Table Manners by Donald Ammer

I came to this country from Mexico in 1976. I was illegal and broke, but went to work in my cousin’s restaurant on my second day, as a busser/delivery boy. On a Saturday night in 1978, I was doing deliveries all around the north side of Chicago when it happened. And it was just three weeks after my eighteenth birthday.

The address was on Cornelia, a decent neighborhood of rehab buildings. I was dropping off two large “kitchen sink” pizzas, breadsticks with extra sauce, and an Italian beef sandwich. Evidently a party was going on, and parties usually mean good tips (something I badly needed). I parked the car and went up to ring the bell on the dark brownstone. After some guy had buzzed me in, I struggled up three flights of stairs with the food.. .

I’m only 5’6” and weigh 135 pounds – just a small guy. The trip up the stairs was a bitch, and by the time I rang the doorbell to 3D I was breathing hard. .

I waited under the dim, greasy-looking fluorescent lighting. And waited. Was about to ring it again, when suddenly the huge white wood door was yanked open by a tall, sandy-blond, muscular guy wearing a Dallas Cowboys jersey, cut-off jeans, and nothing else. He was really good-looking; practically a Ken doll come to life. .

“Hi,” he said, cocking an eyebrow.

“Gianelli’s,” I replied. .

“Come on in.” .

He opened the door wider and smiled. Now my cousin had always told me, NEVER go into a customer’s house – always wait at the front door, make them get the money and bring it to you – but as I said, I was just eighteen and way-way-way too trusting. I entered, following him to a larger rectangular, mahogany dining room table that stood next to the entrance to the living room. .

“How much?” he asked, kind of smirking at me. .

“Eighteen-seventy-four,” I replied, pulling the stapled receipt off the pizza box. .

“Okay, let me get some money.” .

He left the kitchen/dining area and into the living room. I noticed that the seat of his jeans was ripping out in strands of white threads. The hole was stretching over his bare ass – he wasn’t wearing any underwear. .

I snuck a glance into the living room. There were two guys sitting on the couch in front of the television, one a white dude with dark hair, and the other guy was olive-skinned with jet-black hair; maybe Brazilian. Both were a lot like the first guy – at least six-foot tall each, and very muscular, broad-chested, and slim-hipped. All three were over-the-top good-looking, and had long legs and big feet. I felt like I was in the Land of the Giant Pretty People, or something – was starting to get a little uncomfortable. .

The brown-haired guy was wearing black jeans and a white t-shirt that stretched tightly over his wide chest. On those big feet, he wore a beaten-up pair of running shoes and no socks. The Brazilian was wearing brown sandals, white cotton sweatpants, and no shirt; his chest – completely hairless – was really beefed up (he probably worked out every day). His wide, flat nipples hung low – dark-brown and oval in shape, reminding me of two small, dark eggs lying on their sides. The Brazilian guy had the kind of body I wished I had; the body my girlfriend also, I know, wished I had. I’ve got a nice body and all, but I’m too skinny. I just want some more muscle – and this guy had more than enough to spare, for real. Both men were watching a basketball game on TV. .

Suddenly, from the bedroom or john doorway on the other side of the room, another blond guy – dripping wet – came into the living room. He must’ve had about a 44” chest and a 32” waist, and all he was wearing was a white towel wrapped around himself. His wet hair hung down in a tangled mess over his eyes. He’d just come in from the shower and walked over to a second, smaller couch – where a pile of clothes sat waiting. I’d never seen a guy so big – surely not in Mexico and not even in the time I’d been in the States. He was about 6’3”, and with that incredible build. There was not one ounce of fat on his body. .

“That feels better,” he replied in a deep, husky, jock’s voice as he passed by the two guys who sat watching television. .

“Cool,” said the brown-haired guy, eyes not leaving his basketball game. .

The blond continued over to the couch where his clothes lay. He sorted through them slowly. Without, even thinking, he unwrapped the wet towel from around his waist and tossed it onto the other end of the small couch, exposing himself naked to anyone who wanted to see. I couldn’t believe it. His dick was huge. Not even hard, the guy’s dick was fat and pink-white, sticking out from a thick bush of dark-blond pubic hair. It was at least eight inches or more soft, and had an unbelievably-big mushroom head. I couldn’t help it – it was so big, and so … pink – I just couldn’t help but stare at it. .

The gym-built blond saw me through the doorway. I was just standing at the table, by the food, but he nodded his head – acknowledging me. I really wasn’t staring – at least, wasn’t meaning to – but I felt my face grow hot, anyway. .

“How ya doin’?” he asked me. .

I swallowed hard. “Okay. Thank you, sir.” .

I wondered about the poor girls who’d had that cock in their pussies. He looked like the kind of guy who’d show no mercy in his fucking. .

The blond who’d answered the door came back, then, with a fifty-dollar bill. I guessed that his age, like the others, was probably around thirty. .

“Sorry it took so long,” he apologized. “I was looking for something smaller. Can you break a fifty? I’m the only one here with any money, and this is all I have.” .

“Uhh … lemme see.” .

My eyes could not stop roaming back to the blond in the living room; I just kept staring at his dick and freaking out, feeling this weird mixture of envy and something else I couldn’t identify. He was sitting on the couch now, and had just put on a pair of bright-white athletic socks that went up his thick calves and almost to his knees. His cock hung heavy between his spread legs, like a huge piece of beef hanging in a butcher’s window. His fat, heavy balls swung even lower, the right one a little lower than the left. I shook myself out of the trance. .

“Ummm … I don’t know if I have change, sir.” .

I tilted my navy blue Gianelli’s baseball cap back on my head and searched my jeans for money; came up with only two fives and a few singles. Nervous now, I reached into the back pocket of my own blue jeans for my wallet, but my hands were shaking so badly, I dropped it onto the floor. It flopped open, and a bunch of loose paper and shit fell out. .

“Fuck,” I whispered. .

I crouched down to start picking everything up. The blond with the fifty bent down to help me. As we fished everything up, I suddenly saw a pair of feet, wearing white socks, step in front of me; the naked bodybuilder dude. He bent down as I crouched before him, and retrieved a small card at my feet. He was reading it when I finally looked up at him. .

He read my name off the card – Alejandro Chavez. Then he crouched down himself, until we were eye to eye. He cupped the card in his right palm and smiled. .

“Alejandro, why are you staring at my cock?” .

I blinked and stood up instantly, stepping back. .

“W-what??” .

He rose too, slowly, as did the other blond behind me. Somewhere, I thought I heard a door close. .

“You keep looking at my dick, Alejandro,” the naked guy repeated. “And I would just like to know why. Comprende?” .

I laughed nervously, kinda scared by now. “Hey man, I don’t know whatever you are talking about. I’m not lookin’ at your dick, man. No way.” .

He ignored my reply and instead looked again at the card in his hand. “This is a phony green card, Alejandro.” .

“Alex,” I replied. .

“Alex. You’re in this country illegally, Alex.” .

My heart jumped. “No, Sir! I am not,” I lied. “I – I have another green card. A legal alien card.” .

“Oh? Where is it?” .

I pretended to search my messed-up wallet while I put the other things back into it. I tried to fake a good look of confusion. .

“I-I don’t know. Home, I guess, sir.” .

He smiled. “You are so full of shit, Alex. I’ve seen enough of these to know a fake when I see it. Come here for a minute.” .

I followed him into the living room, unsure of what else to do. The naked blond guy sat on the couch, motioning for the other blond to sit next to him. He did so. .

“Hey, guys,” he told the guys watching television, “turn that thing off. Alex is here; we have live entertainment, now.” .

They glanced at each other a second, then the Brazilian reached for the remote and the set went dark – the room instantly silent. Everyone stared at me as I stood quivering in the center of the room … wanting to run, afraid to do so – the sweat breaking out on my forehead until I could feel it seeping down the back of my neck. .

“Alex?” It was the blond dude in the socks – still holding onto my green card. .

I turned to look at him, just standing there. I couldn’t have said anything if I tried. .

“See that coffee table behind you?” I looked around – behind me there stood a low, long, glass-topped brass coffee table. It was littered with magazines and beer bottles, and sat in front of the two dark-haired men. .

I turned back to the naked blond. “S-so?” I managed to croak out. .

“So please take off your shoes and step up onto it. Clear it off for him, guys.” .

The brunettes removed the bottles and swept all the magazines onto the floor, in a hurry now. I kept looking at the blond, noticing at last that his dick was starting to get hard. .

“Why?” I finally asked. “Why should I do this? What are you gonna make me do?” .

He smiled coolly. “Do it because I said so …” He read again from my fake green card “ … ‘Alejandro Chavez’. Do it because it you don’t do it, I am going the INS first thing Monday morning and having your little Hispanic ass shipped back home.” .

I closed my eyes and thought. Was kind of sick to my stomach, and wanted to bail. But after a couple of minutes, I sighed and slipped the brown loafers off my feet, stepping up onto the heavy glass table in my white socks. .

“Thank you, Alex,” said the blond fucker who smiled smugly up at me. He pointed to the other blond guy. “By the way, he’s Tommy. And that - ” (pointing to the brown-haired white guy in the t-shirt) is Doug. Next to him is Luciano.” .

The Brazilian grinned at me and winked, holding up one hand to say hello. .

“My name is Rick,” the nude blond added. He paused before he addressed the room, then said, “So what do you think of Alex, guys?” .

Doug shifted in his seat and stared me up and down. He inhaled deeply, shaking his head in awe. .

“Unbelievable,” Doug whispered. .

Luciano smiled a perfect white smile. “Get him undressed, he’s making me hard as a fuckin’ rock.” .

Rick laughed. “Alejandro, would you please take off your clothes for Luciano?” .

Tommy leaned over. “Come on, Rick – don’t.” .

“Shut the fuck up, Tommy.” .

I was wearing the usual navy blue Gianelli’s polo shirt, which I pulled off slowly, along with my cap. I felt embarrassed. I couldn’t look at the four guys staring so greedily at me. .

Rick purred, “You have a nice, hairless body, Alex. Doesn’t he, guys?” .

There were some murmurs of agreement, and I felt my face go red again – my anger rising. Doug, still seated next to Luciano, unzipped his jeans and pulled out a fat, pink cock that was turning stiff. He began stroking himself, watching me. .

“Put the cap back on, Alejandro,” Rick said. “Backwards.” .

I did as instructed, determined not to shed the tears welling up in my eyes as I let my shirt fall to the floor. I was just past my eighteenth birthday, but knew that with my cap on like that, I looked maybe all of sixteen. My moustache is really thin; it takes a long time to come in and most of the hair is at the corners of my mouth. My chest and stomach are totally smooth, except for some hair under my arms. With just my pants on, I barely look like I’ve hit puberty. .

“Now the pants, Alex.” .

Slowly, hands shaking, I unbuckled the belt my girlfriend had gotten me for my birthday, thinking that maybe if I just showed them what they wanted to see, they’d leave me alone and let me go in peace. Fuck, I’d even pay for the food. I unbuttoned my jeans, lowering the zipper, but just couldn’t do it. I looked hard at Rick, eyes pleading with him. .

He gestured downward with one hand – the hand holding my green card. I pulled my jeans quickly, before I could think, down to my ankles. The air conditioning hit me and I began to visibly tremble, standing there on the coffee table in my white BVD cotton briefs that looked extra-white against my tan skin. .

“Come on, Alex. All of it,” ordered Rick. .

Luciano nodded, rubbing his dick through the white sweatpants he wore. He had one foot on the corner of the table, near my own feet. His were golden-brown and large – probably a size eleven or twelve. .

I pulled my shorts down, stepping out of them and my jeans. Luciano quickly kicked them both to the floor, then under the coffee table where I couldn’t reach them. All I wore now were my Gianelli’s cap and the fresh pair of white socks I’d put on that morning. .

“Man,” said Tommy, as he removed his own shorts and pulled the Cowboys jersey up and over his head, undressing. “Look at that sexy little body!” He turned to the other guys. “You know I gotta have me some of that!” .

I cupped my hands over my privates, cringing. .

Doug, still beating his meat, glanced between Tommy and me. “What would Sara say if she heard you say that?” he asked Tommy sarcastically. .

“Fuck her, man! She has guys on the side – why can’t I?” .

But it was then that Rick stood up and walked over to me. The room got very quiet. His huge dick was about halfway up, bobbing in the air ahead of him while he walked. He scooped up all my clothes from the floor, tossing them to Luciano. .

“A present for you,” he told the Brazilian. “Put them away somewhere.” .

“Sure thing. I want this kid naked as long as possible.” .

Luciano separated my briefs from the rest of the clothes and stuffed them down into his sweats, rubbing my BVDs all over his own sweaty cock and balls. He grinned at me. .

“When you wear these home later, kid – if you wear them home – just remember whose pre-cum they’re stained with,” he said to me before leaving the room with my clothes. .

My hands clasped themselves more tightly over my privates. .

“Please don’t do this, man,” I whispered to Rick. .

He grabbed each of my wrists and yanked my hands away. Studying my cock, he said, “Oh, I don’t know, Alex. Looks to me like you might be enjoying this.” .

I looked down at my seven-inch dick getting hard. .

“It’s cold in here,” I mumbled. .

“Turn around, Alex.” .

“Why?” .

He simply stared at me. After a moment, I turned around. .

“Thank you. Now bend over and grab your ankles.” .

I freaked. “Whatta you gonna do?” .

“Nothing painful. Yet. Now just do it!” .

I bent, grabbed my ankles, and tried to prepare myself for anything. Next thing I knew, Tommy and Doug got up off their respective couches and came over to stand behind me. Each of them placed a hand on one side of my ass, then spread my butt open wide – as wide as it would go. .

“Check out that asshole,” I heard Tommy say, amazement in his voice. .

“You ever see anything so small?” added Doug. .

“It’s great,” Rick agreed. “And the skin on his ass – fuck, is his skin smooth as, and the color of, honey! Why don’t you guys have a taste?” .

Then suddenly, two hot and very wet tongues were all over my butt, Tommy and Doug taking turns licking my out my hole like it was some sweet virgin pussy. Doug had a longer tongue and could work his in much deeper. His nose was buried in my crack while Tommy bit and smacked my ass everywhere. Soon, Doug began tongue-fucking my hole, his face pressed even harder in-between my cheeks while Tommy’s smacks became harder and more rapidly, making my asscheeks sting. He was leaving marks, I was sure, handprints all over my butt. I bit my lower lip from the pain, but scared and sore as I was … it felt great, and I found myself getting a little turned on. .

“Okay guys, that’s enough,” Rick said when Tommy began squeezing my balls. The two guys stopped working on me immediately, Doug pulling his tongue from my spit-slimy asshole with a sigh of satisfaction. “Get him off of there, guys,” Rick added, “and bring him in here … ” .

Before I could move, Tommy and Doug grabbed my arms and legs and carried me out of the living room. They took me over to the dining table in the kitchen, which Rick had cleared of the food – the food I had delivered seemingly hours ago. I was laid out on the table, pushed and pulled until I was lying flat on my back. Rick removed my socks and rubbed my sweaty feet. .

“About an eight-and-a-half, right Alex?” he asked, referring to the size of my feet. .

I didn’t answer. Didn’t want him to even think I was enjoying any of this. .

“Very hot,” he replied while replied while squeezing my toes roughly. “Such sexy little brown feet from Mexico.” .

My hands and legs were grabbed and pulled wide, and wrapped one of my socks around each ankle. They tied the other end of each sock to the corresponding table leg at each corner – before I knew it, even as I struggled, my legs were tied down to the table and spread far apart. The dark wooden surface of the dining room table was cold and hard against my back and I shivered involuntarily. .

Rick sat on a chair to my left. He ran one big hand up my body from leg to chest while the other guys watched, holding down my wrists at the top of the table. He stopped to stroke my growing erection in one callused hand, then stopped and put his own right foot up and onto the table next to my right arm. .

“Take off that sock,” he demanded, gesturing to his foot. .

The other guys left go of my wrists, but it was still hard reaching over with my left hand, as my legs were now completely immobile. But I did it, and after I had Rick put his other foot up and I was instructed to do the same to that foot. .

“What size are your feet?” I couldn’t help but asking. .

“Twelve,” Rick asked. “You like them?” .

I shrugged. Rick grinned slyly, then suddenly jerked his foot up, pressing his toes against my mouth. .

“Kiss them, Alex. Suck those toes. Lick my foot all over, and show me how you like them.” .

Pressing hard with his big foot, he forced my mouth open, pushing his thick man’s toes inside past my teeth. I began to lick them, then suck, lying back down on the table. Meanwhile, Tommy and Doug took Rick’s socks and used them to tie my wrists to the other two corners of the table. .

I was completely theirs now. I could not have moved if the building were on fire. Whatever they wanted to do to me, I couldn’t stop it. .

And my cock was rigid and standing straight up from my body, foreskin pulled all the way back and the brown-red head already bubbling pre-cum. .

“Oh yeah,” Rick moaned, shifting in his chair to get his foot more into my mouth. “Suck that foot, man.” .

He had the entire top of his foot in my mouth, now. It was gagging me. My lips and jaw were stretched to the point of pain. .

Luciano came into the room then, completely nude. He seemed surprised to see me spread-eagled and tied down to the table. Rick pulled his foot from my mouth. .

“Where have you been?” he asked Luciano. .

“Sorry – couldn’t help it,” Luciano replied. His long, dark bangs were falling down into his eyes. “I could smell the Mexican kid’s crotch all over those briefs. Got me so hot, I shot my load all over his shorts. I had to clean myself up a little.” .

Rick stood up and looked down at me. His dick stood straight up, so hard now it was practically pressed up against his flat, hard belly. .

“You gay or straight, kid?” .

“S-straight,” I answered. “I – I got a girlfriend.” .

Rick’s smile grew even wider. “Well, be a good boy and we won’t tell her. You never sucked dick before then – huh? Or had a dude suck your cock?” .

I shook my head, afraid. Luciano just laughed. .

“First time for everything,” the Brazilian offered. .

Tommy moved to my right side and bent his dark-blond head to tongue the mushroom head of my cock. He reached over, at the same time, to give my right nipple a tight squeeze. .

“Ow!” I yelped in pain. .

This just made Tommy squeeze my pec even harder between thumb and forefinger. He took my cock all the way down his throat then, inhaling it like a whore, and began sucking me off. .

Doug, at the end of the table, stood between my legs, massaging my small feet before crawling onto the mahogany dining room table himself. He was situated between my spread legs now, and pushed Tommy’s face away with his own, sucking both my big nuts into his mouth. Tommy continued sucking, harder and faster, on my rock-hard prick until it stood up at close to eight thick inches. I twisted and bucked on the table and went insane, trying to get loose, but I was unable to move. Then suddenly, Luciano crawled onto the table in front of Tommy. On his knees, his legs were straddling my narrow, hairless chest. Tommy finally stopped squeezing my nipple only when Luciano’s ass got in his way. .

Luciano’s dick had to be about nine dark, thick, vein-covered inches, and it was only getting harder by the second, even though he’d just shot his load all over my shorts. His dock dangled, now, directly over my face as he shifted over me. .

“Don’t make me do this,” I said softly. .

Lower, I could feel Doug’s tongue and lips and teeth working up and down my short legs now. For just a second, Luciano’s tough expression changed; softened. Then, he was suddenly all macho again. .

“Sshhh. It’s cool, Alejandro,” he said, putting a finger to his lips. “You will enjoy this, I promise. Oh, and remember one thing – you are in no position to bite me.” .

And with that, he slapped my cheek sharply with his hardened cock – before pressing it to my lips. I resisted, squinting my eyes shut, and he slapped my cheek again – this time with his hand, though not as roughly as he could have – and held my nose shut until I had to open my mouth to breathe. When I did so, his big cock slid right in, grinding past my teeth and down my throat. I thought I was gonna choke. I jerked my face back, and the Gianelli’s baseball cap flew off my head and onto the floor. .

Luciano pulled out a little. “You have to relax your throat, Alex. Come on, man – it’s cool. Now, suck my dick.” .

I began blowing him, and it wasn’t as bad as I’d expected. It was a weird feeling – sucking him off while Tommy blew my own cock. I kind of liked that red-hot feeling creeping up my dick as my orgasm was getting closer. I knew that if Tommy didn’t stop – or if Doug didn’t stop that licking and biting all over my legs and feet – that I was gonna shoot right in Tommy’s face. I also was getting into the feel of Luciano’s manhood bashing the back of my throat – even if it was more than my small mouth could take. .

“Oh fuck, yeaaaahhhhhh, Alex,” moaned Luciano. “Suck my dick, man … ” .

He grabbed my hair and moved my head faster up and down his fat pole, his fingers pulling on my short black hair until it hurt. At the same time, he pushed with his hips to fuck my face for all he was worth, grinding his huge dick, stuffing my barely-legal face with it. Sweat was running down his face, neck and chest, dripping onto my forehead and cheeks as continued pounding away down my throat. His breathing got really heavy really fact, his moans growing louder and longer. .

“Faster, Alex!” he groaned. “Oh shit, man you are fucking great, man. FUCK, faster Alex! Oh, shiiiiiiit … ” .

I opened my eyes a second, and saw Rick sitting in a chair way off to the side. He was watching everything quietly. Intently. His dick was still hard, huge, and pinkish-red. It still stood straight up from his crotch, curving slightly to the left. It had to be at least eleven inches of meat and wanted attention – but he wouldn’t so much as touch it. I was glad it was on the other side of the room from me. .

Below, past Luciano where I couldn’t see, I could feel two hot and very wet mouths on my own dick now. Tommy and Doug were fighting like dogs for my cock, each trying to outdo the other in a suck-off. If they kept it up, I was definitely gonna shoot soon myself. Luciano, meanwhile, wouldn’t let go of my hair and head – or stop bashing my face, his heavy balls smacking off my stubble-covered chin with each slam he made to my young face. .

“You thirsty, pizza boy?” Luciano asked all of a sudden, between gasps for breath. .

I mumbled through his thick cock, trying to beg him not to do it. My words were lost because my throat was literally stuffed with his stiff Brazilian rod. .

“Have a drink, buddy.” .

And with that, Luciano’s dick jolted and exploded in my throat. His hands went vice-like on my head, and stream after stream of jizz shot into me. The force of his orgasm was so hard and heavy – his cock buried so far down my throat – that I was forced to swallow every drop of his Brazilian cream, right down to my belly, even as I gagged and choked and tried to wrench my head from his death-grip. .

“Oooh, yeah, pizza boy … swallow it all. Come on motherfucker … drink that steamy cream!” .

I swallowed every drop, keeping my eyes closed as I slurped the thick, salty drink. His cum was unlike anything I’d ever drunk before. I let him continue to fuck my face and throat, turning my throat and the inside of my mouth raw – but by now, I’d relaxed enough to enjoy it; even kept a tight grip on his cock with my lips until he’d shot every bit of his load into me. He filled me up. He shook off the last few droplets of cum down into my stomach, then pulled his big dick from my stretched mouth. He rubbed his wet, slimy with jizz and spit cock all over my young face, grinning. Then, at last, Luciano rolled off the table and fell into a chair off to the left. He was exhausted and shiny with sweat. .

Rick stood up and tapped the worn-out Brazilian on the shoulder. “Come on, Luciano. I need some attention.” .

They left the room together. On the way out, Rick called back, “Let me know when he’s loosened up, guys.” .


My own fat, brown dick was at full attention, pointing straight up and just aching to shoot, oozing pre-cum like lava now. Rick’s socks were chafing my wrists, but – tired as I was already – I raised my head in time to see Tommy standing on the table over me. He moved until he crouched directly over my throbbing, hurting cock. Doug had a tube of lubricant in his hand, and I watched as he squeezed a little of the stuff onto his palm. He rubbed it all over my cock, greasing my entire pole, stroking up and down the shaft with a tight squeeze. Man, it felt so good I thought I’d nut right then. .

Then he used a little more of the stuff to finger Tommy’s ass, shoving one middle finger all the way up to the ring on it while Tommy squatted lower to take it all in, biting his lip. When Doug pulled his finger out, moments later, Tommy immediately started lowering himself onto my rigid dick. Doug held it steady, directing my hard-on straight toward Tommy’s tight blonde hole. .

“No,” I whispered, “please don’t, man.” .

Tommy smiled. “Your girlfriend should be here watching, Alex. Maybe we can take some movies for her, huh?” .

“Fuck YOU!” I snarled. .

“Yeah … you will.” .

I tried to struggle, but Doug held me very still so the swollen, engorged head of my near-eight inches entered Tommy’s slickened asshole. I gasped when the tightness surrounded my cock like a vice, and uncontrollably thrust my hips forward as best I could. Tommy’s knees went to the table on either side of me as he sat all the way down, my prick stuffing his ass full. We both moaned at the same time, and I suddenly wanted to fuck him until he screamed. Fuck him senseless for not having a bill smaller than a fifty, so that I could have been the fuck out of here and safely back at work. My ankles were already sore from my socks that had them tied down to the dining room table – but still, I thrust everything I had into his hole, angry as hell. .

Tommy placed his palms on my small chest and pushed himself a bit off my cock. Then he slammed back down onto it. His own hard prick bounced off my belly when he began bouncing up and down on my shaft. My head twisted and turned; I was going out of my mind. But suddenly, I felt one of my feet go free. I braced it on the table and used it as leverage to push up and fuck Tommy’s ass for all my eighteen years were worth, angry beyond belief now. I turned sideways on the hard, cold table, with him still in my lap, to screw that blond motherfucker even harder. .

My other foot went free then, and I realized that Doug had untied my legs. He gripped my ankles firmly in each of his strong hands and raised my legs in the air. My knees bent. Tommy settled down fully on my prick, leaning toward me until he was almost lying on me, and grabbed my feet from behind. He held them up and bent my knees even more, as Doug spread some more lube onto my asshole. Now it was all greased up, as well. .

One of his fingers then slid, without warning, into my butt, and I yelled out loud – loud enough to bring the neighbors, I thought. I tried to put my legs down, but Tommy held them easily against my feeble struggles. I groaned loudly again, in pain, and Doug reached over to stuff my own socks into my mouth. .

“Relax, kid,” he said hoarsely. “Relax, and it won’t hurt so much.” .

He then put two fingers into my tiny brown hole, and I yelled against the gag, tasting my own feet in my mouth through the socks. The way it felt, it might as well have been his entire fist Doug was forcing up my ass. Tommy pulled my legs higher and wider, displaying my virgin asshole for anyone to see, and turned his legs to start licking and sucking on my small feet as Doug continued probing two thick fingers all the way into my ass. Tommy easily fit all the toes of my right foot into his mouth at once, tonguing between them as he slurped, and that felt great. My prick was staying hard in his ass, despite the pain Doug was inflicting on my tight, tiny asshole. .

Tommy leaned ever further over me then, our bare chests now touching as Doug continued playing with - lubing up – my ass. He worked his two fingers in and out, loosening me up, before pulling out entirely and raising my legs even higher as he climbed up onto the table, kneeling now before my butt. My face contorted with pain as his fingers had pulled free from my ass. Then Doug shifted on the table, and I could feel the head of his lubed cock pressed against my asshole … then slowly entering my virgin hole. .

The pain was unbelievable. I screamed and ground my teeth into the socks hanging out of my mouth, biting hard as my eyes started to water. Doug slowly pushed in a little more, and I struggled … but with each push, it actually hurt a little less. Soon he was all the way in – and after a few seconds, it felt amazing. Great. As I began getting fucked, each thrust of Doug’s cock forced my own erection up Tommy’s asshole that much harder. .

I went back to watching Tommy. He was reaching between us now to jack his own oversized piece of meat by bouncing up and down on my prick; the friction of his dick grinding between our two bellies was getting him off. He fell down onto me, our sweaty chests pressed against each other while Doug rammed my hole harder and harder – forcing me to pound Tommy’s ass even more roughly – and after staring a few seconds at each other, Tommy tore the socks from my mouth and pressed his lips to mine. My tongue slid into his mouth with a mind of its own, and we were kissing – making out like wild teenagers in heat as Doug continued ramming my ass, harder and faster, and I was giving it just as hard to the muscular blond straddling me. .

Suddenly, Tommy pulled away, his face contorting in what looked like pain, and his eyes rolled back into his head like a shark’s. That was when he shot. .

Bright white cum blew from his prick between us as he rose up a bit, and his jizz blasted all over my face, neck, chest and stomach – raining down on my as it blew like a hose from his pink prick. Watching this older blond muscle-dude shoot while I knew I was fucking him did it for me, and I shot my whole load into Tommy’s insides without warning, filling his hot ass with my thick Chicano cream. I came and came, the most potent and long-lasting orgasm I’d ever had, as Doug still pumped my little honey-colored ass, driving his big bone far into my ass canal, filling me with a fire that made my jizz pump itself into Tommy like an oil well that couldn’t pump the stuff out fast enough. .

Tommy finally rolled off my dick and the table, whimpering like a puppy as my still-hard cock slid free of his hole. Now Doug had me all to himself, and he pushed on my legs hard – driving them into my teenaged chest. On top of me fully on the table now, he got onto his toes so he could fuck me rough and hard, doing push-ups as he plowed away like a madman in and out of my stretched ass. I struggled, but when he began to French kiss me, I kissed back, slurping my tongue far into his mouth. .

“Oh yeah – you like that, huh Alex?” he whispered between kisses. “You might have a dick yourself, but that hot ass of yours is begging to get fucked like some bitch in heat.” .

“Fuck you,” I said back, but then reached up with my head to suck one of the dark-brown, dime-sized nipples on his hairy chest. I’d never been more turned on in my life. .

He grabbed my hair and pulled my face back to his, watching me as he rammed my ass like a fucking bull, only picking up speed. He licked a huge wad of Tommy’s cum from my cheek before kissing me again, shoving his tongue all the way into my mouth so that I was forced to taste Tommy’s sweet jizz. I’d never kissed a guy – in fact, before today probably would have even punched anyone who suggested it – but before I knew it, I was kissing Doug back and tongue-licking all over his face like I was fucking in love with the dude. Our lips and teeth were eating each other, and I was just starting to enjoy the liplock, the passion rising up inside me for another man … .

When Doug’s head suddenly bucked back, and he buried his cock all the way up my ass with one last, sharp and painful thrust. .

“Awww. FUCK!!” he yelled. “I’m gonna cum!” .

And he did. I could feel his big football player’s dick throb and pulse in my ass, then his dick began shooting cum up my ass. He buried his dick in me and refused to pull out. My tight chute milked his rod, and the guy shot everything his balls ass deep into my ass. I cried out from the soreness of my hole and the fucking great way it felt, my mind officially fried now. .

Finally, after he’d drained his nuts inside me, Doug collapsed on top of me, his dick still stuffed inside my ass. Our chests, stomachs, and legs were all smeared in Tommy’s goo while we rubbed against each other. Gently, Doug kissed my face and neck as he untied Rick’s socks from my chafed wrists. Now I was free, but it was too late. I didn’t know what else to do, so I wrapped my arms around him, and we just laid there awhile … trying to catch our breaths. .

Tommy left the room when Luciano walked back in. He was wearing blue boxer briefs now. “Come here a second, Doug. I gotta talk to you.” .

Doug pulled out of my ass and rolled slowly off the table, stumbling as if drunk. I put my cramped legs down again at last, with a sigh, realizing I could probably run out the front door now if I had to … but I had no clothes except socks, and physically just didn’t have the strength now to move. My mind was a tangle of emotions, the largest of which were fear and shame over what I’d just done – what I’d allowed to happen to me. Fear over what it meant … shame over how fucking fantastic it’d felt. .

“You untied him?” Luciano asked, surprised. .

Doug grinned, breathing heavily. “The kid’s exhausted, man. He ain’t goin’ nowhere.” .

They left the room together. It was so true. I don’t think I could have moved if an axe murderer were in the room and coming after me. My small mouth was tender to the touch, stretched. My cock was sticky and throbbing from all the action and abuse it had gone through. And my asshole. Christ, my asshole hurt. I rolled over and onto my side on the cold table, finally admitting to myself how hot it had all been – how good it had felt once the pain had gone away. But I’d be damned if I’d admit it to these bastards. .

Luciano and Doug returned. Without a word, they force me onto my back again, then sat me up with my short, sore legs dangling over the edge of the table. With Luciano on my right and Doug on my left, they picked me up and carried me, in a seated position, through the apartment to the back. I was carried to a closed door at the end of the hall. .

“What are you doing?” I asked. .

“It’s Rick’s turn,” Doug replied. “We were supposed to get you ready for him.” .

I gulped, thinking of that ruler-length cock. “Wh- what does he want.” .

Luciano’s gaze met mine. “You,” he replied sarcastically. He sounded pissed off. .

Tommy opened the door when Doug used my foot to knock. The smell of incense struck me right away. The room was dark, with low lighting, the walls painted a muted, blue-gray color. Only one lamp was on, and it showed a dimly-lit figure sitting stretched out on a long black leather lounge chair in a corner of the room. It was Rick. He was naked except for a black leather mask around his eyes like Zorro. .

His dick, huge and with the head now turned a dark red – it was so engorged with blood and ready for action. It stood up like a skyscraper from the middle of his blond bush of pubic hair. I swallowed – hard. .

“How big is he?” I whispered to Luciano. .

“Almost eleven-and-a-half inches,” he told me, that anger still in his voice. “And real thick.” .

Doug nodded. “He’s gonna rip you apart, pizza boy.” .

Still holding me, the two men carried me over to the lounge chair and turned me around. Now, my back to Rick, I looked below my spread-open legs and saw Rick’s humongous horse-cock. It was hard and slick with lube. Waiting for me. .

Doug was right – this was going to kill me. He and Luciano lowered me slowly, Rick grasping his prick and holding it straight; rigid. My legs buckled upward, and Doug and Luciano each moved a hand to my ass, spreading it wide. The were trying very hard to spread me as wide open as possible, so I could take Rick’s meat. .

The huge head had just barely touched my hole when a flash went off in front of me. Dazed, I looked up to see Tommy in the corner with a Polaroid. He was taking photos. .

I wrapped my arms around Doug and Luciano’s shoulders. I knew my nails were digging into their flesh, but I didn’t care. I buried my face into Luciano’s neck. And that was when they fully lowered me – Rick’s cockhead slowly entering my ass. .

The pain was blinding, and only got worse the more I slipped down onto the mammoth dick. I screamed out and bit into Luciano’s shoulder, without realizing it. I began to cry, openly now, thinking he’d never be all the way inside me. I felt like my whole ass was being ripped to shreds by the business end of a baseball bat. .

But finally, Rick was all the way in. I had to sit for like five minutes before the pain even began to subside. Then, Doug and Luciano – still holding me – raised me up a bit again, before forcing me back down onto Rick’s impossibly-huge cock. Tommy took photo after photo, the flash going off like a strobe as the other two guys slammed me over and over again down on Rick’s dick. My arms tightened and tried to hold onto Doug and Luciano’s shoulders, but the pain and pleasure and sensations of electricity and warmth jolting through my body nearly caused me to pass out a few times over the next fifteen minutes of torture. Rick simply laid back on the lounger, occasionally smacking my brown ass from behind. He hit hard enough to leave red marks – as if the pain he wasn’t already ravaging on my ass wasn’t enough. Luciano reached down to jack me off, but I could barely stay hard. All I could focus on was this invasion of my asshole, by what definitely now felt like a Louisville Slugger. .

More flashes went off; Tommy must have taken at least fifty or sixty photos. I was powerless to stop him from doing whatever he wanted with them. For all I cared at that moment, he could show them to whoever he pleased. .

My head fell again to Luciano’s shoulder, as his grip on my tightened. He turned his head, found my mouth, and we were kissing passionately as I continued to ride Rick’s cock like a cowboy taking it from a bull. .

I don’t know how long later – but just when I was sure I was going to lose my mind and pass out for good – Rick yelled at the guys to pull me off, and they yanked me up quickly. Next, I was rolled over and forced to lie flat on top of Rick. Doug yanked my sore mouth open, and Rick placed the fat head of his dick at my lips … seconds before the blond sonofabitch shot his cum directly into my open mouth. Streams of white cream filled my mouth and hit the back of my throat like a firehose. I had to swallow, quick, just to keep from choking on the thick, salty shit – as Rick just kept on coming, his piss-slit blowing wad after wad of jizz into my mouth until just little bubbles of cum covered the tip. Then he even force my mouth onto that, making me lick and suck him clean again. Thought it all, Tommy never stopped taking photos. .

“Suck it dry, straight boy,” Rick ordered. .

I did; was too exhausted and in pain to do otherwise. He pulled out of my mouth and patted my head like a dog, slapping his softening prick a couple of time against my cheek before telling Luciano and Doug to pull me off his body. Doug did so, slung my body over his shoulder like a sack of laundry, and carried me into the living room. He dumped me onto the couch he and Luciano had been watching TV on when this hell night had begun. My ass felt wet and slimy, and sore beyond belief. I didn’t even know if I could sit up for the pain. Doug left. A few minutes later, Tommy came out and threw my clothes on top of me. I even got my stained briefs back that Luciano had jacked off and shot his load on – they still felt a little damp, and reeked of cum. .

My fake green card hit me in the face. I couldn’t even find the strength to try and see if I could sit up and get dressed, I was so tired and sore. Within seconds, I’d fallen asleep on the couch. .

When I awoke again I was in the bathroom, in a bathtub filled with warm water. My body was being washed tenderly, sponged with soap and water by a pair of strong, dark hands. I looked up. It was Luciano, fully dressed again. .

I pulled away from him. “Leave me alone.” .

“I’m trying to help, Alex,” he said. “I feel totally fucked up and sorry about what happened. Rick is a real asshole.” .

“Rick is an asshole?” I hissed back furiously; my mouth was even too sore to speak any louder. “What about you, mothafucka?” I collapsed back into the water, which felt good, putting a hand over my face. “What about all of you?” .

He sighed. “Yeah. I know. And I’m so sorry. Really, I can’t think of anything else to say.” .

Luciano got up to leave, but stopped at the door. “Everyone else is asleep. I’m leaving. I suggest you do the same.” .

I splashed some water onto my cheek. It felt terrific. “You don’t live here?” .

Luciano laughed. “Are you kidding? No way. This is Rick’s place. I wouldn’t live with these assholes if I was court-ordered to do so. And don’t worry – Rick won’t call immigration, even if he really does have the connections. I’ll see to that.” .

I glared at him. “How can you guarantee such a thing?” .

He smiled gently. “I have enough on Rick – between the kind of work he does and the long-term girlfriend he has – to keep his mouth shut.” .

I stared at him. He stared back. Finally, we both smiled a little. .

“Thanks Luciano,” I said at last. .

“It’s nothing. We put you through hell tonight … ” His smile grew flirtatious. “Even if you did like it, just a little.” .

He left the room, closing the door behind him. He had folded my clothes, I then noticed, placing them neatly on the toilet. .

Every part of my body felt like it had been through a war, but somehow I managed to clean myself up and crawl out of the bathtub to dress, not putting on my soiled underwear. When I went to pick up my navy blue Gianelli’s cap from the clothes hamper, I noticed it felt really heavy. Looking inside, I found a huge stack of Polaroid pictures, along with a note. .

Dear Alejandro, .

Destroy these fast – you don’t need them hanging over your handsome head the rest of your life. .

Luciano .

I wrapped the photos in my briefs and got out of there fast. .

How I kept my job, I’ll never know – I was gone a total of almost five hours, and had to pay for the food out of my own pocket. With my cousin, I guess blood was thicker than water. He never even asked for an explanation. .

I’m glad I kept the job, too; for two years, Luciano came into the restaurant at least once a week, always asking me to dinner – trying to prove he was a very different kind of guy. In those two years of refusing him, I did a lot of thinking and soul searching about my life, and what I wanted – and who I was. .

Luciano was good to his word – I never heard from Rick, or the INS. .

Now, in early 1995 and almost eighteen years later, we’ve been together for fifteen of those years. I’m thirty-six now, and Luciano is going to be forty-four on Friday. He had indeed proven, over and over again, that he’s the kind of man he truly said – deep down – he was. We live in Mazatlan, near the beach, and are both very happy in my home country. .

Funny thing is, though, that in all the years we’ve been together – in the several apartments or homes we’ve owned or rented, and decorated together … .

We’ve yet to have the guts to go out and buy a dining room table. .



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