Tytrey Store by William Weaver Jr.

Treyshawn Nelson sat at the back of his English class slouched down in his seat, faking attention to the boring substitute droning on at the front of the class and wondering what he was going to do after school. The regular teacher was supposedly pregnant, but Treyshawn just thought she was a fat bitch who wanted some time off. Regardless, she'd been out for the last week or so and he'd been using the 80 minute English class to play PSP or listen to music. She was going to be pissed enough about having to come back, he figured there was no use singiling himself out by giving the sub a hard time like everyone else. Add to that the fact that he'd been hornier than usual for most of the day. It seemed to have a mind of it's own and these teeny tiny desks weren't doing anything to hide it. He shot an anxious glance at the clock. Just a few more minutes.

“Then....after you put the ending on..........anyone know?” the sub asked timidly.

“You flip that bitch over and-” started one of the guys at the front of the room named Marco. He was always saying something he thought was funny that wasn't in the slightest. For once the bell had cut him off and Treyshawn bolted out of his seat and towards the rush of bodies heading out into the hallway.

He almost didn't see Tyrelle Breck standing across the hallway, leaning against the wall. When he did he couldn't help but smile to himself. Tyrelle was a fucking beast...a sexy one that is. He was tall and lanky with striking green eyes that he claimed were due to his being mixed. He had smooth caramel skin that was damn near blemish free save for the scar on the right side of his face from the one time he and Treyshawn had ever fought a few years back. He stood about two inches taller than Trey at six foot even and he had long, curly hair that was currently pulled back into a huge afro puff on the back of his head and held in place with a black sweat band.

Tyrelle nodded in his direction and Treyshawn nodded back, after which both of them started down the hallway without another word. At the end, Trey headed to the right and up the stairs to his locker while Tyrelle shuffled off to the left with the rest of the massive throng of teenagers headed home at the end of another day of school. Treyshawn did his best to avoid anyone who may want to talk to him, one time pulling his hood up over his head and fiddling with the lock on someone elses locker until a friend of his passed by.

Finally, Trey had his books and such and was headed out of the front door. He took a quick look around and spotted Tyrelle posted on the far side of the building near the parking lot. Trey made his way over and the two fell in step beside each other without a word. They'd done this a million times it seemed and it never got any less awkward.

As they approached the student parking lot, Ty tossed Trey the keys to his car.

“You drive.” Tyrelle said and walked around to the passenger side. Treyshawn slid comfortably behind the wheel as Tyrelle dropped into the passenger seat. Two bags got tossed into the backseat and Treyshawn had the car out of the parking lot a few seconds later.

“How you been son?” Tyrelle asked, finally comfortable enough to look at Tyrelle for more than a few seconds. He couldn't believe how lucky he'd been coming across this dude on thugs4sex, then finding out that they already knew each other from a little misunderstanding. Treyshawn was built in all the right places with muscles bulging from every place they could. He had dark, dark skin....the nigga was almost purple in fact but Tyrelle didn't mind in the least. He had tight, neat corn rows and a smile that could melt glaciers or some other lovey shit like that.

“I been aight. Kinda missin' you.” Trey admitted.

“Fa real?” Tyrelle asked with a smile crossing his face.

“Fa sho son. You know you got me open like a barn door.” Trey replied as he came to a gentle stop at a red light.

“Like a barn door? You wild son.” Tyrelle nodded and slid his hand across the arm rest.

“You better leave me alone before we crash nigga.” Trey warned.

“We at a red light. How we gonna crash?” Tyrelle laughed and began to work down Treys zipper.

“Quit playin' son....” Treyshawn said halfheartedly at the same time helping Tyrelle with the zipper. A moment later his hard dick was finally free and it was pointing straight into the air.

“You know I been wantin' that right?” He asked, gently stroking it from the base to the tip.

“Sometimes I think thats all you like about dick.” Treyshawn answered.

“You know it.” he replied and disappeared underneath the dashboard. Trey had a few seconds where he forgot what was going on and had to be brought back to reality by the sound of a horn blowing at him from behind. Treyshawn gave the guy the finger and then turned the corner off of the main strip through the city. The entire time Tyrelle was going to work, sliding up and down the length of his massive dick, humming to himself while Trey drove with one hand on the wheel and the other on the back of his head.

“Ya crib is comin' up.” Treyshawn breathed to Tyrelle who took his cue to bury that fat dick in the back of his throat. Like always, it wasn't long before Treyshawn felt himself start to cum and just barely managed to pull into Tys driveway before the first shot left him.

Tyrelle kept Trey in the back of his throat, greedily slurping up every last drop of cum that Treyshawn had to offer before coming up for air and looking around.

Tyrelle tilted his head back. “'e her awedy?” he asked.

“You still got cum in ya mouf nigga?” Treyshawn asked. Tyrelle nodded and smiled as Trey moved in for a quick kiss.

“Mmm...that's actually kinda good.” Trey mused to himself. “Now swallow it before ya moms be thinking I'm rapin' you or some shit.”

“Fuc da' biitch.” Tyrelle said, mouth still full before he swallowed. He pulled the visor down and checked his face in the mirror, using his thumb to make sure he'd gotten every last drop off his face and into his mouth.

“You's a freak nigga.” Treyshawn smiled at Tyrelle and kissed him again.

“Only for you.” Tyrelle responded as they stepped out of the car. They both pulled open the back doors at the same time and leaned into the car to grab their things. Treyshawn grabbed Tyrelle by the hand, stopping him, and then gently eased Tys bag and books from his hands. The full bright white smile that spread across his face had Treyshawn damn near ready to bust another nut and the entire time they walked to the house Trey followed Tyrelles ass as it jiggled back and forth even through his baggy black.

“Make yaself at home baby.” Tyrelle instructed as they entered the house.

Treyshawn sat on the floor in the living room and pulled his Government book out while Tyrelle went upstairs. About five minutes later Trey was actually starting to get into the paragraph he was reading when he heard from the back of the house:


Treyshawn laughed to himself and shook his head as Tyrelles mother breezed through the room right past him and up the stairs. A moment later, now certain that they weren't being robbed, she came back down and finally noticed Trey.

“Oh my LAWD Treyshawn you like to scared me to death!” She screeched in her heavy southern accent.

“Sorry Miss Breck.” Treyshawn apologized with a smile.

“Miss Breck?! Call me Sheila baby. How you been?” She asked as she shuffled off into the kitchen. Tyrelle came down the stairs about that time, changed out of his school clothes into a pair of plain black sweats and a fresh white t-shirt. Treyshawns eyes followed him into the kitchen and as he disappeared Tyrelle reached back and pulled the waist of his pants down to give Trey a fast glimpse of his ass.

“Fuckin' freak.” Trey smiled to himself as Tyrelles cocky grin looked back at him from over the kitchen shelf.

“You want something?” he asked.

“Fa sho.” Treyshawn replied. Trey and Tys eyes locked and they shared a silent moment until Miss Breck breezed her way through their lines of vision.

“You alright baby? You need anything 'fore I go fo' work?”

“I'm good ma.” Tyrelle answered with a sigh.

“You sure? I ain't been shoppin' yet....get yourselves something to eat.” She reached into her pocket and, despite Tyrelles protest, pressed a wad of bills into his hand.

Tyrelle balled the bills up in his hand and gave his mother a half hearted kiss on the cheek. She jogged through the living room, muttering about how she could never be anywhere on time, and slammed the door behind her as she left.

Tyrelle said something rude and pulled open the refridgerator. He rummaged around for a bit and then headed back into the living room with an armload of soda and snacks.

“I thought she said it wasn't shit to eat?” Treyshawn asked.

“That bitch is crazy. It's a kitchen full of food in there. She on dat shit or something, but after eighteen years I don't even notice anymore” Tyrelle dumped the goodies on the table and dropped the bills in Treys lap.

“What's this for? I'm set nigga.”

“If a bitch don't need it, he give it to his daddy.” Tyrelle shrugged and pulled Treys book from his hands. He tossed it across the room and then pulled a blunt from his pocket.

“For later.” he explained and hooked his thumbs in the waist of his pants. He stepped out of them and tossed them on top of the book. Now he stood in front of Treyshawn, with his fat ten inch caramel rod dripping shiny drops of precum.

Without a word Tyrelle grabbed the base of his dick and gave it a hard tug, wiping all of the extra prenut off the head of his dick with the tip of his finger then reaching around to his ass. He turned and bent over to give Trey a good look as he gently pressed his finger against his hole. Treyshawn couldn't help but pull his dick out again and when Tyrelle saw it, he finally slid inside himself.

“Damn nigga.” Treyshawn moaned. “Get in dat shit.”

“ like that daddy?” Tyrelle asked as he dropped to his knees and reached back between his legs, curving his dick backwards and slapping it off his asshole. Treyshawn reached forward and slapped him hard on the ass.

“YEAH NIGGA!” Tyrelle yelled out, gyrating his ass backwards. “Do that shit again...AHHHYEAH! Spank dat shit baby.”

Treyshawn was happy to oblige. He grabbed Ty around the hips and yanked him backwards, giving his fat juicy ass a few slaps in the process. Tyrelle bent forward and sucked the head of Treys massive black dick into his hot mouth and Trey slipped down a little to give him a better angle.

“Suck it Ty...yeah nigga get it in ya mouf.” Treyshawn moaned as gave Tyrelle hard two handed slap.

“MMMMMPH” Tyrelle did his best to moan around the still growing eleven inches of cock sliding in and out of his mouth. Trey spread Tyrelles ass apart and spit on his hole. Tyrelle reached back and helped Trey rub it around, slipping his own fingers in and out of his tight asshole while Treyshawn kept his mouth full of hard dick.

With no warning, Treyshawn pushed Tyrelle away and jumped up onto his knees. “You want da dick son?” Trey asked, putting the head against Tyrelles hole and pushing forward using the spit he'd worked up. Ty shoved his ass backwards and Treys fat dick popped painfully inside of his hole.

“AH FUCK NIGGA!” Tyrelle screamed, but when Trey tried to pull out Tyrelle reached back and held him in place. “Leave it there nigga...leave it right there....”

“Fuck all that.” Trey said as he shoved forward bringing another scream from Tyrelle. “You know you want that.” Another hard shove and Trey had his dick halfway in Tyrelles squirming, wiggling ass.

“Yeah I want it daddy...yeah I want it.” Tyrelle managed to groan though the pain tearing his insides apart. He didn't care though. He wanted everything Treyshawn could give him and as Trey pushed forward again, Ty pushed his ass back.

“Yeah nigga get that dick.” Trey instructed and Tyrelle was quick to obey, twisting his hips and bucking slowly back against Treyshawn, doing his best to work that fat shaft up his dripping wet asshole.

“AwwwSHIT.....awwwSHIT.....FUCK dude!” Tyrelles face disappeared into the carpet as Treyshawn drove the final few inches home, pushing all the way in until his balls sat against Tyrelles pretty brown ass.

“You ready son?” Treyshawn asked, thrusting forward and stabbing Tyrelle deep in his stomach.


Trey didn't wait for an answer as he started to pound away at Tyrelles tight little ass. He was like an animal, pulling out almost all the way and then slamming his rock hard thirteen inches back inside of Tyrelles wet ass.

“Ohh...ahhhhshit son! Damn baby fuck meeee!” Tyrelle moaned as he finally started to adjust to that thick piece of meat invading him. The more he got the more he wanted and Trey seemed ready to give him that and then some as he picked up the pace, pounding the air out of Tyrelles lungs and damn near assaulting him with his monster dick.

“You like it nigga?” Treyshawn demanded. Tyrelle tried to answer but could only nod his head up and down while Trey continued to stroke him deep inside his ass. He could feel the head of Treyshawns dick pushing against the very bottom of his hole and it felt good. Real good.

Tyrelle arched his back and gave himself a slap on the ass. Trey nodded in silent approval and grabbed Ty around his hips. He jumped up onto his feet and pushed as far as he could into Tyrelles ass.

“ baby don't do dat...” Tyrelle pleaded. Trey smiled at the back of his head and thrust forward hard and fast, quickly working up to a frenzy and then stopping, dick buried back in Tyrelles waiting ass.

“Don't do what?” Treyshawn asked.

“Fuck you nigga.” Tyrelle spit back over his shoulder which only caused Trey to pick his pace back up, this time with no pauses as he fucked the dog shit out of Tyrelles pretty little round brown ass, loving each second that his massive purple-black dick was slamming inandout inandout inandout of that pretty little boy pussy.

“I'ma come daddy.” Tyrelle moaned from underneath Trey.

“Dats what I been waitin' on sexy.” Treyshawn replied as he yanked his dripping dick from Tyrelles ass. Ty spun onto his back, legs cocked into the air and dick in his hand. Like magic the first burst came out of his and flew up into the air, landing on the underside of Treys already gleaming nut sack as he gripped the head of his dick and called out with an almost primal grunt that he was about to come too.

“Cum on me baby....please do dat shit for me Trey.” Tyrelle moaned still watching the cum squirt from his glistening dick. Thick, white gobs of it formed puddles on his stomach and he could feel it running down the sides of his chest and on his own balls. Finally what seemed like hours later he gave one final spasm and let his cock flop onto his stomach. His hand went instantly to his mouth and he stuck two fingers between his lips, savoring the flavor of his own cum.

“DAMN baby!” Treyshawn moaned, loving what he was seeing. “Eat some more nigga.”

“Call me a slut Trey.” Tyrelle pleaded, scooping the cum out of his belly button.

“Eat dat shit slut.” Treyshawn obliged.

“Louder nigga!”

“Eat dis muthafuckin cum you nasty muthafuckin slutbag!” Treyshawn exclaimed as he slid up Tyrelles chest and exploded all over his face. Tyrelle reached between his legs, slathering his cum against his still dripping asshole while Treyshawn spit burst after creamy burst of that hot, sticky goodness that he loved so much.

By the time Treyshawn shoved the tip of his dick back into Tyrelles mouth, Ty was drenched in semen, both Treys and his own. He wasn't in any rush to clean up though. He loved the feeling of being covered in his niggas cum. He would stay like that until Trey told him to go get cleaned up, which would probably lead to a shower which would lead to being covered in even more cum which was always a good thing.

“You's a freak Tyrelle.” Treyshawn whispered, pulling his still hard dick from Tys mouth.

“Only fa you Trey...cause I love you like that.”

“I love you too lil nigga” Treyshawn said with a smile on his face as he sat next to Ty and pulled him close. “You wanna get that bust off you?” He asked with a laugh.

“You know me nigga. A nigga love his protein.” Tyrelle replied, slipping his sticky fingers into his mouth. “So you really missed me?” Tyrelle asked sliding the blunt and lighter from the table.”

“Always nigga.” Trey answered. “It's been how long since I seen you last?”

“Like three days.” Tyrelle laughed and blew smoke in Treys face.

“Fuckin' nightmare.” Trey said as he turned his body a little to the side and rested his head against the couch.

“A nightmare? How?” Tyrelle took another puff from the dutch and passed it to Trey who puffed and let his head roll back and his eyes close while he got his answer together.

“Cause nigga, I mean....I gotta see you in school and shit and can't even say 'hey bitch'. Then I gotta watch dem nasty ass loose pussy ass bitches all ova ya jock in the lunch room and on the steps and shit. You don't know how much I wanna just walk up and crack a ho. Wrap my baby up..... and kiss you.... and tell everybody I love you........... and if they got a problem wit it dey can see me when ever.”

“You crazy son.” Tyrelle said and laid back on Treys chest. “I feel you though. I can't stand most of dem bitches tell you the truth. I just....I dunno...I do what I gotta do to do me.”

“Shit...” Trey started through a lungful of smoke. “...if you really wanted to do you, you would tell them bitches you had a man already.”

“Just like that huh?” Tyrelle asked.

“Yup.” Trey answered. “I'd run up like 'Stand back skeezas! Captain Save a Nigga is here. Savin' all dick lovin' niggas from scandolous ass hoes world wide!' Fa sho.”

“You wild.” Tyrelle said mostly to himself as he took the blunt from Trey.

“Tell me about it.” Treyshawn replied and licked a little bit of cum from Tyrelles neck. “Mmm...dat shit is kinda good...dats mine or yours?”

“Ours.” Tyrelle answered.

“Fa sho.” Treyshawn replied with a huge grin on his face as he took the blunt from Tyrelle and pulled him a little tighter. A while went by and the dutch went bye-bye before Tyrelle said anything else.

“You really wanna do that? Be wit a nigga in public like that?”

“Not just any old nigga baby. Just you. You.......I don't my nigga. I want people to know.” Treyshawn shrugged.

“Tommorow. Just like you said. In da lunch room. You'll know when.”

“Fa real? You not gonna act funny or no shit is you? If you do I'ma have to fuck you up.”

Tyrelle laughed. “Right there in the lunch room? For real for real? I think I'd like dat.”

“What?” Trey asked confused and then laughed. “Yeah nigga. Bend dat shit over right there fa everybody to see.”

“Yeah. Dats whats up.” Tyrelle answered and pulled himself closer to Tyrelle. Silence dropped over the room again and Trey let his head drop back against the couch. A few minutes later, he jerked back awake. He looked at Tyrelle, kissed the top of his head and closed his eyes again, this time dreaming about how everything would go down when he finally claimed his nigga.



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