Set Up by William Weaver Jr.

Marcus Edwards rolled over in bed and squinted his eyes against the sun coming from the tiny window high on the wall. He rolls back over, sinks his head deeper into the pillow and thinks about actually getting up, but he's comfortable and it was Saturday so he didn't have shit to do so he said fuck it and rolled back over. Then, Marcus felt heat on his face. Not like a heater or anything. It was real gentle. Almost like someone else breathing.....

Marc's eyes flew open and he was instantly awake. He didn't remember falling asleep with anyone, but when Marcus saw Gotti laying next to him everything came back to him and he knew he was in some shit for real now. Gotti had been after him for the longest but Marcus didn't feel like doing the whole boyfriend thing. Now though, since he had finally gone ahead and done the deed, he knew that Jeremy was going to expect him to settle down and all that other bullshit. The nigga father was his connection too so he couldn't just start ignoring him. Even if he could he wouldn't want to because he really did want to be with dude one day down the line, just not right now.

All of it was really too much for Marcus to handle this early in the morning. Whats done was done and he would handle the problems as they came up. For now, he just slid his arm around Jeremy's waist and pulled him close. He had to admit, the nigga felt good next to him. They fit together perfect like hand in glove. Marcus closed his eyes, kissed Jeremy on the back of the neck and then drifted back off to sleep.....

“Gotti....yo! Ice!! Get y'all asses up!” Marc came out of his sleep what seemed like only a few seconds after falling off. He still had Jeremy wrapped up tight and was more than a little shocked when he looked up and saw Tank, DJ and Jeremy's brother Demarcus standing over the bed. They all laughed and looked down at the pair under the sheets as Jeremy finally started to wake up.

“Y'all niggas is gay.” Tank shook his head as Marcus and Jeremy just laid there. He turned away a second later when they started to kiss. “Y'all gay fa real.”

“Yeah, that shits not natural kid.” DJ said, still looking down at them.

“Tell that to my dick nigga.” Marcus shot back at DJ.

“I'm not tellin' ya dick a muhfuckin thing .” DJ shook his head hard, but Marcus knew different from personal experience. The boy had some skills for real.

“So I guess this mean y'all together now finally?” Demarcus asked even though he already knew the answer to that was 'no' because he knew Marcus better than anybody else. He was being an asshole and Marc made a mental note to fuck him up later on. At the same time, Marcus couldn't hold back a smile as Gotti snuggled closer to him. It was going to be even harder telling him that they couldn't be together right now since they'd been caught, so he figured he might as well play the part to the fullest for now.

Thankfully, Marcus didn't have to answer the question because somewhere in the room his phone started to ring and Marc pulled himself away from Jeremy to find it. He remembered that he was still totally naked a half second too late and the whole room got a peek at his half hard dick. Try as they might, not a person in the room could resist at least saying “damn”, which made Jeremy smile.

“You got a dick like a horse nigga.” Demarcus said, jaw hanging open.

“And you can ride it anytime you want.” Marcus grabbed it and pointed it towards him.

“Don't get it cut off.” Demarcus reached into his pocket and out came his knife.

“Bull shit cut it off. That's Gotti dick now.” Jeremy said and reached over the edge of the mattress to grab his boxers. He slipped them on under the sheets before he tossed the sheet back and stood up. Marcus finally found his pants and pulled his phone out of the pocket. He glanced at the number, frowned because he didn't recognize it, and then answered it.


“ this Ice?”

“Yeah. Whats good?”

“You got that drizz right?”

“Who this?” Marcus knew that this couldn't be someone he knew already because they wouldn't come out and ask for it like that. Who ever this dude was he was begging to get fucked up and then locked up.

“My name Jason.”

“Where you get my number?”

“From that nigga Dre. He said you served him proper.” Something about the way he said that caught Marc as funny, but he didn't think about it any more than that.

“Fa sho. What you need?”

“The whole shit yo. How much?”

“Buck fifty for you but don't go spreadin' that shit through the city. You get a deal cause that nigga Dre is straight.”

“Can you bring it to me?”

“What the fuck you think this is? Weed on Wheels?”

“I'll make it worth it son, don't worry.”

Marcus stopped for a moment and thought about it. It would be nice to add something to his little wad to start the day out. He could take Gotti shopping or something later. “Aight yo, where you stay?”

Marcus got a pencil and a scrap of paper from the floor and scribbled down the address. He told Jason he'd be there in about a half hour, hung up and started over to the other side of the room.

“.....all I'm sayin' is don't knock that shit till you try it Tanky Wanky.” Gotti was saying as Marc came up behind him. He handed Marc some fresh underwear over his shoulder and got a kiss in return. Marcus stepped into them and went for his clothes, but saw that Gotti had thrown them in the dirty clothes hamper.

“Yo nigga, why you put my shit in the hamper?”

“Cause it was dirty bitch,” Jeremy answered. “Wear some of my shit.”

“I can't fit yo shit Gotti. You like two sizes smaller than me.”

“So wear a muhfuckin belt. Its not that hard.”

Gotti came back across the room and took Marcus by the hand. He half dragged Marc over to the extra room that served as a massive walk in closet for the thousands of dollars worth of clothes Gotti owned. He never threw anything away, but he kept everything he owned in damn near new condition. “Pick what you want nigga and we'll make it fit.”

Marcus had to smile at that little nigga and he gave him a real quick kiss. Gotti went off with a massive grin on his face and Marcus turned back towards the closet..

An hour later, Marcus had showered, gotten dressed, kissed Gotti goodbye, and still managed not to do anything too boyfriendish. He walked down the street in a white t-shirt and dark blue jeans with his gold colors hanging from the back pocket. Jeremy had insisted that Marc wear his brand new white on whites, so he had to remember to watch where he stepped.

Marcus walked as fast as he could through the section of the city they called L Block which was separated from the 9th by about six blocks. Some other niggas ran the bit of space in between but they were scared shitless of everyone from his set so he was cool back in the middle. Everyone always said the L stood for Larceny, but as far as Marc was concerned it stood for LameassLosers. Whoever this nigga James was he was lucky he knew Dre cause otherwise he'd have had to come get it his self.

“Bad enough I'm walkin' in enemy territory wit my shit.....where the fuck this nigga live at?” Marcus asked himself in frustration. He almost answered back, but caught himself at the last second. He hated when he talked to himself, something about it seemed crazy. On the other hand, he gave himself the best advice and he never disagreed with himself either so it worked out nice he guessed. He shook the thoughts and pulled the scrap of paper with the address from his pocket. Dannon Street. Marcus stood on the corner and looked around for a street sign but instead saw a bunch of niggas wearing a whole lot of orange headed his way. Those L-Block lames.

Marcus forgot about finding Dannon Street and just started walking straight. He walked faster hoping he'd got away before they realized who he was or where where he was from. A quick glance over his shoulder gave him an answer and Marcus took off at a run while five or six dudes tried to catch up to him. Every step he took he felt like more of a bitch though. Running from these losers when he had the heat against his back was a total bitch move, but he'd had to choose between run or stay and fight five or six dudes on his own. Who knew whether or not they had burners too? Better to run now and explain later if it ever got back to the block. Marcus shot another glance over his shoulder and saw they were starting to drop off slowly but surely. He could probably out run the rest of 'em, but the G in him wanted to make sure he gave them something to remember.

Marcus slid into a tiny alley between a corner store and the old bottle return place and took the .45 from under his shirt. Four black faces popped around the corner at the same time and then turned white. Marcus gave a little grin that he hoped scared the shit out of them. They almost fell over each other trying to scramble away and As soon as he couldn't see them anymore Marcs tough front disappeared. He fell back into survival mode and started to look for an escape. Marc turned around and spots a low fence leading into an alley on the other. He hops over and takes off down the driveway coming out next to another corner store. Marcus looked around real quick before sliding into the store and heading straight for the back.

Marc took his time looking at the some dusty cans of fruit cocktail, keeping his eyes locked on the front. He watched the door for a good five minutes before grabbing a soda from the freezer and making his way to the front. Marc paid for the drink and asked the guy if he knew where Dannon Street was.

“A block that way.” He pointed and Marcus thanked him as he walked over to the door. He took a quick glance outside before sliding out of the store and heading off in the direction that the guy had pointed in, always keeping an eye out over his shoulder.

He made it to Dannon without any more problems and was glad to see that it was a small dead end street with only a few houses. He was even happier when the house turned out to be at the end of the block. That way he could see any trouble before it saw him.

Marcus knocked on the door once, waited and when there was no answer knocked harder. He was about to knock again when the door opened and this tall light skinned nigga answered the door. He was about 6'1” maybe even 6'2”, little chinky light brown eyes and long hair held back on his head with a black sweat band. He had buck teeth, but they didn't stick out much because of his thick brown lips. Dude had on a tight little white wife beater and some blue and gray ball shorts.

“Is Jason here.”

“You Ice?”


“Come on in son.” He smiled and stepped back to let Marc by.

Marcus stepped past the dude and felt his eyes follow. The door closed and dude pointed Marcus into the next room. They walked into the living room and Marcus stood over by the window, feeling that he should try to get this over as fast as possible.

“Relax nigga.” The dude came across the room and sat down on the couch. He flipped on the TV and started looking through the channels.

“Sooo....where Jason at?”

“Oh my fault yo, I'm Jason.”

“Oh aight nigga. Real quick, I know I told you one fifty, but you didn't tell me you lived on the far side of Larceny.”

“Thats a problem?”

“Uh. Yeah.”

“You must be from the 9th.”

“Yeah, so um....I'm chargin' you another twenty.”

“Fa what?”

“Hazard pay nigga. You want the weed or not?”

“Yeah, let me see it.”

Marcus finally moved away from the window and sat down on the couch next to Jason. He pulled a zip lock bag from his fifth pocket and layed it on the couch between them.

“Aight.” Jason said reaching into his pocket and taking out two hundreds. He held them out but Marcus looked at them and shook his head.

“I don't got change.” Marcus lied.

“Oh....well just gimme some more bud then.”

“No more of that either.” Marcus was telling the truth there.

“Well.....I'm sayin...thats like thirty dollars nigga. You gotta give me somethin'.”

“Somethin like what?”

Jason looked Marcus from top to bottom and licked his lips. “How 'bout some dick?”

“WHAT!?” Marcus jumped up off the couch and took a step back. Dude was bold for real and now it finally hit him across the back of the head that he'd never sold Dre any weed. Dre had a blunt that was already rolled when he'd got there and all he'd told Dre was that he hustled. “I'm not with that shit son. I'll run to the store down the block and bring ya change back or something.”

“Come on now nigga, lets not do that whole 'I know I get down but I can't let anyone else know' game. That nigga Dre told me all about it son. Whats good for real?” James stood up and moved towards Marcus. Marcus kept backing up until his back hit the wall. James pressed in close to him and grabbed Marcs dick through his jeans. “I can feel that shit gettin' hard already son. You know you wanna feel me put that shit down my throat,” James started to undo Marcs belt, but Marc stopped him and just gave his pants a quick tug. Everything came down all at once and James saw for the first time what he was getting into.

“What the fuck nigga?”

“See what you got ya self into tryna follow Dre?” Marcus flashed Jason a wicked smile and then reached forward, pulling him in closer and forcing him down onto his knees.

“Open ya mouth.” Marc directed but Jason just sat there staring at the massive dick hanging in front of his face.. “Open ya muhfuckin mouf bitch,” said Marcus jerking him forward by the hair. His mouth flew open and was instantly packed with dick. Marcus slid his fat cock slowly into Jasons mouth until he could feel the head pressing against the back of his throat.

“You like that dick in ya throat nigga?” Marcus asked him. Jason nodded his head and Marc pulled his dick out of Jasons mouth. He grabbed the glistening 13 inches of meat by the base and slapped Jason in the face with it. Jasons mouth fell open and his tonuge flicked out licking the tip of Marcs dick. Marcus grabbed Jason by the back of the neck and slammed his rock hard dick back down Jasons throat as far as he could.

“Suck that dick....suck it......choke on it nigga,” Marcus kept trying to force his dick as far down Jason throat as possible until he heard him starting to gag. Jason coughed and Marc pulled his dick out quick. The entire shaft was slimy wet with spit and Jason had thick trails of slob dripping down the side of his mouth. Marcus pulled his shirt over his head and tossed it on top of his pants.

“Get naked nigga.” Marcus said as he stood over Jason. Jason pulled his shirt over his head real slow and Marcus waited for him to kick off the shorts, but he didn't.

“You gonna take 'em off or what nigga?” Marcus asked.

“Make me.” Jason answered back with a nasty look on his face as he stood up.

“Oh so it's gonna be like that huh?” Marcus smiled.

“Fa sh....” James got cut off as Marcus dropped to a knee and slid forward. Jason tried to jump up but Marcus already had both arms around his waist. Marc stood, lifting Jason up off his feet, spinning him around and dropping down to the ground. Jason tried again to struggle away but he gave up at least fifty pounds and it was easy for Marc to work him onto his stomach and straddle him to hold him down. Jason put up a bit more of a fight than Marcus had planned on though and snuck out from under him. He got back to his feet and turned to dive at Marcus, but found himself wrapped up in a massive bear hug. Marc locked his hands behind Jasons back and ducked just a bit to the side before he put the squeeze on. Jason cried out in pain as Marcus leaned forward into him and broke him down to his knees. Marcus broke him down all the way to the floor and leaned over him.

“You gonna take 'em off?” Marcus asked, putting on a little more pressure.

“Fuck no.” Jason spit back and did his best to find a way to break Marcs grip. Marcus just laughed and ragged him around a bit.

“Thats not gonna work nigga, you not goin no where till I want you to. Now take ya muhfuckin pants off.”

“Aight pa....let me go a little?”

Marcus let up his hold a bit rolled to his back so that Jason ended up on top of him facing the ceiling. Jason slid off the shorts and kicked them aside as Marcus let him go.

“Damn you strong nigga.” Jason said as he slid off Marcus and up onto the couch.

“So am I gonna have to fight you for some ass cause if so I can still hit the store and get your change.” Marcus walked over and stood in front of Jason, dick still hard.

“Nah yo.” Jason said as he slid off the couch in front of Marcus and grabbed his dick. Marcus grabbed a handful of his hair and pulled his head back. Marc took a step forward and sunk his dick back into Jasons mouth. He started out slow and then worked up a rhythm, pumping his fat cock in and out of Jasons mouth as far as it would go.

“Deep throat it bitch.” Marc as he grabbed James head with both hands and pushed his dick all the way to the back of his throat. Marc pushed Jason back onto the couch and started to fuck him in the mouth. Jason was in Heaven with all 13 inches of Marcs sweet black dick trying to tear a new hole in his neck. As quick as he'd started, Marcus pulled James off his dick by the hair and pushed him back onto the couch.

Jason leaned back and watched as Marcus stood up on the couch and stepped over him. Jason opened his mouth to say something but Marcus was quick to stuff his dick inside and begin pounding away at the wide open mouth. His throat was starting to get sore, but Jason just sat there and ate as much of that dick as Marcus could give him.

“You like it bitch?” Marcus asked as he pulled his dick out of Jason mouth.

“Yeah nigga,” Jason said as he tried to catch his breath. He could feel his ass getting wet and he thought about how it would feel to have all of that dick inside of him. He tried to stand up, but Marcus shoved him back down.

“Where you goin son?” Marcus asked, dick in hand.

“I want you to fuck me nigga.” James said and lifted his feet up to the edge of the couch. Marcus stepped back and stoked his dick as he watched James slowly start to finger himself. James spread his legs a bit wider and added a second finger, keeping his eyes on the fat black pole that was pointed straight at his ass.

“You want this dick son?” Marcus asked, slowly stroking it from the base to the head as Jason continued to loosen himself up.

“Hell yeah thug. Beat my shit up.” Jason pulled his fingers from his ass and spread his cheeks wide for Marcus to see it drip. Marcus dropped to his knees and put the head of his dick at Jasons asshole and began to push it forward. Jason closed his eyes as he felt the first stab of pain shoot up his back followed quickly by another one as Marcus tried to force his further up Jasons tight ass.

“Let me in that pussy bitch....yeah hold it right there.” Marcus gave another push and Jason screamed out in pain as he finally shoved the head in. Jason had never been in this much pain in his life. He'd taken what he thought were some big dicks and he'd had dudes fuck him like animals but this was a different kind of pain altogether.

“Ah..fuck no....take the shit out.....” Jason whimpered. Marcus looked down at him with disbelief on his face.

“How you gonna get a nigga hard and then tell him to take it out.?”

“That shit HURT muthafucka.” Jason yelled.

“Yeah? Well, it's about to hurt a whole lot more.” Marcus said and thrust even deeper into Jasons ass. He could feel it tighten around him and Jason tried to squirm away but he was trapped between Marc and the couch so he wasn't going anywhere. Again, Marcus pushed forward and finally managed to get almost all of it inside. Jason wasn't making it easy though with all his squirming around and trying to pull it out.

“That shit is in you now shawty. Relax.” Marcus said but Jason wasn't trying to hear any of that. He pushed with all his might against Marcs chest until finally Marcus gave up. He pulled his arm back and slapped Jason hard across the face and then let his hand come to rest around Jasons throat.

Jasons cries of pain slowly turned into moans of pleasure as Marcus began to fuck him with slow, deep strokes. He pressed down harder around Jasons throat and felt the ass loosen just a little.

“Yeah son take that fuckin dick.....thats what you wanted right?” Marcus asked as he started to build up some speed.

“Ahhhyeah nigga I want that dick.”

Marcus took his hand from around Jasons neck and pushed his legs back. Marcus pulled his dick almost all the way out before stabbing it back into Jasons ass. Jasons mouth flies open to scream, but the sound gets stuck as Marcus pulls back and slams his dick back into Jasons ass again. Jasons eyes open and he sees Marcus looking down at him with a half smile on his face.

“Beast it right?” Marcus asked.

“” Jason could see though that Marcus had every intention of ripping his ass apart and it didn't matter what he said.

“You said beast it though nigga.” The smile grew as Marcus started to slam away at Jasons tight wet ass with hard, fast strokes. Jason could actually feel the head in his stomach and he loved it. As Marcus built up speed and really started to fuck him, Jason shut his eyes and concentrated on the fat black pole ripping into him. Every inch was setting his insides on fire but he didn't want it to stop for anything.

“Fuck my ass Ice...oh my fucking god nigga beat it up..beat it up thug.” Jason found his arms reaching up and pulling Marcus down into him and Marcus responded by slamming even more dick inside of Jasons dripping ass. Marcus rocked back and forth, hitting Jason right where he wanted it and loving every second of it.

Marcus stopped for a second to wipe some sweat off his face and then pulled his dick out of Jason. It made a nice wet pop as it came out and Marcus flipped Jason over onto his stomach before sliding his meat back inside of Jasons hole.

“Push it back nigga, get that dick.” Marcus slapped Jason on the ass as he started to slowly push back, working Marcs dick in and out of his hole. He could feel it starting to grow even bigger and knew that Marcus was close to shooting his load so Jason started to really bounce back now, wanting to see how much cum that massive cock could spit.

“Squeeze my dick wit ya ass shawty...make me bust my nut.” Marcus told Jason as he felt himself getting closer to cumming. Jason tightened his ass around Marcs dick and Marcus started to once again rip into Jason like an animal. Jason buried his face in the couch as Marcus stood on his feet and pumped inch after inch of huge black meat up his ass, drilling away at it like a jackhammer.

“I'm about to nut kid,” Marcus said, breathing heavy and still ramming his pole up Jasons ass.

“Cum for me daddy...all over my face nigga...yeah bust that shit on me Ice.” Jason started to push back, taking every inch of dick he possibly could until Marcus pulled out of him and stood up, beating his dick furiously. Jason rolled over and got back on his knees in front of Marcus, mouth open and tongue out licking the precum dripping off Marcs dick.

“Spit that shit thug....I wanna taste ya cum nigga....” Jason said and then slid down a little, pulling Marcs balls into his mouth which sent his over the edge. Marcus grabbed Jason by the hair and pulled his face in line with his dick. Marcs mouth hung open in silence as he shot the first blast of hot cream from his dick into Jasons mouth. Jason swallowed and then found himself being jerked forward by the hair. Marcus stuffed his still throbbing dick in Jasons mouth and felt himself blasting shot after shot of cum into Jasons mouth. Marc could feel Jason try to swallow it down, but as fast as he swallowed Marcus hit him with two more shots until finally Jasons mouth fell open and the cum started to drip from the sides of his mouth onto his chest.

It seemed like forever, but Marcus finally shot the last burst of cum from his dick and then dropped back against the couch, exhausted. Jason turned around and took Marcs still hard cock deep back into his mouth and sucked the remaining drops of cum from it.

Jason was still in his own world sucking Marcs dick when his phone rang. Marc expected Jason to answer it, but he didn't. A second later, there was a knock at the door. Again, Jason kept his mouth down on Marcs dick. The person at the door though wouldn't go away and eventually Jason was forced to see who it was. When he came back into the room, he had a look of sheer terror on his face.

“Get upstairs nigga.” Jason whispered as he ran around the room grabbing Marcs clothes.

“What the fuck?” Marcus asked, shocked and surprised.


Something about the way Jason said that sent Marcus into motion. He took his clothes from Jason and took the stairs two at a time to the second floor and ducked into a bedroom. Downstairs he heard the door open and Jason cry out in pain.

“Who the fuck you got in here?” Another voice. One he didn't recognize.

“Nobody nigga....nobody.” Jason sounded like he was crying, or about to cry.

“What the fuck took you so long to come to the door?”

“I was upstairs in the tub.” Jason answered.

“I don't care where you was ho I need my dick sucked. Next time I call you better answer.”

“I will daddy...I promise.”

“And if I find out you had some nigga from the 9th in here you know whats gonna happen.”

“I know daddy, never that...they can't fuck me like L-Block can.”

Upstairs, Marcus was about to throw up. This nigga was L-Block pussy and now he was upstairs in a closet hoping to God he didn't get found.

With no other options and wanting to get out of here as fast as possible, Marcus picked up his phone and dialed a number. The other line picked up and Marcus delivered his message.

“Yo, tell Amp I'm in some shit over on L-Block and I need him. Come by his self. Its 112 Dannon Street. Don't knock or ring the bell, but call me when he get to the end of the street.”

He hung up, knowing that Amp would be on his way in less than five minutes. Hopefully that was fast enough. Marcus turned his phone ringer off and the vibrate on and waited trying to make as little noise as possible.

To Be Continued.....


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