Kissin' Cousins by DONALD RICHARDSON, JR.

Yo, the shit first happened when we was peewees. I had both ma legs and shit then. I was young as hell, and didn't know what the fuck I was doin'. Tupac and Biggie had just started beefin'. Snoop's first joint was blowin' up, and I was up in Buffalo from Atlanta for the summer. I did it 'ery year since I could remember. Visitin' ma Aunt Lucy and ma cousin, Miguel.

Now ma cousin Miguel was always a little taller, and 'bout two three shades darker than me. Kinda like a caramel mahogany brown complexion, nah mean. Half black, half Puerto Rican. Pretty muthafucka. He had me by 'bout a year and kept his shit in cornrolls. Back then ma hair was short wit tight ass waves, know what Iím sayin'!

Yo, one day we went swimmin' at this public pool near the projects up there, and we was fuckin' wit these lil girls and shit. Then Miguel started rankin' on me, tellin' me I ain't had no rap, that ma shit was country. So I told them niggas that I had a big ass country dick, and that's what all the bitches in New York really wanted anyway. Then Miguel was like; "You ain't got no dick nigga!" And cuz pulled down his trunks flashin' his shit. Talkin' 'bout, "This a dick muthafucka!"

Yo, I stared dog.

That muthafucka looked so big man; I couldn't help but stare at it. It was a lot darker than his skin was, with a dark reddish brown head. And long and thick as hell. I ain't never even thought 'bout gettin' down wit no nigga. But Miguel musta peeped that look on ma face that I always had when I saw some ice cream or cake or some shit that I wanted. He peeped that shit and laughed and was like, "You want some of this, don't you." Right in front of the bitches and 'erything yo. I was embarrassed as hell. I couldn't do shit but push his ass in the water. Some kinda way his trunks came off. Either they just came off or he took 'em off I don't know, but I dove in after him, cause I wanted to whup his muthafuckin' ass. We wrestlin' in the water and Miguel's shit was gettin' hard. And that made ma shit swell too. That's when I got paranoid as fuck ma nigga, cause I never felt no shit like that before. I told Miguel to put his trunks back on and to quit trippin', but he started screamin', "Fuck them muthafuckas," so I swam off and left his dumb ass in the water.

Well then we went back to playin' wit the lil girls and shit, throwin' them silly bitches in the water and what not, and neither one of us said shit about shit. Later on that night me and Miguel was gettin' ready for bed, and he started punchin' me and shit for no reason. I'm like, "Stop buggin' Miguel!" But he kept on fuckin' wit me yo. So we ended up wrestlin' again. Seemed like Miguel was tryin' to grind up on ma booty, but I couldn't say for sure until his shit got hard.

His dick was hard and ma mind was racin'.

Ma heart was poundin' like a muthafucka, I ain't know what to do. I ain't never been in that position wit no dude before, and this was ma cousin on some ole faggot shit, nah mean. But I didn't do shit, I just let Miguel reach around and grab ma dick. The muthafucka was hard just like his, anyway. I was buggin'! He rubbed on ma shit for a minute, then Miguel told me to pull ma pants down, and I did. Ma shit was rock, wit pre-cum drippin' from the head and 'erything. Ma jammy was a few inches longer than Miguel's was, and a lot thicker, and lighter brown. I always had a big ass muthafuckin' dick. So Miguel's eyes lit the fuck up. He knelt down in front of me and started lickin' the drip from around the head of ma dick. That shit felt good as hell yo. Then the nigga started suckin' that muthafucka, goin' all the way down on ma shit and suckin' it like a fuckin' tootsie pop.

Yo, the nigga had ma toes curled the fuck up, son. Word. I'm talkin' shit to his ass now, "Yeah nigga! Suck that big country dick!" That just made his ass go faster. His head was bobbin' up and down on ma shit dog, like he was listenin' to a phat ass beat or som'n. Damn! That shit felt good! But then somebody knocked on Miguel's bedroom door. When we heard the knock, we jumped up under the covers and played sleep.

The door creeps open and it's ma aunt.

She tipped over to Miguel's bed to check on us. We still had our pants and shit down underneath the covers, and I was scared to death. But she just turned out the lights and left. Soon as the door was closed, Miguel climbed on top of me and started kissin' me. That shit was brand new to me, man. I had never messed around before and damn sure ain't never kissed no boy. I definitely wasn't wit all that shit, but for some reason I said fuck it, and let Miguel's tongue slip into ma mouth. When I tasted his breath and his saliva and shit, I started tonguin' his ass down. Ma shit was back on hard and so was his. I felt it slidin', wet and drippin' juices on ma stomach, while we was rubbin' our dicks together. That was the shit! I started suckin' on his neck and the nigga went wild. He was moanin' and shit so loud that I had to stop to shut his ass up. When he calmed the fuck down for a minute, I started lickin' his neck again, and eased ma tongue down to his nipples. Them shits was hard too. I was flickin' ma tongue back and forth across the tips of them muthafuckas. I ain't know what the fuck I was doin' for real, but I could tell by Miguel's reactions that the shit musta felt good. He was squirmin' in the bed tryin' his damnedest not to make no noise. Once I had Miguel's toes curled up, I eased ma way down to his stomach, and licked around his belly button and shit. The head of his dick was wettin' ma chin. He started beggin' me to suck his dick and I was like; "I ain't suckin' no dick nigga!"

Then he said some shit 'bout us doin' a sixty-nine.

I'm like, "What? Nigga is you crazy?" I was dead ass and he was gettin' mad as hell. But som'n just came over me and I grabbed his dick and licked the head and shit. Then I licked ma way down, suckin' on his nut sacks and the whole nine. I tasted his leakin' juices, when I started easin' his shit in ma mouth slow as hell. That was fuckin' 'em up, and he shoved that big long muthafucka all the way down in ma throat, damn near chokin' me. He was like, "Yeah cuz, suck that dick," and pumpin' that dick all up on ma tonsils. I gobbled that shit like it was a muthafuckin' sausage or som'n, jackin' it wit ma hand and followin' ma hand wit ma mouth. He was feelin' that shit too. Yo, then Miguel moved around to get underneath me and started suckin' ma dick, while I was suckin' his. So I eased a finger between the crack of his booty, while we was slobbin' each other's shit, and found his hole. Ma finger was already wet yo, so I slipped it into his bootyhole. I started finger fuckin' 'em while we rocked a sixty-nine. That shit was off the hizzie, son! I slipped a couple more fingers up in his ass, and he was lovin' that shit. Ma dick was stabbin' his mouth, ma fingers ticklin' his ass, and ma mouth lollipopin' up and down his shit. He was lettin' out soft muffled ass moans. Ma dick was so hard it was achin', and I wanted to be all up in Miguel's guts. So I eased up off his dick and asked, "Can I stick it in?"

"Only if you let me fuck you first." I knew the nigga was crazy for real then. I was not tryin' to feel nobody's dick rippin' ma ass open. I told 'em, "Hell naw," and he got up and got a jar of vaseline and came back over to me talkin' 'bout;

"I got to show you how to do it, cause you don't know how to fuck, Ant!"

"You crazy as hell. I don't need no lessons nigga, I get plenty pussy!" I shot back, "C'mere, lemme show yo ass som'n, cousin." I turned 'em around to get a good look at that pretty ass brown booty, and that muthafucka looked scrumptious yo! I kissed his butt cheeks, then spreaded them shits and stuck my tongue right at the thirsty openin' of his ass. That musty booty tasted delicious, when I started eatin' his ass out. Damn! Ma dick is hard right now just thinkin' 'bout that shit!

Anyway, I tasted his bootyhole and flickered ma tongue in and out of it. Miguel was goin' crazy and shit, rollin' his ass back at me. Ma dick was rock hard dude. I ate the fuck out his ass, pushin' ma tongue as far up in that muthafucka as it could go. I was slidin' ma hand into the jar of grease at the same time, right? Then I took a big glob of that shit and put it on ma dick, greasin' it up real good. I opened Miguel's ass wide, with a hand on each cheek and ma face buried deep in the middle yo. He was like; "Oh shit!" Muthafucka could barely even talk, he was feelin' it. Then I rose up behind 'em, still holdin' his cheeks apart, and started to ease ma shit up in his booty. That ass was tight as hell, nigga! But I kept pushin' until I got ma head up inside that muthafucka. Miguel went ballistic and shit yo, screamin'; "Aww!"

I'm like, "Shhhh!" I was scared ma aunt might come back and bust us, before I even got a chance to get up in 'em, nah mean!

Yo, I wrapped ma arms around 'em so he couldn't go nowhere, right? And just waited. Ma head was still in there, and I had a death lock on his hips. I chilled 'bout half a minute before I started pushin' again. This time I put a hand over Miguel's mouth. Ma greasy dick squeezed up into his tight ass, inch by inch. When I looked down, half ma shit was up his booty. That pretty brown ass was grippin' ma shit tight, and felt good'n a muthafucka!

Yo dog, check it out. I eased back two three inches, then pushed in four five more, nice and slow. His booty had ma dick tinglin' and shit and all I could smell was ass. I got 'em all the way open eventually, and I was jammin' 'ery inch of this muthafucka in his ass. Miguel started throwin' that shit back at me, dude. He was like, "Fuck that ass cousin! Fuck me hard!" And that ass was good ma nigga! Know what I'm sayin'! I was watchin' ma shit go in and out, in and out of Miguel tight lil round ass booty. He was takin' this dick too. I could feel ma shit tappin' up against the bottom of his guts, and I started goin' faster and faster, poundin' that booty hard yo. Miguel got some vaseline and was jackin' his dick while I fucked 'em. I was trippin' on the sound of his hands slippin' and slidin' up and down his dick and me slippin' and slidin' in and out his ass. Miguel's moans and shit turned into grunts once I started plungin' deeper and deeper up in that muthafucka. I watched ma dick pull out of 'em, lookin' all slippery and shiny and rock hard, then disappearin' back up in 'em, to where I only saw ma pubic hairs. Man that shit looked good, and felt even better. His ass was so tight, it was like he had hands up in that muthafucka, squeezin' ma dick. That tinglin' feelin' started to build up in ma nut sacks and started travelin' all the way up and through ma dick to the head of that muthafucka.

Word is bond son. That shit made me pump even harder. Miguel started talkin' some ole Puerto Rican shit, and I lost it. Ma dick just started blastin' out nut, while I was pumpin' deep in that booty. I was like, "Damn! I'm cumin' kid!" Almost shoutin'! Man, that tinglin' shit ran all through ma body yo. I can't even explain how good that shit felt, dog. Ma first nut. I had stopped, but Miguel kept pushin' that booty up on ma dick while it was still hard, and he was jackin' his shit. I had to put ma hand back over his mouth to keep all that moanin' and groanin' and shit from bein' too loud. Yo, when he came, his shit spurted 'bout four five feet in the air. No bullshit. I watched that shit shoot out the head of his dick. Pretty brown muthafucka, gushin' thick creamy ass nut. I saw that shit and pulled ma dick out of 'em so I could move around and catch some of that cum in ma mouth. I had to taste it yo! I swallowed some of that shit too. The first nut I ever tasted, and I ain't gonna lie, I liked that warm tangy shit on ma lips, son. Nah mean!?

So, check it out. Miguel bent down and started kissin' me again. And we kissed for a long ass time. Me and that nigga got madd tight after that shit and I been fuckin' around ever since. I hit that booty 'ery chance I got yo. Whenever I went up to New York or he came down here, the minute we got alone Miguel would press up on me and tongue me down. And I loved that shit too.

Miguel turned into a wild ass thug nigga. In and out of jail and shit. One year the criminal minded muthafucka did manage to stay out long enough to make our family reunion. That was 'bout five or six years after I lost ma leg, and ended up being the last time I saw his ass. I tried to save up enough money to get a room for ma moms and them, and then one for me by myself, but I was fuckin' wit this sexy ass high maintenance bitch named Tasha who had me spendin' way more money than I wanted to. She was supposed to come wit me, but I picked a fight wit her ass and ended up leavin' her in Atlanta. It's a good thing that I did too, cause Miguel was on some wild ass freak shit and as fine as Tasha was, ole girl would've got her feelings hurt if I would've had to choose between her or ma cousin.

I guess Miguel was one of them big ballin' niggas up there and had a little juice in Buffalo. I seen plenty of frontin' ass niggas that say they movin' some shit and crackin' heads, but Miguel was a beast for real. He ain't give a fuck. He was back in game three days home from prison. I call 'em a crackhead even though he never smoked that shit. Anytime a muthafucka lock yo ass up for som'n and then promise yo ass twenty more years if he catch you doin' it again, and you still can't stop doin' the shit, yous a fuckin' fiend for that shit. I don't give a fuck if you slangin' or smokin', yous a got-damn drug addict. Anyway, ma cousin hadn't got caught again yet and he had some niggas up in this penthouse hotel suite he rented, parlayin'. I remember seein' 'em again for the first time after all of those years. I really ain't know what to expect. I mean, he was on some real hard-core thug shit now, and I ain't know if he let all that other shit go or what. I stepped into his suite and saw about four or five straight-up hoodlums.

Wife beaters, gold fronts, tatts and the smell of weed filled the room.

A couple of them was shirtless and all them niggas was sexy as hell. Two seconds into the room, while I was still trippin' on how much finer he got, Miguel pressed up on me and kissed me like he always did, right in front of them muthafuckas. The nigga's soft wet lips and tongue caught me off guard, and I was in a zone just that quick. We had to be lip-locked for a good thirty seconds when I heard somebody say, "That's what's up!" I came to ma senses and pushed away from the nigga. That's when I got ma first good look at Miguel all grown the fuck up. Ma cousin's smooth deep mahogany brown skin was glowin' and shit, topped off wit his thick bushy eyebrows. He had short curly hair now, faded tight on the sides and a perfectly trimmed up mustache and goatee. The nigga was a straight dime piece.

"This ma country ass cousin Ant from the ATL." Miguel told his boys wit his arm around me while I looked down at the floor, embarrassed as hell. He introduced all the dudes in the room to me, but a dark skinned Omarion lookin' nigga named Daiquan and a brown boy wit dreads named Sean was the only two niggas who's names stuck wit me. Probably because they was two of the finest muthafuckas I seen in ma life. "And don't feel sorry for this nigga either," Miguel added, "he got one leg, but he ain't crippled." I looked at 'em like he was crazy. "What you drinkin'?" He asked, smilin' and kissin' me on the forehead, before leadin' me to the wet bar hugged up under his arm.

"What you got?"

"What you want nigga!"

"I want a Incredible Hulk muthafucka!" I demanded, not expectin' to get one.

"You ain't said shit," Miguel shot back as he went behind the bar and grabbed a bottle of Henny and a bottle of Hypno. I went and sat down in front of the television, and Miguel brought ma drink to me. When I looked at the TV, I noticed they had some x-rated shit goin'. I looked closer and it was two dudes fuckin' on the screen. I checked around the room and the only one payin' it any attention to it was a cute intelligent gangsta lookin' dude rubbin' his pants. The next thing I know is Miguel huggin' ma neck from behind me and lickin' ma ear. The shit felt good, but I ain't like the fact that he was doin' it in front of all them niggas. He must've sensed it, cause he grabbed ma drink and told me to follow 'em to the bedroom.

When I sat down on the bed Miguel was like, "Ma nigga Ant! What's good wit you?"

"Shit, man. Just tryin' to maintain, nah mean." "I feel you." Miguel said, steppin' over to me and kissin' me again. This time it was long and passionate and got ma dick harder than a muthafucka. I moved ma lips down to his neck and started suckin' on it. He was moanin'. Then I slipped ma hand under his shirt and started playin' wit one of his nipples. He moved his face down to meet back up wit ma lips and kissed me again. Our tongues wrestled between our lips and ma dick was tryin' to bust out ma pants. I guess he could feel it pressin' against his legs and shit so he reached down and rubbed that muthafucka.

"Damn Ant!" The nigga hollered. "What the fuck you got down there, a muthafuckin' arm?"

"Naw that's ma other leg cousin." I told 'em, pullin' ma dick out for 'em to see.

"Oh shit!" Somebody shouted. I glanced up and the Omarion lookin' nigga, Daiquan had crept into the room and was damn near droolin', cause ma dick is bigger than a muthafucka. Miguel thought ma shit was big back in the day, but now it was thirteen inches at least, and thick as hell. Before I know it, Miguel was suckin' on that bitch while Daiquan was watchin'. The nigga had already just let me know he was wit it, so I said fuck it and let 'em watch. Miguel was gobblin' ma shit like it was the last dick on earth. It was feelin' good as hell and I was like, "Yeah nigga, suck dat dick." Miguel still had skills. He knew exactly what the fuck to do wit a dick, and he was takin' his time on that muthafucka; usin' a soft pullin' suction wit his mouth and movin' real slow up and down the trunk of ma shit. By the time he came up off ma dick, it was standin' rock hard, straight like I had a muthafuckin' baseball bat or some shit in ma hand. Miguel took another look at ma pretty brown dick and jumped right back on it, takin' that muthafucka all the way to the back of his throat. I heard a nigga whisper, "Yo, y'all got to see this shit," in the other room.

Then I hear a, "Got-damn!"

And another, "Oh shit!"

I looked up to see a gang of niggas standin' at the door wit Daiquan, jaws and shit dropped to the floor. One of them niggas was like, "Who the fuck can take a big ass muthafuckin' dick like that up they ass?"

I knew Miguel was gonna be the first to try, and I wondered how many of them other niggas would be in line. Truth be told, I was ready to fuck all them sexy muthafuckas. Miguel came around and straddled ma body, facin' me. Then he backed his booty up on ma dick, wit his pretty mahogany brown dick rock hard, dead in ma face. He tried to put the head of ma dick inside his ass, but that shit was too tight. I grabbed his nipples and started playin' wit them muthafuckas, and he tried to ease back down on ma shit again. This time I hit 'em wit a quick deep thrust as soon as the tip of ma head was right at the openin' of his bootyhole.

That nigga screamed and I couldn't do nut'n but laugh at his ass.

The nigga screamed, but he ain't come up off the dick. He stayed right there jackin' his shit, determined get all this dick up in 'em. His dick was long enough for me to bend ma head up, stick ma tongue out and lick the tip of his shit. That, and ma fingers dancin' around wit his nipples, made 'em brave enough to try'n inch down on ma dick a little more. When he eased down, I eased ma dick up and watched his face twist in pain. But Miguel didn't back up.

"Yeah nigga, take dat dick!" One of his boys shouted. I looked up again and most of them niggas was in the room now. The brown boy named Sean had his dick down some high yellow nigga's throat and that Daiquan dude was on his knees wit his face buried in another hard-core gangtas nigga's booty. That shit had a nigga trippin', nah mean. I ain't never in ma life experienced no shit like that. All them niggas was fine'n a muthafucka.

Miguel stayed still for a few seconds and continued to jack his dick. Ma shit was bone hard watchin' them other niggas freak and I decided to stop playin' wit Miguel ass. I grabbed his hips and shoved ma shit deep up in that booty.

The nigga was like, "Ahh Shit!" Hollerin' and tryin' to squirm away. "Naw Ant stop! I can't do it." He was tryin' to change his mind now, but I ain't let 'em go. I held 'em down ready to make the muthafucka take this dick. The more he squirmed the more I pushed up in 'em. "Nigga, stop!" He screamed again and I was almost 'bout to let 'em go, but then that nigga started moanin' like the dick was gettin' good to 'em and throwin' that phat ass back down at me.

"Yeah that's it nigga, take dat dick," I told 'em and pulled his face down to give 'em a kiss. The muthafucka went wild after that. You'da thought that nigga was Buffalo Bob ridin' ma shit. I was slammin' ma dick up in 'em and he was buckin' that ass back to take 'ery inch of it. Miguel booty was feelin' good as hell and ma nuts was startin' to tingle, 'bout to bust. I said, "Make that dick cum, nigga. I'm fina nut!" He heard that shit and started jackin' his dick like a maniac. He was goin' all the way up and down on ma shit and I was tryin' ma damnedest not to cum til he got his, but that shit was feelin' too muthafuckin' good. "Oh shit! I'm nut'n!" Right when I blasted off deep up in that nigga, he shot off dead in ma face and all over ma neck and chest and shit. Next thing I know, I'm hearin' these other niggas hollerin' 'bout bustin' nuts and watchin' madd semen poppin' off all over the muthafuckin' room. Miguel collapsed down on ma body and started kissin' me again. Long and passionate.

I laid back and fucked around and fell asleep in the nigga arms. I ain't wake up til the next mornin'. I thought I might've dreamed all that shit, but as soon as I opened ma eyes, I saw some nigga gettin' the shit fuck out of 'em on the floor next to the bed. Ma dick immediately jumped to attention and I saw the fear of God in that nigga's eyes. I rolled over and saw Miguel's beautiful mahogany toned perfectly groomed face resting peacefully. I kissed 'em and his lips puckered back. He opened his eyes and our lips locked again into a deep long kiss. "You like kissin' me don't you cousin?" He asked.

"Naw that's you nigga. I just be goin' along wit it cause you like that kissin' cousin shit." We busted out laughin' and then laid back kickin' it. We chilled the rest of the mornin' like none of them other niggas was even there, talkin' 'bout all the shit that was goin' on wit our lives. I was in the process of gettin' ma GED and goin' to school to be a sound engineer and that nigga was talkin' 'bout how he was gonna be a millionaire sellin' dope.

That was the last time I seen his ass and I love that nigga to death. Now I'm 'bout to go visit 'em in Attica where he servin' twenty-five to life.


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