Double His Pleasure by William Weaver Jr.

I'd recently had my first gay experience and needless to say, I wanted more. Lots more. Unfortunatly, after our first encounter, Mike took a new job and worked long hours most days.

The chances of us having another session like that afternoon in the living room were looking slimer and slimer until one night about two weeks later.

My friend Will and I were sitting on the floor in my living room, a bottle of Hypnotic between us and passing a fat blunt back and forth. I'd known Will for close to 5 years and in that time we'd gone from bitter enemies with nothing to say to each other, to having the sort of friendship that would allow the other person to seriously think about going to war for you. Will was the total opposite of Mike. He was 5'11 and weighed about 226 pounds with a small gut left over from a sports injury. He wasen't your typical 'thug' but I was still attracted to him. Possibly his sarcastic nature, which made him funny as shit to be around. But it was mostly because of the unique way he seemed to blend the best things from white and black culture, yet not seem like an Uncle Tom.

There were a few times in the past when I'd dreamt of him. Even thought about telling him my secret, but I never did. Until tonight.

He was kicking my ass in Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance as we talked about other games that we like to play. In the middle of my combo, he paused the game and set the controller down. I turned to him, about to ask what was going on when I saw that he was already looking at me. Not a normal look either, but one that told me that before the end of the night, I would have my second taste of cum.

"You know, I used to play Strip Smackdown with my girl" he said in the most casual of ways.

"Strip Smackdown?" I played stupid knowing full well where this was going.

"Yeah. Everytime you lose a match, you have to take off a piece of clothing. First person to be totally naked has to service the other."

"Thats cool. Now unpause the game." I kept playing stupid, even though I was already picturing him out of his white t-shirt and baggy black jeans.

"Well, it may be the liquor or this fire ass dro talking, but I want to play with you. Right now."

The first move had been made and I was glad that it was made by him. I thought for a second to stall for time and hopefully allow my growing dick to get soft again before I stood up. When Dion Jr. had finally calmed down, I scrambled towards the pile of games that was strewn out in front of us and looked rapidly for anything even resembling a wrestling game. In the dark and with my altered state of mind, it took me a second to find. When I did, I slammed it into the console so hard that the disk tray "Second Round?"

"What?" I answered him looking up.

"Lets fuck again." Will looked down at me and ran his finger around my nipples.

"Right now?"

"No. Tommorow, yeah right now nigga." Will grabbed my arm and pulled me on top of him, grabbing me in a bear hug and wrapping his lips around my nipples. I tried to push him over, but he had me locked up tight.

"Stop Will."

Will pulled his mouth off my nipple and looked me in the eye. "You really want me to stop?" he asked. I didn't even have time to answer before he wrapped his mouth back around my hard nipple and made my mind up. Will worked his hands down my waist and pushed by boxers down around my thighs letting my ass and dick flop out.

"You know what I want nigga." Will pulled his mouth off my nipple and raised his legs. I was clueless and I let him know.

"Let me see my ass nigga." He grabbed me by the ass and spread my cheeks apart, rubbing his finger up and down my freshly fucked crack. "Turn around nigga." Will smacked me on my ass hard and I hurried up and turned around. I backed my ass up until he told me to stop. He took his hands off of it and just sat there for a second. I was starting to wonder what he was doing when he smacked me hard on both cheeks, making me jump and my ass shake.

"Damn nigga you just gonna sit there or you gonna put on a show, fuck." He slapped me on the ass again and I started to shake my ass for him. I had no clue what I was doing but he liked it. "Take my dick out yo" he told me after another ass slap, so I pulled his dick out of his boxers. I started to jerk it when he lifter up his legs and wrapped them around my neck, forcing my mouth down onto his dick and began to fuck my mouth while he played in my asshole.

"Yeah nigga. Suck that dick. Suck it all nigga. Yeah, like that yo."

Will kept pushing down on my head with his legs even though he didn't have to. I loved the way his dick felt in the back of my throat and I was going to try to leave it there all night. I went all the way down on his dick and held it deep in my throat for what seemed like forever until I couldn't hold be breath any longer and Will started me deep in my throat again.

"Wet that dick up cutie. Damn that shit feel good. I bet this ass is gonna feel good around my dick too, huh?" Will smacked me on the ass again and I moaned out a long yes with his dick still buried in my mouth. Will unlocked his legs from around my neck and plunged his finger into my hot ass. I moaned out loud as he began to finger me.

"You want some more dick Dion?" Will asked me as he pulled his finger out of my ass.

"Yeah nigga."

"Let me hear you nigga." Will added another finger in my ass and I pushed back to take in as much as I could.

"I want you to fuck da shit outta me Will."

Will slide a third finger in my ass and I dropped down to the floor, ass high in the air letting him feel in all and waiting for him to replace his fingers with that nine and half inches of chocolate ecstasy.

"Fuck me Will. Come on and fuck my shit nigga." I kept pushing my ass back at him and he kept ramming his fingers into me, but he still didn't make a move to fuck me.

"Please fuck me Will...damn nigga I want that dick."

I don't know what I said, but he pulled his fingers from my ass and pushed me forward until I was on my knees over his dick. I lowered my ass down over what it had been begging for and felt the head go up into my, followed quickly by the rest of it as Will pushed upwards impaling me on all 9.5 at once. I tried to take a moment to adjust but he started to thrust upwards into me, grabbing me by the waist so I couldn't move.

"Thats what you wanted nigga?" He asked as he continued to slam his dick into me.

" hurt Will, shit..." I was gasping for breath and as much as it hurt, I didn't want him to stop. When he started to slow down I began to bounce myself on his dick. I was on the toes of my feet taking his dick in long strokes while he used one hand to slap me on the ass and the other to jerk my dick. The pain was starting to go away and I started to buck back even harder.

"Yeah nigga, ride that shit. Break my dick in nigga."

"Break my ass in Will. Fuck that shit nigga, fuck me harder nigga.HARDER!"

Will pulled out of me and I turned around. He was looking at me with a shocked look on his face. He stood up and walked over to me.

"You wanna yell at a nigga? I'm tryna take it easy cause I know you a lightweight but OK. You wanna get gully."

Before I could defend myself, Will had tossed towards the couch. I tried to scramble to my feet but he was quick and come up behind me, wrapping his arms around my waist and shoving his still hard dick in my ass.

" OH SHIT! "

Will started to jackhammer my ass with short hard strokes, holding me in place and giving me the full effect of every blast from his dick. I tried to moan or scream or say anything but I couldn't even catch my breath between his hard thrusts up into my sore ass.

"You still want it harder nigga?" He asked me, but even as he asked his pounding was getting fiercer. Try as I might, I still couldn't catch my breath long enough to say anything but my ass was running on auto pilot, clenching around his dick. Sucking it in and keeping it coming back for more.

"Say something lil nigga? Oh you speachless now?" He kept taunting me but it was the truth. This nigga had dicked me down to the point where I was speachless. And the longer I stayed quiet, the harder he slammed his dick into me. By now, his nine and a half felt like tweleve and growing, but my ass kept where my lungs had failed me.

"Watch this nigga. It's magic. Whats my name?" He asked but I couldn't answer. "Whats my name?" He asked again, and still I couldn't answer." Whats my muthafuckin name nigga? This time he slapped my ass, and without meaning too and with no explination I yelled out his name.


"Yeah, that bitch is sprung now." Will smacked my ass again and I felt the first waves of feeling wash over my dick and I knew it was almost the end for me.

"I'm about to bust Will." I told his and reached for my dick, but his hand was quicker and he started to jack my dick for me. I put both of my hands against the couch and let him pound the cum out of my dick. It was the best nut I'd ever had, and felt like it would last forever. When my head cleared and my vision was straight, I was greeted with the sight of Wills hard dick pointing striaght at me, and a split second later the first shot of that creamy white milk shot out the head of his dick and onto my face. I looked up at him and his head was thrown back, one hand jerking his dick and the other holding my head so that he could empty all of his seed right where I wanted it. As his dick dripped those final drops, he pulled them out and kneeled down on the floor next to me.

"Taste that." he told me.


"Are we gonna go through this again? Just taste it bitch."

And so I leaned forward and stuck his finger in my mouth. The cum was still fresh and thick salty gobs of it came away with me clinging to my tounge. As soon as I'd pulled my mouth away, he too tasted himself and he smiled.

"You like how that taste?" he asked me.

"Hell yeah I like how you taste nigga." I answered and moved in close to him. "Nah. Thats how WE taste." He wrapped his arm around my neck and I settled onto his chest. He offered me his thumb and for some odd reason I opened my mouth and took it. In fact, thats how I fell asleep. Sucking our cum off his thumb and letting those last words replay over and over in my dreams.

The End


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