Good Things Cum Fm5 by DONALD RICHARDSON, JR.

David Jackson was flipping through his high school yearbook. He had just finished cleaning his room when he ran across it. Anytime that he ran across his yearbook he felt compelled to thumb through it, so that's what he did. It had been only three years since he graduated, but it seemed like a long time ago, in a place far far away. He kept flipping and reminiscing. He passed this kid named Taurus Harris and felt a tinge of anger. No, it wasn't anger. It was probably jealousy, because Taurus ended up with Mesha Clark, the girl David dreamed of marrying. He never even spoke to her mind you, but he dreamed of marrying her, nonetheless. David was an attractive brother by anyone's standards. He was very light skinned with green eyes, short curly hair and a pretty decent body. He didn't like his full lips, but they were one of the things that made him almost irresistible. He never imagined it, but he could have probably had any girl in school that he wanted. Naw, jealousy wasn't it either. He took another good look at Taurus and realized exactly what it was that he was feeling. Lust. Lust because Taurus was fine as hell. Light brown skinned with braids and sexy ass light brown eyes. He knew that nigga was way too fine to mess around, but it was always fun imagining shit like that. Way too fine to mess around? Every time David thought that thought, he reminded himself about Darius Reid. Darius was the finest motherfucker at Booker T. as far as David was concerned and he definitely messed around. David didnít need any of the rumors that he had heard about Darius back in the day either; he had two very reliable sources. His own eyes.

Just the thought of the nigga made David rush to one of his pictures in the book. He had every one of the pages that Darius Reid appeared on memorized, including the headshot that he had just turned to. Damn the nigga was fine! David studied the dark skinned chocolate charcoal brother with soft pink lips; a close cut bald fade and a mischievous pearly white smile. Darius seemed to be looking back at David and his eyes sent David's mind back off into a mid-summer's night.

David remembered being on the ground doing his warm up stretches along the far side of the bleachers one night at Booker T. High's football field. He was just about to run his normal three miles around the track. His legs were spread apart in front of him and his upper body was out-stretched with a hand on each leg. As he stretched over to his left leg, he noticed the silhouettes of two people walking on the field. He could tell that it was two dudes, but didn't really pay them much attention. He kept watching them from the corner of his eye while he stretched, out of curiosity. As they got closer, David noticed a familiar bounce that made his heart skip a beat. There was only one nigga that he knew that walked like that, fine ass motherfucking Darius Reid.

Darius was the type of dude that stood out in the crowd. Bouncy and hyper. Always talking shit and cracking jokes, but never obnoxious or out of line. He was fun to be around. David often found himself in the shadows of Darius Reid checking him out. He watched him play on the basketball team, he watched him on the bus, at the park and around the way. David was just starting to discover strange feelings that he had for boys and Darius was the coolest and the cutest boy he knew.

The two dudes stopped on the over side of the bleachers and David saw Darius pull out what looked like a cigar and hand it to the other dude, who David couldn't get a good look at. The kid lit it, and David immediately knew that it was not tobacco they were smoking. David forgot all about stretching or running, he was so enthralled with Darius Reid that he just sat there and watched.

"That's dat fire!" Dude coughed as he passed the weed to Darius. As soon as David heard the other dude's voice, he knew exactly who it was. Punk ass Keon White. He couldn't stand that motherfucker. Mainly because he played too much and was always calling somebody a faggot or a sissy or some shit like that. He even tried to bully David one time, but he found out that David was not a punk. All he had to do was ask and he might have avoided being on the ground holding his nuts.

David watched Darius pull on the blunt or whatever and noticed him grab his dick. It wasn't a big thing, niggas did that shit on the time. But what he heard next shocked the shit out of him.

"Suck ma dick."

David wasn't sure he heard what he heard at first, but knew he wasn't seeing shit when he saw Darius pull out his dick and start playing with it. David got a good look at that dick too. It was long and midnight black, with a pink head that matched Darius' lips. Darius kept smoking on the L while Keon got right on his knees and started sucking his dick, just as he was told. David was bugging. He couldn't believe what he was seeing. Both them niggas were way too fine to be messing around. David's shit started to get hard as he watched Keon with his cornrolls and caramel brown skin swallowing Darius' dick deep down his throat. As David rolled over and silently inched closer to the bleachers, he could hear the slurping sounds of Keon working Darius' thick black nine-inched dick. "Yeah nigga! Suck that dick!" Darius coaxed. David was fucked up. He had only imagined what it would be like to mess around with a dude, and thought that only ugly desperate niggas would even do some shit like that. He was dead wrong because Keon was bobbing up and down on Darius' pretty deep chocolate stick and Darius had his hand on back of the nigga's head, guiding it. David could see everything. He even saw Keon's saliva running off of Darius' balls as that dick slammed into his mouth. "Mmmmm shit," Darius moaned, "suck that muthafucka!" David watched Keon come all the way up and lick the pink head of that black shiny wet dick, then go all the way back down on it to where his nose was buried in Darius' pubic hairs. Darius was loving that shit. "Don't stop nigga!" He pleaded. David didn't know what to do. He wanted to join in, but was way too scared to even think about no shit like that. He just hoped that they would keep going. Then he heard Darius say, "You want me to fuck you? You want me to stick this dick up yo ass? Huh? You want this dick in yo ass nigga?" All Keon could do was nod his head and grunt with that gorgeous black dick sliding in and out his mouth. David saw Darius bend over a little bit and slide his hand under Keon's boxers, revealing some of a pretty little caramel brown booty, while Keon continued to suck his dick. David's shit was rock hard and dripping by then. It looked like Darius was playing with Keon's booty and it seemed like Keon's booty was inching for Darius' fingers. Then Keon started rolling his ass around and Darius' hand went deeper into his boxers. Keon came up off the dick and licked Darius' nuts while his ass kept rolling on Darius' hand. Darius' dick was standing straight up and David began to get mesmerized by the sheer beauty of it. He wished that he could just jump up and start gobbling that motherfucker right then and there. But all he could do was keep watching.

"Mmmmmm," Keon moaned, "I want that dick nigga."

"Here it is bitch, come get it." Demanded Darius and in an instant Keon had turned around, pulled his jeans down and was backing that ass up on Darius' dick. David had a perfect eye's view of Darius' long black dick slowly creeping into that golden brown booty.

"Oh shit!" Hollered Keon as he tried to pull away.

"Don't run nigga. Take this dick!" Darius told him while holding on to his waist. David watched his dick slide up in Keon a little more, then inch back out a little and stop. After a few seconds, he slid up in some more, then back out again. This time Keon pushed his booty back on that dick and let it slide all the way up in him. Darius started pumping in and out that motherfucker and David was tripping.

"Yeah fuck me nigga! Fuck that ass!" Keon screamed and David couldn't believe he was hearing the nigga say that shit. The same nigga that was quick to call a motherfucker a punk or bitch or faggot. Darius was slinging his dick up in that shit and David could see it, hear it and smell it. Keon was getting his ass tore the fuck up.

"Mmm shit, take that dick boy." Grunted Darius, pumping harder and harder. He was long-dicking Keon and hitting the bottom of that ass with every stroke. David had his dick out by then and was jacking his shit. Watching Darius get all up in that ass, had his high yellow dick stiff as a rock. David could have sworn that Darius looked into his eyes just as he busted a nut all over his clothes and shit.

"What the fuck!" Darius shouted as he jumped back, pulling out of Keon's booty. "Muthafucka over there watching us, dawg!"

As soon as he heard that, David jumped the fuck up and took off running. He didnít look back. That motherfucker was scared to death. He always assumed that them niggas didn't know who he was because neither one of them said shit to him, but from that day forward Darius Reid was always on his mind. He would lay up nights wishing and dreaming that he could get with that nigga. But anytime their eyes ever came close to meeting; David would run just like he did that night.

David snapped back from la-la land and realized what the fuck he was supposed to be doing. He still had his dad's Mustang and he had a lot of shit to do before Pops came screaming for it back. The first thing he needed to do was get some weed, so he tossed the yearbook and bounced.

He was at the weed spot in about ten minutes. He jumped out of the ride, then went into his wallet and pulled out a dove. A few seconds after he dipped into the alley to the spot, he saw three dudes come right behind him. He was shitting bricks. How could he be so fucking stupid? He just got out of the car flashing his money and shit. Now three niggas were on his ass in the middle of a dark ass fucking alley. He couldn't do shit but keep on walking. He thought about those Kung-fu lessons that his brother had taken and wondered if they would be of any use in this situation. Rap music could be heard blaring from inside when he got all the way to the rear of the building, and banged on an old beat up door.

The three niggas walked right up on him.

"Who's der?" A voice boomed from inside.

"David." David said, somewhat relieved.

"And Greg man," added one of the dudes.

A cat named Rayford with dreads opened the door and they all entered a dimly lit hallway. David handed his bill to him.

"You still got the same shit, right?" He asked.

"Course mon," Rayford assured.

"Lemme get three Dread." Greg said, pulling out a wad of bills and peeling off thirty dollars.

Rayford took the money then asked, "Whad ju ned?" Looking at the other two dudes.

"They wit me," said Greg, "these ma niggas Red and Black. This Rayford yo."

"Irie!" Greeted Rayford. He pounded them and instructed them to, "Wait 'ere," then slipped back into his apartment.

David suddenly realized that the kid named Black looked a lot like that nigga Darius Reid he was just dreaming about less than fifteen minutes ago. The only difference was his hair was nappy as hell and he had a mouth full of gold. He remembered how bad he wanted that motherfucker back in the day, all over again just that quick. He looked at him again. Hell yeah it was him. David had to say something. He knew the nigga used to play ball at Booker T. Washington, so he said to him, "Yo, you went to Washington?"

"Yeah w'sup?"

"I went there too," added David, "you used to hang wit Steve Marshall and Monkey'n nem."

"Yeah, yeah." Responded Darius; "We ran for the varsity squad. Went all the way to the state finals."

"True dat." Confirmed David.

"I told y'all niggas," Darius screamed, "I was the shit at Booker T."

"You ain't go but one year, nigga!" Shot Red.

"You crazy muthafucka, I graduated summa cum laude!"

"You can't even spell that shit nigga!" Greg told Darius.

"Spell this!" Darius interjected, grabbing his dick as Rayford came out with the weed and hit them off. "Yo, these some fat ass dimes," Darius observed when he took one from Greg, "is it straight?"

"It's dat fire yo." Proclaimed David, opening his sack and savoring the aroma.

"We out Dread," Greg said. As they were leaving, David refelt that overwhelming yearning that he fought hard to suppress ever since that night at the track. David was behind them and he couldn't keep his eyes off of Darius, as they walked back through the alley. Watching the boy bounce along flung David back into lustful memories of laying under the bleachers watching the nigga fuck Keon White, and rekindled all of his fantasies of getting some of that dick himself. He had to say something else. "You still ballin' dog?"

"Ery chance I get," said Darius.

They were at the dude Greg's truck and David pounded them as he stepped off. "Later yo." He said, continuing to his pops' ride. Just as he was about to get in, he looked back and caught contact with Darius' eyes.

They said, "Hell yeah, I'm wit it." And David wanted to run again.

Darius got into the Blazer and David was still looking at him, so he licked his lips just to fuck with him.

"That muthafucka was sweatin' hard yo," said Darius.

"The green-eyed boy?" Asked Greg.

"Yeah! Y'all ain't catch it?"

"You buggin' Black," said Red.

"Buggin' hell. That nigga used to sweat me 'eryday in school. All up in ma grill at the games and shit. Watch this," Darius continued, "pull up next to 'em Greg."

"Don't fuck wit that nigga man." Greg said, before he put the truck in gear and rolled up next to David. Darius was in the passenger seat peering down at David through his driver's side window. David's heart skipped a beat. Then it damn near stopped when Darius got out of the Blazer and walked over to the passenger door of the 5.0 and got in.

"W'sup?" Said Darius, flashing his gold fronts with a smile.

"Just chillin' yo," David mumbled, barely able to get the words out. What was the nigga trying to do?

Greg and Red pulled off in the truck.

"Ya boys leavin'?" Asked David.

"I'll get up wit'em," answered Darius as he tossed a sack of weed to David and said, "twist up a L dog." He watched David fumble through his glove compartment searching for a box of blunts.

"You nervous?" Darius asked.

"Naw, I'm straight."

"Oh you straight now?"

"What you mean?" David asked, as he pulled a blunt out the box and unwrapped it, shaking. Then Darius grabbed his dick and looked him dead in the eye; "You know what I mean." David tried to keep his composure when he split the cigar down the middle, but his hands trembled.

"You gonna roll that shit right here?" Darius asked.

"Yeah it's cool," answered David as he opened the bag of trees and started sifting it into the blunt.

"You sure you want to roll it here?" Darius shot back at him, with his dick standing straight up through his Phat Farm jeans' zipper slot.

David spilled the weed in his lap.

"Damn son. Why you buggin'? Here lemme roll that shit while you drive." David gave Darius the blunt paper and picked the buds of indo out of his lap, handing them to him. Darius' dick was still sticking out of his pants. He rolled the L while David stared at his long black dick with that pretty pink head. "I don't think we want all these niggas to see this yo," Darius said, snapping David out of it. David quickly started the car and pulled off.

"Where we goin'?" David asked.

"Go to the Park?"

"Which Park? Mosely?"

"Naw West End."

David made a U-turn and zipped back up MLK to Ashby Street, showing off the power of the mustang. "This yo ride?" Asked Darius as he sealed the blunt with his pink tongue and lips, his dick only drooping through his zipper hole by then.

"This my Dad's car, he let me drive it every time he fall asleep drunk and leave the keys on the table." Darius chuckled a little and began drying the blunt with his lighter. David kept cutting his eyes over at Darius' dick hanging out off his pants. He couldn't believe what was happening. His whole senior year he had dreamed about having Darius Reid, and here he was sitting in the car with his shit dangling out his pants. David turned down the first side street he came to and parked the car. He couldn't wait. When he bent over and took Darius' dick in his mouth, the scent of his body filled David's nostrils and the delicious taste of must sparked his tongue to dance along the length of the nigga's penis. As David's suction eased up and down the thick black dick, it began to grow in his mouth and that soft wet warm feeling sent chills through Darius' spine.

"Damn nigga! Suck that dick!" Darius exclaimed, as he lit the blunt. His nine and a half inches were fully erect. He watched David sucking his dick and gently caressed his short curly hair, as he pushed David's head down on his shit, encouraging him to take more in his mouth.

Then a car turned on the block and its headlights flooded the street with light. David scooted back over to his seat and Darius covered his dick with his hoody. The vehicle rolled by and Darius passed the L to David.

"We need to find a safer spot yo." David said as he exhaled the ism. He glanced over and Darius had his shit in his hand massaging it up and down. "You just don't give a fuck do you?" David asked before he bent over and went back to work on Darius' dick. He went all the way down on that motherfucker, until he felt the boy's pubic hairs tickling his nose. When he eased back up he slurped the pre-cum juices from the head and came off the dick to take another hit off the blunt.

"You get fucked?" Darius asked, already knowing the answer.

"Yeah," answered David, feeling a tingle in his ass as he passed the blunt back to Darius.

"Go on over to West End Park. I know a good spot down there." Requested Darius, working with the blunt to keep it burning evenly. David put the car in gear and peeled off. When David got to the park, he crept along on the backside as Darius instructed him to. He struggled to see, since he had already killed the headlights.

"This cool right here." Advised Darius and David pulled over. He shifted the mustang to park then cut the engine off. Darius leaned over and tenderly caressed the back of David's neck. He pulled him closer, meeting his lips with a deep passionate kiss. As their tongues swirled together, David became lost in an erotic zone.

Darius' tongue slid down to David's neck and the yellow kid's body shivered. His mind raced as he was being freaked by the nigga he had dreamed about on countless nights. Slipping off his jacket, shirt and T-shirt, David let Darius find his pointed nipples and Darius' tongue and lips circled each one while his hands undid David's pants. He cruised down past the yellow boy's stomach and found his stiff yellow penis. First Darius teased it by licking the head, then he took it in his mouth and sucked.

"Mmmm," moaned David in total disbelief. It had to be a fucking dream. Darius slid David's jeans down past his knees while swallowing the length of the kid's throbbing eight inched dick and his hand traveled between David's butt cheeks in search for his hole. Darius began to softly finger fuck him while sucking the light skinned nigga's dick. David knew he couldn't take much more before he'd bust a nut.

"Let's get in the back," David suggested as he came out of his jeans and boxers, climbing over the seat buttnaked. Darius got a good look at that pretty high-yellow ass. Firm and round. Darius pulled off his shit, joining David in the rear of the 5.0 and David's booty was tooted in the air dead in his face. Darius grabbed the green-eyed boy's ass cheeks and pulled them apart, licking up and down the crack. Then his tongue settled at David's hole and began probing inside. David was trembling and pushing that booty all up in Darius' mouth. Darius started pulsating his tongue around the inner openings of David's hole and David went ballistic.

"Ohhh shit!" He shouted as Darius used his gold teeth to nibble at the yellow kid's puckering dookey chute, occasionally sticking his tongue in as deep as it would go. "Fuck me Darius. Put that shit up in me." David begged, rolling his booty in anticipation. As he pumped his tongue in and out of David's ass, Darius slipped out a rubber, ripped open the package and eased the condom down his rock hard dick without missing a beat.

With the prophylactic in place, Darius retrieved a little tube of KY-jelly out of his pants pocket on the floor of the backseat and raised up. Pulling David's cheeks as far apart as he could, Darius applied the lubricate to his dick and David's ass, and then began to lightly jab his penis at David's bootyhole. He stuck the head in just far enough to open it up a little, without causing any pain. Then he stopped and watched David's booty squirm back at his dick. He jabbed some more, went in only slightly further, then stopped again. He had David fiending for the dick, but Darius was fiending for that ass too. He pulled one cheek to the side and slowly eased his dick up in that juicy yellow booty. He got in a few inches, then pulled all the way back out. Again he slid in a few more inches and pulled back out. This time he stopped and watched David's hole puckering for his dick. Then Darius shoved his shit all the way up in that booty and yanked it right back out before any pain could set in. He jabbed gingerly at David's hole again, then quickly slipped about half way in and slid all the way out a few times before stopping. He took another good look at David's bootyhole. Wet, shining and pulsating; it was begging for Darius' big black dick. Darius gave it to him, shoving his shit all the way up in there, and then digging in a few more inches. He paused and David pushed back for more. Darius stayed deep, pumping a few times, then pulled all the way back out. He teased the yellow boy; jabbing at that asshole a little more, before plowing in deep and pulling out again. He slipped just a little of his head in and pulled back. Then a little more than the head, in and out real quick. Back up in that ass deep, then out again. David was insane with anticipation, fiending like a crack head for that big black charcoal dick to fill his ass up. Finally Darius stopped teasing him and gave David all the dick he wanted. He started throwing that shit up in David's ass, hitting the bottom of that motherfucker, pumping deep then pushing even deeper. He was pulling his dick almost all the way out with just the tip of his dick head still up in him and plunging back in as far as he could go; in and out-in and out-in and out.

"Ohhh Shit! Fuck me Darius!" David exclaimed in ecstasy.

"You like that?" Asked Darius as he plowed deep in that ass. David couldn't say shit else, he was too busy trying to meet Darius' big black dick at every thrust. Darius found David's stiff yellow penis and started jacking it, while he fucked the shit out of that firm round juicy yellow booty. The smell of ass filled the mustang's interior and David's head was pinned against the rear passenger door, while Darius was slamming his dick up in him. All the windows were fogged up and both them niggas were drenched in sweat.

"Uh, uh, uh. Mmmm. Ah, ah, ah..." Was all David could get out of his mouth.

"Damn, this some good ass nigga," was Darius' response. The 5.0 was rocking and Darius' long dick was tapping the very bottom of David's shit, slipping and sliding all around in that motherfucker.

"Oh Darius, I'm 'bout to cum!"

"Yeah nigga get that nut!" Darius said as he tightened his grip on David's dick and pumped harder.

"Aww!" David hollered. He shot semen all over the backseat of his father's sports car, and Darius kept fucking him until his shit exploded way up in the young nigga's ass.

"Yeah, nigga yeah!" Darius shouted when his juices ejaculated into the condom buried in David's booty. His thrusts weakened and he collapsed on top of David, kissing the back of his neck and ears and shit. Finally, he eased out if David, holding the rubber on his dick so that none of his nut leaked out. Darius peeled off the condom, rolled down the window and tossed it. Then he turned David around and laid on top of him, kissing him long and deep. Visions of days in the Booker T. Washington High School gym, watching Darius Reid run up and down the court in front of hundreds of screaming fans, flooded David's mind. Nothing he imagined back then came even close to the shit he was feeling as he tilted his head back, and let Darius imprint a phat passion mark. Eventually, they stepped out of the ride to get their shit together. When he was straight, David leaned with his back on the mustang while Darius stepped right in front of him and wrapped his arms around the kid's waist. Darius pressed up on him and kissed him one more time. David was still in shock, and purring like a kitten inside, amidst the warmth of Darius' body.

"I been wantin' to get wit you a long time dawg," Darius said as he looked into David's lime green eyes. "I knew you was sweatin' me at Booker T, but I couldn't never get up wit you."

David wondered if he knew that he was the one that busted him fucking Keon that night at the track. It felt good to know that the nigga wanted him the whole time too, and he really didn't know what the fuck to say. "So now that you done got wit me, what?" David asked, beaming directly into Darius' eyes and for the first time, not feeling a need to run.

Darius chuckled, "What?" And they stood silently probing each other, because neither one of them niggas knew what to say. David savored the moment.

Good things cum to those who wait.


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