Just to let you know how the CocoDorm works and to answer many questions for you.


1. The CocoDorm boys are paid well and regularly for their work.

2. The CocoDorm boys are paid 100% of all tips and gifts.

3. The CocoDorm boys each live in our apartment for free. The boys do not pay utilities, groceries or any other living expenses. The dorm has an XBox, Playstation, digital cable, TV's, VCR's, DVD Player's and many more amenities.

4. The CocoDorm has a warm and comfortable heating and air conditioning system. They control the temperature themselves.

5. The CocoDorm also has a washer and dryer for the boys to do their laundry.

6. We support SAFE SEX! From time to time CocoDorm models may be asked to get tested by an outside agency. Safe Sex is practiced in the dorm.

7. All models are over 18 and we have government issued photo identification card on file to prove it.

8. Most models are gay, some are bisexual and straight.

9. PRIVACY. We will not sell, rent or otherwise divulge your personal information to another 3rd party unless it is a law enforcement investigation or court ordered.

10. EMAILS. The automated billing system will, from time to time e-mail you information regarding your account such as if your card is declined or a renewal is pending. We may also e-mail you from time to time information about CocoDorm and upgrades we offer.

11. NO REFUNDS! Unless you sign up under a special free trial promo, your membership, once you have access to the members area, is NON refundable. No exceptions.

12. OVER 18. By signing up and using check or credit card you are confirming that you are the checking account or card holder and are 18 years of age or older.

13. LIVE SEX. This is a sexually explicit site however its is also a voyeur site. Sexual acts will and do happen and are there for you to watch, however they are not staged and are real so there is no sex schedule for real live sex, when it happens it happens. We have many many past recordings for you to look at.

14. NO HARRASEMENT. We have a live chat room, all the people at CocoDorm have e-mail addresses and we have an active blog all of which you are free to use, however if you post disruptive messages, flame, hate mail or posts or otherwise are just there to upset and annoy people we will, at our discretion remove the posts, and / or your access to the site without a refund.

15. DO NOT TRADE PASSWORDS. Usernames and Passwords are assigned to you and you only, you may not share, trade or otherwise allow other people to have access to your passwords. Besides hurting the site though lost revenue, revenue which is used to bring you new and better cams and more movies, Traded passwords can fall into the hands of minors, which are then investigated by the police, If a password falls into the hands of a minor if can easily be traced back to us, and then from our records to YOU. If we find a user name and password on a password trading board the account will be terminated immediately without refund. It is your responsibility to keep your user names and passwords safe. IF you think your password has been compromised, contact us at to easily change it from our accounts menu.

16. CUSTOMER SERVICE! We pride ourselves on our customer service. If you have a problem with access please e-mail we check the e-mail repeatedly throughout the day and usually respond within a couple of hours, however we are also human and require sleep at some point, so please, if you e-mail at 3am, don't except a reply by 5am.

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