Don't Cross The 9th by William Weaver Jr.

Darren Adams sat alone on the steps of an abandoned house with a towel over his head and an old box blasting music next to him. It was almost eighty degrees outside and still early in the day. He wiped the sweat from his face with the towel and then tossed it over his shoulder as one of his regulars came up to the stoop.

“Whats good DJ?”

Darren nodded in the dudes direction. He didn't know his name and he preferred to keep it that way with most of the people he served.

“What you need?” Darren asked, eyes squinted against the harsh sun.

“Can I get five for twenty?”

“Yeah if you go some where else.” DJ snapped back. He hated when people tried to bargain with him.

“Figured.” The dude grumbled something under his breath and he reached into his pocket and pulled out a fifty dollar bill and held it out.

“Do I look like an ATM? I don't make change nigga and you know that already.” Darren sighed and wiped his face off again.

“Well thats all I got on me!”

“Store right there.” Darren nodded his head across the street at the small corner store.

“So I gotta.....” he started but Darren cut him off.

“Yeah, you gotta walk ALL the way across the street and then I'm sorry to say you gotta use a little energy to open the door and walk inside. Then after all of that you have to buy something which I know is gonna be just so fucking hard even though you probably need dutches and was gonna head over there anyways. Then come back over here.....with a twenty.....and you get your four bags on be on your merry ass fucking way.”

The lick just looked at him with his mouth half open, trying to decide if he should say something back or not. DJ just stared at him, knowing that if he went anywhere else he'd be back before the day was over. Nobody in the city sold as much weed as the 9th and as a result nobody in the city had better weed.

“I'll be back,” the dude mumbled and turned to cross the street.

“I bet you will.” Darren said and wiped the sweat from his face once again.

DJ looked down the street to his left towards his brother Tank who was sitting underneath a tree with a bottle of water. Turning his head to the right he saw the new kid Blitz talking to some other dude. They kept looking over in DJs direction and it made him a bit nervous. He didn't know anything about Blitz other than that he used to live on Larceny and just made the natural switch when he'd moved to this side of town.

“Here.” DJ was brought back to attention by the twenty dollar bill waving in his face. He took it and handed over four bags of weed. Before the dude could complain, Darren turned back to watching Blitz. The dude he was talking too had started making his way over towards DJ. Darren looked at Blitz with a questioning glance and got the response he'd expected. He couldn't do anything more about it though because the dude was on him already.

“Blitz said you had some weed.”

“Blitz told you that?” DJ asked for no reason other than he wanted to hear dude talk again. He had a sexy ass voice. Hard and soft at the same time.

“Uh....yeah. Thats what I just said.” He answered back.

“Well what you need?”

“An ounce...two if you got it.”

DJ took a moment before he answered. “Whats ya name?”

“Uh....David. Why that matter though?”

“You about to spend like a buck fifty with me,” DJ started “I figured we might as well be on a first name basis. Come on.” DJ motioned over to Tank who pulled himself out of the shade and jogged over. They stepped off to the side to talk while David waited.

“Blitz said L-Block. What say you?”

“Why the fuck do you talk like that?” Tank asked shaking his head.

“I don't know. Its fun. What you think though.”

“Yeah he is. I seen his colors hanging out his pocket when he came past me and went over to Blitz.”

“Aight. We got anymore of that stuff?”

“You mean the....”

“Yeah.” DJ said with a smile on his face.

“In that last kitchen cabinet.”

“Alright....hold this down. I'll be back in a minute.”

DJ turned back to David and they walked around to the back of the house. Darren shoved the open and motioned for David to go ahead inside.

“Damn,” David said as he kicked off his shoes. “I always thought this place was deserted.”

“Yeah, thats what we want folks to think. Far from it though.” DJ went ahead of David up a small flight of stairs and into the kitchen. David followed DJ into the living room and his jaw dropped. The space was huge and well furnished. Damn sure better than the L-Block flop house which consisted of a few folding chairs and a PS2 with a tiny portable screen.

“Is that a PS3?” David exclaimed as he stepped into the next room.

“Yep.” DJ answered. “Sixty gig. Its not hooked up though cause the games suck.”

“Yeah thats what I hea....ya'll got a Wii too?! Damn!”

“Yep. And a 360. Thats hooked up if you wanna make ya self at home while I get your weed.” DJ offered.

“Fa sho.” David said and picked up one of the controllers. He walked over to the system and looked at the bare face. “ you turn it on?” he asked.

“Just push that button.” DJ answered from the other room.

“What button?”

“On the front of the console nigga. The one thats got the little green ring around it.”

“Ain't no ring on this shit yo.” David answered back which prompted DJ to come back into the room.

“ fault.” Darren said, realizing the face plate was off the console. Just hold down that button in the center of the controller.”

“It ain't even plugged in.” David said with a worried look on his face. DJ couldn't help but think that he was damn sexy when he looked like that.

“Wireless.” Darren said and went back into the kitchen. He walked down the steps towards the back door and locked it. He took the key from the double sided lock and headed back up to the kitchen. From the cabinet he pulled a big zip lock back filled with weed. Across the front someone had drawn a shoddy little skull and crossbones to warn off anyone who may pick it up by mistake.

“Oh shit!” DJ heard from the other room and smiled. That was his reaction the first time he'd turned the 360 on from the controller by accident. He pushed the thought from his mind and went back to weighing out two ounces of this tainted weed. He had to smile again as he thought about the first time Tank had gotten him to smoke it. He'd thrown up damn near non stop for almost three hours and he beat the piss out of Tank for telling him afterwards that he'd put something called Emotrol on it.

“Emowhat? What the fuck is that?” DJ had asked.

“Makes you throw up....a lot.” Was Tanks simple answer.

“And you purposely ruined good weed because........?”

“Didn't ruin it. You can still sell L Block.” Tank had answered with a smile on his face. It took DJ a minute to make the connection, but once he did he'd laughed his ass off. That would stop them from trying to pass of the good shit you got on the 9th as their own.

“Yo you can get messages on here?” David called from the other room.

DJ brushed his hands off and went into the little entertainment room where the games and computer were kept.

“Yeah” he said as he took the controller from David. It usually just be bullshit though. Happy Bungie Day or come play spades with me. That sorta shit.”

DJ sat down on one of the dozens of black bean bag chairs laying around the room and motioned for David to do the same.

“Lets play some poker L-Block.” Darren said.

“Yeah. Lets....wait, L-Blo...”

David was to his feet fast but DJ was faster and pushed David back down.

“Yo, what is you doing?” David asked, eyes wild.

“Nothing shawty....yet.” DJ moved in closer and knelt down in front of David. “Let me explain something to you. Here on the 9th, we're in the business of selling weed. We sell weed for it to be smoked. Not hauled back to Lame Block. We know y'all niggas come over here on the regular and get our shit. Bring it back to Loserville and sell it like it was yours. That shit stops today.”

“Alright yo, whatever. I'm not even really with them niggas yet man.” David pleaded.

“What?” DJ was interested in hearing where this lie was going.

“My peoples is wit 'em and they said they could get me in so they sent me over here, said bring back two and you in. I don't even want to be with them niggas yo fa real.”

“The flag in ya back pocket?” DJ questioned.

“They gave it to me. Said it had to be out while I was over here.”

DJ thought about it for a second and then nodded.

“Alright. I'll buy that. So what happen when you bring back the weed?”

“I don't know.” David said. “I honestly don't. I guess they sell one and smoke the other? I don't know.”

DJ stood up and looked down at David. For the first time DJ let himself take dude in and saw that he was really good looking. Smooth brown skin, not a lot of hair. He had nice full lips, defiantly made for sucking dick, hazel eyes that were probably contacts and short wavy hair. DJ tucked the nail of his thumb in his mouth, something he couldn't help doing when he was thinking.

“Aight yo. I believe you.” Darren smiled at him and helped him up off the floor.

“I ain't lying to you son.” David said, talking fast now that he could see a possibly peaceful end to all of this. He started to walk past DJ, but Darren grabbed him by the arm and pulled him back.

“I said I believe you. I ain't say I was letting you go.”

That look of fear came back into Davids eyes as DJ started moving forward, forcing him to back up. Before he knew it, he'd tripped over one of the bean bag chairs and wound up flat on his ass and still trying to scramble back.

“Relax nigga. I just wanna play a little game wit you.” DJ said and smiled a devious little smile that made David even more nervous as to what was about to happen.

“ a” he stuttered.

“Yeah Stutterin' Stanley. A game. One of my favorites. It's called 'fuck David in the ass and skeet a big ass load all over his face.' You ever played that one before?”

David opened his mouth to answer but Darren cut him off.

“No need for you to talk. I'll explain the rules and then you make your choice. Thats when you can talk. Aight? Aight. Now, the rules of my game is simple. I'm gonna fuck you before you walk out of this house. Thats not negotiable. You can either ....A... relax, loosen up a little and take it like a good lil bitch. Or ...B... you can kick and scream and fight and fuss and you'll end up bloody and broken in the middle of the floor wishing you had did it the easy way. In the end, I'm STILL gonna fuck you AND I'm gonna call Tank and Blitz in here and let them use you up too.” Darren finished. “So whats it gonna be?”

David looked at DJ, saw that he was serious and started to look around the room for something..anything he could use to knock this nigga out and get out of here. His fear only magnified when Darren let out a laugh.

“You think you gonna find something to knock me out wit? That you gonna walk away from here from here without getting dug out? Dats cute. Well, before you even try let me warn you that the windows are all key locked. The back door is key locked from both sides and I've got the key on this side. Not on me of course, but I know where it is. If I have to chase you, your in for a lot more pain than if you just bend over and take it.”

“Look man this shit is mad gay...” David started but DJ just laughed again.

“Yeah, I know. Me fuckin you in the ass is gay enough, but you....I mean you gonna be takin it, suckin it and swallowin the babies. You gotta feel like a real fag right now huh?”

“I'm not takin shit!”

“Oh, so you choose plan B?” DJ asked and cracked his knuckles. Darren stepped closer and David moved back a step.

“You need to calm down nigga.” David said, his voice trembling with fear.

“Oh I'm calm son. You the one that need to relax. Like I said, you can get through this real easy, get your weed and, since I like you, you might even get in over here if you think you can handle it. Just have a seat.” Darren coached David down onto the floor and handed him one of the controllers. “We playing poker.” DJ paused until he had Davids full attention. He licked his lips and then finished, “Strip poker.”


“Just have a seat and pay attention. We playing Texas Hold 'em. Lose the hand you take something off. Fold before the flop you take of two pieces.”

“Um....I ain't never played....” David started to protest.

“That don't matter, we'll both be naked in the end. This is just make it a little more fun. Less like I'm taking your ass from you against your will.”

“You ain't takin' shit from me.” David muttered.

“What was that?” DJ asked.

“I said this shit is gay.” David answered.

“Yep, and you just lost ya first hand. Take it off.”

David looked up towards the TV and saw that he had indeed lost. Turning back to DJ he tried to protest the fact that he didn't know what he was doing but the look on Darren's face let him know that he would just be wasting his breath. With a sigh, David reached for his shirt and started to pull it off but DJ stopped him.

“Let me help you with that.” Darren reached out and grabbed Davids shirt. He moved in closer and pulled it over his head, tossing it across the room. Wrapping an arm around Davids neck DJ leaned in and kissed him. David pulled away but DJ stayed with him, moving his hand to the back of Davids neck. Finally David opened his mouth up to breath and DJ sank his tongue deep down Davids throat. His free arm slid down to Davids pants and quickly undid his belt. DJ pulled Davids pants down around his ankles and grabbed his own dick through his boxers. Darren pushed Davids underwear down and started to gently stroke his dick, watching it grow in his hand.

“You like that shit don't you?” Darren breathed into Davids ear. David didn't say anything but his rapidly hardening dick gave Darren his answer. “I know you like it nigga, look at that dick.....that shit is dripping.”

David looked down and realized that DJ was right. His dick hard started to drip precum on its own and it was running all over Darren's hand.

“Taste it.” Darren said holding his hand up to Davids mouth. David jerked his head back and tried to push DJ away but Darren grabbed his arm and pulled him back. Before David could pull away again DJ grabbed him by the sides of his mouth and forced it open. “I said taste it bitch.” DJ said as he stuck his fingers in Davids mouth. “Lick it off my fingers son.” Darren smiled when he felt Davids tongue start to circle his fingers, jaws sucking the salty pre nut off his fingers.

“So whats up wit some head?” DJ asked dropping his boxers and shaking his stick in Davids direction. To his surprise, David dropped to his knees and sucked DJs rapidly growing monster into his mouth.

“What the fuck!?” DJ exclaimed as his knees buckled. David took his entire cock deep into his throat on the first go round and started sucking like a pro.

“Yeah son....suck that shit down nigga....slow down...” SJ put his hands on the side of Davids head and started to fuck his mouth with long slow strokes. David could feel the massive head pushing against the back of his throat and he loved it.

“It taste good son?” Darren asked.

“Mmmhmmmpph...” David answered back, dick still in the back of his throat.

“Then suck that shit bitch.” Darren commanded and gave David a little playful slap on the face. David pulled back, letting DJs dick drop from his mouth.

“Do that shit again nigga.” David moaned and Darren was more than happy to slap him again, harder this time. David fell backward and DJ smiled an evil smile. He dropped to the floor next to David and lifted his legs into the air. Before David knew what was happening DJ was rubbing his fat dick on Davids ass.

“I'ma fuck the shit out that pretty little ass son.” DJ said and slid a finger inside Davids tight ass. David let out a long low moan and pushed his ass back on Darren's finger.

“You like that shit don't you nigga?” Darren teased.

“Yeah thug.” David said and pushed back as far as possible. DJ slid another finger into Davids tight wet ass and started to really open him up. The further DJ pushed into him the more Davids ass twisted and gyrated wanting more than just these two fingers inside of him.

“You want my dick kid?” DJ asked slapping his brick hard cock against Davids chocolate cakes. David didn't say anything, just pushed his ass back further. “I asked you if you want my dick muhfucka?!”

“Hell YEAH!” David yelled out and DJ forced another finger into his dripping asshole. “I need that shit nigga.”


“I said I need that dick nigga. Give it to me.” David reached back and spread his ass cheeks wide open, showing DJ that beautiful brown hole.

“Fa sho.” Was all Darren said before he flipped David over onto his knees. David looked back to see DJs dick one more time and saw that he'd produced a condom and some lube from out of thin air. He gasped as the cold KY hit his ass and DJ started to finger him again.

DJ pushed two fingers inside of David and quickly had a third inside of him. David was going nuts shoving his ass backwards onto DJs fingers not even caring that he was technically being raped.

It seemed like forever but David finally felt DJs fat black dick slide up between he crack of his ass. David held his breath as DJ started to force his fat ten inch cock in Davids tight little ass.

“Relax that shit...” Darren coached needlessly. David could already feel the tip of DJs dick inside of him and he wanted the rest. He worked his ass back, loving the little moans and groans coming from DJ as his dick sank further home.

“You want it nigga?” Darren asked as he took David by the waist and held him in place. David guessed there was still three or four inches left and he knew that they would damn near rip him open but thinking about taking all of this thugs big ass dick at once put on smile on Davids face.

“AH SHIIIIIT!!” David screamed out in pleasure/pain as DJ made the decision for him. David fell forward and DJs cock came free with a juicy pop.

“Where u goin?” DJ asked as he pulled David back to his knees. Before David could answer DJ was buried deep in his ass, pounding away like a man possessed. David tried to pull away but DJ wrapped an arm around his waist and held him tight.

“Take that shit bitch!” DJ commanded, slamming his dick as deep inside David as he could and holding it there. Just when David thought the assault on his butt hole was finished, DJ picked up his stroke with renewed force, driving his throbbing dick up Davids.

“Shit....ah SHIT nigga FUCK ME!” David screamed out as DJ drove forward once again, finally hitting home and causing David to squeal like a little girl.

“Right there....” he panted.

DJ smiled and drove his dick forward, forcing another little scream from David.

“Right there?”

“Yeah nigga HIT THAT SHIT!” David shouted out and DJ started to ram his tight little ass again, deep dicking David like he'd never done anyone else. Every time David cried out in pleasure DJ was right there with two more strokes even better than the first.

“Take that shit bitch....take all that muhfuckin dick in ya ass.” DJ fell into his rhythm now, bringing his hips back and then driving his dick back into Davids dripping wet ass with long, calculated strokes.

“Shit nigga call me a bitch again.” David asked.

DJ laughed and slapped David hard on the ass. He laughed even harder when Davids ass shot backwards at the wrong time and he damn near impaled himself on the dick. Davids back stiffened and he let out a little gasp as he fell forward and DJ kept on laughing.

“I knew you was a lil bitch.” Darren laughed. His laughter stopped when David stood up and made a move for the door.

“Naw son where u goin?” DJ asked moving to block Davids path.

“Yo let me go nigga!” David hollered and tried to pull away from DJ.

“Nah we not doin that.” DJ replied and pulled David back towards him. David tried again to pull away but only succeeded in turning his back to DJ and getting forced into the wall. “Now like I said,” DJ whispered into Davids ear as he guided his still hard cock back between Davids cheeks. “Relax....” DJ thrust forward, jamming his dick inside David with no regard for the tears starting to stream down his face. “....and take that shit like a bitch.”

DJ forced his way back into David and then started back to slamming his dick home. As much as he hated DJ right now, David couldn't deny that he wanted everything DJ was throwing at him. When David screamed just a little bit to loud and DJ clamped a hand over his mouth David lost all control. DJ could hear the muffled moans coming from under his hand quicken. Davids ass got tighter around his dick and he felt the first warm gooey burst of cum squirt from Davids dick and onto his leg.

“What the fu...?”DJ looked down and made sure that it was actually cum dripping down his leg and then slapped the shit out of David, which just made the next jet of white cream from his dick feel even better.

“I ain't say you could bust a nut nigga.” DJ said, hand reaching around Davids waist and grabbing his dick. David panicked for a minute, thinking that DJ was going to squeeze his balls or something equally as painful. Instead, Darren took Davids dick in his hand and helped him finish his nut. When the last drop of cum dripped from Davids dick, DJ brought his cum covered hand back.

“Was that shit good nigga?” DJ asked.

David looked down at the cum on the wall, on the floor and still dripping from his dick. “Hell ye....”

“SHUT THE FUCK UP!” DJ commanded and slapped David in the face. It took a second to register, but David soon realized that he'd just been slapped with his own cum. He couldn't explain it, but he was mad and horny and disgusted all at the same time. He didn't have time to explain though because DJ was at it again, fucking his ass with blind fury. David did his best to take every long agonizing stroke without giving DJ the satisfaction of hearing him cry out in pain.

“Open ya mouth.” Darren commanded. David obeyed, not wanting to do anything to make his punishment any worse and figuring DJ was close to busting his own nut and that all this was about to be over. Instead he found three fingers in his mouth and a salty taste on his tongue.

“Lick.” DJ commanded, pausing for a moment. David hesitated a split second too long and DJ drove the entire length of his dick into Davids ass. “I said lick bitch.” Instantly, Davids tongue went to work licking his own salty cum off Darren's fingers while he was still being invaded by that monster cock.

“I knew you was bitch as soon as you walked up.” Darren breathed into Davids ear. “And I knew I was gonna fuck the shit out of you too.” Darren breathed again, his barbaric thrusts quickening. “You wanna know what else I knew bitch?”

David kept his mouth shut. DJ hooked his fingers and suddenly David was at his will.

“I said do you wanna know what else I knew bitch?” DJ asked, venom dripping off his voice as he continued to slam his dick in Davids screaming ass hole.

“Hwat?” David whimpered voice muffled by the fingers in his mouth.

Instead of saying anything, DJ ripped his dick from Davids ass and gently tugged at the inside of his mouth, pulling him down to the floor. DJ yanked off the condom just as the first jet of cum erupted from his dick and splashed down in a puddle on Davids face. DJ replaced his fingers with his throbbing meat and pushed it back into Davids throat as he shot the rest of his load. David could feel it filling up his mouth, thick and creamy and salty until finally he couldn't hold anymore and it started to dribble out the sides of his mouth.

“Swallow my cum bitch.” DJ almost begged not realizing that David had already swallowed a good portion and his mouth was STILL being filled with more.

Finally, DJ released Davids head and instantly David pulled back and a thick stream of cum came with him, hanging in mid air for a moment before falling to the floor. DJ dropped to his knees in front of David and grabbed him by the neck with such sudden force that Davids mouth popped open and the rest of Darren's cum spilled from his mouth.

“Fuck yeah.” DJ growled and shot forward, locking his lips with Davids and probing around his mouth and tasting his own cum.

DJ pulled away from David and spent a second looking at him, head cocked to the side with a look on his face that made DJ more worried than ever. Slowly, DJ reached forward and used his thumb to wipe a tear out of Davids eye.

“I ain't wanna rough you up like that lil shorty but you was startin to get too comfortable.” DJ smiled at David. David moved quick and connected to DJs jaw with a tight right fist. DJ fell backwards, recovered quick and was all over David before he even thought about it. David had that scared look in his eye again as he looked at the tightly balled fist hovering in the air inches away from his face.

“I guess you earned that one.” DJ said and smiled a little lopsided smile. He stood up and held out a hand to help David to his feet. David pushed his hand to the side and got dressed as fast as possible. He still had cum on his face and now it was all over his clothes but he didn't care. He couldn't wait to get as far away from here as possible and back to L Block because he was wanted to kill DJ and get it done as fast as possible. David headed for the back door, but DJ caught up to him and grabbed him by the arm.

“Yo...hold up son...”

David spun on DJ, tears in his eyes once again.

“What you gonna try to FUCK me again?” David yelled.

DJ just laughed a little. “Nah, not unless you ask me too.” DJ smiled and DJ sneered.

“Don't plan on being here that long.” David spat back and turned towards the door again.

“Look yo, MAYBE.....just MAYBE....I mighta came at you the wrong way.” DJ moved closer to David, putting a hand on his waist and stepping right up to him. “I got issues, I know, but I like a nigga that can hold his own you know?” DJ smiled a lopsided smile seeing as he couldn't quite find the words he wanted. He wiped the tears off of Davids face again and kissed him, long and slow. This time, David didn't resist and slid an arm around DJs neck. They broke, and DJs smile grew wider.

“Be my nigga yo?” He asked, but it was more of a demand.

“What?” David asked, stunned at what he thought was this sexy ass street corner thug asking him to be his boyfriend.

“I said I want you to be my nigga. I ain't never asked nobody that before so if you say no I'ma be heart broken.” DJ put on what he thought was a good pitiful face and David cracked a smile against his will.

“Serious?” David asked.

“As a heart attack.” Darren replied.

“Just so you know.......” David started, but was interrupted by the back back door opening.

“WHAT. THE. FUCK!” DJ sighed and turned around. Tank was coming up the stairs with a phone in his hand, held out towards DJ.

“What? What could you possibly want?” DJ asked Tank.

“That nigga Marcus just called for you. Said he was in some trouble over on L Block.”

“Exactly?” DJ asked.

“Hiding in an upstairs closet butt naked with one... maybe two or more L Blockers downstairs. Said it was at the place he went to this morning.” Tank talked while trying not to look at David but he couldn't help it. DJ thought for a second and then turned to David.

“You thought about it?” He asked.

“Huh?” David replied, stunned back into the conversation.

“You think about what I asked you?” DJ asked impatiently.

“Oh yeah...yeah we can do that.”

DJ smiled.

“Fa sho. You rollin wit me then. Go wash ya face or something nigga.” DJ pointed David in the direction of the bathroom. When he was gone, Tank laughed and pointed after him.

“Was that cum on that nigga face?”

“Yeah.” DJ answered distractedly as he rushed into his clothes.

“And uh.....that fine?” Tank asked.

“Yeah.” DJ answered.

Tank was silent for a moment, letting everything sink in. Finally he shook his head.

“Man, they gonna start calling up Gay Block.” He predicted.

Darren laughed and unlocked the small cabinet above the counter where normal families kept bread. He looked at the assortment of guns and picked out a .35 to tuck in his waist band.

“They won't if they wanna keep they lives.” DJ replied. David walked up to him, face clean and DJ couldn't help but smile at him again.

“You lookin good shawty.”

“Gotta look good when I'm with my nigga.” David replied, smiling back at Darren.

“Man y'all niggas is gay!” Tank exclaimed as he turned and hurried out of the house. DJ waved him off and gave David one last look over. Everything looked in order, so DJ picked up the package of tainted weed from the counter and handed it to David.

“Whats this for?”

“Thats the weed you came over here for. You still gotta make ya delivery.” Darren smirked as he picked up his hat from the counter. He turned towards a mirror to put it on, but stopped. He moved the hat over in the reflection and nodded, then turned and held it out to David.

“Wear my shit.” DJ told him. David took the hat and pulled it on. Again, DJ gave him a once over and was satisfied.

“Now you look jood.....lets go.” Darren said heading out the door. David followed close behind and the two of them walked across the street to a little blue Cutlass. DJ slid behind the wheel and David in the passenger seat. DJ started the car up and was about to pull away from the curb when the back door opened and Gotti slid in behind him.

“Where you going nigga?” DJ asked him.

“I heard Marcus was in trouble. I don't know why he called you, but I'm going with.”

“Obviously he called me because he ain't wanna worry you.” DJ said.

“Well I'm worried so lets go.”

DJ thought about arguing the point but caught the look Jeremy was flashing him in the rear view and decided against it. With a sigh, he pulled away from the curb and sped off towards L Block hoping that Marcus was still alright.


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