Clubbin by William Weaver Jr.

ATTENTION ALL BOTTOMS!!! Six fine-ass, big-dick tops have invited you into a room. Once you walk in, they turn towards you and all you see is pants falling. What do you do? That question alone is enough to start any ass to jumpin'. It's a secret fantasy to be fucked by a group of good-looking men for any bottom who knows how to have fun.

Group sex is a pleasure with a stimulation that is beyond explanation. It allows the ability to be freer with your sexual desires than you would be with just one other person. The thought of having sex with not only more than one or two people, but to be having them with four or more has a bad perception from people who value the monogamist relationship. However, we're not here to talk about those people.

Some may think that being fucked by one person and sucking on another person's dick would be a hot situation. But imagine if you had one guy fucking you, a guy's dick in both hands, two in front of you taking turns in your mouth, another sucking on your dick and nipples, and a couple more jacking their dicks on the side. That's a situation hot enough to make you melt. But this isn't a scene pulled out of a Coco Dorm movie (even though you could find the same scene in any one of them), but it's out of day-to-day activity. You got all ya boys to the house playing Playstaion 2. Spontaneously, hands start touching more than joysticks; it can lead to a level that can help you get the highest score.

It happens after a long hot day of playing basketball at the park. After watching nothing but sweaty niggas jump around with their dicks bouncing around in their sheer basketball shorts any onlooker would be excited. During the game you're rubbing up against hard shoulders and even harder asses. You notice the way they bend over in front of you as they try to block you from getting where you need to go. You can feel your dick getting harder, but you back up making sure you don't receive any more stimulation. On the other hand, you really want to continue the stimulation. As one of the brothas dribble the ball, you run up to try and steal the ball and you both look at each other eye to eye. While that is going on, you think about how much you would love him if ever got his dick up inside you.

The vibe you get from the brothas on the court has your imagination going wild. You immediately start getting ideas of what could be happening after the game. After a while, you get enough nerve to let all the brothas know that it would be cool to kick it at your house after the game. They all agree- perfect! When you and your extremely tall group of friends get to your place, they all fall out on the couch leaving you to think about your next move. You notice they are all sticky and sweaty. This makes you hornier, but you imply that it is way too hot for them to be stewing in their own juices. To fix the sticky situation, you show them the way to the shower and towels (even though you didn't want them to use towels). They are all cool with the idea of freshening up and start taking off their shirts in turn to get into the shower. You cleverly find a way to still have access to the bathroom, and you go in and out trying to get a glimpse of what you've worked so hard to see. Finally, one of them pulls open the shower curtain. He sees you and says, "You like what you see or sumthin’ nigga?” You’re speechless. He walks over to you and asks what you’d like to do. By instinct, you drop to your knees.

After a while, the other brothas are wondering what's going on. So they go to the bathroom area and catch the both of you in the act. The first thing you hear is a very deep "What the fuck?" Without hesitation, you jump up and look as if you saw a ghost. You turn around and you see four other brothas staring in amazement at what has been going on for the past 15 minutes. "So you get down like that?" is the question you’re given and it's kind of hard to deny the obvious, so you own up to it. You also have a great reference right next to you. "Niggas, don't even trip, he ain't no punk. It'd be cool to get our dicks sucked, not like he tellin' nobody,” says the one you started on in your defense. At first, the others look at each other skeptical to the idea, but after a minute they give in since the thought of busting a nut does sound good to them.

After a short trial, the action ends in the bathroom and everyone starts walking to the bedroom. There you get back to what you were doing. At the same time you watch the other boys take their clothes off. After a couple minutes, the room is filled with nothing but worked-out chests, defined abs, long legs, and some of the biggest dicks that you have ever seen. They all walk towards you with their dicks in their hands and the fun begins. You may have just begun to suck on one dick, but with the chance that is in front of you, you start sucking two at a time. You then begin to switch them around while picking and choosing your favorites of the group. Several minutes into it, you feel a presence behind you followed by a whisper, "Can a nigga get up in that ass?” a voice whispers. As you watch everybody, it makes you think that this may not be the first time that any of them have been in this type of situation. But it’s irrelevant at this point.

You get up to walk to the nightstand next to your bed to obtain the condoms and the lube. As you return, you noticed that the other five are looking at you like you're the main course and all table manners are forbidden. You feel the sexual tension throughout your body and even your ass is twitching because it knows what type of situation you've gotten it in to. One of the brothas grabs a condom and slips it on and lubes up. You’re asked, "How you want to take this dick?” You get in your most comfortable position and brace yourself. As he works his dick into your yearning hole you let out a slight sigh as you try to maintain a masculine persona. "Hell yeah! Yo shit is hella tight,” you hear from him. He keeps thrusting the tip of his big, long, and juicy dick in and out of your ass. As he's doing that two other get in front of you with rock hard dicks. You take turns between the two, enjoying the taste of dick and precum on your wet lips. While everything is getting hot and sweaty, the remaining two onlookers decide that they want to get up in your ass also. Your body is in a state of ecstasy; having all these black Adonis‘s taking turns at both ends of your body sends you into a sexual fit.

After you realize it, an hour has passed by and it's getting close to that time of release. "Damn, this shit is good" you hear from all of them. Just hearing it is turning you on even more. One is digging the shit out of your ass and you feel your dick is about to explode along with every one else. You tell them that you want all of them to shoot their nut all over you and then it starts. The first one pulls his dick out of you and bust on your stomach. It reaches all the way up to your neck. Watching him bust sets off everyone else. Two others bust at the same time onto your chest from both sides. After they release, you take the tips of their dicks and suck the remaining nut off the both of them. Sucking on them causes you to bust your load and the sensation is so good that it makes your whole body temporarily lock up and your toes curl. After that, the rest follow leaving you in a big mess. The others are stunned to find out that their teammate can take dick better than some of their girls. After everything is all said and done, you can feel good because you haven't been dicked down like that in a while. It also gives you something else to look forward too the next time you feel like shooting hoops.

This scenario can be taken of any daily situation. Not just basketball. You'd be surprised what can happen at work, walking at the park, or even just chillin' at the house with your boys. These are rare situations to some and maybe common to even fewer, so if the chance ever arises, always considered who’s involved and always be safe.

It had been a wild night at the club and it was starting to wind down, only problem was I was still dickless and refused to spend another night jerking off to internet porn when there were so many fine ass men in this place. I'd flirted with a few of them through out the night but none looked too promising. I was really picky and wouldn't just go home with anybody. I broke away from the dance floor and headed to the bar for one last drink. I'd just had my glass set in front of me when a tasty piece of chocolate stepped up on the side of me. He leaned onto the counter and ordered his drink, all the while with me gawking at him like a fool. When his drink came, he was about to pay when I found my wits again and blurted out the first thing that could escape my lips.

"I've got it."

He looked at me as I fumbled for some bills and slid them to the bartender. When I looked back at him, he was smiling the most perfect smile I had ever seen. His teeth were movie-star straight and just about as white and when he let them gleam from between his thick pink lips his entire face seemed to glow.

"Thanks yo. I'm Ray." He held out his hand and I took it. His grip was firm and strong but his skin was smooth and baby soft. I let my thumb linger as he pulled his hand away before I caught myself again and told him my name.

"I'm Dre." I smiled back at him and we began to chat about little things. Within minutes, I felt as if I'd known him forever and was about 90% sure that he'd be pounding my ass tonight. As it came closer and closer to closing time, we headed out to the parking lot and I finally got a chance to really check him out. He was taller than I first thought, almost 6'2". He had a muscular build that was more than jaw dropping underneath his tight short sleeve shirt. His white khakis framed a beautiful backside that just begged to be grabbed and a nice looking bulge in the front captivated my attention as he leaned against his car and put his hands in his pockets.

"It was really nice talking to you tonight. Maybe I'll see you around here again." Ray said looking at me ans smiling that a gorgous smile.

"Thats too bad." Ray said looking at me ans smiling that a gorgous smile.

I felt a little taken back. I thought he'd had as much fun as I had and was more than a little disappointed to hear that he haden't.

So I asked him, "Well whats wrong with that?"

"Because I was hoping we could get better aquainted tonight."

I backed up a step and found myself against another car. He moved closer quickly, a lot faster than I'd expected he could move. His arms snaked their way around my hips and I watched as he kissed me full on the lips. His face was so beautiful and the energy from his lips made my knees weak. When he came up for air, Ray locked me in with his eyes and washed away the last thoughts that I wasen't going to give up as ass tonight.

"Well, I don't live that far from here." I told him.

And after that, we were off. He chose to drive his own car so that it wouldn't sit at the club all night. I tried to keep from driving too fast in my eagerness to get out of these clothes and into Ray. I couldn't stop thinking about how firm his lips were and how good they would feel travelling across my naked body. This man had me ready to explode and I haden't even seen him naked yet. Thankfully, the ride wasen't that long since I really only lived about fifteen minutes from the club. After the cars were parked in the garage, we headed inside. He started to explore the house while I headed into the kitchen.

"You want something to drink?" I called out over my shoulder.

"Just you."

The voice came from behind me and startled the hell out of me. I jumped in the air and turned around to see the most wonderful sight my sore eyes had ever gazed upon. Ray was standing in front of me naked with just his boots on, hand wrapped around the biggest dick I'd ever seen. It had to be at least 10 inches and it was only semi hard. It had a fat mushroom head and a mighty vein running down the length of it, coming to an end at his massive low hanging balls. Ray tugged on his monster and in seconds it was pointing straight at me. He growled like a tiger and rushed me, lifting me up onto the counter and pulling my shirt up and over my head. Once he'd tossed it to the side, Ray went to work. He started at my chest, running his tounge slowly around both of my hard nipples. He was setting my body on fire with every flick of his tounge and it was all I could do to keep myself in control. I grabbed the back of his neck and his slow licking turned into passionate sucking. He took my entire nipple into his mouth and ran his teeth over the tip, working his tounge like a pro and driving me closer and closer to crazy.

Without warning, Ray pulled back and grabbed me around the waist. He pulled me to the edge of the counter and threw my legs into the air before grabbing my pants around and pulling them down to my ankles. I felt the cold air on my wet asshole and it was soon followed by the heat from his tounge lapping up my ass juice. The boy was a excellent ass eater, gobbling every bite of my sweet pie as if it was going to be his last taste. I moaned as I clawed at the back of his head, willing his tounge deeper into my tight ass, but wanting him to fill me with more than just his tounge at the same time.

"Eat my ass baby....fuck yeah Ray, toss that salad nigga."

His lips smacked as he sucked on my ass hole, drinking every drop of my sweet nectar and then looking for more. Finally, it got to the point where I couldn't stand it anymore and had to have him deep inside me.

"Come on and fuck me baby." I pleaded with him, anxiously waiting that fat dick to slide up in my tight ass.

Rays' head popped up between my legs with a smile on his face. He stood up and smacked my ass before reaching behind him to the sink and grabbing a condom and lube off the counter.

"Where did that come from?"

"I come prepared." He smiled at me again and that pretty much satisifed me for an answer.

I didn't ask anymore questions as I watched him stretch the condom over his massive dick and spread a generous amount of lube on it. Coming back to me, Ray pushed my legs further back and began to probe at my hole with the head of his dick. It felt like someone was trying to push a telephone pole into my ass at first, but with a few steady strokes Ray has sunk all the way into me. The pain was exquisite, shockwaves of it running through my ass as it flexed around his hard dick. He held his place for a moment, letting me adjust to the intrusion before he started to poke slowly at my ass. He worked my ass good, pulling his dick all the way out before letting it slide back in.

"Oh damn that dick is big baby. Fuck me....fuck me baby."

I only had to ask once before the look on his face changed and he began to pound away at my ass like he drilling for oil. Each stroke pushed my load closer and closer to the top, but I didn't want to cum yet. Not before I'd had every inch of this chocolate adonis inside of me for as long as possible. I grabbed a hold of his plump ass cheeks and pulled him into me, helping him slam me harder and harder with each thrust.

"You like that dick don't you Dre?"

"Oh hell yeah baby. Gimme that dick Ray...fuck the shit out of me!"

"Yeah nigga. Give up them cakes son. Damn this pussy is good." Ray said as he kept drilling his dick into my ass.

"Fuck nigga, take my shit. Take my ass Ray. Fuck that shit!"

I couldn't hold on any longer. Ray slammed his dick in me and my hand shot to dick, which had been untouched until now. I started to jerk in rythym with his strokes, eyes closed so that I could get the full experience from each one.

"Spit that milk nigga...shoot your load for me Dre."

"Oh fuck this nut out of me Ray. Make me bust this shit nigga."

Ray growled deep in his chest and grabbed me by the shoulders. He started to attack my ass with short powerful blasts that left me dizzy and my vision blurred. He was relentless in the way that he pounded my back out, hitting my walls with every stroke deeper than the one before it. I felt my nut rising fast and I kicked my legs up as high as they would go, giving him all access to my pussy for these final glorious moments.

"I'm about to cum Ray...I'm cummin!"

"Bust that nut Dre....yeah, spit that milk nigga."

The first shot hit me like a bullet. I opened my eyes to see Ray with his mouth poised over my dick, catching my flying bursts of jizz in his mouth and all over his face. After the jets had stopped, he wiped the cum from his face and licked it off his finger, which sent him over the edge. He gave my ass one more spchinter shattering thrust before pulling out and ripping off the condom. His cum shot everywhere. All over my stomach, onto the counter, and some even got onto the handle of one of the pots hanging over the counter.

After Ray emptied his load, he collapsed on top of me. He kissed me lightly on the cheek and then picked me up and carried me into the bathroom.

"So you want to take a shower with me Dre?"

"Will I get some more of that dick if I do?"

"You'll get some more even if you don't. You got some good pussy nigga." Ray smiled as he turned me around and grabbed my ass cheeks, leading me in the direction of the bathroom. I reached back an started to stroke his dick which was still hard, working the last drops of cum out of his dick and rubbing them around his dick head.

"Well then get ready to fuck my ass again nigga." I stopped just outside of the bathroom and worked his dick in between my cheeks and right up to my wet asshole. I put my hands up against the wall as Ray drove his dick back into my ass and began fucking me in the hallway.

"See nigga, you already can't get enough." Ray smacked my ass while he kept pounding all twelve inches of that thick cocoa stick up in me. I arched my back and tried to give him every part of my hole.

"Awww shit Ray. Fuck me nigga....bust that ass open." I kept pushing back on his dick, wanting to feel every inch up inside of me. His balls slapped against my ass every time that fat dick invaded my asshole and I couldn't get enough. Ray pulled out and pushed down on my back. I dropped to my knees and Ray mounted me from behind, driving his dick back in my ass and slaying it like it was ment to be slain.

"Give it up nigga, yeah take that fuckin dick." Ray slapped me on the ass as he kept fucking my crazy and talking shit. His voice was heavy with lust and each time he spoke I wanted him to ramp me harder.

"You like it Dre? You like that dick nigga?"

"Hell yeah yo. I love that fuckin dick. Put that shit up in me nigga....fuck my shit Ray." I kept moaning while he pounded me and moaned ever louder when I felt his hand wrap around my dick. Ray began to slam his dick in my ass in rythym to his fist pumping my dick and I started to feel that familiar sensation in my dick and balls. I bucked my ass back harder and Ray did his best to slam me harder with each stroke into my tender pussy.

"I'ma nut Ray" I called out, looking back and catching a glimse of him plunging those twelve inches of chocolate into my ass again and again and I started to explode.

"BUST DAT SHIT DRE! Spit dat nut nigga."


I only had to ask once, right when I thought he was going to pull out, Ray smashed his dick back into my ass and kept on fucking me, not losing a beat. I put my head down on the floor, breathless from the fucking and still not wanting him to pull out of my ass.

"Fuck me Ray....Fuck me harder nigga." Ray responded by moving forward and pressing me against the wall. I couldn't move anywhere and now he really started to work my ass. He put his hand around the back of my neck and began to fuck me like I was some kind of bitch off the street and I was loving every stroke of that shit.

"What you want nigga?" He asked me as he tightened his grip on my neck.

"I want you to fuck me Ray...fuck my ass like its a pussy yo." I tired to stick my ass out to take some more dick, but he was slamming his thick twelve in me so hard and fast that I didn't have time before he was driving back into my pussy.

"Is that pussy good nigga?" I asked him.

"Hell yeah it's good nigga." He answered, slamming his dick deep up in my guts and holding it there.

"Whos is it nigga?" Ray leaned forward and asked me in my ear.

"Say it again Dre."

"It's your pussy nigga." I answered him and he started to wail away on my ass once again. He pounded me like an animal with short powerful strokes that kept hitting me in just the right spot. This nigga was a pro at fucking and I didn't care if he stayed up in my ass all night long. In fact, I might just let him. When he wrapped his arm around my neck from behind and started to suck on my neck while he fucked me from behind I let out a long loud moan. His lips had a deathgrip on my neck and it felt like nothing that any other nigga had done to me before. I pushed my ass back as far as I could and he kept pounding away, talking in my ear the whole time.

" You like that big black dick don't you nigga? Yeah, I know you like that shit."

" Fuck me Ray, slam that dick up in me nigga."

I was ready to take dick like this all night but Ray had other plans. He pulled out again and sat down on the floor against the opposite wall. I looked back and realized what he wanted, so I sat back and let his dick slide into my ass. I sat on it like it was a chair, taking all twelve up into me before I started to grind and gyrate my ass on his dick, wanting it to fill up every nook and cranny of my ass.

" Ride my dick Dre. Damn that pussy is on fire nigga."

"Yeah nigga, lean back and let me ride this shit yo. Let me get it all up in my pussy."

Ray smacked me on the ass and I began to bounce up and down on his dick, higher with each bounce until I was taking at least half every time I went down on it. Every time that the head of Ray dick hit that sweet spot up in my ass, I felt like I was going to cum again, and now it was Rays turn to be speechless as I rode his dick like there was no tommorow. I kept filling myself up with that chocolate pole, working every muscle in my ass to get his huge dick to spit and let that man juice flood my ass hole.

"Bust that nut Ray, Shoot that shit right up in my ass." I looked back and he opened his eyes, looking at me with that smile on his face.

" Thats what you want nigga?" He asked me, smacking me on the ass again.

"Hell yeah thats what I want." I yelled back at him, pounding my ass down on his dick harder.

"The work that dick lil nigga." He smacked me on the ass again and pushed up on my hands so that I could try to take even more of his fat dick up in me. I was bouncing my ass on his dick and he was tearing my shit up, banging hard against my spot everytime I dropped down. I clenched my ass muscles and started trying to milk his dick, going down on it slow and coming up slower.

"Oh shit nigga. I'm bout to bust." Ray grabbed me by the hips and forced my down on his dick, holding me in place as he pumped upward into my ass and finally shot his nut deep up in my ass. I felt each spasm of his dick as his balls emptied and filled my sore asshole with that hot creamy nut that made it all worth it. I stayed down on Rays dick, jacking my own as I felt the cum start to ooze down around Rays dick and out of my ass. I couldn't help myself and I bust another nut. It dripped down over my hand and onto the floor as Ray kissed and licked my back.

"You like that dick don't you nigga?" He asked me again.

"What you think?"

"I think I'ma be gettin some more of that shit later." He answered me with that smile back on his face.

"Why later? Why not now?" I asked him, grabbing at his dick which was still semi hard.

"Because nigga. I just fucked you twice. You tryin to kill a nigga. Plus, I'm all extra sweaty and shit. How about we take that shower now and see what happen."

"I already know whats gonna happen." I told him as I walked into the bathroom with my ass cheeks spread wide so he could see the damage he'd done, and have a reason to come back and do some more.Ray followed me into the bathroom, running his finger down the crack of my ass and then slipping it up into my hole. I stopped right there and Ray pushed my forward, steering my around the house with his finger up my ass until we got to the bathroom. Ray pulled his finger out and slapped me on the ass, telling me to turn on the water while he admired my ass. I turned my back to him and slowly bent over the tub, shaking my well fucked ass from side to side. I heard Ray sit down on the toilet and I kept my little show going, reaching back to spread my cheeks for him again and play with my own asshole. I slipped a finger inside and started to fuck myself while Ray sat behind me, doing whatever it is he was doing. I looked back to find out and saw that he has his hard again and stroking his twelve inch death stick in my direction.

I turned on the shower and stepped in. The hot water felt good and I let it wash over my body while Ray kept looking. I turned and let the water run down the crack of my ass, parting my cheeks to give him another glimpse of my freshly fucked asshole.

"You want that booty Ray?" I asked him, running a finger around my hole and moaning. I waited a second, but didn't hear him answer so I turned around. Ray was standing behind me already and I felt his hands grab my waist and pull me back onto his dick. I felt all twelve slide up into my and had to stop myself from pulling away. Taking all that dick at once hurt, but I knew that once he got to pounding away on my tight lil pussy everything would be fine. Ray didn't take long either. Before I was adjusted to his dick being back in me, Ray started to fuck my ass with long hard strokes pulling almost all the way out before slamming his dick back in me. Every thrust was like Heaven and I wanted to take as much of that dick as possible. The water from the shower kept raining down on my head and back as he bent me over the tub and fucked my ass like a champion.

" Oh SHIT nigga! Fuck my ass daddy...yyyyeah nigga drill that shit!" I screamed out everytime he shoved that huge piece back into me and the more I screamed, the harder he rammed me. Ray made sure to fill up every inch of my ass hole and I couldn't get enough of that chocolate dick stabbing at my prostate.

"Give dat shit up nigga....yeah TAKE MY FUCKIN DICK" Ray yelled back at me, puncuating each of his words with another thrust up into my guts. I clenched my ass on his dick and tried to get more cum out of him. I wanted him to bust another nut up inside me so that I could feel him drip out of my ass again. I was shoving my ass backwards, helping Ray hit new depths inside of my ass. His dick was driving me crazy and, as much as I wanted him to cum, I didn't want him to stop fucking me.

"Fuck my shit daddy....ooooooo damn nigga, fuck that ass!"

Ray was like a machine, pounding my sore ass with a steady rythym. The man never lost a beat even when he started to really dig deep into my pussy, sending pulses of pleasure into the pit of my stomach and fucking me so hard that my knees started to get weak. I knew that I was never going to get any dick like this ever again and I wanted to make the most out of each thrust that Ray put on me.

"Fuck my pussy harder nigga!" I yelled back at him and Ray obliged. He started to rip into my ass hole with blind fury. Fucking me like we were in jail. This was the kind of dick that I needed. I kept working my ass backwards depsite the pain, knowing that no matter how much it hurt I wanted to have even more of his dick inside of me. I wanted him to fuck me with his balls. Deep dick me and spit that hot and creamy up inside me.

"I'm bout to spit again nigga!" Ray cried out, slamming his dick into my ass harder and faster, building up to that final explosion. I shoved my ass back towards him and clamped down on his dick, begging for him to spit his nut deep inside my ass. Ray ran his dick in me one last time and then held me in place with every bit of his tweleve inches sunk deep inside my ass and blasted me with his nut. I was on fire until that milky cream hit my walls and flooded my ass hole, cooling me off while Ray kept his dick jammed up inside me.

"Is that what you wanted?" Ray asked me, smacking my ass and pushing his softening dick back into my ass.

"Yes daddy." I answered, clutching at his dick with my ass muscles, hoping that I could keep it inside of me forever.


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