Me And My Slut by William Weaver Jr.

I had been online all night, chatting away with various people in the chat room, trying to find someone near to me for a quick fuck. It's hard being in a relationship when your man is in jail but thats what I was going through. It had gotten to the point where masturbation wasen't enough and I need to find a freak-a-leek with a tight ass to satisfy me soon or I was gonna get blue balls. Nobody was interesting enough to talk to for more than a few minutes though and I was starting to push the idea of gettin some ass tonight out of my head when I got an instant message.

TopKilla619: S'good wit u nigga?

The screen name hooked me and when I checked out his profile I got hopeful again. From what his profile said, he was 23 years old and lived in the same city as me. Not only that, but he had some nice ass pics that got my dick hard. He looked like a little nigga, 5'4" or 5'5" at the most. He had a cute smile and some thick ass DSLs. His body was tight too, in one picture he had his shirt off to show his well defined, perfectly sculpted eight pack and my mouth started to water. Theres nothing that I like more than a bottom with a hard body and a soft ass. I hoped these were his pics since I knew a lot of niggas that stole they shit from someone else, but for now I decided to talk to him.

SexxxyChocolateBar: Chillin nigga. How u?

TopKilla619: Chillin too. Horny as fuck right now.

SexxxyChocolateBar: Word?

TopKilla619: Word.

SexxxyChocolateBar: So what you tryna get into nigga?

TopKilla619: I'm tryna get somethin up in me. I need some dick bad.

He needed some dick and I was in desperate need of some ass. I was about to ask for a picture when one showed up on the screen. Same person from in the profile pictures, and he had the best looking ass that I had ever seen. It even taperd at the hips to provide some nice handles for hittin that from the back. My dick was even starting to drool a little as I thought about fucking the shit out of this lil nigga.

SexxxyChocolateBar: So what you like to do son?

TopKilla619: Whatever yo, I'm a freak.

SexxxyChocolateBar: Would you let me take a shit in ya face?

TopKilla619: I don't know....maybe. Would you try?

Oh damn. Most people say 'hell no' when I ask that question but this one had thrown me off. I didn't know whether I was turned on or off, but then I took another look at that pretty black ass and decided that this might be fun. I wanted to ask him some more questions before I left the crib at 3:30 in the morning for a fake freak. That shit pisses me off.

SexxxyChocolateBar: Well, what would a nigga have to do to turn you on?

TopKilla619: Take my ass like we was in jail....bitch me out and treat me like a slut.

SexxxyChocolateBar: Damn yo, dats wats up.

TopKilla619: What about you sexy?

I had to stop and think for a minute because I'm a FREAK and a lot of niggas get scared when I start to list the shit that I'm into. I realized that it didn't really matter any ways, since I really wanted to see what this nigga was about. If he wasen't down, then that was that but I wanted to at least find out.

SexxxyChocolateBar: Well, I'm a 150% top nigga. I like a bout it ass bottom nigga that like to to get down and dirty. Suckin dick, getting fucked, smacked on the ass...havin that pussy wore out.

TopKilla619: You ain't said nothin yet yo. Thought u was a freak?

SexxxyChocolateBar: Oh aight. I like niggas that like to suck toes, eat ass, drink nut...dem freak boys that like to have they shit beat up all night long.

TopKilla619: Yeah yo, I love for a nigga to fuck the shit out my ass and call me a bitch while he pull my hair. Can you really fuck all night long?

SexxxyChocolateBar: Yeah. From dawn till dusk.

TopKilla619: Thats the kind of dick I need right now.

SexxxyChocolateBar: Yo, you like for a nigga to bust in ya face?

TopKilla619: Nah yo, I want it in my mouth first. I like to taste a nigga nut when it's fresh out his dick.

SexxxyChocolateBar: Word?

TopKilla619: Word.

He had me there. I couldn't resist a sexy ass nigga with a mouth full of my nut. Watching a cute little bitch on his knees with my nut dripping out the side of his mouth or running down his face was the sexiest shit on the planet for a nigga like me.

TopKilla619: So whats good yo? U wanna fuck?

SexxxyChocolateBar: Yea, where U at?

When he gave me his address, I realized that he was only like twenty minutes from me, within walking distance. So we set it up and everything, I told him I would be there in about fifteen minutes then got dressed and jumped in the car. I was there faster than the 15 minutes that I told him cause I was ready to see that ass up close, but when I got there, all the lights in the house were off. I was gonna be hella pissed if this nigga wasen't home. I walked up to the front door and rang the bell. I almost jumped outta my skin when the door swung open and a hand reached out, grabbing me by the shirt and pulling me into the dark house.

The door slammed behind me and I couldn't see anything while my eyes adjusted to the dark. I felt a hand on my dick and it started to grow as my zipper came down. The air hit the head of my dick and soon after I felt a hot mouth slip over the tip. It wasen't long before my dick was buried to the back of someones throat, and the fact that I didn't even know his fuckin name... or if it ever was him, made it even hotter. I started to pump away at his face and he inhaled my dick like it was pure oxygen. I could hear his low moans and I grabbed the back of his head. This was my second shock of the night. He had long hair. REAL long In his picture it looked like he had a short cut. Then I rememberd that he liked to have his hair pulled. It didn't matter to me either way cause this nigga was going to town on my dick and it felt mad good. He would take it deep into his throat and hold it, running his tounge all over my dick while it sat in his mouth. When he came up for air, he made a loud slurp that pulled the skin on my dick forward and sent a spasm down to my knees, which almost buckled.

"Yeah you bitch ass nigga, suck that mutha fuckin dick" I told him as I started to fuck his mouth harder and faster, wanting to spit a hot nut down his throat and see how he liked the taste of my cream. I was pulling his hair hard he he kept moaning louder, even though my dick never came out of his mouth.

"You ready for that nut nigga?" I was close and ready to explode, but just when I thought that it was time, he pulled his mouth off my dick and I heard him stand up. My dick started to get cold from all the spit that he'd left on it and I was wondering what the hell he was doing. I felt his hand reach out and take mine.

"Follow me yo, I want that shit in my ass." He led me through the house and I followed him closely. As we walked he reached back with his free hand and carressed my dick, keeping it hard. I decided to make my first move and after we walked into what looked like the dining room, I wrapped both of my arms around his waist and locked my lips around his neck. I began to suck on his neck like vampire and he moaned out in pleasure.

"Yeah nigga do that shit." he told me, voice heavy with lust and desire. As I kept working on leaving my mark on his neck, I reached down to his waist and felt for his belt. No belt because he was wearing sweatpants, which just made it eaiser for me to get his ass in the air. I shoved the pants down to his ankles and he stepped out of them. I copped my first feel and I knew that I was going to slay this boy pussy tonight. I guess he had the same idea as he steered my dick towards his ass. I felt my head poke through his cheeks and find its was to his asshole as if guided by a magnet. He moaned a bit as I pressed harder and let my dick push against his tight hole.

"Yeah nigga, go ahead and take my ass." He told me and bent over, rocking back and forth, teasing my dick with that tight ass. He knew I wanted to get up inside of him bad and I guess he couldn't wait either.

"Hell yeah nigga....yo, whats ya name?"

"Do it matter? You still gonna fuck me regardless right?" He asked me, pushing his ass back a bit more as if to entice me.

"Fuck yeah." I said pushing forward and sending my dick popping through that tight ring of muscle that held me back from being where I wanted to be. I heard him gasp in pain, understandable since I didn't really think I would be able to get up in him without any lube. "But I would like to know you name." I said as I took some time to let him adjust to my invasion.

"How about this?" He asked as he worked back slowly onto my shaft, my eleven inches slowly slipping up into his hot tight ass. "I'll tell you my name before we fuck again."

That was straight with me. This ass was good as fuck and I haden't even started to slam it yet. If he wanted me to fuck his shit again, that was fine with me. I pushed my dick in the rest of the way, about six inches, all at once and I felt him buckle and grab onto my legs, digging his fingernails into my skin, gripping anything that would stop him from screaming out in pain.

"Thats what you wanted ain't it nigga?" I asked him as I pushed further into him, making sure that every inch was up inside of this lil freaks ass.

"Hell yeah yo. Dat shit hurt so good." He put his head down on the table and I started to pull my dick out slow and then push it back in, building up a pace and letting his ass muscles contract and squeeze my dick. His ass was some of the best I'd had in a long time, even better than my mans, and I was dead set on giving him the best dick he'd ever had in his life.

"Stop playin nigga, fuck my pussy like I'm some bitch yo!" The nigga pushed his ass back onto my dick and started to impale himself on it, moving back and forth fast, helping my eleven inch monster tear up his insides with every stroke. He started to moan even louder than before and soon I took over. I smacked him hard on both ass checks and then grabbed a handfull of his hair, pulling back on it hard and jerking his head off the table. He looked straight ahead as I pounded his ass, laying the dick down both physically and verbally.

"Take that dick you nasty ass slut." I commanded him while I kept slamming my dick in and out of his ass harder and harder, balls slapping against his cheeks. It seemed like the more shit I talked, the more dick he wanted.

"Yeah I'm a slut nigga, I'm a fuckin slut...fuck my shit yo." He called out, breathless and gasping for air with every violent stroke I put on him. I could feel that familiar urgency build up in the head of my dick as I got closer and closer to blowin my load up in this nigga guts. My balls got tight and before I knew it, I was letting loose a fat nut straight up his ass. I didn't even have to tell him, because he felt almost 3 months of pent up juice explode out of my dick and shoot up into his hole.

"Yeah daddy, fill me wit dat cum yo....ahhhh fuck nigga! Bust all up in my ass!"

The more I nutted, the more he begged for more. After what seemed like forever, my dick stopped spittin milk and I pulled out of his ass slow. My dick made a popping sound as it came from his tight hole and I felt some of my cum run out of his ass and drip onto my dick. He clapped, and the lights in the room came on slowly. I got my first look at the damage that I'd done to that ass, and my dick got hard all over again. He was standing bent over the dining room table with his ass spread wide open, my cum dripping out and onto the floor. It was a pretty big puddle of cum, so I decided to see just how far I could push this nigga before he said no.

"Look at this shit you nasty ass nigga. You got my cum all over the floor and shit." I pulled his hair up and looked him in the eye. He had the most beautiful hazel eyes and I almost forgot what I was thinking about for a second, lost in his pretty ass eyes, but it came back to me.

"I'm sorry daddy." He answered. I could still hear the desire in his voice. Either he still haden't come down, or he needed some more dick. I was about to find out either way.

"I know you is bitch. Get that shit up." I told him and pointed at the cum. He started to walk off towards the back of the house, but I kept a hold of his hair and pulled him back to me. "Where the fuck you going?" I asked him and he looked confused.

"To get a clean up the cum like you told me daddy."

"I ment clean it up with ya mouth nigga. Get down on ya knees and eat my shit." I told him and pushed his head away. He looked at me with a questioning look, almost like he was daring me to force him to do it. So I grabbed his hair again and used it to pull him to his knees. I pushed his head down to the floor and rubbed it in my nut, getting it all over his face and lips before I pulled his head up and looked him in the eye again.

"You gonna eat that shit, or do I gotta whoop dat ass first?" I asked him, with a deadly serious expression on my face. He put his head down and was about to lick up his first taste of my nut when I jerked his head back up to look at me again. "Answer me when I'm talkin to you bitch!"

"Yes daddy. I'ma lick up every drop of your nut."

"Make it quick nigga, I want some more of that ass." I told him and let go of his head. His face dropped to the floor and he started to lick my cum off the tiles. I was sorta shocked that he actually did it, but seeing him on his hands and knees licking cum off the floor was, for some strange reason, keeping my dick at its full eleven inches. In fact, it felt like it may be trying to get bigger on me. I was tired of this and I wanted to see if he could take some more dick after that brutal pounding I'd given his ass not ten minutes ago. Grabbing him by the hair again, something he seemed to like more than me, I pulled him to his feet and saw the way my cum glistened on his face, on his lips. He looked sexy as fuck and I decided that this round, I would spit in his face. But first....

"Whats ya name nigga?" I asked him.

"Whatever you want it to be daddy." Is how he answered. This was a night full of surprises and, in the back of my mind, I was wondering how cool this would be as a permanant arrangement. This nigga obviously wouldn't be able to get enough, and that was a good thing since I could fuck for days.

"Your name is Slut."

"Ok daddy." Slut answered, bowing his head and looking at the ground. I wouldn't have ever thought that this niggas was so submissive by looking at him. He had a thugish vibe until he got some dick in his hand, and then he turned into a little bitch. Thats whats up.

"Come on slut, I want some more of that pussy." I pulled his hair, but he stayed put. "What the fuck is the problem Slut?"

"I didn't get all of your cum up pa." He answered, still looking down at the floor.

"We'll what are you gonna do about that?" I asked, wondering what his answer would be this time.

"I want to lay in it while you fuck my ass again daddy." Slut answered , looking up at me again.

That was fine with me. I pushed him back to his knees and shoved my still semi-hard dick in his mouth. He started to suck it just like it was his first time, taking it deep in his throat and coming back up on his own sweet time, sucking the hell out of my dick, and playing with my nuts, moaning like a little bitch the entire time.

"Yeah Slut, eat that dick up nigga." I told him as I started to run my dick in and out of his mouth hard and fast, holding his head so that he couldn't run away. I don't think he would have even if he could. No matter what I did, it seemed like the rougher I was, the more into it he was. I kept on fucking his mouth, watching those beautiful ass lips work my dick back to its full length. Slut let my dick fall out of his throat and went to work on my balls, gobbling my sack and sucking on my nuts like there was no tommorow while my wet dick dripped precum on his face. He would reach up on run his finger through the sticky pre nut and then rub it on my balls before putting them back into his mouth and going back to work.My legs were starting to feel weak, so I pulled my dick out of his mouth and tossed him down onto his back. Before I could drop to my knees, Sluts legs were in the air, ass wide open.

"Gimme that black dick daddy...fuck me like a slut yo!" Slut pulled his legs back as far as they would go gave me full access to that beautiful fucking ass. I was gonna lay it on the nigga this time. He would want no more dick for a while when I was done with his bitch ass.

I dropped down to my knees and spread his legs even farther apart, the I pushed my entire eleven inches back up into his ass. I don't know how, but it felt tighter than when I fucked him the first time. I decided that I would have to really fuck this ass this round and I went to work, driving my dick into his ass without mercy. Slut tried to wriggle away from me, but I wrapped by arms around his legs and pushed up on my toes, sending his legs back and started to slam fuck his ass. He wrapped his arms around my neck, pulling me close to him and whispering into my ear. His voice was deep already, but got deeper when he whispered and it drove me crazy. I started to really dig deep into his ass, pulling out and then ramming my dick back in as far as it would go.

"Oh damn daddy...fuck my ass nigga, yeah....hit that fuckin spot pa!" Slut couldn't get enough of my dick and I kept giving it to him like only I could. My SexxxyChocolateBar driving going in and out of his ass, each stroke harder than the one before until I was fucking him so hard that his eyes started to water and, without warning, his dick exploded, shooting jet after jet of creamy nut onto his stomach, gluing us together.

"Yes daddy, fuck that nut outta me pa....oh damn I love your dick nigga!" My slut moaned and groaned as the milk kept shooting from his dick and out onto his stomach. I don't think he would've stopped cumming at all had I not been ready to bust myself.

"I love that ass too nigga.....shit yo, you gonna mke me cum!"

"Bust that shit all over my slutty ass daddy....cover me in that milk!" Slut screamed out as I ripped my dick out of his ass and let his legs fall to the ground as I inched forward and aimed my dick at his open mouth.

A quick tug and like magic my dick started to shoot streams of cum into Sluts mouth and all over his face. He lifted his head in order to get more of it in his mouth and swallowed it all down, coating his throat with my nut while I pulled out the last few drops and wiped them on his face. Slut grabbed me by the base of my dick and stuck the head in his mouth, jerking and sucking at the same time to get every last drop of man juice out of my dick. He didn't want to take my dick out of his mouth, but after bustin two nuts, my dick was extra sensitive and letting him suck it was making my stomach hurt. So I pulled out and pulled him up by his hair.

"You like that dick Slut?" I asked, running my softening eleven through the pools of cum still on his face and letting him lick them off the head of my dick.

"Yeah daddy. I want some more." Slut answered me, licking my cum off the side of his mouth.

"Well go on and get in the bed. I gotta piss but I'll come and give you some more."

"You going to the bathroom?" He asked me, a smile on his face.

"Were the fuck else would I go?" I asked, already knowing his answer.

Slut opened his mouth and I smiled. Just when I thought that I'd pushed my slut far enough for one night he shocked the hell out of me. Slut reached out and put the head of my dick in his wide open mouth, licking at the head and playing with my nuts again. I grabbed my dick and held it over his mouth as Slut begged me to give him that Mountain Dew.

"Come on daddy...I'm thirsty nigga, gimme somethin to drink daddy." Slut begged, looking up at my dick with his tounge out.

"You really want me to piss down your throat?" I asked, making sure he wasen't going to move at the last second and I end up pissing all over my feet.

"Yes daddy. Piss all down my throat, all over my face...please daddy!"

Yeah. This nigga was a slut. I grabbed his hair and pulled his mouth onto my dick so that he could drink. It took a second but soon my hot piss was streaming out of the head of my dick and straight into his mouth. Slut sucked my dick like it was an infant with a bottle, every drop of my pee filling his mouth before washing down his throat and joining my cum in his stomach. The Slut couldn't get enough and even after I'd gotten rid of the last drop, he kept my dick in his mouth, sucking to make sure that I was dry before letting my dick drop from his mouth. He stayed on his knees until I grabbed him by the hair and lifted him to his feet.

"Was I a good slut, daddy?" He asked me as I pulled him to towards the back of the house.

"I don't know yet, I've still got some more dick to put in you. We'll see then."

"You can fuck me as many times as you want daddy. I want you to use me."

"Good. Because thats what I was planning to do anyways." I told Slut as I pushed him down onto the bed. I had a lot more for this nasty bitch. Tonight was going to be a long, interesting night with my new slut. Breaking him in and getting him trained to service my dick on the regular.


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