Black Is Beautiful

In the summer of 1963, I went away for training with my military unit. Something different was happening then.  The conflict in Viet Nam changed some of the military thinking at higher levels.  Instead of staying in the local state region, we were now training at other military installations around the country, and for the relief of other units.  As execution officer I was to be responsible for a skeleton crew at our home location while the body of the unit was transported to various Army posts in the United States for their annual training.

I was a young lieutenant of twenty something, younger than most of the men assigned to the unit. Sergeant Porter, the unit's acting first Sergeant, was a man who knew what to do and when to do it.  He was good in the office and good with the men.  He really laid the law down to those of us who were to remain behind.  There were specific guide lines for us to follow and things to be done and I was concerned about my responsibility.

When Sergeant Porter finished with the other men he turned to my responsibilities. To my relief, he left one office staff NCO and his assistant, one driver/runner and a junior NCO.  We were the total staff for two weeks.  An awesome responsibility for my first year as an officer.

But the most I had to do out of the ordinary was to answer the telephone a few times for the commanding officer and inform someone we were not going to be able to fill any request until later.  Once we were visited by a senior officer from another unit and I acted as unit commander in his absence. Usually the office personal took care of the phone calls.  We pretty much did business as usual.  And I survived as Sergeant Porter knew I would.

As an officer, I had the privilege of eating wherever I wished and received a small payment toward rations.  With no one left behind to man the mess we were all left on our own.  I saw that each man received meals each day at a local eating place and kept those records.  The unit paid a deposit and would pay any balance after the end of training.  That had done previously.

Our driver and runner, Specialist Four Thomas Martin, was a young black man about a year older than me.  He was my driver for the times I might need to go somewhere. He also assisted me in anyway I might need at the unit.  We talked as we worked together for those two weeks.  We became very frank and open in our conversations.

One thing we talked about was college and future plans.  He wanted to go into law but did not think he could ever afford it.  We throw around some possibilities he may not have been aware of.  I was going to use a work program to pay my way rather than finance and pay interest charges.  I thought Martin might consider loans, grants and work programs at a state college near his home.

While we were living together it was not surprising, that on occasions, we took showers and sometimes not alone.  Martin seemed shy about being in the shower with others.  It was a little hard to understand, after his exposure to so many other men in basic training.

On one occasion, I went into the shower as Martin was finishing up.  He was not a very large person, but very well built.  He exercised regularly during our two weeks work vacation together.  I got the hint and joined him when I could. Showering together happened after our exercise together. Officers were not supposed to keep close contact with enlisted men.  That was true in most cases, except we had to work closely together.  In the back of my mind, I felt I could become fond of Martin.

That last week Martin and I eat together, exercised together, talked together, showered together and did many other things together, except sleep together.  I was given my own room off the commanding officer's office.  The office staff person slept in a room across the hall with the telephone at hand.  Martin slept in the bunk room with the Junior NCO and the office assistant.

After our two weeks training was over, I went back to my somewhat normal activities with school, work and sleep.  For some reason I was not able to get Martin out of my mind.  I wished I could do something to help his college situation.  I had extra time one day and thought I might ask around to see what was available.  I found a number of loan possibilities, some available grants and scholarships.  I took the information to share with Martin at our next training meeting.

At our next meeting, in October 1963, I shared the information with Martin and invited him down to our state college for testing and more information. He liked the idea, but did not have good transportation and had no funds to stay anywhere for a night.  He lived an hour away from the unit, in a different direction from my home.  I did not want to be too forward, but I suggested he might stay with me for a night or two if his schedule allowed it.

He agreed, if I could make it that next week so he could travel with me and catch the bus back home.  I called home to let the folks know I was bringing company for a couple of days and what we planned.  I thought it only decent to let them know. I asked my stepfather, Ralph, to call the person I worked for to let her know I was taking a few days off.  It was not a problem since I had time available and my work was slow.

Martin and I were able to leave a little early, allowing us time to stop for dinner on the way home.  We talked a lot about a number of subjects.  I was surprised he was so open with me.  Most enlisted men were guarded around officers.

We arrived home in the late evening after dinner time.  With my schedule, Mother never kept dinner for me.  Martin and I allowed ourselves some refreshment before bedtime.  Martin was given the spare room on the third floor next to my room.  We both got ourselves ready for bed in our respective rooms before we looked at college information in my room and talked for some time.

Martin was dressed in his pants and underwear and I only in my under shorts. I took a chance and suggested, "You can make yourself more comfortable and I could give you a rub down, if you like."  I informed him, "We are the only occupants on the floor and no one can see or hear us."  He thanked me, took off his pants and under shirt, put them on a chair, leaving only his under shorts on.  I was surprised a bit.  I thought he would be more shy about his body.

I had him lay across my bed face down.  I took lotion from my bed stand and rubbed some between my hands to warm it.  As I began to rub the back of his neck I got a pleasant feeling about Martin.  By the time I got to the middle of his back I felt very comfortable about him.  Then I quietly asked, "Do you want to slide off your under shorts so I can do your buttocks?"

He complied without question or hesitation.  Martin lifted up in position and lowered his under shorts to were I could remove them the rest of the way and put them out of the way.  He still remained face down on the bed.

Rubbing his buttocks brought deeper emotions to me.  As he spread for me to rub his legs, I could see his beautiful black family jewels.  I rubbed down both his legs and feet and quietly asked, "Would you like to roll over?"  I was not sure how he would respond to rolling over.  I expected he would prefer not to.  He hesitated for a few seconds, then he rolled over exposing a wonderfully large and hard black penis with a beautiful, delightful, soft dark purple head.  At the peak of his nearly eleven inches, I saw the glisten of moisture.  He seemed as excited as I was getting to be.

Having rubbed him down to his curly pubic hair I asked, "Should I rub the whole THING?"

He thrusted up his penis and said, "Why not go for it all?"

I said, "Okay," and rubbed the whole thing, his pubic hair, testicles and penis until he ejected his white juices in the air and down his black penis to his black abdomen, curly hair and my hand.  His body went limp on the bed and I asked, "How are you doing?"

He responded, "It was very good," and asked, "Could I do something for me?"

I told him, "That's entirely up to you."  He gave it a few minutes thought while I wiped my hand and continued to rub his black body with my white hands.

He looked up at me and down to my bulging, leaking shorts and asked, "How would you feel if I sucked you off?"

I said, "I would really enjoy that.  But it's totally up to you."  He sat up and slid his hands down my sides until he reached the top of my under shorts.  With a smooth motion he slid his hands down under my under shorts and took them down low enough for them to drop to the floor.  I stepped out of them.

Martin fondled me by running his black left hand under and around my testicles against the inside of my legs, up to my pubic hair and down around my eight inch penis.  He gently brushed his right forefinger from my testicles up the base of my penis until he reached the head.  He looked at it a few seconds and then moved his tongue around the head to bring out all the sensations and lick off the prejudices.  He followed by licking up from the base of my penis until he finally opened his mouth and took in the head and sucked in the shaft.   He slowly sucked up and down and rubbed his tongue around the head at the same time.

I tried to control my sensations to savor the moment's feelings.  It was difficult and at last I gave out a gasp as I let all my juices go.  He sucked slower now as to enjoy the feeling of the juices rushing up and out through my shaft and into his warm, wet throat.

Martin nearly sucked the breath out of me.  He sucked me clean, stopped, pulled back and motioned for me to sit on the bed.  When I sat down he got off the bed and crouched down in front of me.  He came in for more.  He leaned me back, kissed and sucked my testicles, and pumped and sucked my penis again until he took another load of my juices.

When he finished for the second time I just laid there for some time and he joined me on the bed.  After many minutes we both got up, picked up the room, went to the bathroom in turn in the nude and laid back down for the rest of the night.  We awoke in each others arms in the morning, very well rested.  To my delight I found an intimate friendship that would last for years to come.



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