How Sluts Get Down by William Weaver Jr.

"What you want nigga?" I asked my slut, who was down on his hands and knees sucking on my toes. He ran his tounge in between each one, moaning like a little bitch when I wiggled my foot in his mouth. I pulled my foot out of his face long enough for him to answer me. Slut looked up at me, licked the precum off the head of my dick and then gave me my answer.

"I want you to spank me daddy." He moaned, reaching back and slapping that beautiful black ass. The way it jiggled was enough to have me on my knees with my face in it if thats what he wanted, but I didn't want him to know that.

"You want my hands all over that ass don't you bitch." I asked him, trapping him in between my legs and bending over to slap that juicy booty myself. I let my palm carress his soft, juicy ass before laying a stiff slap on the right cheek. I heard his moan and moved to the left, getting the same reaction.

"Nah nigga, go look in the closet."

I could only imagine what this lil' freak had in the closet. I got off the bed and went over the other side of the room. I opened the closet door and found a shocking assortment of toys hanging on the back of the door. This nigga had some huge dildos, three kinds of ball gag, and a large thick black paddle hanging in the center of it all. I was about as long as my arm and was double sided. One side flat and smooth, the other side with brutal looking silver studs for that extra punishment that you only see in bondage movies. I grabbed the handle and pulled it down then walked back to the bed. I saw that Slut haden't moved at all. In fact, he had his face buried in a pillow waiting for what was sure to be coming. I walked around behind him and laid the paddle against his ass cheeks, slapping him lightly, teasing him before I really went to work. His booty started to wiggle in the air and I could hear him moaning even with the pillow on his face.

"You like that shit don't you Slut?" I asked as I hit him a little harder. He lifted his head off the pillow and looked back at me, smiling and shaking his ass for me.

"Beat that shit nigga." He told me and put his face back down into the pillow.

That was what I wanted to hear. I pulled the paddle back and brought it down flat across his ass with a stiff grip on the handle. Slut cried out in pain and pleasure as I rained down another shot to his ass. The caramel flesh was already starting to turn bright red and he kept begging for more just like the nasty little slut that he was. Each time the paddle slapped off his ass, I took a second to watch the bright red mark where it had hit fade away. I tried to hit the same spot every time and I'm sure that he felt the pain starting to build up.

"Yeah daddy....spank dat shit harder nigga....OH SHIT! MMMM DAMN DADDY!"

"Shut the fuck up nigga! Take that shit like a bitch!" I shouted at him,driving the paddle full force back onto his ass. Slut screamed out in a mix of pleasure and pain while I pulled back for another shot with the paddle. Slut screamed again, this time lifting his head from the pillow and filling the room with his cries of agony. One more shot with the paddle and slut collapsed onto the bed, he screamed out again and I dropped the paddle. I grabbed him by the hair and snatched his head up so that I could look at his face. He had tears in his eyes and his face was almost as red as his ass.

"Did it hurt nigga?" I asked him, using my thumb to gently wipe away one of his tears.

"Yes daddy." Slut answered me, sniffling back his tears.

"Not as much as this will." I pushed Sluts head back down and walked over to the closet again. I grabbed a ball gag and a one of the larger dildos, a huge, jet black 13 incher with thick plastic veins. It looked and felt just like a real dick. I walked back to the bed and straddled Slut from the back, pulling his hair up and shoving the ball in his mouth. Slut moaned deep as I pulled the straps around to the back and tightened the buckle.

"That'll keep ya bitch ass quiet." I stood up and grabbed the lube off the dresser. After I'd put a little inside of him and on his asshole, I spread Sluts cheeks wide and jammed the head of the dildo up into his ass. Slut moaned loud and long, but with the ball in his mouth, I could barely hear him. I pushed a little further and heard his ass hole stretching out for the invasion. He moaned and tried to scramble away from me, but I had him up against the head board already and he wasen't going anywhere.

"You know you want it bitch. Why the fuck you runnin?" I asked him as I pushed another inch or two of the dildo into his hole. It was about halfway in by now and Slut was opening up to it quickly. I pushed the last few inches into his ass and held it there. I waited until he pushed his ass back for more dick before I pulled the dildo out and began to fuck him with it. I pulled it all the way out and started to slam it back into his ass hard, driving him forward from the force and causing him to cry out from behind the ball gag....

"Yo....yo nigga, get up."

I heard a voice and opened my eyes. I saw the nigga that I'd come to know as Slut standing over me with a smile on his face. I realized that the ball gag and dildos was just a dream as the events of last night came back to me. That shit was wild. After I pissed in his mouth we fucked two more times. Once starting in the shower and moving to the bed, and again around six or seven in the morning when Slut had woken me in the best way possible. A sloppy blow job and the best piece of morning ass in the state. I didn't even have to move because my slut was experienced and did all the work himself. That was the type of full service slut that I needed.

"I made you breakast daddy." Slut told me, sitting on the edge of the bed next to me. I wrapped an arm around his waist and pulled him down to me, shoving my tounge into his mouth and tasting his sweet lips. I felt my dick starting to get hard and decided that I would take Slut up on breakfast before I wore that ass out again.

"Let me go to the bathroom real quick and I'll meet you in the kitchen. Have my shit on the table when I get there." I told him and stood up. As I stood up Slut dropped to his knees and pulled my dick out from my boxers. He stuck just the head in his mouth and began to suck on it gently, working it from the base to his lips.

"Damn nigga....suck that dick." I knew what he wanted and so I shoved my dick to the back of his throat and gave it too him all at once. I let that huge first load of piss for the day shoot out my dick and find its way to the back of my sluts throat. He held my dick in his mouth as he swallowed it all down, making sure that he drained every last drop in his mouth before letting my dick fall out. Slut licked the final drops off the head and then got his feet and walked out of the room and towards the kitchen. I followed him, smacking his ass as I went.

He had a big ass breakfast laid out. Pancakes, eggs, bacon, sausage, biscuts and some juice. I sat down at the table and started to eat from a already prepared plate as he fixed one for himself. The food was bangin and I wolfed it down, eager to repay him. As soon as I was finished, I stood up and walked around the table to Slut.

"Yo, you never even told me your name." I asked him as I pulled my dick out. He reached out to grab it, but I pulled back.

"You not gonna give it to me?" Slut asked, dropping to his knees with a sausage and running his tounge over it.

"Not till you tell me ya name." I answered, jerking my dick to its full eleven to show him that no breakfast link could compare. He opened his mouth for me to fuck his face, and I stepped forward, rubbing the head of my dick around his lips and then stepping back.

"My names Shaun." He answered, and dove forward, taking my dick to the back of his throat in one gulp. I grabbed the back of his head and started to ram my dick to the back of his throat. He gagged and tried to take it out of his mouth but I held his head and kept forcing my dick down his throat. This is what he said he wanted, so I'm going to give it to him.

"Suck daddy dick you nasty bitch. You gonna drink this cum like you drank my piss."

I heard him moan and he started playing with my balls. I put my dick deep in the back of his throat and started to slam his face with short power strokes, forcing him to open up his troat and let me in. I kept fucking his mouth until he pushed back on my legs hard. Figuring he couldn't breath, I pulled my dick out and started to jerk it furiously in his face.

"Bust that nut daddy....shoot that milk all over my face nigga." Shaun started to rub his face against my balls, licking them and letting them pop in and out of his mouth while I kept jacking my dick over his face. I felt that familiar tingle in my balls and I grabbed a handful of his hair, pulling his face forward and shooting my load everywhere without warning. Shaun moved his face around to catch it all, letting it drip off his lips and run down the side of his face. I pulled the last drops of nut form my dick and let him lick them off the head before I took a step back and looked at him. Shaun looked good as fuck with a face full of my creamy white nut. It was really starting to run down his face and he looked just like the nasty slut that he wanted to be.

"You nasty bitch." I slapped him in the face, making sure to get some of the cum on my hand, then I made him lick the nut off my fingers before he could go clean his face up. When he came back, I was waiting for him with my hard dick still in hand. Shaun took one look at it and dropped to his knees, ready to service me again. I stepped forward and let my dick run in his mouth, grabbing the back of his head and pulling it down on my shaft. He buried my dick deep in his throat and started to suck it like a pro, going all the way up and then back down, swirling his tounge around the head and sending waves of pleasure from my dick out through my body.

"Yeah Shaun....suck that dick bitch....deep throat my shit nigga." I kept forcing my dick to the back of his throat, making his head rock back with every stroke deep in his mouth. This nigga could suck some dick and I was trying to get all eleven of mine stuck in his mouth piece before this was all said and done. My dick kept sliding in and out of his mouth, glistening with more of his spit each time. Soon I was at that point where I wanted some more of that tight booty, so I pulled my dick out of Shauns mouth and grabbed a handful of his hair, pulling him back into the bedroom and laying him across the bed.

"Get the box from under the bed daddy." Shaun told me, his voice heavy with lust. I reached up under the bed and felt the edge of a box so I pulled it out and took off the lid. Inside was a nice assortment of toys. He only had one ball gag, but that was one more than I expected. I took out the gag and wrapped it around his head, locking it in place behind his head and then turned back to the box. I took out the most interesting thing I saw, a hand shaped dildo complete with extra long arm. I got excited and ran the fingertips on the dildo across the crack of Shauns ass. He moaned real low and popped his ass up into the air, so I grabbed the lube from the dresser and made sure he was good and greased up before I started to sink the rest of the dildo into his tight ass.

I pushed it in slow, giving him time to open up and working the fingers of the dlido in and out of his ass, loving the sticky, wet sound they made every time the dildo popped out of his ass.

"Yeah son, you like that shit yo?" I asked Shaun, raining down a heavy smack on his ass and causing him to pull forward, away from the dildo. I pushed forward with the dildo and heard his ass crack as the final finger broke through his ass hole. Shaun moaned loud and long trying his best to open up to the dick I smacked his ass again, harder than the first time and began to run the dildo in and out of his well stretched pussy.

"Mmmmpphhh.....mmmmm." He couldn't say much, but Shaun was trying to let me know something. Right now, I didn't care. Only thing I was worried about was seeing how much of this I could get up inside of him. I had it in to the wrist by now and he wasen't doing anything to stop me so I kept pushing it in further, stretching his walls more and more until I felt my first resistance. I looked down at the dildo and saw that it was about half gone inside of his ass and my dick jumped. I rotated the arm a little and Shaun moaned again, so I pulled it out then pushed slowly back in. I started to build up a rythm, hoping I wasen't doing any permanant damage to this great piece of ass, but really not caring if I did. Shauns booty kept wiggling and I kept launching the fist up into his ass, ramming at his prostate with each hard stroke.

"Yeah nigga, what you want next from Daddy?" I asked him, shoving the dildo as far up his ass as it would go and holding it there, pushing it gently forward to poke at his walls, seeing if maybe I could go a little further.

" Mmm mmpph mmpphhh mmmm!" Whatever the hell he just said, I couldn't understand. I decided to play with him a little before I pulled the dildo out, so I moved around to the head of the bed and kneeled in front of Shaun, holding my dick out in his face. He came forward to put it in his mouth, but the ball covering his cock hole made that impossible.

"You wanna suck my dick nigga?" I asked, grabbing the base and pulling up to the head to free the precum that was building up. I rubbed a little off with the tip of my finger and shoved my finger into his mouth on the side of the gag. I felt his tounge licking the precum off and heard his moans get louder and longer, espically when I laid my dick on his face and started to rub it from side to side, smearing my juice across his lips and face. Shuan gave up up face like the bitch that he was, making sure that I got my pre nut all over his face.

"You gotta tell me what you want bitch!" I yelled at him, grabbing a handful of hair and jerking his head to the side so that he could look straight up at my dick. Shaun grabbed my dick and started to stroke it. He jacked my dick with a fury and before I knew what was happening, I was close to cumming again. I couldn't nut without getting some more of that sweet ass so I pulled his hand from my dick and unfastened the ball gag from around his head.

"I nutted daddy." Shaun told me as soon as the ball was out of his mouth. I looked underneath him and sure enough, a big wet spot was on the sheet where he'd came at. It was a lot too, so much that even after it soaked through the sheet large white globs of it still sat on top of the bed. Without touching his dick, I'd made this freak bust off. Unfortunatly for him I still wasen't satisfied. I hoped he wasen't like most bottoms that shut down after they'd nutted and could take anymore dick. So I grabbed him by his hair and and jerked his head back so that I could look him in the eyes.

"Did I say you could nut slut?" I asked him as I pulled up on his head and forced him to look at me.

"No daddy. I'm sorry. I'm wont do it again." Shaun answered, trying to lower his eyes from mine. I jerked his head back up and kept his gaze on mine.

"You don't nut until I tell you to bitch." I let him know I ment buisness with a hard slap to the face. Despite himself, Shaun let out a low throaty moan. He looked at me with moisture on the edges of his eyes my dick jumped.

"I'm sorry daddy. I won't do it again."

"Sorry won't cut it this time bitch. I gotta teach you a lesson." I watched his eyes go wide as I reached behind him and grabbed hold of the dildo that was still hanging out of his ass. I smiled and then snatched the arm from up inside his ass quickly and without taking a stop. The final finger popped out of his ass before he knew it, making Shaun gasp from the emptiness that now flooded his ass. I still wasen't done with him though. I kept hold of Shauns hair as I moved around behind him. Using his hair to pull him backwards, I lined his face up with the cum and then started to rub his face in it at the same time that I drove all eleven inches of my dick deep into his ass without warning.

"OH SHIT NIGGA!" Shaun yelled out in pain when I started to ravish his ass, pounding my dick into his like a machine. Shaun took it all at first, but then started to squirm away.

"Where the FUCK is you goin you bitch ass nigga?!" I yelled at him, pulling his hair harder and forcing him to come back to my dick. The whole time, I didn't loose a stroke, constantly driving my eleven inch fuck stick in and out of his tight ass. Shaun was trying his best to get away from my assault, but the more he moved away the harder I pounded him when I pulled him back. This bitch wasen't going no where. As much as he tried to run from the dick, I knew he wanted it. He needed for me to slam every cocoa brown inch upinside of his ass and I was going to fuck him until my nuts could fit in his ass. I kept slamming my dick into his ass, watching his cheeks jiggle with the impact and then slowly withdrawing before I drove home again, harder and deeper than the last stoke.

"DO YOU FEEL LIKE A SLUT NIGGA?" I yelled at him while I continued to drive deeper and deeper inside of him.

"Yes daddy!" Shaun answered, out of breath and crying from my anal invasion.


"I'M A SLUT DADDY...I'M A FUCKIN SLUT!" Shauns voice quivered with the force of my pounding, causing me to try and go deeper and fuck him harder right up until I got ready to shoot that sticky all over his face.

"You want some more dick nigga?" I asked him, smacking his ass and listening to his moans.

"Stop nigga....don't fuck me no more....PLEASE DADDY!"

Shaun kept begging for me to stop fucking him, but his pleas were useless. I was about to take all of this ass and he wasen't gonna say shit to stop me. I pushed his face back down into his cum and told him to lick it up, that I didn't want to see any cum anywhere except on his face when I was done fucking him. I couldn't hear if he answered me or not because his face was in the sheets, so I went back to pounding away at his tight black ass. I felt myself getting closer now, and the more I rubbed his face into the cum the faster and harder I fucked him until I was drilling him so hard that I could hear his screams even though his face was still pressed firmly to the nut stain on the bed. I pulled out of his ass and used his hair to pull him down to his knees so that I could bust my nut.

"DADDY....BUST THAT NUT DADDY....SPIT THAT SHIT ALL OVER ME!" Shaun called out, sticking out his tounge and licking the underside of my dick. I took a handful of his hair and shoved his head down onto my dick right before I started to shoot my load.

"Shut up and drink it bitch." I told Shaun as the first blast of nut shot from my dick and ran down his throat. Shaun sucked greedily at my dick, milking out each and every drop of nut that had built up in my balls and swallowing it down, coating his throat with my kids until my nuts were empty and I fell back onto the bed. Shaun stayed on his knees in front of me, head down and silent until I patted the mattress next to me. He hopped up on the bed and laid next to me.

"You got some good dick daddy." He told me.

"You got some good pussy Slut." I answered him, reaching down and through his legs making him spread them so I could finger his dripping wet ass hole.

"You gonna fuck me again pa?" Shaun asked, grabbing my softening dick and playing with the head.

"When I wake up I'll give you all the dick you can handle." I answered, sliding another finger into his moist ass.

"When you want me to wake you up?"

"The next time you need some dick. And wake me up by sucking me off." I pushed his head back down towards by dick and pulled my fingers out of his ass. I let him suck my head while I tasted the damage I'd done to his ass hole. I let his ass juice linger on my tounge for a moment before pulling my dick out of his mouth and sliding over to the side of the bed that he didn't nut on. Shaun slid under the cover with me and started pushing me to move over.

"Shut up bitch. Sleep in your own nasty ass mess." I told him, slapping him across the face one last time. Shaun quickly settled in and soon, we were both asleep, dreaming about the various possibilities for the next round of hot nasty sex with my new Slut.

-END- WC - 3446


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