Getting It From Every Angle by Tnaryl Hines

ATTENTION ALL BOTTOMS!!! Six fine-ass, big-dick tops have invited you into a room. Once you walk in, they turn towards you and all you see is pants falling. What do you do? That question alone is enough to start any ass to jumpin'. It's a secret fantasy to be fucked by a group of good-looking men for any bottom who knows how to have fun.

Group sex is a pleasure with a stimulation that is beyond explanation. It allows the ability to be freer with your sexual desires than you would be with just one other person. The thought of having sex with not only more than one or two people, but to be having them with four or more has a bad perception from people who value the monogamist relationship. However, we're not here to talk about those people.

Some may think that being fucked by one person and sucking on another person's dick would be a hot situation. But imagine if you had one guy fucking you, a guy's dick in both hands, two in front of you taking turns in your mouth, another sucking on your dick and nipples, and a couple more jacking their dicks on the side. That's a situation hot enough to make you melt. But this isn't a scene pulled out of a Coco Dorm movie (even though you could find the same scene in any one of them), but it's out of day-to-day activity. You got all ya boys to the house playing Playstaion 2. Spontaneously, hands start touching more than joysticks; it can lead to a level that can help you get the highest score.

It happens after a long hot day of playing basketball at the park. After watching nothing but sweaty niggas jump around with their dicks bouncing around in their sheer basketball shorts any onlooker would be excited. During the game you're rubbing up against hard shoulders and even harder asses. You notice the way they bend over in front of you as they try to block you from getting where you need to go. You can feel your dick getting harder, but you back up making sure you don't receive any more stimulation. On the other hand, you really want to continue the stimulation. As one of the brothas dribble the ball, you run up to try and steal the ball and you both look at each other eye to eye. While that is going on, you think about how much you would love him if ever got his dick up inside you.

The vibe you get from the brothas on the court has your imagination going wild. You immediately start getting ideas of what could be happening after the game. After a while, you get enough nerve to let all the brothas know that it would be cool to kick it at your house after the game. They all agree- perfect! When you and your extremely tall group of friends get to your place, they all fall out on the couch leaving you to think about your next move. You notice they are all sticky and sweaty. This makes you hornier, but you imply that it is way too hot for them to be stewing in their own juices. To fix the sticky situation, you show them the way to the shower and towels (even though you didn't want them to use towels). They are all cool with the idea of freshening up and start taking off their shirts in turn to get into the shower. You cleverly find a way to still have access to the bathroom, and you go in and out trying to get a glimpse of what you've worked so hard to see. Finally, one of them pulls open the shower curtain. He sees you and says, "You like what you see or sumthin’ nigga?” You’re speechless. He walks over to you and asks what you’d like to do. By instinct, you drop to your knees.

After a while, the other brothas are wondering what's going on. So they go to the bathroom area and catch the both of you in the act. The first thing you hear is a very deep "What the fuck?" Without hesitation, you jump up and look as if you saw a ghost. You turn around and you see four other brothas staring in amazement at what has been going on for the past 15 minutes. "So you get down like that?" is the question you’re given and it's kind of hard to deny the obvious, so you own up to it. You also have a great reference right next to you. "Niggas, don't even trip, he ain't no punk. It'd be cool to get our dicks sucked, not like he tellin' nobody,” says the one you started on in your defense. At first, the others look at each other skeptical to the idea, but after a minute they give in since the thought of busting a nut does sound good to them.

After a short trial, the action ends in the bathroom and everyone starts walking to the bedroom. There you get back to what you were doing. At the same time you watch the other boys take their clothes off. After a couple minutes, the room is filled with nothing but worked-out chests, defined abs, long legs, and some of the biggest dicks that you have ever seen. They all walk towards you with their dicks in their hands and the fun begins. You may have just begun to suck on one dick, but with the chance that is in front of you, you start sucking two at a time. You then begin to switch them around while picking and choosing your favorites of the group. Several minutes into it, you feel a presence behind you followed by a whisper, "Can a nigga get up in that ass?” a voice whispers. As you watch everybody, it makes you think that this may not be the first time that any of them have been in this type of situation. But it’s irrelevant at this point.

You get up to walk to the nightstand next to your bed to obtain the condoms and the lube. As you return, you noticed that the other five are looking at you like you're the main course and all table manners are forbidden. You feel the sexual tension throughout your body and even your ass is twitching because it knows what type of situation you've gotten it in to. One of the brothas grabs a condom and slips it on and lubes up. You’re asked, "How you want to take this dick?” You get in your most comfortable position and brace yourself. As he works his dick into your yearning hole you let out a slight sigh as you try to maintain a masculine persona. "Hell yeah! Yo shit is hella tight,” you hear from him. He keeps thrusting the tip of his big, long, and juicy dick in and out of your ass. As he's doing that two other get in front of you with rock hard dicks. You take turns between the two, enjoying the taste of dick and precum on your wet lips. While everything is getting hot and sweaty, the remaining two onlookers decide that they want to get up in your ass also. Your body is in a state of ecstasy; having all these black Adonis‘s taking turns at both ends of your body sends you into a sexual fit.

After you realize it, an hour has passed by and it's getting close to that time of release. "Damn, this shit is good" you hear from all of them. Just hearing it is turning you on even more. One is digging the shit out of your ass and you feel your dick is about to explode along with every one else. You tell them that you want all of them to shoot their nut all over you and then it starts. The first one pulls his dick out of you and bust on your stomach. It reaches all the way up to your neck. Watching him bust sets off everyone else. Two others bust at the same time onto your chest from both sides. After they release, you take the tips of their dicks and suck the remaining nut off the both of them. Sucking on them causes you to bust your load and the sensation is so good that it makes your whole body temporarily lock up and your toes curl. After that, the rest follow leaving you in a big mess. The others are stunned to find out that their teammate can take dick better than some of their girls. After everything is all said and done, you can feel good because you haven't been dicked down like that in a while. It also gives you something else to look forward too the next time you feel like shooting hoops.

This scenario can be taken of any daily situation. Not just basketball. You'd be surprised what can happen at work, walking at the park, or even just chillin' at the house with your boys. These are rare situations to some and maybe common to even fewer, so if the chance ever arises, always considered who’s involved and always be safe.

The fantasy of group sex is perfectly normal. A lot of people like to label it as nasty. Some say, engaging in such acts makes you a ho. That is far from the truth. The whole idea of being an adult is doing exactly what you feel like doing. If that includes having sex with groups of people at a time, so be it. People who really don't know you don't really want to help. They just want to control you because they've been controlled all of their lives and seeing someone who embraces their sexuality can be looked at as threatening. So, do whatever that makes your dick hard.


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