The Unexpected by Erick Le'Boyd

The unusual 79-degree February temperature had the Atlanta natives including myself act as if we were mere school children milking the last minutes of recess. A day like this was rare, so I did something rare-I took off early from work at LaFace Records. After treating myself to a lovely lunch at a soul food restaurant in the Cascade neighborhood called the Beautiful I decided to go Rainbow Music by the AU Center. Rainbow's has the phattest House CDs I've heard since leaving home in Detroit for college. In addition, to these House CDs, they have the largest selection of the oldies but goodies from way back in day such as divas like Dianne Reeves, the late Phyllis Hyman or Jennifer Holliday and the smooth sounds of James Ingram or Phil Perry-you name it Rainbow's has it; and like other old school playas we felt like we found the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow when it came to shopping here.

Today was no different, I was in the jazz isle browsing and reading the back of Dianne Reeves latest CD when a deep baritone voice broke my thoughts by interjecting, "I thought you wanna be white brothas were afraid to come in da hood."

Raising my head from the CD to check this fool, "Excuse me!" I retorted  as I quickly found myself eyeing the brotha down. I couldn't help but to notice his killer smile with a pair of the sexist lips I was dying to taste, jet-black wavy hair, dark brown eyes, and medium a chocolate skin tone. He wore a Grey Morehouse sweatshirt with Maroon wind pants that left very little to the imagination. He looked as played football. The brotha was a dime.

"You heard me…I didn't stutter," he responded while pointing to my Emory sweatshirt I was wearing with a cocky smile that caused my heart to race a mile a minute.

 Quickly snapping out of the brief trance he had me in I shot back, "For your information I graduated from Barber-Scotia College and then I went to Emory University for my MBA, if you must know.

"Sorry…uh…what's your name," he said acknowledging defeat.

"Victor…Victor Moore," claiming the victory I replied.

"Neal Weber," he said while extending his left hand towards me as we shook hands noticing that he was slightly squeezing my hand that caused my heart to start racing again.

Releasing his hand and smiling at him I asked, "So Neal, do you harass everyone who wears non-HBCU gear?"

"Only the ones I try to catch," he responded with a devilish grin.

"Actually do you think you can catch this?" I answered openly flirting with him.

"I know so!"


"I see you like jazz," he said looking down at the Dianne Reeves CD in my hand then continued, "I have a couple of tickets to the ATL Jazz Fest this coming weekend and would love to have some company,"

"I bet you would," I said clinching the CD and walked to the front checkout. Once at the checkout I gave the clerk the CD and my credit card from my wallet.

"Sir, I need your phone number," said the young male clerk.

"Pardon," I sarcastically replied. Knowing damn well I wasn't over my limit and besides I just had the damn thing upgraded to a Platinum Card.

"It's our new policy to curve fraudulent transactions," the young clerk responded ignoring my outburst.

"Sorry…404.873.4652," I said feeling a little embarrassed briefly looking over my shoulder continuing to look at Neal as he remained at the back of the store. Quickly signing the credit receipt and grabbing the CD with my credit card and walked out of the front rail door. Smiling to myself on what a good day.

As the afternoon faded as the dusk rolled in, I was still in such a great mood, it didn't bother that traffic going towards the GA400 was a bitch, which was now every day. Finally, making it back to my Buckhead condo around seven-thirty. A cooler evening had set in but the temperature was pretty pleasant though chilly. While walking in the bright olive living room I was greeted by Phoenix, my Siamese cat. "Hey boy," I said picking up Phoenix while throwing my keys in the crystal bowl. Stroking the back of Phoenix's neck when the phone rang. Throwing Phoenix on the sofa and picking up the cordless.

"Where in the hell have you been," snapped the voice I quickly recognized as my girl, Shemar. Shemar hailed from New Orleans, a graduate of Dillard and Southern Law Center. Was almond colored, had hazel eyes almost identical to mine, and although she paid for breast many folks didn't care as long they had the chance to sneak a peek of the Eighth Wonders. Which she didn't mind the attention because she always wore low busted blouses and lower lined dresses, even in the dead of winter. Sista was phyne indeed but most of all she was head strong with a mouth just as hard as rough trade. Yeah, sista had it going on.

"Excuse me." I jokingly replied.

"Nigga don't you go there."

"Fuck you," I said laughing out loud.

"Spit it out nigga…where the fuck where you?"

"After a great lunch at the Beautiful, I broke down to Rainbow's Music, my dear bitch."

"Isn't all that near Morehouse."

"Mmm-mmm, and speaking of Morehouse, girl I met a phyne brotha today." I said smiling and grinning from ear to ear.

"Get out of here,"

"Honey, let me tell you…" Before I could tell Shemar my other line rang. So I instructed Shemar to hold the line for a minute then switching over, "Hello."

"Victor Moore," said the voice that sounded familiar but for the some reason I didn't have clue whom it could be.

"Speaking," I replied.

"Oh…how easy we forget?"

"Excuse me,"

"Neal Weber…You remember Rainbow's."

"How in the fuck did you get my number?" I asked raising my voice.

"Let me explain, Victor."

"You aren't one of those sick bastards who stalk and kill muthafuckas," I shouted causing Phoenix to leap off the couch and run into the kitchen.

"It's not going down like that, playa."

"So Neal, how is it going down?" Feeling the blood beginning to race to my temples of my head.

"I know you're shocked…"

"Shocked hell."

"You looked so good and I was about to ask you for your number, but you jetted before I got the chance."

"Look Neal you haven't answered my question." Now feeling the blood slow down from my head.

"Which was?"

"How did you get my fucking number."

"I gave the cashier an extra fifty dollars to give it to me. Look Victor I'm no so serial killer and no I do stalk and kill niggas. If there is something I like I go for it…I meant you no harm and do apologize."

Not saying a word, I just kept silent. Then I remembered Shemar was still on the other line, "Yo, Neal I have to get your number and call you back 'cause I sort of forgot I have my girl from work on the other line."

"Victor, I would like to take you out for a drink or two tonight. That is if you would accept my apologies and come."

"That's fine, meet me at Lorretta's around nine-thirty," I suggested.

"I prefer something a little less congested with more class. How about Justin's in Buckhead? You know Puffy's place."

"I know… that's cool with me."

"Well, I guess I see you at nine-thirty, Mr. Moore."

"Cool…bye-bye," I said switching the phone over and surprised that Shemar was still on the line. "Hey baby girl," I said trying to down play her wait.

"Ho, who is he and I hope this child is phyne, 'cause you had me on hold damn near twenty minutes?" Shemar snapped.

"Take a guess," I said smiling to myself

"Get the fuck outta here! That phyne nigga I was supposed to have got the juice on."

"Yep…but I got to give it to you later, we're going to Justin's for drinks."

"Work it out girl."

"Girl, ya know I'm going to give you a call with the dick by dick details."

"Child, remember this is da ATL, so be safe."

"I will, bye-bye." I said while clicking the phone off.

Walking into my large bedroom quickly undressing and jumping in the shower after taking a brief shower, I sprayed and massaged Joop all over my bare body. Slipping on my ivory Claiborne sweater and CK slacks with the burgundy Kenneth Cole Loafers. Nine o'clock, record timing. Quickly running out of the door for what I hope to be a great night to compliment a great day.

Arriving at Justin's and giving the parking attendant the keys to my Acura and a wrinkled ten dollar bill as I made myself through the restaurant and finding my way to the bar. Ordering a cognac and coke, cruising the restaurant while taking a seat at the front end of the bar.

Continuing my cruise session as the waiter placed my drink in front of me I nodded my gratitude. Then taking a sip of my drink when another high yella brotha jumped and blocked my view by taking a seat besides me asking me, "What it be, playa." This brotha was not the one. He wore a loud bright ghetto orange suit, a face full of freckles, a nappy red Afro, and had on some cologne that he apparently took a bath in 'caused it drowned the Joop I was wearing. Looking around trying my best to ignore this creature by looking for Neal to enter any minute then he asked with a devilish smirk, "Looking my way,"

"No," I coldly responded hoping he can take the hint and leave, but apparently he didn't as he continued to bug the shit out of me.

"My name is Dwayne Little," he said smiling at me with a mouth full of gold that would even have Master P envious.

"I'm sure it is," I sarcastically replied while taking another sip of my drink.

Before Dwayne could comment Neal appeared grabbing and hugging me slightly kissing me on my cheek, "Hello baby…you missed me."

"You know I did," I cooed rolling my eyes at Dwayne. Bothering not to respond Dwayne huffed off across the bar to a dark skin brotha. Damn…I thought to myself she must want it bad. As Neal ordered a Vodka giblet I thanked him for saving me from the incident with Dwayne.

"That horny bitch, no problem…Yo Victor, I thought you wouldn't show."

"Why you say that?" I asked finishing the remainder of my now watered down drink.

"I mean the circumstances we met and the events that led me to ask you out tonight."

"I know. You was truly an asshole…a real sonofabitch."

"Aight…Aight…I get your damn point, I just had to get your attention," Neal replied now smiling and blushing at me.

"Well you got it alright," I said smiling back at him.

"Like I said Victor, I'm sorry, I mean you no harm,"

"That's okay," I said placing my hand on his massive right shoulder then continued, "So, did you go to Morehouse?"

"Sort of… I went to Fisk,"

"So why were you wearing a Morehouse sweatshirt."

"I'm in my last year of medical school there."

"Shit…I thought you played football. A doctor, who would have guessed?"

"I hear that shit all the time, well actually I ran track while at Fisk," he replied then continued shifting the conversation from him to me, "So you graduated from Barber-Scotia College."

"Yes, three years ago to be exact,"

"My aunt graduated from their, way back in the sixties…so I thought it was some women's school."

"Has been coed for almost I say forty or forty-five years."

"Victor, what do you do for a living, if you don't mind I ask?"

"I'm the Senior Financial Manger at LaFace," I boasted.

"Do you get to see any of the artist."

"I'm the one who signs their checks…so I see them all, from Ms. Braxton to Usher," I continued to laminate.


I didn't want to sound as if I was bragging, but I was blessed to have gotten the position. If it wasn't for my Mass Communication Professor back at Scotia, Michael Wesley; I would just settled for a job at some Fortune 500 company after receiving my MBA. He knew how much I loved music so he contacted one of his friends in Human Resources at LaFace. After my first interview I got the position and the rest is history.

"What doctor do you want to be," I asked shifting the conversation from my job. Because I've dated enough queens in the past who just wanted to talk about my experiences at LaFace, get them autographs, or even asking me to hook them up with either LA or Babyface, cause some queen thought she can sang.

"The ER."

"Why the ER?"

"I love things that would cause me to work on the spur of the moment and besides I would always be in demand."

"That's the truth."

"Yeah…I hope one of these spur of the moment things get me to spend the night with you tonight."

"Pardon," I replied with a devilish grin knowing damn well what he meant.

"You know what I mean," he said while ordering another vodka giblet then he continued, "What are you having?"

"Sex on the beach," I cooed while he motioned the bartender. I begin to thinking damn well that I've had enough one night stands to know better, but for some reason I didn't care, I just had to have this fine ass brotha…those lips…that body; which I can tell through the Black Guess overalls and Ralph Lauren gray sweater had my mouth water. I know I was going to hate myself in the morning, but this brotha was too of a good catch to throw back then I coyly asked as the bartender placed our drinks down, "What do you prescribe, Dr. Weber?"

"A night of fierce love making," he said as shot down the vodka then looked dead in my eyes asking, "That is, if you want me to make a house call."

"Yes, I do need to see a doctor," I said sipping down the sex on the beach.

"Will it be mine or your place," he suggested.

"I say mine, 'cause I just live down the street off GA400," I replied knowing this will prevent any harm to myself. Too…too many of my friends were robbed or damn near killed by going somewhere with trade or some guy they just met. At least I would have the upper hand in my own place.

"That's straight with me," he quickly agreed as we headed for the door.

"Are you driving?" I asked while we waited for the valet to bring my car.

"Mmm-mmm. I parked it myself," he said with a smile that had my body tingle all over.

"Very funny."

"What are you driving so I can tail you back to your place?"

"This is my black Acura Vigor," as the valet pulled up besides us.

"Cool, lets roll," he replied as I tipped the valet twenty dollars and jumped in my car while Neal got in his Ford Explorer.

I was surprised making it to my condo without a ticket. Shit, I was flying down the GA400…it also surprised me that Neal kept up. Arriving and walking into my living room I saw Phoenix dead asleep by the fireplace. "Nice place," Neal commented while I programmed my CD player to randomly play the Dianne Reeves CD, I bought earlier.

"Thanks…may I get you something?" I asked

"Yeah…you," Neal replied sitting on the couch with his legs wide open. Bothering not to say a  word. I just walked up and sat on his lap. For a few minutes we just gazed in each other eyes trying to figure out what each was thinking.

Then BAM, he kissed me. His kiss was fierce; I in return just let him have his as my body enjoyed its attention it was getting. His tongue speared the roof of my mouth then circled my lips. I responded by moving closer to him and start grinding on his dick as he pulled closer as he took a firm grip of my ass. He continue to lick around my lips then making his way nibbling on my ear lobes and licking my neck as I begin to moan uncontrollably. When he finished licking my neck he pulled my sweater above my head nibbling on my harden nipples. When he finished tongue bathing my chest, I pulled him back to my lips slowly unfastening and pulling down his overalls sliding them to the floor as he pulled off his sweater.

For a minute I just gazed on how nice of body this brotha had. His toned chest with a six pack grandma could have done the laundry on. As I squatted in front of him beginning to nipple on his harden nipples making my way down his chest slowly licking and kissing his massive abs until I got the shaft of dick. Neal groaned asking me, "Come on Victor…don't tease a nigga…please a nigga…ohhhhh…"

As Neal continued to moan and groan in torrid delight I started to lick the head of dick while stroking his balls. Then out of nowhere I took his dick in one gulf. Which surprised I think both of us, 'cause Neal wasn't a little nigga. I continued to take his pleasure stick through my lips. Up…down…slurp…up…down…slurp… Neal moans got louder and louder causing Phoenix to wake up, causing my pet to run to his shelter in the kitchen. "Uh-huh. Uh-huh. Damn, boy. Suck dat dick, boy…"

I could not resist, his shit tasted good. Taking over by his dick in my lips which was driving him crazy. I couldn't feel sorry for him after all he did beg for it. He quickly pushed me of his dick, he was literally out of breath and in tears. Catching his breath he pulled his overalls completely off as I gazed at the lovely temple once more. Brotha had it going on. Now completely undressed he slowly undressed me and started to kiss me down. Then making his way back to my face stopping to look in my eyes and asking, "Victor, what is your status?"

"I'm glad you asked, I'm negative," I responded looking in his eyes thinking on how many brothas will not tell you, until its too late or they try to accuse you of thinking of them as being some type of ho.

"Negative also…got protection and lube."

"Yes, it's in the bedroom," I said as he carried me into the bedroom. Reaching in the nightstand and handing him the lube and a couple of condoms. We begin to kiss again as he spread the lube on his fingers massaging my love hole.

"Consider yourself caught," he said with a devilish grin placing me on my stomach as his dick entered me. The jolt of ecstasy from his dick had me clawing the sheets. I felt nothing but heaven as our bodies got in sync with one another.

"Uh-huh…" I squealed in delight as he continued his body slapped against mine. I slowly begin to grind further down on his dick on every thrust. Rolling over slowly for I can on top. "Show me what you got?" he said as I slowly begin to ride him.

"You really want me to respond to that."

"Nah…I want you to show me."

I did not even respond I just did it. I rode him hard, yet gentle not fucking up the flow or the mood. Neal didn't know what was on him. His moans became utterly grunts. "Oh…yeah…boy…ride dat dick…ride dat dick…" I continued to work my hips back and tighten my ass lips.

"Fuck…Mmmm…Uh-huh." Neal continue to groan as he spread my ass cheeks open causing my eyes to roll in the back of my head while let out a fierce exhale of breath.

Every time I went down on his dick I would let an "uh-huh" sigh and Neal would moan "um-mmm." Continuing to rock him steady jolting him to heaven.  Then all of sudden he rolled a top of me spreading my legs open and thrusting in me. "Shit…," I exclaimed with torrid delight as my dick released cum all over my chest, Neal's chest, and the headboard of the bed. Still cumming as Neal withdrew from my ass pulling the condom off and jerking dick as it exploded cum all over my now mist chest and dick,

"Ohhhhh...ssshhhh…ohhh…arghhh, he moaned releasing all his cum everywhere. I rolled a top of him and licking his nipples as our dicks soften. Oh sweet Jesus, this brotha is what the kids would say, all good.

After taking a brief nap I woke up in Neal's arms. Raising my head from his chest and asking, "Where do we go from here."

"For starters the ATL Jazz Fest, but lets talk about all that in the morning, I cook you breakfast…we got a lifetime to figure that out…good night baby."

"Good night, bay-be," I said resting my head back on his chest.

"Victor, I hope you let me love you, like no other can…just let me be the one…please," he said kissing my forehead. I didn't say a word, just pretending to be asleep in all awhile smiling to myself awaiting the morning light to make this man mine.  



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