Yo, check this out. I go down to the park damn near 'ery Sunday and shoot ball wit ma niggas. All them mothafuckas is fine as hell and got mad skillz on the court, ya heard. How I got hooked up wit 'em is kinda wild'n shit, but them ma niggas for life!

See, when I was locked up ma girl started fuckin' wit this one-legged crack head named Ant. I don't know what the bitch saw in 'em. He looked aight, but he ain't have shit on me. Hell, he ain't have but one leg. The nigga did have a big ass mothafuckin' dick though. A paper bag brown skinned kid, way out there on that shit. Do anything for a rock. Word. I got 'em to suck ma dick one night for a dime piece, just to see how far the nigga'd go. I made his ass suck on ma shit 'til I busted a nut. Nigga had some skillz too. I watched that mothafucka slobbin' up and down on ma shit while I shoved ma high yellow dick down the nigga throat. That shit felt good'n a mothafucka! I slammed ma dick in his mouth right when I was bustin' and I came so hard, the nigga had nut runnin' out his mouth. I threw his ass half a nick and told 'em to get the fuck out ma face. Yeah yeah yeah, I know it's fucked up doggin' a handicapped mothafucka like that, but trust me the one-legged ass bitch deserved it.

Anyway, I'm locked up and that crack head mothafucka turns ma girl Ladonna out on that shit. I ain't have a clue so when I got out; I'm like business as usual and front a package from ma man Bomani.

Next thing I know, the crazy bitch steals ma shit and runs off wit the crippled mothafucka. The bitch played me, yeah that shit hurt. Nigga took ma pussy blah-blah-blah, but for real for real, all I was thinking about was Bomani's dope. The nigga was straight psycho, nah mean? He ain't give a fuck about bustin' a cap in a mothafucka's ass. I done watched 'em drop a few niggas on the block for lil petty ass shit. No questions asked. Blawow! Straight to the dome. So you know I was scared as shit when he came to see me two o'clock that mornin'.

The nigga seemed like he was kinda impressed at first, thinkin' I sold all that shit that quick, and was ready to re-up. I ain't know how to say it, so I just came out and told 'em what happened. He was real cool about it, didn't say shit for a minute.

That's when I really got scared. But then he said, "Come on, we'll work it out," wit his rough ODB ass voice and I chilled a lil bit. We got in his phat ass mothafuckin' black Lincoln Navigator and drove off. We ridin' up Ashby and outta nowhere, the nigga asked me if I played ball.

I'm like, "Yeah, I hoop," still scared to fuckin' death.

Then he said some shit like, "I'll tell you what Greg, you beat me one-on-one and I'll say fuck the money, aight?"


"If you can 'huh' you can hear nigga. We goin' down to West End Park, ain't nobody out there." He told me, and I ain't say shit. I was just checkin' the nigga out. He 'bout six-three wit a baldhead and a goatee. Solid. 'Ery bit of two hundred and twenty pounds. Golden light brown skinned with some sexy ass copper lips and a mouth full of gold. One of his shits up front got a diamond cut into it. Anyway. I'm only five-five, one forty-five; but I got game. I ain't know if I could beat 'em but I took bigger niggas than him to the hoop when I was in high school. Peep this. I'm thinkin', what the fuck? All he want is a game of basketball for a half ounce of dope. This nigga is cool as hell. Then the mothafucka say, "Oh, one more thing dog. If I win, I'm goin' up in that ass."


He ran that, "if you can 'huh', you can hear", bullshit on me again just before we pulled up to this lil secluded ass basketball court wit barely enough light to play and shit.

He parked his ride and got out while I just sat in the truck. I heard the hatch door open, then I heard a ball bouncing. Bomani dipped around to the passenger side and opened the door. He was like, "W'sup?" Now I ain't gonna lie, the nigga was lookin' good as hell standin' there wit his baggy gym shorts and wife beater, showing off his tight ass body. Instead of tennis shoes, he had on a brand new tan pair of Timz. I ain't know what the fuck to say, so I asked the mothafucka if he was gonna play in his boots.

The nigga screamed, "Hell yeah!" Dribblin' the ball back'n forth between his legs and shit. He was dead ass mothafuckin' serious yo.

I'm like, "Bomani man, I'ma get the money. I just need a couple of days, aight? You know me. You know I'ma straight up mothafucka."

"Fuck that money nigga! I don't give a fuck about that shit. I told you what I want." He was buggin' for real.

I just looked at 'em. I ain't never looked at Bo that way. Yeah he was fine'n a mothafucka, but I always assumed he'd kill a nigga before he'd fuck 'em, nah mean? Some niggas you don't let cross your mind like that, cause they'll hurt you. Bomani was one of them type of niggas. Plus, I wasn't about to get fucked. I made a couple crack head boys suck ma dick, even ran up in a few niggas, but gettin' fucked? Hell naw!

I told the nigga, "I can't get down like that man, just gimme a couple of days and I'll straighten you."

Bomani said, "Fuck that!" And blew up. The mothafucka looked like a wild ass animal, talkin' 'bout, "If you ain't got all ma muthafuckin' money right now Greg, I don't want to hear it. You better try'n win." Then the nigga sprinted out on the court wit the ball and drove for a lay-up, screamin', "One nut'n," when the ball went through the hoop.

I'm like, "Hold up, Bomani man!" But he took the ball out and hit a fuckin' jumper. The nigga hollered, "Two nut'n," and took the ball out again. This time I ran over to contest his shit, but he pulled up right in front of me and hit another damn jumper. "Three zip. We only goin' to eleven." Swish! Another jumper.

I'm like, "Aight, hold up Bo. Let's start over. Lemme get ready." I tried to reason wit the crazy mothafucka, but he drove right by me and scored again.

"Five nut'n," he was smilin' and shit, "you know seven zip is a skunk." The nigga reminded me. Then Bomani took the ball out again, but this time I put some real "d" on his ass. I stripped 'em and drove in for a easy lay-up, but just when I got to the basket, the mothafucka crashed into me and I hit the ground hard as hell. I looked up and watched the ball circle the rim, then fall out.

"That's a foul man!" I protested, gettin' back on ma feet and wipin' the dirt and shit off ma pants. He knew he was wrong, so the nigga gave me the ball and I took it out. I started to go in, but then I pulled up and took about a twelve-footer. Bing! The ball bounced off the fuckin' rim and Bo grabbed the rebound, then dipped right back in and guerrilla dunked on ma ass.

Six zip.

I'm screamin', "Hold up. Check man check!" He passed me the ball and I just looked at his ass standin' there fine as hell, wit sweat drippin' off his face. I held the ball 'til I caught ma breath.

I asked the nigga if he was ready, then tossed 'em the ball. He ain't even move. He just stood right there and shot it. Swish! All net.

Bomani was like, "That's game!" All excited and shit. Then the mothafucka started pullin' down his shorts screamin', "Suck ma dick!" Rubbin' his shit and lookin' me dead in the eye like I was a mothafuckin' bitch or som'n. The nigga was standin' in the middle of the basketball court wit his pants down to his knees, talkin' 'bout, "Suck ma dick!" And I'm watchin' his shit get hard. Pretty ass golden brown long thick mothafucka. Damn near ten inches and smooth'n a mothafucka, like silk.

"What you waitin' on nigga?"

I'm like, "Bo. Why you buggin' man? You know I ain't wit that shit."

"I don't give a fuck if you wit it or not," he hollered holdin' his dick, "do I gotta go get ma gat, or what?" I just stood there checkin' this psycho ass nigga out. He was dead mothafuckin' serious. I believed the nigga was really gonna shoot me, so I got on ma knees and started suckin' his dick. I still remember smellin' cologne mixed with musty sweat, when ma lips started movin' up and down his shit. That dick tasted good yo and it started swellin' up in ma mouth. Then in the background, off in the distance, I thought I heard the sound of a basketball bouncin'. I tried to get up but Bomani was like, "Don't stop nigga!" Holdin' ma head down on his dick.

The ball got closer but I kept suckin' his dick. I'm like, if he don't give a fuck, I don't give a fuck. The ball was bouncin' right there, and I was still deep throatin' Bomani's shit. Comin' up, lickin' the head and goin' all the way back down and shit like that. Bo's ass was moanin' by then. The ball had stopped bouncin' and I was steady suckin' Bomani's big copper-toned dick. That shit was 'bout eleven inches by then and I was gaggin' a little when I went down on the mothafucka. When I started lickin' on his balls, I saw this kid from the corner of ma eye, standin' a few feet away from us. The nigga was standin' there holdin' a basketball on his hip, and a big charcoal black ass dick in his hand. It was ma nigga Black, but I ain't know who the fuck he was then. I looked up at Bomani and he just said, "Don't stop nigga." I'm like fuck this, and forced myself up off Bomani's dick and stood up. Not only was Black standin' there holdin' the ball and his dick, but there was another big ass nigga standin' there watchin' too. Ma boy Red, who I ainít know either at the time, but the mothafucka looked familiar; a light skinned husky kid, smilin' at me. I was mad'n a mothafucka. Bo said, "The fuck you stop for?" Dick standin' straight up, drippin'.

I'm like, "Man I ain't wit this shit!" I was tryin' to get the hell up outta there.

Red said, "We straight man." That's when it dawned on me that these was Bomani's boys and they wasn't gonna let me leave. I fantasized 'bout orgy type shit before, but on the middle of a basketball court? I did a three-sixty and took a good look at them niggas. They all had they dicks out and them was some fine mothafuckas, nah mean? Bomani looked the best, like one of them models in a magazine or some shit. And he had the phatest dick. When I looked in them yellowish brown eyes he got, and saw his thick ass penny brown lips, I was like; "Fuck it, I'll freak wit y'all niggas, but ain't no dick goin' up my ass." They laughed and I bent back down in front of Bomani and started suckin' his dick again.

Somebody said, "Yeah go 'head nigga, suck that dick," when I gobbled up Bomani's shit deep in ma throat. Then I felt ma mothafuckin' pants slidin' off and some hands and shit rubbin' on ma ass. But I kept suckin' Bomani's dick and I could taste his shit leakin'. I think the kid wit the ball, Black was like; "Damn! He suckin' the hell out that dick! How that shit feel Bo man?"

"This muthafucka know how to suck a dick, dog!" That's when I felt somebody's tongue lickin' on ma ass cheeks and somebody tryin' to force a finger up in ma ass. I was buggin' man. I wanted to say som'n, but at the same time there was a soft ass mothafuckin' tongue lickin' ma booty and thighs and shit. That felt good, but that finger pokin' at ma bootyhole was startin' to hurt. Just when I was gonna tell whoever it was to stop, somebody put they fuckin' mouth on ma dick and started suckin' that mothafucka. I look down and it's Black, wit ma dick all in his mouth. The nigga looked young as hell wit his hair short and nappy and that shit turned me on (I found out later that the lil nigga was twenty). The mothafucka got some good head too. I'm still slobbin' on Bomani's dick. He was pumpin' it half-way down ma throat, makin' me gag and shit. Red was rubbin' ma butt cheeks and runnin' his tongue between the crack of ma ass by then, and that shit felt good'n a mothafucka. Bomani musta been 'bout ready to nut, cause he was jabbin' in and out ma mouth, fuckin' ma face like it was some pussy. The lil dark skinned nigga came up off of ma dick, then went down underneath me and started suckin' Red's shit, while Red was still squeezin' and lickin' ma booty. Now I'm hearin' that fat yellow dick slippin' back'n forth between the nappy headed boy's pink lips, while I was swallowin' Bomani's long thick ass dick. I got hyped. I started suckin' harder and harder. Bo said som'n like, "Get that ass ready for me yo," to Red. And ma heart skipped a fuckin' beat. I wasn't about to take no dick. But then I felt a soft warm ass tongue lickin' ma bootyhole. I knew it was Red cause Black was standin' in front of me by then, watchin' me suck the fuck out of Bomani's dick. Ma boy had one of them pretty black pink headed dicks, shiny and perfectly cut. Rock hard and drippin'. His shirt was off and I peeped his small tight stomach and chest all beaded with sweat. The mothafucka looked good so I came up off Bomani's shit and put that black dick in ma mouth, suckin' on it like a fuckin' lollipop.

Black was like, "Damn! You wasn't bullshitin' Bo, this nigga can suck a dick!" I went back to suckin' Bomani's shit, then back to the lil black dude's again. Both them mothafuckas took turns shovin' they big ass dicks down ma throat, back'n forth. Red's tongue had me goin' too; fuckin' ma asshole soft, all wet'n warm. He started flickin' it in and out, and grabbed ma ass cheeks and spreaded them apart. I ain't never felt no shit like that before. The shit felt so damn good ma nigga; I started pushin' ma ass back at his face and his tongue started goin' deep up in ma booty. He was all up in ma ass with his tongue yo. Lickin' the edges and makin' ma butthole pucker, while he sucked on it.

Bomani asked if ma ass was ready yet and Red told 'em it was. Then Bomani took his dick out ma mouth, slipped on a rubber and stepped behind me. Just as soon as Bomani had pulled out of ma mouth, Black stuck his dick back in it. So I was suckin' his dick when I felt Bomani's finger creepin' into ma ass. It was too tight. By then Red had slipped around and was jackin' his yellow dick in ma face, lettin' me know that he wanted his shit sucked too. So I did. Bomani started tryin' to stick his big thick ass dick up in ma butt and that shit was hurtin' like hell.

I'm like, "Naw, stop man stop!" Tryin' to pull away from 'em, "I can't take that shit yo!" That's when Bomani put his head between ma cheeks and started workin' ma asshole wit his long ass tongue and juicy lips. He lunged his tongue in and out of ma shit and held ma booty wide open wit his hands.

"Get the rush, dog." Was what I heard when he came up for air. Black went into his pocket and pulled out a small brown bottle, while Bomani started to force his shit up ma ass again. I had seen that same lookin' bottle before at a party once wit some white boys. They passed it around and we all got off on that shit.

Black said, "Sniff this," then opened the bottle of locker room and placed it at ma nose. I was so caught up in the moment that I just did what he said. I took two long sniffs like we did at that party, and in three or four seconds all the pain from Bomani shovin' his dick up ma ass was gone.

I was fiendin' for the dick then, and tootin' ma booty back at 'em so he could get in. I couldn't believe what I was doin'. I started gobblin' Black's dick again and Bomani was slowly inchin' his way into ma tight ass booty. I can't even describe how good that shit felt. That long thick ass mothafuckin' dick stretchin' the walls of ma ass and young ass Black pumpin' his big black dick down ma throat. I switched back to the red nigga and was suckin' his fat yellow dick, while Bomani's shit was burrowin' deeper up in me.

"Yeah fuck that pussy Bo!" That's what Black said while I was I moanin' in ecstasy and shit.

Then Red screamed, "Oh shit! I'm 'bout to nut!" Wit ma lips wrapped around his rock hard dick. I felt the nigga's warm spurts of cum shoot into ma mouth and let that tangy tastin' shit ooze down ma throat, at the same time Bomani's phat dick was all the way up in ma booty. I kept suckin' on Red's dick, and Black was urgin' me to, "Swallow all that shit nigga!" Bomani was slow fuckin' me and that shit felt good'n a mothafucka! His dick was easin' in and out of ma ass and each time he pushed back in, his long brown dick would hit the bottom of ma shit. I was lovin' it yo.

I think I whispered some shit like, "Mmm fuck me Bo," between the time Red took his dick out ma mouth and Black shoved his pretty pink headed dick back in it. Red was still jackin' his half-hard dick and he went behind Black and started eatin' his ass. That made the lil young mothafucka push deeper down ma throat. Bomani was steady poundin' ma booty harder and harder. I could hear his dick smackin' in and out ma ass. And I heard Black moanin' too.

He was like, "Ohhh eat ma ass nigga! Eat that shit!" And pluggin' ma throat wit at least nine and half inches while Bomani had 'ery bit of eleven tearin' ma booty up. I heard Bomani gruntin'. That ass was gettin' good to 'em and he was grabbin' ma hips and shit, bringin' ma butt back to meet his dick 'erytime it went in. The light skinned nigga stood up behind Black and started goin' up in 'em with his fat yellow dick that was hard again.

Black hollered, "Aww!" Then put that bottle of rush to his nose and sniffed it. He put it to ma nose and I sniffed some too. We all eased our way down to the ground, and me and Black got into a sixty-nine, while Red fucked him and Bomani fucked me.

That shit felt so good man, ma dick get hard 'erytime I think about it!

I was bobbin' up and down on the black nigga's dick, and I could see Red's fat yellow dick slippin' in and out his tight lil black ass. Black's tongue was ticklin' ma dick and Bomani's was plungin' deep in ma shit, glidin' all the way in and all the way out.

Ma ass was burnin' dog, and Bomani was tryin' to punish that mothafucka, slammin' his brick hard dick up ma booty. I closed ma eyes and got lost in sounds of those dicks floppin' in and out of me and Black's asses and our dicks smackin' in and out each others' mouths. I couldn't smell nut'n but dick and booty. Red was goin' way deep into Black's ass too. I watched it goin' in and out, all wet and shinny. At the same time, I felt charcoal boy suckin' the hell out ma dick. Red leaned up to see all that shit. He saw me and Black suckin' each others' dicks and Bomani grudge fuckin' me in the ass, while he was slingin' his dick all up in Black.

Red said, "Damn! I'm 'bout to cum again!" Then he took his dick out of that juicy black booty and busted another nut dead in ma face. I heard Black moan, "Mmm," and then I felt a thick load of cum shoot off into ma mouth. Bo was rammin' his shit in me and gruntin' like a fuckin' animal. The red nigga's nut was drippin' off my face and Black's was drippin' from ma mouth. Bomani was poundin' and poundin' ma booty and Black was still suckin' ma dick. He was suckin' ma shit hard too yo, tryin' to make me nut. He started jackin' ma dick wit his hand and mouth. That shit felt good'n a mothafucka cause he was in time wit Bo's dick pumpin' hard and fast in and out of ma ass. I was throwin' ma booty back at 'em too and he was tearin' that shit up. Bomani hollered, "Here it come! I'm 'bout to nut yo!" Then he pulled his dick out and snatched off the condom. I felt his hot creamy nut skeet out on ma butt cheeks, while he slapped them mothafuckas wit his long thick ass brown dick. I blasted ma nut off into Black's mouth soon as Bo nutted. Then I turned around to catch the last shits drippin' from Bomani's shiny gold dick. I licked all up and down and around that mothafucka until I heard somebody say, "Yo let's bounce." When I went to put ma pants and shit back on, ma ass was throbbin' dog. I could barely move. Bomani was dribblin' the ball again and checkin' me out, takin' the rock back'n forth between his legs. Black stripped the ball from 'em and ran up the court for a lay-up, while Red tried to catch 'em.

Bo looked me in the eyes like I was a bitch or som'n again and said, "We straight on that shit ma nigga, aight?" And held out his fist to give me a pound. When I pounded 'em he told me to walk to the Navigator wit 'em. We stepped to his ride and heard the clang of the basketball bouncin' hard off the rim down court.

Black was screamin', "Ugh nigga! Don't bring nat bullshit up in here!" I looked back and Black was helpin' Red up off the ground. Bo pulled out a package from his truck and gave it to me sayin', "I know that bitch fucked you up Greg. Take this shit and grind ma nigga."

I'm like, "Bomani I ain't tryin' to be all in debt and shit," handin' the dope back to 'em.

"Fuck that!" He refused the package and told me to just come see 'em that next Sunday and we'd work the shit out.


"Yeah, we be out here 'ery Sunday 'bout this same time, ballin'! If you need some more before that, let me know." He was smilin' at me again and I ain't know if he was talkin' about dick or dope. But I been down at the West End Park damn near 'ery Sunday mornin' to get da hook up from Bo'n 'em, and for some strange reason I always seem to find myself on the losin' team.


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