The Wait by William Weaver Jr.

It was a hot, hazy summer night, and the city was just waking up for Friday night. Marcus Edwards looked out of his window and tried to figure out what he was going to get into that night. The clubs were out of the question. It was too hot to be packed inside a dark room with a hundred drunk, musty people. Maybe he could head down the way and check out them niggas on the 9th. Yeah. It was always something poppin' down there.

Marc tossed the sheets off his naked body and onto the floor. They were all sweaty and needed to be washed. As he stood and stretched, his hard dick, stood straight out at its full twelve inches. Marc runs his hands over the du-rag keeping his shoulder length braids tight as he walks towards the bathroom and turns on the hot water. The bathroom starts to steam up and Marc adjusts the water before stepping under the red hot spray.

The hot water felt good. He stood under the shower head, an expensive looking massage head he'd gotten from Wal-Mart, and let the water pound against the back of his neck, making sure to keep the ends of his braids underneath the plastic cap placed over his du- rag. As the water runs down between his muscular shoulder blades, blazing a trail down his spine and through into the tightly clenched crack of his ass, Marcus feels the tension of the past week fade away. Work had been more than hectic, his boss on his back about every little thing for no reason. Maybe she was on her period. If so he hoped that she was straight by Monday.

Marcus pushes his boss from his mind.

"Fuck dat bitch. A nigga got tha weekend off and I'ma have some muhfuckin fun." Marcus tells himself as he picks up the soap and steps back from the spray of the water.

He runs the bar across his broad chest, taking time on his new tattoo, `ICE' written across his left pec with his nipple in the center of the C, and a small diamond poking out from the nipple. On his right pec, the word `MAN' written with the nipple in the center of the A and a matching diamond.

He quickly ran the bar over his hard-earned six packs and down to what one nigga called the best tasting dick in all of New York State. It hung limp on his leg, soap and water running down its massive length. Even soft it was impressive, at least six inches with a large dark brown head that gave way to a dick that most dudes Marcus encountered refused to be fucked by. The few that did take the dick always came back for more. The gift and the curse. Marcus always paid special attention to his nuts. Almost as impressive as his dick, they hung low between his leg at all time except right before was about to bust a nut. He liked when a nigga paid special attention to his nuts.

Marcus was brought back to reality by the sound of the phone ringing. He stepped out of the shower, and rushed to the phone, almost tripping over his dog Marcus jr. He reached the phone just before the answering machine picked up.


"Yo, Marc! ICE muthafuckin MAN, where you at yo?"

"Where the fuck did you just call Deebo?" Marcus hated when niggas asked stupid ass questions.

"Oh yea. Anyways nigga, what yo ass doin tonight?" Deebo was his mans from way back. Kindergarten days and shit.

"Nothin man. `Bout to swing through the spot and see what ya'll niggas up to."

"Dats what's up son. Yo, Gotti said stop by."

"How that sexy lil fucka doin?" Marcus couldn't help but smile every time he though about Deebos' little brother Gotti. He knew it would never work though. Despite having big brothers blessing, Gotti wanted a nigga that was ready to settle down. Marcus wanted to fuck as many niggas as possible before he committed to one. It would be Gotti if he waited that long, but if not, oh well.

"He aight. Runnin around here actin like a lil fuckin sissy cause I washed his flag wit some bleach by mistake." Deebo laughed and Marcus knew that it hadn't been a mistake.

"Why you always ruinin' that man clothes? I bet it was over some ol nonsense."

"Dat nigga spilled grape juice on my new white on whites." Deebo waited, knowing that there was no way that Marcus could argue. He would have done the same thing…probably worse.

"Well, tell him I'll get him another one."

"What about my sneakers?" Deebo sounded hurt. Like how could this nigga forget about my purple on white on white sneakers? "Give up dat ass and I'll buy you whatever kicks you want." Marcus said. He knew that Dee wasn't like that, but he liked to test him sometimes.

"Never dat son. Stick to my brother on that one."

"Whatever son, I'ma get them cakes one day."

"Only if you fuck dead niggas. I'm out fruit boy."

"Aight you fuckin twat sniffer. I'ma be up there in like twenty minutes."

Marcus hung up the phone and put it back on the hook. Running into the bathroom, he turned off the now cold water and wrapped a towel around his waist. Moving back into the bedroom, he opened his closet and took a look inside.

After a long debate, Marcus settled on a long navy blue tank top over an even longer white t-shirt, a pair of knee length blue shorts, worn extra low with a belt to keep them in place. He threw on a dark blue K-Swiss's with red laces and then turned towards the dresser where he kept his various necklaces. He reached out and took a long white gold necklace with a thick "Iceman Cometh" diamond studded name plate. He also put on his RKO pennant, tucked under his shirt. A reminder that everything can change in an instant. Next, he choose an ear ring from the assortment underneath the necklaces. After putting it in, he opened the bottom right drawer of his dresser. On top a pile of white tees were two guns. A .45 and a .38 special. He debated on which one, if either, he should take with him.

Knowing that the hatin ass dudes from on L-Block couldn't stand to see the 9th get money with superior product and better service, Marcus takes both guns. He checks the clip in the .45 and makes sure the safety is on before sticking it between his belt and his jeans. The cold steel on his spine kept him alert, it kept him reassured that he could handle any situation. With the .38, he emptied all the rounds and stuck the gun inside the special fourth pocket Deebos mother had sewn into a few pairs of his pants in order to hide valuables from the police.

Marcus tossed a fitted on his head and grabs his keys before heading out the door and onto the street. It wasen't a long walk from the crib to the block, so Marc decided to walk. He waved to a few people he recognized as he walked down the street, stopping only once when a white boy passing by had discretly asked him if he had any weed. Normally, he wouldn't sell to him, seeing as he could very well be a cop, but something about opie seemed to be on the up and up. And hooking him up with a bucks worth of the finest, Marcus continued on his way.

Marc was at the corner of 7th and Salina when it started to rain. The sudden downpour made him scramble to get underneath the shelter of a nearby bus stop. Looking around, he saw no place to hide out until the rain passed. He haden't know anyone over here since his grandmother moved from the old apartments down one 4th street.

There was one long shot...if homie still lived there…shit, if he even remembered Marcus.

Racing from under the shelter and out into the rain, Marcus sprinted across the street and, dodged a car before coming up on the curb and crossing the street again. Marc jumped up the three small steps leading to the tan granite buildings walk way. A few more leaps and Marcus pulled open the heavy glass door, happy to be out of the rain again.

His eyes turned to the buzzers. He quickly found number 16 and pressed it firmly, long enough for a short buzz to go off. He waited and was about to ring the bell again when a deep, out of breath voice came over the intercom.


"Uh…it's Marcus. One of Dre's friends. Is he home?"

There was a pause, and for a second Marcus thought he may have rang the wrong buzzer.

"I don't know no nigga named Marcus."

"Dre? That's you? Yo, it's me Marcus…my grandmother used to live down the street we used to play after school….Ice nigga."

Another pause, and then a loud mechanical click as the security door was unlocked. Marcus walked through the door and was hit hard with deja-vu. Here was where he'd had his first kiss, gay or straight, right here in this hallway with Dre. It had been the day he and Dre became experimental fuck buddies…at the age of 15. Walking up the steps, Marcus remembered how it had happened. It was Labor Day, but it was also Andres birthday. Marc was there for the party, and had been choosen by Dre as the one friend allowed to spend the night. After the other guests had left, Marcus and Andre spent all night in the hallway. Mostly, they fucked with people on the local chat line. Around midnight, it had started to rain and neither of them though much of it until the power in the building went out. Now, they were stuck in the hallway, three floors down from Dres apartment. They didn't want to walk the stairs in the pitch black stairwells, so they opted to stay where they were at they back of the building in the laundry room. They moved close to each other in the dark and began talking. Talking about anything to keep it from being quiet. The conversation had turned towards sex, as it often does with boys of that age. Dre had expressed his disgust at finding out that, when he was younger, his father had left his mother for another man. He couldn't for the life of him see how you could give up pussy for dick.

"I guess you can't knock it till you try it." Was all Marcus had said.

"I guess…." The silence that followed was deafining, but Marcus preferred the silence to what came next.

"I want you to fuck me tonight while my moms is gone." Marcus hadn't expected that. Not in a million years. He was silent, turning it over in his head. Despite his "don't knock it till you try it" attitude, he himself wasn't all that fond of the pansies that ran around the school trying to flirt with him. Now, he had to decide if he should but the blows to his best friend, and he had to decide quick because the light had just flickered back on. Both of them stood, walking quietly out of the room. Dre reached the stair first at took them two at a time up to the next landing, eager to get back to the apartment after being stuck in the basement so long. As he moved, Marc couldn't help but stare at his butt. It looked good underneath the loose basketball shorts he had on. It was firm, but still big enough to make a print on the mesh. Marcus averted his eyes when he felt a tingle in his balls and his dick began to stir.

"Wait up nigga!" Marcus called out as he himself sprinted up the stairs. Dre was halfway down the hall and Marc had to run to catch up to him.

"Hold on son…"

"What…" Dre turned and stepped forward to run back as Marcus finally reached him. He was moving to fast to stop himself, and collided with Dre. Instead of falling over though, Dre was pushed back against the wall. Marcus fell forward as his support moved backwards and ended up with his lips pressed full against Dres. A fleeting moment of panic and disgust gave way to something else. Marcus' lips were on autopilot as he felt Dres soft caramel soup coolers press firmly against his own. Dres lips parted, as did Marcs and two tongues snuck out, coming in contact with each other and beginning what would be the first of many explorations. Marcus' hands moved down and came to rest on Dres firm ass, lifting and squeezing, feeling the intensity of his kiss strengthen as Marcus kneaded his ass cheeks together. Dre reached back with one hand and pulled the band of his shorts down, allowing Marcus to feel the smooth warm skin, run his hands through the crack of his friends' ass and begin to search for home.

When he found it, all warm and puckered, Marc pushed his finger against it and Dres knees buckled. Marc pushed harder, pressing his mouth firmer against Andres at the same time. Dre let out a long low moan as Marcs insistent finger probed at his hole. Dre pulled his mouth away from Marcus and breathed into his ear. "I want you to fuck me Marc."

Marcus pulled his finger from Dres ass and kissed him once more before grabbing him by the hand and leading him upstairs. Marcus had fucked Dre twice that night. The first time, he'd taken it slow, making love to his friend and letting him dictate the pace. The second time, he had torn into Dres newly fucked asshole with a passion. Dres moans and screams of pain only fueled Marcus on until finally he had given Dre his first nut up the ass. They'd fallen asleep butt naked under the covers with Marcs still hard dick lodged deep in Andre's ass.

Now, five years after the last time they'd seen each other, Marcus couldn't wait to see the first man that he'd ever made love to again. As he climbed the last few steps to the second floor, he tried to imagine how Dre looked now. No doubt he was still finer than a muhfucka.

Marcus pulled open the heavy brown door separating he stairwell from the apartments and found the door to number sixteen left cracked. He pushed it open and walked into the same apartment that he remembered from way back when. Aside from a few posters put up in the living room, nothing had changed.

"Yo Dre?" Marcus called out, not seeing anyone.

"I'll be out in a minute son." Marcus heard the voice coming from the bathroom, so he moved across the living room and over to Dres room. He took a seat at the desk and turned on the computer. On the desktop, was a picture of a short, brown skinned nigga taking some major dick with a look of sheer pleasure on his face. "Dats that nigga Shorty J. Best thing to happen to Cocodorm in a year." Dres head appeared around the door frame. His beautiful lips pulled back in an ever more beautiful smile. Marcus melted as Dre stepped into the room, dripping wet from the shower Marcus expected.

His body was to die for. A bit skinny for Marcus' taste, but the nigga was still bangin. He had grown to about 6'2", 200 pounds. His braids still rivaled Marcs, but were noticeably shorter. The only change that Marc noted was his eye color. When they were kids, his eyes had been light brown. Now, they had turned to a deep emerald green, which made his face even more attractive to look at.

"How you end up here after all these years?" Dre walked into the room and sat down on the bed. Marcus watched as he leaned over to the dresser next to the bed and took out a pair of shorts. He averted his eyes, but kept watch through the reflection in the computer screen as he pulled the shorts on and slid them up underneath the towel that was around his waist. The towel came off and Marc caught a quick glimpse of Dres hairless dick before the shorts concealed it from view.

"I was on my way over to my boy Gotti crib when it started raining. I ain't wanna fuck up my rows and I thought you could use a little company." Marcus smiled and Dre laughed. "Nigga if you wanted to get out of the rain, jut say so." They both laughed and Dre stood to leave the room. "You came to the right place."

Marcus had still been laughing and only caught the end of Dres comment.

"What'd you say son?"

"Nothing. You blaze yo?"

"Hell yeah."

From the living room, the floor suddenly shook when Dre turned the stereo system on. A few seconds later he walked back into the room with an ash tray puffing a dutch. Thick blue smoke escaped from the corner of his mouth as he passed the dutch to Marcus who hit is once and passed it back. Dre sat down on the bed and Marcus moved next to him, keeping a friendly distance.

"So how you been nigga?" Marcus asked. Dre passed him the blunt. "I been good son. Can't complain. Crib to my self, car, job I don't need cause my moms still spoil her baby boy and whoever he may happen to be with at the time. My shit is straight."

Marcus took another hit and then passed it back as Dre asked what he'd been up to.

"Hustlin' son. 24/7 three hundred sixty one days a year." Dre looked at Marc sideways as he blew smoke out the other side of his mouth.

"361?" He asked as he passed the blunt back to Marcus. "Yeah." Marcus took a puff and then passed it back to Dre. "Four birthdays. Jesus, my mothers, mine, and my boos."

"So you got a girl?" Dre asked, tipping the ash off the end of the blunt into the ash tray and then passing it back to Marcus.

"Nah. I can't stand bitches." Marcus answered. Dre smiled, and when Marcus passed the dutch back Dre moved a little closer.

"So what, you just don't have one for now or…." Dre pressed further.

"Well, if you must know, I happen to like the way a tight ass feel around my dick after a nigga wit some nice lips and pretty green eyes deep throat it."

It was Marcs turn to smile as Dre choked on smoke he was taking into his lungs. As he recovered, Marcus moved in quickly, aiming his lips for Dres and finding his targets wide open. Marc sunk his tongue into Dres mouth and wrapped an arm around his neck.

Dre resisted at first, but gave in when Marcus leaned over him, pushing him backwards onto the bed and going for the kill. Marcs tongue swirled around in Andres mouth and soon Dre was returning the favor, his tongue slipping into Marcs mouth and exploring the back of his throat.

Marcs hand traveled south, making it's way down into Dres boxers. He took hold of what had grown from a mere six or seven inches back in the day to a piece of meat that was nearly as long as his own. It wasn't nearly as thick, but he was sure that it had done some damage to plenty of asses.

Dre moaned in Marcs mouth as Marcus pushed away his shorts and pulled his lips from Dres. After taking a quick look at what was probably about eleven inches of dick, Marc devoured it, wetting his lips he went down on Dres dick, causing him to moan even louder.

"Ssssshit son…." Dres hands found the sides of Marcs head and pushed him down on the dick even further, lodging it deep in his throat and holding it there. Marc held Dre in his throat until Dres thighs started to spin in front of his eyes before coming up for air. As he did, Dre kicked his shorts aside and started in on Marcs belt. Marc stood up and shoved his shorts down. Dre dropped with them and went to work on Marcs dick.

He started with just the head in his mouth, working his tongue and building up some saliva for the task at hand. Dre started to take more of the dick into his mouth a little at a time. Marc caressed the side of Dres head, comforting him at the same time as he coaxed him to swallow more of his huge cock.

"Yeah son….nice and slow….gets that shit in down in ya stomach son…." Marc leaned his head back against the wall and watched Dre go to work. Sliding his lips slowly up the length of Marcs shaft, and then back down, taking a little more each time.

"Look at me nigga." Marc demanded and Dres eyes snapped up. Marc looked deep into his beautiful emerald eyes and almost bust right then. He was sure Dre wouldn't mind, but he had other plans. Reaching down, he grabbed Dre under the chin and pulled his face up.

Dre crawled up Marcs body and locked his lips against Marcs again. Marc wrapped one hand around the back of Dres head, and sent the other snaking down towards home base. Gently, Marc parted Dres cheeks and let his finger guide him straight to the promised land.

Dres ass poked out as Marc applied a bit of pressure.

"You like that son?" Marc asked when Dre came up for air.

" Mmmhhmmm…finger me Marc."

Marc locked his mouth on Dres neck and pushed forward into his ass hole at the same time. Dres head shot back and he let out a squeal of pleasure. Marc laughed, but only took his mouth off Dres neck for short spurts in order to talk some shit.

"Fuck yeah nigga…finger fuck my pussy son…I can't wait to fell yo dick up in my ass."

"What you want nigga?" Marc asked quickly, taking a deep breath before going back to work on Dres neck.

"I want yo dick nigga." Dre moaned, rotating his ass on Marcs finger as Marc prepared to add a second. Dres ass was dripping and Marcus knew that he was going to have to slay this pussy before he left. "Say it again son." Marcus commanded. He liked to hear a nigga beg for his dick before he fucked them.

"I WANT YO DICK NIGGA!" Dre yelled, almost over the sound of the music still coming from the living room. Marc slapped him hard on the ass twice and watched him throw his head back, moaning in pleasure.

"Gimme a condom." Marcus muttered.

"You clean right son." Dre asked reaching into the dresser.

"Took a shower an' everything." Marcus joked.

"You know what the fuck I mean."

"Of course son." He was. He wouldn't lie about that, especially not to Dre.

"Fuck the condom then. Here go the lube. Bust my shit open son." Dre bent, chest on the bed and reached back to spread his cheeks. Marc took a look at Dres tight little butthole before pouring KY all over it and pressing the head of his dick at the entrance to Dres waiting ass hole.

"You sure you want this Dre?" Marc asked, mostly teasing, knowing full well this was what they both wanted.

"I been sure for five years nigga. I want you slay my shit."

He pressed hard against Dres hole and they both moaned when his head popped through Dres tight sphincter.

"Oh shit….shit…damn that dick nigga…." Dre arched his back as Marc pushed another inch of his dick up into the warm waiting ass. "Damn thats some good pussy son." Marcus pushed again, slowly working his dick into Dres ass, which was clenching all around him. "If its good fuck it. Fuck me now nigga!" Dre moaned, the flung his head into the pillow as Marc stood up and pushed the final six inches into Dres hole. Marc heard another tearing sound, and Dre screamed out in pain. Marc pulled out of Dres ass, sending Dre collapsing to the bed.

"Why you stop?"

"Cause you screamed nigga. I'm not tryna hurt you or nothin." "See, that's the thing. I want you to hurt me. I been waitin five years for you to ring that buzzer so I could get you back up here and get some more of that dick. Now fuck me, and don't stop till you make me taste ya nut."

Marc didn't need to hear any more. He pushed Dre back down onto the bed and climbed up his back, positioning his the head of his throbbing dick on Dres hole and then sliding forward until all twelve inches were back inside. Dre pressed his face into the pillow and moaned something as Marcus pulled out and quickly sank back in, loving the feeling of Dres tight ass clenched around his dick.

“Lift ya head nigga…let me hear you.” Marcus said, grabbing Dre by the ends of his braids and pulling his face out of the pillow. Instantly, he could heat Dres heavy breathing and low moans every time that he drove home. He looked down and watched his thighs bounce off Dres ass, making it jiggle in time to his thrusts.

“Dats what you been waitin on nigga?” Marcus asked as he pulled Dre up onto his knees and planted his own feet on the edge of bed. Marc leaned down over Dres back, releasing Dres hair and slipping his hand around his throat.

“Hell yeah son…gimme dat dick….gimme what I want pa.” Dre leaned his head back and rested his face beside Marcs, trying to get a kiss from this odd angle. Marcus pulled back on Dres neck and lifted his chin up.

“Just worry about takin’ that dick.” Marcus warned, lifting up on Dres chin and giving him a quick kiss before resuming his heavy ass pounding with renewed dedication.

Marcus released Dres jaw and let his feet slip back onto the floor. Then, with savage force, he slammed his dick back into Dres ass, causing him to scream out it pain and pleasure.

“OH SHHH….Damn nigga don’t do that daddy.” Dre pleaded. Marcus pulled out slowly and once again slammed the full twelve inches of his dick into Dres ass, harder than the first time. Dre tried to pull away, put Marcus caught him by the hair and leaned forward, pinning him close to the wall.

“You said this what you wanted….wanted me to hurt you.” Marcus taunted Dre as he slid slowly back out. “Ain’t that what you wanted?” Marcus moved the head of his dick back and forth inside Dres wet asshole, loving the sound that his dick made as it popped in out of his dripping wet pussy.

“No…don’t…” Dre began, but Marcus cut him off. Instead, Dres breath caught in his throat as Marcus drilled deep in his ass once again.

“That’s not what you said? You didn’t want me to slay ya pussy and fuck you till you tasted my nut?” Marcus asked, once again pulling his dick out and playing it at Dres entrance. Marcus expected Dre to continue begging him off, but apparantly, Dre had other plans in mind.

“Yeah I said it nigga…do something.”

Marc drove forward with such power that Dres head slammed against the wall, but instead of stopping, Marc continued to drive his dick in and out of Dres ass, loving the small grunt that some times changed into a long moan when he hit the right spot.

“Hit dat shit…hit dat shit harder….harder nigga harder…” Dre moaned and Marcus climbed back onto the bed, gripping Dre by the shoulders and began to really assault his ass with short powerful stokes straight from the hips. Marcus slammed forward again and again, each time harder than before until Dre was sobbing uncontrollably, but still begging for more.

“Oh damn daddy….ya dick hurt so good Ice…gimme all of that dick pa, DAMN!” Dre screamed out, almost over the music still blasting in the background. Marcus obliged, giving him all he could handle and then some, stretching Dres hole wider with each stroke up into his guts.

“You like that dick nigga?” Marcus asked.

“Call me a bitch nigga.” Dre demanded.

“You like that dick BITCH!” Marcus asked, slapping Dre hard on the ass as he drove in two more times.

“Fuck yeah I like it daddy!” Dre arched his back and pushed his ass back, clenching his spincther tight around Marcs shaft each time it slid out of his ass, milking Marcs dick every time he slammed it home.

“Yeah, I bet you love that dick bitch…” Marcus moaned as he felt himself getting closer and closer to busting his nut.

“Yeah I love it nigga….gimme that dick daddy….fuck me like I’m a bitch pa.” Dre kept pushing back to meet Marcs strokes, whimpering every time Marcus split his guts, but still not able to get enough.

Marcus stopped suddenly and pulled out of Dres ass, flipping him over and throwing his legs up in the air. Quickly, he slid his dick back in, picking up right where he’d left off fucking Dre with no mercy while his free hand gripped Dres dick.

“Place ya bets nigga….I’ma make you spit in how many pumps?” Marcus asked. He could feel that Dre was close from the way his dick wouldn’t stop throbbing and the way it seemed to have a mind of his own when Marc took the precum forming on on the tip of Dres dick and used his thumb to slowly rub it all around the head.

“I don’t know…” Dre moaned, on the brink of eruption.

“Five.” Marcus started the bidding, looking to focus Dre on something besides the twelve inches of rock hard chocolate black dick invading his asshole and the bucket of cum threatening to explode from his own dick.

“Ok five, just make me spit daddy….make ya bitch bust his load for you pa.”

Marcus sighed and, realizing that Dre wouldn’t be able to hold back, went for the kill. He began to tug on Dres dick with long steady strokes, perfectly in time to the deep powerful strokes he was blasting up Dres ass. Four hard strokes later, Dre screamed out that he was about to cum, and then covered Marcs hand with shot after shot of creamy white cum. Marcus took this opportunity to get in a few more hard strokes before pulling out quickly and shoving his dick in Dres face.

“Bust all over my grill daddy….yeah cover ya bitch in cum.” Dre moaned, moving his face underneath Marcs dick and juggling his nuts with his tounge. Marcus felt a familiar sensation move through his balls as Dre sucked first one, then the other into his mouth. Without warning, Marcus let go of his dick and shot a thick stream of cum onto Dres face. He felt Dre take hold of it and slip his mouth over the head, sucking every drop of cum from his dick. As the last drop fell onto Dres tounge, he pulled away and watched as Dre looked him in the eye and swallowed.

Marcus collapsed on top of Dre, pressing their lips together and enjoying the feeling of their bodies against each other.

“I love you Marcus.” Dre whispered.

Marcus stood up and searched quickly for his shorts. Dre got up too, looking worried.

“Whats wrong? I thought you was spendin’ the night.” He asked as Marcus found his pants and begin to pull them onto his legs.

“Nothin…I’m just late. I was supposed to drop some stuff of a few hours ago.” Marcus answered, trying to get dressed as quickly as possible. As he pulled up his pants, he searched for the gun that had been tucked in his waist band. He spotted it as he kicked Dres sheets aside and made to pick it up, but Dre was closer and before he knew it, Dre had him staring down at his own .38. Marcus smiled, knowing what Dre didn’t.

“What Dre, you gonna hold my dick at gunpoint?” Marcus joked, causing Dre to look even angrier. He made a move to stand, and as he did, Marcus grabbed the barrel of the gun in one hand, using the other to push it away from his face. In a single, sweeping move, Marcus pushed up and backwards on the barrel, trapping Dres hand in the trigger and causing his finger to bend backwards.

As Dre cried out in pain, Marcus pulled the gun down and away from Dre. The gun slid smoothly back into his hands and Dre clutched his finger against his chest. Marcus had thought, for a second, about breaking it. He’d decided against it though and just pointed it Dres head. This would be more interesting anyways.

“Next time you point a gun at me…” Marcus began as made a show of disengaging the safety, and pulling back on the trigger. The air filled with the hollow ‘CLICK!’ of the hammer hitting where the bullet should be, “...make sure its got bullets.” Marcus tucked the gun back in the waist of his pants, glad that he hadn’t loaded it before leaving the house.

“What the fuck ever then nigga. You act like you got the best fuckin dick in the world!. Get the fuck out son!” Dre yelled at Marcus as he picked up his shirt from the floor. Dre pushed him towards the door and he resisted the impulse to punch him in the face. Instead, he grabbed his coat off the door and headed out into the living room with Dre following him closely.

Dre ripped the door open and shoved Marcus out into the hallway before slamming the door shut in Marcs face. Marcus could hear Dre shout something about his finger inside, but he didn’t even care anymore. He turned and pushed open the heavy brown door leading to the stairwell and made his way quickly down the stairs and out of the building.

The end.


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