Damon Walker was not a blue chip athlete by any stretch of the imagination. He was a senior walk-on that had only just earned his first scholarship that year, and more because of his hard work and dedication in the previous three seasons, than anything else. He was barely a starter, being challenged for his job by the hot young freshman, Zaire Thomas all year. But Damon Walker loved the game of basketball and at that very moment, the six-six, two hundred and twenty pounded forward was in the middle of the game of his life. Something about the month of March always seemed magical to him, but this year shit was even more special because he knew it would be his last.

He was only a sixty-eight percent free throw shooter; yet he was presently on his ninth trip to the line where he was a perfect eight for eight, so far. His unranked Winthrop University Eagles were nursing a five point lead in what was shaping up to be the upset of year over number twelve ranked Georgia Tech.

He dribbled twice and took the free throw with three minutes and thirty-four seconds left in regulation and the Winthrop Coliseum home crowd went ballistic when the ball whisked through the net, giving Walker a career-high nineteen points.

The horn blew and the Yellow Jackets made a substitution. Number seventeen Keyandré Johnson, the six-four sophomore came in for Gerald Reed, who was forced to sit with four fouls. Damon remembered that sexy nigga Keyandré from the NCAA regionals last year, and that fired him up inside even more. His Eagles were on the bubble and a big win over a ranked opponent was really their only hope of getting back to the "big dance". Damon Walker refused to miss out on any "March Madness" his final year. The term had taken on a whole new meaning for him when he was a freshman, and Winthrop got into the NCAA tournament for the first time in five years. His roommate back then was Calvin Smith. Damon had been letting him suck his dick and was tapping that ass in their room at night for a minute. When they got to the tournament in Indianapolis that year, Calvin turned Damon on to a few players that got down on the low. Then them niggas put Damon on with a few more cats that were game and the next thing Damon knew, he was in the middle of an orgy with a bunch of fine ass motherfuckers, most of whom were ballers. The Eagles didn't get to the tournament his sophomore year, but last year they got to the "Sweet Sixteen" where Damon ended up freaking with Keyandré Johnson and some other niggas in Atlanta. Damon was not going to miss out on the "madness" this year, even if he had to get his team there all by himself.

Damon hit his second free throw, making him ten for ten at the line and five of six from the field. With no time to savor the moment Damon hustled to get back on defense, while the crowd went mad. Georgia Tech's most valuable player Stacy Washington, got penetration across the lane and a good look off the dribble, but couldn't get it to fall. Damon was there and pulled down his eighth rebound, then hit his point guard Brandon Lewis with a quick outlet pass in stride and the brother drove all the way to the basket. Once inside the paint, Lewis dished the ball off to Eagle center, Jamal Wallace who slammed that shit home. It was fifty-seven, sixty-six; Winthrop, with just under three minutes left to play and the noise in the building was deafening.

Keyandré Johnson brought the ball up and Damon came over to help out with a trap that forced Keyandré to get rid of the ball. Damon got close enough to catch his scent and that shit turned Damon's ass on because it took him back to the hotel room in Atlanta last year. Then Keyandré whispered, "Hope you make it to Charlotte," to him just before he cut inside the lane for a perfect pass from his point guard that set him up for the easy lay-up. But by the time he made his move to the basket, Damon was there to take the charge. The whistle blew.

Offensive foul on number seventeen, Johnson.

Georgia Tech was into the penalty, which meant Damon Walker would be headed back to the line for a pair of free throws, and the crowd went wild. Damon smiled at the nigga when Keyandré helped him up and Damon told him, "I'll be there," as he walked down court.

His first shot got the bounce off the rim, giving him twenty-one points and putting Winthrop up buy ten. When his second free throw rolled out, Jamal Wallace muscled his way through Georgia Tech's poor box-out and got there for the rebound, kicking it out to Brandon Lewis who nailed the three, causing the capacity filled Coliseum to explode.

The Yellow Jackets called a time out.

With two minutes and forty-two seconds left, there was still plenty of time for Georgia Tech, even tough they were down by thirteen. After the time out, Winthrop's Coach Carl Cannon gave Damon a break and sent in Zaire Thomas. Damon took off his sweat ban and shook his sweaty shoulder length dreadlocks. He wiped his face and hair with a towel and sat there; half into the game and half day dreaming as he watched Keyandré set a screen, which caused his mind to wander back to last year in Atlanta.

The Westin Peachtree Hotel seemed like another world to Damon. He thought he was in some shit he'd seen on TV somewhere as he rode the skyline glass elevator to the twenty-first floor. When the doors opened he followed the signs that directed him to suite 2108. Once there he knocked the special knock as he was instructed by the UCLA shooting guard Mike Davis that he had encountered earlier at the gym in the CNN center. The door cracked and Damon could see a sexy ass brown skinned nigga with a trimmed mustache and a fresh fade peeking out. Dude checked Damon out thoroughly before letting him in.

When Damon stepped into the room dude said, "Sup, I'm ya host Dave. It's a dove to get in. All you can eat, all you drink. All you can smoke too, but I know y'all ballers can't do that."

Damon gave him a "yeah right" look, as he slipped Dave a twenty and accepted a cheap tote bag from him before being directed to the bathroom.

"Boxers only." Dude reminded Damon as he went into the restroom. Damon got a glimpse of the suite just before he got in the bathroom and that shit got him excited as hell. He saw two niggas kissing on a sofa, two more dudes fucking on the floor and the fine ass nigga he later found out was Keyandré Johnson from Georgia Tech, was jacking a beautiful ten and a half inch dick and playing with one of his nipple. There were a couple other nice looking dudes standing around in boxers, drinking and talking, while a porno joint played on a big screen.

Damon couldn't get undressed fast enough.

He came out of the restroom in his boxers and handed the tote bag to dude, who gave him a rubber wrist band with a number on it. When Damon stepped into the suite his chiseled golden brown skinned body caught everyone's attention, especially Keyandré Johnson's. He noted Damon's baby dreads and rugged five o'clock shadow while he was sitting naked in the lounge chair playing with his dick, mouth watering.

Damon didn't know where to start. Keyandré seemed like the obvious choice with his dark skinned perfectly toned naked body and big ass dick in his hand, but there was a fine ass Puerto Rican looking dude getting fucked in the middle of the room who's sexy ass lips seemed inviting, and a hot light brown skinned nigga with cornrolls who's dick was standing straight up dripping pre-nut through his boxers. The choice was made for him when he felt somebody sucking on his dick, which was already fully erect. Damon looked down and he saw a fine ass redbone nigga with a babyface, short reddish brown hair and thick sexy ass dick sucking lips giving him head just as Keyandré stepped to him and started tonguing him down.

That shit fucked him up.

Damon felt his soft lips and slippery tongue and tasted his breath when he allowed himself to get caught up in the long passionate french kiss. The dude sucking his dick had a mean head game and Damon was like, "Yeah nigga, suck dat dick." His golden brown dick was aching with pleasure, standing tall at ten plus inches, shiny and wet. Keyandré had moved down to Damon's nipples and sucked gently on them shits, one at a time. That felt good as hell and Damon began to shove his dick down the redbone's throat.

The whole room could hear the nigga gobbling that dick.

Damon slid down on the floor and stretched out with his dick still in dude's mouth, then Damon started playing with Keyandré’s dick. He jacked that beautiful chocolate colored piece with one hand and tickled his nuts with the other. Keyandré bent down and kissed Damon again, then he put his big black dick in Damon's face and Damon licked the head. Then Damon slowly eased the motherfucker in his mouth. He tasted Keyandré's scent; a sweet Nubian musk, as he sucked the nigga's dick. He moved up and down Keyandré's massive truck and let his tongue caress it inside his mouth, a move he bit from the redbone who had just done the same thing to him. That shit felt good as hell and both them niggas was moaning.

Then Damon came off of Keyandré's dick and started licking his balls and licking that spot between his nuts and his bootyhole, all while that sexy redbone nigga was sucking Damon's dick like he was trying to make him cum, bobbing up and down his shit at eighty miles an hour. Keyandré maneuvered himself so that Damon's tongue could get to his ass and Damon commenced to eating that motherfucker. Keyandré's hungry moans let Damon know that he could fuck the sexy black nigga, so he started pushing his tongue as far up in that bootyhole as he could get it. He was flickering in and out that motherfucker; fucking him like his tongue was a dick.

The redbone sucking Damon's shit was starting to feel too good. The nigga had Damon on the verge of nutting and he did not want to do that before he got up in Keyandré, so he pulled his dick out of dude's mouth. With his dick and Keyandré's booty both nice and wet, Damon tried to ease his shit up in Keyandré's ass. The redbone nigga helped out by moving over and sucking on Keyandré's big black dick. That shit was feeling real good to the nigga and he started pushing that ass back at Damon, when he felt the warm moist suction of the redbone's mouth on his dick.

Them three niggas became the focus of the room and motherfuckers started gathering around to watch them. Even the fine ass brown skinned nigga, Dave at the door had his dick out jacking it while Damon had Keyandré on all fours doggy style, pumping in and out of his tight ass and the redbone was underneath them sucking Keyandré's rock hard ten and half inch dick. Then some sexy ass baldheaded yellow nigga with a mustache and goatee got in the mix and started licking on Damon's nipples and shit while Damon was getting deep up in Keyandré's booty.

Damon had never felt no shit like that before in his life. His dick all up in Keyandré, another nigga licking all over his chest and looking around the room seeing madd fine ass brothers jacking big ass dicks while watching, was just too much for Damon to take. He felt his shit about bust and he rammed that motherfucker harder up in Keyandré. When he saw Dave's peanut butter brown dick spray about an ounce and a half of nut on the floor, he was done. "Damn, I'm 'bout to cum!" He exclaimed as his dick blasted off deep inside of Keyandré's juicy booty.

"Walker! Where you at!?" Coach Cannon yelled, trying to get Damon's attention after taking a time out. "I need you focused Damon. These boys are trying to come back and take this game. Are you here?"

"Yeah yeah Coach, I’m here."

"Alright, I'm sending you back in."

The Yellow Jackets had went on a 8-0 run while Damon Walker was daydreaming and were only down by five with the ball and a minute, three seconds left to play. After the break Coach Cannon sent in Damon, Jamal Wallace, Brandon Lewis, his other forward Herm Humphries and shooting guard Johnny Gunn. Stacy Washington brought the ball up for Georgia Tech and passed it to Gerald Reed, who was being guarded by Walker. He backed Damon down then dished it back out to Washington. Washington hit Keyandré Johnson who drove past Humphries and hit a runner high off the glass that silenced the crowd.

It was seventy to sixty-seven; Winthrop, with fifty-one seconds left in regulation. Damon inbounded the ball to Brandon Lewis who took the ball across half court. He passed it to Johnny Gunn who found Jamal Wallace open in the low post, but put too much heat on the pass and the ball bounced off of Wallace's hands into Keyandré Johnson's. Keyandré shot down court on the fast break and passed the ball to Stacy Washington who tipped it right back to him and Keyandré slammed it dead in Damon Walker's face.

The whistle blew.

Damon didn't manage to get back quick enough and was called for the foul when he grabbed Keyandré's arm, trying to prevent the dunk. Keyandré Johnson went to the line and completed the three point play, shrugging his shoulders playfully at Damon. The score was tied at seventy and Coach Cannon called his last time out, with thirty-two seconds left. Damon was hot, he knew that there would be no "big dance" and no "madness" late night in fancy hotel suites if they lost this game.

"What the fuck is wrong wit y'all? Y'all wanna be watching mothafuckas play on TV? We can beat these boys and get in!" Coach was kind of shocked by Damon's outburst, but could see that it had an immediate affect on his teammates. The shoot clock was off and after the time out Cannon sent back in his starting five with a set play. Brandon Lewis took his time getting the ball up and then passed it to Gunn, who hit Wallace down low. He dribbled twice and kicked it out to Damon, who had an open look for three. Keyandré got out quick enough to contest the shot and Damon pump-faked, then dribbled past him and pulled up for a mid-range jumper.

Swish, all net!

The Winthrop Coliseum exploded again and Georgia Tech took its final time out, down by two with eight-point-four seconds left in the game.

After the time out Gerald Reed hit Keyandré on the wing and Keyandré got the ball to Stacy Washington coming across the lane. He was "deed" up by Humphries and Wallace, and forced to dish the ball back out to Keyandré Johnson, who was open for a three point shot and the game. The horn blew just after he released his shot, indicating that time had expired.

The ball bounced off the rim and went down into the cylinder, but rolled out.

Winthrop held on to upset the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets seventy-two to seventy and the crowd stormed into the court in pandemonium, raising Damon Walker on its shoulders. Damon looked over at Keyandré and smiled with his fists pumped in the air. He was on his way back to the NCAA tournament and some more "March Madness".

After two more upsets over number five seeded Kansas State and number two Duke in the NCAA tournament, the Winthrop University Eagles found themselves at the "Sweet Sixteen" Regionals in Charlotte, North Carolina staying uptown at the Hilton Towers.

Damon had gotten the word that the hot spot for getting with niggas was Charlotte's Central YMCA in the heart of the city and he was there in the whirl pool soaking with sexy ass Zaire Thomas and two other very attractive brothers, when he saw Keyandré Johnson getting undressed and putting his stuff in a locker through the big glass window. Damon was already tripping on how he caught Zaire stealing peeks at his dick and how eager the nigga was to come out of his shit and get in the hot tub with him, but when Damon saw the way Zaire was staring at Keyandré through the glass, he knew something was up with him.

The sexy six-foot-four inched Keyandré Johnson was on his way into the steam room when he spotted Damon in the whirl pool.

He went there instead and Zaire's eyes followed Keyandré from the time he walked into the room. He watched him drop his towel revealing ten and a half inches of thick meat, stepping into the water. Keyandré was finer than a motherfucker, with a chocolate skin tone and well-defined muscles, but it was that big black dick and phat basketball booty that made the nigga irresistible.

Damon's dick got hard under the water as soon as he thought about how he had fucked the shit out of that nigga last year.

"Sup Damon," Keyandré said when he got over to Damon and Zaire. "Zaire Thomas, what's crackin'? Y'all niggas on a roll ain't you?"

"We doin' alright." Damon responded, hoping nobody but Keyandré noticed his underwater boner.

"You know y'all got lucky and beat us. Caught us slippin'." Keyandré said, fucking with them niggas.

"Yeah and we got lucky wit Kansas State and Duke too, huh." Zaire shot back.

"Hell yeah!" Exclaimed Keyandré. "If you get past Memphis tonight, you won't get past us... It's all good though. What y'all niggas up to? Them dreadz gettin' long as hell, baby, that's what's up!"

"Thanks man. Shit, we just chillin' right now, tryin' to soak this steel. Know what I'm sayin'." Damon told him while flexing his biceps. "I heard it's on and poppin' at the Adams Mark tomorrow night." He added, to let Keyandré know he definitely wanted to see his ass there.

"I heard that too. Room 376, y'all going?" Keyandré asked looking at Zaire who had just cut his eyes away from him. He got a good look at Zaire's smooth clean shaven medium brown skinned face and wished like hell he would show up there.

"Hell yeah! I’m always down to get wit some honeys." Zaire exclaimed, pulling on his dick.

Damon and Keyandré shot each other a look. It was definitely not that type of party. Zaire stepped out of the hot tub and grabbed his towel. Both Damon and Keyandré got a good look at his plump peanut butter brown booty before he covered it.

"What's up wit ya boy?" Asked Keyandré, almost drooling at the mouth.

"I don't know. He might go."

"Well, I'm 'bout to find out." Keyandré said as he turned to stalk Zaire in the shower. Damon was happy as hell that Keyandré was willing to do the dirty work. He could actually see the shower from where he sat in the whirlpool.

Zaire had his eyes closed as the water ran over his hard body and Keyandré took the shower head right next to him. Keyandré marveled at his glistening muscles and smooth dirt brown skin. He stole peeks at his perfectly around ass and perfectly cut thick nine inched dick. Their eyes met and Keyandré smiled. Then he bent over slightly, hoping Zaire would notice his phat chocolate booty. By the time he rose from that position, Keyandré could see that Zaire's thick brown dick was partially aroused. Keyandré bent over again, this time running his hand between the crack of his ass and looking up seductively at Zaire. The nigga's dick got hard almost instantly and Keyandré knew he had him. He glanced around cautiously to make sure nobody else saw what he saw, and then he walked out of the shower and dipped into the sauna room.

After a couple of moments Zaire stepped in the sauna with his towel wrapped around his waist. Keyandré was sitting on his towel with his dick hanging between his legs in plain view. Zaire didn't say anything. He sat directly across from Keyandré and loosened his towel a bit from around his waist. Everything about Zaire was on point and official. His body ink wasn't excessive, the diamond stud in his left ear was real and the right size; not too big and not too small. His chiseled abs seemed like they were calling Keyandré to touch and caress them.

Keyandré causally touched his penis while looking Zaire dead in the eye and nodding his head. Zaire shifted his towel and tugged at his dick, nodding back. Then Keyandré started to noticeably fondle himself and Zaire followed suit, massaging his now fully erect smooth brown dick. Keyandré stepped over to him, bent down and took Zaire's piece in his mouth. The nigga moaned softly as Keyandré slowly took the whole thing down his throat, moving up and down.

The door to the sauna started to open and Keyandré jumped back in panic as Damon walked in. He caught a glimpse of two hard dicks, but acted like he saw nothing.

He insides jumped for joy.

"What's good?" He asked, finding a place to sit.

"Just chillin', yo." Zaire answered, a little shaken. No. A lot shaken.

Keyandré went back to playing with his shit, while Damon stepped back over to the door and stood guard, slipping his towel from around his waist only slightly covering his fully erect dick. Keyandré saw that big ass motherfucker and went over to Damon, taking his dick in his mouth as Zaire watched. Damon moaned when he felt the wet and warm sensation of Keyandré' mouth engulfing his dick. Damon watched Zaire jack his dick and kept one eye on the small window in the sauna's door, trying to make sure no one popped in on them. Keyandré came off of Damon's dick and Damon went over to Zaire, and took his big brown dick between his lips like a pro. Keyandré stepped over to the door to keep watch as Zaire grabbed the back of Damon's head so he could cram his shit deeper down the nigga's throat. Then Keyandré came over and got underneath Damon, sucking his dick while, Damon was gobbling up Zaire's shit.

Keyandré forgot all about watching the door. Zaire was shoving his dick in and out of Damon's hungry mouth while Damon was hitting the back of Keyandré's throat with his shit. Zaire's moans turned to groans as he pumped faster and faster, fucking Damon's face. "Oh shit! I'm 'bout to bust!," Zaire exclaimed just before pulling his dick out Damon's mouth and shooting his hot steamy nut all over Damon's face and dreads. Then the door open.

"What the fuck!? Yo! They got some straight up faggot shit jumpin' off up in this mothafucka!" A voice yelled. They looked up to see Keyandré's teammate with the Yellow Jackets, Stacy Washington. Zaire jumped right up and jetted. Keyandré didn’t know what to do and Damon just stood there with cum dripping off his face and hair.

"Yo Stacy man, calm down." Keyandré pleaded. "That wasn't what you thought."

"I know. I thought you was straight, but you one of them d-l niggas." Stacy told him, and then turned and left. Damon and Keyandré just stood there looking at each, speechless.

The Winthrop University Eagles beat Memphis to make to the elite eight for the first time in school history and they were playing Georgia Tech for a cinderella bid to the final four. Down by twenty with two minutes and forty seconds left in the game, that bid didn't look too promising. They were in a timeout and across the court the Yellow Jackets were celebrating, but Damon Walker had other things on his mind. He wondered anxiously who, if anybody Stacy Washington told about the encounter at the gym. From the looks of the celebration, nothing seemed abnormal between Washington and Keyandré Johnson, but that could have just been the excitement of going to the final four.

The horn sounded at the end of the game and the dejected Eagles team met the exuberant Yellow Jackets for the obligatory handshakes. When Damon got to Keyandré he whispered, "I’ma cheer you up tonight, playa." Then when Damon got to Stacy Washington the nigga said, "Fuckin' faggots ain't have enough heart to beat us."

Damon snapped.

He swung at Stacy, but hit another Georgia Tech player instead. Then all hell broke loose on the court. Spectators joined in and there was all out mayhem. Fists and bodies were flying everywhere and security struggled to restore order.

After shit calmed down the players made it the locker-room. Damon knew Coach Cannon would be pissed so he was trying to get the hell up out of there before he saw him. While he was rushing to get dressed without even taking a shower, Zaire Thomas approached Damon and told him that he wanted to go to the thing that they were talking about at the gym yesterday. The d-l party. Damon wasn't sure he wanted to go, because he was positive that Keyandré had beef with him, after the shit that just happened. But he wasn't about to turn down a chance to freak with that sexy ass Zaire nigga again, so he agreed to take him.

Damon and Zaire got off the Adam's Mark elevator on the eleventh floor and looked for suite 1147. When they started walking down the hall, Damon saw Keyandré and Stacy Washington standing at the door, and thought there was about to be some shit. He decided to hold up a minute and let them go in first. He held Zaire back, "There go two of them Georgia Tech niggas," he warned Zaire.

"Ain't one of them ya boy?” Zaire asked.

"He was. I don't know now; after that shit jumped off."

"You think they came here lookin' for beef?"

Damon didn't answer because he didn't know, "Just hold up a second." He said. After a few minutes they approached 1147 and knocked on the door. They stopped into the suite and saw that it was packed with wall to wall niggas. All of them cats were in either naked or in boxers and most of them were engaged in some sort of sexual activity. Zaire glanced around and saw all types of dudes getting their dicks sucked, getting fucked and eating ass. Light skinned, dark skinned and all shades in between. All official in shape and gorgeous.

He never saw nothing like it before in his life.

Damon knew if Stacy Washington was still in the room, he had to be "with it". If he was still there, Damon decided that he was going to make that nigga suck his dick for calling him a faggot. The host was the same brown skinned dude named Dave from last year. He took $40 from Damon, handed him and Zaire small tote bags and directed them to an area where they could undress.

Zaire was excited as hell; dick already harder than a motherfucker.

He wanted to fuck that nigga Keyandré , still picturing that phat juicy ass from the shower; in his mind. They handed the bags to Dave, exchanging them for wrist band with corresponding numbers. And Damon was off on a mission to find Stacy Washington.

Zaire didn't get to move. Some redbone had noticed the massive boner in his boxers and decided to help him out with it. That shit felt good as hell too. Dude had thick dick sucking lips and he sucked on Zaire's dick like it was a big ass bomb pop. While the red nigga was taking that dick to the back of the throat, Zaire was looking around the room, tripping on all the freaking going on. He saw a dude with a gigantic ass twelve inched dick drilling the fuck out of a nice phat ass in a corner. He saw that shit and wanted some too.

Just as he took his dick out the redbone's mouth to go for turn on the phat ass in the corner, Zaire spotted Keyandré getting fucked by a tall high yellow nigga whose face he couldn't see. He watched that dick pound Keyandré's firm black booty. It was going in and out the baller's ass at a hundred miles an hour.

Zaire was mesmerized by that shit.

Before he knew it, Zaire was in front of Keyandré with his big powerful brown dick dead in Keyandré's face. He closed his eyes as Keyandré took his dick in his mouth, while the yellow boy continued to smash his ass. He got a good look at the nigga fucking Keyandré and he realized that it was Stacy Washington.

When Damon saw Zaire getting his dick sucked by Keyandré, he had finally found Stacy and couldn't believe that Stacy fucking Keyandré. The thug with all that swag and all that mouth; who screamed on him at the gym and at game calling him a faggot, was fucking the shit out of his teammate, Keyandré Johnson. Then it hit him. All that noise ain't have nothing to do with homophobia, it was jealousy. When Stacy busted in on them in the sauna room and caught Keyandré sucking his dick, he wasn't disgusted; he was jealous. It all made sense to Damon then, but he was still going to make that nigga suck his dick for trying to embarrass him. It was hard not to notice that Stacy Washington was finer than a motherfucker. He was high yellow with a tight bald fade, a six-six; two hundred and twenty pounded well defined golden yellow muscular body. He had a hairless baby face with thick pinkish brown lips and busy eyebrows sitting over sexy green eyes. His long hard ten inches of dick was crushing Keyandré's booty. Damon went over closer to them and watched Stacy's dick slip and slide in and out Keyandré's phat juicy ass. At the same time he was seeing Zaire's thick brown dick going all the way in Keyandré's mouth. Damon's shit was rock hard as he gazed at Stacy's delicious full lips. He wanted that nigga to suck his dick bad as hell, so he stepped to Stacy and started kissing him. Stacy didn't resist; letting his tongue play with Damon's tongue inside their lips. Stacy looked down and saw Damon's mahogany brown dick pulsating in his hand. Damon grabbed the back of Stacy's head and tried to guide it down to his dick, while Stacy was still fucking Keyandré. Stacy looked Damon in the eyes and then bent down and started sucking on Damon's dick, with his own dick deep up inside Keyandré. Damon jammed his shit down Stacy's throat, trying to choke the nigga. Keyandré jacked his dick while Stacy flung his dick in and out of Keyandré's ass and Keyandré kept sucking Zaire's dick. Damon reached over and placed his finger at Stacy's bootyhole while Stacy was sucking his dick, and felt it pucker. He played with it a little more and it seemed to open up for him.

With that, Damon took his dick out of Stacy's mouth and went behind the yellow boy to fuck him while he was fucking Keyandré. Damon spit on his dick and shoved that motherfucker right up in Stacy's tight yellow booty. Damon ain't show the nigga no mercy.

He immediately started pounding the fuck out Stacy's ass. Damon's ten and a half inches was all the way up in Stacy's guts. He had to pull his dick out of Keyandré so he could concentrate on handling Damon's big phat dick. Zaire saw Stacy pull out of Keyandré and moved right around to take his place inside that plump chocolate booty. Damon and Zaire were side by side fucking the two Georgia Tech teammates, and had them hard-core b-ballers moaning for more.

Damon looked at Zaire and smiled.

Then he grabbed a hold of Stacy's hips and started grudge fucking him. He watched his shit slamming in and out of that pretty yellow ass and was on the verge of busting a nut. Zaire had Keyandré's bootyhole burning with pleasure and Zaire was damn near to the point of cumming too. Damon leaned over and kissed Zaire, while they were fucking them niggas. Their tongues danced in their mouths as they smashed Stacy Washington and Keyandré Johnson. Both of them blasted their nuts at the same time, deep up inside the yellow jacket players.

When the last spurt of cum dripped from his dick, Damon grabbed Zaire and whispered in his ear, "If you can't beat 'em, fuck 'em."

Zaire and Damon laughed and basked in the madness, as Stacy went back to fucking Keyandré and them other niggas continued with their b-ballers' orgy.


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