TELL DA TRUFF DAD!!!!” He pointed da gun at his own pops, an his voice was shakin more- I aint never seen Mar so pissd off. Tears an shyt were comin outta his eyes, I knew he was too angry to hear anythin we was sayin.

I hadda try sumthin, tho. “Mar,” I said, tryin to calm him down.

He lookd back an shouted at me. “Joop, I loved you, nicca, I left bitchez alone for you, I aint fuk wit NOBODY ELSE when u was on lock down. I belived u when u tol me u aint get down wit no one there yo, and all da time u an my FATHER…” He pointed da .38 back at my face then, his hand still shakin. “So was yall lyin when u said ‘yall aint know each other’ then?”

“Lamar, we weren’t lying,” Officer Dan said quick, his arms outstretched. “I wouldn’t have ever done anything with anyone you were involved with. PERIOD.” He took a breaf an then he said it. “Mar, da truff is… we slept together while Malik was still locked up.”

Mar looked at us both, and it was real quiet for a sec. Then as quick as light Mar threw da .38 at me as hard as he could. It hit my forehead HARD befo I could duck. Pain shot thru my eyes an and I saw starz an shyt, and da second da .38 hit me da trigger released an the gun went off with a loud crack, then a lamp in da corner busted, glass flyin eerywhere as da bullet shout outta da window. I fell back over sumthin behind me and I landed on da floor, dizzy and groanin.

On instinct Officer Dan ducked to da floor, cryin for us both to look out. Da pain from dat gun smackin me was REAL for a minnit, and I couldn’t see at first from da hurt. Then I opened my eyes slowly, still madd hurt up, and felt my fohead. There was this large egg shaped lump dat felt wet, which meant da gun broke da skin. Shyt.

I lookd up then an saw Mar. He was just standin there stunned from what just happend. He lookd over at me an then he just dropped to the floor, cryin his eyes out an shyt. “WHY, Joop,” he cried, holdin himself sobbin, “why…”

Officer Dan slowly got to his feet, movin over to reach for da gun. He got it an put it on da shelf, then came over to me. “Malik, are you all right?” he stooped next to me.

“I’ll live, I wasn’t shot,” I moaned.

“You have a concussion, so don't move. I’ll get you to the ER.” He turnd to Mar an went over to him. He crouched down beside where Mar scrunched by da door, holdin himself an shakin quietly, fat tears slidin down his face. “Lamar, listen to me,” he said.

Mar turned his face away from him. I took da time to try to get up, and got real dizzy and the sudden urge to throw up. While this was goin on Officer Dan was still tryin to reach Mar. “Son, I know you’re upset. Please, we have to get Malik to the hospital, you gave him a real serious concussion.”

Mar looked up at his pops and gave him da mean mugg. “You and my nicca gave ME a serious rip in my heart,” he shot back. “What da fuk do I curr what happenz to neither one of yall…” he started sobbin into his chest.

“Lamar, will you listen. We didn’t recognize each other then, we didn’t know that we had you as a connection. I didn’t know his name, remember? And by the time you mentioned to me that your boy Joop was getting out, we had already been doing… what we were doing.”

Mar looked up to face his pops, his face all wet an shyt, snot drippin out his nose too. “So did my boy FUCK you,” he said real harsh an shyt.

Officer Dan lookd right back at him, man to man. “Yeah he did. He fucked me once. And I sucked his dick a few times. And it was good, real good.”

Mar made a disgusted sound and lowered his head again.

“I knew he was trying to find the words to tell me something. He kept trying to tell me about you but I wouldn’t let him. I didn’t want to know that he had another man in the picture. I didn’t want him to not want me. I knew he was doing everything he could to get himself out of jail, and sexing his parole officer would, in Malik’s mindset, give me more… incentive to make moves for him. If you want to blame anyone, blame me. I took advantage of his desperation to get out on parole earlier, and to hell with anything else.”

“Naw, I got sum of dat blame,” I moaned. “I cheatd on you, Mar, an I lyed about it to you on top of dat. Dats why I trippd up on it in da end- I kept lyin to you bout me an yo pops, an I kept tryin to keep you from knowin it. You could shoot me nicca, I don’t even care. I deserve it,” I said, tears in my eyes, but I think they wuz there mo for da concussion... I think.

Officer Dan put his hand on Mar’s shoulder. “Lamar, I love you, and for a minute, I thought that I had feelings for Malik. Seeing you two together, I couldn’t help but realize that I couldn’t get in between you and him. So I said goodbye to him.”

“Downstairs in the kitchen, you mean? You left nutt all over his legs, and dumb-ass over there didn’t clean up good enuff,” he cut towards me.

“Look son, here, your nose is running all over the place,” Officer Dan said, givin him sum tissue. Mar hesitated, then he took it, blowin his nose and wiping his eyes.

“Yo, I aint so sure I wasn’t forgettin to clean up, yo,” I said. “Maybe a part of me wanted you to know. I let him give me da brain downstairs, I tol him we couldn’t do it no more tho. I felt funny after it, and it was cause of the fact dat yo pops was feelin mo and mo like a father to me an less like a parole officer dat I was diggin out to get a good deal on my release.

“I huggd him jus now cause I hadda tell him dat he was like a Dad to me now, an I couldn’t see him in no other way. I mean, parole officer, lawyer, an friend… He lookd out for me yo, in ways I aint never know befo yo, like a father… my own fukkd up father wasn’t never there. I don’t even know dat nicca name, I refuse to let my moms tell me anythin bout him.”

“Nicca I'm yo best friend, I know all dat,” Mar said, da cryin all stoppd. He lookd at Officer Dan. “I could let this just pass an shyt, but I'm sayin, I need yall to give me sum time to digest this shyt. I mean it aint erryday dat yo pops admits to gettin dugg out by yo nicca an shyt. And since when you started gettin down wit niggas?” Mar added, lookin at his pops, curious.

“It’s a lonnnng story,” Officer Dan answerd, “but can it wait? I should get the car started, while I do that you get Malik off the floor. That is, if you don’t still hate him,” he added, gettin to his feet.

Mar turnd my way. I was still curled up on da floor, holdin my head. “…You iight, nicca..?” he quietly askd, mo calm then he had been.

Inside I relaxd, I knew him well enuff dat him showin me concern showed me dat he was bout to let it go. I opend my mouf to answer an suddenly I got real dizzy an threw up.

Officer Dan an Mar both rushd over to me. Mar was lookin scurred as he put his arms around my shoulders, tryin to hold me up. “Don’t let him go to sleep,” I heard Officer Dan say as I passd out.


“…should be coming around soon. When he wakes up we’ll monitor his vitals. Keeping him here overnight might be the best thing for him in the end...”

“You’ll make sure his mother gets all the proper information to care for him once he’s released..?”

“Of course. Have you gotten in touch with her..?”

“Yes. She should be here any minute now...”

“I’ve got rounds, will you have me paged when she gets here..?”

“I can tell her what she needs to know...”

“Are you his father..?”

“No, I’m his Parole Officer...”

I hurd dat thru da blackness an shyt, an slowly I woke up. “Naw, don’t call my moms,” I moaned.

I felt a hand touch my arm. “Yo Joop, u iight?” I opend my eyes, da lite was too bright. I squinted an saw Mar standin there, worried an shyt.

“Yo my man, I’m iight,” I said wit a weak reply an shyt. “I hope you aint call-”

“Malik, Malik you awake in there?” a familiar female voice called out.

Lookin up I saw my moms come in da room. I groaned. Ma dukes was a lil short an slim pretty ass lady, what anyone knowin me would think my moms WOULD be like, still actin and lookin young an shyt, skin tite brown leather pants an brown halter top, with blond extensions an white tip press on nails. Yeah she ghetto but she was my moms. “Aww ma, I'm iight. They shouldn’t have calld you.”

“Yes they should have called ‘yo-moms’”, she said as she kissd me on da cheek. “Hey, Lamar,” she smiled at him.

“Hey, Miss Joan,” Mar said, huggin her.

She lookd around an frowned. “Where all dem bitches that be in yo face all da time, they too good to come up in da hospital to see my son? I guess they aint ready for you unless you got dick to sling at em an shit.”

“Maaa,” I said, shakin my head.

“I tol you bout dem hoes,” she said, frownin sum more. “They aint shyt. At least your boy Lamar iz here, like always. Shame he aint a chick, yall would get along REAL good,” she smiled.

“Look, Ma, you talkin crazy,” I said, laffin nervous-like.

“At least you aint lose yo sense of humor,” she laffed.

‘Sho-u-rite’, I thought.

“Where’s this parole officer that posed to be lookin out for you? Outside fucking sum hoe in da back of da ER?” she hollard out, lookin round.

Mar an I looked at each other, tryin to keep from laffin. Just then the door opened an Officer Dan came in. My moms an he stoppd and stared at each other.

A smile broke out on ma dukes face. “Yo, whats shakin, Danny..?!?!?” My moms, to my surprise, ran over and hugged the shyt outta Mar pops, who grabbd her an spun her around.

“Cookie? What are you doin here?” They stood laffin an shyt for a minnit.

“Yo who da fuk is COOKIE???” I askd.

“That was my nickname back in da day,” she said. “You wont let me tell you nuthin bout me when I was younger, so you aint know what my hood name wuz,” she shruggd.

“I only aint wanna know bout yo sleezy fuck up of a boyfriend dat bounced on you when you got pregnant wit me an shyt,” I said, tryin to sit up.

“Ill leave it in my will,” she snappd back, smackin on gum. She grabbd on Officer Dan and pulled him outta da room, sayin “Yo Danny, we gotta talk,” as da door slammd on they asses.

Mar an I lookd at each other. “Baby boy, yo moms is foever off da chain,” he said, leanin over to kiss me, his warm lips feelin like da breaf of life.

“Yo I thought you wuz takin time,” I said, smilin.

“Dat was befo yo azz passd out on me an I had a chance to get scurred that it was too late,” he said. “I knew you wasn’t in danger of dyin or nuthin, but what if I shot you earlier? It coulda got real bad, and when I saw you lyin there I knew then dat livin witout you wasn’t no life for me. So I don’t need no mo ‘time’ yo, I wanna spend everyday from now on knowin what life is like wit you, and I even …get why you an my pops connected like dat, I'm sayin… he’s my Dad, an I’m jus like him inside, so what’s in him connected wit u too cause dats what you like. He tol me while u was out sleepin about this kat he tryin to make sumthin wit, so I could forget bout what yall did. As long as you think of him as ‘pops’- and dats it,” he threatened me.

“Yeah yeah nicca,” I said. “I wish he was my real pops like you, yo.”

“Nicca if he was then we couldn’t get down yo, we would be brothas an shyt. Now you fukkin my pops is one thang, but me fukkin my brutha… naw, da world aint ready,” he grinnd.

I laffd but it hurt to laff too hard. “So when I get outta hurr, we got sumthin to talk about then huh…”

“What you mean,” Mar askd.

I grabbed his hand an put it under my covers, where my dick was sprung bone deep. He grinnd as he stroked my shyt, the chills runnin thru me, makin me feel better already.

“Aww nicca we can't be doin nuthin now, our parents are standin outside da door…”

But lookin at Mar, holdin onto my dick under da covers, standin there lookin so sexy an wit so much madd love for me, I decided sumthin. “I think I wanna put her on to me an you yo,” I said then, all of a sudden sure dat I was ready to do it. “You cool wit dat?”

A smile broke out on Mar’s face. “Well if dats what u wanna do, I'm sayin, my pops already knows bout us, so…” he leaned over an slippd his tongue in my mouf. I closed my eyes, thinkin dat if I had this to wake up to everyday for da rest of my life, then I was most def wit it.

“What do you think is goin on wit yo moms an my pops,” Mar asked between our wrappd up lips.

“She probably yellin at sumone bout my insurance and who she gonna try flirtin wit to make my billz go away,” I tol him, kissin those cute ass lips again.


“Cookie, are you going to tell him who his father is…?”

“He doesn’t wanna know!!!”

I was firm. “Well I want to know, because he NEEDS to know..! I want to be there to help Malik learn about his father, but I can't do that unless you talk to me..!”

We were standing outside of ICU, quickly catching up on old times. Cookie and I went to high school together, and still kept up with a few of the same people, but we had lost touch after graduation. She and I were almost as tight in school as Malik and Lamar… we even messed around when we felt like it- it was the seventies… but this resistance of divulging important information to help Malik grow was getting tiresome.

Cookie refused to talk about her son’s father. “You aint been around, you don’t know what it was like after we got outta high school,” she spat. “I got knocked up and the ‘love of my life’ bounced like a rubber ball on me. Malik will never forgive him for that, and would probably try to kill him if he ever knew who to look for. I’m savin this nigga’s life by not tellin my son about him…!”

I took her hand. “Cookie, not just for our friendship, because I didn’t know that you were Malik’s mother, but I’ve been involved in your son’s life more than I thought, so of course I will be there for him no matter what. For chrissakes, my son and your son are best friends. Just like the way we used to be back in school, joined at the hip. I guess it was meant that they would be close.”

“Joined hip-to-hip, you mean,” she laughed, touching my dick through my pants.

I jumped, backing away. “Cookie, I can't do this with you. High school was a looong time ago.”

“Yeah, about the time I got pregnant with Malik,” she said coldly.

A cold chill whipped though me when she said this. “What are you saying,” I whispered. “Are you telling me …that I…”

She looked confused, then suddenly smiled. “No, not you,” she reassured me, and I relaxed. “It was an older guy from my hood, about to graduate law school. Say, didn’t you just tell me you started working up at the prison?” she asked.

“Yes, recently. “

“Well, Malik’s father works there. A big time job, too, from what I hear.”

That sinking feeling I felt begin earlier rose to swallow me in its darkness. “His name wouldn’t happen to be…. Joe HILL, would it…?” I swallowed.

She looked at me in surprise. “Yeah, how’d you know about Joey…?” she smiled, the gum smacking between her lips.




I took my pop’s car to pick up Joop from da hospital da nex mornin. Pops an Ms. Joan stayed a long time wit me an Joop at the hospital talkin and laffin with us, tellin all bout how they were in high school together an shyt, but when it got dark outside they left to get ta know each other again an shyt on they lonely. It was weird dat our parents were ol runnin partnas bac in da day like me an Joop were now, got-damn our families an shyt were real connected. I guess dats why me an Joop got real tite when we was little kidz an shyt, it wuz in our blood to be close.

I smiled to myself thinkin bout how “close” Joop an me actually got since we was lil youngins tho… I already knew dat Joop wuz da love of my life, an I wuz da nicca he wanna be wit for da rest of his. It can't get no better than dat to me. After me an Joop’s parents came back in da room they was actin real funny, so after they lef out we wuz thinkin dat they wanted to go fuck or sumthin. Not dat me or Joop had a problem wit dat, if they hookd up or not, an if they DID so much da better, we might be able ta be a real family then. Xcept for da fact dat Joop momz still don’t know bout me an him.

I thought bout dat as I pulled into da parkin lot an got out da car, goin into da lobby an headin for da elevators. I was tryin to put it all together in my head. If Joop tol his momz wassup, she might not feel az good bout me an shyt like she used to, and dat would hurt me if Ms. Joan aint like me no mo. I blew out a deep breaf as I got off on Joop floor an went to his hospital room. I made up my mind to let da chipz fall an shyt. I know dat Joop love his momz an shyt, but he aint gonna bounce on me just cause she aint wit it- me an Joop bein together. I got to his room an opend da door.

He was sittin on da bed, head wrappd up, dressd in his street clothez, waitin for me. My heart swelld up an shyt when I saw he was iight, I stayd worried cause it WUZ my fault dat he was in dis bitch.

Joop lit up, givin me da kool-aid smile an shyt. “YO WADDUP NICCA,” I said out loud, throwin my arm round his shoulder. He grabbd me, kissin me hard on da lips, his soft ass mouf crushin on mine. We started laffin rite then an shyt, an he grippd me up an pushd me down on da bed, fallin on top of me, our lips still lockd together an shyt. We wrestld for a minnit, ticklin each other an laffin da way we did when we wuz kids.

“Yo I'm iight yo, da docs checkd my head an said I might have a lil scar an shyt.” He smiled at me again when I lookd away from him. “Yo its iight, Mar,” he said, “I aint madd wit u, I had it cumin to me yo. I fukkd up an cheated on you an shyt. I deservd for you to put a cap in me an den bounce, after whut I dune to you yo. How iz you standin ta LOOK at me an shyt, I gotta ask u.”

I grabbd him bac on da bed an held him close, feelin his heart beat rite on top of mine. “Yo nicca, I belong to u sunn, an you belong to me too yo,” I tol him, tracin one hand on his bandage. “So I aint got no choice, I gotta look at you- an FYI, I aint madd wit you an my Dad no mo,” I said.

He put his head down on my shoulder an we jus lay there for a minnit, happy dat we forgave each other, then I was like, “Yo we gotta get up, what if a nurse or yo momz cum in hurr..?”

He thought bout it den jumpd up witout speakin, den we got his shyt an headed fo da door. We got to da elevator, then a ol lookin nurse ran up behind us wit a wheelchair. “Sir, you have to ride in this to the front door.”

Joop took one at dat an flippd. “I aint ridin in dat ‘ol man’ shyt,” he yelled at da poor nurse.

“It’s hospital polic-”

“Yo fuk dat,” Joop shouted. “I could walk an shyt.” So then he got on da elevator an da door closed in dat old-lookin nurses face. I was laffin so hard I couldn’t breave an shyt.

“What u laffin at,” Joop growled at me, makin me laff harder. He stood there, tryin to keep a straight face, til he couldn’t take it no mo. He started laffin too, an we huggd each other in da elevator. He lookd at me.

“Yo I love you,” he whisperd at me. He leaned over an brushd his lips on mine- but just then the elevator door opened an we jumpd, we aint even realize dat we reached da ground.

Ms. Joan was standin there wit Dad, givin us this real strange look. We lookd real obvious at dat moment, it was real clear dat we was huggd up on each other… I hoped she aint see us kissin.

Da silence was killin everyone, so my pops broke it. “So, Malik, I see that you made it downstairs safe… where’s the complimentary wheelchair escort?”

“I tol dat ol ass nurse to bounce off,” he said. “I could walk.”

“As your lawyer, I must advise you that you should always leave a hospital in the wheelchair, you could compromise your lawsuit- should one come up with the hospital.”

“I’m sayin Dad, leave out da lawyer thing for rite now,” I jumpd in, clearly soundin like I was defendin my girl from niccas pressurin her. I noticed Ms. Joan lookin at me real curious. Damn, I fukkd up, an now she gonna know sumthin’s up befo Joop iz ready to sit her down an shyt..!

Joop jumpd in the awkward silence. “Yo momz, I need my toothbrush, I'm stayin over at Mar house tonite.”

“I’ll get it to you, I’m cumin over later,” Ms. Joan said, takin Joop’s overnight bag from me and handin it to my pops. “Take this, Danny,” she said without thinkin bout it. Me an Joop stared at my pops, who jus took it an aint say nuthin. He winkd at us, and after a second we grinnd back an headed fo da car, wit Ms. Joan chattin wit Dad da whole time.

I was feelin real good. My nicca was outta jail an da hospital, my pops aint wanna get wit my nicca no mo, an Joop momz was getting along wit my pops already, headin out all the weird shyt wit em havin to meet up. This way felt better to me than when I thought my father an my nicca was fukkin. At least Dad knows bout me an Joop, an its all good. I just wish dat if he IZ gonna start fukkin wit niccas on da reg, dat he would find sumone as good for him as Joop is fo me….


Driving up to the prison for my weekly report to the warden, my heart was beating a mile a minute in dreadful anticipation. Joe had been calling me and leaving messages since the other day, waiting for an answer to his desire to start a new relationship. I knew he was incorrectly assuming the reason for my reluctance to call.

After meeting up with Cookie, I knew that I could not face Joe just yet. The revelation that Malik was Joe's son brought such a whole new level of drama to this whole situation, I couldn’t stomach facing Joe with the truth, which was inevitable. Trying to get her to talk to either one of them about the other was an exercise in futility. Her deep-seated issues of abandonment kept her sullen and resentful, which in turn provided a basis of her revenge, by hinting all through her son’s life that his father’s leaving was the reason he was in the vicious cycle of self-hate that he was forced to live in.

Of course, after getting over her own angst, she realized the well she’d dug herself into, and rather than confess to the melodrama to Malik, she just let it lie, which in itself BECAME a lie, festering in his heart until it blossomed into hatred. At this moment Malik would shoot Joe dead on sight, which was why telling him first might not have the healing ending I’d like for my young parolee.

Which left Cookie telling Joe about his son.

When she told me that Joe didn’t even know he HAD a son, I berated her until tears came and went, but she still chickened out in the end from taking responsibility for her actions. So that left me, as resident lawyer/ Parole Officer/ surrogate father to handle the mess. Cookie would have to face them both later on, but baby steps were in order now, and the first step was to tell Joe the truth- a truth that even I was reluctant on divulging, given recent circumstances.

Joe was jealous of Malik, jealous… of his own son.

And then there was the blackmail; I knew that when Joe came to the realization that he had actually videotaping his own son fucking me in the ass, to try and coerce me into sex (felony charges notwithstanding)… well, I was bracing myself for the backlash that was sure to follow, because come hell or high water, I WOULD tell Joe the minute I saw him about Malik. We could never have a real relationship if I didn’t stay up front and honest with him from the beginning.

That last thought gave me pause. Evidently I’d decided what I was going to do with Joe, if I was already looking for ways to make sure we STAYED rock solid, even before we began. I shook my head, amazed at myself. A part of me really was looking forward to seeing him again…

I pulled into the prison staff parking lot, got out of the car and went inside, getting scanned by the guards at the door before fully entering. I was too preoccupied with thoughts of Joe to realize that the guards scanning me were none other than the sexy, tall and attractive Potters and Warren, Joe's extras in our hotel fuck scene the other night. When I met their eyes they smiled obligingly and as on cue rubbed the bulges in their pants absently. I returned the licentious smile, not speaking, as they stepped aside and let me pass. One of them grabbed and stroked my ass as I went into the inner door, but far from it being an insult, my dick stirred to life as I turned a corner and went down a dark corridor towards the Warden’s office, thoughts of that wild fuck-fest running through me.

I reached the door and put my hand on the knob, intending to turn it and go inside, but I hesitated, looking over towards the closed door which sat directly opposite Joe's… the conjugal room.

I stood there for a minute, reminiscing about the last time I was in there with Malik. Yet the memories were tainted now, different. That scene was with Malik the inmate, the sexy thugg ‘youngin’ with the big dick that rocked my world… but in my heart now, the desperate thugg lover was replaced by Malik the survivor, best friend and lover of my son, he who had achieved the status of calling me ‘Dad’… yes, now I loved Malik as if he were my own son. And yet, irony of ironies, he has a father of his own… and it was past time for all to be revealed. I took a deep breath, my hand on the doorknob, and turned it, the warden’s office door swinging open.


I sat at my favorite windowsill in my bedroom, starin at the picture again. It was so old it was bout ta be scrap, but I still kept it like it was new, all taped up, ol’ an ripped as it was. A pile of newer lookin pictures lay in an open shoebox on my bed, but I never looked at those, ‘cause HE wasn’t in em. I looked at that picture at least once a day for the last 22 years. He was so handsome in his red Lee’s and that short ‘fro, I thought I was gonna die whenever he passed by me in school. I made myself available to him to where he actually thought we were ‘best friends’ and shit. I swore curses on them every day since the ol bastard chose that heifer ass bitch over me.

Sure I was her best girlfriend, even was a bridesmaid at their wedding… but when Claire got her mutha-fuckin hooks into MY man, I almost got out my father’s gun an shot the bitch- I wanted to shoot that bitch just because. But I kept my cool, pulled out a pack of my favorite chewin gum an jus ground that shyt down to rubber in my mouth watchin MY man marry that bitch. I kept starin at the picture in my hand, rememberin the last time he and I was together…

We were still in high school, and hung out mostly wit each other, had sex a couple of times just for sumthin to do… at age 17 I was the sexiest… I was 5’4, my Angela Davis ‘fro was always done up with a cinnamon scarf, my Press-On’s always glowed with the matchin colors to my outfits, and I wore nothin but the coolest Sergio Valente hip huggin jeans, and I filled all the rite places just perfect..! I had the pretty brown shades with pointy tities and a fat ass, and I hung out with the b-boys in the school.

One of the most popular was my MAN, Danny Clark, and Danny would always be dressd REAL COOL, BABY- all of 6’1, skinny az heelll, his large ass ‘fro, with the Black Power fist Afro-pick fo-ever stickin up out of it, the Lenny Kravitz low cut velvet moonshirt with the crispy cuffs in his Lee corduroy jeans, I swear he had a pair for eery color of the rainbow; I liked the red ones better, ‘cause you could see all that luscious dick restin on the side of his leg when he wore THOSE.

I grabbd for his dick eerytime I saw him wear the red Lee’s, and he thought I was just funnin on him an shyt. I was really tryin my best to make that dick jump for me, he sho-nuf made my juicy pussy twitch and jump when I looked at dem red Lees… One day we was sittin out in back of school, cuttin class, smokin a joint he had just rolled wit sum left-over Bam-Bou he found in his pocket.

I had on my brown shades with a gold blouse an flower kulats, silver half moon earrings and my favorite Muslim moon-n-star symbol on a silver chain round my neck. We was doin like usual, cuttin class smokin, an fightin over which movie star could fuck. Of course I liked that Shaft nigga, cause he looked like he could make a bitch pussy SING, baby..! (He had on the red Lees that day…)

“Babygirl, I tol you I aint about no niggas dick!!” Danny had shouted at me, makin me laugh more so from his gettin mad than from smoking that joint.

“Nigga I bet if he put that on you, yo ass would climb like a monkey!!!” I joked some more, jumpin up an runnin from Danny, who jumped up behind me.

“You just wish a nigga like Shaft would ‘shaft’ you,” he said, pickin up a stone an throwin it at me.

I dodged out the way. “Nigga you aint sayin nuthin,” I shouted back, laffin at him. “You WISH a bitch like Cleopatra Jones would throw her dirty panties on you, cause she’s a WHOOOLE LOTTA WOMAN!!”

He ran after me then, that determined look in his eye to catch me, runnin as hard as he could, but he was mo high than I was, hash would never make me buzzd as quick as middle-class Danny Clark, who aint lived the street life I did. He chased me to the garbage bin behind the school where I had seen an ol mattress tossed out the week before, so I ran rite for it, pretending to trip so when he turned the corner he could fall on top of me, which he did. We laffed while he tried to tickle me.

“Stop, stop,” I said (not meanin none of that shyt), while getting under his legs wit my own and bucking up, pressin hard against his dick. I knew I’d get that shyt hard, and POP, there it was, suddenly stiff like a board.

“Now see what u dune did,” he looked at me wit lust in his red eyes, half closed from the joint.

I reached up an stuck my tongue in his mouth, and he slid his back and forth over my lips as his jeans tented up even harder. We crushed our lips together as he grabbed my waist, makin it hard for me to get his pants down and my kulats too. While he caressed our tongues together he slid off our jeans the rest of the way and pushed my legs apart.

OHHH BABY, this is what I was waitin on.

My hot pussy was so wet from wantin him, it opened up with a moist sound when my legs spread like a gymnast and shit.

“Ahhh, damn baby,” he whispered, hearin that shit. “Yo pussy iz all sweated up for me already, girl..?” and he slid his body down the length of mine to look in between my spread open legs, as I breathed in and out; so ready for him I liked-a died if he aint get up in here… then he stuck his head down there lightnin fast, this big ol ‘fro smashed in between my legs, an then my world spun when his tongue pushed past my hairy pussy lips an up to touch my clit, where it started swirlin around an around.

Danny was moanin loud, makin my tremblin pussy give up squshin, munchin sounds. My huge, heavy tities rose like spears an shit as a rush ran through my whole body. Danny was makin my legs have a mind of day own, cause day clamped around his head as he dug his tongue deeper into my pussy, nibblin an chewin on the walls, givin my pubic hair a spit bath, lappin me up like I was gravy at the dinner table.

“Ahhhh, Danny BAYYYBIE…” I moaned and thrashed around and around on that ol beat up mattress.

“Shhh…” he said, comin up for air, his face drippin wet wit my sweet hot pussy juice. He slid his body back on up to me, my legs held open by his arms, an he stuck his large, drippin tongue in my mouth as he rammed his big, 9 inch thick cut mushroom head monster dick up in me all at once, makin me cry out an jerk but his mouth covered mine, so no one heard me scream out, I knew he had planned that shit like that. His tongue tasted like the deepest parts of my juicy ass pussy, and it turned me on, makin me gasp with pleasure as he ground that big black dick in deeper. He then ran his tongue down my neck and clamped his mouth down on my left tity, suckin like it was a vaccum, and I groaned loud, grabbin his head while that big black long ass dick filled me deeper than what I had ever felt before, and I began to buck back and forth on it, as he licked and flicked his tongue across my rock hard achin nipples, biting them and tuggin at em both as he grabbed my legs, stretched em wider, and suddenly slammed that dick into my wide open, wet drippin hairy fat pussy again and again, fillin me up to the hilt an then pullin it almost all the way out, then slammin it back in again.

I could just feel the flared head of this 17 yr ol’ teenage dick pushing the passion in and outta my hungry pussy lips, and my legs just struggled as he bunched his muscles, makin em spread eagle wide in his fists. I grabbed his neck, makin long scratches on his shoulders every time he pushed that dick hard into me. He moaned, buryin his head in my shoulder, startin to bite the skin as he twisted his dick around and up and down, drivin his fat dickhead to the side, stretchin the left side of my pussy, then stretchin the rite side.

Chills of lust rushed though me, getting stronger with each thrust of that meaty heavy ass dick, which swirled around inside me like it was growin stiffer an longer. A serious wave of lust was rising in me like I ain't never have in my LIFE- I was suddenly bucking wild, the constantly pounding thick black dick in me was causin large waves of liquid to spill outta my juicy, wild pussy like never before…

“AHHHH DANNYYY FUCK MEEE BAAABBYYYYY, OH YEAHHHHH AAAHHHHHHRRRRGGGHHH,” I cried as waves of passion swept through me. I scratched up his back and my Press-On’s broke. I clamped down on his legs as his fat, hairy balls banged and banged against my drenched pussy lips, takin me past all control. My back arched up off the mattress, titties leakin and stiff, still caught up in my orgasm, pure juice spillin from my hairy, wet battered pussy onto the mattress, and Danny, long-strokin me over and over again, forcing my legs wide as he pumped large amounts of big black dick into my wide hole, suddenly lost it.

“AHHHHH GIRLLL YEEAHHH BAAABBYYYY TAKE MY CUMMMM BITCH, YEAH YEAAAHHH!!!!” And I felt his big, long thick dick shoot off large spurts of cum into my hungry pussy, which clamped down harder an lapped that shit up til it disappeared inside the warm, wet hairy darkness. He bit down on my shoulder, drawin blood as more an more shots of his heavy cum filled my wet, hairy hole, and louder squishin sounds filled the area. We grabbed each other tight as our passion gripped us up and then …let go.

We collapsed on each other, Danny’s dick still buried deep in my pussy, which was clenchin up around it like it ain't wanna see that fat juicy black dick leave. I felt his balls still movin around, he was still lettin off them last spurts of cum up in there. “Damn, Babygirl,” he smiled at me, “that was baby-makin cum rite there, huh?” He reached over an kissed me…

“…that was baby-makin cum rite there, huh…” I reminisced, holding that picture in my hand of 17 year ol Danny Clark smilin at me, realizin just then that my thighs were wet. I always got that wet whenever I thought about that last day we cut school, it was the last time we ever fucked, because Claire moved to our hood rite after that, and he was over the moon for that bitch.

It was all my fault, I knew that… I aint ever tell him that us fuckin meant more to me than just that, an when we were 22 years old, right after he got married to that BITCH Claire, I hooked up wit Joe Hill, Malik’s father… he was a lawyer, 28 years old an had a lil money on him, so I stupidly thought I could forget Danny…

‘But Joe outta the picture now,’ I thought, placin Danny’s picture back in the shoebox and puttin the box away. I knew it was gonna be hard pressed for Danny not to tell Joe bout Malik, but I aint lettin nuthin happen no got-damn way. “He ain't never been no father to Malik, and now my son GOT a real daddy... the one he shoulda had to begin with anyway,” I nodded to myself, smilin.

I knew that Malik’s meetin up with Danny to be his role-model/ mentor was not only fate an destiny, it was just the first step. If I played my cards rite, my son and the love of my life could be ‘father and son’, for real… and I’d finally get my Danny back. Somehow I felt that the whole plan rested on how I flowed with Lamar, Danny’s son by that bitch Claire. I had NO IDEA that this lil boy comin around my house all these years was Danny’s son..! As sexy as he is, I should have known… and since Danny’s son an my son were already best friends, it was only a matter of time until I got Lamar on my side…


I lay up in da bed waitin on Mar ta bring bac dinner, my favrit, beef an brokli wit pok-fryd rice, from da Chinese niccas an shyt. I wuz clikkin da remote ta find ESPN or da NBA channl, tryin ta find out da latest on da ACC turnament. I wuz hopin Duke would knock dat shyt outta da box, so I flikkd thru channelz lookin fa newz, stoppin on BET, saw dat new video wit Beyonce wuz on, an I watchd her shake dat phat azz all over da screen… when she bent ovr my dick jumpd in my boxerz… I grabbd my low hairy juicy azz nuttz, knowin dat if I had dat beyyach I would BANG dat pussy til it fell out, fuk a ‘Hova’…

I pulld down dem drawz an lay bac, strokin my thik dick, til it grew to its full 10.5 lenf… “Werd WERD, I’d KILL dat azz,” I said ta myself, pullin on my nuttz wit one hand an wettin my other hand on my tongue, den puttin it on my lil man head an twistin round. Awww yeah dat shyt wuz feelin madd good.

The door opend den an Mar came in. “Got-damn, ‘course Beyonce gotta be on tv,” he grinnd at me, puttin down dat good azz smellin bag a food an cumin ovr ta take my handz off what I wuz doin. “Yo, lemme do dat,” he whisprd at me, leanin down an swallowin my dick in his mouf down to da base like whoa…! Dat shyt made me jump an moan az he got rite in dat groove, slidin his pretty azz lips up an down my dick to da full den bak to da base.

“Nicca damn, awww baby yeaaaahhh,” I was moanin. I couldn’t take dat feelin, dat dizzy rush dat ran thru me when he traced his tongue on da bac of my dick while he strokd it wit his pretty azz pink lips, up an down, bac an forth, dat strong an soft pull on my dick. He lay down in between my legz an I grabbd his head, pushin him down on my dick mo better. If dis iz how he gonna treat a nicca cumin home from da hospital den lemme get a fracture or sum, get back up in dere…

Mar spit wuz runnin down my thighs to da bed from all his sukkin an slurpin. I saw Mar was gettin his own pantz off an shyt, an I let up for him to get butt azz from da waist down. He stayed like a troopr on my dick tho, an I lookd over his shoulder an saw Beyonce show da azz a lil mo, an I jus grabbd my nicca an twistd him down on da bed under me, he was on his stomach wit dat pretty round tite hairy nicca azz, his dark lil hole winkin at me like it was sayin ‘cumm on in…’

I bent ovr an likkd da sidez of dem smoove muscle cheekz wit my tongue, smellin dat warm moist scent cumin from it, like fresh soap an shyt. Dat made me smile, I like when my nicca keep dat shyt clean. ‘He ALWAYZ ready for a nicca, dats wassup,’ I was thinkin as I suddenly stabbd my tongue in dat dark hole an Mar jumpd, wrigglin round on da bed, he couldn’t take it neither…

He moand and yelld out, “Ahh baby, yeah my nigga, aaahhh Jooooppp…”

Dammmm- dat azz tasted like cinnamon an shyt, I hadda have my dick up in dat NOW.

I got in between dem sexy ass muscle legs and pushd my dick in dat azzhole I made wet wit my spit. I slid dick up in him in like it was goin home, an Mar azz was swallowin it up like I was stikkin my dick in a warm tub of butter. Just den Mar clenchd up an dem wallz got real strong on me, but I was far inside by den, but only halfway.

I tried ta push all da way up like whoa- an Mar backd down. “Nigga be easy,” he said, strainin.

I leand ovr, my armz wrappd round his waist, den I pressd my chest against his bac, kissin on it. “Yo Mar, I wanna give u dis dick yo,” I said low in his ear. “Lemme inside u my nicca, lemme in, I love you sunn…” an I brushd my lips on his neck.

“Got-damn,” Mar breathd out real low-like, “I …love u too my nigga,” an when he said dat my dick slid all da way in, no pressur or nuthin.

“Damn… got-DAYUM its like dat,” I askd.

“Awww damn baby,” Mar groand, “I love u my nigga, my ass belong to u yo…” an he backd up den, my dick slammin bac to da base, up in him till my nuttz hung rite on top of his own an shyt.

“NICCA DATS WASSUP,”I said, grabbin his waist an slammin my dick up in his gutz like I aint had it in 6 monthz an shyt.

“AAAAAHHH, AHHHH, J-J-JJJOOOPP,”he was stutterin as I pushed him to da bed an had his legs bent bac out da way, gettin deep in dat warm almond choclit azz. I knew he was hurtin, but… I hadda put sum dick on him den, eerytime wit Mar iz like brand new ta me an shyt, I hadda do dis… I got buc-wile on Mar, banged da azz out- it drove Mar crayyyzy, he was tryin ta grab on my neck, my handz, reaching round to grab hold of my azz, pushin me deeper. I buckd and ground my phat thick azz big dick into him like we both wanted an shyt.

Mar was fillin my head, my thoughts an shyt- da bed creakd like it was bout ta fall over an shyt from how hard I was fukkin my nicca. I ain't curr if da shyt broke an fell out da window tho, I was givin MY nicca dis nutt today. My nuttz banged out like a drum on da back of his nutts az I slid back an forth in dat hole, dem ass lips stretched in an out an dem wallz grippd up my dick an was massagin it wit its own musclez an shyt, sqeezin it to da point, I was bout ta pop. Dat feelin of da hairy hole wit da warm wetness grabbin my dick like a wet hot fist, strokin it back an forth, in an out…

Mar stiffnd up, clenchd his azz cheekz on my whole dick an I lost control. My dick just splashd off in his hot deep azz… “AWWWW DAAYYYYUMMM MARRR, ahhh, ahhhhh,” I growled as I bussd off, my nuttz churnin mo an mo nutt in like six or seven large ass shots, oozing out my dick like globz of thick ass warm glue, mixin wit Mar's ass juice, an a loud squishin sound filld da room. He reachd dat point den.

“DAYUUMM , AHHH JOOOOP, FUUUUCCCKK ME NIGGAAAA, BAAABBBYYYY…” he hollrd an began to buck bac an forth on da bed under me an shyt, and dats when da bed broke down, we fell to da flo wit a loud CRACK!!! We was still caught up in da afta-nutt haze to da point we aint even curr dat we wuz lyin on da flo wit a broke down bed.

Mar was snifflin under me, an I rolld off him, dere was this squishy POP when my dick pulld outta his azz, an nutt leakd outta dat open hairy hole, drippin like a whit rain an shyt. My shyt was still leakin nutt all over da place, but I aint curr bout dat. “Yo- u iight?” I askd, cursin myself out for hurtin him for real.

“Naw, yo- it’s good,” he rolld over an said, his eyes fulla tearz an shyt.

“Yo u aint hurt?” “Naw yo, dats not it,” he said. “What is, Mar?” I pulld him close to me, our bodies was still wet wit sweat, we wuz both smellin like nutt an ass juice.

“It-it aint nuthin,” he tried ta say.

“Nicca, tell me or you gonna really have a reason for cryin,” I thretnd him.

“Iight- iight,” he said. He lookd at me, and tearz was on his cheekz now. “I was only feelin how much I love you, Joop.”

When he said dat I almost teard up. “Nicca, what u cryin fa den?” I askd him, pullin him closer.

“I tol u it wasn’t nuthin yo,” he said. “I …keep thinkin bout how I jus got thru puttin u in da hospital ova nuthin an shyt. I thought u was gonna leave me and I couldn’t have dat yo, I wasn’t losin u to my pops.”

“I thought we wuz ova all dat,” I said, frownin. “Forget bout dat shyt, Mar.”

“Iight, Joop, I feel you; but it was my fault dat you was almost shot an shyt. I woulda went into a monestary and shyt if I had lost you.”

“Well you aint lose me nicca, so jus cum hurr.”

He lay his head on my shoulder an shyt, an we just lay there thinkin bout how much we aint wanna be nowhere else or wit no one else, fa no got-damn reason. “Yo we gotta get dis bed off da flo befo yo pops get home,” I said to Mar after like a half hour of us jus layin there butt-azz, sticky an shyt now, holdin each otha. “Where he go to anyway?”

“Yo I think he went up ta da prison ta meet up wit da warden, he DO work there now,” Mar said.

My eyez got dark. I knew dat Mar ain't know all of what I knew bout Warden Hill, bout how he blacmaild Officer Dan inta givin up da azz to protect me an shyt, an da blood rushd to my head. Officer Dan wuz mo than a nicca who lookd out fo me, he wuz like a real father ta me an shyt, mo then I ever knew befo.

Layin there on da broke-down bed holdin a sleepy-azz Mar, I swore ta myself dat when I met up wit Warden Hill next, he’d find out what price he wuz owed ta pay for usin my freedom, threatnin ta keep me from Mar, just ta get sum azz. I’d treat dat punk azz nicca Warden Hill da same way I’m gonna treat my punk azz real father, if I ever get a chance to meet dat mofucka, dat iz.

I raised my finger an thumb, pointin it at both dem niccas’ imaginary faces. “POW-POW.”

“What was dat… u said,” Mar murmerd, fallin asleep in my armz.

“Nuthin, baby.”


“…What are you telling me, Dan..?”

I was sitting in the Warden’s office, where Joe had half-risen out of his desk chair, a look of stark shock on his face. I swallowed once more, wondering if this was the best recourse. Maybe I should just tell him that I lied, and just stay out of it…

“But how could you know?” he asked then, half-yelling.

“It- it’s just that I know, because…” I hesitated.

“Dan!” He slammed his hands down on the desk, making me jump.

I stared at him with trepidation, swallowed again, and repeated my last statement.

Upon hearing the words again, he slowly sat back in his chair, shock still reflected in his eyes. He sat there, staring at me. “Well, goddamn, aint it a small world,” he remarked, a grimace on his face. “You went to school with my old girlfriend, Joan Warrington. I’ll be goddamned,” he exclaimed again. “When did you run into her?”

“Day before yesterday, actually,” I replied. “She mentioned that she’d heard an old boyfriend of hers from the hood she grew up in actually worked here, and when I asked her if she knew you, well, it just fell into place then,” I finished lamely. I knew that I hadn’t finished telling him everything just yet, about how the old girlfriend in question was in reality his baby’s mother. How could I tell him the rest of it now…?

Meanwhile, Joe was reminiscing about their short-lived relationship. “I was in my early twenties, I had a lot on my mind then, and having a girlfriend wasn’t in the cards for me,” he said, his eyes glazed over with a far-away look. “Law school was the main thing on my mind then- so I left the west coast for New York after getting accepted into John Jay, and forgot all about her…”

He sighed. “It’s funny, but right around that time I started getting into dudes then, too,” he added. “Let me tell you what happened to get that started. I was 23 and already dating Joan, who had just graduated high school…

I met Joan right after she graduated from high school. I was a senior at Washington State U at the time, majoring in criminal law. She was a pretty little thing for a 17 year old, all sexy and ‘sho-you-rite’... We went out for drinks, and even though I was 6 years older than her, she was interested in getting with me. I was what you would call a catch, all of 6’4 and I had started going to my heatlh spa, so I was developing muscles, which looked real impressive on someone my height. I also knew that I had never known what it was like to meet the one woman that could turn me completely on. My oversized dick, although it was an impressive length, had never once been at full strength.

Doctors told me that this would happen since it was so long, blood wouldn’t always be able to fill all the cavities when I was aroused, and they advised me not to worry about erectile dysfunction. I knew that there had to be a girl out there that could make me so horny that my dick would rise to the ‘full monty’, so I kept looking. After messing around with Joan, I thought I had settled on a near-perfect match, because what she did to my dick late at night had it harder than it had ever been before, not to the full extent, but certainly satisfying. I made her my girl and we began having hot sex for a couple years. I knew she wasn’t completely satisfied with me either, there was something about her eyes that suggested there was someone from her past, but I didn’t pursue it. As long as I got my dick to perform, that was all that mattered to me. I applied to John Jay Criminal College in New York after I graduated from WSU, and I got the acceptance call one afternoon while I was at my temp job. I left work early and drove straight over to Joan’s house, because I wanted to share the good news with her. She lived on the first floor of a project building, so I parked and ran straight to her window to yell out the surprise. Imagine my surprise when I got up close to her window and heard moaning noises coming from her bedroom window...

Her parents were out of town visiting, so she had given me the spare key, to let myself in when I came over after work. Obviously she’d assumed, me being the workaholic I am, that I would stay until the end of my shift, which would give her plenty of time to clean up and get ready for me.

I crept inside as quietly as possible. Her bedroom door was cracked open, and the bed creaks and the moans of two people told me all I wanted to know. I wanted to catch her at it, make her face up to what she was doing. Righteous indignation rushed through me, and I stole over to the half-open door. Slowly I opened it wide enough… to see her sprawled naked on the bed, and there was some nigga on top of her, grinding what looked like a large dick into her open, dripping pussy- pussy that she claimed was mine and only mine.

A large anger rose up in me, but for some reason I couldn’t leave or turn away from the scene being played out right in front of me. He had his back to me, and since he was positioned over her, steadily fucking the pussy, I knew neither one of them had no idea anyone else was watching. All I could see was this nigga’s tight, firm ass raise up and down, the hairy asshole winking at me the whole time.

It was a few minutes, me standing there watching this, before I realized that I was caught up watching this nigga’s ASS, more than anything else that was going on. I was mesmerized by the sight of his ass doing this dance for me, it seemed…

It bounced up and down like twin globes of melon, yet the asshole looked as soft as butter, spread wide and puckered as he kept up the pace. THAT made me forget that I was supposed to be upset. My dick suddenly grew stiffer than I had ever known it to get, which surprised me even further. She cried out to him again, and he moaned in response, his ass grinding, the hole winking at me.

Without realizing it my dick was already out of my pants and in my hand, stroking to his groove. ‘Yeah nigga, damn… that ass, that ASS,’ I was thinking as I ran one hand all over my throbbing, thick dick, the other cupping my heavy balls. Like I never wanted anything more, I wanted to put my dick in that ass- HIS ass- and smash it to a pulp. I didn’t even know what he looked like from the front, but I didn’t care. At one point I almost spoke up to ask Joan to leave the room so he and I could be alone…

My dick grew larger, stiff as a stone at its full 11 inches, my hand running up and down the length of it like I was possessed. I had to stop myself before I ran into the bedroom and jumped on the pair of them, wanting to slide my dick in his ass almost as if it was begging me to, but I couldn’t move. I stroked my dick at a faster pace.

From his frantic thrashing on the bed, I knew he was about to cum. His ass winked faster and faster, the squishing smell of a seriously FUCKED pussy filled the room as she began to cum loudly, yelling out over and over, the sight of him going faster and faster filling my head as I imagined that I smelled his dick and balls, mixed in with pussy scent. All of a sudden I lost it-

My head went all dizzy and silently I shot off, my cum shooting across the room and splattering on his back as he came in her pussy while crying out in a sexy masculine moan, his body jerking, that ass poking in and out as he nutted. I had sprayed his back and legs with my jism, and I dimly realized that they were about to get up from the bed.

I closed the door as quickly and quietly as I could, and then I zipped up, silently leaving her house. I got back downstairs and went to my car. At first I was going to wait until he left, getting a good look at his face, of course- but then I just started the car and drove off, the sight of his winking hairy ass completely consuming me. I had never had any kind of desire for another man before, and the way I fell so completely into it was shocking and unsettling for me. The fact that my dick had finally reached full mast was troubling me… did that mean that my dick wouldn’t do that for women because I was really a homo???

I couldn’t get that out of my head as I drove around some more. I decided that I couldn’t do that, think like that anymore; I had to prove that I was still a man. I drove back to Joan’s house and parked out in front of her window, honking the horn. Joan looked out the window and waved me inside.

I came in, ruefully noting that the house smelled of incense. I knew she was trying to get the fuck scent out before I showed up, but I didn’t care. I didn’t want to think about HIM anymore, I had to let that homo shit go, I wanted to fuck her and right NOW.

I took her into the bedroom, where minutes earlier HE was up inside her, I knew she didn’t have time to change the sheets or shower, but I had to have her. I pushed her on the bed and lifted her legs, diving head first into her pussy, my tongue flicking all over it. I could smell his dick scent still in there, and I tasted some of his cum still in her labia as she thrashed about the bed, moaning. I had never been this ruthless in my lovemaking before, and she was getting off on my new approach.

I realized that it was still about HIM.

I wanted to taste him, I wanted to put my dick where his dick had just been, where his cum was still wet. I got my clothes off, my 11 inch, thick dick as stone as before, and without a word I got between her legs, spread them wide, and slammed my dick into her pussy. She shuddered with lust as I began to viciously fuck her, my dick sliding into where HE was just minutes ago, his dick in her, going in and out… and his ASS winking at me, it was almost like my dick was in HIM and not Joan, who writhed and groaned under me. I leaned over her and bit her neck, drawing blood, and she yelled in appreciation, scratching up my back with her nails. Yet I wasn’t fucking her anymore, I was fucking HIM.

“Call me ‘baby’,” I grunted.

“Yeah babyyyyy,” she cried out, matching my thrusts stroke for stroke.

‘Damn,’ I thought, ‘that’s what she called HIM…’ He was the only thing on my mind, fucking HIS ass, grinding deep into him the way he ground into my girl… all I could see was his juicy, round, tight, hairy ass winking, winking, inviting me in…

“AAAHHHH DADAAAAAMMMM, I'm CUCUUUUMMMMMIN,” I yelled out, my cum releasing from me in a howl of fury, hitting her pussy with the force of bullets. The fact that my cum was mixing with his, joining together in her pussy, made me dizzy as I emptied my dick into her.

That made her lose it then. She growled as she came, her pussy slinging drops of liquid everywhere, the bed drenched in juices. She fell back limp, me falling on top of her, where we lay, too spent to move.

“Hey, why you home so early,” she asked me.

“Got a call from John Jay, I got accepted,” I replied weakly. “I wanted to surprise you.”

“Well, that explains why you were like an animal just now- and congrats,” she smiled, falling asleep. I lay there, thinking about whomever it was that had me so open, and made a promise to myself: if I ever found that nigga, I was going to fuck the hell out of him, get it out of my system. That way I could get over this obsession of his ass that I couldn’t seem to let go of….

“…but as you know, Dan,” Joe added, nodding his head, remembering, “once you open THAT door, it doesn’t close back again, not all the way. So I went on with my life, met men, fucked them, thinking that one day I’ll find that guy Joan had in her bed, being that HE was the one that opened up this door for me- and when I get that ass, I figured my life would then be complete. That is, until I met you,” he smiled. “I know now that I don’t need that guy anymore, I have something much better, much more substantial in you.” He leaned over and took my hand. “I think I’m falling in love with you… Why are you so quiet… did I say something wrong?”

I was just sitting there, just sitting there, in shock. I couldn’t believe the story he had just told me, the confession of love he just expressed, or even more, the whole simplicity of that movie, ‘Six Degrees of Seperation’... “Umm, Joe, I don’t think you actually lost out on finding that guy you just described.”

“How so..?”

“Well, Cookie and I used to fuck around in high school- nothing too serious, but we had our share of fun, if you know what I mean,” I answered quietly, my words full of foreboding. “If it’s the same summer that you got your acceptance to John Jay, then that was the summer I had my final fling with Cookie- I mean Joan, right before I married Claire.”

Joe's eyes grew large, filled with anticipation. “What are you saying..?”

“That last summer I came by Joan’s house to tell her I was getting married. For a while she had been close with my fiancée Claire, but since graduation we hadn’t seen each other really. She and I got to talking about old times, and we fell into bed and decided to give each other one last really good session before I walked down the aisle. I knew she had a boyfriend then but I didn’t know much about him, and I wasn’t asking any questions.”

Joe looked at me, surprised and stunned all over again. “You’re not saying…. It …can’t be..!”

“That afternoon, I fucked the hell outta Cookie, but I felt wetness on my back too when we were done… When I wiped off afterwards I knew I wasn’t seeing things, that I couldn’t have nutted that wildly, that I wouldn’t have sprayed nutt all on my back. I… guess we’ve met before, huh..?” I smiled.



I hit the pavement hard, da breath knocked outta me.

“Yo hol up!!!” Joop shouted then, callin a time out.

All our niccas that was playin ball wit us stopped runnin da court, while Joop ran over to where I had trippd an bust my azz after runnin a lay-up. I felt wet pain on my knee, and lookin down it lookd real bad, but I knew dat the blood had just smeared more than it mighta when I fell.

Joop reached me, concern fillin his eyes. “Yo Mar- u iight?” he asked.

Our boy Rah-rah came over to help Joop get me on my feet, helpin me to the bench over by the swings. “Nigga, keep up da pace when you runnin court, or you gonna be changing places wit Joop in da hospital,” Rah-rah laffed as they helped me settle down. “You been off yo game today- I know we aint played ball all tagether since before he got lockd up, but what da fuk- iz Joop makin you nervous or sumthin..?”

“Nicca I ain't nervous,” I shot back. “I jus lost my foothold iz all. Go get band-aids an stop analyzin a nicca’s game an shyt,” I pushd at Rah-rah.

He nodded, runnin to his car ta get the first aid kit he kept in his car trunk for his son. “Lucky my son be gettin scraped all da time since he started baseball,” he yelled over his shoulder. Rah-rah was like 22 but he had his son when he was 14, so he hadda do da daddy thing eery so often.

Joop had run over to da water fountain to wet his sweat towel and he ran bac over to me. I was sittin wit my leg propped up on the bench, and it was stingin like whoa, makin me squint. Joop sat next to me, all about to put the wet towel on my leg, then he suddenly changed his mind an handed it over. I took it witout a word an pressed da cold rag to my knee. It felt madd good, and the pain slowed down a lil bit.

I knew why ol dude aint hold da rag hisself. We was in da street, an as far as anyone knew Joop an me was JUST boyz, an dat was dat. We held ourselves like niccas supposed ta do outside, but if we had been in da house I knew he woulda took curr of me like I was china or sumthin… I saw him squeeze his fist, an I knew dat meant he was tryin madd hard to hold it back for our niccas on da court.

When eeryone saw that I was iight, they paired off and resumed the game. While we waited for Rah-rah to get back Joop leaned over to me, makin sure no one could hear us. “Yo why you fell like dat? I know u got betta game den trippin on a lay-up… wassup baby..? he whispered in a low voice.

“My mind wasn’t on da game,” I fessed up. “I was worried bout you yo, you just gettin outta jail an outta da hospital- and instead of layin in bed you wanna cum run hoops an shyt. I don’t want u gettin hurt an shyt yo…”

“I feel da same way bout YOU, nicca,” he whispered bac to me, “I'm sayin, I aint no invalid so stop treatin me like I'm gonna break..! Nawmean, prison aint break me, dat pistol whip you put on me aint break me- hurr me out,” he said, holdin up his hand to keep me from interruptin. “Dat lil ass cut on my fohead iz almost faded nicca. I'm iight, baby, I aint goin nowhere, an this is our first time out tagether since I came back home so I wanna enjoy it, but I can't if you gonna worry an stress to da point dat you hurt YOSELF, Mar.”

I knew he was rite, and I started relaxin some.

“So make dis deal wit me iight..?” he said, his eyes brite.

I nodded. “Wassup?”

He gave me da cool-aid smile. “After you get this band-aid (if Rah-rah ever get his punk-ass bac over hurr), we go play on opposite teams. If yo team winz, you get ta… an he leaned over an whispered in my ear.

Jus him sayin whut he was sayin to me made my dick start to grow, an I smiled. “BET! Matter of fact, you get da same prize if yo team wins, so shake..!”

Smilin, we gave each other dapp. I did feel better then, my worry bout Joop gettin bac to normal in da hood wit our niccas was runnin thru me, an jus like Joop, he put me in my place witout makin me feel like I overstepped. I looked at him, noticing dat this was one mo thang bout him dat made him da love of my life.

Jus then Rah-rah ran up wit a box of band-aids. “Yo my BADD… my son had used all ov da ones we had so I hadda run to da sto across da street.”

“Yo good lookin out,” I said as I grabbed a couple and started to put em on my knee, which had stopped bleedin but had dat open cut look to it.

“Yo hol up,” Rah-rah said, pushin a couple packets in my hand. “Clean dat shyt first, you gonna get infected, you was on da ground an shyt,” he said, runnin back to da court.

I saw they were alcohol pads an I was like, “Awwww damn, I hate this shyt…”

“Nicca jus do it, remember we gotta get back to da court- we gotta bet goin,” Joop reminded me, an I bit down an put dat shyt on my cut. It stung like black fire, but dat meant da wound was clean so I got over it.

After I ban-aided my leg we went bac to the game then, an I got bac to runnin full court, thinkin all da time dat I had da best of everything. My runnin bruh, my NICCA- was also my true heart, my Pops was cool wit it, they was over all dat other shyt, like real father and son now, and my pops even had his own thang goin on in his world too. I hoped dat this cat dat Dad’s seein wasn’t gonna be no problem- all attitude-y and shyt when I hadda meet him. Den again, I was wonderin- if they DID start sumthin serious like what I got wit Joop, what was gonna happen when we was all in da house together…? I knew dat Joop aint get along good wit eeryone, it take him a lot for him to open up, so I hoped dat whoever dis was had sum patience, specially when it came to Joop…


THE TRUTH WILL ALWAYS COME OUT IN THE END… This adage ran through my mind over and over as I followed Joe's sleek black Sedan down I-520 towards Union Bay, and this off-road bed and breakfast over-looking the water he’d told me about previously. He’d made reservations there for us long before my revelation that I was the one who he’d been obsessing over all these years. I thought about taking him home with me, but reservations about this new relationship notwithstanding, I had no idea how to broach the subject that practically living in my house as my son’s lover, was HIS son. All he knew of Malik was that this kid represented a threat to his getting closer to me.

Deep down I knew a part of him still believed that Malik still stood in the way of me committing fully to him. Then there was the ‘L’ word- he actually said that to me right before I’d found the courage to tell him about Malik- which, of course, shut me right up. I wasn’t sure if I had those sort of deep feelings for Joe yet- great sex does not a relationship make, and while my thoughts dwelled on Joe, it was more of a sexual connection than anything else. I was honest enough to admit to myself that yes, I did have reservations about hooking up with Joe… but unlike what he believed, it was more about keeping Cookie’s secret than it was about me waiting for Malik; because truth be told, my relationship with my parolee now was more solid than it ever would have been had we continued to fuck. Those intense feelings I began to have for him shifted from ‘lover’ to ‘father’, and now Malik is as much MY son in my heart as Lamar is, stemming from my position as his parole Officer/lawyer. I’ve protected them both the same, I’ve fought for them the same, they equally mattered to me just as deeply, and I love them both. I was incredibly happy that my son Lamar found happiness with the one person I’d completely approve of for him, female or male.

Yes, Malik had some anger issues, but so did Lamar- and as Lamar’s father and Malik’s surrogate father I would help them deal with those issues and show them how to be strong black men, as a father should.

We reached the small B&B. Joe signaled to pull in behind him and he jumped out of his car, running into the building as I backed into the parking space. After getting out, I finished locking up the car as Joe came back outside, holding a key.

“This, baby,” he said, flashing me the key and a bright smile, “is the beginning of our future…”

“Who’s cooking, ‘cause I can smell the CORN from here,” I laughed, shaking my head.

“You’re going to pay for that one,” Joe shot back, a sheepish grin etched on his features. I followed him into a door on the side of the house, and up the back stairs. The house was decorated in early American, a throwback to the colonial days; an excellent gimmick for the ‘kick-back-and-relax’ motif they were going for.

We reached our room and, entering, closed the door behind us. The room was just as quaint as the rest of the house, with oil lamps, a large, four-poster bed, and wooden bed supports to boot. The door closed, then suddenly Joe grabbed me, pulling me to him, his lips instantly on my neck, making my arms tingle as they wrapped around him. I closed my eyes as he nibbled on my neck, softly at first, and then more intense, as if he wanted to break the skin and draw blood. I moaned loudly as we moved together to the bed, collapsing on it as one, Joe settling on top of me as he kept his lips, teeth and tongue on that spot on my neck he KNEW drove me crazy. I started to give into the pleasure, but I knew I couldn’t take this farther with Joe until I told him the truth about Malik.

“Joe, wait,” I faintly murmured, weakly trying to push him off of me. He broke off from his exploration of my neck and looked at me.

“Shut up,” he growled, going back to my neck with renewed passion.

“Bu-but…” I stammered, but his relentless attack on my neck relaxed my resolve. There was enough time to tell him later on, I thought to myself, my reason giving way to lust. He was just too good a master at his craft. He looked up at me, the horny written all over his face.

“You hurry up and get them damn clothes off,” he whispered. My hesitation caused him to begin pulling my clothes away from my body, the buttons popping on my shirt, and with a growl he dove into my chest, his tongue flicking on my nipples as he undid my belt and slid my slacks off, my eyes closed. His warm mouth ran all over my chest, making me moan aloud again. I suddenly felt the warmth of his body on me, and I opened my eyes again to see both of us completely naked, his large thick, veiny 11 inch dick throbbing as it rested against my own 9 inch pipe, which was brick hard.

Joe pulled me closer, his masc. scent of musk and a berry-smelling cologne filling my senses. He leaned over and kissed me, his tongue and mine writhing and caressing each other with force. He broke the kiss and roughly turned me over. “I want that pussy from the back this time,” he growled.

I moaned again as he began to slide his tongue, all the way down my back to my ass, and started stroking my hairy ass lips with his entire mouth. “AHHHHH,” I yelled out. I wanted his dick to plunge into me, filling me over and over- but not today. Today I wanted something else, but I had to mind-fuck him into doing it…

Just before he slid his swollen dick into me, I turned over. “Baby, I want some of that dick first, lemme lick on it,” I whispered, kissing his ear, my stubbled chin grazing his cheek.

He moaned and then responded, “Hell yeah baby, we can drag this out…”

“Then lay down,” I smiled, sliding out from under him as he did as I required, settling down on his back, that thick dick sticking straight up into the air. I lay between his legs and began licking and caressing his hairy, heavy, low-hanging balls with my tongue. Joe stretched his legs wider, his toes turned up from the pleasure.

I slowly showed attention to that area under his balls, just above his ass crack. He moaned and bucked up and down when I slid my tongue into that space right on the opening of his asshole, tickling it the way I used to tickle Claire’s pussy when I was about to ram my dick in without her realizing what was happening…

“Baby… lick that hole,” he moaned, his thick, well muscled legs stretching wider to give me more room.

In between licks I whispered, “You like that, baby..?”

“Yeah, nigga,” he moaned.

“You love me, nigga,” I whispered in a grunt.

“You know I do,” he breathed, his eyes closed.

“You remember how my ass was back then, nigga? Back when you first saw it..?” I asked, tonguing his asshole, wetting it up while I blindly reached into the overnight bag still on the bed- for my travel size jar of Vaseline.

“Yeah,” he said, thrashing against the memory. “I wanted that ass SOOO BADDD, baby…”

“So you love my ass, nigga,” I said, slicking my dick up with the grease.

“Yeah, oh yeah,” he answered, eyes closed, in heaven…

“Enough to ….give me YOUR ASS…?” I asked, suddenly grabbing his legs, jumping up and stabbing my dick into his ass before he had a chance to stop me. It slid into his hole BANG! halfway to the hilt before he could react fast enough to clench up.

“YEEEOOOOOWWWW,” he yelped as I began to wear his ass out. It was so WARM, so tight, it made my dick bone straight as I fucked him fast, non-stop.

“No, baby, stop, WAIT,” he yelled out, trying to claw away from me.

“Naw, nigga,” I yelled at him… “you love me, don’t you?”

“Yea babbbaabbbby,”he cried, struggling- “ahhh shiiiittttt…”

“You want my ass baby,” I said, slamming my thick ass dick into his ass, which was starting to clench up on me.

“Yeah, yeah, I ddddooo,” Joe stammered, his face contorted in pain.

“Then give up YOURS,” I said, grunting. “You don’t believe that if I get with you, you’re getting away with doing all the fucking, are you..?”

“Nooo, ahhhh no baby, I-I-”

“Shut up and throw this ass on me.. remember how good my ass looked to you, while I was fucking Cookie… this is how I had her that day, like this…” and I ground my dick deep into his hole. He cried out in lust as it suddenly opened up and my dick banged to the bottom of his ass like it was meant to be there. His dick looked like a walking stick, it was so stiff.

“You know what,” I yelled out, grabbing his legs like a vice grip, “I BET why you remember my ass… it aint because you wanted it, I BET what you really wanted that day was to be where COOKIE was, on your back with me fucking you, TELL THE TRUTH!!!” I spat, slamming my dick in his ass, stretching his legs wider. He bucked wildly, jumping all about the bed.

“YEAAHHH, YEAHMMMMY NNNIGGGA,” Joe shook… “since that day I wanted you, ALWAYS wanted you… to FUCKKKK MEEEE… I-I n-n-n-ever wantttteedd nu-nuthin ssso-AAWWWWW SSSHHHIIIIIITTTT…!!!!!!” And out of his dick, without him touching it at all, large ropes of nutt flew- hitting me in the eyes, the face, my shoulders as he lost control.

That did it for me. My dick rose to its stiffest level yet and then I was suddenly shouting, “YEEEAAHHH JJJOOOOEEEEE, BBBBABBBBYYY AWWW SHHHIIITTTT,” as I let loose with a large nutt, shots were filling up his guts, my dick letting loose over and over, that rush running through me again and again as I sloshed his ass with my nutt, causing it to spill out his asshole and run down his thighs to stain the sheets. I quickly pulled out with a plop and then he grabbed my neck, pulling me down to him, holding me so tight I couldn’t catch my breath.

“I love you- love you- love you…” he breathed in between gasps. “I-never-felt-felt so much-for-for-any-anyone…” he huffed and puffed. “Pretty damn good move you made there,” baby, he grunted in my ear.

I smiled without reply. Laying there in his arms, his nutt all over my face and neck, smelling the scent rising from his chest, it suddenly occurred to me that I’d smelled this particular scent before- of a berry type cologne mixed with fresh cum and a male scent. “What kind of cologne are you wearing,” I asked, curious.

“Oh, something new,” he replied, apparently getting his breath back from being so winded, but it’s been out in the stores. “I wanted to smell good for you, so the saleslady said that teenagers liked to wear it. She called it “Joop.”

“Joop..?” Suddenly, what I had pushed out of my mind earlier came rushing back to me with startling clarity, and I knew then it was now or never. “Joe,” I rolled off of him and settled in beside his limp body. I had to say something, or we could never have anything real between us. “We’ve got to talk,” I said somberly, reaching for a paper towel to wipe my face.

He rolled his head my way, a sleepy yet curious question in his eyes. Then he saw the look on my face. “Okay,” he said, sobering up. “What about..?”

I sighed, my eyes growing dark. “About… Joop.”


I sat on my bed towelin off after my shower. Da game was a draw, so Joop ran home to get clothes for the movies and the club tonight, and I got showerd up. I remembered that accordin to the side bet me an Joop made, we both was fukkin each other tonite. Fine by me, I didn’t curr who gave up the ass. Joop and me just chillin, bussin off together, is what mattered to me. IT was true dat Joop got up in my ass more than I got up in his, just cause that’s the way he and I might be in da flow, but truff be told if I never tapp dat no mo, I wont be missin nuthin. I love how Joop feels inside me as much as I love how he feels grindin dat phatty on my dick- it knew it weren’t bout just ‘sex’ wit us, it was bout how much we feel for each other, so much- we gotta let it out in our nutt…

I lay back butt-ass on the bed, looked at the lt. blue skies outside the windows over my bed, and I knew it was gonna be the best summer of our lives. Joop got out of da pen the middle of June, and it’s been only a week since then, so we had all of July and August before we hadda go back to school.

I’m a junior at WSU, and Joop wasn’t feelin goin past high school, he didn’t even graduate then. Dat nicca was always wantin to rob sumthin instead of doin the rite thing. I had BEEN tol him about his stikky fingers an shyt, but he aint start payin attention to that until he got caught at that bodega that day by dat undercova. While he was up north tho, Joop started tryin to get his school shyt on track, he got his GED before he got out, and now Pops was talkin about gettin him started at WSU in September wit me. He’ll be startin his first year da same time I’m gonna finish my last year, but I might not finish on time anyway, my grades kinda slipped while I was worried bout Joop all last year- I barely got my Junior status and I hadda pull da grades back up to above 2.5 to keep da scholarship.

Pops was always sayin dat I don’t ever follow through on shyt, but I think dat me stickin by Joop was the first time he saw me really commit to anything. I weren’t as bad as all that but truff be told, Pops wasnt never around to see me follow through and shyt, so of course he couldn’t know that I know how to finish what I start. It’s all good tho, I’m just real fukkin glad that he already approves of who I chose to give my heart to. I was real worried an shyt, but havin your father KNOW dat you get down wit dudes, gave yo heart to one, and he APPROVES, I’m sayin, dat shyt made me an Joop the happiest two niccas ever. He could come over anytime and Pops is cool wit it- I think he understands that Joop an me are boyz first, then ‘together’ after dat- that we aint just hoe-in each other out till the nex nicca comes along, he an me are the shizzle fa sheezy…

My phone started ringin then and I reached over to pick it up. “Yo sup,” I said.

“Waddup nicca,” Joop yelled into da phone. “Wat we seein 2nite?”

“It don’t matter yo, whatever,” I yawned, stretchin my body against the bed.

“Yo, u gonna play wit my nutts in da theater..?” he whispered, a grin in his voice.

“Nicca bring da Slip-n-Stroke and its on,” I smiled back.


“I love u too Joop, yo hurry up an get back hurr, I aint got nuthin on…” I teased.

“…Werd..?” he said, all anxious an shyt. “YO I’M CUMMIN RITE NOW!!!” And he hung up da phone wit a loud click.

I clicked my phone off an laffed my ass off, thinkin dat Joop was a serious fiend for my body, an I was da same for him.

Da phone rang again and, still laffing, I picked up the phone. “Yo what now nicca,” I yelled.

“Babycakes, I know you aint yellin like dat at ME,” a woman’s loud voice screamed across the line. “Uhh, Ms. Joan..?”

I sat up in bed, feelin weird that I was laying in bed naked on the phone with Joop’s mother. “Sorry, ma’am,” I stammered quickly, reachin for my towel.

“How you been, Lamar?” she asked me.

“Iight, I’m good,” I said. “You need my help or something..?”

“Well, you know Malik gotta go to his first parole session wit Danny tomorrow, so while they’re doin they thing, I just wanna know if you’d like to come over and get some chocolit chip cookies, I’m bakin em in the mornin.”

“Mmmm,” I nodded, “jus let me know when ta come lick the bowl,” I said.

She howled laffin, an I shook my head wit a half grin at her outrageousness. “Ok, be at the house at like 10:30,” she said.

“I’ll see you then,” I answered. We said our goodbyes an hung up. I smiled to myself, takin the towel back off, waitin on Joop to show up. Ms. Joan could bake da BOMB cookies from scratch, an I was gonna get to em before Joop did..! I wondered, tho, whether there might not have been another reason why she asked me to come over just when she KNEW Joop and my father weren’t gonna be around…


The next mornin I was over in Joop projects, sittin on a stool in Ms. Joan’s kitchen, lickin the bowl after she placed the dough in the oven and started cleanin up the counter. I grew up practically in this kitchen wit Joop, eatin Ms. Joan’s cookin and us both getting yelled at from eatin up her cookies when she baked em. I hadda admit to myself that this was the best batter I ever tasted, even better than what I remember bout my moms’s cookin…

“Babycakes, you gonna get sick,” she warned me, “from eatin raw dough.”

“Then I’ll get sick,” I said in between slurps.

She laffed her loud way again and then ran the water in the sink to start the dishes. “That’s just like my Malik would say it,” she said, wipin her eyes. She lit a Black-N-Mild and started in on the dishes, an pretty soon the warm smell of nicotine an chocolate chips was fillin the room. She just recently got into smokin dem Black-N-Mild’s, she would be who I think of whenever I smelled em; me an Joop ain’t smoke that shyt.

I finished my attack on the mixin bowl and handed it to her. “Well, got-damn,” she said, flicking away some ash. “I could put this up in the cabinet already- it’s spit shined.”

“Dat’s all your fault,” I said, “you made the batter better than da cookies’ll turn out I bet.” She laffed her wild ass laff again and I smiled at it. She put the bowl into the sink an turned to me. “How you been, Lamar?”

“Just fine,” I said.

“I bet you glad ta see Malik outta jail, aintcha?”

“No doubt,” I answered, thinkin to myself that she just aint know how much I was glad ta see my nicca.

She smiled, noddin her head. “I likda fell out when I heard that yo pops is my ol …friend from high school,” she went on, turnin back to da sink, “an that makes me damn glad you an Malik are …friends,” she said.

It was da way she said it more than anything dat put me on da alert. What did she see in me an Joop..?

Ms. Joan went on, lookin at me real hard. “Look, I wanna let you know dat I know dat you an my son are gonna be …friends for life, and I just wanna thank you for bein someone in his life he can really rely on.”

“Aww, Ms. Joan, we boyz, me an Joop, since grade school,” I said, while inside I was sweatin like whoa. “Dat aint gonna change, I reassured her as lightly as I could make it.”

“Well, I’d like to get to be better …friends with Danny again,” she said, finishin up the last of da dishes. “I hope that you are cool wit that.”

I stared at her, finally realizing what she meant by ‘friends’ with my pops. She was askin me to hook her back up wit him..!

I suddenly got real thirsty. “Could you gimme some water,” I said, my throat goin dry like a desert.

“I got sumthin better,” she said, grinnin. She reached in the cabinet an took out a glass, then instead of water, opened the fridge and got out a bottle of O/E, popped it open, an poured me an herself a tall one. I reached for the glass an started to drink but she held up hers to mine, givin it a tiny clink. “To you an Malik, an me an Danny, both bein better… friends,” she said, starin at me as she downed her glass in one gulp.

“To… friends,” I said, smiling back, drainin my glass an then I jumped up. “Where you goin?” she asked as I headed for the door.

“I gotta get sum stuff done, errands- before Pops finishes up wit Joop,” I said.

She looked disappointed. “I was hopin you’d get sum of the cookies when they got done,” she yelled after me.

“Save me some- I gotta go,” I said, the door slammin wit dat project hallway echo behind me.

I ran to da elevator an pushed da button, then decided to go down da stairs, all 25 flights, before she came out her apartment. I started down the dark stairway, my mind runnin faster den I was goin. The way she had kept hesitatin before she said da word ‘friends’, talkin bout her an my pops, and me an Joop… I knew dat Joop aint tell her nuthin yet, but it was like she already KNEW… and, funny, if I aint know her better, it almost sounded like she was hintin at it jus so I would help her hook up wit my Dad…


The rolls were coming along fine in the oven, the roast chicken was almost done, the sautéed mushrooms and gravy were thickening just so, the vegetable casserole was cooling off, and the wines were chilling in the freezer as I put the finishing touches on the table settings.

I had just enough time after my parole session with Malik this morning to get to the grocery store and get what I needed to make tonight perfect. Everything was looking and smelling so good, and I had to admit that I’d outdone myself with my special dish, baked Chicken L’Orange. The secret was in my special sauce, which Lamar could never get enough of- he would pour it over everything. The whole evening I had planned was looking like it was going to come off without a hitch. I smiled to myself, ignoring the pang of dread that threatened to overwhelm me.

I surveyed my table, which was set for four. Candles gleamed white against their silver holders, and the crystal glasses twinkled dimly in the light of the setting sun which came through the dining room windows. Four places- one for my son, one for my lover, one for my son’s lover, which was also my lover’s son… and the reason why I planned this dinner tonight.

Tonight would be truth-telling time, the revelation (and introduction) of Malik and Joe's connection.

Cookie, from the few talks she and I had, wasn’t ready to do this; as Malik’s parole Officer/surrogate father AND practical father-in-law, I owed the truth to him, as he entrusted his life to me. Also, as Joe was MY lover, I owed him the truth as well, as he entrusted his heart to me. I had no choice- to keep this secret much longer would be betraying the both of them, not to mention that Cookie would more than likely pass the buck and have me tell them both anyway. The weak mindset she was exhibiting caused me to remember just why I’d never even considered taking her seriously as a girlfriend. Claire was more of a challenge, strong-willed… I liked the hard road she put before me, whereas Cookie threw pussy at me whenever the wind blew. It was good pussy, but it was too free for my taste. The Cookie of today was the same as she’d always been, which was what tonight was all about. I knew that Malik hated his father, and I knew that Joe hated Malik for fucking me in the conjugal room, all for him to see and replay over and over in his VCR- and his mind. Just hearing the name had put him off in our afternoon of passion, and he never let me finish what I was trying to tell him, once he knew who I was talking about. So as far as he was concerned, tonight was all about me and him finishing up our aborted romantic evening, combined with meeting my son for the first time. Joe was astonished when I told him my son had a lover as well, and was fascinated in the prospect of sitting down to break bread at my table with them both. I just prayed that once he came into the house and saw who was sitting at the table…

“Hey wassup Dad,” Lamar burst into my thoughts. Looking up I saw Lamar and Malik coming in through the kitchen door, the screen slamming behind them. “You makin yo chicken orange..?” he said excitedly, sniffing the air.

“‘L’Orange,” I corrected him.

“Yo dat smell madd good, Pops,” Malik exclaimed, going to the stove and reaching to open it up.

Instantly Lamar beat him to the oven door, smacking his hand away. “Yo if you know whut’s good for you, you wouldn’t do dat,” he warned Malik with an arch look.

Malik turned to me to see a large meat cleaver in my hand, and a weird gleam in my eye. “Get away from the stove,” I growled menacingly.

Malik backed away, hands raised as if to ward me off. “Iight, iight,” he said, “Yo don’t be gettin all Souf Centrl on a nicca…” he turned and headed out of the kitchen for the front hallway. “I’ll b up in yo room Mar,” he yelled as he bounded up the stairs.

I put the meat cleaver down and looked at my son, who was trying without success to stifle his grin. “I tried ta tell him, Dad,” he laughed.

“It’s okay, he would’ve gotten all of YOUR sauce if he had opened that oven door too soon,” I replied blandly.

Lamar looked stricken. “Don’t even PLAY like dat,” he yelled, backing out of the kitchen doorway and running up the stairs after Malik. “Call us when it’s done,” he called behind him.

I chuckled to myself, turning back to the stove and the simmering smells of goodness. I loved when Lamar and I sat down to dinner, like when he was a kid. It wouldn’t happen as much now that he was an adult, but every so often he’d make his old man feel good by sitting down with me at the table like a family. Now that Malik was here, it was like I had two sons for to fix dinner, and I experienced a very good feeling at that.

Pretty soon I heard the banging and scraping of Lamar’s bed across his bedroom floor, which was just above the kitchen. It seemed as if they’re at it again, I smiled to myself.

More than anything, the fact that my two boys were so sharing and intimate with each other made the bed scraping seem less demeaning and more endearing- not so much two men having sex, as two men sharing the most innermost parts of their hearts to each other. I knew that such was the love that was shared between Malik and Lamar.

My mind’s eye constructed a plethora of possibilities borne from tonight’s dinner. If all went well there would be more family dinners like this, with everyone present at TONIGHT’S dinner, all linked together as family in more ways that anyone else suspected (excepting myself)…

An hour later Malik, Lamar and I were at the dinner table, the candles lit and the dishes filling the table and the room with their aromas. Joe was a few minutes late and both boys were looking at me with malice because I refused to let them start dinner without my final guest. “Why are we just sittin here, Dad,” Lamar grumbled, “I wanna eat!”

“Just a few more minutes,” I apologized. “My guest should be here soon.”

“Who’s comin,” Lamar replied sullenly.

“Well, it’s like this,” I began, taking a deep breath. “It’s something I’ve mentioned to you already. There’s someone I’ve been seeing…”

Malik looked up then, scowling. “No you DIDN’T,” he said, sitting bolt upright, his hands balling into fists.

“Malik, please listen to me,” I said.

Lamar looked back from me to his lover, frowning. “What’s goin on… Joop, waddup?”

“He invitd da Wardin ta dinnr,” he growled.

“Yeah, that’s who Pops is seein,” Lamar replied, looking confused. “Why iz you madd then, Joop?”

Malik’s eyes grew dark. “Oh, you aint tell Mar yet- bout how dat nicca blackmailed you inta givin up da azz, by threatnin to toss me bac upstate fo da rest of my time..?”

Lamar whipped his head back to stare fixedly at me. “What da FUK is dis?” he asked me. “You still lettin dat nicca FUCK you after he forced you ta do it first…?”

“Lamar, wait,” I said, holding my hands up in a futile attempt to calm them both down. “You don’t know the whole story…”

“Dat nicca better not show up,” Malik said in dangerous tones, “cause if he DO-”

Just then there was a knock at the front door, and we at the table froze. Seconds later the doorbell began to chime.


For a minnit no one moved after the bell rang at the front door. Den Joop jumped up, his face all ready an set. I knew dat look, he was bout to beat natural azz.

But Pops jumped up, and HE was bout to set it- I knew DAT look, too. “Malik, if you don’t sit down NOW, I’ll send you back upstate myself,” Dad said real low and danger-like.

I knew when Dad got riled up like dat there wasn’t nuthin no one could do against him til he calmed down, which was even worse cause he got real quiet when he spoke, but it felt like he was yellin... Joop got da hint tho, cause duke sat his ass right back down in da chair an stared at his empty plate, all quiet- like a pussy dat aint never had no dick. Pops left the room then to get the door.

“Man, sumtimez yo pops iz scurry,” Joop said, grabbin da wine bottle an pourin some into his glass.

“Yo Joop, I aint know all about dat warden nicca using you to get at my pops,” I said to Joop. “Yo let’s jus get through this dinner, this ONE TIME, an we aint gotta sit down wit da nicca no more.”

“Yo Mar, I aint cool eatin dinner wit a nicca I dune plannd to mope out,” Joop said to me low, shakin his head. “It aint part of da code, yo…”

I nodded. “Look, I'm sayin, maybe Pops an him already werked out they shyt; I mean he aint blackmailin Pops to cook for him, knawmean?”

We leaned into each other, an I kissd Joop on dem sexy ass lips. They still smelled an tasted like dat spliff we sparked earlier befo we fukkd, an my dick got stiff. “Yo after da dinner we gonna go finish up what we started in my room,” I smiled at Joop.

He grinned back. “Yo don’t be tryin ta make me not think about how madd I am at dat-”

“Boys, let me introduce you to my guest,” Pops interrupted us, comin into the dinin room wit someone right behind him. Da grin on Joop’s face slid right off, an he slouchd back in his chair.

I looked up. Standin wit Pops was a tall, real attractive, slim cut muscular older dude, dressd in slacks an a blazer, wit a short fade and a sexy sumthin about him. When I got a good look at him I could see why Pops let it go, da blackmailin shyt.

This man smiled at me, an when he did dat I saw it- he reminded me of Joop… I had tried to forget dat my dad and Joop had fukkd before and shyt, but when I saw this dude I wondered if Dad hadn’t got wit him cause he looked like Joop so much, almost like he was still tryin ta be wit my nicca behind my back… I lost my appetite after thinkin dat.

My pops was tryin to make da intros. “Lamar, this is Joe Hill; Joe, my son, Lamar.” I stood to shake his hand, and that’s when I smelled JOOP- he even had on the same cologne..!

I got digusted an sat back down, starin at my own plate, not realizin that Joe Hill had held his hand out, an I aint take it.

My Dad gave me a real dark look an then went on, “And this is… Malik.”

I looked at Joe Hill, who had stopped smilin when he saw Joop. “How are you,” Joe Hill asked, bein polite.

“Iight,” Joop said, not lookin up.

Dad showed Joe his seat at da table, across from Joop’s chair. They sat down an then Pops spoke. “I know this may be a little uncomfortable for everyone, but I wanted to get us all together and really meet, get to know one another.” He looked so hopeful jus then that I made up in my head to help Pops out, an try an get over my feelin dat he was only wit this nicca cause he favored Joop.

We started to get our food, pilin chicken orange an veggies high on our plates. It was real quiet for a couple minnits, den Joe Hill said, “This is excellent, Dan. Chicken L’Orange… You cook like this?”

“It’s just something I threw together,” Dad mumbled, grinnin.

“I’m seriously going to get fat,” Joe Hill grinned back.

“Here, have some sauce,” Dad said, passin the sauce bowl to Joe Hill; “and you too, Malik,” he said. “It’s really good.”

“Yeah,” I said to Joop, “it’s my favrit- I pour it on everything.”

Dad laffed too. “He sure does… once, when he was 11, I had to stop him pouring leftover sauce on his ice cream…”

“Aww, c’mon, Dad,” I laffed.

“Well, I can't wait to try it,” Joe Hill said, pouring some on his chicken and passin da bowl to Joop. “Here you go, Malik,” he said. It almost sounded like he hadda force himself to speak ta Joop.

I frowned. Joop aint reach out for it, so Joe Hill put it down- den Joop picked it up.

Da whole table knew what dat move was all about- Joop aint wanna touch nuthin dat Joe Hill was touchin. Dad frowned at Joop, who aint look up but was pourin sauce on his chicken too. Both Joe Hill and Joop took bites of the chicken, chewed, an den both of em spit it out at da same time. They both started chokin, an both like clockwork reached for water, drinkin it down as fast as they could.

Dad an I had both sat up in shock- no one had EVER spit out Dad’s famous chicken orange before. “What’s wrong,” my pops shouted out. “What’s happened?”

“Joop, you iight?” I asked my nicca as he stoppd gagging.

“What’s in the sauce,” Joe Hill asked, still coughing. “Is Cayenne Pepper in the sauce..?”

“Well, yes,” Pops said, it’s one of the secret ingredients.”

“I’m allergic to Cayenne Pepper,” Joop an Joe Hill BOTH said at da same time, den looked at each other, shocked. Immediately both began scratching their ears. “My ears break out when I eat Cayenne Pepper,” they BOTH said together, still givin each other strange looks.

“Whoa,” I said, “for both of yall to have da exact same reaction- dats sum strange shyt… I aint know you had a reaction to pepper, Joop.”

“Naw, only ‘Cayenne Pepper’,” Joop said, still scratchin his ears off. “You ain't know cause I never eat it- stoppd when I wuz bout 7. Not too many have dis shyt, it’s real rare. Moms knew dat it might happn cause she said my… father used ta get it real badd. It’s bout da only thang he lef me when he bouncd.”

“Dat’s too weird tho, for two people ta come up at da same table wit da same rare allergy,” I said again.

“It goes away,” Joe Hill said then, “if you…” He got up an came over ta Joop’s side of da table an said, “If you don’t mind…” He reached into his jacket pocket an pulled out a travel size bottle of cocoa butter. He squeezed some into his hand an rubbed it onto Joop’s ears.

Joop flinched at first but aint say nuthin, only sat back as Joe Hill rubbed da cocoa butter into his ears. My pops had da strangest look on his face while he watched Joe Hill massagin cocoa butter on my nicca’s ears, but Joop moaned wit relief. “Damn, dat feel way better,” he said, lookin up at Joe Hill, who nodded an went back to sit down.

“Uhh, ..thanks,” Joop said to Joe Hill.

“I know how it feels,” Joe Hill smiled at him.

“Wish my pops hadda been round to show me dat trick,” Joop said, “but dat punk ass nicca wasn’t shyt.”

“I’m sorry he didn’t stick around,” Joe Hill said, all kindly an shyt. “I hope you didn’t mind me just rubbing on you like that… I wasn’t trying to come on to you or anything.”

“Oh I knew dat,” Joop said, a half-grin on his face. “I ain't mind, an dats crazy cause usually I gotta really be cool wit someone ta let him touch on me an shyt.”

“I usually don’t touch strange men either,” Joe Hill remarked, “but it just felt… like you wouldn’t mind.”

“You scored cool points 2nite,” Joop said to Joe Hill, “even tho you blackmaild my nicca pops an threatend to toss me bac in prison, you aint all bad, I guess.”

“OKAY, who’s ready for dessert,” Pops jumped up, his eyes wide like wheels, tryin to change da convo.

Joe Hill looked at Joop. “I wouldn’t have gone through with my threat, your Parole Officer here could have had me arrested for any number of charges, coercion and sexual attempt by force.”

“You mean like rape,” Joop said.

“It’s peach cobbler,” Dad said in a small voice, but it was too far gone by now.

“Yes, Malik, in certain courts that would be charged as a form of rape,” Joe Hill said.

“But you knew you wasn’t goin down cause you had videotape proof on me an Officer Dan tho,” Joop shot back. “You had him good an you coulda sent me bac upstate, rite? All cause you aint wanna have no lil youngin like me slingin dick where you couldn’t huh?”

Joe Hill sat up straight then, his smile gone. “All that was in the past, Malik,” he said in a cold ass voice. “Leave it there, please.”

“Maybe you might want some ice cream…” Dad said hopefully.

“So did you watch it more den once, dat tape of me diggin out yo shawty..?” Joop was sayin wit a dark smirk on his face, makin everyone in da room (even me) madd as hell dat he was bringin it up, him an my pops fukkin. “Yo did u buss off watchin me long dick him, over an over in dat room just across from yo room, warden? Or maybe you wuz watchin MY azz, huh? Maybe you was madd as hell dat Officer Dan coulda got what you wanted- sum azz from a youngin thugg nicca like me huh? You watched MY azz on yo tape, WARDN?”

Joe Hill jumped to his feet, slammin his hands down on da table.

“Joop!” I yelled, “stop dat shyt yo..!”

“MALIK!!!!” Dad’s voice filled da dinin room. “DON’T SPEAK LIKE THAT TO YOUR FATHER!!!”

We turned to my Dad, who clamped his hand to his mouth, eyes wide with fear as me, Joop, an Joe Hill stared at him, all too stunned to speak. Then Joop an Joe Hill, both wit eyes wide, almost in slo-motion, turned to look at each other… without a word.


The phone startd ringin in da kitchin over an over but no one pickd it up. I jus stood at da table an stared at da nicca dat Officer Dan jus said wuz my…

…Lookin at him, I could see dat we did look alike a lot, an wit dat whole allergy thang we both had, too… he had my eyez, my ear shape… my handz…

Den da machine pickd up, an we all hurd it.

‘Hello, this is the Clark residence, please leave your name and number at the tone.’ Den (!) my momz voice came thru da room…

‘Uhh hello, Danny, it’s Cookie… I’m jus callin ta say WUZZUPP… naw seriously I wanna hook up wit u- an I been thinkin bout what u said bout me tellin ol’ Joe dat Malik is his son… I know you see him a lot at da prison so when you can, get me ol’ Warden Hill’s numba iight- I’ll talk to ‘im, den maybe we could find a way ta tell Malik… bye now,’ an then da clik.

“Awww shyt,” I said, az it hit me dat my momz jus called an confirmd whut Officer Dan jus said. No one moved az I stood there an looked at him- my …FATHER.

He jus stood there an stared back at me.

Quick az shyt I grabbed da bowl of sauce an threw it in hiz face.

It smacked him on da forehead, da whole shyt gettin in his eyez. He yelled an fell bac to da floor az I jumpd across da table, knockin over all da shyt in my way, an landed on him, punchin eery piece of da nicca I could hit.

Mar an Officer Dan yelld out an ran over, tryin ta stop me from smashin my fist in dat nicca face. Mar grabbd my arm an Officer Dan grabbd da other one, dey pulld me off of that nicca an I jumpd around tryin ta get loose. My boot struck him on da cheek, an blood flew out his mouf.

“Malik!” Officer Dan was yellin, pullin me bac, “stop this, NOW!”

“Joop, yo CHILL,” Mar was yellin.

But I aint see nuthin but red.

This NICCA wuz in my face, touchin my ears an shyt- like a father… “I HATE YOU!! I HATE YOU!!!” I hollard out, strugglin ta break free az dat nicca crawld an laid up on da wall.

He lookd fukkd up, blood an sauce mixd up on his face- an he took one of his handz an startd scratchin on his earz, groanin in pain. I wuz almost away from Mar when Officer Dan got behind me an sqeezd on my solar plexuz- I fell down, da wind knockd outta me.

Mar droppd to da flo beside me an held me down. “Yo Joop, CHILL,” he yelld, strugglin wit me. “HE’S DA GOT-DAMN WARDEN YO, HE COULD LOCK YO AZZ BACK UP!!!”


Over by da wall Officer Dan wuz helpin dat nicca get up off da flo. “Are you okay,” Officer Dan wuz askin him.

“I’ll be fine,” he said real weak like. Officer Dan got a towel an wiped da sauce off his face, grabbd the coco butta an put it on his earz. “I’ll be back,” he said, runnin to da kitchin.

Dat nicca lookd at me den. “Look, we both heard the message your mother left,” he said, tryin ta catch his breaf. “We have to talk about this, Malik…”



“Nicca you hadda know,” I shouted. “How you not gonna know bout me?”

“DID YOU HEAR THE SAME MESSAGE I JUST HEARD?!?!” He got up an came over to me az Officer Dan came bac in da room wit a first aid kit. He wavd Officer Dan off. “Hold on, Dan,” he said, turnin bac to me. Blood wuz still flowin down his face but he ain’t wipe it off.

He stoopd down by me, an Mar still held me down az I kickd out at him. “Your mother never told me about you. She and I broke up before you were born. I would never have left you, son.”

“DON’T CALL ME THAT,” I yelld, hawckin an spittin in his face. My spit landed on his cheek an mixd wit da blood drippin down.

He lookd at me, his dark eyez fillin wit tearz. “Malik, if I had known I was your father… I would have been there, done anything for you. I always wanted a son, and my wife- your …stepmother… she can't have kids. Let him go,” he said to Mar.

Mar hezitated an slowly released me, steppin bac to be near his own father. I aint move az this cat crouched closr to me.

“Malik, my son… MY SON,” he said wit dis happy look, dem tearz spillin down his face, “you- you’re beautiful… you have your grandfather’s eyes… but then again, so do I,” he smild at me.

I lookd away from him, refusin to let this fukkin nicca in.

He sighed. “I know you’re about as mad as anyone could get right about now, but I’m not running away. If you need to take it out of my ass, then… it’s okay, do what you have to do.”

All of a suddn I got scurrd, real shook. A deep well an shyt wuz risin in me. After like a minnit of him waitin for me ta make a move, I lookd up at him.

“You- you really aint know bout me..?” I askd, all little boy-like an shyt, my eyez blurrin.

He startd shakin too. “N-No,” he said an I believed him.

His voice broke an he reachd out for me. I backd up for a second, den sumthin broke in me, too. He pulled me to him an held me da way Officer Dan had held me dat first time I felt a father’s hug. He startd sobbin in my shoulder az I grabbd him bac an held on for dear lyfe.

My father… MY FATHER…

Mar had went over to his pops an Officer Dan had his arm around his son’s shoulder. All da hopez I had ever had about my own pops, shyt I wuz too scurred to ever let myself dream bout, came floodin thru me, an tearz of my own bust out. We jus lay there on da flo, around all the broken pieces off dinner plates an food, jus holdin each other.


We spent da rest of the night cleanin up the destroyed dinin room, Joop an his pops fillin up the quiet by talkin about a lot of things, really startin to open up to each other. Pops joked about usin paper plates next time we all ate dinner an shyt, but I could see dat he was happy mo than anything else. It may not have jumped off da way he mighta hoped but the end result was da point. Joop an his pops had finally met an now they were willin to know more, BOTH of em. They talked about any an EVERY thing, from sports to the Hill family tree. Joop was impressed to know he came from money, specially since he aint never had none before.

Me an Pops were about to leave em alone but they both said they wanted us to stick around, that it was cause of us that they even got to this point, and in a way we had a lot to do wit them even wantin ta get to know each other. So I got ta hear all the things they both had wanted ta say to each other but never got to. Neither one was really mad at Ms. Joan about her not sayin nuthin either, Joe Hill had his part to play in their break-up and took responsibility, an Joop kept threatenin his pops’ life eery other day, so she had every reason to keep quiet.

“I have to apologize,” Joe Hill said to Joop as Joop bandaged up his father’s face with shyt from the first aid kit. “I was wrong for using you to blackmail Dan. I’m going to turn myself into the prison board for gross mismanagement of duty.”

“Don’t do dat,” Joop said, “cause if you git lockd up an leave me again I’ll finish what I startd.” He grinnd at his pops. “We got shyt to get down to.”

“Actually, we got the rest of our lives to catch up,” Joe said, lookin at my pops, “but tonight I have some other apologies to make- private ones, if you know what I mean.”

My pops got embarrassed. “Joe, you can have this night with your son,” he said.

“Just a minnit,” Joop spoke up. “I think my pops an me got da same idea…” Joop looked at me, smilin. “I gotta do sum celebratin of my own.” I smiled back at Joop as he finished wrapping da bandage an handed his father the first-aid kit. “You iight now, …Dad?”

Joe Hill’s smile broke thru. “I am now, …son,” he grinned. “Go have fun, boys.”

My pops looked at me. “I guess we have some partying to do, Lamar.”

“Yeah I see dat,” I said, grinnin back at him.

Dad came over to me an pulled me into a hug. “I’m glad you found the right ‘one’ for you, and I’m proud that it’s Joop,” he said, squeezing tite.

“I hope it werks out wit u an Joop’s pops,” I said, squeezin back. “Talk bout keeping shyt in da family…”

He laffd.

Over in the corner Joe Hill was sayin to Joop, “Tomorrow I’ll talk with my lawyers and see about getting you set up.”

“Set up wit whut,” Joop asked him.

Joe Hill had this mysterious smile on his face. “Your grandfather, before he died, left a trust fund for any grandchildren of his to inherit when they reached the age of 18.”

“Yo, I’m 19,” Joop said, his eyes wide. “Yo how much we talkin hurr?”

“Well, let’s just put it this way, you wont ever have to worry about getting sent up for a robbery charge anymore; you wont need to steal anything ever again. There’s a portion outside of your inheritance set aside for college, too.”

“In-heritance? ME?” Joop said, his mouth fallin open. He ran across da room an grabbed me wit a loud whoop, an pulled me to him, jumpin up an down. “You heard dat baby,” he said, kissin me hard on da lips. “We are set for lyfe!”

“Naw Joop, dat’s yo money,” I said.

“NICCA what’s mine IZ yourz,” he smiled at me. “Yo let’s git upstairs nicca,” he said, grabhin at me an runnin for da stairs.

“Don’t break anything,” our fathers yelled after us, laffin.

Upstairs in my room Joop slammed the door behind us an grabbd me, our mouths meshin together, my dick getting brickd up while his sexy lips kissin down to my neck while we fell to da bed. He pulled off our shirts an, while still kissin me all over, got his pants off an pulled mine off too. He laid between my legs, his thick 10.5 inch cut juicy thugg dick pushin up on my 9 inch, the heads getting sticky wit each other’s pre-nutt. He slid down my body, kissin an lickin, til he reached my dick an slid his lips over da head, makin me jump wit how warm his mouth was. He slid his mouth all da way down til I felt my dick push past his throat, an he still kept up da flow.

“AHHHHHH,” I groaned, tossin all over da bed- got-damn, Joop aint never suck my dick like dat before. It was like he was pullin da pleasure outta me, each time he swallowed my dick to da base the rush ran thru me. He was moanin like he was starvin an shyt. Joop slid his lips off my dick wit a plop an spit was runnin down my dick to wet up my hairy ass nutts. He went down an licked da wetness off my sac, makin me moan again, then he lifted my legs an his tongue went deep in my hairy ass, a new shiver running through me.

This was mo intense then we had ever been. My head tossed back an forth on da pillow, I couldn’t take Joop’s tongue stabbin deep in my juicy deep hole, flicking and lickin an caressin it, wettin it up wit his spit til mo wetness ran down my inner thighs.

“You ready for me nicca,” he moaned between likks. My dick was standin straight up, leakin like a faucet an shyt.

“Aahhh do it Joop,” I was moanin, “do it niccaahhh.”

He got up between my legs, lifted em up and stretched em wide, an stabbed dat thick dick in my wetted up hole. I grabbed da headboard behind me as his filled my back door inch by inch wit dat dick I wanted so fukkin bad. I raised my legs up off da bed an Joop slippd da rest of da way in, and he let out a groan. He started grindin dat dick into me, holdin my legs wide, his nutts smashin on my thighs wit each stroke. I could feel his dick slip an slide back an forth thru my ass lips, diggin deeper an deeper inta my guts, but it felt good az hell, cause my ass had naturally bent to his curve of his dick by now…

Joop let go of my legs an they wrappd round his back as he leaned over me an bit my nipples til they stuck straight up. The intense flow was buildin in me to da breakin point. My ass muscles gripped up his dick an sucked it in deeper. He growled when I did dat an he started poundin me so hard da headboard banged da wall, CRACK! CRACK! over an over till it felt like da whole room was shakin.

“JOOP, JOOP,” I was moanin real loud… Joop was long-dickin dat ass wit all his strength, an my hott deep ass started dat squishin pussy sound, his dick feelin more slick as it swelled up. It felt like a warm ass cucumber had pushed up in me.

Joop moaned out, “AHHH MARRRRR MYYY NIIICCCAAA, AHHHHHH TAKE DISSSS NUTTTTTT, AAAAAAWWWWW SHYYYYYTTT,” as large wet spashes of nutt heated up my already hot ass.

Dat brought me to let loose wit my own nutt, as I cried out “YEEEEAAAA NICCCAAA, NICCA WHAAATTTT, NICCCAA WHHHHATATTT,” an my dick splashed off, hittin Joop in da eye, on his shoulder, an sprayin da headboard over us. We collapsed on each other, drained out our ass, sticky wit nutt, holdin each other.

Joop’s dick slid outta me an large gobs of nutt fell onto da bed. We aint curr tho, we were too tired to get up an clean. “I-I love you, Mar,” Joop said then, breathin hard.

“I love you too, J-Joop,” I breathed back, holdin him close on me. Jus then we heard the sounds of another bed scrapin da floor down the hall, along wit masculine moans.

We looked up at each other an laffed weakly. “An they talkin bout us breakin sumthin,” Joop said, layin his head back on my chest.

I laid bac an listened for a minnit. “Is all this cool wit u, Joop,” I finally said, “I mean, you finding yo pops and learnin he DL like you, an on top of all dat he kickin it wit my pops… I mean, is this shyt too much to take in now? Da truff.”

He looked up at me. “Naw,” he said, grinnin. “I’m glad I could get a chance to get ta know him, an anyway he know more bout me then ma dukes do at da moment, and …if yo pops hadda choose a nicca to get wit, I guess he aint do so bad wit choosin my pops.”

I frowned. “You been plannin yo pops’ death since I met you, nicca… I thought it would take more time for yall ta get cool an shyt,” I said, snugglin under da covers wit Joop.

“Yeah, I thought I’d be all madd an shyt for a long ass time too,” he said, “but he aint know bout me. It aint like he delibritly did dat shyt, so I really can't be madd wit him.” He sighed. “All dat murder plannin fo nuthin,” he laffed.

“Yeah, an now dat you J.P. Moneybagz an shyt, you could afford an attorney if you get lokkd up again, not have ta double up on lawyer/parole officers an shyt,” I teased him.

“Funny, real funny, mafucka,” he said, grabbin da pillow from under me an snatchin da covers.

“Yo JOOP stop playin,” I said, an we wrestled for da bedsheets. While we struggled for ownership of da covers I looked at Joop an he was laffin, but in his eyes I knew he was happier than he had ever been in his life. I smiled back, cause even tho I knew his pops comin into his life was a major part of why my nicca was so happy, for some reason I knew I had somethin to do wit dat too.


Downstairs, outside Lamar's window, a medium sized, slim shadow stood underneath the upper level sill, listening to the loud sounds of fucking coming through the open pane.

The shadow stood there, one hand holding a lit bluntt, flicking ash over the back lawn, the other hand stroking a large, veiny, sweaty dick, the strokes growing in intensity as the headboard began to bang against the wall, and the loud groans of Lamar and Joop’s passion filled the backyeard.

The man stroked his large, heavy dick to the rhythm, pumping fast and furious, and when Lamar and Joop shouted out their climaxes, he lost control and grunted low as his dick shot off large white ropes of heavy nuttjuice, raining all over the ground.

“Mar, Lamar,” he moaned as he heard the two upstairs finish nutting off. A drop hit his shoulder; he looked up for rain and saw that there were no clouds in the dark sky, yet when examining his shoulder in the muted light he found a large glob of sperm- that had obviously flown out the window.

Knowing both parties concerned, he deduced that this drop of jism had to belong to Lamar, that Lamar was the one getting fucked, and his dick shot off into the air as he nutted.

The man raised it to his lips, and smelled it. ‘It smells like Lamar,’ he thought, inhaling the essence. ‘It even tastes good,’ he savored as the nutt slid down his throat. He stuffed his spent dick back into his pants and started off for the car parked at the end of the street. As he left the backyard’s gloom he turned, staring up at the lit window, stark against the night.

“I love you, Mar,” Rah-Rah said sadly, quietly disappearing into the darkness.




It was Thursday; I took the day off.

I spent most of the day just relaxing, vegging out in front of the television and the DVD player. I didn’t feel like driving anywhere, like I could, anyway; Joe had taken the LS-300 and the boys left a note saying they were using the Excursion to the park for the day. I’d just taken a bath, and now I relaxed to the sounds of soft jazz on my stereo, listening to the voicemail left for me from Joe. He was going to be late this evening, so he wanted me to go ahead and start dinner for the boys if I wanted to.

I dried off from the bath and, back in my room, I sat clad only in black silk boxers in front of my dresser mirror, staring at the reflection as I toweled and oiled down. A masculine, rugged, older yet handsome face looked back at me- the dark, full head of hair and mustache shot with streaks of gray. It always amazed me that between Joe and myself I was the younger one, yet my lover had the younger-looking hair.

Outside the trees were still in the sway of summer’s grip, and the shadows were beginning to lengthen on the western side of the house. It was almost a year since my son Lamar’s best friend/ lover, Malik Warrington (known as Joop to his friends) was released from jail on that weapons/robbery charge (thanks to me, his P.O./ lawyer).

Malik’s father, Joe (my lover and the warden of the prison Malik was serving time at), is currently in the process of trying to plan a surprise party for his son without the boys finding out- which is becoming an impossibility, since he and Malik have become so close. They’ve been that way since the two of them found out about each other- which was also a year ago this week. The party will also be about the anniversary of the two of them finding each other. This should prove interesting, trying to plan everything all out without alerting-

“Hey, Pop!”

My son Lamar’s shout interrupted my thoughts, included with a large bang of the back screen door. 'They’re in early', I thought as I grabbed my bathrobe and went downstairs to greet my ‘sons’. I reached the first floor and went into the kitchen, where I found two sets of basket-ball short-clad asses and hairy legs, one set light-skinned, one set darker- staring at me from inside the refrigerator.

“If you two wouldn’t mind not trying to relocate into the fridge, I’d tell you that you’re wasting your time,” I smirked, going over to the cabinets above the sink and opening them, studying the contents inside. “You drank up all the apple juice yesterday.”

“That’s what I called you for,” my son’s muffled voice came from inside the refrigerator. Shrugging themselves back up, my shirt-less, sweating boys looked at me, sullen. A year’s togetherness made them both sexier than they ever were- to the chagrin of many a female in the hood, for they stopped messing with everyone else but each other. Lamar and Malik spent extreme amounts of time at the local gym on the free weights and they were both now rippled with lean muscle. Malik’s 6 ft 2 frame shadowed my son Lamar’s 5 foot eleven inch height, in a most complimenting way. They had the casual way about them a couple would have who were so happy with each other they didn’t notice it outright anymore.

At the moment, my son Lamar’s handsome face was pouting. “Who allowed us ta drink all off the apple juice before you could buy more..?”

“Come on, ‘Mar, it’s not your pop’s fault,” Malik defended me, smiling my way.

Malik and I shared a special bond, in many ways. He was my first parolee, also my first sexual experience with another man; he turned to me as a father figure before he found out about Joe. Combining the fact that he was the love of my only son’s life and the son of my own lover made Malik very special to me; no longer sexually, but on much deeper levels.

“You always take his side,” Lamar said to Malik in a teasing way. Lamar knew that the interlude between me and his lover was long over, yet sometimes I wondered if he didn’t save a small part of his mind for worry. Especially since (due to the fact that I talk to my son about EVERYTHING) Lamar knew a secret about me, something that neither Malik nor Joe knew about- a secret that could, possibly, mess up the relationships between us all if found out…

I turned back to the cabinets and started rummaging for ingredients to start dinner. “Well, you could actually do a common chore and go to the STORE and buy some apple juice,” I tossed casually. “I AM on my day off, you see.”

“Some father,” Lamar quipped behind me. Suddenly I felt arms around my waist and I was lifted off the ground before I could grip myself.

“Lamar!” I thundered, laughing in spite of myself as he spun me around, letting me go over the floor mat. I fell to the ground as he and Malik collapsed to the floor themselves, laughing uncontrollably. “So y-your workouts have paid off, huh..?” I said, breathing heavily as I stumbled to my feet.

Instantly Lamar rushed over to fling his arms around me, hugging me tight. “I love you so much, Pop,” he wheezed between giggles. “I was only kidding.”

I pulled my son into an embrace. “I love you too, son.” …And just when I felt his body relax, I flipped him over, his body landing on the same mat he had just dropped me on.

Malik almost passed out from laughing so hard. “Ohhh say WERD,” he said, shaking with sobs of laughter. “Mar, yo pops jus DID u, sunn, while he wuz still layin down on da flo..!”

“Iight, iight Pop, you got that one,” Lamar said, grinning his approval as I helped him to his feet. “You still madd fast,” he breathed in awe.

“Don’t ever sleep on your old man,” I advised him with a wink, and turned back to the cabinet to finish starting dinner.

After Malik picked himself up, he and Lamar went upstairs to shower and change for dinner. A part of me breathed a sigh of relief that Malik didn’t ask me if I’d heard from his father; one hint of subterfuge and both boys would pick up on it. I was just glad that so far, they didn’t seem to suspect anything.


“So, you think yo pops iz gonna tell us bout da suprize parti my popz iz tryin ta hide?” Joop asked me while he searched the linen drawer for a clean towel and washcloth to take a shower.

“Naw,” I said; “I think he’s gonna try ta keep it from us, it would hurt his feelins if he knew we knew what he was doin,” I said, turning away from Joop and pulling off my b-ball shorts and boxers, intent on getting in the showers before dinner.

Joop saw me bare-assed an whistled. “Damn nicca,” he smirked, pullin off his shorts and boxers with a quickness. “You KNOW u can't be all in my face showin dat pretty azz…” and before I knew what he was gonna do, he grabbed me round my waist and up-ended me on the bed, landin on top of me.

We laffed together as we play-wrestled naked, our sweaty big black dicks and nairy nuttsacks grindin up on each other, his sexy sweaty body pressin against my sweaty ass body, da scent of us together makin me horny as all hell. After two years together this nicca still makes me MADD horny, jus like the first time when we was in ATL at Club 112 on da dance floor.

He stopped wrestling and looked at me, his dark eyes so deep… I always got madd lost in em, all the time. “Yo, Mar- you know how much I luv u?” he said then, seriously, his breathin slowin down, his lips lookin madd sexy to me, my breath caught up.

“Yeah nicca,” I said, smiling at him, feelin his 10.5 inch thick azz dick growin against the spot underneath my nuttsack. “You let me know ee’ry day.”

He leaned over an kissed me, his tongue slidin against my own tongue, his soft ass lips smashin against mine, makin my 9 inch thick ass dick begin to swell up. I grabbed his powerful muscular arms and pulled him all the way down on me as we got meshed in a blend of hot sweaty nicca flesh- and then we heard a shout outside da door.

“Yo Mar! Joop! Where yall AT?!?” It was our boy Rah-Rah- sounded like he was comin up da stairs...

“Got-DAMNIT,” Joop growled, the mood broken. In a flash we were scrambling off the bed, Joop grabbin his shorts and the towel, dipping into my bathroom while I called out, “Yo up here, Rah…” I pulled my shorts back on without the boxers just as the door banged open. Rah-Rah was at the hoop court with me and Joop, he must have followed us here…

“Yo sup, where Joop at,” Rah-Rah asked as the sound of shower water started up in the bathroom. “I’m waitin for him to get out the shower,” I replied as I picked up my boxers and flung em into the nearby hamper. “My pop’s makin dinner.”

“Yeah, Mr. Clark told me yall was up here,” Rah-Rah said, floppin his ass down on my bed. “Yo did u see dat new honey-” he just stopped then, and I was aware that I only had on my b-ball shorts and my dick hadn’t gone all the way down- it was poking at half strength. I turned away from Rah-Rah, hopin that he wasn’t starin at my dick… “Yo, did you get the new Assault CD?” I said, tryin to take the attention away from me (just in case) as the shower water droned on.

“Uhhh, naw- not yet,” he said slowly, like he was distracted on sumthin. But anyway, what yall doin after dinner, he asked. “Come over to da crib, and I’ll bust yo ass in NBA 2K5… you down?”

“Yeah no doubt, always up for PS2,” I said with a smile. Rah-Rah smiled back, eyes all lit up. “Bet- I’ll get sum munchies an shyt.”

“Yo, u better get da Jacardi Apple joints too, Joop drink those like water,” I said.

It was my imagination just then but I thought the smile on Rah-Rah’s face got forced when I mentioned Joop. “Yeah, yeah, I got u,” he said, but he suddenly didn’t seem as psyched as he was a minnit ago. I frowned at him. “Yo Rah- ee’rything iight..?”

The shower water abruptly ended. On cue Rah-Rah jumped up off the bed. “Yeah-yeah, I’m good… I’ll let yall …do yall thing,” he said, headin for the door. “Tell Joop I said sup,” he mumbled as he closed the door behind him before I could say anything else.

That was madd weird, I thought to myself. It’s almost as if he was givin me and Joop …alone time.

The bathroom door opened up. “Yo sup,” Joop said, towel wrapped around his chiseled waist, the smell of Lever 2000 and fresh scrubbed nicca nutts filled the room. “Where Rah-Rah went?”

“He… bounced,” I said with hesitation.

Joop noticed my vibe. “Yo what he said to you? U iight?”

I thought a minnit before I answered. “I’m iight,” I said, grabbin my own towel and smiling at Joop as I slid my shorts back off. “He told us to come over and get up with that 2K5 for a while. He getting munchies too, them Jacardi Apple joints…”

Joop shook his head at the lost opportunity to be alone together. “Damn- we can't say no now, he know we aint doin nuthin else… and tryin to stay here alone, he might ask questions on that shyt,” he said. “Damn, baby.” He came over to me and put his arms around me.

I held Joop close, his warm, damp body smelling like new soap. “We got all nite later on, Joop- bet on dat,” I assured him.

He looked at me, dark eyes glittering. “How bout we bet on who gettin up in da azz 2nite on da game? Best 3 outta 5; if you lose u gettin a new azzhole ripped in 2nite nicca,” he grabbed on my ass cheek and squeezed.

“Oh werd,” I countered; “and if I win..?”

“U aint winnin.” Joop smirked dat half-smile I liked so much.

We’ll see bout that, I said, kissin him and going into the shower. Once under the water I pushed the weird vibe Rah-Rah gave me outta my mind. Me and Joop were always careful; I could BET there was NO way Rah-Rah suspected anything…


Dinner was perfect, I had to admit- I found the makings of a chicken casserole in the cabinet and served it with a vegetable medley. As usual, however, Lamar and Malik talked to (only) each other all the while, cleaned their plates and left the table, bounding up the stairs without even realizing I was there- in about seven minutes (I timed them).

As usual I felt like a part of the wall, or one of the place settings. Before I could even open my mouth to say something about it this time, I heard them bounding back down the stairs, the kitchen door swinging open. The sounds of ‘Be back later, Pop!’ and ‘See ya, Mr. Clark!’ accompanied the bang of the screen door.

I sat at the table, chagrined. After spending an hour at least cooking, the actual dinner session, all in all, lasted for only 10 minutes. And Malik shouldn’t be going out anyway- he was starting his new job at the mall tomorrow; in accordance with his parole he had to keep a job at all times- even though his parole was up in a couple of months, he could still get it revoked if he didn’t keep to our schedule if the parole board found out.

Then I calmed down, smiling to myself. Lamar and Joop are both 20 now, and still so much in love it’s almost embarrassing to see them together when we’re all alone here in the house; they are allowed to not think too clearly right now. I sighed, getting up to put the dirty dishes into the kitchen sink, opting to wash them by hand instead of using the dishwasher (Joe teases me about that all the time yet I used the wash time as therapy; it helps me think. Tomorrow I was headed back to work to meet my new law partner; although I preferred to work alone, the senior partners, impressed at my success with my work up at the prison, had ‘insisted’ that I train other lawyers to double as PO’s in order to make the firm top-notch.

This was why I took the day off, to prepare for the intrusion of another person in my office, sharing my personal space. I was glad of the chance to be alone though… it’s times like this I can admit to myself that it’s not going so well being with Joe… I mean, he looks at me the same way that Malik looks at Lamar. But I don’t look back at Joe the same way Lamar looks back at Malik. Lamar knows; he and I have talked, father to son, about it.

My son knows that I don’t really love Joe; I don’t think I ever really did.

I stood at the sink, washing the dishes, mulling it over in my mind. Joe is the perfect lover. He’s kind, thoughtful, considerate, very passionate, and very thorough in his love-making (his body is amazing, the fact that he’s well-gifted in the dick department isn’t bad, either). He’s mature enough to know not to mix up our business relationship at the prison with our personal relationship (something not really easy to do). And he loves me with all his heart.

The problem is, I’ve only been going through the motions for a while now, smiling when I’m supposed to; being the dutiful lover, giving him all the ass he can stand (and THEN some), taking trips and making wonderful memories with him; the understanding and compassionate friend.

But that’s just it, I admitted to myself. In my heart I know that I only see him as a friend- a friend with ‘benefits’. When he says that he loves me I… hesitate. I say it back, but I don’t feel it.

Not at all.

I’m a damned good liar, though, because he doesn’t see the truth- either because he can't or he doesn’t want to see it. Whatever the case, I had to talk to someone about what’s beginning to broil in my heart.

Some weekends we fellas do the father/son thing (something Lamar came up with for Malik and Joe to have some alone time, to get to know each other better); one of those weekends while Lamar and I were on a camping trip I told him how I was feeling. He responded with sympathy and by solemnly swearing that he would never tell anyone about this.

The only thing I didn’t come clean with was the fact that to date, the only person who made me feel things deeply- like passionate-type feelings- was that brief time I was having sex with Malik while he was my parolee, before I found out that he was also my son’s best friend (and lover) Joop. I think I got with Joe because of the way he reminded me of Malik, but after a time I realized that it wasn’t about Malik at all- Malik just made me feel something, and Joe doesn’t.

I’d secretly wished for a long time that Joe could become that person that I felt something for, but it hasn’t happened. I now know that maybe just having someone is better than being alone, wishing for what I can't have. That private admission does not sit well with me, but I’m… content with Joe, and he’s happy- why not just keep things the way they are..? And I always have Lamar to talk to if it gets too much every so often.

The phone rang, pulling me out of my reverie. I stared down at the sink and realized that not only had I washed all the dishes, but I had dried them and put them all away, and I was just standing there with the dishtowel in my hand, my other hand gripping the sink. The phone kept on ringing. Striding over to the wall, I picked it up, expecting to hear Joe's voice.

“Clark residence…”

“Hello,” a deep and very sensual voice sounded on the other line. The spot under my nuts twinged- damn he sounded sexy, whoever this was..!

“Hello,” I responded, “who’s calling please?”

“I-I’m looking for Daniel Clark,” the voice said. “My name’s Trey- Trey Smith. I’ll be working with you, starting tomorrow.”

My mind said to me that I should be very irritated that this guy would dare to call me at home. But my mouth betrayed me. “Oh, yes, Mr. Smith… how are you?”

“Fine, thanks- I know I shouldn’t have called you at home, but I wanted to talk to you outside the office, if you didn’t mind. Tomorrow we’ll be officially partners- but before that happens, I wanted to have a drink with you or something, if that’s iight with you.”

I was instantly impressed; he obviously wanted to smooth out any wrinkles as soon as possible. His slight use of Ebonics suggested that he wanted to deal with me on a ‘just us guys’ level. Intrigued beyond my will, I agreed. “Sure, where’d you like to meet?”

He cleared his throat. “Ummm, how about Clancy’s on 5th?” he said, the relief evident in his voice that I was okay with all this. “In about a half hour?”

“Sure- I’ll get dressed and be there,” I said pleasantly, my nuts doing a little twist of excitement.

“See you there.” And he hung up.

I had bounded half-way up the stairs before I realized that I still had the kitchen phone in my hand. Amazed that I was that excited about meeting this guy, I turned back and returned the receiver to the kitchen wall. Oh, boy, I said to myself as I went back to the stairway and started up. If my body and my dick is already reacting to this guy’s voice alone, how in HELL am I going to be able to work with him every day…?

Not even five minutes into knowing my new law partner and I knew (deep down) for a certainty- that my relationship with Joe was in TROUBLE…


Me an 'Mar wuz kikkin da shyt outta Rah-Rah in 2K5, we had ‘im runnin fo cover; our skillz on da game wuz as good as when we out on da court. I was madd proud of my shorty, but I hadda remember me an 'Mar had our own side bet goin down, whoever got da most shot-points wuz gettin to run up in da loser 2nite- an I wasn’t losin.

Ee’n though I already get da azz at least three-2-four timez a week I still pheen on Mar's pretty tyte sexy azzcheeks like I’m on def row an dat phatty iz my last meal- I know its mo than dat tho, itz just dat I love this nicca soooo much that I jus cant git enuff of him, not never...

“Yeah did u know that da game was supposed ta be PLAYED, not just sittin hurr starin at u?” I teased Rah-Rah. “How you not gonna rip dis game up yo? Do you e’en know HOW ta play?”

“Yo ease up Joop, he havin a hard time as it is, us up in here bussin his azz on his own game,” Mar said to me, defendin Rah-Rah an dissin him at da same time. Lookin over at da nicca I noticed how his eyes lit up when Mar took up for him- more than just gratitood…

I frownd to myself. What does this nicca got in mind..? I know this iz my nicca Rah-Rah, he been runnin wit me an Mar for da longest… but all dat time I WUZ feelin Mar on da low; I wonder if I wuz da only one… then when I saw him reach down to pick up Mar's joystick when it fell outta his lap, and when he actually placed it BACK in my nicca’s lap, I stood up. “Yo we gotta bounce,” I said to Rah-Rah.

Mar looked shook for a minnit but recoverd an said, “Yeah-yeah Rah, we out.” Rah lookd madd tite about us leavin but he aint say nuthin but “Iight, see yall”, as we left.

We got outside, it was getting dark. “Yo u goin back to yo crib 2nite?” Mar askd me.

“Naw, I'm stayin over wit u,” I said as we walked quick to get back to Mar's block. We had beef over hurr in Rah-Rah hood and it was best we got outta there quick befo we saw sumone dat hadda get dealt wit- I AINT feel like gettin no blood on my new kicks.

Mar knew from my quick answer dat my ‘spidey-sense’ was out and searchin, lookin for trouble befo it found us. We crossed over two blocks and into Mar's hood, which was mo quieter, there was actual 9-5 niccas on Mar's block, not too much ghetto shyt. I relaxed up.

Mar looked at me. “Yo Joop, u iight?”

“Yeah I'm cool, u know I get tensed up when we over by Rah-Rah crib-”

“Naw that aint what I mean,” he said. I caught him givin me dat look- the one where I knew that he could see thru anything I could try to keep from him.

“What was dat about wit Rah-Rah back at his crib? You got iced up an den we bounced.”

“Naw yo,” I said, “I just felt… a vibe from da nicca and I hadda get outta there.”

“What vibe?” Mar askd. “What- u think he was really madd cause we clowned him on 2K5?”

“Naw, it wuz sumthin more than dat,” I said, frownin. I aint really wanna say whut wuz on my mind but I knew dat Mar could tell if I wuz lying so I just said it str8. “Iight, I thought- I thought he was jonezin on you for a minnit.”

Mar looked at me wit this stunnd look on his face. “C’mon, Joop- you can't mean dat,” he said after recoverin, half-smilin. We turned into his backyard and went up the stairs and into da house, takin da back way up to Mar bedroom. Mr. Clark’s door wuz closed but the TV lite wuz on so we knew he was up waitin for my pops to come in.

We got into Mar's room an pushed da door to. Mar and me let our guard down that we naturally keep up in the street, and he came over to me an put his arms around my waist, his head goin on my shoulder while I put my arms around his back and pulled him real close. We just stood there, quiet, holdin each other. It felt madd good to hold my nicca again. I wuz stil thinkin bout da way Rah-Rah was actin to Mar though. I hoped it wuz just my imagination, cuz if it wasn’t-

I felt Mar pull up a lil, starin up at me. “Yo STOP thinkin bout Rah-Rah- I ain't feelin him and he AINT feelin me,” he said wit a mean-azz look in his eye. I could never tell my nicca NO, so I put dat shyt outta my head- for now.

“What u need,” he said, pullin me to da bed, “is sum of this…” and he took my handz and put em under his shorts, on his bare round sexy azz. My fingers slid right between da crack and felt his thugg hair all over dat hole which squeezd when I touched it.

“Damn nicca,” I breathd az Mar put his armz round my waist an put his head on my shouldr while he stretched his legs open more so I could get my whole hand around dat hole.

My dick jumped like it wuz starvin. “Yo who won da tournament tho,” I was half-sayin, but Mar shushed me by placing his butter soft sexy azz full lips on mine, letting me taste dat tongue az he swirled it against mine. My heart wuz beatin like I jus ran a marathon or sum, Mar alwayz do dat to me.

He whisperd, “You really care who won..?”

“Naw,” I said, pullin him closer, mumblin “Fuk dat game”… I pushed him on da bed and slid his clothes off under me while I wuz kissin him. He pulld mine off and we ground nekkid into each other…


I leand down to lift up Mar's legs, he began to moan real soft and low like a real nicca… dat shyt drove me wild. I leaned over and lappd the space between his nuttsack and his azz, lettin my spit dribble down to wet up his hairy azz hole.

“Joop, Joop, god, baby-boi,” he breathd. His muscle legs jerrkd eerytime my tongue struck dat spot, and I suddenly raised em in da air and bit down on dat winkin azzhole litely- wit my teeth.

“Got-damn Joop,” Mar moaned, jumpin around on da bed, like he tryin ta git away from me...

“SHHHH,” I said, flickin my tongue over and over, his legs shudderin madd hard each time I traced dat real sensitive spot on him. I knew it was makin him crazy an also make him pheen hard for dis 10.5 inch dick I got for him… but he was gonna FEEL it 2nite. While my tongue wuz up on dat spot under his nutts Mar was grabbin pillows, bedsheets, eerything he could get a grip on… dat shyt was makin me harder than a mafucka.

“Joop FUCK me nicca- STOP PLAYIN,” Mar yelld out.

“Nicca SHHHH,” I said, flippin him over an spreadin his legs out. He grabbd a pillow an hid his face, tryin to stop dat loud moanin shyt. He knew what I wuz bout ta do and he wuz getting ready… I got in between his legs an witout warnin BAM! I slid my thick, 10.5 inch veiny cut thugg dick up in his hairy juicy nicca azz- up to the base all at once. My nutts smashd against hiz hole like a glove on a hand.

Mar jumpd and hollard in da pillow, tossin about. “Dat’s whut I'm talkin bout nicca,” I groaned az dat sweet nicca azz gulped up my dick, dem warm wallz grippin on it tite. I knew he hadda wait to loosen up- dats how azz iz- but I aint FEEL like waitin. I started jail-housin on Mar, da way I seen it happen to dem pussie niccas when I wuz lockd up in prison last year. I grippd his legs and bent down, grinding my thik azz dick deep and deeper in them thugg cheeks, feelin dat azz stretch out, curvin to my dick… “Yeah nicca take dis dick, be my bitch, nicca,” I growled in his ear.

“Da HELL wit dat, nicca- I AINT 'bitch' on this, and I’ma prove dat shyt rite now,” Mar choked back; he startd thrown his azz back on me, wrestin with my dick- back an forth, this how we liked it- ruff an raw thugg-style az only da realest niccas could do.


Mar, too soon for my style, got used to da pounding my dick was throwin on his juicy pretty muscle azz, and suddenly I felt a grip like a vice on my thick azz dick. His muscles began to grind its own beat on my 10.5 inch dick, squeezin slow and strong, milkin my thick mushroom head over and over-

“Mar, stop..!” I gasped, dat azz- azz like da best pussy- was grippin me too tite, too tite too soon- he wuz gonna make me nutt too soon-

Mar simply growled at me, “FUCKMENICCA…” -reachin behind his head and grabbin my head, pullin me all da way down on him.

My dick wuz suddenly buried in dat deep, hot pretty juicy azz all da way down now, I felt the wet warmth on my nutts from dat hairy azz hole… and he started dat slow stroke again wit his azz muscles, slippin strong back an forth on my dick, makin it thicker and thicker, it was stiffening rock strong-

“JJJOOOP,” Mar hollard in the pillow, beginnin to shake, his grip on my dick suddenly 3x stronger, “JJOOOOP IMMMAA NUTTT NICCAAAA…!!!”


…I felt Mar’s ass jerk like whoa! and then madd warm wetness all on my thighs as his thighs buckd and squeezed… that did it for me.

“AWWW DAAAAMMNNN NIIIICCAAAAA,” I moaned, bitin his neck as my nutts screwed up an my big azz dick just blew off in his azz, sprayin nutt over and over… I grabbed his head, his face, my body was shakin outta control, my dick was still bein milkd non-stop by dat azz grip over an over-

“MARRRR STOPPPPP,” I yelped; “NIIIIICCAAAAA DDAAAAMMMNNN YYYEEAHHHH NIIIICCAAA,” as my nut coated his azz, drippin as it always do outta dat strong splash-off an runnin down his legs. I jerkd one mo time and then I pulld off of him and fell on da bed, gaspin fo breaf.

"So who's da bitch now, NICCA," Mar breathed, tryin to catch his wind, grinnin.

I lay next to him, too drained to get up. "Yeah nicca, you-you got dat one," I panted, smilin bac. "I love u sunn…"

"Yeah, I love u too," Mar said, real gentle like an shyt. Then he grinned back at me. "I won the tournament though."

Dat did it. I jumped up, tired az I was, and tried to get Mar in a headlock. We wrestled on da bed, laffin madd hard, bare-azz, drained, nutts hurtin, dicks sore, but happier than anyone on da earth. I don’t even know how I coulda thought dat Rah-Rah was a threat…


Rah-Rah closed the back screen door as quietly as he’d closed the upstairs door. This came from years of practice; he had always known how to get into the Clark house without anyone’s notice; he had done it on many occasions, breaking into the house since he was a little kid, just to watch Lamar sleeping. He was real good at it, because Lamar never caught on, or even knew.

A small part of Rah-Rah rationalized that Lamar must have known about it, and probably couldn’t sleep properly anymore without Rah-Rah there to protect him.

Sometimes Rah-Rah would stay the whole night, just listening to him breathe in, breathe out- once in a while hoping that he would catch Lamar sleeping in the nude, as he did sometimes now that they were older. He would just sit in the chair in Lamar’s bedroom in the dark, watching him sleep, his breathing deep and even- and as he watched, he fell in love with him.

As the years passed and Rah-Rah continued to creep most nights into Lamar’s bedroom, he grew past just loving him to worshiping him- Lamar was worthy of his props, anything he wanted from Rah-Rah.

Rah-Rah was waiting for the right time to tell Lamar that he had tatooed Lamar’s initials into his chest over his heart next to his own, but then Joop started hanging around more than ever, since right before he got locked up. Joop became Lamar’s best friend, not him.

As if Rah-Rah ever thought he would never have a chance with someone who was so perfect, so phyne, too good for this earth. Lamar had to be protected. Lamar had to be cared for.

Lamar had to be his.

Joop did Rah-Rah a great service by getting with Lamar- he owed Joop for helping him to finally fid out that Lamar was attainable. Before this unexpected turn of events he never suspected that Lamar might get down, especially with a lawyer/cop for a father.

But now that he knew that his dreams of love with Lamar were more than possible, it was practically assured- Joop would have to get out of the way, of course… to finally have Lamar as his lover for all time, all Rah-Rah had to do was take care of the particulars, those pesky little details.

Like killing Joop.


Earlier that evening…

The boys were only gone ten minutes before I was dressed and on the way to my car, mildly wondering if Lamar hadn’t taken the Lexus with him when he and Malik dashed out the door. It was still there, so I figured they hadn’t gone too far.

So much the better, I smiled to myself as I got behind the wheel and backed out of the driveway.

I drove down the street and turned towards the direction of Clancy’s Bar, wondering what I was actually expecting to find when I got there. This made me reflect very heavily on Joe- was I such an emotionally void with him that I saw pies in the sky anywhere else the wind shifted? I mean, this Smith guy only asked to meet and have a drink together to break the ice at the office, he didn’t ask for dick; calm down, I berated myself.

I pulled into the parking lot at Clancy’s, feeling a strong need to tell Joe that we should talk. Whatever the case, something had to change, and soon.

I went inside and saw someone who looked like they had a lawyer’s shift about them- a middle-aged, balding guy dressed in a dark suit with a loosened black tie, sitting at the other end of the bar. He was looking nervously around while he nursed his drink.

‘Oh shit,’ I said to myself- so this is the one who’s going to help me get over Joe, huh..? I shook my head ruefully, chastising myself for even going there in my mind- and then the sexy-assed voice I heard on the phone sounded right behind me:

“Mr. Clark..? Dan?”

I turned around to see who had called me- and my knees turned to jelly. Standing before me was a 6’2, light-skinned, phyoine ass man I’d ever seen, with the sexiest light brown eyes ever- that naturally complimented his flawless skin, with moustached-rimmed full lips, pink and moist, curving in a smile which revealed even, white teeth. He was wearing a light colored, summer-cut suit and tie, that he looked fully relaxed in.

I saw that he had broad, muscle-bound shoulders, and a slim look to his physique- the kind of body that made girls wet their panties and straight men leak pre-cum without realizing why. I could smell on him a mix of what was obviously his man-scent and what was unmistakably the fruit-smell of … of JOOP..!

It wafted through my nostrils, sending hot messages straight to my asshole, which grew moist instantly. He stood just that much taller than me and my senses went reeling underneath. On the surface, however, he caught me staring.

He smiled a half-smile; the kind of smile that reminded me of someone… whoever it was, they didn’t matter to me right now. All I wanted was to KNOW this guy… “You’re the one who called me? Mr. Smith?” I said, hoping against hope that this was who I came to meet.

“Yeah, I called you- I’m Trey Smith,” the incredibly sexy man replied.

Relief washed though me like a cascade of water. This was Trey- not that boring guy at the counter. I smiled too widely, the excitement probably all over my face. Pleased to meet you, I said, taking his outstretched hand and shaking it, keeping back the wild passion that rushed though me from touching him.

We hit it off immediately, Trey and I- we sat at the back of the bar talking for what seemed like only minutes, and casually checking the time I realized with a shock that it was actually over an hour that we had spent getting to know one another. I had told him about my divorce about Lamar (leaving out a few salient points, of course), and how the double-duty of parole Officer/ lawyer actually was beneficial in many ways with clients and inmates alike- especially for those who were one in the same.

Trey spoke little of his life- he was born into the foster care system and spent several years in and out of foster homes, until being adopted by the Smith family when he was 9 years old. Before that he hadn’t done too well in school, but once he had a stable home with a family he grew to love, he excelled and was awarded a scholarship to Harvard Law right out of college. The firm had been bargaining to get this guy for a while, and he finally accepted when he discovered what new and inventive steps we were taking to re-invent the law profession, combining with the parole board.

“And that’s why I decided to accept the job with WolfRam and Hart,” Trey was explaining as he downed his fourth shot glass of 151. The firm seems cutting edge, and I wanted to be a part of that.” He looked at me then, and hesitated. “I … specifically asked to be partnered with you,” he admitted sheepishly.

My ass twitched so violently when he said that, I had to re-position myself in my chair. “Okay,” I said evenly. “Because I was the guinea pig in this pet project of WolfRam & Hart’s?” I asked.

“Well, I’ve been following your career in the firm for a while,” he said, a red tinge on his cheeks, his hands idly playing with the empty shot glass. “I have to admit that I find you- I mean your work with the firm- fascinating.” He suddenly put his glass down on the table and excused himself to the bathroom. I watched him walk away; it seemed like he was holding his hands in a protective way- like he didn’t want anyone to see his crotch.

I sat there, stymied. He had gotten hard talking to me..! Prudence suggested that I wait patiently for him to fix himself and return to the table where we would make our goodbyes and go our separate ways… but since my dick had taken over my rationale I got up and headed for the restroom myself.

I opened the door and went inside, closing it behind me softly. The semi-clean, dark-paneled restroom was small- only one urinal and one commode. There was a lock on the inside in case others should try to enter when it was too crowded. Trey was standing at the urinal, eyes closed. He hadn’t noticed anyone else coming into the bathroom- and I could understand why.

All his attention was directed to his fist slipping back and forth over the hugest dick I had ever seen to date. The mushroom head flared in a sexy curve, and the veiny shaft glistened with his spit and pre-cum. It was thick and pretty; it stretched from where he was standing to almost touch the inside of the urinal. The smell of dick rose throughout the small room, invading my nostrils and making me move towards Trey before I could stop myself. In one motion I sank to my knees, grabbed his dickhead and put it in my mouth. Trey’s eyes opened up in shock as I swallowed his thick dick down as far as I could go.

Trey choked out- “Yo-yo… oh, damn- no, stop… oh shit- Dan, we can't…” but then his sex instincts took over and he grabbed the back of my head, driving the rest of his dick down my throat.

My gag reflex kicked in and I laid my head against his belt buckle as he began fucking my face HARD. He was moaning as I slid my lips back and forth over his monster dick- “Dan, aww Danny… I want you so bad…”

He pulled me up from the floor and smashed his lips into mine, choking me again with his tongue. His powerful arms gripped me up tightly and pushed me against the wall as I submitted to his ferocious kiss- it was like falling into a Calgon bath… the room spun and the ongoing kiss slurped, caressed, gripped, and moaned as we pulled each other closer again and again, over and over-

The bathroom door knob turned and we pulled away from each other quick as lightning. The balding guy from earlier had come inside- and stopped, seeing Trey at the urinal and me at the sink, washing his hands. I exited the bathroom then and went back to the table, my hands shaking, my lips still tingling where Trey had just kissed the living shit out of me.

After seconds had passed, Trey sat back down at the table as well. He and I just looked at one another for about a minute, saying nothing, regaining our composure. Then he got up and went to pay the tab, and came back to the table. “You wanna get outta here?” he said; “let’s take a drive.”

“Okay,” I said, realizing that I didn’t want to leave Trey for the night just yet. I got up from the table and, realizing that this is the most excited I’ve been in a long time, hurried after him.

We drove for a while in silence, the soft sounds of R. Kelly's 12 PLAY coming from the stereo. Trey handled my car like a seasoned pro, his scent and that Joop cologne wafting through my senses, making me crazy. The events of the last half-hour ran back and forth through my mind, strangling me with its brutal reality.

How could I have been so sloppy, so careless..?

Was I so emotionally frustrated with my relationship with Joe that I would jump on the first good-looking dick that came across my path? Was there something about Trey besides his sexy manner and humongous dick that appealed to me? Or was that all there was to it…?

“You’re talkin a mile a minute over there, I can hardly hear myself think."

Trey’s deep, sexy ass voice had cut into my inner torture. I looked over at him, the sight of his incredibly handsome and (strangely) familiar face made my blood rise like it never did with either Joe or Malik. "I’m sorry I’m so quiet, I was just thinking." I hesitated. "Did we ever meet before..?"

He studied my face quietly; after a silence he shook his head. "Nope, partna," he said. "I would remember a sexy kat like you if I had seen you before."

I nodded absently, thinking to myself the very same thing about him. I turned my face back towards the window, ashamed. "I can't believe I just did that," I said finally.

"You mean, what went on in the bathroom at Rodi’s?" Trey said, a wicked twinkle in his voice.

"I’m serious, Trey," I went on, turning back to him; "don’t tease me right now. What happened in the bathroom- that was totally inappropriate." Trey had, by this time, found an off-road area for us to turn into. The car slid to a stop under a stand of trees which fronted a dark mass of forest. No one was around for miles, I was certain.

Trey shut the car off, the only light shining now that the car was off was the starlight which peeked in at us through the dark stand of trees; unusually bright for it just being stars out with no moon. He looked at me. "You didn’t do nuthin wrong, partna," he said with an amused look.

I rushed on, caught up in my shame. "I didn’t know whether you were down like that or not, I just leapt up on you like a crazy-assed homo while you were at the urinal trying to mind your business and take a piss," I reprimanded myself. "It’s not like you have a big-ol pink sign that reads ‘gay’ on your chest, I didn’t even take the time to ask-"

"Did you happen to NOTICE what I was doing at the urinal," Trey interrupted my self-flagellation. "I wasn’t taking a piss, partna."

"W-Well, I stammered, I just saw that you had a very large, uhh-"

"I was tryin to get my dick to go down, is what I was doin," he said abruptly with a half-smile, the one that made my dick jump. "At the table I was getting so turned on by you that I was tryin to jerk it off real quick before you saw me sitting at the table next to you while I had a hard-on," he smiled again. "It’s not that easy to hide once it wakes up, you see."

"I have to admit that I did notice that much…" I started to say- and then what he just said hit home to me like a ton of bricks. "Did you just say that- that I was making you hard at the table? Was I saying something..?"

He smiled that dammed half-smile once more. "No, you were just being you, relaxed and easy-going. You are incredibly sexy," he said, leaning over towards me, his full, soft-pink lips shining in the moonlight. "And you made me feel like we’ve known each other for years. I know it’s a flaky thing to say-"

"No," I breathed back, feeling him move nearer to me, closer- "it’s not flaky at all. I feel the same way."

"Oh, good," he murmured, his arms reaching out for mine. "I just felt that I had to have you, right then and there, and I didn’t wanna stop either."

And before I could get another word out he gently leaned in and caressed my lips with his own. My heart was going a mile a minute. A shiver of sexual current glided through me and struck right in my balls and asshole, which twitched so violently I pulled back from his warm mouth. "What’s wrong," he asked, sensing my hesitation.

"I... can't do this," I said to him, shaking my head and leaning back. "I just can't."

He looked at me a moment, and then leaned back in his seat. "So how long have you been with your lover," he asked out-right.

I looked over at him, startled- then realized that it must have been obvious. "Almost a year," I said feebly. "He’s a good man, does and says all the right things, and makes me happy."

"Then why’d you attack my dick in the bathroom like a starving man, then?" he asked knowingly.

"I-I-" I started to respond and then stopped. He had me dead to rights, but damned if I was going to let him know that- of all the egotistical…

"Obviously, and no disrespect to him- but your lover doesn’t do anything for you- emotionally, that is," he correctly interpreted my situation.

"Wait a minute," I began heatedly. "You don’t know anything about my situation."

"Well, let me see, I think I can figure it out…" he said, fixing me with a penetrating stare that silenced my continuing protests. "You dream day after day for him to matter to you, but he doesn’t, no matter how good he treats you. Sexually he helps you get a nutt, but you don’t blow off like you know you could, like you know you wish he could make you. Am I right?"

He moved closer, his glittering eyes dancing with inner fire, taking my breath from me. "I know I'm right, you don’t have to say it aloud. It’s all on the surface, your perfect 'arrangement'," he was saying with dark confidence. He leaned over his seat towards me, his brown eyes still glittering in the starlight... I was easily caught in their way of drawing you into them and getting lost in their sexiness…

"You don’t feel anything inside for him- no fire, no passion- he’s safe to you, comfortable, complacent."

I began to breathe faster, his words striking every part of my body, as it yearned for his touch like wildfire.

"You want someone who’s not safe. You want someone who’ll make you submit," he said as he reached out and pulled me to him. "You don’t want a 'lover', you want a NIGGA," he breathed low and deep in my ear, his sexy voice sending my asshole tingling shots again like it was just stung by a wasp.

"You want that nigga that will toss you around on the bed and rape you like a jailhouse shower scene and you’ll know it was the best lovemaking of your life. You want a nigga to take you out and treat you like the man you are, buy you the best of everything, play cards with, go camping with, and grind your ass like it belongs to him and him alone all night, EVERY night.

“You want to look at your nigga and know he frustrates the SHIT out of you, the same nigga that you regret, that same nigga like you’ve never met- that’s the nigga that’ll make your heart beat fast, make your blood boil over whenever he comes into a room, partna- that’s what you want, aint it?" he growled in my ear, nibbling the lobe and causing my already too-hardened dick to jump-stream pre-cum in my slacks.

My breathing was ragged and harsh by this time and I was surprised to find tears standing in the corner of my eyes; my resolve was slipping away as he grabbed my face and looked at me, his scent turning me on like no one ever had in my whole LIFE.

"Say it, partna," he whispered, his lips pink and moist from biting on my earlobe, his breath cinnamon and spiced Corona- I was going out of my mind. "AINT THAT WHAT YOU NEED, PARTNA?"

"Y-Y-Yes," I gasped in between breaths as the last of my resolve (and my loyalty to Joe) broke. "P-P-Please, I need that so much…" A lone tear broke free and slid down my cheek in my frustration.

He answered by pressing his lips on mine again, his mouth parting my lips open and his tongue sliding into my open, hungry mouth. I gulped for air, becoming dizzy as Trey pulled me out of my seat and over his, our lips and tongues gnashing as we clawed at each other together in a blend of masculine heat.

I had experienced intense sex with Joe, but this was like nothing I had ever prepared for. With Joe it was just sex, with Trey it was- it was lovemaking at its most primal core. With each caressed sexy masculine kiss I FELT Trey enter my head- enter my mind. It was like emotionally being slowly eaten alive, I was losing myself in this intense passion that I gobbled up like a starving, drowning man- at the same time feeling- finally, FEELING- more alive than I had felt since forever.

One of his arms slid down my back as the other arm lowered the car seat, giving us more room. He finally found his way underneath my slacks to grasp my plump, hairy ass-cheeks, his finger finding my crack and pushing its way inside.

My hole clenched up like a vice, and I moaned aloud. "I wanna make you mine tonight, partna," he said in between caressing my tongue with his and biting it with his front teeth. "You aint going back to that 'man'," he said, sliding me over his body with little effort; "he ain't nigga enough for you."

I tried to protest, I couldn’t just leave Joe like that- but my body betrayed me, and I knew that in my heart I’d already left him the moment I first met Trey…

Trey managed to not only get his trousers and boxers down to his feet but also to work my slacks down to my ankles and lifted one leg free of the restraining cloth. Naked from the waist down, I straddled him and felt his massive dick stretching the length of my legs, sticking all the way out behind me. It was like resting on a small log as we melded into that long-lasting kiss that sent spurts of current up and down my spine.

Trey’s dick was getting thicker and longer, it started throbbing against the underside of my nuttsack, right up against my back door. Removing his finger from my hole he reached in between our lips and wet his fingers on our combined spit. I could taste my ass juices on his finger. "MMMmmmmm," he murmured as between us we licked his fingers off, making them nice and wet. "Yeah partna," he said, grabbing me afresh; "you takin this dick right now, fuck everything else."

I couldn’t think, his voice, his lips and his man-handling made me weak in the knees. I raised up so that he could get at his massive, throbbing juicy big dick. He grabbed it, stroked the huge mushroom tip wet with our spit, and suddenly I felt like my whole body was being opened up from the inside.

Goddamn, his dick was HUGE.

I was so turned on my body was opening before him; it actually felt like my organs were moving out of the way to make room for the dick of Death… and all the while he was whispering in my ear- "...yeah partna, take this big ass dick baby, awww damn… yeah you gonna take all this dick- shyt its already half in you, partna; cummere, lemme get sum more up in there baby-boy… shhhhh.... ahhhh yeah, yeah nigga," and on and on he murmured in my ear, my senses were driving wild with desire. My hole twitched and this intense look of pleasure spread across Trey’s face.

"Aww baby shyt, you gonna make me nutt too quick," he said, panting. "Dont do that no more," he pleaded, still inching his dick more and more into my aching ass.

"Ahhh- how big is this dick," I gasped, too wound up to say anything else.

"About 12.5 inches," he grunted, pushing in steady.

"DAYUM," I moaned, and as if on cue my asshole opened up wider when I heard how much wa trying to get up in me; it slid in a couple more inches then. By now Trey's big ass dick felt like it was in my stomach and going up past my lungs.

I had never had a dick that big in my asshole before- the idea of it was making me crazy. All of a sudden I felt his bushy nutts up against my back door. I had him all the way inside me now. We stopped for a moment to get my ass adjusted to such a length. He was looking at me with astonishment.

"No one’s ever taken all of it on the first try," he said in wonder. "Damn, we was meant to do this," he smiled with crazed lust.

"Hell yeah," I panted back, and I felt his dick tickling my ribcage from the inside. That feeling drove me crazy- I started to squeeze my muscles closed around his throbbing monster dick.


He screamed, and gabbed my waist and started ramming his dick up in me while I rode him like a rodeo- I rose up and down on his lap, clenching and unclenching my ass around his dick that thrust up in me up and down, in and out- Trey moaned again and threw his head on the back of the seat as his throbbing dick was hitting all my insides and sending my dick endless shivers of heat. It rose stiffer than I ever saw it in my life, my 9-inch looked like it was almost 10 inches now- and it started tapping against Trey’s chest in time to the thrusts, hitting his pecs like a brick over and over… low, masculine horny moans began to echo back from the surrounding trees, and if anyone was out there they would know two men were wrestling each other in the most guttural love-making two men could make. Loud squishing noises filled the car as my asshole got so wet from sweat and ass man-juice for that thrusting dick, it dripped like a hairy pussy. This drove Trey crazy because he started thrusting that hard, juicy big light brown sweaty dick harder than he had before, long-dicking me at top speed, his hairy, heavy golf-sized balls smashing against my hole over and over, taking us both to the brink- my head was banging against the top of the car, the car began to shake, the smell os Trey’s dick and my ass juice combined with Joop cologne and mixed in my nostrils, making me woozy and on fire… sweat poured off my face and chest and fell like rain on Trey’s chest as he pistoned me over and over, and my dick was slick from sliding in between our moistened chests. It felt so good that I was close, about to-

My orgasm hit me with something akin to pain. I suddenly blew, my dick spraying gobs of my hot nutt over Trey- his face, his chest, his sexy muscle arms-

"FUCKMEMUTHAFUCKAGOTDAYUMDICKMENIGGA!!!!" I yelled, the force of the nutt washing through me again and again as my swollen-as-rock dick shot off into the air as I rode his long thick ass dick, feeling my hole slide up and down its length. It hit Trey in the face, drippin off his chin like milk. Wave after wave of pleasure shot through me and I got real dizzy and I clamped down on his dick with my ass muscles in reflex.

Trey lost control then.

"AWWWWSHYYYYYTTTTNIGGGA,AHAHHAAAAAHHHHHHYYYEEEEAAAHHHHHHTAKKKKEEMYYYNUUUTTTPARRRTTTNNNNNAAAAAAHH," he yelled as the squishing noise in my asshole got more pronounced, his heavy warm cum filling inside me, some of it spilling down his already wet dick and splashing on our inner thighs. He shook all over with spasms, his big black monster thick ass dick shuddering as he spit creamy nutt-juice over and over, his arms grabbing me up in a vice grip I couldn’t get out of even if I wanted to- which I didn’t, I wanted to stay locked together in this car on top of Trey’s thighs forever…

"…and that-that’s what you need, p-partna," he was panting, whispering low then in my ear, my nutt drippin off his goatee, his arms softly caressing my lower back- “a NIGGA… a nigga like ME.”

I got dizzy again then, so dizzy that just then everything went black.


I was in da shower, rinsing off from earlier this mornin- Joop hadda get up early for his first day at the new gig at the mall so I hadda send him off wit a smile on his lips... so ta speak.

I reached behind me to scrub my ass an felt how my hole still felt puffd up an a lil sore- it always wuz like dat right after me an Joop fukkd. I smiled thinkin of how he had got me against da wall a couple hourz ago, poundin da shyt outta me wit his big ass dick, excited az hell about his first day at work. Standin there in da shower fingerin my ass, I hoped that our lil session helped him calm down some. My dick got all hard then an I thought about jerkin it but I figured I’d save da nutt for Joop when he got off later. He was working at the store I copped his Timbs from for his comin home party last year, where I had got dat hoe for Rah-Rah cuzzin DJ Slyyce to fuck as payment for him D.J.’in da party. Not dat she knew the real reason she got to come to the party beforehand, though. Girls can be a sukka for a pretty face nicca- and I knew she still worked there as a manager so Joop’ll be iight since he a pretty nicca too. Thinkin bout how pretty SHE was, however, kept my dick up though.

I turned off the water and picked up the short face towel. I started dryin off my hair and, butt-ass and drippin, I went into my bedroom and grabbed my large towel off da bed, not lookin at what I was doin wit my face all in da towel. I bent over and started dryin my legs- and that’s when I realized that something in the room was… off.

I didn’t feel alone.

I stood up and, my dick still at half-mast, turned and looked behind me.

Rah-Rah was sittin on the chair in the corner by the window, a wide-eyed look on his face.

I jumped, startled out of my skin. “YO SUNN-” I yelped, fallin back on the bed stumbling.

Rah-Rah still aint said not one word by this time. I suddenly remembered I was still butt-ass, with a half-hard dick which was slowly moving back and forth right in front of Rah-Rah, who hadn’t blinked or nuthin, just sat there starin at me naked.

I grabbed my towel and put it in front of me. “AY YO- how did you get in hurr,” I said, still shook. “No one’s home to let you in.”

“The door was open,” Rah-Rah said, still starin at the bulge under my towel. I was waitin for you to get outta da shower.”

“Why you aint say nuthin, yell out ta let me know you wuz there?” I spat out, tryin to wrap my towel round myself without him seein what he wasn’t posed to see. “You just sittin there; damn, let a nicca know when you up in his crib..!”

“Sorry, I-” he started ta say, and then he turned his face away. “Yo get dressd,” he said, gettin up and goin for the door. “I’ll wait in da hall for you ta-”

“Naw, we men yo,” I said casually, hatin dat I hadda say it- “u could stay right there, we got da same shyt.”

He like hesitated, and then sat back down, lookin da other way. We started talkin bout lil lite shyt while I finishd dryin off an got dressd.

I knew if I had let him go wait in da hall like I was a girl and needed my privacy, he would KNOW sum was funny. I hadda play it loose to make sure he aint pick up on nuthin. Still, da way he LOOKED at my dick… I wondered then if my dick was bigger than his, which was why he mighta got so mesmerized by it- and it coulda been a trick of the light, but it seemed that while he was in da chair Rah-Rah had a lump in his jeanz… but I could been wrong about dat.

Rah-Rah aint down- of all people, me an Joop would picked up on it if he WAS.

“I-I just came by to see if yall wanted ta do sumthin,” Rah-Rah wuz sayin. “Where Joop at?”

“Oh, he started his new j-o today,” I answered, pulling on my white-tee, and sittin down on the bed to slip my socks on, tryin to shake that weird vibe that Rah-Rah had gave me. ‘That’s the second time he made me feel all weirded out,’ I thought to myself; da thought dat he MIGHT be starin at me like dat- well, I put dat outta my head rite quick. Rah-Rah jus aint get down like dat.”

“Yo Mar, since you free then,” Rah-Rah said, “you wanna come down to da mall wit me? We’ll go check out yo boi at his new gig.”

“Yeah, we could do dat,” I answered, my sudden excitement at seein Joop earlier than usual really comin thru in my voice without meanin it to.

Rah-Rah stiffened up a lil then, enuff for me to notice; then he seemed to get over it. “Yo when u ready we could get goin,” he said, headin for the door, all quiet-like. “I’ll get my whip, so be outside in like 10 mins.”And then he wuz gone.

I stoppd lacin up my kicks an stared after Rah-Rah. There was sum up wit him, I knew it; but I couldn’t place what wuz goin on wit him in my head at all. He seemd like he had a lil problem wit Joop, but for da life of me I couldn’t figure out what it could be… adjustin my sweats an grabbin my Du-Rag, I headed out da door after Rah-Rah.


Me an Rah-Rah had pulled up to the mall about ten minnits ago, and we were in da plaza area lookin at clothes stores an girlies an shyt, jus wanderin around till we could get over to Joop’s store. I was havin fun, lookin at da Folex watches in the Lourneau store, thinkin bout how much I needed dat Follie in da display case to be on my arm. Rah-Rah came up behind me, real close- and I could smell his breath on my neck.

“Yo which store he work in?”

I moved away from Rah-Rah, he was getting up on my azz an I aint like it. “Joop at Jizzo’s, that store where I copp my Tims an shyt. They always got da color joints in stock.”

Rah-Rah nodded. He frowned then. “Yo don’t Joop got like madd doe now? Why he workin at a mall when he could buy anything in this mugg?”

I raised my eyebrows in a shrug. “Yeah he got da inheritance an shyt, he good wit cash now. But this shyt is part of his parole; he got like 2 months left or sum, but he gotta make it look good to da parole board dat he complyin an shyt.” I left out da Lourneau store, Rah-Rah right behind me.

“I thought yo pops was his P.O.- why he can't cook da books an make it look like Joop-”

“We askd him fo dat but he aint budge, he said dat he wanted to treat Joop da same way he’d treat any of his parolees so dat it wouldn’t look like he was givin out favors an shyt,” I said, still madd at dat one. “My pops jus didn’t understand.”

“I dunno, if I wuz yo pops I’d do anything you wanted me ta do,” Rah-Rah said almost under his breaf, lookin da other way.

I stared at him, wonderin what he meant by dat, but he wuz lookin at sum honeys dat walked past in summer short-shorts. I wuz REALLY startin to get a strange vibe from Rah-Rah, and wonderin just how much he would do for me- if I asked.

“Yo aint dat da store down there,” he asked, pointin to da one on the end near Jay-Z Pennies Outlet.

“Yeah, dats it,” I said happily, knowin I was gonna see my nicca in like 5 minnits..! I tried to play it off, but my heart was skippin. I love Joop so fuckin much.

“Yo lets try ta sneak up on him; see if we could catch da nicca doin no good,” Rah-Rah said. It almost sounded like he was serious.

“Yeah,” I said in a co-conspirator way. “We could get sum free shyt if he up to dat five-finga discount.” We walked up to da store next to Jizzo’s and peeked round da wall inside da store full of da flyest ghetto style clothes an shoes an shyt.

No one was there.

Rah-Rah looked at me, I returned da look. We then walked into da store and looked around. We saw nuthin but merchandise everywhere, all neat an ready to be sold. But where were da werkers?

“Yo they jus up an left da store unprotected just like dat,” Rah-Rah said, stunned. “Yo we could boost da SHYT outta this place an no one would know…”

“Naw,” I said, pointing at a alarm by da front entrance. “If we even try-”

Just then we heard a muffld sound comin from da storeroom. We looked at each other an decided to chk an see if anyone was back there. We slowly moved to where we heard da sound, and then… the sound of slurpin noises, comin from da back.

For sum reason my heart started beatin wit madd fear- I aint wanna go back there an see what I felt was there to be seen… but Rah-Rah was like, “Yo sumone iz gettin BRAIN, nicca,” he whispered, an he sprinted down the aisle packed with boxes and clothes to the back of the stockroom, me following.

Rah-Rah rounded the corner at da end- an stopped dead. I got up behind him and he looked back at me like he aint want me to look, but then he stepped back witout a werd. I went to the end of the aisle, goin around Rah-Rah and saw-

“OH SHYT!!!!”


I wuz in da back packin up da new merchandize dat came in that week, tryin to stakk an catalog eerything and at da same time tryin to keep from bein too depressd. I wuz missin Mar too much rite then, I couldnt wait to git home an hold my nicca close; I really aint know I wuz gonna miss him this much. I aint have to werk befo now cause my pops an Mr. Clark coverd fo me on da parole-y shyt, but now they wuz sayin dat there wuz sum investigation cummin up at da prison, an eeything hadda be for real what they said it wuz on paper- meanin dem lazy summer dayz wit Mar wuz over fa now- til my parole wuz up; I knew dat at least in anotha monff or two I could bounce dis joyint an go bac ta layin up wit my shawty.

Jus thinkin bout Mar made my nuttz start ta stirr up and befo you know it my joint was jumpin in my jeans. I reached in to adjust it, thinkin bout when I got home, an witout thinkin i pulld it out in da stockroom an started strokin, feelin the smooth, strong silky skin of da shaft as i pulled it up an down to it got to its full 10.5 inch length. The scent of my nuttz rose up an I closed my eyez, thinkin bout how much I loved Mar...

...I could almost feel his sexy azz lips on my joint, and I leaned bck against the wall, putin my hands behind my head while in my head his mouf went up an down, slurpin loud, makin my thik azz joint swell big-big in his tite throat...

...‘Damn, it aint never felt so tite befo,’ I thought to myself as I leaned my waist into him sukkin me like a lil ol’ suction- an dats when I realized my hands were behind my head, but dat feelin of gettin brain wuz still goin on...

... but it felt too real. I opened my eyes an lookd down.

Kneelin on da flo FO REAL sukkin on my dick was my supervisor, dat chick Markette, dis same ho who fukkd Rah-Rah cuzzin, dat DJ, at my comin home party last year.

At first I wuz too stunnd to move, and her mouf felt so fukkin good... she lookd up an smiled through a mouf full-o-dick. I startd fightin thru da dizzy feelin; dis shyt wuz WRONG. But she grabbd da back of my knees an swallowed my joint all da way down in one swoosh. My kness got weak an I almost fell so I grabbd da bac of her head to catch my balance, which made my dic go to da bac of her throat- she chokd on it.

“OH SHYT!!!!”

I lookd up. Standin by the aisle back to da stockroom do’ wuz MAR, wit Rah-Rah rite behind him. They wuz both standin dere with they moufs wide open an lookin all shockd.

My heart droppd into my pants. I yankd my dic outta Markette mouf wit a loud wet PLOP an pushd her away- she hit da flo wit a yell.

I aint say nuthin at first, for sum reason my mouf wouldnt werk. I aint never been so shook in my whole life, not even when Mar found out bout me an Mr. Clark… I lookd at my nicca, my pants all open an my dic layin limp outside my boxrs, still wet from dat bitch's spit.

Mar just stood dere, lookin at me an Markette layin on da flo befo me, her heavin real hard still like she wuz tryin to catch her breaf. Den Mar cleard his throat. “Yo I aint mean to innerupt,” he said, an den jus like dat he turnd around an left.

Rah-Rah gave me dis... look, I aint know but it lookd kinda smug. He went after Mar, an me an Markette lookd at each other.

“Yo sup wit yo boy,” she said gettin up from da flo, wiping her mouf off an likkin her fingerz. “He look like he wuz missin out, he coulda joined in.”

I just got madd quiet an shovd my dic bac in my jeanz. It wuz my fault. If I hadn’t been lettin dis hoe suc on my dic after I knew whut wuz goin on, I wouldn’t be in dis mess. I wuz thinkin bout Mar all da time she wuz brainin me, but he aint NEVER gonna be’lie dat after whut he jus saw.

Markette came over ta me an put her hand on my dic thru da pants leg. “Yo I wanna finish up on dat-”

She got rewarded fo touchin my dic again wit a backhand pimp slap to da jaw.

Markette fell once again screamin to da flo as I steppd over her an marchd out da stockroom an out da sto, her screams tellin me dat I wuz fired an to never cum back.

Well so much fo dat.

I aint curr bout no fukkin job rite bout now, I jus needed to find my nicca befo he do sum he may regret- or worse, befo he let dat fukkin nicca Rah-Rah talk him into doin sum he may regret- sum I aint gonna forgive. I stalkd da mall to da parkin lot, pushin niccas an beyacches outta my way.


‘…And that-that’s what you need, p-partna…. a NIGGA- a nigga like ME…’

‘like me…’

‘like me…’

‘like meeeee…’

I woke up in a sweat, my breath ragged and uneven, Trey’s phrase echoing through my mind, Joe didn’t notice my sudden return to reality; naked, he slept on and on as I got out of bed quietly, and crossed to the dresser, where I sat down, studying my sweat-soaked, horror-stricken face in the shadowed room. There was no need to look downward to know that my boxers and tee-shirt were also drenched from my perspiration. A glace at the digital clock revealed it to be that time just before dawn- the time when they say it’s always darkest.

Not as dark as my mood, I reflected.

I looked past my own reflection to where Joe lay on his side of the bed, one corner of the bedsheet tossed across his back as he was lightly snoring. I wondered as I stared at him what the hell I was going to tell him about my new law partner. After we finished making love (?) in the car and I’d passed out, Trey had revived me and then drove me back home, getting a cab from my place before anyone else could show up. Luckily the boys were still out and Joe had yet to come home for the day from the prison. I'd showered quickly and crawled into bed, feigning fatigue and illness when Joe came home later on. I was so disgusted with myself and how lose I acted that I didn’t leave the house since. I stayed home from work also yesterday, so as to avoid Trey- and I let all his calls go to voicemail. I just HAD to speak to Joe first, and also decide just what I was going to DO about Trey. There was only one incontrovertible fact that kept ringing in my head, over and over…

I wanted him.

I wanted Trey like I had NEVER wanted anyone in my life. He made me feel so, so… ALIVE, such passion..! I wanted to get to know him. I wanted the birthdays and the Christmases and the vacations, the parties and the plays, the opera and the caviar, Cancun and sex-on-the-beach (the drink AND the event)- all with Trey. These were also (I could finally admit to myself) all the things that I never really wanted to do with Joe. On the few trips we have gone on I just went through the motions, but I hadn’t really enjoyed myself. And the fact that he was happy just made me content.


‘Content’ is something someone should never JUST be in a relationship. It should have passion, fire- my relationship with Claire was all of those things in the beginning, which is why we stayed together so long even after Lamar was born. We could read each other’s mind on a lot of things. We still kept in touch, she calls to check on our son all the time. We developed a friendship and a level of comfort-ability in our relationship that still remained as the romance died out. With Joe all I’ve felt is… nothing, really- except a burning desire to rather have a V-8 than to be with him anymore, now that Trey’s come along. Trey put the hope of a happy future back into my head.

Yet all this was going too fast.

I couldn’t just jump out of one relationship and crawl into another one without catching my breath; yet, suffice it to say, I have come to the conclusion that I just couldn’t be with Joe anymore, if I could even think of being serious with another man.

Joe shifted, and in his sleep his arms reached out for me. It seemed prophetic, that this gesture would become a permanent one soon- Joe reaching out for me, who would no longer be there. I even tried to find some sadness in my heart for the death of my relationship with Joe, but my heart was too excited about learning more of Trey. The shadow of Saturday’s dawn light was creeping into the east window. Come morning, I would sit Joe down and tell him about my feelings and end this once and for all.

I would be an eternal fool, however, to tell him anything about Trey.

I saw that the message light on my cell phone was on. I picked it up from its charger and, grabbing my bathrobe, I crept out into the hallway, sitting on the top of the stairwell.

A darkened room with the open door at the end of the hall revealed that the boys weren’t home; possibly they were either at a club that was still open or they were over at Malik’s house, they sometimes stayed over there if they were closer in proximity during their daily excursions. So much the better, I thought to myself as I clicked open the phone and accessed my messages.

(BEEP) ‘Hey, Mr. Clark, it’s Malik. I dunno if u herd from Lamar but he an I… had a fight. He might not wanna be nowhere I could find him till he calm down so don’t worry iight? He jus coolin off, but I’ll find him an bring him home. Iiight one.’1 (click)

‘DAMMIT,’ I thought, thinkin bout where my son could be staying at, hiding from Malik. It didn’t sound like it was a fist fight, must be a lover’s spat. I thought about putting a APB out but that might embarrass Lamar more than help. I was about to get up and go wake up Joe to help look for Lamar when the next message kicked in.

(BEEP) ‘Ummm, this is the fifth time I tried to call you, Danny.’

My heart did a back-flip and my ass twitched like it was starving. Even over the voicemail, Trey sounded so …sexy, I yearned for him. This shit was so confusing.

The message went on. ‘Danny, I know you are probably avoidin me and I probably deserve it, threatenin your relationship like that. I-I’m sorry, it’s just that I have this feelin when I’m with you, like I can see us doing the holidays together, Christmas, birthdays, Broadway, Cancun- all of those things. I wanna just talk to you… listen to you, all that… I just want you to know that it’s more than me wantin to fuck- not that that’s a problem- but it IS more than that- for me at least. I just want to get to know you be-‘(click)

“Awww SHIT,” I said aloud, jumping up from the steps. “The got-damn message clicked off..!” But what I DID hear, the things he said… he wants those things too, everything I want with him, HE WANTS WITH ME… a tear escaped my eye and dropped to the floor. Right then I wanted to call him, to tell him that we could have that, and put my arms around him, never to let go again…

“We’re going to do this, Trey,” I said, closing my cell phone back up. “We’ll be together, I promise you.”

“And who’s Trey..?”

I whipped around. Malik was standing there in Lamar’s bedroom doorway, a full set of pajamas on and slippers. He looked like he hadn’t been to sleep at all. “Malik,” I whispered, catching my breath. “You can't DO that, I might have fallen down the stairs.”

“I jus might push u if u don’t tell me who da FUK dis Trey is,” he said menacingly.

“I just got your voicemail, and it seems as though you might be upset... Yet you WILL not forget yourself, and especially in MY house,” I snarled right back in a menacing whisper. “I could care less that your father is sleeping right behind that door,” I said, jerking my thumb behind me, “I’ll teach you proper manners..!"

Malik stood firm, resolute- and then he just broke down. Large, thick tears of his own spilling down across his face.

I’d hadn’t seen Malik lose it like this since the night he found out that Joe was his biological father- the night of the disastrous First Dinner with the fellas… I went over and put my arms around him. Malik clung to me hard, I almost couldn’t breathe. “It-it’s Mar,” he sobbed. “I fuckd up, Mr. Clark… I fuckd up r-r-real bad. And n-n-now he p-prob don’t w-w-want me no m-mo,” he choked out.

“Shhhhh,” I soothed Malik as I led him to the stairs and down to the kitchen (lest we wake up Joe), where we sat at the table and I held onto him with a father’s hold until the storm of weeping passed. I knew that Malik was too rough in his outside life to break down like this to his boys, but he knew that he didn’t have to hold back how he felt in our home.

After a time Malik grew quiet, and he reached for some paper towels which rested on the table, wiping his face and blowing his nose. “I’m sorry, Mr. Clark,” he said brokenly. “I ain't mean ta do all dat.”

“It’s perfectly understandable,” I replied, taking a paper towel and wiping the rest of the unbidden tears from his chin. He stared at me, all little boy-like. I was reminded sharply of how much he lost as a child, growing up without a father’s counsel. “Do you want me to go get your father?” I asked, thinking that maybe Joe might want to be the one to handle this.

“Naw, he sleep,” Malik said. “I wasn’t gonna wake u neitha but since u wuz up…” and then he haltingly told me the story of what happened at the mall the afternoon before.

”.,And I know dat Mar aint gonna belie me when I tell him I aint let dat ho on me like dat, she just jumpd on it cause she saw a hard dic in her face. An right az I was gonna get her off me, here cum Mar in da back to see eerything.”

“Well, I believe you, Malik,” I said. “You do have a tendency to lose all rational thought when someone grabs onto your dick.”

“You mean like that time you did it over by the stove last year?” Malik painfully reminded me.

“Yes,” I sighed; “not my proudest moment, I have to say. But since I’ve done it, I can say that I believe you when you say it wasn’t really your fault. But Malik, you have to realize that you can't go running about with so little self-restraint. Jerking off in the stock room just because you miss my son can't be the norm, you must understand.”

Malik nodded. “I get dat- it’s all my fault. I aint gonna never live dis down,” he said, tears splashing on his cheeks once again. “Mar aint never gonna forgive me.”

“Malik- if my son could forgive both you and me for what WE did, I’m sure he’ll overlook this obviously loose woman who practices on jumping the first hard dick that swings in her face. If he sees it from your perspective (something I know my son is capable of), then I’m sure you guys’ll work though even this.”

He just put his head in his hands and just sat there, mired in his own grief.

“I don’t know what else to say that could help, Malik,” I finally commented, thinking that in no uncertain terms could I possibly judge or condemn him after the debacle I’d committed in the front seat of my car not two days ago.

“I'm a total fuk-up,” Malik said; “yo my bad, I aint mean to cuss u and all dat…”

“No problem,” I assured the boy. “As a matter of fact, since you decided to tell the truth about what happened to you, I can return the favor. Now Malik, this has to remain between us until I can talk to your father,” and then I proceeded to fill Malik in on Trey and the events of the night before last.

After I was finished Malik just sat there, his mouth open. “And I thought I wuz a fuk-up,” he said, completely forgetting the fact the he tried not to swear around me. “Wow, in your front seat? Dayum,” he said, shaking his head. “And you really don’t love my popz, huh?”

“I gave it my best, you must believe me,” I began.

Malik put up a hand to interrupt. “I believe you did,” he said; “how could I not, when you took a chance to believe my story? Look, if dis Trey’s who u wanna be wit den go for it,” he said, patting me on the shoulder; “but just do me dis favor an let my pops down ez, iight? He gonna b hurt but jus give it to him real gentle an shyt, he really loves u.”

“I know,” I replied ruefully, “and that’s what’s killing me now.”

“…You say dis kat’s name iz ‘Trey’, huh?” Malik asked.

“Yes, why do you want to know?” I asked, suspicious of Malik’s intent.

“It’s jus… dat kinda name aint too common round hurr,” he said. “I think I hurd my momz talk bout a Trey once, Trey-sumthin. I gotta ask her bout dat,” he said, frownin.

“Still tryin to check up on me, huh?” I asked. “You would think YOU were the P.O.”

Malik laughed quietly. “Naw, Mr. Clark,” he said, getting up from the table, “I just wanna know dat dis kat aint gonna fuk you over neither. Just cause you an my pops aint gonna be 2gether no mo don’t mean I’mma stop carin an shyt…” and with that he headed off for the stairs. At the foot of the banister he paused, looking back at me. “Mr. Clark?”


“Thanks for listenin,” Malik smiled wanly. “I think I could sleep now.”

“You’re welcome. By the way, Malik?” I called behind my back.


“We’ll deal with you losing your job tomorrow, okay?”

“I wuz kinda hopin you aint hear dat part,” he grumbled as he headed up the stairs.

I sat at the table a while longer, feeling sorry for the woe that was coming for both my sons once Lamar and Malik faced each other. I was suddenly glad that Lamar took off for the night; please God let him let off some steam first- then there wouldn’t be so much bloodshed, I inwardly prayed. Not that there wouldn’t be bloodshed anyway when I face my own lover with some terrible truths, I admitted to myself as I got up from the kitchen table and headed up to bed myself. I just hoped that wherever Lamar was, he was doing just fine…


Sittin on da bed after talkin to Mr. Clark, I remembered jus why I trusted him so much when I was lockd up. He got such a calm thing about him an shyt, I love him wit all my heart… an I knew it had nuthin ta do wit da fact I was fukkin him once… I jus- jus love him as a father-son thang. I knew I had a pops, but it-it’s different wit Mar pops an me. He jus did so much fo me, not stuff like my own pops giving me shyt and buyin me things, but real deep-type shyt, like stikkin his beck out when he didn’t hafta when I wuz up fa parole in dat robbery charge. Shyt like dat you don’t never forget- he gotz loyalty from me fo life an shyt. I was just worried still bout Mar- I aint know where to even begin lookin for him.

I guess Mr. Clark really helpd me to calm down cause jus then I remembrd then two things. One wuz from da street-life trainin me an Mar both had when we wuz 15 from this older kat named Spoonie- he had moved out hurr from New York- da Bronx I think. We wuz runnin guns and money for him befo I got lockd up. Spoonie was cool enuff wit me an Mar, so he tol us he moved out hurr to Seattle cause of sum shyt dat happened back home- sumthin bout one of his boyz, his name wuz named Dante- who had killd off another one of his boyz named Tyrell, then shot himself- but he had used Spoonie’s gun ta do it. Spoonie hadda bounce den cause his fingerprints was all over dat .38 an he swore me an Mar to secrecy… he said he had tol us about dat cause we had kinda reminded him of Dante an Tyrell, da both of us…

Anyway Spoonie tol me an Mar one real good thing to always remember- if we wanted to hide sumthin, whether it wuz doe, drugz or ourselves, always hide it where no one would think to look- which wuz rite in plain sight.

Dat wuz da first thing I remembrd.

Da second thing I remembrd wuz dat look dat Rah-Rah gave me. Like he had jus won sumthin when he saw Mar catch me wit my dic in dat hoe’s mouf.

Sumthin clikkd in my head den; I KNEW where Mar was.

In a cold haze I dressd in my black panthers (whut I call my black boxrs, black jeanz, black hoodie, black du-Rag, black get-away driver gloves, da all-black Iversons) an reached for my own all-black .38, slippd it in da waist of my boxrs and headed downstairs real quiet, so Mr. Clark wouldn’t hear me if he wuz still up. Outside it was still real cold an still real dark. I didn’t even notice, all I could think of is getting over there- over ta Rah-Rah crib.

Pullin my hoodie up over my head, I pickd up da pace, dissapearin into da darkness.



I looked out of Rah-Rah window at the night sky, still numb from whut I had seen earlier in the afternoon. Rah-Rah wuz bein real cool bout givin me my space after we left da mall, wit him pealin outta the parkin lot like we were on fire an shyt. For a long time nobody said nuthin, and we got out da car when Rah-Rah pulled up at his crib, sayin his moms wus outta the house da whole weekend and sumthin bout his son bein at his baby moms house. We came inside an just sat there on his couch, just sat.

Rah-Rah was watchin me the whole time but he kept quiet.

Somewhere deep in my bugged out head I sensed dat he HADDA know sumthin was up wit me an Joop by the way I was actin… like I aint never seen my boy getting brain from a bitch before. I hoped dat Rah-Rah would jus think dat I was madd over losin out on dat ho before Joop could get to her… which would make me look like a punk, but not like… a PUNK… but eerytime I tried to say sum to spin it good for Rah-Rah, all I kept comin back to was seein Joop dick in dat ho mouth, gaggin her wit it, his arms all on her head like he wasn’t satisfied wit how much she had already swallowed and needed mo in her throat… dat scene played over and over in my mind and nothing else would work, not even my own throat.

So I jus sat there, an sat.

Night fell an I still jus sat there on da couch, not sayin nuthin. Rah-Rah fixed sum cheeseburgers an fries and my favorite rum-n- root beer mix- but as I stared at the plate and the glass the cheese got all hard an the ice in the glass jus melted away and separated from the rest.

Rah-Rah finally came over an sat down nex to me. “Yo sunn you gotta eat, you ain't ate yet today nicca,” he finally broke da silence.

“I aint hungry,” I said, shruggin.

“C’mon, at least drink da root beer,” he said, pickin my glass up an holdin it out. “You like dis rum-n-root beer shyt, I only got it in da house cause’a you.”

I took da glass, still movin like a dead man, and drank down half da glass, watery flavor and all. I guess dat was why it tasted diffrently- it was real weak an had a slight copper like thing going on.

We sat there for a while longer, Rah-Rah havin put da TV on, and watched sum videos on BET Midnite Love. All dat did was remind me of Joop, who was probably scourin da city lookin for me now- “dat is, if he even still gave a damn… I mean he GOT a bitch to suck his dick now rite..? What he need ME for..?”

I realized then wit a sort of dizzy-feeling dat I said dat last shyt out loud. I aint understand whut was goin on wit me… da room was startin ta spin…

Rah-Rah smiled. “Yo u wanna lay down now?” He helpd me get up from da couch, cause suddenly I couldn’t make my legs werk.

Dat nigga Joop got me real messd up, I thought. Now I couldn’t even walk rite… “Dat mufucka back-stabbin ..fuck,” I said all slurred. I felt like I wuz on sum roller-coaster an shyt. Da stairs swayed whole we tried to get up to da next level, and I think I blacked out.

…grinding, legs spread, feelin Joop’s dick in my hole (?), da world spinnin, I can't catch my breath…

….feelin hard breath on my face, Joop holdin me down while he slid in an out wit a hardness I never felt before…

…rainbow colors, red, blue, green, white, purple… all streakin thru da sky, my legs liftin up an wider…

…Joop wit his hairy chest against mine…

…but WAIT- I tried to remember sumthin bout Joop an shit chest as the colors spun and the world went white for a second. Then, fighting thru da fog, I remembered.

Joop aint have no hairy chest…. But Rah-Rah did.

I struggld to open my eyes and thru da mist in my vision I saw Rah-Rah layin on top of me, holdin my legs wide, bangin his dick into me… I was too out of it to feel anything before- but now, as I fought to wake da fuk up I started to feel a giant pain in my ass…

“Yo Rah-Rah…” I tried to say but he covered his mouth wit mine, pushin his tongue deep in my mouth… his breath smelled like sardines an I started to gag, pullin my mouth away from his…

Rah-Rah smacked da shyt outta my face.

It was weird to feel dat pain show up moments after he actually hit it. ‘I hadda have been druggd,’ my weird mind told me.

“Don’t MOVE away from me no more,” Rah-Rah said, forcing his dick in my asshole which really started to sting and hurt. “I waited madd long for you. You is MINE now nicca, Joop don’t deserve you…” he grunted wit each stroke.

I was floatin on whatever it was dat I was on, I couldn’t even move… his pushin into me was so hard it made da bed shake. He sped up, cried out- an somewhere I felt warmth between my legs… he musta bussd off inside me. I weakly tried ta force him off me but he laffd wit dis crazy-ass look, an smackd me again.

“I aint thru yo,” he said, his words coming thru like he was far away. “You OWE me years of dat azz. Dat nicca Joop can't have you no more, and I’ll kill da nicca if he try to take you away…” an wit dat he flippd me over, makin da room spin faster again, and spread my legs once more...

I dunno how long it lasted… an hour, maybe more… I kept feelin him buss off over an over in me (or maybe it was da drugs)- and deep down inside where my rational mind wuz I wuz scurred dat he had sumthin like HIV an gave it to me… he had flipped me again an had my legs up in da air spread wide-wide, pushing dat dick in my ass non-stop… he kept sayin da whole time ‘I love you Mar’… he kept dat wild look in his eyes and I struggld, but each time I tried to pull away he smackd da shyt outta me. I somehow knew dis was wrong and my body tried to snap outta this but he kept comin at me, again and again…. I slippd back into da blackness- da only way I could escape what was happenin…


A sound like a branch breaking reached me through da haze. I still couldn’t wake all da way up but I fought like hell once again to open my eyes. It was still dark in da room and Rah-Rah was still on top of me but… he had suddenly stoppd movin.

A shadow was right behind Rah-Rah, wit what lookd like a hand made from my darkest nightmares around his throat. Then the fog lifted once again and, as the pain in my asshole came back to me, I realized the hand was just a black glove.

I lookd up at Rah-Rah. His face looked… funny, like sumthin put a pause button on his expression. He was heavier than I thought, but then I noticed that the gloved hand belonged to a hooded face and black-clothed body. I felt like I should be worried, but I was too drugged up for that.

I could NEVER be too drugged, however, to not notice the fruity-musk scent of… “J-Joop..? Is dat you..?” I said in slur-speak.

“Yo Mar, jus don’t move iight,” he said in a foggy-whisper. “I’ll take care of eerything.”

“W-what u mean..? I said, the blackness once more fillin in at da edge of my vision. “What you gotta take care… of?”

“Yo I saw da bottle downstairz- you wuz drugged,” Joop said, his voice soundin farther and farther away now. “We gotta get you outta-”

But his words faded az I slippd away.


My head was spinnin as the world came back into focus. There was this taste in my mouth like half sweat half a bitterness like an orange peel. It made my stomach turn an I leaned my head to the side- and saw dark shadows blur past on and on. I realized I was in a car, in the passenger seat… I tried to lean forward but the move made me sick all over again, wit me feelin like I was bout to throw up.

“Yo don’t move so fast,” Joop said then.

I moved my head the other way slowly and saw him next to me, drivin. The car was dark and there was no musick blastin like usual when Joop gets ta drive. I felt ached all over and there was a throbb in my ass…

…and that’s when I remembered. I was at Rah-Rah crib and he- he-

Joop slowed da car down and pulled over to the side of the road. He switched the lights off and sat still, breathin hard. It was still in the middle of the night and there was no one else on this stretch of road. Trees was all around us and anything coulda been starin at us from the dark woods… then I got a hold of myself. What Rah-Rah had did was worse then anything that coulda come out at us from those dark trees.

“Yo baby u iight?” I felt Joop hand touch my cheek. I flinched and he pulled his hand away. “Mar,” he started to say.

I shivered then, pullin my arms around me and jus starin out at the night. I aint answer back. I had nuthin to say- I was still back in dat room, that part of me dat knew dat Rah-Rah was just- takin it… that part which was trapped under whatever Rah-Rah had slippd to me in dat root-beer (yeah, I knew it hadda be the soda)- that part that was helpless to stop him from under the fog was now free, free to FEEL what Rah-Rah had done- what he was still doin in my head, over and over-

Joop scooted over to the far end of the car, I guess tryin to give me my space. “You gotta go see a doctor,” he said slowly; I knew he was tryin not to make me nervous. “I got the bottle from the den before I went upstairs, I saw it on the table. He slipped some’a dis in yo drink,” he said.

I slid my eyes over to see him holdin up a dark, small bottle in his hand. He flickd on his lighter an in da small light from da fire I could see da words on the label.


I swallowed. GHB… my pops had told me one time all about dat shyt- it’s one of the more popular date-rape drugs he said useta flow hard at raves an house parties in da area. Dat nicca gave me a date-rape drug and then took me up to his bedroom… and Joop found it when he broke in da house lookin for me. He WOULD think of coppin it jus because. Joop, the best love of my lyfe, always thought eerything thru, even in his anger at what he found Rah-Rah doing to me…

That’s when I realized something else that I’d overlooked up til now, what with dealin in my head on Rah-Rah and the r-r-ra- … I couldn’t even think the word. But Joop could, him and that terrible anger he carries around…

His anger…

I lookd over at Joop again, into his dark eyes, shining even in the blackness of the night. “Where is he,” I whispered, my throat scratchy and dry.

Joop stared back at me, unblinking. “In da trunk,” he said simply.

I still couldn’t lift my head from the headrest, but I stared at Joop, and he stared back at me. I was remembering, during that horrible foggy state, the sound of a large branch breaking right by my head… I knew then that it was the sound of Rah-Rah’s neck snapping.

The black hand around Rah-Rah neck- Joop’s robbery gloves are black.

I nodded then with subdued horror. The complications of all this would haunt me an Joop for a long time. How could we ever look at Rah-Rah moms and his son after this..?

But what came outta my dry and scratchy mouth was, “The mufucka deserved it.”

Joop aint say nuthin to that, and we sat there not sayin anything for a long time.


The early mornin started to come up after a half hour. Joop an I jus sat there in the car, not talkin, not movin. I knew dat he was dealin wit da fact that he had jus killed someone- not a stranger, not from a rival gang or nuthin, but someone we both grew up wit- a FRIEND. A friend who turned in a r-r- … I still can't say it in my head.

The fact is that he turned out real bad, and tried to make a bad situation worse. Joop hadda protect me when I couldn’t protect myself. That’s what lovers do.

I know he wanted to hold me, but he was afraid to- not jus because of what happened at Rah-Rah crib (Joop’s tryin to give me my space as a man rite now), but because of what happened at da mall- which he probably thinks is what caused all this. And just as I was thinkin dat…

“Yo Mar,” Joop said, breakin da silence- “yo when I wuz lokkd up I seen shyt like dis happen up north all da time… and after da shyt went down dem niccas hadda either get strong in spite of it or give in and be broken inside for da rest of they time. Now I know you a strong nicca, and I hope you choose strength instead of breakin down. Now usually da kats dat get …attacked don’t get a chance to attack BACK, but I got this nicca rite back in da trunk… you could get yo revenge on da …da body… an dat’s sumthin rite? He aint never gonna hurt u no mo…”

I listend as Joop tried his best ta make me feel better in his own, Joop-style way. From dat alone I knew I’d be iight wit Joop, and for what happened at the mall and all dat, I jus let it go. Far as I was concerned, Joop was there for me just like always, and that was mo important, cause I needed to feel like I could believe in sumone rite now. I reached out and touched his hand.

Joop lookd over at me, and I could see tears start to spill over his face. He said in a whisper, “Mar… baby… can u ever forgive…” and he started to sob, harder than I ever knew he could as a man. I knew it was about guilt, about him not getting there sooner, about the mall, all of it.

I reached my arms out to him, the morbid blackness in my own heart starting to loosen up. Joop pulled me to him and I laid my head on his shoulder as he cried, cried the tears I couldn’t shed for myself yet, cried for the terrible guilt he felt on his shoulders, cried for the endless love he had for me, and me for him.

I knew he would never hurt me like Rah-Rah had.

And then my own tears burst forth as I felt the familiar safety of his arms hold me up, bear me strong against the storm that raged as I howled from my gut every moment of horror I felt while Rah-Rah r-r-RAPED m-m-me…

…Oh god I said it. I said it.

I shook with anger, rage, helpless terror, and disgust as the pain in my asshole flared up every so often to remind me that he r-r-raped me for almost two hours. I struck out, I kicked, I yelled, cursed, cried and screamed out my pain- and Joop was right there, holding me, taking the punches, getting bruised and bloody from the wild kicking and yelling I put on him… and he said nothing. He just held me while I hadda let it all out. Looking back, I hadda say that if I’d never loved Joop before then, I loved him after- he certainly proved dat nite why I should love him forever.

We sat holdin each other, lookin out into da dark, until we could see far into da woods from da early morning light dat comes before sunrise. I looked around and saw that still no one was on this back road- I aint even know which one it was, the trees all look alike to me. as I was lookin behind us to see if I could tell how far we were away from Seattle Metro I spotted the shovel and large back garbage bag in the back seat.

Joop caught me lookin. “Yeah, we got no choice,” he tol me. “Unless I'm jus gonna go back to lock-up to finish out my sentence.”

“Yeah and I’ll be rite in da next cell, charged wit conspiracy,” I said, rubbin my head. It still felt madd tender.

“I’ll take da fall,” Joop said, “I been locked up before. And you gotta finish college. I’m rich now, remember..?” he laffd.

“Nicca I aint letting you go down,” I said wit sum heat. “Not witout me, not THIS time.”

“Iight,” Joop put up his hands up. “For now I’ll let you have dat- cause we gotta get up to sum diggin.” He saw my look an replied, “Look, Mar- aint no other way we could do this- you was the last to be seen wit Rah-Rah before he… left us, and eeryone knew dat he an I mighta had sum beef. Two an two aint seven yo,” he said. “We gotta get him out dere,” he pointed to the darkened part to our left. It looked like a long dark tunnel of trees and bushes. It gave me da got-damn creeps but it did serve its purpose.

“Iight then,” I said, sighing as I reached for the door. “Let’s do this.”

Joop leaned over an before I could open my door he laid his lips on my lips, pressing so light I thought he was tryin to airbrush clouds on my mouth. His kiss was so full of love and passion that I actually felt myself respond to him. Hope dat my sex life wasn’t fucked up forever from bein raped flared up and I smiled, lovin Joop so fukkin much.

Then we opened da car and got out. We went around to the back of da car and I took a deep breath. Joop looked at me, nodded to show encouragement, and then popped the trunk wit his remote. The trunk door slowly opened up to reveal…

Joop jumped back with shock.

I stared at the trunk, not believing my eyes. It was impossible…

Besides the spare tire and a couple of towels there was nothing else there. No Rah-Rah, no corpse, nothing.

Joop and I looked at each other with mounting horror. The trunk was EMPTY..? but… where was the body..?


MEANWHILE, around the time that Rah-Rah was telling Lamar that he, Lamar belonged to him- and Joop, dressed in black fatigues, was on his way over to Rah-Rah's house...

I sat at the kitchen table long after Malik went to bed, mulling over my own dilemma about Trey and what I was going to tell Joe about it all. I was just standing to my feet, on my way up to bed when I heard my bedroom door click upstairs, and the sound of footfalls on the stairwell. I looked up to see Joe fully dressed, coming down towards the kitchen.

“Where are you going?” I said in a low voice- I didn’t know if Malik was still awake or not.

“I got a page from the prison, there was trouble in the infirmary- medicine was stolen and the inmate nurses are raising hell about being blamed for it,” Joe said, preoccupied with searching for his car keys. “Did the boys take the Excursion?”

“No, Malik went upstairs a little while ago,” I said. “The cars are all outside.”

“He was thirsty or something?” Joe asked absently, finally seeing his keys on the far counter-top and grabbing them up.

I hesitated, wondering how much I should clue Joe in on- I didn’t want him to over-react to Malik and Lamar’s lovers’ spat. He overdid it so much with Malik as it was, trying to make up for the lost years.

But it seemed like I didn’t have to worry about letting him know anything at present, since he abruptly bounded out the back door. “I-I’m sorry, baby, I have to go,” Joe threw behind his shoulder as the screen door slammed shut.

I stared after him, pensive. In seconds I heard the Excursion pull out of the driveway and speed off into the night. I sighed. It felt like Joe was becoming less and less a part of our little family dynamic. Or was it just me pulling away from him, making room in my heart for Trey..? Confused, I turned back towards the stairwell and my waiting bed upstairs.

The wall phone rang in the kitchen. For a second I didn’t answer it, wondering who would call so late, in the middle of the night- and then I remembered my son wasn’t home. I crossed over back into the kitchen and caught it on the next ring. “Hello..?”

“Well, finally, you answer my call.” It was Trey. My ass twitched when I heard the now familiar sexy-ass voice that made my heart skip a beat. “Trey, it’s the middle of the night,” I said, hoping he would just hang up.

He grinned. “I know, I waited until your boyfriend left the house.”

I frowned. “How did you know that Joe just left?”

Trey’s grin then twisted into a smirk. “I called him,” he replied with aplomb.

I was stunned. “What the- what do you mean you called him?”

“Well, he was out of it, he thought it was an actual call from the prison.” He raised the pitch of his voice in mock resemblance of a frightened woman on a phone call. “ ‘We need you up here, sir- the meds are alllll gone!!!’ Dumb-ass,” he smirked again, with a twinkle in his hazel-brown eyes.

“As a PO, that ‘dumb-ass’ as you say, is your boss; see that you remember that,” I retorted hotly as I hung up the phone, angry that he made me feel so unsettled in my own house.

Suddenly I felt the night wind at my back as the screen door squeaked. Turning around I saw Trey standing just inside the kitchen, sexy and powerful as always, dressed in jeans and a tank-top that showed off all the muscles he was obviously proud of. He DID look good, and my heart leapt to see him on the inside; the outside, however, showed him nothing but contempt.

“Are you stalking me?” I shouted, furious with him. “You sent Joe on a wild goose-chase for what? So I would TALK to you..? You need therapy,” I scolded.

“Oh, calm down, baby,” he said, coming over and reaching out to enfold me in his arms. “It was just a joke, he’ll get over it.”

I pulled back, walking towards the stairs. “You can show yourself out,” I said coldly, heading up the stairs to my room. I reached my bedroom door and closed it behind me, leaning against it while breathing heavily. I hoped he got the hint and left the house. I berated myself for not making sure…

…and of course, I was right. “Are you gonna let me in?” came Trey’s deep, sexy-assed voice through the closed door, startling me.

I opened it quickly, motioning him to be quiet. “My sons are sleeping,” I said, nodding towards the closed door down the hallway.

“Let me in and they won’t hear me then,” he stubbornly replied, his jaw jutted out.

I sighed and let him in the room. I closed the door behind me, determined to give him hell for following me up here- and turned to find that he had pinned me up against the door, his palms both on the door and me stuck in between his arms. His Joop-like scent was filling me up again, distracting me, making me remember how good he looked.

I tried to get a grip. “Look,” I started to say, my words trembling. “I need you t-to leave.”

“Un-hunnh,” he murmured, leaning closer. His lips were so sexy- wait, he’s supposed to be leaving…

I tried again, taking a deep breath. “P-please, go,” I said, trying not to look into his pretty-light brown eyes, so golden and deep in their sexiness-

“Un-hunnh,” he said again, his lips brushing against the nape of my neck.

My dick was rising like it did when I was in high school- fast and furious. There was a dull ache between my thighs… and then he leaned in again, lips caressing mine, his sexy tasting tongue darting into my mouth and wrestling with my own.

I couldn’t think anymore.

My arms wrapped around him and somehow we ended up on my bed, Trey pulling off my bathrobe and his pants at the same time. In seconds we were naked, Trey beginning this sort of bath of my body, tracing his lips and tongue all over me, from my forehead on down. He reached my nipples and lightly bit down. My dick jumped with desire, and I moaned aloud, trying to keep quiet lest Malik notice that I was not in here with his father…

Trey ran his sexy, strong masculine hands all over my body as his mouth visited all my secret masculine places. When he reached my navel I jumped, that being a very particularly sensitive spot. He noticed, for I felt a grin on his features as he hesitated, and bore down on that spot, hitting the nerve underneath and massaging it.

My legs and arms thrashed about, I couldn’t take it- it was so intense. “T-Trey,” I breathed, “don’t- I can't take it…!!!”

He started to laugh and he pressed even harder. I thrashed and moaned about the bed, my dick pre-cumming like I had poured water on it. God, I had to HAVE him NOW!!!

I grabbed his head and with a force of pure lust pulled him up towards me. he slid into curve of my body, his giant throbbing dick resting in between my legs, pulsing with heat. Our nutsacks came to rest against each other in intimate comfort. He slid his arms around me and nestled his face into my neck, nibbling softly. I closed my eyes against the intensity.

“You want it, baby,” he asked, his face buried in my neck, one hand on each thigh, pulling them slowly apart, his dick swelling with anticipation. “You want my big dick in that pretty ass that should be mine...?”

“I’d like to know the answer to that myself,” came another, darker voice from behind us.

I yanked open my eyes and looked up as Trey whipped his head behind him. Joe had come back home without me hearing him; he was standing in the doorway of the bedroom, dark eyes blazing, with one hand on the doorknob, the other on his service revolver. :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

I stard at da empty trunk, jus madd frozn. Rah-Rah got outta there sumhow, which meant dat dis nicca wasn’t, couldn’t be…

“Yo Joop, I thought.,. I thought you said dat Rah-Rah was in da trunk,” Mar said, his eyez as twisted az mine.

“I DID say dat,” I said, numb az all hell. I lookd round da car, at da road beside us in da early mornin light. It wuz still madd dark when I pulld up on this road. It coulda been any time dat Rah-Rah got outta da trunk witout us seein, an dere wuz no dirt showin footprints, this part of da road was paved real good an weed-grass grew rite up to da street.

“So if you SURE dat you put Rah-Rah in da trunk an drove straight out hurr,” Mar said, “then dat means…”

“Yeah, dat mean dat da nicca aint dead,” I said out loud.

I got goose-pimplz on my arms an shyt, an it lookd like Mar caught da shakes too. I reached over an grabbd my nicca an held him real close, an he put his cheek on my shoulder. “Yo if he aint dead an he jus ran off,” I said, strokin da back of Mar head, “I’ll make sure da nicca don’t get nowhere NEAR you…”

Mar nodded in my shoulder, an we stood dere for a minnit as da sun rose up thru da trees to our right. He pulld away an headed back to da side of da car. I lookd up an down da road, tryin to catch any sign of Rah-Rah. “Yo, my thing iz, how da fuk did he git outta da trunk? I know I closed dat shyt wit him still inside.”

Mar suddenly stoppd befo he got back in. “Yo I aint notice before,” he said then, “but aint dis Rah-Rah car?”

“Yeah, so what,” I said, lookin hard into da nearby treez. “I got da keys from da house while you was passd out, stashd him in da trunk, came an got you, an drove us out hurr.”

Mar smackd his forehead. “Damnit Joop,” he swore. “Why you use Rah-Rah own shyt?”

“’Cause it wuz dere,” I said. “C’mon, baby,” I frownd at Mar. “A trunk is a trunk is a trunk. I aint think dat Rah-Rah knew how to open up a lockd trunk from da inside. Dat aint possible.”

“Yo don’t you remember back in high school, when Rah-Rah told us dat he wuz claustrophobic?” Mar said, leanin up on da side of da car an shakin his head. “Remember when he tried out for the wrestlin team an got pinned dat one time an got all freekd out cause he couldn’t get up?”

“Yeah, we screamd on him for dayz after dat,” I said, frownin sum more. “But what dat gotta do wit-”

Mar interruptd, lookin at me serious. “Yo, he tol me last year, rite befo you got outta upstate, dat he was worried bout his son gettin lockd up in a closet or a sum dark space, so he was gonna childproof eerything at his crib so dat if his lil man got shut in a closet or da refrigerator or sumthin, dat he could open up da door from DA INSIDE. Dat way his kid would never feel shut in or nuthin.”

“So you think,” I askd, lookin at da trunk an goin over to it to look closer, “dat he mighta child-proofed his car too? Kids get lockd in car trunks too,” I thought out loud.

“Yeah, one time he said dat he might even go to da dump an child-proof dem thrown out fridges too, but I think he was jus kiddin bout dat,” Mar added; “but I betcha dat the lock on dat trunk’s been beefed up.”

I raised da hood up an lookd underneath. Mar was rite. Rite where da latch an da lock catchez dere wuz a lil release added, an if anyone wuz inside, all dey hadda do wuz pull da latch down an CLIK! da hood would pop rite up. Rah-Rah wuz good, I saw dat. It wuz even riggd so dat it wouldn’t jus pop up drivin over a bump or nuthin, jus when da latch wuz pushed down- an it wuz so light dat a lil kid COULD let demselves out, if they knew what to look for. I hadda hand it to da nicca, it seemd like he wuz one step ahead of my planz for his azz.

I tol Mar whut I seen an he nodded. “Then whut da FUK was dat crack I heard then,” Mar said, confused. “I knew I was all druggd up but I heard da crack big as day.”

“Yo I dunno bout dat neither, Mar,” I answrd. “I felt SUMTHIN crack- an da nicca jus collapsed. Mayb all I did wuz knock him out cold when I crackd …whatever it wuz.”

“Or, could it be possible dat sumone saw you, Joop,” Mar said. “We WUZ in hostile territory. Maybe one of our enemies saw you carryin Rah-Rah to da car an dumpin him inside, and when you came back for me they got his body outta da trunk.”

“Yeah, dat could be possible,” I said, thinkin bout da chances of dat happenin. “But you know what? First off, none of dem niccas like Rah-Rah anyhow for hangin out wit us so they wouldn’t help him outta his money. Second, how cum po-po aint lookin for us den? Sirens woulda been blarin from hurr to Elliott Bay, you know dat.”

Mar lookd madd freekd out. “Joop, what are we gonna do..?” he came over to me, an reached out. I wuz bout to pout my arms round him again when he actually reached under my shirt, into my waistline- an pulld out my .38, holdin it up. I wuz gonna ask how he knew I wuz carryin but I rememberd dat he IS my nicca, he WOULD know dat I would carry for sumthin like dis.

“Is it loaded,” Mar said, pullin da safety off and checkin da chamber. A part of me wuz proud dat he handled da gun as easy as he handled my dick; I trained him on how ta use BOTH my weaponz.

“I wuz on my way to see you an I aint want no-one in my face,” I said. “I wasn’t thinkin of shootin him but I woulda if I hadn’t been so fukkin madd; I forgot I had da gun on me an went after him wit my bare handz.”

“Yeah, but at least if you hadda shot him we’d KNOW he was dead,” Mar said. “But, I'm kinda glad you didn’t.”

“Yeah, I guess you aint wanna do da time wit me no mo if I got sent back up, huh?” I grinnd.

“Naw, it’s not dat,” Mar said, his eyes growin dark, cockin da gun an pointing it straight into da risin sun, sideways-thugg style like I taught him. “Now dat you ain't take da chance from me, I get to kill Rah-Rah MYSELF.”


The sun was just creeping through the window as Trey and I silently pulled on our discarded boxers and sat down on the bed while Joe sat at the vanity, hand on his service piece all the while, dark eyes blazing, quiet as death.

Trey sat right next to me, his bare, muscled leg resting casually against mine. Seeing Joe's look at our closeness made me scoot over to one side of the bed and try to look properly ashamed.

“So,” Joe finally said after an eternity of silence, “who the fuck ARE you and why are you in my bed naked with my lover?”

Before Trey could answer I jumped in. “Joe, I’d like to introduce you to your… your new PO at the prison… my law partner.”

Joe looked startled at this unexpected piece of news. “You’re Trey Smith,” he said, obviously recovering from the shock. “My new P.O. up at the prison.”

“Pleased to meet you,” Trey began, offering his hand and half-rising from the bed. Joe gave him a LOOK. Trey respectfully sat back down and quietly looked at his hands.

Joe turned his baleful, scathing glance upon me then. “So… do you care to explain what’s going on here..?”

“Sure, as soon as you put your piece away, I’ll talk to you- in private,” I added boldly. “No need to drag Trey into-”

“You DRAGGED Trey into this the moment you touched him sexually, and in our BED, even,” Joe said evenly. The rebuttle was low-toned, quiet even- yet it had all the force of a bitch-slap. I recoiled.

Trey spoke up then. “I’ll be honest with you, Joe-”

“That would be ‘WARDEN-HILL’ to you, sir,” Joe said with the barest trace of irritation.

“Okay, ‘Warden-Hill’,” Trey amended, “I have to be honest about my intentions.”

My heart sank like a stone. Trey was half-naked and sitting in my lover’s and my bed, about to tell this man before him (wearing a gun) that he wanted to be with me. I inwardly crossed my fingers, willing him to shut up, to have some propriety, some decency-

“ want to be with Dan, and I’m positive he wants to be with ME,” Trey said with some asperity.

The blood drained from my face. I looked over to him in shock, and then up at Joe. He was staring at me, at my face, saying nothing for the longest time. I was numb. I didn’t know what Joe was going to do next.

“What made you come back so soon,” Trey asked him with boldness. I marveled at Trey’s death-wish.

Joe scowled. “Does that make any diff-” he began.

“You called the prison and found out that there really wasn’t a break in at the infirmary, right?” Trey guessed. “Found out that all the meds were still there?”

“How did you,” Joe began, and then froze with fury. “YOU?!?” Joe thundered, whipping his revolver out and pointing it at Trey, who stood up tall and straight-backed, his physique even in my fear getting to me- “YOU SET ME UP TO GET ME OUT OF THE HOUSE SO YOU COULD FUCK MY MAN BEHIND MY BACK!!!”

I jumped up in front of Trey. “Joe, you can't do this,” I said, “you’re a prison warden!!! “

“And we’re officers of the court, Trey said with a smirk. “I could arrest you for pulling your weapon on an unarmed cop.”

“Why you-” Joe began, but another phone call on his cell broke the tension in the room. He put down his revolver and answered. A few seconds later he said “Will do, I’ll keep you posted,” and put the phone down.

“A code 63 along with a 10-107 was just reported in this area from the SPD,” Joe said, “on the police scanner. I was called because it’s an address just up the street from this location, and they were hoping that I could check it out.”

“A suspicious person AND a criminal trespass reported? What address,” I asked, clearly trying to get Joe off the subject of me and Trey.

Joe repeated the address to me and my face paled. “That’s Robbie’s house,” I said, turning to grab my clothes.

“Robbie..?” Joe asked, confused.

“Robbie- Rah-Rah, our sons’ friend,” I said, pulling on my pants and looking hurriedly for my socks. “He lives with his son at his mother’s house, and Lamar might be over there!!!”

“Are you sure,” Joe asked, alarm on his face. “I mean, isn’t Malik-”

“Malik is fine, he’s in the bedroom,” I said, fishing around for my tee-shirt. “Lamar and he had a fight earlier, and Lamar didn’t come home tonight. Robbie and he are so close, maybe-”

“I’ll wake up Malik,” Joe said, speeding out the door and disappearing down the hall.

“Joe, what if we’re wrong about-”

“He still has the right to know- just in case,” Joe yelled back, knocking on the door to the room my son shared with Joe's son. I finished getting dressed, Trey dressing just as fast. After seconds Joe re-appeared in the doorway. “Malik’s not in there either!” he burst out. “He might have tried going over to make up with Lamar… I’m on my way, meet me there,” Joe grabbed his revolver from the dresser, whipped around, and sped down the stairs.

Trevy said, fixing his collar, “I’m driving, let’s go.”

I looked at him. “Look, this doesn’t involve you,” I began.

Trey dipped his head lighting quick and kissed me softly and full on the lips, instantly soothing me down. “Whatever involves you, involves ME,” he said, smiling encouragingly at me. “We’ll find your son, and Joe's son as well. Don’t worry about it, okay?” And he grabbed my arm and we headed for the stairs.

‘Trey always seems to know just what to say, doesn’t he,’ I thought with some awe as we followed after Joe. I just hoped that whatever happened at Robbie’s house,that Malik and Lamar had nothing to do with it…


The car ride bac to my crib was quiet. I was freekin out on da inside, even though I looked over at Joop eery so often and gave him a nod, like it was ‘all-good-&-we-were-gonna-find-out-what-happened-to-Rah-Rah’… at least dats da look I gave him.

We reached my house an pulled into da driveway (which was empty, no cars there) and I got out, Joop drivin da whip around to da back of da property to hide da whip in da bushes, in case sumone was lookin for Rah-Rah car. Not that they would check the home of one of da head CO’s up at da prison, da Warden’s right hand man, I thought to myself, shakin my head. Po-Po could be really dumb sumtimes.

I went inside da front door an Joop met me in da kitchen. “They mus be out,” Joop said; “no cars hurr, dat mean dey aint home.”

I nodded, not really trustin myself to speak. We went up to da bedroom and laid down on da bed, still fully clothed. I wuz mo than tired. Eerything dat happened from da moment I last saw this room jus drained me, one event after da other. Rah-Rah catchin me bare-assed comin outta da shower, catchin Joop dick in dat hoe mouth at da mall, me hidin out at Rah-Rah crib, druggd up and raped, thinkin Joop killd our oldest friend and belieinv we hadda go on da run or get lokkd down, discoverin da body was missin… it all jus made me madd numb and I couldn’t move.

I turned my head to see Joop layin beside me on his side, lookin down at me. He lookd so fukkin sexy an at da same time so miserable, my heart skippd a beat. He lookd like he was goin thru eerything I went thru but only in his head and his heart. In eery way he felt violated like I had been, we were bond together like dat- he aint have to say nuthin at all about how he felt, I just KNEW.

Witout a word Joop lookd at me, an a tear shone in his eye. I watched it as he watched me, and it broke free an fell down his cheek, splashin down on my forehead. I felt it trail on down da side of my face an catch in my ear.

God, I loved dis nicca.

Witout a word Joop reached over an, almost like he was ready for me to pull back, rested his hand on my chest. It wasn’t just a touch, it was a question, spoken witout words:


Witout a word Joop waited for me to answer. My heart was so full of love for his patience, him bein gentle an givin me space to deal wit me bein raped an all… yeah, I knew he cheated on me wit a chick, yeah, I knew he was fukkd up about dat and yeah, I knew dat I had jus been raped an I was gun-shy about bein touched rite now; but da one thing I also knew was dat I trusted Joop mo than any nicca I had ever trusted- even after all dat had happened. We grew up together, been thru too much- who else could I trust but da only nicca I ever dreamed about..?

Witout a word, dat was da answer i gave him- jus by touchin his hand and pullin it up to caress my cheek.

He lit up like a Christmas tree. Witout a word he held my cheek in his palm and jus smiled at me, another tear spillin out his eye an landin on my eyebrow dis time. For sum reason him holdin me so quiet-like an so protective made my dick rise up. he saw this an reached down, pullin down from my boxers, so that my dick broke free an stood str8 up, all 9 inches thick and throbbin- but not from lust. I aint know why my dick was jumpin so hard…

Joop aint waste no time though. He leaned over and wit one swallow engulfed my dick down to da base. I felt his lips, tongue an throat close wit da smoothest WARMTH over my throbbin dick an my knees got weak.

At first my reaction was to pull back, but Joop slippd his lips over my dick, up an down wit so strong and soft a suction dat I was powerless, but a different kind of powerless. Wit each stroke of his throat up and down on my thick ass dick Joop reminded me dat all he would ever wanna do is please me, make me feel good.

Joop raised up off me an looked up, da question in his eyes, spoken again, witout a word:


Witout a word I took his face an pushed it bac to my dick, all spit-shiny an drippin, jumpin for Joop’s mouf again. He attacked it this time, slurpin and suctionin on it over an over, his spit droolin down on my hairy nuttsack, makin me jump wit lust. Witout a word I raised up an let Joop’s hand run down my bootyhole.

He touched da crack an I flinched- I remembered Rah-Rah bein on me jus then. But witout a word Joop pushed dat horror outta my head and replaced it wit himself, his touchin me, his love for me, his hands all over my ass cheeks, makin my ass hot an horny FOR JOOP all over again.

Witout a word I grabbd Joop and pushed him down on his back, noticing then that he had jumpd outta his clothes while he was sukkin on my dick. He was butt ass, his 10.5 inch thickass dick standin brickkd up. I got on top of him and positioned his dick against my ass.

Witout a word he asked me wit his eyes,


Witout a word I let him know by raisin up an slippin his dick in my ass, slow but sure. Da hole was still hurtin a lil from earlier but for sum reason Joop lookin at me wit all his feelings in his eyes made me forget all da bad shyt, and all of a sudden my ass aint feel nuthin but ready for Joop to tap it like WHOA.

Witout a word I let him know:


Witout a word he knew what I was sayin to him, and his dick, cock-0strong, slid home into my ass, dat familiar tightenin/ loosenin pressure of him finding dat rite curve up in there, pushing til bang! I was all da way down on his dick to da base. My ass twitched, tightenin up wit thugg heat, an I knew then I needed him to re-make dat hole his own, AN RITE NOW.

Witout a word Joop slowly positioned my legs and his own. When he was finished moving I noticed that he had lifted his legs an positioned his asshole against my throbbin dick. Witout a word Joop said,


Witout a word Joop told me dat he loved me enuff dat tappin me tonite wasn’t dat important, not like me an him jus showin love, no matter who got fucked.

Which wuz fine by me. I grabbed on both his legs an spread em to where I could see his pink lil asshole winkin at me beneath soft pubic fuzz. It looked so fukkin thugg-sexy my dick stiffened up brick-style again an I slid my phat dickhead into dat tite spot. Joop closed his eyes an bore down on his teeth. He grabbed my hand dat was on his leg an squeezed, sayin to me witout a word:


I pushed in an felt pressure, his hole wuz madd tite and wouldn’t let me in dat ez, which I expected- Joop did most of da fukkin when it wuz time to git down to da jump-off… but then his ass jus opened up an my joint slid deep up to da base inside dat hairy warmth, which clamped down on my joint like a fist. Joop opened his mouf in pain but not a sound left his lips. Witout a word I began grindin dat dick up into Joop guts, back an forth, slidin my 9 inch up dat dark hole, feelin dem walls slip up an down on my dickhead, which grew against the strain of dat thugg lust. It felt like butter, hot, slippery an tite- an my dick sent shovers thru my body while I began to bang out dat ass da way Joop did me sumtimes- jail house thugg style.

Da bed began to shake az I ground dat hole over an over, dat ass getting wetter an wetter, Joop wit his eyes closed against da pain an still eggin me on witout a word. Dis nicca loved me like sum I never KNEW before. I went faster, got deeper in his ass, my arms stretchin his legs wider, my nutts smackin dat booty wit a lite tappin dat got louder an louder.

Da headboard banged against da wall and Joop was sweatin, tryin to help hold up his muscle legs all dat time. His dick was brikkd up and bouncing up an down against his tite ass chest. Sweat fell off my face too, landin on his chest and dat thick ass swollen thugg dick as I held his legs str8 up, closing em and feelin mo skin on my dick squeein it, faster and titer, dat shiver runnin thru my legs and my back- I felt da nutt buildin up deep in me, an I wuz bout to lose control… Joop reached around an grabbd my asshole, pullin me deepr into him, and he squeezed his asshole closed around my thrustin dick.

Dat did it. Witout a word I felt da wildest nutt grab me up, I couldn’t speak as my splash bust outta my dick


an splattered da inside of Joop ass, over an over, da force of it rockin my whole body again an again

(skeet-skeet; skeet-skeet)

and all of a sudden Joop’s back stiffened an his eyes rolled in da back of his head. And witout a word, witout touchin his dick his nutt flew up into my face, hot, sizzling droplets of white rain hittin my cheek, my eyebrows


and washin me over an over as his uncontrolled dick flew off an shot everywhere, my sholders, da headboard, da covers


as Joop thrashed wildly on da bed.

My dick blew its last nutt an I caught my breath, feelin Joop nutt drippin warm an white down my cheek an restin on my upper lip. I tasted it as he opened his eyes an said witout a word,


And he smiled, me smiling back. I pulled outta his ass, large splashes of my nutt fallin outta his open ass an hittin da bed. We were now crusted in nutt- but we aint care. Joop reached up an pulled me to him, our combined nutt-splash off stickin us together. I rested on top of him, and we, together, fell asleep- witout a word.

Sometimes, I thought as I drifted off, words aint needed between lovers...


Without a word, the shadow in the bedroom closet that was watching Joop and Lamar silently make love waited for them to fall asleep. It stepped from the dark space into the room itself, the morning sunlight falling through the window and making the silver .38 in the shadow’s hand glisten. Three bullets were in the chamber, one for each of them- and there was no reason why they should have to wait any longer…

Without a word Rah-Rah smiled grimly at the sleeping pair as he raised the gun, aimed at Joop’s head and pulled the trigger.


“Yeah nigga, knock my pussy out…!”

“Ahhhh baby-baby, take this big black dick, you like this shit, don’t you baby…”

Cookie Warrington groaned and twisted underneath Peanut’s dark-skinned 11-inch monster African dick, digging deep into her throbbing, hairy, twitching pussy. Each grind of that long big thick ass shaft made wet splashes of hot pussy juice coat the bed underneath them which squealed like an old door that needed oil.

The tall, extremely skinny Peanut straddled her, wrapped his scrawny arms around the back of her shoulders to keep her rooted, and picked up the pace, his hairy balls (the largest thing on him) slapping against her the underside of her clit, smack!SMACKSMACKSMACK!

Cookie’s eyes were closed tight, Peanut’s bushy afro buried in her chest, his teeth nibbling on her jiggling tittes, one then the other as he smashed that pussy out… but in her mind’s eye, Peanut wasn’t the one digging her out. She chose him for his hair-style, which reminded her of another afro-headed nigga who fucked her brains out one afternoon behind the high school gym. That was the one who was REALLY slinging his big black juicy ass dick deep in her pussy, claiming her as his for once and for all time…

She arched up as that phat dick struck her g-spot one too many times. A wild passion rose from her wet snatch and shook her like she had a seizure… all the while her mind’s eye was screaming out, DANNNNNEEEEEEEEEEE…..

A low, masculine moan filled the room then-


That thrusting, 11 inch, thick cut hairy dick stiffened up and hot, wet sperm flushed out her box, gobs of thick white liquid spraying in her, coating and mixing with her own gushing pussy juice. She seized up and her legs wrapped tight around his back, a harsh scream of orgasmic lust ripping from her throat… The tensed up afro-headed kat joined her in rocking from spasms of lust, the sheets beneath them becoming drenched like they were dipped in hot water as they kept cumming, on and on…

And then it was over, Cookie falling back on the bed, drained and suddenly hoping Peanut would sense that she wanted him off of her as he snuggled in between her now-sensitive titties. Peanut, who had no psychic ability, did not notice her stiff response. v “Yo baby,” he drawled in his post-1977 Barry-White Shaft vibe, “how come every time I groove with you, you callin out some other fat kat’s name?” He snuggled in her neck, biting on her collarbone. “Who’s Danny, anyway, baby..?”

“Get off me, Peanut,” Cookie growled, pushing the naked nuzzling man off her chest.

He tumbled to the floor, yelling as he banged his shin against the side railing. “You bitch!” he snapped. “Don’t be mad cause you can't have the real dick you want up in yo tyred pussy, fuckin slut..! I’M ALL YOU GOT!!!”

“Then I aint got NUTHIN,” Cookie said, keeping her cool. “Get the FUCK outta my house,” she added then, reaching over and picking up a mini-vase from her nightstand.

The sullen man got to his feet, stumbling around and grumbling under his breath as he got dressed. “See ya next time, baby,” Peanut drawled with a half-smile as he headed for the door- and ducked as the vase smashed into the doorway a few inches from his head.

“BITCH!!” He yelled as he darted out the bedroom door, slamming it behind him. a couple of seconds later, the echoing slam of the front door shook the house.

Cookie smiled, stretching out in her bed and turning over. He’d be back when she needed to use him to fill-in for Danny again. He was quite ugly, but the dick was big enough that it helped make her larger-than-life memories of Officer Danny Clark an occasional reality.

She looked over her pillows out at the lightning sky. It was still very early in the morning, the sunlight rising through the treetops. A couple hours of sleep would hit the spot. She snuggled back in bed under the sodden covers, absently wondering when she was going to get to the gym again- and then her head whipped up, a terror seizing her like nothing she’d felt before- but wait, that wasn’t true.

The last time she felt that kind of irrational terror was when her son Malik was locked upstate, and afterwards she found out that he had almost gotten stabbed in an altercation in the showers. Malik got away without a scratch, but that was the scariest moment her mother’s intuition had ever given her… until now.

Without missing a beat, cookie jumped up and hurriedly got dressed. Whatever was happening, or about to happen, she knew where Malik would be at this time of day- at his best friend Lamar Clark’s house, Lamar, the son of her old love Danny Clark..! As anxious to see Danny again as well as getting to her son, she intensified her efforts to get dressed. Something was wrong, her mother’s intuition screamed across her brain- and she couldn’t be there for Malik the last time she felt this way.

But not this time- she would get to her boy and help him, defend him- by any means necessary.


Trey pulled up behind Joe's Excursion, which was parked right outside of Robbie’s front door. A squad car with flashing light illuminated the officers who were questioning Robbie’s mother in front of her open door, my worst fears confirmed- the call was about Lamar and Malik, I just KNEW it.

I reached for the door handle, but Trey reached for my arm. I turned to him, my look questioning. “I’m sure everything’s going to be ok in there,” he said with an encouraging smile. “Don’t go looking for trouble where there may be none.”

I nodded, not trusting myself to speak. I got out of the car and, with Trey dogging my heels, went up to where Joe was speaking to the on the scene Officer, Phillip Petruso- I’d worked with him before.

Joe saw us coming. For a moment his face darkened when he saw Trey beside me, then he regained his composure. “Listen, there seems to have been some form of struggle in the house,” Joe was saying.

“My partner, Mancuso, is inside collecting evidence,” Petruso chimed in. “He’s got the portable crime unit upstairs.”

“The new one, with the DNA evidence attachments?” I asked, the law enforcement official in me coming out.

“One and the same,” Petruso grinned. “If anything happened in there that wasn’t supposed to, we’ll find it.”

I smiled back, secretly hoping that Robbie didn’t smoke marijuana in the house, like Lamar and Malik did when they thought Joe and I couldn’t smell it… to keep the worry off my face I looked around.

Off to the side I saw Robbie’s mother, Rena- I remembered her from the few occasions we shared small talk when Lamar and Robbie were still in the same grade school. Even after all these years she still looked the same; she was a medium-skinned, small, lithe woman, and presently she looked very tired and harassed. “Rena!” I called to her.

She looked up and smiled. “Dan..? Dan Clark?” She gave a wisp of a smile. “I haven’t seen you since our kids were school age..!”

“That’s right, good to see you,” I said, coming over to stand with her. “I’m on the force as a PO, I also double as a lawyer. So you can tell me what’s going on, right?”

“I-I’m not sure,” she began, shaking her head with worry. “I came home early from a road trip to Las Vegas with some friends and when I got home I saw the kitchen door standing open. I called out for Robbie but there was no answer. Since I’m no fool, I called the police on my cell- and that’s when one of my neighbors came over and said they saw someone messing around the house while they were putting out the trash.”

“You did the right thing,” I said seriously. “We’ll get to the bottom of this; I wouldn’t think anything bad happened to Robbie, if I were you. Lamar wasn’t home, either- maybe they’ve gotten caught up in …whatever they may be doing and just lost track of time. It’s not like they’re kids anymore and have to report home,” I added with a nervous laugh.

She seemed to calm down some after she thought through what I said. “I-I guess you’re right,” Rena nodded. “He didn’t know I’d be home early- maybe it was a prowler… I just hope they didn’t take my mother’s china.”

Joe called over to me. “Could you come over here a sec?”

I looked up. Joe appeared slightly anxious. I turned back to Rena. “Try to relax,” I said, “everything will be fine.”

“Good to see you again, Dan,” she said, the red flashing lights from the squad car casting her forlorn frame in a shade not unlike blood in the early morning light.

I returned to Trey and Joe. Petruso was standing with his partner, Mancuso, who had come out of the house, and they were conferring with one another over some digitized evidence on the DNA kit the partner had taken into the house. The introductions were quickly made. “What is it..?” I asked then.

Petruso looked at me with a quizzical grin. “Were you here earlier..?” he asked.

“I was at home all night,” I said. “Why do you ask?”

“The DNA kit picked up traces of blood on the son’s bed,” Mancuso said. “There seems to be a match in the police database- but it’s fuzzy.”

“Fuzzy?’ Trey said, rather protectively. My heart began to race- good god, Trey, no PDA, not right now, I thought nervously.

“The DNA signature of the blood on the sheets was run and matched- to YOU, Dan,” Petruso said. “A 97% match.”

“And that’s what’s funny about it,” the partner said. “If it WAS your blood, it would be a 100% match in the kit, with the blood-type we have on file for you at the station. This blood-type- well, it almost seems to belong to a close family relative, instead of yourself.”

My OWN blood drained from my face. Joe appeared stunned, but it was Trey who grabbed my arm and spun me around to face him. “You don’t think-” he began.

I looked at Mancuso. “How old is this sample,” I asked.

“Well, the blood was still… wet, the sheets still damp with it,” he replied.

“Lamar…” I sputtered, turning and racing back to the Lexus, Joe and Trey hot on my heels. “Where are you going???” Joe yelled behind me.

I didn’t have a clue where to start looking for my son, this was true… but I knew Malik might know where to look. “I’m going home,” I said, getting in and tossing the keys to Trey, who had jumped in the driver’s side.

Without me having to say it, Trey pealed the Lexus out of the parking spot and with a rubbery squeal, whipped the car around and sped back towards my house.


I was about to follow the speeding Lexus away when Mancuso grabbed my arm. “Joe, before you leave, he said seriously, “there’s something else you should know.”

“I’m in kind of a hurry,” I said, fumbling around for my keys. “I have to go check on my son and his-”

“This IS about your son,” Mancuso said. “They call him ‘Joop’ on the street, isn’t that right?”

“Well, yes, that is his ‘quote-unquote’ hood-name,” I said, flustered, “but what does that have to do with-”

“There were some papers hidden under a loose floorboard in the son Robbie’s room,” Mancuso went on. Petruso came in closer. “What did you find, Manny?” Petruso asked him.

There was an old newspaper clipping of when your son was arrested for a robbery up near Nordstroms on Pine Street,” Mancuso said. I remembered reviewing the case when Malik was first assigned to my prison from King County Correctional, it was my practice to at least read something on every inmate’s situation. Malik’s story stuck out simply because he was so young. I made sure I kept a record of all the youngest inmates there, just to be on the safe side; WA State Prison wasn’t the safest place for young boys…

“There was a small notebook the clipping was attached to,” Mancuso was saying, snapping me out of my reverie. “It was kept as a journal, from the same year Malik was arrested. In it was a detailing of the crime your son was accused of committing- a detailing that no one would have known so much about unless they were there, and- and a couple of pages later, a sort of…admission.”

“Admission; what do you mean,” I said then, a dark pit of horror growing in my gut.

“Well, according to the journal, it appears that your son was set up to be caught by the police during that robbery; Robbie writes later on in the journal how happy he was that Joop got locked up, that way he could have Joop’s shorty all to himself… Did Malik have a girlfriend that this Robbie wanted to get him out of the way for? Where is she now?” Mancuso was asking me, but a numb, burning feeling had settled right in the pit of my stomach.

Yes, my son had a ‘shorty’… but not a girl… not a girl.

“I-I have to go,” I stammered, leaving Mancuso and Petruso with shocked looks on their faces as I fled towards my car. If I didn’t miss my warden’s instinct, my son AND his lover- my lover’s son- were both in deadly danger…


Without a word Rah-Rah pointed the gun at Joop’s sleeping face and pulled the trigger.

‘Clik’ went the gun, but no bullet fired off.

Rah-Rah frowned. He held the gun before him, its belly gleaming silver, pointing it at Joop once more.


Nothing happened.

This was incredible to Rah-Rah, he KNEW for a fact that there were bullets in the chamber- he had loaded three into the gun after he settled down in Lamar’s closet and pulled the closet door just so, for him to have the perfect view of the bed.

He had managed to come to when Joop had locked him in his own car trunk, with a killer headache- and a cramp in his shoulder blades. At first he was disoriented and his claustrophobia acted up, but when he realized that he was in his OWN car, of which he had child-proofed the trunk, the rest was easy.

Popping the trunk while not knowing exactly WHEN Joop would show up to stop him was risky, but he managed to slip out of the car without notice, jumping behind a clump of bushes as Joop came back out of the house. He closed the door and got in his car and drove away with Lamar, while Rah-Rah hid behind some bushes and watched it all happen.

Once the car was gone Rah-Rah crept out from behind the bushes and tried to get into the house, then realized that the keys were on the key-ring that Joop had taken when he stoke the car. He finally had to wind up breaking a window, praying that the security alarm wasn’t automatically set, and crawled in just in time to hide from his neighbor who had come outside to take out the trash.

‘Nosy bitch,’ Rah-Rah had thought at the time; ‘who puts out the trash at 4 am..?’

Once the neighbor had vanished inside their home Rah-Rah crept upstairs, grabbed his gun from the hiding place, took three bullets from his stash and then crept back outside the house, going not the way of the route the car had gone- but towards Lamar’s house. There he would wait, for they would come back, both of them- Joop and Lamar- probably laughing at him, thanking god that he was dead.

Well, he’d show them all- if Joop wants him dead, he’ll be happy to help- as long as he gets to take Joop and Lamar WITH him when he goes…

So he’d waited a very long time, thinking about how to kill Joop, Lamar and himself off. A bullet each, right between the eyes… it seemed the best way. So he waited- and then when Lamar and Joop came into the bedroom and silently made love, tears of bitter, bitter anger rolled down his face. Lamar was HIS, after all- and there he was, slutting himself for a bitch-ass nigga like Joop. This time, with each stroke of passion between Lamar and Joop, a knife of pain cut right through Rah-Rah’s broken heart, shattering his sanity into pieces, bit by monotonous bit.

Now he had them right where he wanted them, and the got-damn gun wouldn’t go off like it was supposed to…

Rah-Rah turned his back on the bed, clearly confused as to why no bullet was lodged in the middle of Joop’s head right now. He swirled open the chamber to check the bullet number…

“Ya know, if you had da sense ta stop an check WHICH chamber dem bullets was in, you mighta BEEN moped me out, DUMB ASS,” a snarling voice said behind Rah-Rah’s back, a whiff or a scent of musk-and-fruit in the air.

Stunned, Rah-Rah whipped around- to meet a heavy fist cold-cocked into his jaw.

He flew back into the wall behind him, striking it hard and falling to the floor, the gun flying out of his hand.

Joop had simultaneously slipped into his boxers as he jumped over the bedframe to reach Rah-Rah, murder in his eyes- yet quick as a flash, Rah-Rah had jumped up from the floor, the last vestiges of sanity slipping away as he hurled his sizable frame at Joop, who had drawn his fist back to strike once more.

“YOU PLAYD YOSELF SHOWIN UP HURR U PUNK ASS NIGGA,” Joop yelled as his fist swung in a downward arc.

“FUCK YOUU!!!” Rah-Rah screamed as he grabbed the struggling Joop by his outstretched arm and with a grunt, twisted it in mid-air. Joop crumpled to the floor with a yell, the pain making him freeze up as Rah-Rah jumped on top of him, straddled his frame and smashed a meaty fist in his jaw.

Blood burst from Joop’s mouth as his face flew to the side- then he slowly looked back at Rah-Rah, smiling. “Dat da best ya got, you BITCH???” Joop snarled at him with a sneer, blood-flecked spittle hitting Rah-Rah in the face.

Rah-Rah howled with an animal-like roar, his reason finally fled as he raised both his arms to bring them down on Joop’s head- but Joop brought up a knee right into the underside of Rah-Rah’s groin, crushing the balls lodged there.

Rah-Rah’s howl of insane rage turned into a scream of pain as Joop got his arms free and swung a roundhouse against Rah-Rah’s face. He slid off of Joop to the floor as Joop jumped up and straddled Rah-Rah instead, raining heavy blows down on Rah-Rah’s face and upper body.

“Dis is how it’s done upstate, NIGGA,” Joop grunted with each smash to the face, each crunch to the chest. “Specially if you fuck with a nicca shorty,” Joop added, hawking up and spitting a wad of red-tinged phlegm in Rah-Rah’s face as he continued to pound him, again and again.

Rah-Rah, momentarily stunned, regained something of himself and reached out, grabbing a discarded shoe inches from where he lay and brought it up hard, smacking Joop against the side of his temple.

Joop fell like a pole-axed cow, dazed and semi-conscious. “MAR IS MINE, JOOP, YA HEAR ME???” Rah-Rah screamed into the air, panting and wheezing, a horror-mix of his blood and tears cascading down his cheeks as he sobbed. “MINE!!! YOU CAN'T HAVE HIM!!! I’LL KILL YOU-”

‘clik’- the sound came right behind Rah-Rah’s head.

There was enough reason still within Rah-Rah even then to realize two things: one- he had dropped his gun during the fight, and two- that sound was exactly how his gun sounded when it cocked… he turned around and-


Trey screeched the car to a halt, barely jumping out of the way of (?) Joanie Warrington’s car, which pulled up to the house and jumped out of the car just as the report from the gun sounded in the morning air, so loud it could have been a cannon shot.

We froze in our tracks, looking at each other in fright. Seconds later we heard the Gray Excursion come skidding to a halt, Joe jumping out and searching the skies above the house…

“Was that a gunshot I heard..?” Joe yelled incredulously.

I looked over at him, stunned. “It sounded like it came from-” I couldn’t finish that statement.

Trey had drawn his service piece, looking cautious.

Cookie said, “Dat gunshot… it came from yo house, Danny.” she turned fear filled eyes towards the second floor windows.

“What are you doin here, Joanie,” Joe said, looking over at Cookie. “Did Malik call you over..?”

“No,” she said, almost in a whisper, looking at Joe. “I felt dat somethin was wrong wit him,” she explained. “Mama’s intiuition. And I’m ‘fraid ta say dat I was rite…” and then she was sprinting up to the front door.

“Cookie, wait!!” I yelled after her, as she burst into the house, crying out Malik’s name.

“Ah, shit,” Joe cursed as he scrambled over the front of his car, heading towards us.

I ran then, Trey and then Joe at my heels. My heart was in my throat as she raced up the stairs and down the hall to Lamar’s room. My cop’s brain was against this heedless charge- yet the father in me knew how she felt; a parent’s irrational fear for their child’s life erases all logical thought. Yet still I tried- “Cookie, calm down,” I thundered.

Yet Cookie was too far gone. She reached Lamar’s room and threw open the door open…


I hurd dat shot, an after realizing I wasn’t hit I struggled to wake up all da way. Opening my eyez was hard but I finally did it an eerything was blurred up. I saw two shapes in front of me- then my sight cleard up.

Rah-Rah was standin over me, facin Mar- who had grabbd up Rah-Rah gun an put a bullet into da ceiling, tryin to stop Rah-Rah from finishin me off, I guessd. For a sec neither of em moved, Mar in his own boxers, still pointin da gun in da air.

“Yo Mar, we could be good tagether,” Rah-Rah was sayin, shakin from head ta foot. “Jus lemme have da gun, I’ll finish off Joop an we could get rid of da body. We could bury it in da backyard,” Rah-Rah was sayin wit a high pitch to his voice- he sounded like he had lost his fukkin mind.

“Yo Rah-Rah, you lost yo fukkin mind,” Mar yelled out my thoughts. “You… r-r-did what you did ta me and you got da nerve to actually plan murderin my nicca and expect me to go along wit it…?” Mar shook his head as he lowered da heat an pointed it at Rah-Rah face. “Da only place you goin, punk-ass nicca, is cellblock D- or maybe da psych ward at Ridgeview,” Mar added, “cause you SEE dat I got yo gun in my hand an you STILL thought dat shyt was a good idea. You GOTTA be fukkin CRAZY.”

Jus den da door flew open. I was stunnd to see my moms come chargin into Mar bedroom...!

“MA, WHAT U DOIN HURR???” I shouted, an den was stunnd all over again to see Officer Dan come runnin into da room shoutin “Who’s hurt?” an a tall dude wit a badge on his belt comin in rite behind him.

My Dad was da last thru da door, an for a anotha second no one moved- me on da ground, Rah-Rah standin over me lookin back at Mar who was holdin a smokin gun, two po-po, a prison warden an a hysterical lookin momz.

Den Rah-Rah tried to break for da doorway, but got trippd (thanks to my leg catchin his monkey ass) an fell rite into da arms of dat tall-ass po-po. Quick as lite Officer Dan whippd out a pair of cuffs and slappd em on Rah-Rah while da other po-po started reading him his rites. “I’ll take him down to wait for some uniforms ta show up,” he said, takin Rah-Rah out da room. He lookd kinda familiar to me tho, but I aint have time to think about dat.

Moms came over to me an helpd me to my feet, den crushed da life outta me wit a hug. “Nigga don’t you worry my ass no more like dis,” she said while squeezin me almost cuttin off my air.

Pops came over too. “Are you okay, son,” he said.

I was still surprised. “Why are yall two here- and how did yall know sumthin was up..?” I said, frownin.

Pops explained how they got da call to investigate a break-in at Rah-Rah crib while da man himself was bein led downstairs by what lookd like Officer Dan’s partna. “We saw evidence that you two might have been at the house, so we came here- and met up with your mother,” Pops said, lookin surprised himself at dat one.

“I was already awake an I jus felt a …chill,” she tried to explain her part. “Da last time I felt dat was when you was up in prison an I knew it hadda be about you, so I hot-footed it over here, and jus in da nick of time,” she said, huggin me again.

I pulled away as Officer Dan came back in da room and went over to Mar. He was still standin there wit da gun in his hand.

Officer Dan said, “Lamar, give me the gun.”

Lamar didn’t move at first. He looked at his pops with a dazed look on his face.

Officer Dan went around until he got rite up in Mar face an started to speak real soft. “Son, I-I know what happened at the house. Nobody blames you, and I understand that this may be hard for you to deal with right now but we need to get you to a hospital, to check you out, get you tested for …anything.”

Mar's eyes got wide. “Pop, you-you KNOW..?” And he started shakin da hand dat was holdin da gun- hard.

Moms startd ta say “Wha happened-” and my pops shushed her.

Mar was startin ta shake harder. “You-YOU ALL know bout Rah-Rah an what he-what he-” but before he could make another move Officer Dan had snatched da gun outta Mar hand.

Mar lookd shockd dat his pops got da gun from him, den he sank to da floor an hid his face.

I pulld away from my moms and went over to him, got down on da floor next to him an put my arms around his shoulder. “Officer Dan, we took care of it,” I said.

“Malik, I get that you guys THINK you took care of it, but you aren’t doctors,” Officer Dan said. “We have to take him to the hospital.”

I lookd over at my moms den. She was about to hear sum shyt that I wanted to talk to her bout in my own way but dat aint matter now- I hadda defend Mar, he wasn’t ready to face dat shyt wit no one else but me rite now. “Look,” I said, takin a deep breaf, “yall aint gonna find no evidence noway. Me an Mar wuz tagether this mornin… it wuz important. I hadda let him know dat sex-makin love- wuz still iight, no matter whut dat punk ass nicca did.”

Officer Dan an my pops jumpd in shock, an I was like, “I know yall think dat we los evidence an all dat to charge Rah-Rah wit rape but-” an den I stoppd.

They was lookin at my moms. She had this …look on her face.

“What u mean by it, boy,” she said, “dat you hadda let Mar know makin love was still iight..? What u mean dat yall was ‘tagether’ this mornin..?”

Da room was madd silent. Een Mar got shook outta his trance an turned his head up to me when she askd dat.

I swallowd an lookd her dead in her face. “Yeah ma, it’s wat u thinkin,” I said. “Jus don’t say nuthin til I’m finishd, I know how u are an I can’t get nuthin out once you start naggin.”

“Yo baby boy, I don’t nag-” she startd, but I gave her my ‘ma shut up an lemme talk’ look- I only used dat on emergencies cause I'm still scurred she’ll backslap da shyt outta me. I gotz a ghetto moms, you see.

I went on. “Long story short, me an Mar is tagether. I been meanin ta tell you but I aint get round to it. An naw you didn’t fail me an shyt so don’t start thinkin dat neither,” I threatened her. “Its jus dat we was always feelin dis way, we been tagether for two years an shyt- we aint think no one knew bout us but I guess Rah-Rah figured it out. So las nite our so-calld boy Rah-Rah slippd Mar a drug an raped him after me an Mar had a fight. I found em in da middle of it an jumpd on dis nicca an I thought I strangled him ta deaf. I took Rah-Rah body out to da car to dump him in da woods- we drove all da way down I-90 an dats when we found out dat no body was in da trunk so we figgurd he got out. We came back hurr an I tried to help erase what Rah-Rah did by makin love wit my nicca and it helpd him get better a lil. We fell asleep, woke up an Rah-Rah had followed us all da way back hurr an was tryin to kill me wit his gun. We threw blows an Mar got da gun from him an jus befo he was gonna buss a cap in his faggot ass yall bust up in hurr and dats da whole story.” An I rubbd Mar's back as he laid his head on my shoulder. I lookd down at him an gave him a smile, dat said he was gonna be iight, we both was from now on. I lookd up again.

Da room was still silent. Officer Dan den turnd madd quick round ta my pops. “Okay, Joe, just stay calm,” he said.

My pops was turnin red in da face, an he startd stranglin. “Did you just HEAR what my SON said to his mother..?” Pops was askin Officer Dan, an his chest started to move hard up an down. Ma dukes jus stood there, she still aint said nuthin yet.

“Joe, you have to remember they’re young, and not too much in the know about the law,” Officer Dan was sayin. He turnd back to me while pops sat on da bed, tryin to catch his breaf. “As an Officer of the court and as your parole Officer, normally I would have to report what you just said to the proper authorities, seeing as you just confessed to attempted murder and planning unlawful disposal of human remains,” he said to me.

I gulpd. “Seriously?” I asked.

“Seriously,” Officer Dan said. “Add to that your accusation of Lamar’s attempted murder and aiding and abetting you, and you BOTH would be looking at about 7 years apiece upstate.”

“But- but you’re not gonna send us up? Not after all dat shyt we dune been thru tonight wit Rah-Rah???” I yelled.

Naw, nicca, he’s tryin to say watch what you say to cops, Mar said weakly, smilin at me as he got to his feet an put on his clothes. I jumpd up beside him, got dressd an put my arm round his waist. I needed to be close to my nicca rite den.

“We mean that too, Lamar, but I think you’ve done enough unlawful time, son,” Pops said then from da bed, and then he tol me an Mar how the officers that searched Rah-Rah crib found a journal dat Rah-Rah wrote two years ago, and da written confession where he admitted settin me up to get lockd down- all to keep my shorty all to hisself. When Pops was finishd me an Mar jus slowly lookd at each other.

…In da back of my mind I heard Officer Dan askin my pops if he was sure bout what he had been told. My moms had finally broke her silence an was yellin in da background bout how she knew all along I was innocent. But all I could see was da look in Mar's face which was like my own. A red haze was creepin over my sight, and I could see dat Mar's eyez was gettin dark too. He was thinkin da same thing I was…

(Rah-Rah- we ate wit dis nicca, slept as his crib, playd ball wit him, rolld down da street in his whip hollerin at females wit him, hung wit him for most of our lives… an all da time of all people RAH-RAH was da one who kept me from Mar a whole YEAR… by settin me up to be chargd wit robbery- I mean I knew I did it but Rah-Rah knew about it too, I remember tellin him bout my planz befo I went an he said he couldn’t go cause no one could watch his kid dat nite- he tol Mar dat his kid needed medicine from da hospital an got him to go pick up da prescript- and all dat was a LIE- so dat I’d be all by myself an he could send da cops to arrest me..!)

I saw da same in Mar's eyez, da fury was growin in us both.

I slowly lookd around. Officer Dan had sat down on da bed by my pops getting mo details about dat set-up by Rah-Rah, an moms had reachd for sum tissue off da dresser ta wipe off her face from all da cryin. So they was all distracted.

Me an Mar aint even think about it- we reacted as one man, movin toward da door so fast it lookd like we had jus disappeared in smoke. Befo my parents or Officer Dan could say anything we had ran outta da room an I slammd da door behind me ta give us mo time as Mar went on down da stairs two at a time. I slid down da banister an reachd da ground jus as Mar went tearin round da hallway to da kitchen where Rah-Rah hadda be waitin for a squad car to come get him- but not if we could get to him first.

Da red haze was stabbin thru my head, makin me hurry up an find Rah-Rah. Da door upstairs had slammd open an our parents was yellin fo us as they started runnin down da stairs, but fuk all dat. If Rah-Rah was goin upstate den he was goin in a body bag, cause he wasn’t leavin da house alive.

We got to da kitchen an I almost bumpd into Mar who had stoppd short, his face in madd shock. I lookd over his shoulder an almost went into shock myself.

Officer Dan's tall-ass partna was layin on da floor, knocked out. A lump lookin like an egg was growin on da back of his head. A breeze hit me an I lookd up. I didn’t need da see da back door in da kitchen standin open in da morning sunlight ta tell me dat da punk-ass nicca had escaped- AGAIN.


The mornin breeze was hittin us as we stood there, stunnd again for da umpteenth time this morning. My head was spinnin in 30 different directions. This nicca escapes better than Houdini an shyt, I thought. Joop was standin over dat other cop dat was still unconscious on the floor, lookin out da open kitchen doorway wit this look on his face- he was so madd he couldn’t even speak.

An who could blame him, I thought.

Da same nicca that we called our boy not only disrespected Joop by comin afgter me, not only did he slip me dat date-rape drug an… not only did he try to kill us both, but THIS nicca was the one dat got Joop sent upstate for a robbery charge for a year. All to try to keep me from Joop. I alwayz wondered why Joop, Teflon Don Juan of our hood who NEVER got caught at movin in silence an violence, got caught dat night for a simple robbery- cause he had dune worse shyt than that an got away wit it. We jus thought he was in da wrong place at da wrong time- but it wuz mo than that. He got set up and sent up. And he was cool dat Rah-Rah was hurr to watch my back while he was upstate- which is why I hung out wit him so hard. We NEVER saw this one comin.

Joop lookd down at da sleepin cop, an then lifted his boot an kickd dat po-po rite in da back. “WAKE DA FUK UP!!” Joop hollered as my Dad an Joop's parents came burstin into the kitchen.

“What the- WHERE’S ROBBIE!?!?” My Dad yelled out.

The cop groaned an began to move. Joop growled an lifted his boot again to kick him, but I reached over an yanked him away from da cop. “Yo CHILL- beatin his azz aint gonna change nuthin,” I said to Joop, but I knew dat he jus needed to hit sumthin then- da po-po dat let Rah-Rah escape was just as good as anything else.

“Answer me- where is Robbie?” Dad asked again, coming over to help his partna up off the floor. I jus happened to catch a look at Joop pops- he aint like dat my Dad helpd that other cop off the floor, I knew it- but he changed his face when he saw me lookin. “I don’t fukkin believe this,” Ms. Joan said, going over to the kitchen counter in the corner. “Keystone cop muthafukas- let dat boy run off all over da got-damn city,” an she started lookin in the cabinets.

“Did you see which way he went, boys?” Mr. Joe was askin us, ignorin Ms. Joan.

“Ask yo dumb ass partna,” Joop said, lookin over at the guy- an then he saw what I saw in da two of them, standin together. “Yo Officer Dan- this aint the TREY you was tellin me about, is it?” Joop said, his eyes wide, a frown on his face.

“My name is Trey,” Dad’s partna replied, massaging the back of his neck. “I don’t get it, why does my back hurt? Did I hit it when I fell?” He groaned.

Suddenly a loud gasp came from the corner. We all turned around to Ms. Joan, who was suddenly starin at Trey like she saw a ghost. “I aint realize it, I was so upset over eerything else, oh SHIT!!!” And she pointed at Officer Trey. “I know who you are!!”

Everyone turned to look at Officer Trey. He looked back at Ms. Joan, frownin. “What’s going on,” he asked, still rubbin his back where Joop had kicked him back to consciousness.

“You don’t remember ME, do you?” Ms. Joan said, shock all over her face. “Years ago… you found me at my mama’s old apartment, an you tol me that you had been followin a paper trail- you were adopted and you were tryin to find your birth family- don’t you remember me?”

Dad lookd at Officer Trey. “You DID tell me you were adopted, Trey- the first night I met you.”

Officer Trey looked at Dad, and then at Ms. Joan. He looked like he was rememberin… “Joan- you used to wear a fro and a lot of African beads..?”

“Yeah honey, dats me,” Ms. Joan said proudly. “But after we talked you left an I never saw you again.”

“What does ALL THIS have to do with catching the criminal that set up my SON?” Mr. Joe yelled at them. “Can't this wait?”

“Naw, Joey, this can't wait- yall gotta know rite now,” she said, facin Mr. Joe seriously. “I forgot all about it, you an I had already split up an I aint know I was pregnant yet wit Malik. He came to my door an tol me- yo name aint no Trey, by the way- what’s it short for again..?”

“Well, it’s short for Atreyu,” Officer Trey said, and Mr, Joe pulled up and stared at him the same way ms. Joan had- like he seen a ghost.

“Joanie- why did he come to see you,” Mr. Joe said, this scurrd look on his face.

“He said he wuz trackin down a lead on his birth family- he’d heard his father had made his mother give him up cause she was a servant in his house, an he aint want no one to know he had crept out on his wife,” Ms. Joan said, rememberin.

“It’s true,” Officer Trey said. “I remember telling you that when I was a kid I was told that my father named me and then told my moms to get rid of me… when I got older I went looking for them but couldn’t find anything out on my own… which was part of the reason that I became a cop, you can get info the normal person couldn’t. But all I could ever find out about the family was that there was a half-brother out there- that listed your address on his earlier college records. But… when I tracked you down, you told me that he was dead.”

“Well, that wasn’t actually the entire truth,” Ms. Joan murmured, a nervous look on her face. She turned to face Mr. Joe. “I mean, you had jus broke up wit me, an I was havin hormones cause I was pregnant and aint know it,” she was tryin to explain. Mr. Joe looked like his face was gettin pale. “I was mad and to me you WAS dead, so when Atreyu hurr came to see me I jus tol him how I felt…”

“Well, you did seem irritated, now I recall- WAITAMINNIT… what are you SAYING,” Officer Trey said, starting to choke.

“The name of that birth family,” Mr. Joe asked slowly, “what was it..?”

“Well, it was Hill,” Officer Trey said… “but come on, boss man. I’d stopped wondering everytime I came across a black family with that name if I was one of them… especially after I was told that the family died out.”

“My father told me when I was a little boy, he’d always wanted to have a son and call him Atreyu,” Mr. Joe said, a shocked look on his own face. “But I never told anyone that story- NEVER. There’s no way you could have known about that name unless-”

“Unless your father named me himself,” Officer Trey said, his eyes growing dark. “I mean… OUR… father…” he added.

My Dad jus slumpd down to the floor, stunnd. I lookd at Joop, who was starin at this guy, who could possibly be his uncle. “But- you and Officer Dan…”

Joop’s pops turned around quick when he said dat. “You know about it, do you, son,” he asked, a bitterness in his voice.

“I kinda stumbld across it,” Joop said; “but I aint seen u since I found out, so I couldn’t talk to u bout it. I figured dat should cum from yo boy anyway,” he pointed out.

It took three seconds for this to sink in, an everyone startd yellin at once- at each other.

I shook my head. This shyt wuz jus too much. From what I guessed, my pops and Officer trey were gettin down wit da get-down, an now Dad jus found out he been fukkin brothers. I went outside to clear my head from all the got-damn drama. I sat down on da outside steps in front of the kitchen, my back to da door- an put my head in my hands. First Rah-Rah escapes an now this… my pops always be gettin in these got-damn love triangles, I was thinkin.

I could hear all the yellin thru da doorway get louder… I stood up, lifted my head to take a look at what was goin on- an felt a cold piece of steel at my throat.

I stiffned, felt someone pressed up against my back while da knife pressed hard against my Adam’s apple, hard enuff to draw a lil blood- an I smelled a familiar old sweat-scent comin from behind me that could only mean one thing. The hairs on da back of my neck stuck up in horror.

“Come wit me nicca- if you wanna live ta see tomorrow,” Rah-Rah growled in my ear.


“I don’t believe you, Cookie,” I shouted at her across the series of yells that filled the room. “To LIE about something like THIS, to make another human being think the last link to his blood family was DEAD because YOU felt rejected?!?!?”

Tears of fright were in her eyes as the three older men in the room advanced upon her, all of us shouting at her. I had no pity for her now, she practically insured that I would wind up having sex with not only her son, but her son’s father (another one of her secrets), and HIS brother… then with a grimace I remembered that I’d had sex with HER, as well… dear Jesus, I’ve fucked the WHOLE family… “HOW COULD YOU?” I spat at her.

“You don’t get it, Danny,” she said frantically, holding up her hands as if to ward us off. “Joe and I had just had a big fight and he just up an left… I was SO DAMN madd at him dat when Atreyu came to find him I jus said da nigga was DEAD…”

“THAT WASN’T YOUR RIGHT!” I shouted, the anger building up inside of me- anger for Joe, who had a brother he never knew about, anger for Trey who I was beginning to fall in love with, for his lonely life in the foster care system, angry for Malik, who needed positive men in his family when he was growing up… so much might have been different had Cookie only been honest..! “Cookie, having a fight and breaking up does not preclude you having no HEART-”

“THE FIGHT WAS ABOUT YOU!!!” she hurled back at me then.

Trey stopped short, and the room got silent. “The hits just keep on coming,” he said. “ABOUT ME..? WHAT DOES THAT SUPPOSED TO MEAN?” I said, incredulous.

“We were fighting because Joe said he didn’t want a ghost in our bed, and he kept saying that there was another man on my mind when I was with him. I tried to convince him dat was bullshyt- but he was right. He caught me playin with myself wit a vibrator, callin out yo name when I would cum,” she admitted, her face downcast.

“Oh shit, I remember that,” Joe said. “You were calling out ‘Danny, Danny, I love only YOU baby,’ and moaning and cumming all over the bathroom floor- harder than you had EVER been when I fucked you. I packed my shit and left that same day; I wasn’t sharin my bed wit no other kat, even if it was all in her mind. So AGAIN, that was you, huh..?” Joe smiled ruefully at me.

I didn’t think I could take much more shocks. I tried to clear my head as I turned back to Cookie- I was on sensory overload. “So Joe leaves because you couldn’t stop thinking about ME, even though I was marrying Claire,” I said, “and since you felt rejected TWICE, you decided to take it out on this innocent man here,” I indicated towards Trey.

Cookie swallowed. “I know I wuz wrong…”

“WRONG? yelled Trey, who towered over her, his face a study in bitter anger. “YOU TRIFLING BITCH, you lied and tol me that my brother was DEAD! I stopped looking for any one of them because of YOU, lived all these years all alone- I oughta…” and he raised his backhand to her. She screamed.

“Trey, hold on,” Joe said then. He stepped forward. “She DOES deserve to get bitch-slapped down Main Street for the whole neighborhood to see, but we can't- at least, you have to wait your turn.”

His eyes grew menacingly dark as he turned back to the cringing mass of female flesh. “That’s the second time you kept a family member of mine away from me, Joan,” Joe said with a growl. “I’ve been alone too, growing up without a brother, and also having major regrets about all the years that I didn’t get to spend with my son when he was little, all because of YOU!!” he roared at her, so suddenly she tripped and fell to the floor, her head banging against the wall. She reached up to rub her head, moaning.

“You deserve worse pain than THAT,” Joe said to her as she began to sob. “MUCH worse.”

“Boy, why you lettin all these men gang up on me,” the teary-eyed Cookie suddenly yelled out. “Where are you, come defend yo mama..!”

In the midst of my righteous indignation I absently looked around. Malik was staring around the room, then looking out of the window. “Hey, yall see where Mar went?” he asked.

“I don’t know, maybe he went outside to get away from all the yelling,” I said. Lamar! I yelled to the backyard. Cookie, Trey and Joe stopped moving.

The only sound we heard in the still early morning silence was a car door slamming. This wouldn’t have normally made an impression were it not for the screaming peal of a car just outside our line of sight. It pulled away with the sound burning rubber makes, as if in a great hurry.

Malik turned back to me, his eyes wide with trepidation. “Officer Dan- you don’t think-” “Oh, my god,” Trey said then, “I left the keys outside in the car..!”

We all looked at each other, then as one we dashed out the back door and around the side of the house to the front yard.

The Lexus was gone. In the street were fresh skid-marks, heading off in the direction of Robbie’s house. Joe, Trey, Cookie and I simply stared at one another, fresh horror etched in our collective minds- Robbie hadn’t left after all, but doubled back- and in the confusion kidnapped Lamar. My son.

Just then another screech filled the morning air. Suddenly Joe leapt at me and pushed me out of the way as the Excursion pealed off, Malik at the wheel. I landed with an OMMPH! on the grass. Before any of us could regain speech he had whipped around the corner and was gone. I stood up and brushed myself off, slightly shaken. “Thanks,” I said to Joe, who looked as shook up as I did at the fact his son almost ran me down with an SUV.

“Don’t mention it,” he wheezed. “Goddamn it,” Joe said, “we can't catch em, all the cars are gone..!”

“Not all of em,” Cookie said, striding to her Oldsmobile. “Get in if’n yall wanna catch up ta our kids,” she said, jumping into the front seat and revving her engine, which sprang to life at its mistress’s touch.

“I’ll follow in my car,” Trey said, running down the street to where he’d parked it. “I have a radio- I’ll call it in, get some uniforms to pursue.”

Joe headed for Cookie’s car, and I started to follow- then thought better of it, turning around to run after Trey. Before the final showdown with Robbie, I had to clear something up with Trey that was nagging at the back of my mind ever since we discovered that Robbie had escaped, and I saw this as possibly the last chance I could get him alone.


Trey saw me following him and smiled as we jumped into his car and sped off after the Oldsmobile, which was going faster than I gave that car credit. Trey kept up as it whipped around corners, he sending instructions out to any uniform cars that might be in the area. He replaced the CB in its holster and looked over at me. “We’ll find him,” Trey said, placing one hand on my knee in encouragement. “Robbie wont hurt Lamar.”

“How do you know that,” I asked, glad of the opportunity to talk, it kept me from reverting to father-mode and starting to worry. “You don’t know Robbie.. or DO you..?”

Trey’s half-smile, which he always gave me in every situation, froze on his face- for just a split second, I knew he had hoped I didn’t notice- but it was all the confirmation I needed.

“I noticed when we were at Robbie’s house you didn’t come over to speak to his mother,” I said.

Trey suddenly coughed.

“Bingo,” I said.

“I don’t-don’t know what you mean,” Trey stammered.

“You DO get what I mean,” I said. Trey kept his eyes on the road, both hands on the steering wheel.

“Robbie shouldn’t have been able to get out of those handcuffs. And for a 6’4 cop, you certainly got bopped on the back of the head pretty hard by a handcuffed 5’10 guy,” I said pointedly.

Trey kept concentrating on the road, not saying anything.

“We were trained in the Academy on how to properly restrain a perp,” I reminded him. “WolfRam & Hart hired you- they only take the best. That means that you are fully trained and are very good at your job. For a kid like that to take you out, either you were having the worst day, or…”

“Or… I let him get away,” Trey mumbled.

“To kidnap my son,” I said with dark resolve.

“He wont hurt him,” Trey began in defense. “I have to believe that.”

“You mean, after you found out that he date-raped my son, you STILL believe that he wont try to finish attracking him..?” I looked at Trey, my feelings all twisted inside. “Trey, I admit that I AM falling for you- I might even be falling in love with you…”

Trey lit up like a Christmas tree when I said that.

I went on, “however, as a father and a lawyer I can't allow you to defend Robbie to me when he is guilty… as a lawyer you know Robbie is guilty,” I said with a sigh, “even if he IS your son.”

Trey kept driving, his eyes dark. “He doesn’t know,” Trey said. “I never told him.”

I knew then that I had reached my shock quota- for the rest of the year. Next year, even. “This is incredible,” I said, wiping my hand across my face. “You just can't make this stuff up..!”

“He was named for me, if nothing else,” Trey added then- “Robert Atreyu, with his mother’s last name of Howard. Get it- R.A.H.- Rah-Rah… I nicknamed him, too,” he sniffed grimly. “That was the last thing I ever got to do for my son.”

Pity filled my heart then for Trey. “Does he not know you at all?” I asked.

“It was his mother’s idea,” Trey answered. “She didn’t want me in his life, a beat cop who could get killed and break his heart. She wanted me to give up the badge for her and our son. I couldn’t do that- you KNOW why I became I cop… to find my family.”

“So in order to find a family you never knew, you gave up the family you COULD have had..?” I said, stymied. “Trey, baby- did that make SENSE to you..?”

“At the time, it did,” he said, a tear trickling down his face. “I wanted so bad to introduce my son to his grandfather and his uncle, I thought that a few years without him was worth the price I paid. Rena forced me to sign away my rights as a parent; that’s why I doubled as a lawyer- to be able to discover any and all legal ways to get custody of Robbie when the time was right.”

“And when you were told that your family was dead, why didn’t you go back for your son then?” I asked, my heart breaking for him.

“I didn’t want to rock the boat,” he replied. “I know it sounds like a cop-out, but he was getting older, and his mother seemed like she was handling everything fine. She promised that if I left things as they were I would get pictures and updates on his progress every so often. If I didn’t do it then she would go to court and file a restraining order, since technically I had no legal claim to him. I figured that getting updates was better than nothing. The time flew by, and before I knew it he was grown and in no need of a father anymore- I waited too late to say anything, so I just left things as they were.”

“You know he has a son, your grandson, right..?” I said.

“I know, I’ve seen pictures- a bright, beautiful boy,” Trey said with some pride. “I know I may never hold him, but I at least know my legacy will live on. And now he has a real family I can give Robbie- an uncle, a cousin…”

“Well, I know one thing,” I said then, “I don’t think Malik will care that Robbie is actually his cousin. I think he’ll still want his cousin dead for raping his lover,” I murmured.

“Well, maybe we can work all this out,” Trey said with some hope. “This could work out; we are, after all, FAMILY…”

“This is, of course, after you can get past the fact that you’ve been fucking your brother’s lover- right..?” I added ruefully. “Or maybe Joe can get past it- once he realizes that I’ve fucked every member of his family and throws up everything he’s eaten for the past month,” I added with a trace of sarcasm.

“Well, you’ve probably fucked both Joan and Joe- plus myself, but you didn’t have sex with Malik-” then he caught the cat-that-got-into-the-cream look on my face. He blanched. “Danny- you DIDN’T let my NEPHEW fuck you too..?”

“It’s a long story,” I mumbled. “Look, that isn’t the point,” I went on, trying to change the subject. “If you and I get together, can you deal with having to face your long-lost brother and taking his lover away from him all in the same breath..?”

“If that’s what it boils down to, then so be it,” Trey said. “You may think that you’re falling for me, but I’ve fallen- hook like and sinker- for you, partna,” he said, looking at me sideways with his heart in his eyes. “Whatever happens with our kids, I love you, baby…” and a tear slid down his cheek.

Against my resolve a powerful rush of emotion swept through me, and I realized that in the midst of all this chaos, I’d finally felt it- what my son and Malik have been feeling for one another all this time. I realized that I was powerfully, wonderfully, wildly in love with Trey. He was everything I’d ever wanted in a lover- and I wanted to spend the rest of my life with him. “I love you too, Trey,” I said aloud, feeling hope grow to the size of a football stadium in my chest- hope that I could have that happiness, finally..! with the man of my dreams. I reached out and grasped his hand.

He gripped mine back, handsome as he was, the biggest smile on his face, his sexy light brown eyes filling my head with a buzz. It seemed to me like he’d never allowed himself to be that happy before, and now he was letting it rush, full steam ahead. My heart began to beat wildly and I almost lost my breath.

Outside the sun had fully risen, and we were in a mad dash to find our children- but inside the car, there was a moment of pure joy- a happiness, the happiness of true love- that wrapped us both up in its grip. Looking back in that one shining moment, I believed everything was possible- even our two families joining together in harmony, as one giant ball of fluffy, eternal happiness.

How wrong I was to be.


“Where we goin, Rah-Rah,” I asked dis crazy ass nicca who was drivin my father’s Lexus buc wild all over the place, which was makin me more nervous than I really wanted ta be- there wasn’t no real direction we was goin in.

Rah-Rah held one hand on da wheel an da other on dat knife which was diggin in my chest eerytime we made a sharp turn to da right. My worst thought was, he was drivin so fukkin wild dat we was gonna crash- an at da same time his hand was gonna slip an drove da knfe straight thru my chest, which was already bleedin from da lil cuts from all the turns.

I hadda try sumthin to stop him before that happened. “Can I ask u sumthin,” I said to Rah-Rah, tryin to find a convo dat would cool him down sum.

He glanced sideways at me, dis insane look in his face- den he lookd back at the road, swervin left. “Whut,” he said finally.

“How long- how long wuz it since you found out dat I got down..?” I aint even know WHY I chose that question to ask- I hit upon the first thing I could think of.

My gamble paid off- seemd like dat was da rite question to ask this crazy nicca, cause he slowed up da car an put da knife down sum, still in my direction but away from my heart. I started breathin easier, an began plottin how I could get outta da car- but Dad had it madd pimped up, so eerything was digitized- from da driver’s side panel, even da locks on da windows… And there was a full tank too- this car could run for almost a full 24 hours witout havin ta gas up again. I wuz trapped.

“I guess,” Rah-Rah said, an he sounded nervous his damn self, like he aint want to tell me- “it was rite after u an Joop went on dat ATL trip. Yall came back an sumthin was… diffrent between yall- not dat anyone else would notce cause yall was so tite anyway, he said, but I noticed dat yall was sharin sumthin, sumthin secret…”

He took a deep breath. “I had always felt sumthin for you Mar, an I aint know how ta tell you bout dat shyt- I aint want none of our niccas on da block ta be callin me no faggot nicca an shyt. I had been comin to see you when you was sleepin, ever since we was in high school, but you never knew it tho. I would climb in yo window an sit an watch you sometimes…”

I was so stunnd I aint know what to say… but Rah-Rah went on.

“I was so in love wit u I couldn’t be wit no one else yo, dats why I aint marry my son’s mother. But I knew da vibe of DL niccas… an when you an Joop came back from ATL for da first time my DL radar went off from yall two, an I started watchin yall hard. One nite when yo pops was at work late Joop spent da nite an I was in da backyard lookin at your window- da lite went off an it got real quiet up in dere- I snuck up da back stairs an listend at your door… yall was whisperin an moanin like you aint want no one ta hear you… den da bed started scrapin da floor…”

Fuck, I thought, shockd. He been breakin in, seein me an Joop fukkin…

“I had been watchin when yall went in da house an yall ain't have no bitches wit u… I knew yall was fukkin in dere. I turnd off da hall lite an opend da door real quiet- I saw u wit yo legs up gettin dugg out by Joop an my heart plunged in my chest- I wuz so madd wit both of yall for keeping dat shyt from me, cause I got down too… but den I realized dat this was da best news I coulda ever found out- now I could tell u how I felt, an eerything…”

My own heart droppd wit fear- he knew all this time and aint say nuthin, he was only layin in wait til he could get his chance. I knew he musta figgered Joop was in da way, an he tried to set him up to take me away from my nicca- Rah-Rah really don’t know what love is, I thought to myself. Dat year I was away from Joop made our love grow stronger, not weaker.

“See what I did for you, baby,” an he pulld up his shirt. On his chest were my initials, an his own… they lookd like he had carved em in his chest, not tattooed… my fear grew madd large then- I knew then there wasn’t nothin he wouldn’t do… he was obsessed, I saw it now mo than ever before… I thought at first he was pheenin fo da ass so he druggd me to get sum, but dis nicca was creepin thru my windows for years..!!

Oh, shyt, I thought to myself, I might not make it outta dis car in one piece…

“…But Rah-Rah,” I said then out loud, “why you aint never tol no one bout me an Joop..? Dat was sum pretty good shyt to spread- Joop, da thuggest nicca in our school an da hood, fukkin another nicca- da son of a PO… you kept quiet- yo rep wasn’t on da line.”

“But yours was,” Rah-Rah said simply. “I hadda protect yo rep- no one was gonna fin out bout you from me- I even covered for yall too- at Joop comin home party, my cousin DJ Slyyce, he was halfway upstairs to ask yall for mo melon balls an I tol him you aint like people all over yo crib, so I came upstairs instead- remember..?”

“Yeah, I do,” I answered, rememberin dat nite- a real tense one, seein as my Pops had just found me an Joop in bed. I gotta remember to lock my door when we fukkin, I thought- then I wondered if I’d ever even see Joop again to even get a chance to lock a door alone wit him.

“I did eerything I could to protect yo rep,” Rah-Rah said proudly. “So you could see dat I really love you, much more than Joop do. I mean, come on- he fukkd yo Pops, how could you stay wit him when he did dat?”

“How u know DAT?” I said, my eyes an mouth wide open. “Who told you?”

“I was in yo bedroom listenin when you was lyin there wit dat headache,” he said. “Joop had yo Pops’ nutt all over his legs when he came back from da kitchen after getting brain, bringin u his so-called remedy an hopin you would fall asleep so he could keep creepin. I shoulda shot him then,” Rah-Rah growled, “I had my .38 wit me an ready too.”

“Where were you,” I asked, horrified that he was in my bedroom and I never even felt that something was off in there.

“I was where I always am when I watch you gettin dressed, or on da phone, or playin PS2, or fukkin Joop- in da closet near da back,” he confessed.

I sick swoop flew thru my spine, thinkin of Rah-Rah hidin in my bedroom closet wit a gun, stalkin me- but I couldn’t let him see me sweat, not this time- I hadda keep my head.

“Yeah, when we was in da 10th grade I had drilld a small hole near the back of da wall, so I could see da bed real good from where I would stand,” he went on. “I hope you don’t mind, but when you and Joop used to fukk I- I would jerk off an pretend I was da one fukkin you,” he said wit his eyes down.

HE HOPE I DON’T MIND..??? Dis SICK rat-bastard, I thought- but outwardly I fought against that sick feelin an said, “N-Naw, Rah-Rah- I-I’m glad you could get yo nutt wit us on da low,” I said, hittin on an inspiration- “I mean, it was like you was bussin off wit us. Dat shyt’s tyte, yo,” I smiled as smoothly as I could. “It was like- like da three of us was nuttin for each other…”

“Uhh,” Rah-Rah said, “I wasn’t really feelin Joop like dat,” he tried to say.

“But since you was seein BOTH of us fukkin,” I pressed on, “when you nutted it was kinda for both me AN Joop, feel me..?”

“Well… I-I guess you could look at it like dat,” Rah-Rah said. “But I would rather be wit you tho,” he added real quick.

I was tryin ta look around witout drawin too much attention to it an saw dat it lookd like he automatically drove himself back to his crib, we was rollin down his street towards his house… my heart started beatin real fast- if I kept him talkin he might just pull over an park, lettin eeryone else be able to find us fast… I prayed dat this next stunt I was bout to pull would do da trick…

“So, what about Joop?” I asked. “What were you gonna do about-”

“I thought about killin dat nicca,” Rah-Rah said honestly, “but maybe… if he promised ta leave you alone, maybe I could let it go, an we could jus be tagether then,” he said, a small spark of hope in his face.

“So if I could get Joop ta back down from me then you wouldn’t kill him or nobody, rite,” I said, hoping dat my plan B would work.

Rah-Rah aint say nuthin for a minnit, jus kept drivin. While he was distracted I glanced outta da side mirror- and wit a dip of relief I saw da Excursion, keepin a safe distance but still stayin on our tail.

Good lookin out, Joop, I thought, knowin it wasn’t no one else but my nicca dat could keep on us witout lettin Rah-Rah notice- cops wasn’t dat subtle. Sorry, Pop, I thought, but it WAS true…

Meanwhile Rah-Rah was still thinkin hard bout my proposal. “You SURE you could get Joop ta leave u alone, an you would get wit me..?” he asked in a little boy voice.

“Lemme talk to him, he’ll bouce,” I reassured him. “But I’m sayin, would you WANT me after you seen me wit Joop an all..?” I asked deceptively. “You could get dat image outta yo head?”

“Yeah, I could,” Rah-Rah said, “if you swear you’ll never go near Joop again.”

“I think I’m ready for sumthin new,” I said, smilin da deceptive smile again. To make it real I tried hard to focus on Rah-Rah- and he wasn’t ugly… that part of me that might have thought him a cute ass nicca at one point played on that emotion; Rah-Rah looked at me an to his startled eyes, a genuine smile for HIM was on my face. He stoppd da car so sudden we jerkd, da knife in his other hand scrathin my thigh on da side. I groaned as blood went trickling down to da seat but Rah-Rah ain't notice.

He leaned over, eyes wide. “You MEAN dat- don’t you,” he said, tears in his eyes.

Tryin to hold on to dat actor’s prop in my mind I said, “Sure, Rah-Rah- you ARE fukkin phyne…”

He reached over an stroked my face. The tears broke free an fell down his face, he was happier than I’d ever known him to be. “Mar, baby,” he said, an he leaned over an kissed me on the lips, his tongue pushing into my mouth while my stomach twisted wit disgust.

The urge to hurl rose to my mouth but I kept my head… I held Joop’s face in my mind like a shield as I kissed Rah-Rah back. He sobbed an his body leaned in closer… I fought back the memory of his ..attack an put my arms around his neck… I could still feel the knife pressed against my ribs as he kissed me, but I poured on the passion, introducing moans and groans as our tongues clashed.

He swelled up an droppd da knife, kissing me like a wild monkey, licking my face and my neck, fully cryin now, “Mar-ohLamarbabyI-loveyou-”

The driver’s side door window suddenly exploded into bits.

Rah-Rah jumped at da same time as I fumbled for da knife an flung it into da back seat. Behind Rah-Rah a hand reached into da destroyed window an released da door locks. Wit my body pressing against da handle, my door suddenly sprang open- an I fell backwards out onto da sidewalk with a whoop as Rah-Rah fell to the now empty seat on his stomach. He screamed out in anger, trying to get his balance again. Scrambling to get my balance back, I looked up from da ground.

Joop was standin on da other side of the Lexus, his hands wrapped around a tire iron, which he swung wit full force through the shattered window like he wuz Ken Griffey Jr., smacking Rah-Rah in da back of his head. Da nicca dropped back down unconscious on da passenger seat face first, blood and glass in his head.

“MUTHA FUKKIN PUNK AZZ NICCA!!!” Joop yelled at Rah-Rah, who was knocked out an couldn’t hear him. He pulled Rah-Rah out onto da street and began to kick him over an over wit his size 12 Timbs. I couldn’t see cause of where I was layin at, but I knew Joop so I knew dat he was kickin Rah-Rah in da face- hard.

All at once we heard screaming coming from behind us- I turned my head an saw dat we HAD pulld up to Rah-Rah crib, and dat his moms had come runnin out of da house, screamin for Joop to stop kickin her son. I aint move one way or da other til I saw Rah-Rah son Marquis come runnin out of the house too, cryin for his Daddy. I jumped up then, runnin around the car to the drivers’ side to pull Joop off of Rah-Rah’s face.

“Joop, Rah-Rah SON is watchin us,” I whispered harsh in his ear, pullin him struggling back from Rah-Rah’s limp body on da street.

Hearin dat calmed Joop down. “Goddammit,” he said, “I ain't want da kid ta see dat shyt… why da fuk did he drive back hurr anyway,” he asked wit a growl as two cars pulled up screechin to da curb- Joop parents jumped outta one car an my Dad along wit Joop’s new uncle Trey jumpin outta the other one.

“Trey- Trey,” help us, Rah-Rah mama said, runnin out into da street to where Rah-Rah lay still. Lil Marquis, though he was 8 years old, was screamin his head off.

Trey looked over at me an Joop. “If you’ve hurt him-” he threatend, runnin over to Rah-Rah- an Joop an I looked stunned dat he yelled at us like dat.

My Dad came runnin over to me, lookin scurred. “Mar, are you okay?” He stared wit shock at the holes in my shirt an my jeans where blood was leakin- but I shrugged it off.

Warden Hill and Ms. Joan came running up. “Malik, you okay???” Ms. Joan shrieked, nervous as all hell. “Drivin off like dat- you almost ran over Lamar’s daddy,” she said. A part of me wondered whether that wasn’t da REAL reason why she was so nervous then…

“Ma, calm down,” Joop said, “Mar popz is iight…”

“Lamar, what happened back at the house,” My pops asked, examining my wounds.

“Rah-Rah- he dragged me off wit a knife to my throat,” I said- and while Officer Trey was calling 911 on his cellphone, I told them eerything dat Rah-Rah had told me in da car. Joop lookd like he was gonna go back over to Rah-Rah an keep kickin da shyt outta him. “All these years he was stalkin you, all these FUKKIN years, you DICK!!” Joop shouted over at Rah-Rah.

Officer Trey shouted back, “Stay AWAY from him!”

“What da fuk is HIS deal?” I asked my pops. “He’s Joop uncle, you’d think he would be on Joop side in dis even if not mine,” I said, frownin.

“He can't be on Malik’s side,” Pops said jus then, his voice heavy.

Mr. Joe looked at my dad. “What else did he tell you in the car on the way over here, Dan,” he asked then.

“Everything else- and you guys aren’t going to believe this, I hardly believe it myself,” Dad said. “It turns out that Robbie is Trey’s son.”

How an open sidewalk in the middle of a street in the middle of the morning could suddenly turn still I couldn’t have ever said before- but it got so quiet out there it was a long time before we realized that we heard the sirens on the ambulance coming from at least a mile away. Even Lil Marquis had suddenly stopped cryin, like he had heard my Dad an was just as shocked as the rest of us.

“So dat mean-” Joop was sayin to himself mo than to anyone else- “dat nicca who raped my shorty, who set me up and sent me to prison- who tried ta kill me mo than once in da past 24 hours… dat nicca is MY MAFUCKIN COUSIN?!?!?!?”

“Pretty much,” Officer Dan replied, grabbin Joop shoulder as he began to run back around the car, to finish kickin Rah-Rah in da face. “You can't do violence in front of witnesses, Malik,” Dad said wit a sigh, “especially two parole officers and the prison warden.”

“Joop, dats yo lil cousin out there cryin over his daddy,” I said- “he yo fams now, you can't do nuthin in front of HIM, not never.”

But as I was sayin this Lil Marquis ran around da car, over to Joop- an before any of us could make a move he had punched him in da nuts. Joop fell over an Lil Marquis started kickin Joop in da face, yellin “You hurt my Daddy!! You HURT MY DADDY!!”

Officer Trey and Rah-Rah mama ran over, and my Dad, Joop mama and Warden Hill all tried to pry the two apart- Joop was coverin his face an his nuts, yellin for Lil Marquis to stop- the boy was like he was possessed. While all this was goin on, I looked up- and yelled out, “Aw, fuk NO!!!”- an eeryone stopped an looked around.

Rah-Rah had not only woke up, he had found a gun, and was pointin it at us all. His wide eyes were bloodshot an crazy, his face was swellin up from gettin kicked by Joop- his lower lip was split an blood splattered everywhere, but Rah-Rah acted like he aint feel none of dat. His arm was shakin as he swung da gun back an forth towards us.

Officer Trey suddenly reached for his belt. “Damn it, you took my gun, Robbie,” he said, gettin up an movin closer to him.

Rah-Rah said, “Stay away from me, cop- I don’t curr now, Mar ain't gonna be wit me no mo, I’ll fukkin kill all yall…” an his arm started shakin harder.

Rah-Rah mama yelled out- “Wait, Robbie- Marquis is out here!!!”

But Rah-Rah aint curr dat his son was watchin him, terrified. “Git him outta hurr, ma!!” he half yelled, half growled.

“No one’s goin no where, son,” Officer Trey said, goin around da car an movin closer to Rah-Rah.

“Don’t call me dat, I aint yo SON,” Rah-Rah yelled at him… “back UP!” His eyes were bugged out wit craziness…

“Robbie, we have to talk,” Officer Trey was sayin, inchin closer. “Please lemme just explain, son-”

“WHUT DA FUK I TELL YOU?!?!?” Rah-Rah yelled wild-eyed, an pulled da trigger. Three shots flew outta da gun wit a loud bang, hittin Officer Trey full in da chest, Rah-Rah cryin out, “I AINT YO SON!!!”

Eeryone was scurred to move, except Officer Trey- he lookd at Rah-Rah and smiled once. “Y-Yes, you are-” and then he fell to the ground, blood-splattered an dead.

A great howl rose from almost eeryone standing next to me… Trey lay spread out on da ground, a hand reaching towards Rah-Rah, like even in death he was tryin to reach him, comfort his son one last time.

“PUNK ASS COP!!!” Rah-Rah screamed, still with dat insane look.

Rah-Rah mama hollered out wit a crazy shriek of her own, “ROBBIE!!! THAT WAS YOUR FATHER!!!!” An then she crumpled to da ground, clawin da grass as she sobbed.

Rah-Rah looked at his mama, tryin to read da look on her terrible face. Den it lookd like he got some sanity back, cause he droppd da gun an a look of horror grew an grew. “Mama,” he said lil boy-like, shock spreadin over his body, “dis my daddy..?”

“Oh, Robbie,” his mama was sayin, over an over…

Lil Marquis was standin dere, frightened outta his mind, starin at his father like he aint know him. Rah-Rah saw Lil Marquis then. “Son,” Rah-Rah said, eyes wide wit horror this time, arms reaching out to his son- but suddenly Lil Marquis turned an ran from his daddy, to of all people, Joop- and wrapped his arms around Joop’s leg and buried his face.

Joop put his arms around the boy, and looked dead in Rah-Rah face, his eyes dark. “Look what u did,” Joop said quiet-like, his eyes filld wit tears of pity for all dis shyt. “You killed your own father- in front of your own SON. Yo moms just watched you kill. Was dis all worth it, Rah-Rah..? Was tryin ta get Mar away from me worth killin off yo pops and scarrin yo mama AND yo son for life..?”

Rah-Rah looked at Joop holdin Lil Marquis, his eyes glazing over again. “You took my nigga away, now you take my son…” he gave a loud sob, and then Rah-Rah sat down on the ground by his father’s body, and just- stopped movin.

Up til then no one dared go over to see about Officer Trey, but pops went over to him then, walkin rite past Rah-Rah, who didn’t move, just stared straight ahead, not blinkin, not movin. Pops stooped over Officer Trey’s body and tried to find a pulse. Blood flowed from under him, a bright red river dat ran to da curb an started to spread there.

I could hear my pops, even though he was whisperin. “Trey, Trey baby… your family’s all here, just like you always wanted… you were alone all your life, don't die alone… you’ve finally found them baby, they’re all here- waiting for you to wake up, please wake up… I’m here too, Trey, ready to love you for life, we have all our lives to be happy… Baby, please don’t leave me- I-I need you.” And then he broke down over Trey’s dead body.

Warden Hill had moved over to Rah-Rah. It was strange, how he aint even blink, he had stoppd movin so completely. “My nephew… killed my brother,” he said to no one in particular. Mr. Joe lookd Rah-Rah over, pretending not to notice his lover cryin over his brother’s dead body- and only straightened up when da ambulance we heard minnits ago finally pulled over by the curb.

The EMT’s came over to Mr. Joe, who began to fill them in. “There’s been a homicide, and the perp is here, but he lapsed into what looks like a catatonic state, the shock was too much for him. I’ve seen it before,” he said, explaining that he was the Warden up at WA State Pen.

I lookd around. Joop had picked up lil Marquis (who was real small for his age) and was bein real protective of him. Rah-Rah mama was still curled up on da ground, Joop mama was tryin to get her up and into da house. The EMT’s worked quick- pretty soon they had Officer Trey’s body loaded onto one stretcher, and Rah-Rah in another one. His came with straps, but it didn’t really matter. Rah-Rah eyes looked blank, like sumone had wiped his mind like you wipe chalk off a blackboard. Rah-Rah’s mama had to be given a sedative and she was in the house, resting.

Lil Marquis had still refused to let go of Joop and so my nicca had taken it upon himself to heave him up, and piggy-back carried him everywhere. The boy had become as quiet as his father at one point, and Joop decided that a lil quiet was what he needed anyway, so we went inside.

Sitting in the living room of Rah-Rah house was a lil creepy (we ain't wanna leave Rah-Rah mama alone right then and da kid wouldn’t let go of Joop anyway), but we had to compare notes. Because the Officer on the scene was my father, and also since Joop’s father was the prison Warden we aint have to go down to the station to give statements- the living room couch was just fine. All of us sat down to piece together this incredible story.

When everyone had heard all the parts everyone else didn’t know I sat back, feeling like I wanted to just up and move away from Seattle… it was too much drama in these parts for me. I saw my Dad’s face when they carried away Officer Trey- he had this look like he had lost something… something that he once confided in me he’d never had with Joop pops. I’m thinkin he found dat wit Joop’s uncle, though- and at least for five minnits, he mighta been happy…


A week later we was standin in the Seattle Federal Cemetery, watchin as the final shovels of dirt was placed on Officer Trey’s grave. Eeryone wus there, a whole crowd- I was standin wit Joop, who was holdin onto Lil Marquis (who refused to go wit anyone else but Joop this whole past week- it got so bad dat we hadda make up a cot in my bedroom for him ta sleep on), Lil Marquis’ mama, who turnd out ta be (!) dat bitch Markette from da mall (hopefully dat was the last shock- we couldn’t take anutha one for at least a couple years), Warden Hill, my pops, Ms. Joan, Rah-Rah mama an most of the crowd fellow cops from the Force, and een a few reps from the law firm they worked for too, dat WolfRam & Hart office. Them lawyers looked a lil creepy tho, but I guess dat aint matter- they paid for the whole funeral, seein as Officer Trey was a part of they firm, een though he had just got hired.

Rah-Rah couldn’t make it to da funeral, he had never moved again since they took him off da street in dat stretcher. At first they was gonna charge him with rape, kidnap, assault wit a deadly weapon, grand theft auto, breakin & enterin, resistin arrest, attempted murder, murder 1 an patricide (killin off yo own pops) an then send him to lock-up, but the docs examined him, took one look into dem blank eyes- an realized dat there was no one in there TO lock up. So they reversed they charges an sent him to OakGrove Sanitarium, where he would spend da rest of his natural life- unless he came to, which da docs aint think was gonna happen- ever. I wanted ta feel sorry for da nicca, how he spent his life unhappy an accidentally wound up hurting eeryone who loved him all at once, now ta live as a veggie unhappily ever after- but for sum reason I couldn’t seem to dredge up da pity.

Me an Joop went ta see him yesterday, ta see for ourselves dat he wasn’t fakin. Joop pops arranged it so we could be alone wit him fo a whole hour- but after 10 mins we realized dat our boy Rah-Rah, who we grew up wit an laffd wit, an kept close- he who was once our nicca really WASN’T inside dat empty body dat sat before us, Joop’s bootprints on da face still, da cuts healin, da swellin goin down- but not movin, not sayin nuthin. So after 10 mins, we was sickened an we left. Joop says he gonna go back an visit him, since dats his cousin an he feel responsible for Lil Marquis now since da boy dune latched onto Joop, but I knew once I left dat seriously white room dat I wouldn’t be goin back there- not ever.

A lot of da C.O.’s from WA State Prison showed up too in respect for the Warden losin his brother. It was hard ta tell who was feelin worse, Joop pops, for findin a brother he wound up only havin in his life for two seconds- or my own pops, for findin his true love (or so he tol me in private) and havin Trey in HIS life for only two seconds. They was both sufferin but they aint turn ta each other for comfort, but turned away from each other… my guess was dat Mr. Joe wasn’t gonna forget dat my pops was about to ditch him for his own brother. Joop an I both knew dat once the funeral was over, Mr. Joe would be packin his shyt he kept over our crib an bouncin, cause that relationship was over for REAL.

The last shovel was tossed, the officers handlin dat handed the folded flag dat covered da coffin ta Mr. Joe, there was a 21-gun salute- an then it was over. Eeryone left da gravesite an the immediate family came back to my crib for sum food dat Joop mama and Markette had fixed up. Not dat da food wasn’t iight, but no one really was in a mood ta eat. Markette finally convined Lil Marquis ta come home wit her- but only after Joop promised him he could come back over an visit all he wanted to. Lil Marquis wrapped his arms around Joop an held him for a long time, an Joop held him back like a father would hold a son. It made me feel good dat Joop wanted ta be like a father to his lil cousin, he was gonna need dat connect- an soon.

After Markette thankd us (an apologized ta Joop about what happened at da store) an she took Lil Marquis home, Ms. Joan an Rah-Rah moms cleaned up an then Ms. Joan took Rah-Rah moms home. She needed to rest up too, she looked terrible- I guess dat seein someone you once loved enough to have a son wit, sumone u wanted to spend da rest of yo life wit, seein dat person gunned down in front of yo face- by the same son you had wit them- was sumthin dat would take a lot outta you. I ain't think she was gonna get past this one so soon. It was good dat she had Lil Marquis ta focus on, I thought.

Now it was just Joop, my pops, Mr. Joe an me who was left sittin at da table, in da same places we were da nite we found out Joop an Joe were father an son. We jus sat there, quiet for a long time.

“I had Dan look at my father’s will,” Mr. Joe said then to Joop. “There was a provision for other children in the will, not that I gave that much thought, I believed I was an only child and that was just standard procedure. But right is right, and so I had Trey declared legally as a Hill.”

“So half of your inheritance goes ta him den?” Joop asked. “Iight, I lived witout money befo,” he said with a sigh.

“You misunderstand, son,” Mr. Joe said. “Trey does get half of my inheritance- which decreases your share, of course- but I never actually told you how much your inheritance actually IS.”

Joop frowned. “How come,” he asked.

“Well, I didn’t want your head to get blown out of proportion, for one,” Mr. Joe said with a smirk, “neither did I want you to run down to the cartier store an buy out their entire stock of ‘bling-bling’.”

“Hol up,” Joop said, surprise on his face- “you mean dat my inheritance ALONE is big enuff ta buy out da CARTIER store..?”

Mr. Joe aint say nuthin, but his smile confirmed dat this was true.

Joop sat back, realizing for da first time dat he was about as rich as any of dem Hilton chicks; Beyonce an Jay-Z even. “Well got-damn,” he said. “I guess I aint gonna miss out on Uncle Trey’s share of da inheritance, huh?”

Mr. Joe went on. “As for that- since Trey is now… gone,” he said wit a heavy heart, “and since he had no will, his inheritance falls to his next of kin- his son.”

“Rah-Rah is as rich as me now, huh?” Joop said, shakin his head wit regret. “All dem times me an him plannd ta rob rich niccas jus to get sum sneaker money- and now we both got madd dough. Not dat he could spend any of his rite now,” Joop added.

“About that,” his pops said, “since Robbie is now incapacitated and cannot function in normal society, the inheritance goes directly to HIS next of kin- so young Marquis will be set for life.”

“That’s whoa, Pop!” Joop said, a smile breakin out on his face.

“He’ll have his inheritance set up as a trust, and his mother will administrate it until he’s of age,” Mr. Joe finished up. “So Markette won’t have to work anymore, either.”

“I guess her career of sukkin dik in da back of da stockroom has come to an end,” I said wit a dark look.

“As long as she don’t run thru lil man’s money,” Joop said wit a frown.

“That can't happen even if she tried,” Mr. Joe assured him. “The pot is too big- she could go first class for the next 20 years an not even make a dent in Marquis’s inheritance.”

“What da fuk did yo pops do..?” Joop asked then. “Run guns for the government or sum?”

“No, nothing so spectacular… my father’s grandfather was a pearl diver in Florida- he found a real pirate treasure and sold half of it to the U.S., half of it to Russia, so I’m told,” Mr. Joe said. “He got twice the amount that the combined treasure was actually worth by splittin it between countries- and then he put money in banks everywhere in the world, where they’ve been growing interest all this time. It’s now 20 times the amount it originally was.”

Joop looked like he couldn’t wait to get down to the Cartier store, da Nike store, da Timberland store, da Coogi store, da Enyce store, AND da Roc-A-Wear outlet- and start tryin ta test if he could spend up all that doe. I shook my head- my gangsta-ass nicca was gonna make a serious effort in blowin his inheritance, I knew dat. Then my Dad spoke- I lookd up at him, he was tore up from da look of him- his voice was hoarse an low. “There was one more thing that I don’t think you realized,” Malik,” my Dad said.

“What was that, Officer Dan,” Joop asked, and I saw on my nicca’s face that besides the money part, he aint like the way all this turned out any better than anyone else had- he had found an lost an uncle an cousin all within a half-hour, after all. I couldn’t take no more shocks, so I hoped it wasn’t too deep what my pops had to tell Joop…

“You kept saying that Trey looked familiar… we were talking in the car on the way over to Robbie’s, and it’s true that you HAD met him once before- only at the time you were too angry to remember any of it.”

“What u mean?” Joop asked, his eyebrows up.

“Well, Trey was actually one of the arresting officers on your robbery charge. He’s the one who took you down to the preceint to be arraigned. He and his former partner got the page from dispatch that there was an anonymous tip warning of a possible commotion up by Nordstrom’s, and they drove on up there- they were waiting for you when you showed up.”

“But, I remember the cop dat arrested me,” Joop said, frownin… “at least, I recall da name on his badge- it said A. Smith…”

“A. Smith,” my Dad said wit tears in his eyes, “which, of course, stands for Atreyu Smith.” My Dad looked like sumone who was tired of crying, but couldn’t stop.

I couldn’t believe it… I ain't think I could manage anymore surprises, my head was gonna explode soon… “Wow, yo cousin made the 911 call, yo uncle was the one who arrested you, yo father was the one who held you in prison and yo shorty’s father was the one who sprung you,” I said, a half-smile on my face. “You really can't make this stuff up..!”

We all kinda grinned at that one.

Mr. Joe lookd at my pops, an then the smile faded. “It’s time, Dan,” he said then, getting up slow from the chair an headin for the stairs. My pops nodded witout sayin anything, an then got up to go into da kitchen.

Joop an I sat at da table alone, an looked at each other. “They wasn’t gonna last,” Joop said to me; “you know dat, rite?”

“Yeah,” I said, sad for da both of them. “Is it bad dat I wished dat my Dad an yo uncle coulda had a chance..?”

“Naw,” Joop said, thinkin bout that for a minnit. “My pops need a nicca dats gonna love him for real, not try ta force himself to do it. And yo pops shouldn’t be wit sumone who don’t make him feel it- not da way you make ME feel it,” Joop said, an he reached over to me an pulled my chair close. I leaned over an placed my lips on Joop’s lips. As usual, when I kissed my nicca madd passion for him rose up in me, an it felt like my world jus got a lil better.

He pulld back an… lookd at me.

“Ahh come on, Joop,” I said, catchin his meanin. “NOW..?”

“Why not,” Joop said, pullin me to him an wrappin his arms around me. “If nuthin else today should remind us dat life is too short- true love could come an go, all too soon,” he said. “Yo baby, I wanna enjoy life wit u today, an kinda celebrate my uncle’s life too,” he added- an I knew he wasn’t jus tryin ta BS me to get ass, he was rite. We SHOULD celebrate life, an enjoy it while we can- cause like we just saw, tomorrow aint promised.

And I loved Joop wit all my heart.

He stood up an we went towards da stairs. We passed da kitchen an saw my pops sittin in there by the counter, his face a study in sadness. That drove home what Joop jus said like nuthin else had. We hadda be together and be happy as much as we could, ‘cause love like ours was madd rare. We kept goin up an, passin by my pops room, we saw Mr. Joe slowly packin his clothes up an havin da same look on his face dat my pops wore.

Joop pulled me into da bedroom an closed da door, reachin out for me.

“Hol up,” I said, pullin back an goin over to the closet. I opened up da slidin door an looked in da back. There, in da far corner, was a small hole on da side of the wall- enuff lite came thru it for me to see dat it was small enuff to not be noticed yet large enuff dat someone in there could see everything goin on in da room…

“What you lookin for,” Joop came over to me, puttin his hands on my waist.

“Jus checkin,” I said, smilin back. “I think we all good ta go- no one’s in there.”

“I hope not,” Joop said, yankin me onta da bed, “cause if they were they should be tapin- cause they about ta really see a scene dat should win a EMMY or sumthin...”

I laffd an Joop flipped me over on my back, climbin on top of me an kissin me. His familiar scent of JOOP mixed wit his male scent an da sweat from his nutts rose into my nostrils, drivin me crazy.

My 9-inch thik-ass dick grew stiff as a board, feelin Joop’s sexy ass lips on mine, his body crushin on me in da bed. We were strugglin ta get our funeral clothes off an keep lip-locked tagether at da same time. When we got butt ass naked Joop started lickin my neck, down my chest… he bit da shyt outta my nipplez, makin me buck hard an roll around da bed moanin. I was tryin ta keep quiet cause our fathers were breakin up in da next room an I aint want them ta hear us makin love an shyt, but got-damn Joop…

He started runnin his warm pink tongue down my six-pack an lickin up one side an down da next…

“Mar, Mar baby,” he was whisperin to me in between licks…

I aint NEVER wanted no bitch, no other nicca da way I wanted Joop. He ran his tongue finally down my waistline to my pubic hair, wettin da whole area wit his spit- then he lickd around da base of my throbbin dick, an ran his tongue down my nuttsack. My nutts jumpd like they wanted ta get into Joop mouth rite then an there. He went lower, twrilin his lips on dat spot underneath my balls, an I jumpd wit passion- I moaned loud, I couldn’t take it no more.

“Joop, JOOP,” I breathed- an then he lifted my legs an wit one swoop stuck his hot wet long pink tongue deep in my asscrack.

The bed shook from me jumpin about on it, tryin ta get away from dat tongue, it was makin shock after shock run thru me, an it was almost too intense. Joop raised up my legs, tossin my salad over an over, kissin da hole an lickin it, runnin his go-tee on it so dat the hairs would tease da shyt outta me, my hole was openin up mo an mo for him…

“DAMN NICCA YOU TASTE GOOD,” Joop said, his head muffled between my upstretched legs.

I was rippin da sheets from the intenseness of Joop eatin my ass out- eerytime we fukk its like better then da time before…. My nipplz stuck out like they was tryin to break fre from my body, my legs were up in da air reachein for da celin on they own, Joop aint even need ta hold em no more… his tongue lashed my ass again and again, I was so turned on I ain't even see when he got up from eatin me out an gettin himself in position.

I felt Joop 10.5 inch beer-can phat dick stab at my asshole, stretchin it wyde open as he slid all da way in, madd slow to make me tremble an shyt. I was thrashin around on da bed, my body shudderin as Joop slow stroked dat big ass phat thugg dick in my hole, I felt it pull back wider an wider an his dip go deep into me… he had me in da buck so good dat when he hit da base I jus started inchin up, no hands- on his dick, back an forth, up an down, grippin his joint wit a strength I ain't know I could do wit my legs in da air an my back half off da bed. I growled as I twisted my waist, grippin up his dick, slidin it back an forth, up an down in my hole over and over-

“Oh SHYT, MAR,” Joop moaned, jus watchin his thick ass big black dick get swallowed up by my ass mucles over an over like a hot fist was stroking on it, down to da base where his nutts would lay up on my ass cheeks- and then I would gyrate my waist again, over an over- his brick hard dick got stiffer and stiffer, an I could tell he was beginning to get dat animal vibe we always get to when we go for ours HARD like niccas are supposd to when they str8 fukkin like dogs…

Joop suddenly grabbd my legs an pushed dem back over my head, I knew I was in for it then. he pulld back and slammed all 10.5 inches of dat thick ass black thugg sweaty dick deep into my hole, hittin da wall an smashin it, over an over, slippin dat head outta my ass and slammin it back in again, grindin his waist into my ass like a vice, punishin my deep hot hole which sucked up Joop dick like a starvin crack-head- each slam, runnin thru me like da sweetest strum of a guitar… Joop hairy ass nutts was bangin against my asscheeks, da SMACK! was gettin louder an louder as we got sweatier, us gruntin an da headboard on da bed startin to match Joop grunts wit squeaks of its own…

“MAR, MAR I LOVE YOU MY NICCA,” Joop yelled out- and then he sunk deep an hit my hot spot on target. Dat did it.

“AWWWWWHHHHAAAAASAHHHHHHHH!!!!!” I yelled, large ropes of sticky, hot white nutt flyin outta me as I bussd off-


Waves of pure lust gripped me up as I rained nutt all over Joop face, his chest, his hair- I just kep comin an comin, I couldn’t stop- I thought I was gonna pass out, da nutt had me TITE-


“JOOOOOOOOPPPPP,” I hollered, which brought him to da brink as my hole clamped down on his thrustin dick- HARD.

“LAAAMMMMAAARRRRR!!!!!!MMMMMMMAARRRRRRR..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!AAWWWWWWWSHHSHSHHSHHHYYYYTTTTT,” Joop cried out, an I felt madd warm ass nutt splash in my ass, coatin it deep, his dick buckin back an forth an he buried his nutt-covered face in my chest, his body curled in a ball as his phat ass dick kept shootin off deep in my clenchin ass, fillin me up with nutt… his teeth found my chest an almost ripped off a chunk of skin in his lust, holdin me tite til his dick stopped spittin nutt like it was throwin up.

He pulled an pulled an pulled it out (it seemed like forever)- an wit a loud PLOP I felt large gobs of his nuttjuice flow down my thighs an onto da sheets below us. He settled on top of me into my body then, his still swollen dick restin against mine, our sweat an nutt dryin together, stickin us to each other- but we aint care, we wanted to be stuck together…

Joop had his head on my chest- he lookd up at me then, an I was surprised to see, in between all the half-dryin nutt on his face, tears in his eyes, spillin out an down his face.

“Joop, you iight,” I said, reaching up and wiping da tears from his cheeks.

“Nicca,” he said then, seriously taking me into his arms and lookin at me deep into my eyes, “I love you, I never wanna be without you.”

“I love you too yo, we aint goin nowhere,” I said to him… “I know you are probably worried about dat now, what with our fathers breakin up an shyt…”

“I want mo than dat, yo,” he said, da tears still flowin out his eyes. “I l-love you, and I aint gonna lose you yo… Lamar Clark, w-will you m-marry me?” I could see his whole heart was in his tear-filled eyes when he said dis.

I was stunned. “J-Joop,” I said, “that aint legal in da U.S.… and besides dat, we niggas yo, we can't get married, dats on sum bitch shyt...”

“FUK ALL DAT,” Joop yelled at me. “I wanna marry you yo, and if dats bitch shyt, den so be it, but you an me could be married yo, I wanna do dat wit you…”

“Don’t be scurred, yo, I aint goin nowhere… We don’t need to have no ceremony, I’m by yo side for the rest of my life,” I said, pullin him close. “You my best friend and my lover, and I don’t need no one else but you yo…” an then I realized, while he lay on my chest, his tears mixin wit our sweat an my nutt, dat Joop an I belonged together- so why not..?

“Yo, I’m sayin,” I said after a minnit, “I DO wanna marry you, Malik Warrington Hill,” an he looked up to see me wit tears of my own. “I say HELLZ HEAH my nicca, let’s get married then!!!” I yelled out.

Layin there butt-ass, covered in nutt an sweat, intertwined in each other’s arms in da bed that was gonna be ours for da rest of our lives, Joop slowly smiled, another tear falling to land on my cheek, then he leaned down an quietly kissed me. We both surrendered to the passion of it, and the quiet kiss seemed to go on forever, our tongues just, sharing together as we rested on each other…

Of all da lip wrestlin dat he an I shared from da moment we first started in dat telly in ATL- over two years ago, it felt to me like dis one was the …sweetest love’s kiss that Joop and I ever shared.

And dat wouldn’t be da last one we shared neither.

FIN EPILOGUE Downstairs, while waiting for Joe to finish packing, I heard the bed in my son’s room finally stop squeaking. “They must have finished,” I said to myself with a sad smile. “At least someone is happy-” and then I heard it. My son Lamar’s voice coming through the vents- “Hellz yeah my nicca, let’s get married then.!!!” As I sat there, dumbfounded, the phone rang. Too caught up in the fact that I just overheard my son accept a marriage proposal from his lover, I didn’t realize who I was speaking to until she yelled into my ear. “Danny!! Are you there- can you hear me?” A fresh feeling of shock spread through me- not her, not now!!! But I regained my composure and spoke into the reciever. “I can hear you- hello, Claire,” I said to my ex-wife, Lamar’s mother. “How are you, Danny, it’s been a long time,” she said. “What’s new..?”


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